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ACHA 2016 Annual Report November 13, 2016

The American College of Healthcare Architects provides certification for architects who practice as healthcare specialists. Our body of certificate holders includes healthcare architects throughout the United States and Canada with specialized skills and proven expertise. ACHA is the first specialty certification program to be recognized by the American Institute of Architects.


4.5 times – Average number of times a certificate holder has published an article or a book on a healthcare topic.


8.7 times – Average number of times a certificate holder presented a topic at a healthcare conference or similar event.







28.7 years

28.7 years 89.75 percent

4.5 8.7




8.7 28.7 times

years 89.75


28.7 years years – Average number of years a certificate holder has in healthcare design experience.




89.75 89.75




89.75% of workload in just healthcare times– Average percentage years design for each certificate holder.


$1,001,903,174 – Average career to date healthcare 89.75 percent value per certificate holder. construction


ACHA 2016 Annual Report


CONTENTS 2016 ACHA President Advanced Educational Network Committee (AENC) Awards Channel Certification Committee Communication and Outreach Committee (COC) Development Committee Examination Committee 2016 ACHA Lifetime Achievement Award 2016 Class of Fellows 2016 New ACHA Certificate Holders 2016 New ACHA Candidate Members 2016 ACHA Board of Regents ACHA Organizational Structure


ACHA 2016 Annual Report


2016 ACHA President Mark A. Nichols, AIA, FACHA It is my pleasure to welcome you to the 2016 ACHA Annual Luncheon. Our organization continues to thrive through our emphasis on certification of architects in the specialty of healthcare design. Through our efforts to support our certification committee and exam committee to maintain our standards of certification, we strengthen our position and visibility as a thought leader within the healthcare community. Our Advanced Educational Network Committee has continued their focus on providing opportunities for all Certificants to provide ACHA with a database of white papers and presentation topics that can be made available to all those who wish to gain insight from us. Our Communication and Outreach Committee has developed a first class website to provide all our Certificants (and Clients) with timely information about our organization and trends in the healthcare design field. Moving forward, they will continue to encourage all of us to engage in dialogue through social media. Our Candidate program is proving to be an effective means to bring emerging healthcare design professionals into the College at an earlier time within their career. This is vital to the long-term viability and health of our organization. We celebrate the new Certificants to ACHA as part of our agenda today! Financially we are strong, and our Board of Regents continues to focus on efforts to manage our activities with a self-sustaining focus. All these efforts are made by you, our Certificants. If you feel there is a place for your service within one of our Committees, please contact us. Your experience in serving will undoubtedly prove to be rich in satisfaction for you, as well as support our great organization. We thank many of you who were responsible for the founding of ACHA, celebrate our new Certificants, and recognize the continued efforts of all of you who take part in providing healthcare design that promotes the well-being of all who provide care and those who benefit from their quality care.


ACHA 2016 Annual Report


Advanced Educational Network Committee (AENC) The Advanced Educational Network Committee is committed to being a resource for our certificate holders as well as the general public on healthcare design. We collaborate at regional and national levels, providing knowledge expertise through a speakers bureau as well as a database of articles, white papers and videos that can be accessed via the ACHA website. Our 2016 projects included:

Showcasing Our Expertise The committee solicited white papers from our body of certificate holders and is in the process of selecting papers to promote with ACHA branding. The committee continued the program of developing promotional material with the goal of content focused on subjects of interest at national events.

Partnering to Provide Speakers The committee defined processes to support the goal of providing content expertise and speakers for national and regional venues.

National Events: ASHE PDC Conference Summer Leadership Summit in Chicago Patient Experience: Empathy + Innovation Summit

Exam Preparation Seminars PDC Conference – March 2016 Summer Leadership Summit – July 2016 South Atlantic Regional Conference – August 2016 Healthcare Facilities Symposium & Expo – October 2016 Florida Agency for Health Care Administration – October 2016 Healthcare Design Conference – November 2016


ACHA 2016 Annual Report


AENC COMMITTEE MEMBERS CHAIR Cynthia Keeffe, AIA, ACHA, HOK, Culver City, CA BOARD LIAISON Vince Avallone, AIA, ACHA, SmithGroupJJR, San Francisco, CA PARTICIPANTS Jill Bergman, AIA, ACHA, HDR Architecture, San Francisco, CA Douglas Childs, AIA, FACHA, TACTICS studio, San Francisco, CA Abigail Clary, AIA, ACHA, HDR Architecture, Chicago, IL Anthony Haas, FAIA, FACHA, WHR Architects, Inc., Houston, TX Scott Holmes, AIA, ACHA, BWBR, St. Paul, MN Angela Mazzi, AIA, ACHA, GBBN Architects, Cincinnati, OH Gregg Moon, AIA, ACHA, Page, Houston, TX Mark Nichols, AIA, FACHA, Eckenhoff Saunders Architects, Chicago, IL Elizabeth Normand, ACHA, The S/L/A/M Collaborative, Glastonbury, CT Mark Patterson, AIA, ACHA, SmithGroupJJR, Phoenix, AZ Garrett Peters, ASSOC AIA, ACHA, Avera McKennan Hospital, Sioux Falls, SD Dan Rectenwald, AIA, ACHA, HGA, Inc., Minneapolis, MN Mardelle Shepley, FAIA, FACHA, Cornell University, Falmouth, MA Donovan Smith, AIA, ACHA, KTH Architects, Inc., Orlando, FL Mo Stein, FAIA, FACHA, HKS, Inc., Phoenix, AZ Joan Suchomel, AIA, ACHA, Skidmore, Owings & Merrill LLP, Chicago, IL Dennis Vonasek, AIA, ACHA, Hammel Green & Abrahamson, Inc., Minneapolis, MN Mike Zambo, AIA, ACHA, Bostwick Design, Cleveland, OH

EXAM PREP SEMINAR PRESENTERS A special thanks to those who presented the College’s Exam Preparation Seminar this past year: Antonio Amadeo Vince Avallone Byron Edwards Steven Jacobson Cynthia Keeffe Doug King Steve Langston Valerie Miller Elizabeth Normand Donovan Smith


ACHA 2016 Annual Report


Awards Channel The ACHA Awards Channel is responsible for the three awards that recognize and celebrate excellence in healthcare architecture: Fellowship in the ACHA, the Legacy Project Award and the Lifetime Achievement Award. Fellowship in the ACHA is awarded to an ACHA certificant whose career reflects exceptional competence and design excellence in the healthcare architecture specialty, resulting in a demonstrable and significant influence on the profession. It is awarded to a select few who meet the high standard established by the FACHA jury during its annual review of submissions from those seeking elevation to Fellow. The certificant seeking elevation to the Council of Fellows prepares the package of supporting materials that will be reviewed by the FACHA jury. Since the founding of the College, 64 individuals have been designated FACHA; 49 of those are also designated FAIA. The Legacy Project Award, first given in 2014, is given to a healthcare project at least 15 years old that has had a lasting and important influence on the design of healthcare facilities throughout the United States, and even beyond. Projects typically represent a combination of several things: a facility design capable of adjusting to the changing physical demands of healthcare environments over time, a leadership culture that embraced changes in healthcare technology and care models, and successful innovation on such a scale that the project became influential over other important healthcare projects as it matured and evolved. Projects are nominated for the Legacy Project Award using a comprehensive package of detailed supporting materials prepared by an ACHA certificant connected to the project. The award is announced for the first time publically at the ASHE PDC event in the spring of each year, but because the protracted award cycle of jury selection, solicitation of projects, material preparation, site visits, jury deliberation, award ceremony scripting, etc., the award cycle begins in the fall each year, roughly 15-18 months in advance of the announcement. Work is currently underway for the 2017 Legacy Project Award. The Lifetime Achievement Award is given by the former Presidents of the ACHA to an individual whose career as a whole has demonstrated both extraordinary achievement and far-reaching influence on the profession. It can be given to anyone; the recipient does not have to be an ACHA certificant. The nature of their influence on the healthcare architecture profession can vary, including design excellence, service to the profession and to the College, or even publication success on a variety of scales. Individuals must be nominated and a package of supporting information must be prepared for review by the former Presidents of the ACHA.


ACHA 2016 Annual Report


FELLOWSHIP COMMITTEE CHAIR James Diaz, FAIA, FACHA, Kaplan McLaughlin Diaz, San Francisco, CA JURY Orlando Maione, FAIA, FACHA Emeritus, Stony Brook, NY Frank Zilm, FAIA, FACHA, Frank Zilm, Kansas City, MO Frank Pitts, FAIA, FACHA, Architecture +, Troy, NY Joan Saba, FAIA, FACHA, NBBJ, New York, NY

LEGACY PROJECT AWARD – TECHNICAL COMMITTEE CHAIR Angela Mazzi, AIA, ACHA, GBBN Architects, Inc., Cincinnati, OH PARTICIPANT Garrett Peters, ASSOC AIA, ACHA, Avera McKennan Hospital, Sioux Falls, SD

LEGACY PROJECT AWARD – REVIEW COMMITTEE HEAD JUROR David Allison, FAIA, FACHA, Clemson Univ. – Architecture & Health, Clemson, SC JURORS Bill Hercules, FAIA, FACHA, WJH, Orlando, FL Bill Karanian, AIA, ACHA, S/L/A/M, Glastonbury, CT Michael Covert, FACHE, St. Luke’s Health System, Houston, TX Francis Pitts, FAIA, FACHA, Architecture +, Troy, NY


ACHA 2016 Annual Report


Certification Committee The Certification Committee is responsible for the application and portfolio review process to insure the relevance of the College to the healthcare design industry. The main focus and effort of the Committee is the review and approval of candidate applications/portfolios for examination eligibility. The committee members also provide recommendations to Candidates regarding portfolio questions and eligibility concerns in conjunction with ACHA staff.

Committee Activities The committee reviewed 27 portfolios during the two portfolio review periods (early bird and regular deadline). This year there has been a rise in the number of alternative candidates both submitting and receiving exam approval. In addition, the committee re-reviewed processes for removing barriers for non-traditional architects and made recommendations to the Board of Regents on issues as requested. The committee has also taken the lead in assisting ACHA staff for matching mentors to candidates requesting a mentor for portfolio or exam preparation.

CERTIFICATION COMMITTEE MEMBERS CHAIR Steve Templet, AIA, ACHA, Sizeler Thompson Brown Architects, New Orleans, LA BOARD LIAISON Ellen Belknap, AIA, ACHA, SMRT, Portland, ME PARTICIPANTS Larry Bongort, AIA, ACHA, Stantec, San Francisco, CA Chuck Cole, AIA, FACHA, Hunton Brady, Orlando, FL Dan Delk, AIA, ACHA, Moody Nolan, Columbus, OH Thomas Fromm, AIA, ACHA, Skidmore, Owings & Merrill, Chicago, IL Mark Meatte, ACHA Emeritus, Jacksonville, FL* Susan Stewart, AIA, ACHA, The Stewart Studio, Birmingham, AL Betsy Guthrie-Brunsteter, AIA, ACHA, ADG, Inc., Oklahoma City, OK Jennifer Youssef, AIA, ACHA, WHR Architects, Houston, TX *The Board and the Committee alike would like to thank Mark Meatte for his many years of service to the College and this committee. Mark passed away in August 2016.


ACHA 2016 Annual Report


Communication and Outreach Committee (COC) The mission of the ACHA Communication and Outreach committee is to increase awareness and presence of the College through media and personal outreach. The COC actively pursues interaction with our certificate holders, healthcare agencies, providers, architects and contractors. The structure for the outreach program includes opportunities for education, candidate recruitment, advocacy, and best practices guidelines. COC provides communication on up-to-date trends with eVoice, College activities and updates with the Quarterly, education as well as brand development and marketing via the website.

Ongoing COC communication activities:

eVoice: The eVoice is a monthly email containing trending healthcare news. The eVoice also incorporates a real-time survey question to solicit interaction from our readers. Try the survey, and feel free to forward the eVoice article to your peers and clients. Quarterly: The Quarterly is ACHA’s quarterly newsletter that is mailed to certificate holders showcasing ACHA activities, education programs, and other College related news. Health Facilities Management (HFM) Magazine: ACHA’s strong relationship with HFM has allowed a platform for many featured articles written by ACHA certificate holders in their magazine. ACHA certificate holder articles are included in HFM magazine 4 times per year. The COC coordinates and manages the article topics with HFM. Social Media: ACHA is very interested in staying connected with current and future certificate holders through social media such as LinkedIn and Twitter. Come join in the conversation @ACHA_Info.

COC projects for 2016 have included:

Legacy Project Award (LPA): The COC along with the LPA planning committee help brand and market the Legacy Project Award. The COC team will continue to celebrate the Legacy Project Award with new ways to communicate with our target audience. Website - Mobile Ready and Marketing Tool The ACHA website’s is mobile friendly and includes a great marketing tool that clients and others in search of a certified healthcare architect can explore: Certificate Holders Directory. Be sure to update your profile with photos of your projects and areas of expertise. Promotional Materials Targeting Clients The COC continues to collaborate with the Advanced Educational Network Committee to produce some promotional marketing materials to use at events with more client-based audiences. Is Lighting Helping or Hurting Outcomes? HCAHPS – Quiet at Night Building Resilient Health Facilities


ACHA 2016 Annual Report


COC COMMITTEE MEMBERS CHAIR Ted Moore, AIA, ACHA, Haskell, Jacksonville, FL BOARD LIAISON Phil Tobey, FAIA, FACHA, SmithGroupJJR, Inc., Washington, DC PARTICIPANTS Antonio Amadeo, AIA, ACHA, LDC International, Tampa, FL Vince Avallone, AIA, ACHA, SmithGroupJJR, Inc., San Francisco, CA John Blignaut, AIA, ACHA, GBBN Architects, Inc., Cincinnati, OH John Grattendick, AIA, ACHA, John W. Grattendick, AIA, St. Louis, MO Jim Kukla, AIA, ACHA, Kukla Partners, Jupiter, FL Bryan Langlands, AIA, ACHA, NBBJ, New York, NY Tiffany Long, AIA, Marmon Mok, San Antonio, TX Donald McKahan, AIA, FACHA, McKahan Planning Group, Del Mar, CA Gregg Moon, AIA, ACHA, Page, Houston, TX Bill Sabatini, AIA, ACHA, Dekker Perich Sabatini Ltd., Albuquerque, NM Jason Schroer, AIA, ACHA, HKS, Inc., Houston, TX Sandra Tkacz, AIA, ACHA, HDR, Pasadena, CA


ACHA 2016 Annual Report


Development Committee ACHA is fortunate to have partners that invest in our activities and efforts to provide education and leadership opportunities for our certificate holders. These partnerships have been developed and cultivated over many years with significant investment in our relationships. Many partners are repeat sponsors of annual events like the Summer Leadership Summit and annual lunches. One change we are experiencing is the shift to more targeted funding and the validation of the value our partners receive with that funding. ACHA is committed to our partners and developing ongoing mutually beneficial value for their investments. ACHA continues to provide a great opportunity in which our partners can wisely invest their sponsorship funds.


CHAIR AND BOARD LIAISON Angela Mazzi, AIA, ACHA, GBBN Architects, Inc., Cincinnati, OH PARTICIPANTS Bill Hercules, FAIA, FACHA, WHR Architects, Inc., Orlando, FL Mark Nichols, AIA, FACHA, Eckenhoff Saunders Architects, Chicago, IL Anthony Haas, FAIA, FACHA, WHR Architects, Inc., Houston, TX Gregg Moon, AIA, ACHA, rgmoon consulting, Houston, TX John Rogers, FAIA, FACHA, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, Cincinnati, OH


ACHA 2016 Annual Report


Examination Committee The Examination Committee assists in the development of the ACHA examination to ensure that the examination is professionally sound and legally defensible. The committee oversees that all examination questions refer to the detailed content outline and can be referenced appropriately. The committee meets regularly to write new examination questions and review the current examination to ensure accurateness.

Committee Activities For the second year, the 2016 exam has utilized a new cut score (passing score) process that allows for a statistical comparison of first-time candidate performance, additional review of questions, as well as determination of the cut score based on the most appropriate criteria. In 2016, there were 43 exam takers and 31 passed the exam. In addition, the Committee updated the Practice Examination which is available to candidates online in preparation for the ACHA certification examination.

EXAMINATION COMMITTEE MEMBERS CHAIR Jennifer Aliber, AIA, FACHA, Shepley Bulfinch, Boston, MA BOARD LIAISON Jennifer Klund, AIA, ACHA, HGA Architects and Engineers, Minneapolis, MN PARTICIPANTS Ann Adams, AIA, ACHA, Davis Partnerships, Denver, CO Jon Paul Bacariza, AIA, ACHA, HKS, Inc., Atlanta, GA Nancy Doyle, AIA, ACHA, HGA Architects and Engineers, Minneapolis, MN Ronald Gover, AIA, FACHA, HKS, Inc., Dallas, TX James Kukla, AIA, ACHA, Kukla Partners, Jupiter, FL Bill Persefield, AIA, ACHA, Medica Development, LLC, Richardson, TX Deborah Harper Smith, AIA, ACHA, Flad Architects, Tampa, FL Gary Vance, FAIA, FACHA, Vance Consulting, LLC, Carmel, IN The Board and the Committee alike would like to thank Scott Miller, AIA, FACHA who “retired� from the Exam Committee after 10 years of service. If anyone has an interest in serving on any of these committee, please contact the ACHA Executive Office or the individual chairs of each committee as listed in the Report. A special thank you to all the other volunteers who support the College, its Candidates and its mission.


ACHA 2016 Annual Report


2016 ACHA Lifetime Achievement Award James R. Diaz, FAIA, FACHA Kaplan McLaughlin Diaz San Francisco, CA James R. Diaz earned his Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering with Honors from Princeton University in 1961 and his Master of Architecture with AIA-Medal from Harvard Graduate School of Design in 1965. Immediately upon completing his Master of Architecture studies, Jim began his career as a healthcare architect while on active military duty in Washington D.C. After a one-year residence in Houston, he joined the San Francisco firm Kaplan McLaughlin in 1968. During his 48 years with the firm, his contributions as a principal and owner since 1977 in planning and design helped bring Kaplan McLaughlin Diaz (KMD) Architects to international prominence for innovation and design excellence. Jim has been generous with his time and long taken leadership positions in professional associations, including ACHA, as this year’s chairman of the Council of Fellows, and the AIA Academy of Architecture for Health. Early in his career he spearheaded the move to create the “Open AIA Committee Structure” that we enjoy today. He has ably represented the AIA internationally for many years. He is invited to speak and participate in symposia in many international venues to present his long and varied experience in healthcare design research, innovation and design excellence. At a local and state level in California, he is a leader within Spanish and Hispanic communities and has been honored for his contributions by the Government of Spain. His outside activities and professional contributions have also made him an effective spokesperson for the AIA in Spanish-speaking associations of architects and communities in Latin America and Spain. He and his wife have instilled in their children a love of architecture and things Spanish. He is extremely proud that his daughter Lari Maria Diaz is following in his footsteps as a well-established healthcare architect.


ACHA 2016 Annual Report


2016 Class of Fellows Philip LiBassi, FAIA, FACHA Westlake, Reed, Leskosky Cleveland, Ohio Philip LiBassi advances practice management and design excellence through a collaborative, integrated design process resulting in measurable outcomes and national, awardwinning architecture. He impacts the profession and multiple stakeholders nationally through his broad-based outreach. To address the complex challenges that face both the practice of architecture and the management of a design studio, Phil embraced and honed a process he refers to as the ‘Integrated Design Process.’ This five step process is based on his central belief that excellence in award-winning architecture requires the participation of broad-based teams in a collaborative and consistent process acknowledging that many contribute both to the success of a practice and to projects. His leadership and process have resulted in award-winning models in design and project delivery, and the development of a national practice. He generously shares his process and substantive lessons nationally through his publications, lectures, mentorship, teaching and involvement in AIA components and practice groups. Applying his integrated design process, Phil is instrumental in the organizational and operational procedures enabling the national growth and integrated design platform of Westlake Reed Leskosky, recognized as the No.1 Firm in the country in AIA’s Architect magazine’s 2014 Top 50. As Principal and Chief of Operations, Phil has steered the firm over the past 25 years from a traditional, single discipline, single office architectural practice to a vertically integrated, nontraditional practice model with 6 offices across the country, 15 disciplines, and international projects. Phil has been an ACHA certificate holder since 2003.


ACHA 2016 Annual Report


2016 Class of Fellows Gary Owens, FAIA, FACHA FKP Architects Houston, Texas Gary Owens’ work elevates the healthcare experience through facilities that play a vital role in better medical treatment, improve safety, and streamline service delivery while shifting hospitals’ focus to healing, respite and wellness. Gary’s work as Senior Principal for FKP encompasses award-winning and precedent setting hospitals, cancer treatment centers and intensive care units, as well as ambulatory care facilities, and increasingly, children’s hospitals. Working from Houston, home of the renowned Texas Medical Center, his influence has a national and international reach via projects in 12 states and in China. Gary employs Evidence Based Design (EBD) to measurably improve patient wellbeing and safety, as well as staff efficiency and safety through planning, programming and design. His solutions merge the caregiver with the patient and provide therapeutic spaces to aid in healing, flexible spaces that are maximally adaptable to accommodate evolving healthcare models, and embody the aspirations of stakeholders (doctors, nurses, administrators, patients, and families) in the design process. Gary is a pioneer in the practice of healthcare architecture; he is an advocate of patient safety at the forefront of designing “Safe Hospitals,” which incorporate features identified by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) to reduce injury, medical errors, or infections while improving care. Gary’s projects have received more than two dozen local, regional and national awards, including three Beacon Awards from the American Association of Critical Care Nurses. Gary has been an ACHA certificate holder since 1998.


ACHA 2016 Annual Report


2016 Class of Fellows Mark Vaughan, AIA, FACHA WHR Architects Dallas, Texas Client engagement visionary, Mark Vaughan combines passionate leadership and intellectual rigor as he guides healthcare stakeholders towards breakthrough facility design solutions that balance optimum user experience, research, lean thinking and future flexibility. As a planning and design leader for WHR Architects, a leading firm with a national and international reputation, Mark serves as senior programmer, medical planner, and client engagement leader on many of the firm’s most important projects. Mark’s foremost strength is leading project engagements with creativity and insight that enable clients to envision the possibilities in each project. In this role, he has mastered the art of developing ideas with impact, flexible facility concepts, and, ultimately, building consensus for decisions during executive administration and other stakeholder meetings. As a Senior Principal and Studio Leader, Mark leads the Dallas office of WHR. Here he wears multiple leadership hats including: operational oversight, business development, talent search and recruiting, and mentorship. By example and encouragement, he unfailingly leads the studio towards high performance. Mark is the 1992 recipient of the Arthur N. Tuttle Graduate Fellowship in Health Facility Planning and Design, sponsored by the American Institute of Architects & American Hospital Association. His completed research topic was Transitional Care – Definition & Design. Mark also earned the Gary Tradewell Fellowship at WHR Architects in 1993. He served on the ACHA Job Analysis Committee in 2014. Mark has been an ACHA certificate holder since 2000.


ACHA 2016 Annual Report


2016 New Certificate Holders 2016 NEW CERTIFICATE HOLDERS


Mark Abbey

Dale Anderson

Shary Adams

Phillip Bahr

Diana Anderson

Timothy Black

James Atkinson*

Matthew Bode

Motunrayo Badru

Richard Bouchereau

Emily Bateman*

Lois Broadway

Steven Biller

Kenneth Carbonari

Anne Bilsbarrow

Seth Cavin

Elizabeth Carroll

Phillip Duff

Melanie Compton

David Franklund

Brenna Costello*

Regan Henry

Todd Dunaway*

Timothy Hurvitz

Joel Farmer

Shawn Kelley

Tammy Felker*

Michael Kempin

Shital Galani

Usha Kotval

Darin Horst*

Alison Leonard

Beth Klapp

Billy Petteway

Christopher Klein

Tabitha Ponte

John Kleparski

Samantha Rich

Andrew Lough

John Slattery

Walter Marks, Jr.*

Kay St. Amant

Michelle McNutt*

Roderic Walton

Scott Mueller

Joseph Watson

Chris Naughton

Sara Wengert

Haeoak Park Jason Puchot* Alicia Radcliff* Patricia Rice-Spivey Dan Thomas Mark Tiscornia Anthony Treu

*Former ACHA Candidate Members


ACHA 2016 Annual Report


2016 Board of Regents PRESIDENT

Mark A. Nichols, AIA, FACHA Eckenhoff Saunders Architects Chicago, IL PRESIDENT-ELECT

A. Ray Pentecost III, DrPH, FAIA, FACHA Texas Tech University Lubbock, TX SECRETARY/TREASURER

John W. Rogers, FAIA, FACHA Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center Cincinnati, OH PAST PRESIDENT

Anthony J. Haas, FAIA, FACHA WHR Architects, Inc. Houston, TX REGENTS

Vince G. Avallone, AIA, ACHA SmithGroupJJR, Inc. San Francisco, CA Ellen Belknap, AIA, ACHA SMRT Portland, ME William J. Hercules, FAIA, FACHA WJH Ocoee, FL Jennifer L. Klund, AIA, ACHA HGA Architects and Engineers Minneapolis, MN Philip E. Tobey, FAIA, FACHA SmithGroupJJR, Inc. Washington, DC


Anthony J. Haas, FAIA, FACHA WHR Architects, Inc. Houston, TX Connie S. McFarland, FAIA, FACHA McFarland Architects, PC Tulsa, OK Peter L. Bardwell, FAIA, FACHA Bardwell + Associates, LLC Columbus, OH Wilbur H. Tusler, Jr., FAIA, FACHA Emeritus Oakland, CA Robert P. Walker, AIA, FACHA Walker & Associates Minnetonka, MN Joseph G. Sprague, FAIA, FACHA HKS, Inc. Dallas, TX Rebecca J. Lewis, FAIA, FACHA DSGW, Inc. Duluth, MN John R. Pangrazio, FAIA, FACHA NBBJ Seattle, WA Francis Murdock Pitts, FAIA, FACHA Architecture + Troy, NY Donald Craig McKahan, AIA, FACHA McKahan Planning Group Del Mar, CA Morris A. Stein, FAIA, FACHA HKS Phoenix, AZ Kirk Hamilton, FAIA, FACHA Texas A & M University College Station, TX


ACHA 2016 Annual Report


Organizational Structure Management FORMER pREsidEnt



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• BudgEt • invEstmEnts • audit

• Ethics • Bylaws • stratEgic Planning • nominations

lifetime achievement award is given by the Past President’s council

pREsidEnt • lEadErshiP


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* healthcare Facility Planning, design and construction (Pdc) * healthcare design conference (hcd)


4400 College Boulevard, Suite 220 Overland Park, Kansas 66211 Telephone: 913.222.8653


ACHA 2016 Annual Report


ACHA 16 Annual Report