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Top 10 Domestic Dehumidifiers

Cli-Mate Midi The Cli-Mate Midi is a light and quiet dehumidifier which is perfect for those small areas that need protecting from mould and musty smells such as the bathroom, walkin robe or pantry. This unit is an inexpensive purchase and the running cost is negligible. Just keep in mind that this model is not adequate for a full room but is a very handy appliance for your motor home or caravan. The Cli-Mate Midi is not a repairable unit, it has no compressor but uses thermo-electric Peltier module. Get this here:

Flipperdry 300 The FRAL Flipperdry 300 is great for small 3 bedroom homes. Very well built, this is also one of our quietest home dehumidifiers. This model has the added advantage of restarting automatically after a power failure. Genuine European quality at an affordable price. Get this here:

Lubra 10 The Lubra 10 is a very compact, modern style dehumidifier suitable for rooms up to 40 m2 in size. The quiet operation and easily transportable design of the Lubra 10 make it ideal for resolving humidity issues in bedrooms, bathrooms and showers, storage areas, basements, etc. The integrated humidistat allows you to set the desired and fully automatic dehumidification level. Lubra – the quality European Brand since 1983. Get this here:

Moisture Cure 20 We consider this to be our premium 20 litre model for the large family home and areas requiring maximum humidity control. The Moisture Cure 20 continues to be our customer’s first choice in the 3-4 bedroom range, and has the distinction of having the highest referral rating of all our models. For this reason we have given it our own Moisture Cure brand name. Customers praise the ease of operation and accurate humidity control system, and find the practical casters an advantage for moving. Get this here:

Moisture Cure 3 in 1 A new concept in dehumidifying, the Moisture Cure 3 in 1 is a powerful and good looking dehumidifier + air conditioner + ioniser. What a unique concept! In the Moisture Cure 3 in 1 you can have a powerful capacity dehumidifier for a three bedroom home, a mini air conditioner to cool a small area and an ioniser to keep the air mountain fresh. At the comparatively low power consumption of 380 watts this 3 in 1 unit is great value. The modern design makes it compact and lightweight, castors are built in for easy moving. Get this here:

Moisture Cure 35 The Moisture Cure 35 is a powerful dehumidifier with a fast & efficient drying capacity, well suited for a large 4-5 bedroom home, laundry areas and workshop/storage areas. Due to the diversity of use and accurate humidity control of this model, we have given it our own Moisture Cure brand name. In fact, we use it in our very own Water Damage Restoration Service to assist in drying flooded or storm damaged situations, returning premises to a healthy working/living condition. Get this here:

Moisture Cure Egg x 4 The eggs will not do the job of a refrigerated dehumidifier but are perfect for shelves in wardrobes and linen cupboards, storage boxes etc. Unlike “other” moisture absorbing products they are fully recyclable and economical. A window colour-change indicates when ready for ‘recharge’ in microwave. This micro dehumidifier operates by using advanced ceramic & water glass technologies (tiny rice-like carbonate silicon (SiO2) granules) that are non toxic and non degradable. Get this here:

Rechargeable Mini Dehumidifier Our Moisture Cure Mini is a rechargeable dehumidifier for use in small spaces where a portable dehumidifier is not practical. 1000's of uses in the home, caravan or boat. This mini dehumidifier reduces dampness and condensation quickly and is perfect for drawers, wardrobes, kitchen cupboards, linen closets. It is equally effective in galleries and museums, eg. in display cabinets for dolls, coins, stamps and other memorabilia. The Mini, used in conjunction with your full-size dehumidifier, will look after the small enclosed spaces that your full-size dehumidifier cannot access. Get this here:

Suki 12 The lightweight Suki 12 is ideal for small areas such as a single bedroom or small office. The controls on the Suki 12 are a reliable dial operation. Using only 180 watts, its running costs won’t break the bank. Some of our customers use this unit in conjunction with one of our larger units stationed in the main living area, moving the smaller Suki 12 around on a daily basis. Get this here:

Suki 16 Our mid range dehumidifier suited for use in small 2 bedroom homes and units, offices, board rooms, etc. The Suki 16 is a quiet and small package which delivers a powerful punch. Humidity control is as simple as turning a dial and a continuous drainage hose can be easily fitted if required. Get this here:

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Top 10 Domestic Dehumidifiers  

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Top 10 Domestic Dehumidifiers  

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