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KEI WEEK? The KEI-week is the general introduction week for all future freshman students that will study in Groningen. The KEI-week is five days long and it’s the perfect opportunity to get to know Groningen and all it’s possibilities. You have a great chance to explore all the fun aspects of the student life in Groningen, within a week! And of course you, as a KEI-participant, are the most important part of this week! The whole week evolves around getting tot know your new study environment. The KEI-week is the oldest and the biggest introduction week of the Netherlands. This year the KEI-week will organize it’s 42nd week and until today over 4000 students every year have enjoyed this introduction of their new city. Not only freshman students participate in the activities that are organized. Also hundreds of senior students participate with full enthusiasm every year! Participating in the KEI-week is an unforgettable experience and it is surely a thing you don’t want to miss!


// Why should YOU be there? On the first day of the KEI-week you will be placed in a KEI-group together with around 14 other KEI-participants and two of three KEI-leaders. The KEI-leaders are senior students who will walk you through the city of Groningen so you get to know the city as soon as possible. The whole week you will explore Groningen together with your KEI-group and you’ll find out that there’s something to do for everyone of you.

The KEI-week It’s a KEI of magic!

Besides that a lot of student organisations have activities as well, so you can see how fun it can be to join a student organisation. These organisations can be of any kind, for instance sports, culture or society related organisations.

// You can participate in the biggest student sing-along event of the Netherlands: Night of the Songs.

During the KEI-week you can participate in anything you like, but you don’t have to… // So, in the KEI-week nothing is obligator y! The KEI-week takes place from Monday the 16th of August until Friday the 20th of August. Be sure to be part of it, because it is the perfect set up for the rest of your study period here in Groningen. Even when you already know your way around Groningen, it can be very useful to participate in this week.

Maybe you already know the city of Groningen and perhaps you already know where to find most of the bars and shops, but as a student in this city a whole new world will appear for you! / You can get acquainted with all organisations that are key to the start of your education.

/// You have the chance to get acquainted with the many student organisations that Groningen has. During the KEI-week these organisations offer a special program so you can experience the fun environment within these organisations. //// You can get acquainted with several sports organisations, cultural organisations and student organisations. At several information fairs during the KEI-week you can get a good image of the organisations you are interested in. ////// You will get to know your way around the city of Groningen within a few days time. Even when you already know the city, a whole new world will open up for you. /////// You can participate in this fantastic and unforgettable week for only €22,-.


K E E W I E K THE GRAND OPENING How much better can it get, than to really start the KEI-week on the Grote Markt on Monday the 16th of August? Together with 6000 other students the KEI-week will start off with one big party! Now that you’ve filled yourself up with pizza and burgers from the barbecue at your KEIleaders, the week will start off with a big bang! With the presentation done by Dennis Storm and acts by Dio and Valerius, this night promises to become a true spectacle. Other than the many acts that will make The Grand Opening to a great success, you as a freshman will be welcomed to Groningen by the mayor, the Rector of the University of Groningen and the Chairman of the Board of the Hanze University.

NIGHT OF THE SONGS During Night of the Songs Groove Department will give you the opportunity to sing along with Dutch and international classics. Songs like ‘Angels’, ‘Proud Mary’ or ‘Born to be Wild’ will surely be heard! Have your vocal cords had to much singing? No worries, Starkoo and the Après Ski DJ’s will top off the party and play the greatest records till deep into the night!

SPORTPLAZA How can a student stay in better shape, than to practice a sport? At Sportplaza you will find all possible sports you can practice in Groningen, differing from gliding to underwater hockey. All day long it’s possible to play sports, try workshops and view demonstrations so you can experience which sport suits you most.








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PARADE The Parade has been a well known event in Groningen for years. Many student organizations will do everything it takes to show you how great their organization is. Anything can be seen, from fire breathers to beer cycles. You surely don’t want to miss this event!

PUB CRAWL Apart from enjoying everything that is organized by the many student organizations during the KEI-week, it is also important to discover all the pubs in the city that you now live in. It is because of this reason that the KEI-week has introduced the Pub Crawl! Walk along one of the routes with your KEI-group and receive a cool gadget at the end point of every Pub Crawl route. At the end point all the KEIgroups will meet up again so they can party on until the early morning.



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Completely relaxed after a day at LoungeYourLife? Then come enjoy the biggest open air cinema you have ever seen! Together with 4000 other students you canA watch a movie on one of the biggest screens in the Netherlands. With a crowd like this, the experience will be unimaginable!


K E E W I E K 2010 LoungeYourLife Today the entire Vismarkt is changed into the spirit of ‘relaxation’. During LoungeYourLife it’s completely up to you what you feel like doing. Most likely you’ll feel like relaxing after a long, hard pub crawl. Come sit back and enjoy yourself on the big lounge terrace, put your feet in the sand and let yourself drift off with the smooth beats from the DJ’s. Are you up for some action? Why don’t you follow one of the workshops about lifestyle, like laughing meditation or networking. An important note though, these workshops are in Dutch. You can also explore the best techniques you can use when applying for a room. For you who enjoy wines, you can also try out the wine tasting. In a nutshell; LoungeYourLife is all about lounge, beach, sun and relaxing!

Culture Festival Huis de Beurs In Huis de Beurs there will be an International Day. During this day, multiple events will take place focused on the international student. Examples of workshops that will be given are an international negotiation workshop, hitchhiking, Dutch History, international comedians and an international Pub Quiz. This will be done together with international student associations in Groningen like ESN, TEIMUN and AEGEE. ESN Groningen ESN Groningen is the organization for international students! A fulltime board of six Dutch students, including eight committees, work very hard to give international students the best time of their life in Groningen! We organize the ESN Introduction Week twice a year, theme parties, excursions, congresses, a pubquiz once a month, international dinners and lots more! Besides, there is also the International Student Night at the Pacific every Monday. Dutch students can become a mentor, take part in the Intercambio project to learn a language, become active in a committee or guide students throughout our Introduction Week in both September and February. International students can sign up for activities at our office, located at the Grote Rozenstraat 23. For more information: check our website ( or email us at! Hope to see you at one of our activities!

Vismarkt – Music stage On the Vismarkt there will be a music stage where many bands, DJ’s and acts will make their appearance. You will see several bands of different student organisations who will show all their moves to let crowd go wild. Another band who will appear is ‘Go back to the Zoo’, known from the hit “Electric”. The will make their appearance later in the afternoon. Last group of DJ’s of the day to play on the music stage are the five winners from the CAST DJ-contest. They will battle for the wanted title during The Clash of the Titans. More info about this event can be found on the website!


Student Politics Especially in this time you can’t miss it in the media: politics. Together with organisations like the SIB, GPJK, Contractus, SOG and GDS Kalliopé we will organise Student Politics. This is the event for you if you’re interested in politics and organisations! Apart from the cosy political café’s and the workshops provided by the organisations, you will also see national politicians like ‘Boris van der Ham’ who will take on a debate about student related matters. Other than that, the chairmen of the biggest student organisations will share a word together, for instance about introduction periods of student organisations. So are you still hesitating about which organisation suits you most or are you in love with politics? Be sure to come and take a look at Student Politics!

/// EUROPEAN DREAMS During the Culture Festival on and around the Vismarkt, European Dreams on Tour will also be present this year. European Dreams on Tour is an initiative of the European Parliament and is meant to make young folks aware of European politics. After the success of European Dreams in 2008, they will now visit festivals and introduction days this summer to reveal the influence and opportunities of the European Union to the visitors. During the KEI-week there will be good discussions, challenging debates with Euro parliamentarians and great music. They will also be joined by other interesting guests to let young folks experience the unexperienced things of Europe!

Final Party Like the cherry on top, the Final Party will make this wonderful week to a great success. The Final Party will be held in Martiniplaza. Experiences from the last two years guarantee us that this party will be a blast, yet again. Martiniplaza will be turned into an amazing spectacle, something like you haven’t seen all week. We promise you that this is a night you wont soon forget! With many acts by for instance The Partysquad and other famous DJ’s, this night promises to be truly magical, something you definitely do NOT want to miss out on!


/// Registrating for the KEI-week? This can be done easily at Registrating for the KEI-week is easy and can now be done on the website! The KEI-week costs only €22,- and for this amount you get a lot in return. All events during the KEI-week, like music acts and workshops, are free for KEIparticipants. Sometimes you even get a free lunch! You also receive a free KEI-goody bag at the beginning of the week. In it you will find fun and handy information and gadgets. Besides this you receive a coupon booklet, so you can get a good discount in many bars and restaurants. When you registrate yourself online, you can use internet banking to pay for your e-ticket. It’s also possible to sign up on Monday the 16th of August, the first day of the KEI-week. You will then pay an amount of €25,-.

An increasing number of international students is participating in the KEI-week. Therefore special attention is given to make KEI-activities more accessible to international students. At a number of events also organisations for international students are taking part. Furthermore, it is possible for you to enroll in a special international KEI-group with international KEI-leaders. This way it is possible for you to enjoy Groningen in a way that is more convenient for you.


Practical things

// Things you MUST know before you participate in the KEI-week! The KEI-participant, that’s you! All new students in Groningen who participate in the KEI-week are called KEI-participants. All KEI-participants will be placed in KEI-groups, so that every group exists of around 15 KEI-participants. After you’ve registrated yourself at, you receive your e-ticket. It is important you bring this with you on the first day of the KEI-week. It is here that you officially sign yourself in for the KEI-week. Apart from signing in, you also receive important things for the rest of the week. One of those things is your KEI-wristband and your KEI-goody bag. The KEI-wristband gives you access to all of the events during the KEI-week. Without this wristband you can be denied access at some of the events or student organisations. So you can figure that it’s important to pick these things up and wear them all week long. Furthermore you receive your KEI-goody bag in which you will find a lot of information about the KEI-week. Read the program booklet thoroughly and do so also with the KEI-newspapers to stay well informed. Another thing you will find in the KEI-goody bag is the discount booklet. With this booklet you can get a lot of different discounts at bars and restaurants during the KEI-week. A day before the KEI-week begins we will send you a text message and an e-mail. In these messages we will inform you in which KEI-group you’ve been placed. Take this information with you to the registration on the first day of the KEIweek so you’ll know where your KEI-leaders live. They will have cooked a lovely meal for the whole KEI-group. This way you can get to know your KEI-leaders and KEI-group in a fun way and you will also get to see a student home. The KEI-leaders are senior students that accompany the KEI-group throughout the week. They will see to it that the KEI-participants get to see all the events and enjoy every part of this wonderful week! In a KEI-group there will be two to three KEI-leaders. The KEI-leaders are also called KEI-dad or KEI-mom by the KEI-participants. The great thing about a KEI-group is that you make friends quickly. In the history of the KEI-week, it has happened many times before that a friendship remained for a lifetime. You can hardly wish for a better start of your student life here in Groningen.




GUST // MONDAY 16th of AU Registration 10.00 - 16.00 Fair Information 10.00 - 17.00 Sit & See ders 12.00 - 17.00 t the KEI-lea a r e n in D 0 17.00 - 19.3 ing Grand Open e h T 0 .0 1 0 20.00 GUST // TUESDAY 17th of AU Sportplaza 12.00 - 17.00 KEI-parade 19.00 - 20.30 Songs Night of the 0 .0 1 0 0 .0 1 2 of AUGUST // WEDNESDAY 18th val Culture Festi 14.00 - 23.00 tics Student Poli 0 .0 8 1 0 .0 14 Pub Crawl 22.00 - 04.00

M A R PROG T th of AUGUS 9 1 Y A D S R U // TH ife LoungeYourL 14.00 - 18.00 Eat & Greet 18.00 - 21.00 t n the Vismark o m il F 0 .0 1 22.00 - 0

// FRIDAY 20th of AUGUST on Fatal Attracti 14.00 - 17.00 ss t Church Ma n e d tu S 0 .0 17.00 - 18 Final Party 21.00 - 04.00 Afterparty 03.00 - 08.30

International KEI magazine  

In this magazine you will find all the information about the KEI-week. Have fun!

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