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eBay Redesign Kelly Johnson

Company Description -

online shopping resource users can buy or sell items widest range of items for sale known for the competitive auctions competitive prices compared to “online thrift store� trustworthy customer service and buyer protection optimistic fun exciting forward moving enthusiastic competitive focused on the customer

Audience -

online shoppers bargainers online sellers entrepreneurs small businesses

Objectives - to actively help customers get the best deal on new or used items - to offer a place for customers to sell items easily

Buyer/Seller Relationship -

two way communication exchange both need the other interaction bargaining

Essence When bidding on an auction, a certain stress comes about and a certain anticipation develops inside of the buyer. This very feeling is what this company is all about. The feeling of conquering the competitors and winning the race.

Winning is Everything - gaining, resulting in, or relating to victory in a contest or competition - excitement is felt when a competition or item is won - there is a frenzy in the final moments of a competition up until the moment the winner is chosen - a sense of satisfaction comes from winning

Tagline Development -

buying and selling takes place excitement builds and a winner is rewarded with the auctioned item a frenzy occurs among users at the last minutes of an auction a fun, online shopping environment when someone loses an auction, it’s never a fun feeling when someone wins an auction, a feeling of victory and triumph is felt can patience still be considered a virtue? the patient buyers are the ones who ultimately score the best deals

Tagline Development - bidding is the most popular way of purchasing items - once won, the feeling that follows is happiness and excitement - if an auction is lost, disappointment is felt What can be said about winning and losing in one statement?

Final Tagline

“Bidder Sweet”

Name Development -

fun to say must incorporate a sense of fun and energy display frenzy without being unreliable adjectives: fun, shopping, bid, buy, sell, used, new

Name Brainmapping

Focusing In What is the perfect noun for bustling excitement or activity?

Final Name


Logo Development -

two way communication is key, between the buyer and the seller the part where they collide is the most important part of Hoopla without either part, Hoopla would not be a success interaction between both sides excitement in communication boisterous exchange between buyers and sellers reliable customer service attention grabbing, without being too obnoxious dependable without being too serious

Emphasis -

the word “hoopla� speaks volumes even in the most bland of typefaces too much emphasis could end up being too obnoxious not enough emphasis could portray a lack of energy about the company connotations include: fun, exciting, chaotic, intense, boisterous, loud, enjoyable




Taking Shape

Central Focus

Final Logo

Color Choices ORANGE - warm colors are stimulants — they stimulate the emotions - getting noticed without screaming, the color orange works by demanding the attention of viewers without overwhelming them - softer oranges are even friendlier, more soothing - peachy oranges are less flamboyant but still energetic. BLUE - combining a light and dark blue conveys trust and truthfulness - small dashes of blue can cool down a hot red or orange scheme

Color Choices BLUE C=75, Y=18, M=0, K=0 #00A3DE 100%



25% ORANGE C=0, Y=55, M=100, K=0 #F68B1F




25% BLACK C=0, Y=0, M=0, K=0 #000000





Final Logo with Color

Hoopla Identity Process Book  

This is a process book for the company Hoopla (a redesign of eBay).

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