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Dear Reader, What an experience this has been! We are proud to present the longest issue of Jay Crew EVER! The next 40 pages that you are about to indulge in were designed to help and entertain each and every Etown student! Three months ago when we were in the mere brainstorming process we had no idea what was in store for us. The hours, sweat, tears and late nights that were dedicated to this issue could never be measured, and to be honest I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. Every page is stunning and filled with professionally written articles. We wanted to give it a fresh edge, and revamp the entire look (which we did and it looks great!) Also, we felt it was necessary for Jay Crew to have an online presence. So, if you want more Jay Crew go to Facebook and type “Jay Crew” in the search bar for some extra video components and photos! Thanks for everyone who has supported Jay Crew and I am proud to introduce to you the Spring 2011 issue of Jay Crew magazine. Thank you,

Table of Contents 4 Marketplace Makeover Quick Kitchen Budgeted Dinners Fun Mocktails

6 Get in Shape for Summer 7 Easy Dorm Workouts 8 Healthy Food Hints 9 Get off Campus 10 Advice for SIngle 11 Etown Must Haves 12 Mike Cheung 14 Dream Internship 20 Teddy Long 15 Senior Advice Timeline of his days at Etown

17 New President

Dr. Strikwerda 25 Summer Entertainment “When he was 21” 26 Roadtrip 32 Best of Etown Your favorite 22 Guide to Summer 28 To do Off Campus things on campus Festivals 30 Dating for Cheap 31 Celeb look a likes

r e v o e k a M e c a l p Market r By Emily Knitte

Do the options in the Marketplace seem a little repetitive? Do you ever feel like there is nothing to eat because you have tried just about everything? Well, you are not alone. Many Etown students feel there is not enough variety in the Marketplace. What you may not know is there are many ways make you own food concoctions using some of the food options available in the Marketplace. Try these new recipes!


Using the right kind of cheese can 1 the difference; try mozzamake rella, jack, cheddar, or fontina. For a flavor that bursts, try goat cheese or blue cheese.



Marketplace employee to add chicken, cheese and marinara sauce. The warmth of the chicken and marinara sauce will melt the cheese and voila, you have yourself an Italian delicacy in a wrap!

Ask the Marketplace employee at the sandwich station for a slice of pumpernickel bread. Then, head over to the toaster and toast the bread. Next, spread a thin layer of cream cheese on the bread and place a few slices of cucumber on top of the cream cheese. Top it off with some salt and pepper and indulge in a savory, low-fat snack!

spinach. Add white beans, tomatoes and some croutons. Add balsamic vinaigrette dressing and your salad is complete!

Heat a skillet to medium. Generously coat one side of each piece of bread with melted butter.

Chicken Parmesan Wrap – At the grill, ask the

Pumpernickel/cucumber half-sandwich –

Tuscan Salad – At the salad station, fill a small bowl with

By Jen Fimmano and Jamie Miller

Oreo Milkshake — In a glass from the beverage line, mix vanilla ice cream, oreo cookie crumbs and chocolate syrup together until blended. Top with some whip cream and enjoy a tasty ice cream treat!


Kt H c

Mid day munchies leave us desperate for lunchtime, but with the busy lives we lead, we need something quick and healthy. A mixture of oil and butter will Refine one of America’s favorite guilty prevent your butter from pleasures-the classic grilled cheese sandbrowning too quickly. If it’s wich. Follow these simple tips and a class available, use a nonstick skillet recipe for the greatness of a gooey, grilled to cut back on the butter. cheese.


Layer cheese on the non-buttered side of one slice of bread and place other slice on top, butter side up.

Place sandwich in skillet and let it sit for 3-4 minutes. Flip the sandwich and let it sit another 3-4 minutes until bread is golden brown and cheese is melted.

If the cheese in th e middle of the sandwich is no t melted, stick it in a 400º F oven for a couple minutes.

Southwestern Variation

2 slices of country style bread 2-3 slices of jalpeno jack cheese Thinly sliced avocado Sprikle Cilantro over avocado

Budgeted Dinners

By Brittany Phillips and Kristy Castellini 800 Mount Gretna Road Phone: (717) 367-5544

Sunday Brunch Special every week

Mick's Pub & Grill

78-80 West Main Street

Beanie's Bar & Grill Phone: (717) 653-0201


45 N. Market Street (717)361-2115



101 different wing flavors!

Phone: (717) 426-1205

Mount Joy

62 W. Main Street Phone: (717) 653-1220 .

Wednesday- Mexican Night Thursday- Beef and Blues Night Friday- Seafood Night, along with drink specials


a non-alcoholic cocktail usually consisting of a mix of fruit juices By Shelby Meyerhoffer

It’s that time of year again where all we can think about is kicking back, relaxing and enjoying the sun. So what’s better than lying by the pool, taking in the sun (responsibly wearing sunscreen of course!) and sipping on a refreshing Pina Colada or a cranberry and vodka? So what’s a girl to do when she isn’t 21 and wants a delicious and cool drink by the pool? Make a mocktail of course!! Even if you are over 21 and are looking to skip the empty calories, making a mocktail instead of a real cocktail is the only way to go. What about the fellas that are with the ladies? Instead of kicking back a few cold ones, you too can enjoy a nice manly mocktail? Here are a few drinks that should wet those lips and excite those taste buds!

Monkey’s Jungle Juice: for when you’re feeling a bit...wild 2 bananas, sliced 1 cup of vanilla ice cream ½ teaspoon of vanilla extract ½ cup of orange juice 1 cup of milk In a blender, mix the banana and ice cream. Pour in the vanilla extract, orange juice and milk and puree it’s thick and smooth. Serve in a tall glass. Serves 1-2.

The Darth Vader: for all the nerds

6 ounces of cola 1-1 ½ teaspoons of grenadine (or substitute pure pomegranate juice) 1 orange slice 1 cherry Put crushed or cubed ice in a tall glass, pour in cola and top with grenadine. Garnish with orange slice and cherry. Serves 1.

Piña Colada: the Classic 4 ounces of pineapple juice 2 ounces of coconut cream 1 cup of ice 1 scoop of vanilla ice cream (optional) 1 orange slice for garnish In a blender, add the ice, pineapple juice and coconut cream.Blend until consistency is slushy. Pour and garnish with an orange slice and whipped cream if desired. Serves 1-2.


Get in Shape for by melanie giardina


Are you ready? It’s that time of year again. In a few short weeks you will pulling out that swimsuit. Whether you have diligently been working out or need to shed that last bit of winter weight-these are some diet and exercise tricks that will have you beach ready before that last jacket is packed away. If you are doing 500 crunches a night to tone your abs, you may want to rethink your exercise plan. According to, the key to burning belly fat is by performing cardiovascular workouts. It is all about the length of time you are jogging, stair climbing or walking. You may feel refreshed after those 20 minutes on the elliptical but according to you should spend minutes a day performing continuous cardio.


Of course, exercising is only half the battle. notes that without a good diet you will not see the results you desire. According to the site, the way to get the best results possible is by combining exercises with a lowcalore diet. gives us a list of 10 foods that aid in losing inches:

1. Cucumbers 2. Grilled Vegetables 3. Frozen grapes 4. Watermelons 5. Bananas 6. ‘’Nude’ Air-Popped popcorn 7. Nonfat yogurt 8. Egg whites 9. Unsweetened Iced Tea 10. Unsweetened Coffee Senior Kara Berger noted that she eats yogurt daily as a healthy alternative to high-calorie snacks. Of course for some of us eating right is not the problem. It is getting to the gym. gives tips for those who want to tone up but who have a hectic schedule. If you’re pressed for time, combine your extracurricular activities with your workout. According to the site, gardening, swimming and dancing regularly can trim the inches away. “Due to my busy schedule, I use dance as a form of exercise instead of going to the gym,” Berger said. If you can’t seem to find the time to effectively workout, bring together your household chores for fitness. According to, switching from self-propelled vacuums to manual may give your abs the workout they need. Of course, nothing beats traditional diet and exercise. For the best results combining low-cal diet and exercise should have you beach ready in no time. We still have a few more weeks before swimsuit season is in full force. With these eating tips and workout tricks you will be looking fit and feeling healthy this summer!


s t u o k r o w y l d n e i r f m r o Easy d kelsey hayes by

Every college recreation center will most likely have all the equipment you need to stay healthy and fit, but on those super busy days or late nights, the gym might be the easiest option. Here are a few things you can do with no money, right from the convenience of your own small dorm room. Even though you may feel embarrassed and corny by yourself in your room, you can design your own mini workout for yourself that combine three main components: cardio, strength training, and stretching.


1. Twist a large towel so that it is in a straight line. 2. Step onto one end of the towel with your right foot, holding the other end of the towel with your right hand, palm facing down. 3. Keep your feet slightly apart, and knees slightly bent. 4. Raise your right arm up, allowing enough tension to feel resistance. 5. Hold at a 45 degree angle for 30 seconds, then switch sides and repeat.

1. Cardio is a great way to get your heart rate up to start your workout. 2. Try any of these easy cardio ideas. -Jogging in place or high knee running in place -Jumping jacks -Invisible jump rope -Running up the stairs in your building -Turn up your music and dance!

1. Begin by standing with your feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart and your toes pointed forward.


2. Slowly, lower your body and bend slightly at your hips. 3. Then straighten your legs and come up to the starting position to complete one rep. 4. To enhance the exercise, grab a jug of water or soda in each hand to act as weights!


1. Sit on the edge of a chair, knees bent and feet flat on the floor. 2. Grasp the sides of the chair, and lean back slightly. 3. Pull your knees toward your chest as you crunch your upper body forward using the abs, not the arms. 4. Lower your feet almost to the floor but don’t let them touch until the end of the set. 7

healthy food tips

By Jen Fimmano

Your stomach is growling, but it is hours until dinner. You are longing for a snack buy you don’t want to mess up your diet. You may feel guilty for snacking, but the most successful diets allow for snacks to help manage hunger The trick is to select snacks that are nutritious and to eat them in moderation.


Hummus is both nutritious and delicious. It is a dip that is made from mashed chickpeas that are blended with tahni (sesame seed paste), olive oil, lemon juice, salt and garlic. Hummus is high in iron, vitamin C, protein, and other nutrients.

COTTAGE CHEESE Cottage cheese is a surprisingly nutritious and delicious snack that is loaded with protein anc calcium. Add in fresh fruits, nuts, granola, or honey for a

Serving: 1/2 cup Calories: 80 Fat: 1 gram Serving: 2 TBSP Protein: 12 grams Calories: 70 Protein: 2 grams put it on a cracker with some pineapple Sugar: 0 grams

A good brand is Sabre!



Any fruits or vegetables are excellent options to choose for snacks. By choosing fruits and vegetables of different colors, you can ensure that you are getting a variety of nutrients. For example, red fruits and vegetables contain nutrients that help maintain heart health and green fruits and vegetables help maintain vision health.


Yogurt is another snack that has excellent health benefits. It is naturally high in protein, calcium, ribflavin and vitamins B6 and B12. Despite these nutritional benefits, however, some yogurt manufactuer add unnecessary sugar.

We recommend Fage Total Greek Yogurt with Peach!

Serving: 1 container Calories: 130 Fat: 3 grams Protein: 10 grams

y s r e v o r t n o C e g e l l o C by Hope Salisbury

Moving off Campus

Rent. Electric. Cable. Food. Furniture. Transportation. These are the issues that one hundred Elizabethtown College juniors and seniors will be tackling during the 2011-2012 school year. The office of Residence Life has released one hundred students from their four-year housing contract to venture into the real world of bills, responsibility and living off campus. While this process of “getting off campus” may sound as easy as tearing up a contract, much controversy has arisen through the years about the entire process. Are there too many hoops to jump through? Who actually decides which students are accepted to move off campus? Are the decisions just? Does the school allow the students adequate time to actually find a house or apartment to rent? Senior Jackie Macharsky has gone through the process and described her experience, “It was very stressful. Luckily my family and I were persistent and knew what was best for me. We continued talking to everyone in Residence Life and eventually to the Dean before I got accepted off campus.” She also stated that it was difficult to find an apartment where she and her roommates felt comfortable living for the school year. Rising Junior Emily Vogel applied to get off campus during the fall semester. While she thought the process of applying was simple, she was not as satisfied with her response from Residence Life. “I disagree with not being accepted for off campus in the first round because this was based on a disciplinary mistake that happened spring semester of my freshman year. I am a respectable student with a great GPA and I find it unfair that people who have lower GPAs than mine were approved before me.” Vogel went on to say, “I think GPA should be taken into consideration a lot more. Also, if a student has points from one incident a while ago, he or she should not be punished for that in his or her junior year.” The office of Residence Life has taken criticism in the past for the process they use to let students off campus. The process that was used this year began with an online application that rising seniors and juniors could fill out if they wished to live off campus for the upcoming 2011-2012 school year. Once Residence Life received all of the applications, they placed students into three tiers that correlated with the order they would be allowed off campus. The first tier consisted of students who had no alcohol or drug violations and were not on academic probation. All students that were placed in this tier were released from their housing contract. Tier two contained students that had violations previously, but not within the last semester. These students were placed on hold and were not automatically released. Tier three was for students that had any recent judicial violations. Coordinator for Housing Operations, Darlene Sommers, explained the reason for the tiers, “It’s about keeping good relationships with the community, so if we have students who are performing well on campus and they aren’t getting in trouble on campus then they probably aren’t going to get in trouble off campus. It’s mainly about protecting the students.” Director of Residence Life, Allison Bridgeman, believes the tiers are a positive change and said, “The tiers mirror the real world by showing the students that it’s all about the choices they make. It makes sense to give preference to students who study hard and have no conduct violations.” In years past a major issue that students voiced their concerns about was the amount of time Residence Life allowed them to find an

apartment off campus. The process used to begin in the spring semester, which left students in a scramble to sign a lease before the end of the school year in May. Also, Residence Life would email students over summer break granting them off campus status leaving them with two months to sign a lease, which was increasingly difficult since many of the students are home for summer break, traveling, or working, etc. Sommers said Residence Life tackled this problem by beginning the process earlier the past two years. “By starting the process before winter break we are hoping that it will give students more chances to find places to live off campus. We’re trying to release everyone before summer this year. It is just difficult because we never know how many students will be returning, what our retention rate will be, and how many first-years will be coming and all of this determines whether we release people in the summer.” Although it may seem that Residence Life is reluctant to let students off campus, they have a set quota that is given to them by the Enrollment Management Committee on campus. Certain budgets for the college are determined by how many students reside on campus, so this committee sets the limit to how many students can be let out of their housing contract per year in order to maintain that quota. Sommers sums it up by saying, “Elizabethtown College is a four-year residential school so everything is based on the number of students that live on campus.” While Residence Life is adjusting their process for allowing students to live off campus, many of those already affected believe that even more changes need to be made in order to create a successful program. Macharsky points out a few changes that should be made by stating, “I think the school should be more open and understanding with the process to move off campus. Everyone I spoke with to move off campus just pointed fingers at other faculty members and refused to take responsibility to help me. There should be more transparency in the system. Overall, living off campus was a big learning experience but I’m glad I went through it.” Bridgeman believes the new changes put into the system are positive and benefit the students. “We listened to the feedback from the students and tried to make it easier for them by acting quickly. The sooner we let them know they are being released off campus the better opportunity they have to find a place to live, which was a problem in the past.”

Peach Alley Court Apartments offer loft-style living, complete with wooden ceilings, brick walls and kitchenettes.


wnCalabrese & kelly mccormick How to survive dating in EtbyoAmanda


Follow these tips and don’t take anything too seriously girls-something a guy likes more then anything is a girl that can laugh at herself.

“A boyfriend may not always follow you after college but the friends you make over the four years will. Focus on your friendships because more then likely they’ll be the ones that stick.” - Senior Kit Mellott

“Stay single, and mingle. The school dances are the best places to scope out girls.” – Senior Nathan Shugart

“Stay single and have fun, you don’t need a relationship to define yourself.” - Sophomore Emily Vogel

“Invest in binoculars.” -Junior Sean Duetsch

“Be confident in who you are. If you love yourself, others will too.” - Senior Shannon Marsico

“If you have your eye on that one special guy don’t be afraid to take risks and go for it. You never know what will happen until you try.” - Senior Caitlin Taylor

“Forget the drama and just have fun. If you don’t have fun you’ll never find a relationship that will last.” - Freshman Sarah Bilinski

“You don’t need a boy to make you happy, and the only people you need in your life are your friends and family. Don’t go looking for love, it will come to you when you least expect it.” - Sophomore Devon Geduldig

“Don’t get hung up on one guy.” - Junior Kaitlyn Miller



With more girls than guys at Etown it will be easier to pick that special someone. Here are a few tips from fellow male students in living the single life here at Etown.

“Be yourself. Don’t look for love, let love find you.” - Sophomore Jon Riley

“Be social and be sure to have a lot of friends. Make your school work your top priority and the rest will eventually fall into place.” - Senior Brady Haughney

“Keep persuing- that special girl is out there somewhere. She might turn up when you least expect it but in the meantime remember to have fun with the fellas.” –Senior Justin Warner

“Stay positive.” – Sophomore Jon Gabriel

“Just be yourself around everyone. You never know when the person you’re meant to be with will be around the corner.” - Senior Matt Brown

n w o Et

s e v a H

t r s e h u M him & forb


tte i n k y y emil

Deciding what to wear and bring to college classes can be a tedious task. Here is what every Etown student should


Key/I.D. Lanyard- Avoid losing your keys by

Wristlet- A key-chain/wristlet combo is perfect for

using a lanyard! Sports teams, bands, college logos – you name it, these lanyards come in almost any pattern imaginable!

carrying your necessities around campus: keys, student ID, money and a cell phone of course! Some popular brands – Vera Bradley and Coach.

Water Bottle- Why waste Jay bucks on bottles

Coffee Mug- Don’t have time to sip your coffee in the

of water when you can keep refilling your own? These environmentally-friendly water bottles come in a variety of colors and you can fill them up for FREE in the JaysNest.

College Sweatshirt – Soft and classic, an

Etown sweatshirt is a must-have for all Etown guys. Whether walking to the Marketplace to meet friends or on your way to play some racquetball with your roommates, this sweatshirt is versatile and easy to throw on.

Drawstring bag – Perfect for carrying only

what you need and the perfect lightweight backpack. Look for an Etown bag in the College Bookstore or a sports team’s at a sporting good store.

Junior, Gabe Robison shows off his college must haves supporting all Etown apparel!


a.m.? Why not take it with you? Portable coffee mugs come in a variety of colors and most with spill-proof lids!

Insulated Boots – Comfortable and fashionable!

Match almost any outfit while still keeping your feet warm during those cold winter months. Look for brands like Ugg and Emu at department stores.

Slouchy tote bag – Carrying a giant backpack around with all of your books in it can slow you down. Keep moving with a stylish slouchy tote bag! Fleece jacket – Lightweight, but oh so warm! These comfy jackets come in an assortment of colors and are perfect to wear in the winter. These are available at any sporting goods store. Columbia and NorthFace are reliable quality brands.

Senior, Sierra Calaman models her must haves in front of the Quads at Etown!



Sustainable Sophomore Triple major Mike Cheung works in New Mexico for a “greener” future

“I am an overachiever,”

By Kelly Clayton

says sophogreenhouse gases, while getting a first hand more triple major, Mike Cheung. Cheung, who majors look at the much anticipated “real world.” at Elizabethtown College in Mathematics, Physics and Before Cheung became an Etown super genius Computer Science is taking his Spring 2011 semester and employee of Los Alamos National Laboratory in to work at Los Alamos National Laboratory in New New Mexico, home of the atomic bomb, he struggled in Mexico (LANL). This 19-year-old, guitar playing, envihigh school and came to Etown because he was ronmentally conscious student is going out of the rejected from the other schools he applied to. typical Etown box. It was a meteorology class during his First Year Since the 21st Century began, the concept of at Etown where Cheung’s professor encouraged him to “Going Green” has picked up steam. Promoting envitry physics. He instantly grew a liking to it. A semester ronmentalism, are popular faced celebrities Miley later, in the fall of 2010, he had a computer science Cyrus, teen idol and vegetarian, along with hybrid car course and loved that, too. While Mike has always been driver Leonardo DiCaprio, and Etown student Mike familiar computer science (his parents have professions Cheung. within the computer science field) Mike says, But, why do we as a society in the last ten years, “I never had an interest in it.” With computer all of a sudden care about the Earth? What has science and physics he was advised to toss in a mathchanged that is making the college students and ematics major to bring the two subjects together and celebrities take action? make him any employers’ best friend. Now he was up to The Earth has changed. In simple terms, the three majors, tutoring for pay, and maintaining a social Earth is heating up or “globally warming.” The Environlife with Etown best friends, James Hughes and Alan mental Protection Agency (EPA) defines global warmDyson. Mike has even figured out what his career path ing as the Earth warming up due to greenhouse gases. is. Greenhouse gases are gases that advisor, Dr. McDevitt, has really inspired me “He has taken about 18 to“My trap heat in the atmosphere, and triple major and to teach others. I really the majority of the U.S. greencredits every semester enjoyed tutoring last fall semester, so I am going house gases are coming from get a PhD and become a professor,” says so far. Yet, he still has to human activities such as burning Cheung. fossil fuels and manufacturing. time to play Halo, drink, It was also Elizabethtown College professors, Dr. The EPA proves that we as a Tim McDevitt and Dr. Mark Stuckey who got Mike etc. with a 4.0 GPA” involved with his current job at LANL. Dr. Stuckey world are warming, and the warm- James Hughes (Mike Cheung’s Etown recommended Cheung for a position at the lab to est years on the Earth has been a tie between 2005 and 2010. former Elizabethtown College alumni Dr. Philip In an effort to decrease the amount of greenStauffer who graduated in 1992 with a degree in physhouse gases that are going into the atmosphere, ics. President Obama, along with the EPA imposed its first Cheung says, “Dr. Stuckey recommended me to regulations related to greenhouse gas emissions. The work at this lab over any junior or senior because he agency plans on regulating virtually all sources of thought I could handle the work, as well as being away greenhouse gases, imposing efficiency and emission for a semester”. Cheung soon goes into grave detail requirements on nearly every industry in the country. about how he spent his last summer traveling Europe Driving hybrid cars and reducing individual thanks to Etown guest speaker, Doug Lansky, who gave carbon footprints are just the bare minimum that Cheung a free EuroRail pass after winning a contest. needs to happen in order to prevent the Earth from Although Cheung isn’t sightseeing around New Mexico, getting warmer. the work that he is doing is incomparable. Eco-conscious student, Mike Cheung is taking “We are desiging models that will simulate his effort to fight global warming to a new level. He is taking carbon dioxide from various sources, particularly dedicating an entire semester to the sequestration of coal power plants, and injecting it deep underground,” carbon dioxide (CO2) with the hopes of reducing says Cheung.


energy to make it a Cheung uses an permanent solution.” example to further Dr. Stauffer, who is Scientist IV explain his job descripHydrogeologist at LANL, is also on tion, the team with Cheung and raves “Carbon dioxide about the potential Mike has, and salt water will leak saying out of the reservoir “Mike has a natural curiosity through microscopic that is vital to doing cutting edge holes in the rocks that science.” aren’t well sealed. There Not only is Cheung curious will always be some sort about the work he is doing at of leakage, but anything significant will harm Mike Cheung with Dr. Stauffer at his cubicle in New Mexico at LANL LANL but he is curious to learn more, too. Currently, he is taking nearby communities, for an online class while working full time in New Mexico. instance polluting groundwater.” With the hopes of attending MIT or CalTech after Cheung’s work particularly deals with working graduation, Cheung sees his semester at the lab as a great on the output for these models that are created. He resume piece as well as learning moment. organizes the data that is produced and uses differ“Graduate schools want to make sure you have done ent animations to demostrate the carbon dioxide a lot of research and this job is a major thing that I can put leakage. on my resume. It also has given me a realistic idea of what The LANL has over 10,000 employees work the workplace is like. I don’t have to wear a lab coat, I have a and research almost every type of science. Cheung cubicle with a computer, that’s my lab.” says Cheung. relectulantly admits LANL is home to the weapons Since Cheung is living in New Mexico he lives in an department that worked on the atomic bomb. apartment that is part of the University of New Mexico “I don’t like the weapons develpoment that housing, where he is taking an online class. His hours at the goes on at the lab. While the history of the atomic lab are 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday, he takes the bomb is interesting I think war is good for absolutely bus to and from work and plays the guitar and talks to nothing, it does not benefit humanity in any way,” friends when he gets home at night. says Cheung. Cheung’s former roommate, Alan Dyson says, Of the thousands of LANL employees, Cheung “Of course I miss having Mike around, but on a is the youngest and works with a team of 40 people brighter note, my ego is recovering. He sets the standard so evaluating potential sites for the sequestration of high that his presence can be an indirect self-esteem killer, carbon dioxide. The sequestration of CO2 is important in the reduction of greenhouse gases because it yet an incredible motivator.” Dyson who befriended Mike in is giving a new home to the CO2, that is detrimental a Calculus III class, tells us that back then Mike had no idea what his potential was, and that he can now easily manage to our atmosphere. Essentially, the United States his job in New Mexico. needs to stop producing so much CO2, which is why Another Etown friend of Mike’s is James Hughes who Leonardo DiCaprio bought that Hybrid car. Cheung says, “On a global scale we are pollut- says, “Honestly, I'm beginning to doubt the college can ing the atmosphere, and the work my team is doing is searching for a solution to the increase in tempera- ever give him a workload that he can't handle. He's in the honors program, and has taken about 18 credits every ture. ” semester so far. Yet, he still has time to play Halo, drink, etc. Cheung says, while maintaining a 4.0 GPA. He wants to take 28 credits “We want to put next semester, but I don't know if the Office of Registration the CO2 in the ground to help the and Records will let him. Could he do it though? Of course.” Cheung has all intentions on graduating in 2013 as a atmosphere, but this is a temporary triple major, with comrades Hughes and Dyson. He will have solution. We hope to test out of some classes to receive full credits for them, but with his assertive mind-power it should be no problem. that renewable This upcoming summer, Cheung will be working at LANL energy will soon until June and then will spend the rest of his time replace ‘old‘ 13 with family, friends and traveling to Hong Kong.

How to: Land an Internship and LOVE it

By Juli Hadinger

One of the most important experiences to have in college is an internship. Through internships you can network, gain valuable skills to assist you in the job market, and, if you play your cards right, an internship can turn into a job.

The Find

1. Check the college website. Jobs for Jays is a great resource that shows internships in all fields. Since the jobs are posted on the college website, you know that they are a reliable source, and you can probably ask other students if they have interned there before.

look online at these local places!

-WITF -CBS21 -ParenteBeard LLC 2. Look online. It is a great place to find internships. Shoot for the stars, and apply for -Phoenix Contact that internship at your dream company, go on their website and see if they have any internships and apply for them. -WGAL -Hershey Entertainment & 3. Apply! Apply! Apply! Apply for as many as you want. As worst you will have to turn Resorts some down!

So, now that you've applied for that internship and gotten the call saying that they want you for an interview, you're well on your way to landing that opportunity. Before you go on an interview, there are a few things that you need to do.

The Interview

Research. Researching the company is extremely important. This shows that you are serious about the internship and your future with the company. Many future employers ask their prospective employees what they know about the company in an interview. You should research the person who is interviewing you. Knowing your interviewer enables you to ask better questions during the interview process, as well as looking prepared. Be on time. You never want to be late to an interview, it is tacky, and shows that you did not plan ahead. It's best to get there early so that way you have time to relax. Bring a copy of your resume with you, as well as a pad of paper and a pen. It is always good to have an extra copy of your resume with you just in case your interviewer misplaced it, or forgot it. Once you've gone through the interview, send the person who interviewed you a thank you message. Now that you’ve been hired, it’s now time to tackle that big step. What do you wear on your first day?

The Internship

Dress to impress. Notice what other people around you are wearing, if they are wearing jeans, wear khakis, if they are wearing a nice pair of slacks and a blouse, wear a nicer pair of slacks and a blouse. It is better to overdress than to be underdressed. Don’t mind anything. Being an intern isn't always a glamorous job. As an intern, you are hired to do the work that most people do not want to do. You may get stuck spending a week stuffing envelops, or making spreadsheets at a desk. You have to smile and nod and say "of course I don't mind doing that. It shows that you are a team player and that you don't complain and are willing to do whatever your employer asks of you. Ask questions. Don't be afraid to ask your boss to show you how to do something. While you may think that it shows that you don't know what you're doing, it shows the just the opposite. It proves that you don't want to mess up.


Don't complain. Don't complain to other employees, don't complain on your phone during your lunch break, never ever complain. You never know who may be listening.

Senior advice to First-years

By Michael O‘’Connell and Juli Hadinger

For the majority of the senior class here at Elizabethtown College, the concept of ‘graduation’ is a far-off, almost horrifying reality. Etown has very much become a second home for us all. It comes as no surprise why the majority of us aren’t ready to say goodbye. Not to mention, these past four years have been undoubtedly the most shaping and testing stage of any young adult’s life. Regardless, that’s not to go without saying that the typical ‘college’ experience doesn’t have its cons as well as its pros. There are certainly things many college students would change about their time spent here at Etown – or rather, “advice” for the incoming class; the things they should look out for, what they should be weary of, what they should take advantage of, etc. Needless to say, we here at Jay Crew hit the Elizabethtown College campus to find out what our 2011 Senior Class would advise to any incoming First-years in hopes of making their college experience all the more enjoyable. Here’s what we found. Most of the senior students wanted to mention at least something regarding procrastination or time management. Not only is your course work significantly larger in any college course than the ordinary high school class, but your involvement in any club or extracurricular activity is bound to soak up a lot of your time. Do not, under any circumstances, leave the “big stuff” for last minute. Know how far to stretch yourself,

and give yourself adequate time to do those big projects so as you get the grade you deserve. Another common piece of advice was centered on taking advantage of certain things that sometimes go unnoticed or under-appreciated. One of these things was the library. A big reason as to why many underclassman students may struggle with getting assignments and projects handed in on time is simply the environment they’re working in. Dorms – while livable, for the most part – can prove to be very distracting when you’re trying to do class work. Many students fail to realize that those issues and problems they run into while trying to do work in their dorm rooms are easily fixed if they’d just give the library a chance. While there weren’t as many advice tips regarding the ‘social scene’ of Etown as we were hoping, there were still factors that the senior class was willing to comment on. To sum up the general consensus of the students, many of them simply said ‘…Don’t get caught.’ Party responsibly, stay in groups, and steer clear of any quad or house that might look like it’s getting out of hand If it’s a weekend and you don’t want to go to a party head on over to the BSC and take part in whatever fun event SWEET or OSA has going on that night. Compared to other colleges and universities, Elizabethtown College prides itself in having tasty, well-made food options at the beck and call of its students at any time. Whether it is a delicious Egg Jay sandwich early in the morning at the Jays Nest or a freshly cooked pasta plate for dinner at the Marketplace. This is one area where the majority of senior students were actually fairly impressed. Many advise, however, to use your swipes at the marketplace as much as you can and not to blow through your Jay Bucks within the first

month of the semester. There’s a higher chance you’ll eat healthier at the Marketplace as opposed to the Jays Nest, and what better way to beat the devastating ‘First-years 15’ then with some nutritious fruits and vegetables? A word of caution, however – while the Marketplace is undeniably great, it’s a little tight on seating and space. The rush times are typically 11:00 a.m.-12:45 p.m., and 5:45 p.m.-7 p.m. so unless you want to struggle to find a seat your best bet is to get there perhaps a little before or after those rush times. Dorm life. Oh, dorm life. Is there anything better, really? Rolling out of bed at 7:30a.m. only to find that all the other curtained-off showers are being used? So you stumble back to your room and accidentally turn your light on, forgetting that your roommate has that lucky schedule where he doesn’t need to be up for another three hours? He gets mad, maybe throws something at you. You apologize, get dressed, and walk out the front doorsteps of Ober in an exhausted, haze-like fog for your morning trek to Hoover. You forgot to brush your teeth, but you don’t care. The dorm-life veterans suggest you go ahead and finda potential roommate on Facebook before your first semester starts. While being randomly selected with a roommate isn’t the worst thing that could happen, the new Admitted Students at Etown Facebook page allows for other incoming First-years students to find out who will be in their class before even coming to school. Look to room with someone who has similar interests as you, or might


be going out for the same sports team as you plan on going out for. And who knows? You might not only find a roommate for the next four years, but a friend for the rest of your life. Another suggestion from the Senior Class of 2011 was to never shy away from getting involved in a student club. If you think the Peer Mentor program is a great organization and you feel like you’d prove to be a valued asset to their team, then contact the program directors and inquire about membership. Have you played soccer since the dawn of time, but you’re for whatever reason afraid


gavin nevill


you won’t make the team? Find out when try outs are and go, because you have absolutely nothing to lose. College is about what you make of it. And that’s not to suggest that having those feelings of inadequacy or ‘not being good enough’ are irrational, because in actuality they are incredibly common in all First-years. Upon the completion of our interviews, Jay Crew realized there was one question we had drafted in our original survey that was never asked: What’s the one thing you’ll take away from these four years at Etown? Is it the friends you’ve made? The relationships you’ve built? The classes you took? The professors you met? Or is it the experience in a whole that will prove to be something you’ll never forget, and you’ll take with you forever and for always while you venture out past the Elizabethtown College border, to make a life for yourself in the ‘real world’?

We’ll let you decide.

Abby beykirch & Ali Cavanaugh



2007 jen melnick


Take a look at these Seniors from their first-year til now... 16

When Dr. Carl Strikwerda was


By Mike O'Connell & Kelly Clayton

Dr. Strikwerda as Editor-in-chief of Calvin College chimes newspaper in 1973

“I don’t recommend anyone ever hitchhiking, but I was a champion hitchhiker,” says, Dr. Carl Strikwerda whom sat down with Jay Crew and told us about the great places he has seen in his life thanks to hitchhiking around the United States when he was studying at Calvin College for his undergrad. Dr. Carl Strikwerda is a name that Elizabethtown College students are starting to get used to. While it may be harder to pronounce, sounding like Strick-WER-Da, students will find that Dr. Strikwerda enjoyed his undergrad years just the same as any other Elizabethtown College student does. This Summer, Strikwerda and his wife, Gail, will move into the most impressive house on College Ave., the current home sweet home of Teddy and Betty Long as they retire to their summer home in Maine. Stirkwerda, who is currently the Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences and Professor of History at the College of William and Mary in Va., will be bringing over his impressive credentials to Elizabethtown Pa. While we are all aware of Strikwerda’s professional accomplishments to date, publishing three books and many articles on international

history – what the Elizabethtown College Campus community isn’t aware of is his personal college experiences and what he was like when he was 21. Based on the MTV Reality show, “When I was 17,” Jay Crew sat down with Strikwerda and got the scoop about his undergraduate days and what his college life was like. After speaking with the new president more closely, it should come as no surprise why he was selected for such a challenging yet rewarding position of being the President of Elizabethtown College. “I have been working since I was 13,” Strikwerda says. When asked what he wanted to be after his graduation from Calvin College in the 1970s Strikwerda was at a loss. It wasn’t until later in life when his wife, Gail suggested to him that he looks for positions in administration because people tended to look towards him for guidance and leadership. Starting his higher education career at Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Mich., Strikwerda was positive that Calvin would give him the education he wanted and needed. “I chose to go to Calvin because I thought it was a very interesting, intellectual community. It was also a community I was very familiar with because I grew up three miles from campus. Both my parents and four


older siblings had gone there, but it was more of what the school had to offer that made me want to go. My parents had moved out of town when I was in high school, and I lived with siblings for my senior year at college. My freshman year I was living in the dorms, but moved out when I relocated downtown to live closer to my job.” Majoring in History while being heavily involved in a journalism job and advocating for political democrats, Strikwerda admits that he hadn’t given his future after Calvin much thought and like many college students – admitting to not knowing what to do right after college. Strikwerda’s first job was working as a 13-year old boy in a food and vegetable store. After several teaching gigs at his alma mater he married his long time girlfriend Gail, whom he’d met in an Honors Sociology class during her freshman year at Calvin College. Along with excelling quite impressively in both the journalism and academic fields, Strikwerda met his wife while at school in a sociology class. “I was taking the course my fall semester, sophomore year and it was a big course – one of my older brothers told me it would be more interesting if I took it as an honors class, and it was mostly all freshmen. That’s when I met her, and asked her out soon after the course ended. When asked how his first date went, Strikwerda simply laughed. “We went out for coffee, and I took her to a not-so nice place,” he responds. “She’s a very forgiving person, to say the least.” When asked more about what other activities he was involved in at Calvin, Strikwerda told us about his government work. “My senior year – when I was associated editor of Dialogue – I also worked part time at the city government for a thing called Urban Core. It was a job that centered mainly around trying to help kids get through school. During his summers off from school Strikwerda would clean and paint houses for extra money on top of his current position at the local newspaper. “I was editor of the ‘Chimes’, the college newspaper at Calvin,” he says. “And then my senior year I was an Associate

Editor of ‘Dialogue’, which was the college’s literary/feature magazine. I did a lot of journalism then. I was heavily involved in politics and the Democratic Party, and I finally made the decision my fall semester senior year to apply to graduate school.” While I didn’t have much time to do many other things, I will say I was a champion hitchhiker.” He chuckles. “I don’t recommend anyone ever hitchhiking by any means, but I would say I traveled around 12,000 miles in the United States hitchhiking. It was in college when I was 19 or 20, and I hitchhiked back and forth along the East Coast and Colorado. I mostly just went by myself, and I remember during the day it would get so hot so you’d need to find a place to cool off for a bit. But then when it’d get cooler, rattlesnakes would come to the edge of the highway, and I nearly stepped on them one more than one occasion. ” Most memorable hitchhiking experience? “One time in Pennsylvania, I slept in the woods off the interstate and woke up the next morning to a horse sniffing me and no, you didn’t really make friends when hitchhiking – but this was back in 1971.” Remember, now in 2011 Strikwerda is in no way recommending going out and hitchhiking your way to anywhere, however he is recommending that each student utilizes their education and seizes every learning moment. Strikwerda tells us that he originally attended the University of Chicago for his masters in history and when his girlfriend, Gail, graduated from Calvin a year later they went to University of Michigan together to get married and earn their Ph.d’s. During his newlywed years he helped elect a Congressman and worked as an intern on Capital Hill. “ I liked working on Capital Hill a lot, it also made me decide that I wanted to stay in graduate school,” Strikwerda says. When asked - aside from meeting his wife, of course - what was one other highlights of his ‘Calvin Career’, Strikwerda proceeded to talk to us about the ‘Covenant House’. “My senior year I helped to start a non-profit co-op community called Covenant House. There were seventeen of us, and we bought the house in downtown Grand Rapids. The house cost $26,000 and I’m still friends with a lot of those people from the community.

“I traveled around 12,000 miles in the United States hitchhiking.”


That's Dr. Strikwerda and in front of him is his wife, Gail. This is everyone who started "the Covenant House" and everyone who lived in it during his Senior year at Calvin College in 1974. It lasted for another 30 years and finally sold in 2001. This was the biggest thing that I did while at Calvin.” Strikwerda also comments on his relationship with Calvin College’s then president, and how it almost subconsciously inspired his future. “The campus newspaper had an interesting relationship with the college administration. The president and I would have coffee about once a week together, to stay in touch. He was a very admirable person, whom stayed in term for a very long time and did a lot for the college.” When asked what he would change about his undergrad experience at Calvin, he responded “I think I would have studied harder in more of my classes and gotten more out of some of the subjects. I think I was really involved in journalism and organizing things like covenant house and I worked really hard at the things that I liked, but I think it would have been better for me to work harder at academics.” Strikwerda, with the most sincerity in his voice,

said, “I look forward to having a shaping influence and a great experience for young people, and build on some of the good things I had in Calvin. Calvin was a very invigorating, intellectual community and I’d like to think I could help Elizabethtown have some of those good qualities too.”

trikwerda and his S r. D t, s u g Au g in Com into etown, ready e v o m l il w l ai G e if w community! r u o te ca u ed to d and excite


Teddy Long Timeline by Carrie Chase and Glenn Knight

May 21, 2011 will mark the end of President Teddy Long’s nal semester in college. He’ll have to retire his red Solo cup, strap on his moose hunt ing gear and head up North with his wife, Betty, to “vacationland,” Maine. After fteen years of serv ing Elizabethtown College, Long said the college has “become increasingly recognized as one of the best comprehensive institutions in the country,” and is happy with the direction the college is going. Long joined the college in 1996. He was nominated for the presidential position. “Once I got to know the place he became very fond of it,” Long said. Long said there were three things that made a di erence in him coming to Etown. The rst factor was the mission of the college. “It was one I deeply believed in and was very attractive to me. What it stood for, all those things sounded like me.” The second factor was the college’s campus community. “The place is gorgeous, the people were grand, there’s a lot of intense engagement here between faculty and students. I remember when I asked the search committee what charac terized Etown, they talked a lot about the spirit of community.” And the nal factor was that Elizabethtown was a good college, which had potential to be a better college. He says, “the third, the college was a good college that could become better. It wasn’t

Teddy is inaugurated as president of Elizabethtown College



a broken college that needed to be xed...there was a positive challenge for me as a leader.” When Long rst arrived at the college he had a list of goals that he wanted to complete, but talked to the campus community to make a more “devel oped direction as a campus community,” Long said. And although not every single goal was met, all of the broad goals were met as a team. “There are always things you wish you could have gotten done,” Long said. In 2006, Long formed a strategic vision with the campus community which involved global education, purposeful life work and a unique education. “The facilities are stronger, stronger faculty, there’s more program diversity, more money, more opportunity and a stronger reputa tion,” Long said. “They took a survey of college presidents, ‘what keeps you up at night?’ Other presidents said balancing the budget, maintaining enrollment, the right class. But I’m concerned if I’ve gotten the personnel right.” Long stated that the hardest part is getting the management right and support of people. “Things such as lifting those people up or dismissing them from the college or disciplining them, making sure what I was doing the right thing,” Long said. Long and wife Betty talked about retiring during the summer of 2009. The two looked at their life, the life of the college and the circum -

wolf field opens. Brossman commons is added to the annenberg center.


Betty becomes the advisor to melica and joins the board of trustees as asst. for college relations


"I’m interested in what I become in the next stage of my life.” -Teddy Long stances around them. “Betty and I wanted to do things lead a trip to Italy with a group of friends,” Long said. Long looked at what would have to happen for the college to become better in the next few years “and the next run was going to take five to seven years,” Long said. “It was more than I wanted to give, so I better quite now.” Long then talked with the board late in the fall about his retirement plans. “They weren’t sur prised. They knew it was coming,” Long said. As for the future, the couple plans on moving to Maine. “We purchased a house in Rockland, Maine about twelve to thirteen years ago with the anticipation of retiring there. Betty likes it cold, and I’m the warm weather person. So in the winter time, I’ll probably go south for part of that. Fortunately, my daughter lives in Florida so that will help,” joked Long. “We just want to have fun.” Long also joked that he’s been an institutional man for a very long time. After 100 semesters of college, he says “it’s going to be different. How am I going to live? I’ll have to figure that out,” Long said. “I’m interested in what I become in the next stage of my life.” Long won’t just be living his days with his feet up and a newspaper in his hand. He can’t stay that far away from high education. “I’m going to spend some time consulting with presidents and boards of trustees to help them improve their performance; how to govern better, how to lead

James B. Hoover Center for Business opens on campus

alumni pool renovated Masters Center for Science Math and Engineering opens on campus


better. And then other people are talking to me about things that I never thought about. “I won’t go to the office everyday. I’ll get to choose what I do.” When asked about Long’s favorite memory of Elizabethtown College he said, “I could give one-hundred things. It’s hard to name one favorite memory. Really hard.” So what did the president say he was his favorite memory at the college? “The kind of affection I’ve gotten from students. When I come into a room or the Brossman Commons, everyone calls me Teddy and things like that. It’s very joyful. It signifies a lot of things about the character about our community.” It’s easy to say that after May 21, Teddy will still be our homeboy.

Teddy, age 20 & Betty, age 21

Teddy Long retires as president



The Ultimate Guide to

s l a v i t s e F r e Summ

Sasquatch George, WA If you prefer barefoot coffeehouse concerts to rodeos or mosh pits and your closet is stocked with ironic t-shirts and thrifted finds, you’ll find yourself at home at Sasquatch festival in The Gorge Amphithe ater in George, Wash. This year’s music festival takes place May 27th-30th and includes indie bands like Foster the People, Noah and the Whale, Best Coast, Fitz & the Tantrums, Sleigh Bells, Local Natives, Matt + Kim, Yeasayer, Cold War Kids, Iron + Wine, The Flaming Lips, Bright Eyes, Wilco and Death Cab for Cutie. Tickets cost approximately $79.50 for a one-day pass. Check out to create your own customizable schedule to bring to the various shows.

oakland, ca san pedro, ca chandler, az marfa, tx austin, tx new orleans, la

Railroad Revival Tour Fans of the folk can enjoy the rooted sounds of history’s music when the Railroad Revival Tour is all aboard with Mumford & Sons, Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros and Old Crow Medicine Show. Chugging along the states of the southwest April 21st – 27th, the tour will make stops in Oakland, Calif., San Pedro, Calif., Chandler, Ariz., Marfa, Texas, Austin, Texas, and New Orleans, La. The bands will be performing six unique outdoor locations and will reach each destination by way of vintage rail cars in honor of appreciation of natural landscape. This will be the first summer to feature the Railroad Revival Tour!


CMA Fest 2011

Nashville, Tn

CMA Fest 2011 is bringing the country tune to the music city this summer in Nashville, Tenn. It’s no doubt this year’s acts will be “History in the Making” when those star studded boots hit the stage and work their “Honky Tonk Badonkadonk.” The best of today’s country music comes together June 9th -12th to celebrate the festival’s 40th Anniversary. This year features a famed showcase of stars including: Martina McBride, Blake Shelton, Reba, Lady Antebellum, Darius Rucker, The Band Perry, Miranda Lambert, The Rascal Flatts, Brad Paisley, Zac Brown Band, Little Big Town, Josh Turner, Sheryl Crow, and Keith Urban. Welcome to Nashville – the city whose music makes it a “Hicktown”…”Only Prettier."

So what can you expect if you are a newbie? First of all… check the weather. If it calls for rain, nine times out of ten the shows will go on. That is unless there is a tornado warning in which you will ALL be evacuated to an amphitheater of some sort for shelter and watch people go crazy in the rain (see video of 2008 Warped Tour in Scranton, PA). Along with the weather, please dress appropriately. In which case, you can purchase a new band t-shirt after the rain slows down. Be conscious of the fact that you will be out in the sun for the WHOLE DAY. You WILL get sunburnt most likely, so slather on that SPF. Don’t have a place to keep your sunscreen? Bring a little backpack to keep with you and take turns with friends carrying it. There’s nothing more annoying than trying to enjoy a good show while carrying around a refrigerator on your back. Be careful to bring your personal items in a bag close to your body—you will be surrounded by people all the time, so it’s best to keep your belongings to a minimum. Make sure to bring water if you are allowed to carry it in with you. You will get dehydrated and Gatorade and other energy drinks will cost you at least five bucks. If you follow these simple rules, you will without a doubt have more fun and be more prepared.

Bamboozle East Rutherford, NJ

Bamboozle is held in East Rutherford, Nj. Festival dates are April 29th to May 1st. Since there are so many bands playing the festival, they spread out the acts into three days of pure music heaven. This year’s lineup includes major headliners Lil Wayne, Motley Crue, Taking Back Sunday, The Gaslight Anthem, Thirty Seconds to Mars and Wiz Khalifa. Other bands playing are A Day to Remember, Bruno Mars, I See Stars, LMFAO, Transit, Runner Runner, New Found Glory, Man Overboard, Thrice, We the Kings, Travie McCoy, Sleeping with Sirens, Senses Fail and Circa Survive.

Scranton, PA Camden, NJ Uniondale, NY Oceanport, NJ Columbia, MD

Vans Warped Tour

Bonnaroo Manchester, TN

First known for showcasing the world’s best jambands, the Bonnaroo Music Festival in Manchester, Tenn. is now proud to showcase an eclectic mix of bluegrass, indie, rock, country and reggae. This four-day concert series is celebrating its 10-year anniversary of tent cities, live music and comedy and mudslides. This year’s eclectic lineup includes Arcade Fire, The Black Keys, My Morning Jacket, Lil’ Wayne, Iron + Wine, Girl Talk, Mumford and Sons, The Strokes, The Decemberists, Explo sions in the Sky, Ray Lamontagne and Florence and the Machine among many others. This will set you back between $209.50 and $249.50. For an additional fee, rent out a tent and set up camp at their legendary tent city! Or if an RV is more your style, rent out a special Bonnaroo RV, which will be waiting for you when you arrive on site!

Warped Tour is a nationwide festival held outside that hosts a handful of stages and acts. This year’s lineup includes A Skylit Drive, Dance Gavin Dance, D.R.U.G.S., Go Radio, Hellogoodbye, Relient K, The Wonder Years, The Word Alive, Woe, Is Me, Foxy Shazam, Family Force Five, Enter Shikari, Of Mice & Men, There for Tomorrow, Set Your Goals, Simple Plan, The Dangerous Summer and We Came As Romans. Show-dates include: July 14th in Scranton, Pa., July 21st in Camden, Nj., July 23rd in Uniondale, Ny., July 24th in Oceanport, Nj., and July 26th in Columbia, Md. Because the tour is so long, some bands only stay on a portion of the tour and some are on for the entire trek.

For festival fashion tips, flip to the next page! 23

n o i h s a F l a v i t Fes

What style are you?




Don’t be concerned about what to rock at these festivals-it’s best to keep it easy, basic and breathable in the mosh pits. Follow these guidelines and you’ll have a great time.

To look like folk folks at the tour’s shows: neutral colors and clothes resembling those of the early 1960s. Think neo-hippie-- free fl owing, earthy colors, natural fabrics and fl orals, but with a modern edge.

Looking to fit into the indie scene? Raid your parents’ closets for vintage t-shirts, rock the Keds sneakers and sport thick black-rimmed glasses for the essential “I’m not trying too hard” look.

Guys: Keep it pretty basic. Throw on a worn band tee that you got at a previ ous show or the classic “V-neck” tee to show off that sick new chest piece you just got done. Pair it with a pair of cargo shorts that you can throw your phone in when you hop in the pit. Girls: Try a pair of Chuck Taylors. Obviously you want to stay comfy and cool so do yourself a favor and skip the jeans. Go for a pair of slouchy boyshorts or cut offs. You can pair your shorts with either a nice tank or a basic tee.

Guys: Try basic patterned, button down shirts with a pair of chinos or slim pants fit at the waist with a simple belt. Waistcoats may be a popular touch to hide the skinny, awkwardness of these closet hipsters. Also, be on the lookout for pocketed overalls, lightweight vests and oxford shirts. Girls: Pair long skirts dressed with fl oral prints or wide legged pants, short native looking vests, and long satchel type bags with fringes. Try fl oppy hats or leather wedges for an effortless look.

Guys: Channel your inner Ben Gibbard with a short-sleeve plaid t-shirt, not-quite-skinny-not-quite-bootcut jeans, black Converses and a cardigan. If you want to go full throttle indie, go au natural and skip the shower for some messy hair. Girls: Make like Zooey Deschanel and raid local consignment stores for feminine fl oral dresses and saddle shoes. If dresses aren’t your thing, go for a girly high-waisted skirt and printed boatneck shirt combo and top it with a cloche hat.


entertainment s e i v o m r e m sum by glenn knight To kick off the summer is Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides where Jack Sparrow and Captain Barbossa team up to search for the fountain of youth. Opening May 20, this is the first ‘Pirates’ film to be released in four years and it will not incorporate Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightley. It will be interesting to see how Disney handles this installment of ‘Pirates’ after the previous disappointment. Another sequel being released in May is The Hangover: Part II. After huge success with the first film, Part II should be a great time at the movies. The “three best friends that anyone could have” and, have course, Doug travels to Bangkok for yet another wedding. It will be released May 26. On July 1, Transformers: Dark of the Moon will be released. In this chapter, the Autobots and Decepticons find Cybertronian technology on the moon that has been hidden for years. Both groups battle to get to the lost spacecraft first and hopefully this time around Michael Bay won’t rely on visual effects alone to sell tickets at the box office. One of the most anticipated summer movies is Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2. With seven other Potter films, the eighth film will be the final and possibly the biggest of the whole series where Harry will face Voldemort for the last time. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 will be released July 15. Later that month, on July 29, Cowboys and Aliens will be released. This Western/ Sci-fi flick stars Daniel Craig (from James Bond) as a technological savvy cowboy with co-stars Harrison Ford and Olivia Wilde. The movie is set in Arizona during 1873 where a spaceship lands and plans to take control of planet Earth. With any luck, this will not be a repeat of Jonah Hex.


summer mus

by shelby meyerhoffer

No matter what you do or where you go this summer, you’ll have to have the best music to take along with you. If you’re looking to bring a little pop into your summer festivities, look no further than Lady Gaga and Britney Spears (surely trying to make her ’comeback’). Female drama queen’s just not your cup of tea? If you listen to hip-hop, I’m sure you are dying to get your hands on Wiz Khalifa’s new album. Along with Wiz, Danger Mouse (and Daniel Luppi), Snoop Dog and the Beastie Boys are set to drop new albums this summer. And for all of you indie fans out there, Florence + The Machines, Peter Bjorn and John, and Radiohead all plan to have albums released in the heart of spring. Additionally, Death Cab For Cutie will have their much-anticipated album available in late May. Can’t stand top 40 music but love some alternative or Pop Punk? You’re in luck because there happens to be a handful of great albums coming out. The first is All Time Low’s new album ‘Dirty Work’. Without an exact date release yet (although the guys have said it will be sometime in the summer), those sexy boys will just have to tease us with sound clips until then. Another great album to be released is the tenth volume of the ‘Take Action’ compilation released by sub-city. For those of you that aren’t familiar with the two disc set, a portion of the proceeds earned from sales of the albums are donated to a nonprofit organization that help teens improve their awareness of sexual health. So not only are you getting great music out of your purchase, but you are also making a difference in someone’s life! To find out more about who is on the album, go to Other bands with upcoming releases are: Silverstein, The Gorillaz, Foo Fighters and Red Hot Chilli Peppers So what is the most anticipated album release of the summer and probably the new year? Blink-182. This will be their first studio album to be released since their 2003 self titled release as well as their first album together as a band since reuniting after their ‘indefinite hiatus’ that lasted four years.


a Budget Road Trip on Chocolate world to San Francisco by Carrie Chase

Do you have two weeks free during the summer and are you looking to spend it in a car, laughing hysterically, blasting music and listening to Tom-Tom? You could take a trip from Chocolate Word, Pa. and wind up in Chinatown in the heart of San Francisco. Your first step should be establishing a group of friends who you don’t mind spending 24/7 a day in confined spaces with – specifically a car or cheap hotel; take your roommate, friends from class or maybe even that special someone. Your key to that entire journey is going on and utilizing the Map Wizard. You can pick your beginning and ending locations and Map Wizard will give you pinpoints on the map where you can stop along the way. For cheap places to shower and a semi-comfortable pillow, check out,, or for a rough outline for places to stay along your road trip. And no, you can’t just live out of your car for two weeks and expect that “cracking the windows” is a way to get rid of B.O. to save a few dollars. Get ready for a once-in-a-lifetime road trip--stuff the car with pillows, munchies, bottles of Gatorade, a Tom-Tom and your iPod and hit the open road.

Days 1 & 2 Hershey and the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Day 1: Start out at Hershey’s Chocolate World, located down the road from Elizabethtown, Pa. in Hershey, Pa. Stop in for a free ride on Hershey’s Great American Chocolate Tour and walk out with a free piece, or twelve of chocolate. Throughout your road trip, please listen to Tom-Tom carefully; he really knows his maps and he is never going to intentionally steer you wrong. Hop on the PA Turnpike and you’ll be in front of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio in less than six hours. Don’t be afraid to stay at a Red Roof Inn or a cheaper hotel. Let’s get real, you’re not going to be in the room long enough to enjoy the fancy f luffy pillows at those higher priced hotels.


Day 2: Spend this day with lots of rock and a little bit of roll at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame; this is the place to go. Admission is $22 (try and ask for a student discount), so it’s advisable to spend the entire day here. Don’t miss out on the exhibit “Treasure from the Vault.”

The windy city of chicago Day 3: Wake up bright and early on day three, because you have a six-hour drive along Lake Michigan to reach your next destination—the windy city. Chicago has so much to offer, it’s by far worth the early morning rise. Take a ride up Willis Tower and step out onto the Sky Deck. Day 4: Take a break from the open road and spend the day in Downtown Chicago. If you timed your trip just right, you’ll have clear skies, which will make spending the day outside well worth it. Spend the morning wandering around Millennium Park. Take a picture of the ref lection of you and your travel buddies at the Bean; it’s a must. Following, walk towards Lake Michigan and head North along Lake Shore Drive. Spend the rest of the afternoon at Navy Pier riding the Ferris wheel and taking in the sites.

Days 3 & 4

Days 9 & 10

Tree of Utah & Lake Tahoe

Omaha, Nebraska

Days 5 & 6

Day 5: Day five involves a longer drive of eight hours to Omaha, Ne. for a stop at the Henry Doorly Zoo. Head west on I-88 and I-80 to reach this well-known zoo.

Day 6: The Henry Doorly Zoo has been referred to as a better zoo than San Diego’s. The zoo’s website promotes that it’s largest cat complex in North America, however leave the catnip at home.

Day 9: Your next stop is a quick one at the Tree of Utah along the Great Salt Lake Desert, close to the salt f lats. Arrive at the tree in less than five hours from the springs. Make a quick pit stop for the Kodak moments and keep on trucking! Five hours later you will be in Lake Tahoe, which straddles Nevada and California. Look for a hotel at King’s Beach, not only is this in a good location but also a nice area. Day 10: Spend the day enjoying Lake Tahoe. If it’s a warm day spend it down at the lake. There are plenty of water activities to enjoy occupying you for the day. Check out and click on North Shore for fun activities.

Day 11 Days 7 & 8 Nebraska, Wyoming & Colorado Day 7: This is going to be the longest part of the road trip. Head west for eleven hours through the rest of the state of Nebraska, then Wyoming and finally, Colorado. Create a new playlist on your iPod to make the drive a little more bearable. Day 8: Reward yourself and take a break from the open road and stop at the Strawberry Park Hot Springs in Steamboat Springs, Co. According to our faithful website,, the hot springs are picturesque and you can’t miss them.

Arrival to San francisco! Day 11: Pack up the car bright and early, you’re only five hours away from San Francisco. You could spend all week in the city with the “crookedest street in the world,” Lombard Street. Spend a day or so down at the wharf at Pier 39 and Fisherman’s Wharf. Boudin’s is a must for tomato soup in a sourdough bread bowl for lunch. Take the ferry out to Alcatraz and try to find the inmates that escaped. Make sure you get your ticket in advance for this tourist attraction; you won’t be disappointed. Spend two or three days just exploring the city; especially Castro Street, Twin Peaks and Golden Gate Park. If you want to enjoy the fresh outdoors, head across the Golden Gate Bridge to Muir Woods. The woods are filled with Redwood trees that will blow your mind. This is a great place for a hike or just a stroll along the marked path. Congratulations on making it across the country! Be sure to do some research on for a different route back to Hershey’s Chocolate World!


things to do *around e-town by Kristy Castellini, Melanie Giardina & Brittany Phillips



Blue pacific Rachel's Creperie lancaster, PA Rachel’s Creperie specializes in homemade crepes of all types, along with unique catering options as well. Rachel’s can accommodate for every occasion. For more information on this exciting place full of sweets, visit their website at

lancaster, PA

Asian fusion cuisine was brought to Lancaster County when Blue Pacific Sushi & Grill opened in 2001. This place has a unique and diverse menu full of tropical dishes. They cater to banquets, private parties and offer take-out. There are different areas within the restaurant to enjoy your meal; you can choose to sit in the dining room, the sushi bar or even the liquor bar. For more information on this tropical escape restaurant visit,

Root’s Market Manheim, Pa Lancaster’s county’s oldest indoor/outdoor farmers and flea market, including fresh food, meats, deli and bakery items. The stands also sell flowers, handmade crafts, antiques, collectibles and household items. This market is only open on Tuesdays, so check it out after class and see what kind of fresh produce you can buy for student friendly prices.

Cafe East asian cuisine lancaster, PA

Conewago Coffee elizabethtown, PA

This is an Asian cuisine restaurant that offers lunch and dinner specials. Like other Asian Cuisine restaurants, this place is basically the same. They offer an everyday regular menu along with lunch and dinner specials and a special menu as well. So here there is variety in the choice of food you would like to try. To view the menu and for information on their daily specials visit

Conewago Coffee is a creative getaway for the everyday college student. This is a classic escape from the campus scene; many students venture down the road to grab a coffee and to play a game of trivia. Conewago specializes in espresso drinks, iced drinks and pastries. To learn more about this artsy coffee shop visit their website at

Green Dragon Ephrata, PA Green Dragon is an indoor/ outdoor farmer’s and flea market featuring local foods, growers, merchants and craftsmen year-round. This market is only on Fridays. Go to check out the great food and affordable products- be sure to get there early, as parking fills up quickly! Check out great Amish desserts, jams and jellies!

Tulsi Indian Cuisine lancaster, PA Folklore Coffee elizabethtown, PA


When you want a cup of coffee and a different environment to study, listen to some music or just sit and chat with your friends, then the best place for you to do so would be Folklore Coffee & Company. Many people of all ages come to this nifty place. If you would like to explore their menu, visit their website at

Tulsi Indian Cuisine Restaurant & Lounge recreates an incomparable experience in Indian dining. This cultural dining opened in 2007- eat in for the environmental experience, or opt for takeout and bring your gourmet food home. They also accommodate banquets along with supplying an all-you-can-eat daily lunch buffet. For more information on this diverse restaurant visit


saturdays market Middletown, PA This is Lancaster County’s largest indoor/outdoor farmers and flea market. The outdoor market is weather permitting, but the indoor market is year-round. This market is only on Saturdays, so it’s a great way to spend the day after a long stressful week at school. There are tons of free samples and delicious food.


attractions Ten Thousand Villages Ephrata, PA


mechanicsburg, PA

An indoor rock climbing facility featuring “bouldering” areas and top rope that climbs to 40 feet in height. Every Friday night is college night, where students climb for 50% off. Call this gym at (717) 795-9580, check them out online or find them at 339 N Locust Point Road, Mechanicsburg.

laser dome

Ten Thousand Villages is a non-profit organization that works to give artists from all around the world a fair wage. Their mission according to the organizations website: “is to create opportunities for artisans in developing countries to earn income by bringing their products and stories to our markets through long-trading relationships.” The organization sells a variety of materials ranging from handmade gifts to home décor. Each item represents cultures from all over the world such as Africa, Latin America and Asia. By purchasing items at Ten Thousand Villages you can aid artists around the globe that would normally be unemployed. With your help, these artists can pay for food, shelter, healthcare and education that they otherwise would not be able to afford. To learn more about what you can do for the cause, visit

conewago trail Manheim, Pa Bored with the elliptical at the Body Shop gym on campus? Try hiking at Conewago for a refreshing and invigorating experience. Located just a few miles outside of Elizabethtown on Route 230, Conewago Trail provides excellent options including hiking, jogging, bicycling and horseback riding. For more information visit:

manheim, PA

Get a group of friends together to play games of laser tag in this 6,000 square feet complex. Tuesdays, receive $5 off every special, Wednesday pay a fee for unlimited laser tag, and also check out the website for other specials and events held from Thursday through Sunday. Call them for specials at (717) 492-0002 or check out

Kitchen kettle village intercourse, PA If the mall just isn’t cutting it and you need a break from the outlet stores in Lancaster and Hershey take a drive to the Kitchen Kettle Village. The outdoor shopping center contains 42 attractions centered around the Jam & Relish Kitchen. From shopping to carriage rides, the village has something for everyone. While strolling through the Kitchen Kettle Village visitors can stop for samples, listen to music and buy that much needed pair of UGG boots. According to Kitchen Kettle Village “is like a treasure hunt” offering its guests a wide variety of shopping and dining options. To learn more about what Kitchen Kettle offers visit

indian echo caverns hummelstown, PA Check out the beautiful and ancient geological formations and crystal clear lakes at Indian Echo Caverns. If you’re interested in getting in touch with nature and caves, this is a must see! Tours are $13 for adults and take about 45 minutes. The site includes a gift shop, picnic areas, a playground and a petting zoo. For more information and a money saving coupon, check out

lancaster barnstormers lancaster, PA Gather a group of friends for a night out at the ball game and head over to Lancaster to watch the minor league team play at Clipper Magazine Stadium. Call for questions at (717) 509-4487 or check

Middletown, PA

Chique’s Rock Francesca’s Collections lancaster, PA

elizabethtown, PA Hershey Bears

Hershey, PA

Check out a Hershey Bears Hockey Game at the Giant Center in Hershey, Pennsylvania-- 15 minutes from Elizabethtown! 100-level tickets sell for less than $23.00. For more information, check out www.

The next time you head out to the mall for some retail therapy, check out Francesca’s Collections. While Forever 21 and Charlotte Rousse are carrying the latest fashions, Francesca’s is ahead of the curve by stocking fashion forward apparel, accessories, and jewelry with a romantic, bohemian aesthetic. Their clothes are free-flowing, feminine and well-made. Francesca’s “provides a unique shopping experience to our patrons by taking its inspiration from travelers who search the world for beautiful luxuries and gifts to bring to their friends and family.” Each store has a unique style putting you one step ahead of the trends. For more information visit Francesca’s Collections website at


columbia, pa

Great hiking trails, scenic overlooks, climbing and more are available right along 441 and the Susquehanna River. Check it out yourself or contact Chique’s Rock Outfitters (717) 475- 6196.

mt. gretna lake Lebanon, pa Mt. Gretna Lake, located in Lebanon, offers a relaxing atmosphere when you want to escape. They offer exceptional prices, including kayak rentals for $7 per half hour, as well as inner tubes for $7 a day. Relax by the beach-- admission for adults is only $16. For more information, visit


Charming Dates for less. by Hope Salisbury Adventure Sports, Hershey Price: Average of $7 per activity plus the cost of ice cream Location: On Rt. 743 S (3010 Elizabethtown Road) Website: Whether you want to challenge your significant other to a round of miniature golf, enjoy bumper boats or race them around the track on go-karts, Adventure Sports is a perfect date option for warm weather! Before you leave, relax with an ice cream sundae from their ice cream parlor, stacked full of 18 different flavors of Hershey’s Ice Cream.

Longs park, Lancaster

Price: Free Location: 1441 Harrisburg Pike, Lancaster Website: This park offers a quiet sanctuary to escape. Right off the Harrisburg Pike exit, the park has its own walking trails, a petting zoo, and picnic pavilions ‘ which are a perfect setting for a cute, packed lunch or snack. In the summer the park offers free outside concerts every Sunday at 7:30 p.m. Be sure to bring a blanket or two and cozy up as the sunsets. Check out Grace Potter & the Nocturnals and Grammy-winning jazz musician Esperanza Spalding.

Coming this summer!

First fridays, Lancaster

Price: Varies Location: N. Prince St. & the 300 Block of N. Queen St., Lancaster Website: Take a trip to downtown Lancaster and enjoy the art galleries on Gallery Row on Prince Street or check out local artisans on the 300 Block of North Queen. Enjoy live music and a wide variety of restaurants to stop at for a romantic dinner or even ethnic food.

Restaurant row, Harrisburg 30

Price: Varies by restaurant Website:; search “Harrisburg” Take a walk down Restaurant Row where the choices are vast and delicious. Restaurant Row has everything from Italian food at Cantone’s to American cuisine at the Appalachian Brewing Company. If you want a different dining experience that is more romantic and elegant, try The Melting Pot, which serves your meal with fondue to share.

Etown Celebrity Look A Likes by amanda calabrese & kelly Mccormick

Kate Roderick

blake lively

rich greco

matthew morrison

nick clemens


dave kirchner

christian bale

L.J. Weiss


shak saunders

steve urkel

shawn corcoran

laura farnish

sean duetsch



john krasinski 31

t a Best Elizabethtown College

By Tom Pagut

We polled Etown students and here is what YOU said... Homecoming


T.G.I.S. 1st weekend back

Taco Day

Mac & Cheese

Chicken Fingers Grilled Cheese

Best Party Weekend Mr. Etown



Emotion Show

Creating a sustainable environment for Etown

Best OSA Event Bowling

Sign Language

to join go email

B+W Photography

Gym class

Best Elective Jay Crew would like to THANK EVERYONE who helped make this 2011 32 issue such a success!

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Mention this ad and receive Landscape Construction, Maintenance & Supply 20% off any landscape lighting Showroom and retail store located at package of $2,000.00 or more. 189 Ridgeview Rd South Not valid with other offers or prior services. Not valid with other offers or prior services. Elizabethtown, PA 17022 · 717-367-7284 Expires 6/1/11 Expires 6/1/11

Mueller’s Flowers Elle Foundation

Student Senate

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Mention this ad and receive Landscape Construction, Maintenance & Supply 20% off any landscape lighting Showroom and retail store located at package of $2,000.00 or more. 189 Ridgeview Rd South Not valid with other offers or prior services. Not valid with other offers or prior services. Elizabethtown, PA 17022 · 717-367-7284 Expires 6/1/11 Expires 6/1/11

Mueller’s Flowers Elle Foundation

Student Senate

Philly Sports Gear


Rock Fan Shirts

Mt. Joy Diner

visit us on and search Mt. Joy Diner

Gus’ Diner

visit us online at:

mels dads card

kelsey’s mom’s jewelry

visit us online at

Membership prices as low as $10.00 a month! College Employee discounts


Etown Fitness Special semester rates

Get a free E-Fit pass from Fitness Classes Ladies only weight room Tanning Free weights and machines

310 N. Queen St. Lancaster, PA 17603 (717)-299-0827 open daily!

Hair Deezigns

vintage & handmade treasures

Red Rose Motel

Be a bigger part of the world.

Communications Department ECTV 40 WWEC 88.3 The Etownian

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