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the splintering of ren sato

contents: the treatment: the characters: the screenplay: the investor package:

the concept book was a catalyst for th e ideas and look and feel of tht pilot.



character sketches:

the post it note creature. we are unsure of his motives. but he is manipulatng the other characters

Set Design Studies Inspired by terry gillium


the splintering of ren sato Created By: michael roy keller and mark wendell lee

writing team: mia shorey and michael keller

2012 club nano films,llc

michael keller 281.857.0001



INTERIOR - INSIDE KRBA SOUND BOOTH - DAY: two stoned SOUND ENGINEERS working behind glass barrier with one very skinny BUGGS and one very fat SISTER BESSIE holding a bible and ready to go live. SOUND ENGINEER 1: how much do you think this bessie chick weighs? SOUND ENGINEER 2: (EXHALING POTSMOKE) I DON’T KNOW DUDE BUT THEY’RE ON IN FIVE. SOUND ENGINEER 1: CUE KRBA RADIO soundbite SOUND ENGINEER 2: good morning luffkin it’s krba radio with a special treat for ya’ll on this sunday. it’s buggs and sister bessie live in the studio. SOUND ENGINEER 1: and we’re live ( he cues buggs and bessie) turning to sound engineer 2. if they fucking talk about corn again you owe me twenty bucks. SOUND ENGINEER 2: you’re on motherFUCKER. BUGGS: I’m ready Sister Bessie SISTER BESSIE: shouting, hitting buggs in the head w/ a large black bible): READ Buggs! READ the word of the Lord! BUGGS: (obviously reciting from memory) Exodus 22:6 If fire break out, and catch in thorns, so that the stacks of corn, or the standing corn, or the field, be consumed; he that kindled the fire shall surely make restitution. (CONTINUED)



SISTER BESSIE: The lord God will protect the corn. The Corn. Holy Jesus, Holy Jesus. Read buggs read the good word of the lord....(strikes him with the bible. BUGGS: Genesis 27:28 Therefore God give thee of the dew of heaven, and the fatness of the earth, and plenty of CORN and wine: SISTER BESSIE When the Lord delivers the corn, all of his children will find their way. SCENE TWO


EXTERIOR - cow pasture - CRAWFORD TEXAS (OLD BUSH ESTATE): a young analog mikey stands motionless in the middle of a cow pasture. He is obviously affected deeply by something. AM: What do you want from me? NOTE: I have plans for you. But you have to trust in the plan I have made? AM: Are you real? What are you? NOTE: Analog, I need your help to materialize in your world. AM: Why me? I’m just a kid? NOTE: do you believe in the impossible? AM: I don’t understand. NOTE: do you believe in the impossible?




AM: Yes, Yes i believe. NOTE: You are not going to understand things for a long time and it is going to require a sacrifice from you. AM: A sacrifice? What do you mean? NOTE: In order to see me, in my current state, I will have to blind you, permanently. At home a package has arrived for you. It contains an ordinary pair of welder’s glasses, only these glasses have been crafted in my universe. They have many special talents that will assist you as you grow older. I need your help to make the jump to your world. this is the only way. AM: What? I have to go blind? this is crazy, You are just a voice in my head. NOTE: Trust young analog. You will have to run away tomorrow morning. The transmission will occur tomorrow night at enchanted rock. INTERIOR - RANCH HOUSE - CRAWFORD, TEXAS MIDDAY: AM’S FATHER: Analog, a package has arrived for you. What?


AM removes the goggles from the package.


SCENE THREE - DARGIS FARM EXTERIOR - HARVEST TIME - DES MOINES, IOWA - MIDDAY: flyover of corn fields we come upon a combine plowing the corn. INTERIOR - COMBINE CAB - MIDDAY: in on dargis in a combine with white headphones on. dargis parks the combine and starts walking towards the barn. EXTERIOR - BARN - MIDDAY: He sits outside on a wooden bench and takes off his boots and socks, throws on a japaneese smock, remains barefoot and walks into the barn. scene cut: INTERIOR - BARN - MIDDAY: the interior of the barn is a military grade data center with rows of rack mount servers. It has an immaculate white floor with mysterious ambient lighting. Among the server stacks stand the informatics command, white team of eight. RESEARCH SCIENTIST 1: Mr. Dargis, we have been aware of your activity for some time now. Saying nothing DARGIS WALKS OVER TO an antique wooden desk and checks his postal mail. RESEARCH SCIENTIST 1: Mr. Dargis, you do realize what you are doing here constitutes a crime against humanity? DARGIS well, that may be true. he walks over to an access monitor amongst the server stacks where he taps a few keys, which initiate an audio sequence. Mysteriously the informatics command stark white uniforms become saturated with blood. after their collapse, Dargis walks over one of the dead informatics as he exits the server room. EXTERIOR - BARN - MIDDAY: (CONTINUED)



he is obviously unaffected by the grizzly scene, and then he locks the barn door behind himself. Dargis hops into an antique tractor and drives off into the corn fields. INTERIOR - CLEARING IN CORNFIELDS - DUSK: he enters an interior space in the corn, where he exits then antique tractor walks to the edge of the clearing and sits on a wooden bench. DARGIS: (smiling ever so slightly)insert transition sequence of post it notes coming to life. "How much time do I have?" NOTE: "After all that has been revealed here... you continue to contemplate.... TIME?" DARGIS: "How Much Time Do I Have?" NOTE: "You may as well ask:

Why 7,000?"

DARGIS: "How Much Time Do I Have?" NOTE: "You may as well ponder Reality Television, Lester" NOTE: i have installed an app on your phone. you will need it before you rise in the morning. sleep lightly my sato san. scene cut INTERIOR - DARGIS IN HIS BEDROOM - NEXT MORNING SUNRISE: (fade in) it’s morning. dargis’s bedroom is full of windows and the light is streaming in. dargis awakes and sees’ the informatics commnand black team of eight approaching. he reaches for his phone and hits the murder app. Number to kill. eight. timer? no. execute. the black team of eight vaporize. EXTERIOR - OF DARGIS FARMHOUSE - NEXT MORNING SUNRISE:


close up of informatics command black team of eight. they vaporize. SCENE FOUR - SATOVERSE VIGNETTE 01: ........................................................... EXTERIOR - WEST TEXAS TRAIN TRACKS - NEXT MORNING SUNRISE: scene opens on a train tracks with the quintessential damsel in distress bound to the railroad ties. it is early morning with the fog clearing and the light of the locomotive shining on Ren. REN: (DAMSEL IN DISTRESS) "Help somebody help me! Please help me!" the train whistle blows scene cut ........................................................... SCENE FIVE - SOLID GREY INTERIOR - OF SOLIDE GREY CEO’S COUNTRY ESTATE -


AM: But why the Mid-West, Mrs. Flemming? Why are they concentrated geographically. AM: it almost can’t be anything else, We’re rapidly running out of places to look for this answer. . MRS. FLEMMING: Is the common denominator Ren Sato? AM: yes, looks like it is. MRS. FLEMMING: (walking up behind the analyst) Dargis continues to hold at precisely 7,000 Instances?




SATO PROJECT LEADER: yes, and all of Ren Sato instances continue to function within nominal parameters. MRS. FLEMMING: Stay alert - vigilance will be the key to understanding Dargis and the ren sato. SATO PROJECT LEADER: The guy’s a regular civil servant.. Nothing. Weird. Mrs. Flemming this guy should have blown up 3 or 4 years ago. MRS. FLEMMING: Mr. Mikey remains keenly interested. However, he is beginning to suspect the solution will ultimately be connected with Dargis and the Sato array. SATO PROJECT LEADER: NO ONE has ever amassed more than a couple dozen instances and avoided the Splintering. MRS. FLEMMING: Solid .... ah... blue collar and scrupulously in compliance with protocol. Right? (slight small, only faintly menacing...) SATO PROJECT LEADER: I am beginning to suspect Mrs. Dargis’ abilities in the Esque Space, may be on par with - and perhaps even more than those of- AM himself... Mrs. Flemming: If that is true Dave, the nature of our problems are profoundly more troubling, are they not? AM: flemming, it’s time for you to pay Mr. Dargis a visit.




MRS. FLEMMING: right away am SCENE SIX- SATOVERSE VIGNETTE 02: ........................................................... INTERIOR OF WWII PLANE MEN PARACHUTING FROM THE PLANE MIDDAY: Ren stands next to other airman clipped in line with men behind and in front of him. REN: (HERO ARCHETYPE) How much time do I have?" AIRMAN #1: Jump man jump. ........................................................... SCENE SEVEN - DARGIS AND FLEMMING EXTERIOR - DARGIS FARM HOUSE - DES MOINES, IOWA - MORNING: scene opens at dargis’s Farmhouse. flemming is knocking on the front door. before her knock dargis rises from the table moves to the front door before her knock. FLEMMING: Good Morning Mr. Dargis, I am Mrs. flemming with the Solid Grey Corportion. I would like to talk with you. DARGIS: Please come in. I was just having some morning tea. INTERIOR - DARGIS FARM HOUSE - DES MOINES, IOWA - MORNING: he motions for her to join him at a simple farm house table, in a spartan interior, where flemming sits down obviously waiting for dargis to offer her tea. He does not. DARGIS: So, what brings you to Des Moines?




FLEMMING: Mr. Dargis, we have been monitoring your activities in the esque, and well frankly, your phrenic count is beyond anything we have ever seen. DARGIS: My esque entertainment, warranted a visit to my home? FLEMMING: Are you aware that your usage is of a magnatude that causes most humans to splinter? DARGIS: now that is interesting. FLEMMING: Sir, it is more than interesting, it is dangerous. DARGIS: Why is that? FLEMMING: Our servers are being overloaded, and people are being committed all over the world. I am here to ask you to stop. DARGIS: I am afraid i can’t do that. FLEMMING: you realize, that you leave us no choice? DARGIS: i am aware. he reaches for his phone and hits the murder app. Number to kill. one. timer? yes.time? 1 min. execute. flemming begins to gasp for air and then falls from her chair to the floor. SCENE EIGHT - SATOVERSE VIGNETTE 03: ........................................................... INTERIOR - ABANDONED WAREHOUSE - MORNING:




scene opens in an abandoned warehouse, it is midday and the shadows are sharp and crisp on the walls and floor. ren is tied to a large wooden cross. ren looks at the Dominatrix. REN: "How much time do I have?" DOMINATRIX: Slaps Ren very hard.

Says nothing.

........................................................... SCENE NINE - INFORMATICS COMMAND INTERIOR - INFORMATICS COMMAND WAR ROOM - WASHINGTON, DC MORNING: COOKIE: This is Cookie, yes. (pause) Yes, immediately. (Cookie punches a button on the com-board, assumes ’that look’) Sir,IT’S code 4 transmission DARGIS HAS KILLED flemming! TURGIDSON: what? flemming is dead? any word on the black team? COOKIE: nothing yet sir SECDEF: (pours himself a scotch) epperson, the President wants to know what’s going on with this Esque thing. EPPERSON:(INTERJECTS) Our White team has confirmed our worst suspicions. SECDEF: And this guy in Iowa - he’s, what... a corn farmer? Prepare a briefing on this and get your ass over to the morning security briefing tomorrow.




EPPERSON: What I’m saying is this, mr. secretary: Informatics analysts almost never see anything they can’t figure out. In The Esque Space - they do not see things they can not adequately evaluate and manage. TURGIDSON: We are in a new territory here Mr. Secretary. I’ve had the white team on this thing for a little over two years now. ERICA: Mr. Dargis inherited 8,000 acres of prime acreage in rural Warren County. his family operates the most productive NON-COMPLIANT corn region in the US. EPPERSON: Oh, and there’s this: Analog Mikey’s shop is watching Dargis as closely as we are. TURGIDSON: more importantly, we don’t know why he is doing this! ERICA: All we know concretely, his actions are destabilizing the esque. TURGIDSON: We don’t like unknowns at Informatics Command Mr. Secretary. SECDEF: damnit. what do we know? ERICA: If that fucking science experiment Analog Mikey cracks this dargis situation before we do, heads will roll. EPPERSON: Commander Turgdison, without control we remain vulnerable in this situation. on the other hand, Solid Grey, analog and the other (MORE) (CONTINUED)



EPPERSON: (cont’d) handful of poison that runs this world continue to do as they please. TURGIDSON: (quickly snaps out of it) I’ll see you in the morning sir. I’ll prepare a couple of versions of the briefing as usual. SCENE TEN - SATOVERSE VIGNETTE 04: EXTERIOR - WEST TEXAS DESERT - NIGHT: An old man sits in the desert night making fire. REN: How much time do I have? NOTE: your time is up. SCENE ELEVEN - ANALOG REMOVAL INTERIOR - ANALOG MIKEY’S FLAT - PARIS - MORNING: interior of a.m.’s home he is siting in a lounge chair obviously pondering something. the post it notes appear. NOTE: good morning a.m. AM: hello mr. post. To what do i owe this most unexpected visit? NOTE: Dargis has served his purpose. AM: To what purpose are you referring? NOTE: after all these years and you still feign naivete? AM: i want to hear you say the purpose.




NOTE: you have a new app on your phone. it’s the mistake app. use it by end of business today. AM: i’m still waiting.... NOTE: you have no idea what it means to wait. none of you humans do. i find it so.... annoying. with that the post it flys away. am hits the mistake app button on his phone. mistake to erase? Dargis. when? end of business today. scene cut to dargis. he lies dead in the clearing in the corn.

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the splintering of ren sato the investor package: the treatment: the screenplay: the characters: the concept book was a catalyst for th e id...

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