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Escaping the Cold

Escaping the Cold

by Vlado Kekoc

Dedicated to Michele and the Kids

With Melbourne in the grip of winter, two weeks of paternity leave up my sleeve that needed to be taken before the 10th of July, and the kids having school holidays, it was decided that we all head north to get a break from the cold. Much to my horror, this window of opportunity coincided with the FIFA World Cup, and would mean I'd miss out on about half the matches. A consolation was that the window also coincided with the 2010 Solo Photo Book Month (SoFoBoMo), so provided me with a suitable subject for my SoFoBoMo book. Therefore, I present to you "Escaping the Cold" as a photographic record of our 2 week jouney. We left Melbourne on the 27th of June, spent an evening in Sydney, then the next day was spent driving to Brisbane. Two days in Brisbane before completing the trek north to Yeppoon. Much to my dismay, the first photo wasn't taken until the 29th of June, thereby giving me a SOFBOMO deadline of July 29. We spent 6 days - 7 nights on the "Capricorn Coast" before we began our return trek, again via Brisbane and Sydney... a 6,0038 km trek. Special thanks to the Marsdens who put up the Kekoc clan in Sydney for several nights during adventure, and the Amaratungas who put us up in Brisbane for several nights. Great food, great company and wonderful hosts. We're blessed to have such wonderful family and friends. Also, back in Melbourne while we were away, my folks and Michele's folks prepared the house for our return and our wonderful brother-in-law, Kane Arlow, looking after the dogs. Thank you all! Finally, thanks to Paul Butzi who started the SoFoBoMo project in 2008... if not for his vision, these images would just sit on my hard-drive, unseen by the world. Checkout for more details. Vlado Kekoc

Photographer casts a long shadow on the beach at sunrise.

Copyright Š Vlado Kekoc 2010

Brisbane at night.

Kids get their feet wet at Kinka Beach

Sunset over Yeppoon's Ross Creek at low tide.

Cathedral Cave at the Capricorn Caves

Market Day in Yeppoon.

Outrigger Canoes on Lammermoor Beach at Sunset

Sunset over Kemp Beach

Crab trail in the sand on Lammermoor Beach at sunrise

Patterns in the sand, Lammermoor Beach

The beaches are partucularly beautiful in the early morning.

Crocodiles at the Koorana Crocodile Farm (left and opposite) Clan up at Bluff lookout, with wonderful view of Rosslyn Bay at sunset (below)

The Clan having a "Griswald moment" at the spire marking the Tropic of Capricorn (left) View from the Yeppoon lookout on Mt Archer (top)

The Criterion Hotel in Rockhampton (above) Kookaburra... wonderrful song, except when it's at 5.00am EVERY morning right outside your tent (far left) The "Big Whale" at Kinka, which is smaller than a real whale (near lef)

Fossicking for Tunder Eggs at Mt Hay (top left) Derailed coal train by the side of the highway between Rockhampton and Mt Hay (above and top right)

Coolwaters Caravan Village, our home during our week in paradise.

Our last sunrise on the Caoricorn Coast.

Escaping the Cold  

On the 26th of June, a family of 8 escape the cold of Melbourne, bound for the warmth of Yeppoon Queensland. This photo journal documents s...

Escaping the Cold  

On the 26th of June, a family of 8 escape the cold of Melbourne, bound for the warmth of Yeppoon Queensland. This photo journal documents s...