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Ceiling / Floor Ethanol Biofuel Fireplace by Decoflame – Ellipse Rotaliana® Lamps & Lights

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Make a modern statement from ceiling or floor with this fabulous ethanol biofuel fireplace by Decoflame. Dubbed the Ellipse, this contemporary fireplace features an egg-shaped firebox that is either suspended from the ceiling (which is ideal for compact condos and tight corners) or the floor model, perched elegantly on four dainty legs. Two classic finishes offer two very different looks: one, a cast-iron looking black finish, and the other a chic and pure in white. And this is all before even turning this fireplace on! When set aglow, this ethanol biofuel fireplace lights up a room and warms it up too. For more information, check out Decoflame.

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Find Ceiling Track Lighting call 888-628-8166 to order Rotaliana® Lamps & Lights www.BetterThan...