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Hi! My name is Morning Star!

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Hi world! My name is Morning Star. I’m a little boy that was born 8 months ago. I was born with an imperforate anus. That means I can’t go to the bathroom properly. The day after I was born the doctors did a surgery on me giving me a colostomy. I was also born with a small urethral tract and have a lot of pain and infections. It hurts me and the doctors tell my parents that my kidneys are failing. I’m okay though. I really love my Dad and Mom and my two older sisters. We have so much fun together. I really love to smile and laugh. People look at me a lot. Sometimes with quite a shock on their face when they see my stomach is so swollen. But that shocked face quickly turns into a smile as I look at them and give them a huge smile. I want people to know I’m still a happy baby. My parents talked to the doctors and they’ve told them I’m supposed to have another operation to fix me up. But I don’t think we have enough money. Do you think you could help me? I hope one day I will meet you and make you smile too. I want to live my life being a bright “Morning Star”. Please help my friends raise money for my surgery! I’m really thankful for all your help! Happy Thanksgiving!

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Morning Star (penned by Kelly Cook Tana)

A Letter from Baby Morning Star!  

A Thanksgiving letter from Baby Morning Star!