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In 1993, ADVISER sits at his desk, finalizing all incoming freshmen room assignments. The envelopes are licked and sealed. Stamped and ready for delivery, the MAILMAN went through his routine, but for TESS, an exciting change was happening. Tess waits on the couch, staring out the window.Her mom Lynda is in the kitchen cooking delicious treats for her to take to school. It’s twelve o’clock and the mailman comes. She runs to the mailman, and conversation is exchanged.Her motehr watches from the window excitedly. (letter and envelope) She opens her letter and sees the name: TAYLOR WHITE. 2 INT. DORM ROOM - DAY


TESS unpacks her belongings in her new dorm room. Her family exits, as her mom weeps. Tess flashbacks on her life thus far and ponders the appearance and personality of her new roommate. 3 EXT. MINIVAN - DAY


TAYLOR sits in the backseat, staring out the window. Her foster parents sit in the front. Surrounded by all of her belongings, she flashes back to her life. (Sony Walkman) 4 INT. DORM ROOM - DAY


TAYLOR arrives in the dorm room. She drops a box to the floor and sighs. (box) TESS Hi! You made it. TAYLOR Yeah, long drive. It’s nice to meet you. (hug)



2. TESS I can’t believe we’re finally here.

Taylor’s foster parents enter with more boxes. Taylor introduces them. TAYLOR These are my foster parents, Gail and Greg. TESS Oh? (beat and confusion) Nice to meet you. Do you need help carrying stuff up? GAIL Sure, sweetie. That’d be great. GREG Now if we could only get Taylor to help out like this at home. TAYLOR As if! 5 INT. DORM ROOM - NIGHT


That night the girls stay up and bond in their dorm room. Taylor pulls out a dress. (dress) TESS Like, oh my god. I’m so diggin’ it. Where’d you get it? TAYLOR Thanks! Just this place by my house. TESS That is soo cute. I totally have to borrow that sometime. TAYLOR Sure, go right ahead. (beat) I’ve never really had anyone to share clothes with anyone before... TESS Really? Well that dress is gonna be in my closet before you know it. (both giggle) (CONTINUED)


3. TAYLOR So, do you have any siblings? TESS No, I’m an only child. But my boyfriend has a family that I’m reallyyy close with. TAYLOR I’ve never had a boyfriend before... TESS Are you serious!?!?! Well we are definitely gonna find you one. He is totallyyy gonna be hot. TAYLOR Well, I better unpack. I have a busy day tomorrow. TESS Tell me about it. Church is at 9 tomorrow morning. I gotta find all of my classes tomorrow too. TAYLOR I was gonna do that tomorrow! We should go to church together, snag a bite, and then walk around campus to figure out our classes! TESS Thats like... a perfect plan. I’m sure all the jocky guys will be out tomorrow anyway. They’ll know some down places to party. TAYLOR Umm, ya sounds good. (hesitation) TESS What’s wrong? Aren’t you excited for freshmen year? Boys, parties, this is gonna be the best 4 years of our lives! TAYLOR I know, just nervous I guess. TESS Well don’t be. You’re totally gorgeous and everyone is gonna love you.


The girls finally finish unpacking. They help make each other’s bed, and then finally get in their pajamas and pop in a movie (Breakfast Club), conversation is exchanged as the conversation dies out... 5A INT. DORM FLOOR - DAY


Rest of the floor is moving in, and Tess and Taylor are up early to get to Church. As they are walking out they run into 4 girls (JACKIE,BROOKE,KELLIE,KIMBERLY). Collectively all of the girls introduce themselves. TAYLOR Oh, I’m sorry, s’cuse us. TESS Where are you guys headed? 3rd Floor? 4 GIRLS Actually yeah, we are. TESS Ahh Floormates!! What are all of your names!??! This is Taylor and I’m Tess. JACKIE I’m Jackie BROOKE Brooke KELLIE Kellie KIMBERLY Kimberly TESS Where are you guys all living? We are in room 307. JACKIE Brooke and I are accross the hall. Room 310. KELLIE Kimberly and I are in Room 309.



5. TESS That’s so exciting! We totally have to hang out, we are going out but we should all meet up later tonight. KELLIE Sounds fab, see ya later.

The girls all get along the rest of the semester. It is now fall break, and Taylor goes home with Tess for the week. They are now best friends and do nearly everything together. 6 INT DORM ROOM - EVENING (Flash Forward) TESS Hey Tay, when is your last midterm? TAYLOR Thursday ,why? TESS I want you to come home with me for fall break. I can’t imagine spending a week without you anymore. Plus I want you to meet my boyfriend. TAYLOR Ok, sounds great TESS You’re gonna love him. He’s all that and a bag of chips. He was totally there for me these last few years. He has a brother if you’re interested... TAYLOR Againnn? TESS C’mon Tay I just want you to be happy. You deserve to have some spice in your life. TAYLOR ok fine, we can play it by ear Midterms are over, and Tess and Taylor pack up to head back to Tess’ house.




Tommy, (Tess’ boyfriend) calls her up to make plans the night Tess gets back. The phone rings. (phone) TAYLOR Hello? TOMMY Hey, it’s Tommy is Tess there? TAYLOR Oh my gosh! Yes, here she is. I’ve heard such good things about you. TESS Hi babe! Whats up?! TOMMY Just got off work. How about I pick you up in ten? TESS I can’t, Taylor’s here and I want to hang out with her tonight. TOMMY Are you serious? I’ve been waiting for you to come home for the last 2 months. TESS I’m sorry...I just can’t TOMMY We have been together for 4 years, you just MET this girl. (beat) Suit yourself, I’m going out with the guys. Tommy hangs up the phone. On the other line, Taylor looks at Tess with concern. TAYLOR What was that all about? TESS Nothing. He’s just being a jerk as usual.



7. TAYLOR You can totally hang out with him. I feel bad... TESS Don’t be silly. I can’t wait for tonight. I have so much to show you!

Tess and Taylor look at old picture albums, and tell stories about high school. They fall asleep on the living room couch. 7A INT. CHEAP EAT RESTAURANT - EVENING


Next Day Tess and Taylor decide to go out to dinner with TOMMY and his younger brother DANNY. They arrive at the restaurant and slip into the booth. Taylor sits by Tess. A dirty look is exchanged from Tommy to Tess, and they step outside for a smoke. (cigarettes) TAYLOR What’s going on with them? DANNY I don’t know he has been struggling the last few months. I think it’s hard that shes far away... TAYLOR Oh really? I always thought they were so in love? DANNY Well it sure didn’t look like that last night.(trying to impress Taylor and look like a better guy) TAYLOR What do you mean? DANNNY All I’m saying is that if I were a girl and he was at a party, I sure wouldn’t expect that he had a girlfriend. TAYLOR Oh geeze! Well that’s news that I dont want to be the bearer of.




DANNY You’re telling me. She hasn’t been with hundreds of guys already? With the look she has, there’s got to be guys all over her. TAYLOR Why would you say that? She loves Tommy. Tess reenters with fury. TESS Taylor, lets go! 8 INT. TESS’S ROOM - EVENING


TESS I just don’t think its going to work. TAYLOR Yeah... TESS We are just too far away, and we don’t trust each other enough. TAYLOR So, you know? TESS What are you talking about? (angrily) TAYLOR I mean, I don’t know. You both just seem unhappy? (hesitantly) Like it doesn’t click anymore. TESS I know you better than that, Tay, what do you know? Tell me! TAYLOR Well okay, I mean I don’t know if it’s true. Just, Danny made it seem like he hasn’t been all that faithful. Tess runs to the phone and calls Tommy.




TOMMY Hello? TESS Hey, I have a question. Be real. TOMMY Okayy??? TESS Have you been cheating on me? TOMMY No, where did you hear that?! TESS How could I not? Everyone’s talking about it. TOMMY Tess (beat) I’m sorry... It was just last night. I was drunk. I don’t even know her name! TESS Wow! We’re done bye! TOMMY Tess, no wait! (fades out with Tommy bargaining) Tess cries and Taylor hugs her, consoling her. They are lying in bed and Tess cries herself to sleep in Taylor’s arms. 9 INT. COSTUME STORE - DAY


Flash forward to October. Tess and Taylor are shopping for Halloween costumes. Taylor isn’t sure about the choices and Tess picks one for her. (costume) TAYLOR (looking in mirror) Does this look good one me? TESS Come out here. Let me see?



10. TAYLOR I dont know. I’m self-conscious. TESS Oh my gosh, no, you look amazing! (Tess looks at Taylor in a different way and notices the change in herself.) TAYLOR Okayyy...(hesitant)

They purchase the costumes and catch the bus back to campus. 10 INT. HALLOWEEN PARTY FRAT - EVENING


The girls arrive at the fraternity for the party. Drinks are flowing. Tess and Taylor are pretty drunk, and Tess falls onto Taylor. The FRAT BROS dare them to kiss jokingly. Tess laughs and does. She realizes that she liked it. 11 INT. DORM ROOM - LATE NIGHT


Tess and Taylor come back to their dorm room. They strip down for bed. When Taylor rips off her costume without thinking, Tess captures a glimpse in the mirror. TAYLOR HAS A PENIS. Tess freaks out to herself, rolls over, and lies awake all night. 12 INT. DORM ROOM - MORNING


The next morning there is major tension and awkwardness. Already confused about having feelings for a girl, Tess is in a state of oblivion to Taylor’s secret. Tess pulls herself away from Taylor. 13 INT. WINTER BREAK - DAY


Flash forward to December. Girls are packed up, still having the awkward tension. Taylor exits with a duffel bag and strained goodbye to celebrate the holidays with Gail and Greg. Tess goes home and sees Tommy. (duffel bag) TOMMY Just hear me out? I made a mistake! And it will never happen again! I promise.




TESS How am I supposed to believe you when we didn’t see each other for 3 months and then you only want to "try and make things work" when I’m home. But when it’s not convenient, you cheat! TOMMY Babe, it was just dancing. Get real! TESS GET REAL! I’ll get real. I’m not the one who was slutting around with little miss priss. TOMMY Little miss priss? You’re the only one with the attitude here. TESS Oh, so now you’re standing up for her. Just go and hang out with your new flavor of the month. TOMMY Fine. At least she wants me. TESS Been there. Done that. Plus, I’ve seen bigger. Tommy slams the door, gets in his car, and speeds off. 14 INT. DORMITORY - DAY


Flash forward to arriving back to school. The floor comes back from break, and Tess makes friends with the other floormates, trying to branch out. She explains she is depressed because of her boyfriend, when in actuality it is because of her feelings for Taylor. The floormates convince her to go back and try to make things work with her boyfriend. Tess enters room 310. JACKIE Hey! How was your break?!




TESS Oh, fine. It was good to be home, but I’m so glad I’m back. BROOKE Don’t you have a boyfriend back home? JACKIE Oh please! A girl like this doesn’t need to be tied down. TESS Well, actually, Jackie, I did have one but it’s kinda over now. BROOKE & JACKIE Aww what happened ? TESS Kinda a long story... JACKIE Well you need to start hanging out with us more anyway, so spill it. Tess tells the story, and we see Taylor. She is in her room, secluded and painting her nails. (nail polish) She hears laughter from other room. Taylor gets upset and lies down for a nap. During her nap, the girls decide to go out for the night. Tess tip-toes in while Taylor is sleeping and leaves before she awakes. 15 INT. DORM ROOM - NIGHT


Taylor wakes up to a pitch-black room with street lights streaming in from the window. She slept for hours and awoke to find no one around. She goes to the end of the hall where she sees an open door. TAYLOR Hey, where is everyone? FLOORMATE #1 Oh, didn’t they tell you? I assumed you were with them. They went out tonight.



13. TAYLOR Oh yeah, that’s right. I remember I was in the shower. I’m sure they didn’t mean to leave me. (hesitantly) FLOORMATE #1 Well, you want to hang? TAYLOR No, no. It’s okay. I really do have a lot of work to do. FLOORMATE #1 Okay, suit yourself. Have a good night! TAYLOR Yeah.

Taylor goes to bed. 16 INT. DORMITORY - LATE NIGHT


The girls come back and congregate in one room, chatting and giggling. Taylor wakes up and pops her head in only to hear them talking behind her back. JACKIE I always thought she was a little off. BROOKE Yeah, why do you even hang out with her? It’s not like you’re in a relationship. JACKIE Yeah, that’s the whole reason I lived with someone I knew. No sense in getting some rando potluck girl. And like, what was she wearing today anyway? BROOKE Yeah, like you would never catch me in that pathetic excuse of a dress. TESS Come on guys, stop. Taylor walks in and has a stone cold look on her face. Tess goes out in the hall to talk to her. (CONTINUED)



TESS Um... Hey, how was your night? TAYLOR Don’t "hey" me! I totally heard you guys ragging on me. TESS No, I wasn’t. TAYLOR Yeah, sure, save it. Soon you’ll be walking around with your nose in the air, just like Jackie’s walking accessory. Don’t worry about me. Just go back to your little pow wow. TESS But I don’t want to hang out with those girls! Girls lean their heads out and exchange nasty looks and looks of concern. JACKIE Woah, I thought you were cool. I thought you were gonna be one of us. TESS NO! Stop everyone! I want you Tay!..... I mean, I want you to toooo be honest. Taylor leans in for a kiss. FLOORMATES Okay, that’s our cue. Wow! We were so wrong about her. (the door closes) Tess and Taylor are left standing in the hallway in shock. 17 INT. DORM - MORNING AFTER KISS


BROOKE Wow, that was a crazy night. Did that really happen? I thought that only happened in movies.




JACKIE Yes, it happened. I knew all along she was a freak. KELLIE Oh, please, you totally wanted her in our gang. JACKIE As if! That girl is sooo lame! KIMBERLY You are way cuter than her Jackie. BROOKE Well, what happens now? JACKIE One thing is for sure... We DON’T talk to them... Freaks... 18 INT. DORM - NIGHT


Taylor and Tess are alone watching a movie in their room as they hear the rest of the floor giggling as they leave for the night discussing all the fun things they have planned. Tess looks at Taylor, and Taylor hugs her reassuringly. Tess breaks down crying. She is nervous that they are all each other has and also doesn’t like being an outcast. This is all new for both of them. TESS This isn’t fair. TAYLOR I know, babe, but we have to roll with the punches. TESS If we want to make this work... TAYLOR We will. Don’t worry. This is all going to be a distant memory soon enough. TESS They are such...such...such...






Flash forward to Move Out Day. Boxes are all around them, and they are hugging affectionately. The door opens and they part. (boxes) TESS’S PARENTS Are you girls ready to go home? Girls look at each other and smile. TESS AND TAYLOR Yes!

The Roommate  

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