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KEKO YOMA (2004) is an independent band that combines a diversity of rock, theatrical elements and musical instruments from Native American roots, giving life to a very powerful, direct and entertaining show, filled with energy. The band has over a hundred concerts in Chile and 3 international tours (Europe and Argentina). In the year 2006, KEKO YOMA achieves its first international tour, traveling through Germany, Netherlands and Belgium, for over and month and a half, participating in the important “Landjuweel Festival”, in Ruigoord, Amsterdam, getting a great acceptance from the audience. In the beginnings of 2007, the band gets invited to participate in one of the most important festivals in Latin America, “Vive Latino”that was taking place for the first time in Chile with several noticeable bands. This same year KEKO YOMA goes to Argentina and does a lot of live presentations in cities like Santa Rosa de la Pampa, La Plata, Berisso and Buenos Aires. Around June 2007, the band starts to develop an important musical process with the recording and production of its first studio album, “El más weón de los caminos”, under the supervision of the Chilean musical producer Andres Godoy. In 2008 they started the third international tour to promote the album, including Spain, Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark, Germany and Switzerland, where they performed over 20 concerts, being a special highlight of the tour the “Christiania Festival”in Copenhagen, inside the biggest squad in the world, and several interviews for local radio stations and newspapers. KEKO YOMA with 3 international tours, 2 video clips (made by NERCO PRODUCTIONS), “El desatinao”(2005) with special appearance of Claudio Parra from Los Jaivas and Sinergia, and “Mi vida se fue por el W.C.”(2006), plus its debut album, is one of the self-managed bands with most projection in this country, trying to show to the whole world a little bit of the Chilean popular music.

Allan Follert Silva Bass, Vocals, Percusion

Javier Lizama Ovalle Drums, Percusion

Renato Pizarro Osses Guitar, Vocals, Percusion

Fernando Reyes León Lead Vocals, Trutruka, Pifilka, Tarka, Cow Bell, Trompe

Daniel Verdugo Delon

Didgeridoo, Vocals, Huiro, Cow Bell, Tarka, Pifilka

Discography D emo NºA Demo NºB D emo NºC

De mo NºD 2 0 0 4 - 2 00 5 Comp ila do N º11 Escuel as D e Rock

20 06

E l M á s We ó n D e L o s C a m i n o s L i ve DV D

200 5

E l M á s We ón D e L o s C a m i n o s …E l D i s c o

Inde penden t

Ju ly, 16th of 20 08


Front page pictures Juan Carlos Recabal ( 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, 13, 14, 15 Mauricio Sáez Elgueta 3 Medio a Medio ( 8, 11 Nils Vest ( 12 Design and Making of “Dossier-Carpeta”Concept Keko Yoma Team Design and Development of Keko Yoma Team All the front cover have made by Keko Yoma except the “Compilado Nº11”belong to the Escuelas de Rock (

National & International Festivals 2008 Festival “Ruigoord meets Christiania” Date: 12-07-2008 City: Copenhagen Country: Dinamarca Place: Christiania After party “ Silo 8" Cia. of theatre "Karls Kühne Gassenschau” Date: 30-07-2008 City: Olten Country: Suiza Place: Set-up of "Silo 8"

2005 “ Festival Somos” Date: 24-07-2005 City: Santiago Country: Chile Place: Parque Forestal More info: Somos Festival (more than 3000 people) 2004 “ Festival Concurso de bandas Balmaceda 1215 y Vipro. Date: 11-12-2004 City: Santiago Country: Chile Place: Estación Mapocho More info: Final Battle of Bands “Balmaceda 1215 & Vipro”

2007 “Day of the Music Festival 2007” . Date: 25-11-2007 City: Santiago Country: Chile Place: Quinta Normal Park More info: 30’presentation in front of more than 10.000 people. Festival “ Vivaldi Rock 4 Seasons” Date: 15-09-2007 City: Santa Rosa, La Pampa Country: Argentina Place: Club Italiano More info: In the promo tour of our first record in Argentina. This gig was broadcasted for all the state of La Pampa trough Channel 3. Festival “ Vive Latino 2007” Date: 15-04-2007 City: Santiago Country: Chile Place: Club Hípico More info: One of the most important festivals in Latin América. “Festival Entiérrate 2007” . Date: 09-03-2007 City: Santiago Country: Chile Place: Galpón Víctor Jara / Huérfanos, Brasil Park. “Festival Rockarte.” Date: 17-01-2007 City: Santiago Country: Chile Place: Art Extension Centre Balmaceda 1215 / Quinta Normal Park 2006 “Festival Rockodromo” Date: 28-12-2006 City: Valparaíso Country: Chile Place: Centro Ex Cárcel More info: Rockodromo Festival, “ Carnavales Culturales 2006”

MANAGEMENT CHILE Myriam Riveros (56-9) 9 506 08 78 PRODUCTION & LOGISTIC CHILE Gabriela Parra (56-9) 8 406 81 57 INTERNATIONAL MANAGEMENT & BOOKING Robinson Caballero Brusseles +32 486 263 049 Leonor Abujatum Berlin +49 178 80 56 337

“Festival del fin del mundo” Date: 21-12-2006 City: Villa Alemana Country: Chile Place: Los Pinos More info: Organized for the band “ La floripondio” Festival Open air “ Lanjuweel 2006” Date: 12-08-2006 City: Sloterdajk /Amsterdam Country: Holanda Place: Sloterdijk

SOUND Cinthia Olivares STAGE Carlos Jara LIGHTING Francisca Bravo inf


In the beginnings of 2007, the band gets invited to participate in one of the most important festivals in Latin America, “ Vive Latino”that...