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Bice’s Florist blossomed with Sedo.

“ We went out and bought descriptive domain names through Sedo, an online marketplace for buying and selling domains, and we’ve gotten control of over at least 20 different domains. We now use them in all types of things, from printed ads to online marketing, radio and TV ads, so we can see what is actually working.

Keith Riewe, Owner of Bice’s Florist :: 161 First St., Cambridge, MA 02142 :: 617-499-7200


more than a name...’s business that blooms. ...It’s a fruitful investment!

Bice’s Florist owner, Keith Riewe, turned to Sedo to help his Forth Worth, TX, flower shop flourish. Through Sedo, Riewe acquired around 20 affordable, descriptive domains such as,, and He even purchased - a shorter variation of his primary domain and company name. As a result, the company’s traffic increased by 47%, and they were able to increase sales by $1.5 million while closing five brick and mortar locations. Building and owning a bouquet of descriptive and geographic domains as part of an online strategy can help your business bloom. Many ideal domains cost under $2500 and are the perfect companion for other online marketing. These domains can drive local and regional traffic to your website, plant the seeds of new business, and help you track ad spend more smartly.

“ Small businesses spend so much money on marketing

and they don’t know how it’s working. If we can track that information, we can better spend our advertising dollars. In the end, they all lead to the same website, Bice’s homepage. Keith Riewe, Owner of Bice’s Florist

Like Bice’s Florist, you can nip excess spending in the bud and reach new customers with domains. Turn to Sedo for more than a name and watch your business blossom. Build your domain bouquet: For more freshly-cut stories: