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Dyn found their dvnamo dynamo Dvn with Sedo.

“ We’re known as Dyn across all business groups, so we wanted to tighten up our branding and try and pull all business units together under one roof. Sedo’s services helped us acquire, which enabled us to quickly and affordably achieve this goal.

Kyle York,

VP of Sales and Marketing at Dyn :: 161 First St., Cambridge, MA 02142 :: 617-499-7200


more than a name...’s dvnamite dynamite for a business boom. ...It’s a fruitful investment!

For years, Manchester, New Hampshire-based Dynamic Network Services (Dyn) had been relying on, a long domain that was difficult to remember and prone to typos. As part of a strategic move to streamline its brand, Dyn wanted to acquire - a dynamo of a domain - and integrate all business units into one short and memorable destination. When direct contact with the owner proved unsuccessful, they turned to Sedo, the trusted source of premium domains.

“ Working with Sedo, the process was quick and painless. We were glad we finally decided to turn to the experts, as this domain was of strategic importance to us. People often assume we paid ten times the price. For us, it was a steal of a deal. If only we had done it six months sooner!

Kyle York, VP of Sales and Marketing at Dyn

A long domain can prevent customers from reaching your business. The right domain is short, effortless to recall, and easy to type. Turn to Sedo for more than a name and get the boom your business needs for less. To find your domain dynamo: For more dynamite stories:

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