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architecture design studio keli murray 517928

: week one

personal / state of the art projects as a means of discourse

: Personal Project This project aimed to combine archimedion solids firstly developed through digital means to understand the development of geometry in architecture, to then be made in to a physical model using laser -cutters. By using 3D modelling we were able to create a purely conceptual design only possible through these means , and develop a seamless transfer between digital and physical models. 3D modelling was essential as it allowed for detailed internal modelling and to create visual lighting effects through rendering

Sejima Wing - Kitagata Apartment Building, Gifu, Japan This apartment block seeks to create a sense of anonymity yet uniqueness within an otherwise very generic and exposed place. The architect explored ways in which looking from an external view you are unable to determine the true interior and belonging of each apartment. By using a basic system blocks arranged in ways to create different sized apartments with various spatial arrangements , this apatment block successfully creates a sense of uniqueness in a n otherwise very generic building.

: week two

unique innovations presented by contemporary computational design techniques


I.M.A.D.E and A2SX formed a furniture design collaborative to create innovative seating prototypes with minimal waste. Using digital means the prototypes are designed, reworked and fabricated using digital information. Ultimately by using digital information allows for all collaboratesrs to work seamlessly together, often in a remote way, around a complex design project

Parametric Boundary acts as asurface of influence between the surrounding natural forces including the nearby river. Designed through a process of digotal folding, this piece acts as a screen trying to draw a connection between the river and surrounding parklands. Originally generated through geometic pairings , the screen then creates the tonal variations of the river using the punches in the metal sheeting to allow for light.


: week three contemporary scripting/programming cultures

‘Architects are ultimately chorerographers of systems, and the benefits of teaching programming in an architectural context are manifold. If architecture wants to survive as a discipline, it needs to engage the culture of innovation and computing.’ Mark Collins & Toru Hasegawa

Algorithmic is a term that refers to the use of procedural techniques in solving design problems. Technically an algorithm is a simple instruction. It therefore relates as much to standard analog design processes, as it does to digital design processes. Within the field of digital design, however, it refers specifically to the use of scripting languages that allow the designer to step beyond the limitations of the user interface, and to design through the direct manipulation not of form but of code. (http://parasite.usc. edu/?paged=5)

The brief was to produce a 3 dimensional shape out of “randomly” placed sticks of wood for the Saint Peter Arts Center in Cologne, Germany. Developed using an adjustable computer model they were able to simulate thousands of pieces of wood along a surface, each with an individual controllable degree of randomness per unit. Using scripts they were able to visualize variations of random wooden sticks placed normal to a surface. These scripts allowed for adjustable degrees of randomness through rotation and scaling of each individual piece of wood.

: expression of interest wyndham gateway project

The techniques and pretences explored thoughout this journal can be used within the design process of the Wyndham Gateway Project to potentially transform the proposed site into one of unique significance for the Wyndham area leading into the city. By using these techniques and technologies the final outcome of the site may be world class, allowing for more community involvement, flexible processes, and unimagineable outcomes with the aid of computer design technologies.


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