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When I was thinking about the seating, the historical reference that I had in mind was the typical seating used in France many years ago: the “fauteuil conversation.” In reality, my intention was to create an item with many seats offering the possibility to make relationship. The sign that will suggest me the way to follow was the curve line, an organic concept growing in accordance with my typical language: “flexuous” and fluid inspiration. Geometrical starting point is the threepointed arrow and its”roto-section,” the peculiar arrangement of the section that combined two different movements generating the form, the rotation and the translation.

The real challenge of this phase of work has been to take under control the twisted shape in relationship with the function and the necessary performance request from the user: to sit. Viewing the development of the form, I discovered the real possibility to offer different sides of seating in the same object: oh my gosh, really close to the French reference! Looking at Fusillo, it is easy to recognize three different layers of seating available.

DeconstructioFusillo by Marco Goffi  

Fusillo is a new seating design by Marco Goffi that aspires to facilitate social interaction and conversation in public spaces. I asked Marc...