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welham Studio by Mark Merer November 16th, 2010

British artist Mark Merer has completed this pointy studio for himself and his wife in Somerset, UK.

Called Wellham Studio, the building is clad in insulated ply panels and has a green roof.

The structure is the result of Merer’s earlier Landhouse project working with the Swinomish Tribe of Fidalgo Island in Washington State, where he investigated ways to create environmentally sensitive buildings with a strong relationship to the ground and surroundings.

Photographs are by Louis Porter.

Here’s some more information from the architects:

Welham Studios started with the study of placement, watching objects in clay and sand creating shapes through the interaction of the wind and rain.

The work is looking for a union of object and environment.

One aspect of the work developed into the basic forms using triangulation, and this work was the basis of a project with the Swinomish Tribal people of Fidalgo Island Washington State,

The Swinomish housing project which has become Known as Landhouse, started in 2006. It was a visit to my studio by a couple who lived in Seattle.

They became interested in the work being done, its physical relationship with the ground and how it translated into a building.

The Pennock’s saw an opportunity to connect myself with an Architect friend of there’s, Art Peterson of Cedar Tree Architects in Seattle, who had been working with Ray Williams of the Swinomish Tribal People of Fidalgo Island Washington State, they had just completed the building of a Traditional long House.