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The official publication of the empire division

Volume 1. Issue 7. February 2012

Table of Contents: Welcome Empire……………1 Divisional Updates (1)….......2 Divisional Updates (2)..…….3 PLD Awareness Week………4 Club Updates (1)..…………..5 Club Updates (2)…..………..6 Look forward to…………......7 I love lyme green and so does QCCKI, thus, they took home Effie Empira at our Feb. divisional!

Welcome to the spring semester Empire!

Contact me: 718-757-5687

I hope you are all having a great semester so far and you have at least one “fun” class to look forward to each week. I’m taking a South Asian music course and it’s quite interesting- like no other class I’ve taken before. If you are taking all very difficult and “boring” classes- I am sorry to hear that. However, remember that you do have CKI as your “escape” so take advantage of all that is going on in the Circle K world. I also hope that you’re all as excited as I am for our District Convention in just ONE month! The hotel DCON is held at has been renovated so there’s a bonus for us. In this newsletter you will find lots of information on upcoming events and updates within the division. There is only one and a half months until the end of the service year so let’s make it the best month and half. Challenge yourself and your club and surprise yourselves. You can accomplish so much.



Empire Body, Mind and Service 3/2/13 – 12:00-5:00PM – Bayside HS Gym The year is coming to an end and the date is getting closer. Join us on March 2nd for a day of FUN while fundraising for our divisional project, Kiwanis Pediatric Lyme Disease foundation. Registration begins at 11:30AM so please arrive at 11:30AM because the first Zumba session begins at 12:00PM. T-shirts are in, if you purchased one already be sure to wear it, if you want one, get to the event! Invite your friends, family, classmates, clubs, other clubs on campus and spread the word. Sponsorships from businesses and Kiwanis clubs are due by February 25th so please, help us seek these and contact LTG Kelly Chan if you have found sponsorships to be put in our event program.

Dine to Donate at Applebees!

KPLD Fund Tracker:

42nd Street/Times Square – ALL DAY

Grab a friend, family member, your significant other, your club, whomever and enjoy a meal at Applebee’s on Thursday February 28th 2013. 10% of your bill will be donated to our divisional project, the Kiwanis Pediatric Lyme Disease foundation.

July Divisional August Divisional K-Family Picnic September Divisional October Divisional November Divisional Holiday Social February Divisional

- $16.32 - $7.62 - $382.25 - $7.16 - $17.25 - $12.95 - $85 - $16.75


- $544.75



Congratulations to Bridgette Garcia on being elected as the 2013-2014 Empire Division Lieutenant Governor!

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s s e n e r a w A e s a e s i D e m y L c i Pediatr Week! Saturday, March 2nd – Friday, March 8th Monday: Wear “Lyme Green” to show support for PLD Tuesday: Educate anyone and everyone on Pediatric Lyme Disease Wednesday: Fundraise for Pediatric Lyme Disease Thursday: Distribute Tick Kits to help with PLD Prevention – does the school nurse/health center have one? Friday: Educate the youth on Pediatric Lyme Disease Prevention This is your chance to work with K-Kids! Any club that participates in 2 or more days of PLD Awareness week and raises $100 or more for KPLD will receive the banner patch shown above!

Make che cks payab le to New Distinguish York Pedia ed Past G tric Lyme overnor Jo Disease F hn Gridley oundation , PO Box 2 and send 0153 Flora them to: l Park New York 1100 2



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tes! (1)

Generally I have chosen a service spotlight, two or three but since the last Empire newsletter in December, so much has happened and I simply cannot decide on just one, two or three. Empire, you have done so many impressive things and I would like to congratulate you on everything.

Queens College:

2nd Annual The Eliminate Show on 2/21/2013 QCCKI just hosted its 2nd annual The Eliminate Show to combat maternal and neonatal tetanus from the world. A ton of great performances took place which included: Dylan Gross’ band, Forreal Forreal, Dana C. dancing, Reinard B. beat boxing, Mariana T. rapping in

Vaughn College and QCCKI… Both clubs took advantage of Valentine’s Day in order to fundraise for District Convention. Vaughn College held a “date with a Circle K-er” auction and raised $200! Queens College raised $111 through rose sale deliveries and their bake sale.

chipmunk voice, Shabad S. doing Indian accents and making Harry Potter references, Malachy Quinn (NJCKI) showing off his yo-yo skills and a ton of great musicians! Who knew there is so much talent going around? The club got support from Bayside Key Club, Francis Lewis Key Club, Aviation Key Club, Adelphi CKI, LIU Post CKI, NJCKI as well as the GLASA club on campus. Together, QCCKI raised $325.




) 2 ( ! s e t a d p U b lu

St. John’s University has their charter paperwork sent out, congratulations! This club has come a long way and we are proud of all that they have accomplished. STJCKI has recruited 15 dues-paid members for this year and will be recognized as one of our newest, if not newest (depending on when the paperwork processes) club in the district. STJCKI has recruited the following as officers for the 2012-2013 year and possibly the 2013-2014 service year as well (they are holding elections on 3/7/2013): President: Di Ying, Vice President: Karen Li, Secretary: Jae Pak, Treasurer: Dashon Hines, Editor: Thomas Buzeta, Webmaster: Osa Odigie, Public Relations Co-Chair: Ada Lee, Public Relations Co-Chair: Wilson Sy,

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Look forward




to… Our Subregion F event is in

When: April 19th – April 21st

Where: Hudson Valley Region

Washington D.C. this year on the weekend of May 17th –

(New Paltz, Poughkeepsie, Kingston region)

May 19th. Registration will be

Who: YOU!

approximately $55 so save up,

More information TBA but for now, save the

look into transportation

dates and get ready for another epic

options and of course, save

weekend of service.

the date!

Upcoming Events: 2/28 – Applebee’s Dine to Donate 3/2 – Empire Body, Mind and Service 3/3 – Glendale Kiwanis Pancake Breakfast March 4th-8th – PLD Awareness Week 3/8 – QCCKI Lyme Dance 3/9 – AUCKI Baby Shower 3/11 – Empire Divisional (pre-DCON)

District Convention! 22nd


March – at Hotel Albany Registration: $120, due 3/1 Hotel: $115 quad + tax Come join us as the district shares its stories of service, leadership and fellowship as we end the 2012-2013 year and welcome the 2013-2014 service year. Contact LTG Kelly Chan for more information!

March 22nd-24th – 51st District Convention 4/4 – St. John’s Amazing Race 4/6 – Kiwanis One Day 4/17 – QCCKI’s Amazing Race April 19th-21st – DLSSP Part 2! April 19th-21st – St. John’s Relay for Life



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