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DNA Summit - A catalyst for social change Welcome to the DNA Summit (Decide Now Act) Innovation Round Table, an event established to foster collaborations between the most innovative thinkers in the world. Connecting the world’s best innovators, philanthropists, financiers and creatives today’s Summit has the potential to act as a catalyst for social change. It is only fit that London plays host to today’s event, not just because it is set to host the biggest sporting event of the world, but because it continues to remain the natural hub in our evolving world and a constant driver of innovation. Take the social investment market as an example. Here in the UK, we are beginning to establish a third pillar of funding for the social sector- one that sits alongside philanthropy and stateencouraging investment into charities and social enterprises that will help deliver public services. It is through this sort of innovation, a desire to lead emerging markets that ensures that London remains a global hub. As Chairman of the Centre for Social Justice- a think-tank putting social justice at the heart of British politics and Chief Executive of the country’s Private Equity & Venture Capital Association - I am reminded on a daily basis of the necessity for business & society to interact. It is a more entrepreneurial economy that will foster a stronger society. As Prime Minister David Cameron stressed earlier this year, business is “the most powerful force for social progress the world has ever known”. It can help alleviate poverty, act as a driver of innovation and help raise the aspirations of many. Today’s Summit will award us an unparalleled opportunity to discuss these opportunities and more. I look forward to discussing these themes with you all in more depth this morning and indeed at future DNA events.

Mark Florman

The Centre for Social Justice, Chairman British Private Equity & Venture Capital Association, Chief Executive Chairman of the DNA Summit

Global P artnerships   F orum   Creating  global  impact  through  collaboration        

  BOARD  OF   DIRECTORS     Amir  A  Dossal,  FCA   Chairman     Mr.  Howard  W.  Buffett     Mr.  Charles  Moore     Ms.  Irene  D.  Pritzker     Dr.  Peter  V.  Rajsingh     Amb.    Herman  Schaper     Mr.  Feike  Sijbesma       AMBASSADORS     HE  First  Lady  of  Gabon,   Mme  Sylvia  Bongo   Ondimba     Ms.  Cherie  Blair  QC     Ms.  Geena  Davis     Amb.    Cheick  Sidi  Diarra     Lord  Raj  Loomba,  CBE     Ms.  June  Sarpong,  MBE       STRATEGIC  ADVISORS     Mr.  Robert  Dunn     Mr.  David  Finn     Ms.  April  Gow     Mr.  Badr  Jafar     Mr.  Babu  Lal  Jain     Prof.  Jeff  Klein     Mr.  Ellis  Rubinstein     Mr.  Inge  Solheim     Mr.  David  Slattery     Ms.  Andrea  Sullivan     Mr.  Robin  van   Puyenbroeck     Ms.  Joelle  Wyser-­‐Pratte          

House of Commons, London 21st January 2013

Dear  Dear  Honorable  Guests,     We  are  delighted  to  welcome  you  to  the  DNA  Summit  on  Innovation  -­‐  a  high-­‐level   event   that   brings   together   the   world's   most   innovative   thought   leaders   who   believe  in  focusing  on  results.       In  today's  interconnected  world  no  one  group  or  sector  can  address  the  world's   challenges   unilaterally.     It   requires   the   creative   engagement   of   multiple   constituencies  to  develop  innovative  solutions  to  make  the  world  a  better  place.     The  Global  Partnerships  Forum  is  proud  to  serve  as  a  co-­‐host   along  with  British   Airways  for  this  exciting  Decide  Now  Act  Summit,  which  moves  the  debate  from   rhetoric  to  action.    Your  participation  is  thus  key  to  success,  since  you  know  the   challenges,  you  know  the  solutions,  and  more  importantly,  you  know  how  to  Act.     We   look   to   you,   as   rainmakers,   to   share   your   ideas   and   actions   to   move   the   needle  from  poverty  alleviation  to  wealth  creation.     The   DNA   Summit,   hosted   on   the   eve   of   Davos   (World   Economic   Forum)   and   aims   to   inspire   people   with   new   ideas   to   address   social   issues   that   can   lead   to   long-­‐ term   sustainability   to   create   a   new   culture   of   Personal   Social   Responsibility   thereby  bringing  the  entire  population  into  the  equation.       As   Special   Representative   of   the   Secretary-­‐General   of   the   ITU   for   Global   Partnerships.  The  theme  today  is:  “How  do  we  use  innovation  to  create  a  better   connected   world?”   I   am   particularly   keen   to   report   back   to   the   UN   Broadband   Commission  on  the  innovative  solutions  that  I  am  sure  will  be  reached   as  a  result   of  this  Round  Table.       We  wish  you  a  very  productive  Summit       Yours  Sincerely,         Amir  A.  Dossal     Chairman                

2 UN Plaza, DC2–2524, New York, NY 10017-4403, USA

About Amir Dossal

Amir A. Dossal Amir Dossal is Founder and Chairman of the Global Partnerships Forum, an international platform to address economic and social challenges, through innovative partnerships, He is also the Co-Initiator of the Pearl Initiative, a CEO-led program, promoting transparency and accountability in the Gulf Region. In addition, Amir is Special Representative of the Secretary-General of the International Telecommunication Union for Global Partnerships and also serves as Commissioner of the Broadband Commission. He is also Special Adviser to the Chief Information Technology Officer of the United Nations. Amir is a 25 year veteran of the United Nations, and prior to creating the Global Partnerships Forum, he was Executive Director of the UN Office for Partnerships, and served as the UN’s Chief Liaison for Partnerships and focal point for the partnership with media mogul Ted Turner to manage the $1 billion gift to the UN. In that capacity, he forged strategic alliances with governments, corporations, foundations, and philanthropists uniting these partners for a common purpose: to achieve the Millennium Development Goals. As the primary interface for the UN Foundation, Amir successfully attracted new investments of over $560 million from various donors, which supported over 450 international projects for women and children’s health, climate change and bio-diversity. He has developed numerous partnerships and secured sizable social investments from such major names as the American Red Cross, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Coca-Cola, the Rockefeller Foundation, and Rotary International. Amir also oversaw management of the UN Democracy Fund, which he established in 2005 as an instrument to strengthen democratic institutions and enhance governance in new and restored democracies. Amir Dossal works globally across all sectors, including Health, Education, Environment, Peace, Security, and Human Rights. He has built complex, crucial alliances between governments, multilateral agencies, business groups, foundations and civil society, including but not limited to: Arab Foundations Forum, Business Council for International Understanding, Chambers of Commerce, China World Peace Foundation, Committee for Encouraging Corporate Philanthropy, CITYarts, Commonwealth Business Council, European Foundation Centre, Foreign Policy Association, Humpty Dumpty Institute, IDP Foundation, Institute of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales, Institute for International Sport, Institute for Large Scale Innovation, Jewish Children’s Museum, LTB Foundation, NEPAD Business Group, Rockefeller Brothers Fund, Synergos Institute, United Nations Associations, US Council for International Business, US Department of State, World Congress of Muslim Philanthropists.

Simon Talling-Smith

Executive Vice President Americas Simon Talling-Smith was appointed Executive Vice President Americas for British Airways in August 2008 and is responsible for the airline’s business across the US, Canada, Latin America, the Caribbean and Bermuda. In addition, he leads the transatlantic joint venture across the three carriers: American Airlines, British Airways and Iberia. Simon’s position, based at the carrier’s Americas head office in New York, came after holding a number of executive roles at British Airways. Previously he had been in charge of the airline’s 14,000 cabin crew and catering services, based in London. Prior to his heading the cabin crew, he had managed British Airways’ brand & products portfolio. He also has managed a series of customer service improvement programs, particularly focusing on development of the airline’s awardwinning website, Simon joined British Airways in 1991 as a graduate trainee from Oxford University where he graduated with an M.A. degree in Engineering, Economics and Management. He is a member of the Board of Directors of BritishAmerican Business. Simon is married with two sons and a daughter, and lives in New York City.

January 21st, 2013 British Airways is delighted to be partnering with DNA Summit for today’s innovation roundtable. British Airways flies 34 million people around the world every year to explore new places, meet new people and try new things. We truly believe in the power of face to face connections to fuel creativity, drive innovation, and grow ideas on a global scale. Amazing ideas are born when the right people come together. Over the last year I have been a regular visitor to Silicon Valley and have had the opportunity to talk with a variety of talented entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, VCs, and academics, some of whom are here today, about how to infuse new ideas into business practices. Innovation is at the heart of our business, from the way we interact with our customers in the air, to the experience we design at the airport. Silicon Valley is a model for how to nurture innovation and rethink business models, but I’m equally energized by the pockets of innovation that have emerged in London and beyond. I believe we, as a company, can help connect global innovators and encourage new ways of approaching global challenges.

Thank you for joining us today. We are honored to have such a diverse group of talented innovators contributing to the conversation and look forward to seeing the ideas in action later this year. Simon Talling-Smith EVP Americas, British Airways

a proud partner of the

DNA Summit

DNA Summit - the fabric of our future The DNA Summit (Decide Now Act) is a new annual forum that aims to foster collaborations between some of the most innovative thinkers in the world helping them work together for social change.

The Event The DNA Summit is not a talk shop; but rather a high-level workshop that connects the best minds in the world. DNA is designed to progress from talk to action, to achieve concrete results, which can be shared and replicated. DNA serves as an excellent networking opportunity, as well as a catalyst for the development of innovative partnerships, by facilitating collaboration with leaders from across sectors.

The Innovation 101 – Connecting Visionaries “The Innovation 101� is a group of individuals who inspire, entertain, challenge and change our world. We intend to create a Summit that both honors this diverse group and encourages them to co-create for social good. We are living in an ever inter-connected world; innovation is emerging in unlikely places. The Innovation 101 will comprise of: Vanguards/Mavericks, Creatives, Pioneers, Moguls, Leaders and Icons from all corners of the globe.


Inaugural Breakfast – July 26th – 2012 On July 26th 2012, the inaugural DNA Summit (Decide Now Act) launched with the “Innovation 101 Power Breakfast” Power Breakfast at the renowned House of Lords. Attendees included: Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, Activist Sir Bob Geldof, Google’s Megan Smith, economist Jim O’Neill, actress Rosario Dawson, Africa Rainbow Minerals CEO Patrice Motsepe, Wikipedia Founder Jimmy Wales, Burberry CEO Angela Ahrendts, Economist editor Matthew Bishop, Crescent Group CEO Prince Badr Jafar, music legend Dave Stewart and Sir Tim Berners Lee received the Lifetime Achievement award.

DNA Summit Innovation Roundtable - Jan 21st in association with

DNA Summit – JUNE 12th 2013 Each of “The Innovation 101” will be able to nominate a guest. A further 101 places will be awarded through a rigorous selection process. Total Attendees 303 DNA a new annual effective international summit, scheduled between DLD and the World Economic Forum, this two-day meeting will draw on the legendary drive and energy of London to create a modern, diverse, dynamic and inspirational event. The DNA attendee is aware of his or her impact on the world and aims to make a difference in the lives of the underprivileged. DNA recognizes that professionals collaborate and work across sectors, and that Global Citizens have an interest in social issues and smart solutions. The two-day Summit will break into “Four Acts”, two acts per day-each act will be hosted by the relevant UN agency that relates to that specific area.

Act 1: Humanitarian Issues Act 2: Technology Act 3: Peace & Sports Act 4: Business/Finance The “Innovation 101” will be split into four working groups, each focusing on one of the four acts and the contributions our honorees can make in creating innovative solutions in these areas. The Summit will also comprise of panel discussions and keynote speeches. The Host organisations will monitor pledges made and work with our honorees on effective executions. Our goal is encourage innovative collaborations that help progress our world.

Previous DNA Summit Attendees

ABOUT The HOSTS OCHA – United Nations Office for the Co-ordination of Humanitarian Affairs OCHA is the part of the United Nations Secretariat responsible for bringing together humanitarian actors to ensure a coherent response to emergencies. OCHA also ensures there is a framework within which each actor can contribute to the overall response effort. OCHA’s mission is to: • • • •

Mobilize and coordinate effective and principled humanitarian action in partnership with national and international actors in order to alleviate human suffering in disasters and emergencies. Advocate the rights of people in need. Promote preparedness and prevention. Facilitate sustainable solutions. is an online community where people are free to express themselves, to discuss real thoughts, feelings and beliefs and to find their own place in the world by seeing life through the lives of others we connect with along the way. To commemorate the world’s population officially reaching seven billion, Row6 has developed “The Hero with Seven Billion Faces”, a multiplatform anthropological project that aims to get the world talking through story telling.

International Telecommunications Union is the United Nations specialized agency for information and communication technologies (ICTs). ITU allocates global radio spectrum and satellite orbits, develops the technical standards that ensure networks and technologies seamlessly interconnect, and strives to improve access to ICTs to underserved communities worldwide. In addition to the United Nations 193 Member States, ITU membership includes ICT regulators, leading academic institutions and some 700 private companies.

The Global Partnerships Forum (GPF) is a nonprofit platform bringing together global leaders and experts from the public and private sectors to address the Millennium Development Goals through mutually beneficial partnerships. GPF works closely with the United Nations System and other global institutions to Invest in People for Social Change.

The Institute for Strategic Dialogue (ISD) is non-profit organisation that works with leaders in government, business, media and academia to develop multi-country responses to the major security and socio-economic challenges of our time and to enhance Europe’s capacity to act effectively in the global arena. Activities include research, specialised task forces, high level policy briefings, scholarships and cross border networks that foster leadership and stability across Europe and its wider neighbourhood, actively bridging intercommunal, religious, socio-economic and political divides.

The British Private Equity & Venture Capital Association (BVCA) is the industry body and public policy advocate for the private equity and venture capital industry in the UK. Our voice is one of authority when speaking for, or negotiating on behalf of, the UK industry. Our aim is to aid understanding, clarity and transparency around the activities of our members, promoting our industry to entrepreneurs and investors as well as to Government, the EU, trade unions, international media and the general public.

GDX Connect specializes in getting the ‘impossible to get’, bringing the best together and the unreachable within reach. Working closely with the greatest creative talents, taking global media projects from idea to fruition. Laying the foundation and implementing timeless blockbuster international campaigns. Priceless Partnerships. Results Perfected. DNA would like to thank: Baroness McDonagh, Rt Hon Siobhain McDonagh MP, Mayor Boris Johnson, Gerry DeVeaux, Kim Chappell, Farina Blotski, Sharon Annafi, Sofia Foster, Onstate & Dubit Ltd, Nicola Woods and Matt Coyston.

LONDON CAPITAL OF THE BRIC AND N11 WORLD It is now 11 years since I dreamt up the BRIC acronym and about 8 since the N11 phrase followed. These 15 countries make up close to two thirds of the world’s population and so long as productivity continues to rise in these exciting nations, then their growth rates are going to continue to be the key driver of the world in the remainder of this decade and probably beyond. While challenges closer to home in Europe along with our domestic challenges dominate the news as we host the Olympics, the broader picture and opportunities for us mustn’t be lost. It rarely gets mentioned but theUN goal for reducing world poverty in half by 2015, set ambitiously back in 1990, was actually met in 2010, five years earlier than planned. For London especially, I continue to think that it is the naturalworld capital of this dramatically changing world. With our language being the chosen form of communication for global business and talk through the internet and sophisticated modern technology, the central timezone, our diversity and welcoming of many different kinds of people, London remains exceptionally well placed to benefit more and more as these countries advance, and their citizens want to engage in more and more benefits for themselves to enjoy their rising wealth. This is also why London is the ideal location for the DNA Summit, a forum designed to convene and connect some of the most innovative thinkers in the world, it’s purpose is to encourage collaborations for social good. As I have become fond of saying in recent months, the scale of change is hard for most to recognize. The four BRIC countries, Brazil, Russia, India and China, alone in 2011 saw their $ nominal GDP rise by around 2.2 trillion, close to the equivalent of creating a whole new Italy- the 8th largest economy in the world-in one year. China at the centre of the four, being as large as the other three put together, creates the economic impact of another Greece every 11 and 1/2 weeks, and last year saw its GDP increase by nearly the size of Spain. For the decade that we have entered, over these ten years, the 4 BRIC countries will see their real GDP contribute nearly twice that of the US and the Euro zone put together, and certainly along with the contribution of the largest of the N11 economies; Indonesia, Korea, Mexico and Turkey, they will contribute more than twice. The N11 economies combined will add more than the US, with countries as diverse as Nigeria and the Philippines becoming more and more important. For anyone involved in international trade, being able to provide what people from these countries want, is essentially the key for the future. Whether this is the luxury goods on sale at the leading stores of Bond Street, our innovative technology companies, the services of our top architectural or law firms, to be the provider of fund management or personal wealth advise, or simply being here

to provide a fun dynamic urban centre for their wealthy tourists or as a location for their second homes, London kind of have it all. So our dreams can live long beyond the global goodwill that was created from hosting last year’s 2012 Olympics.

BIOGRAPHY Jim O’Neill is chairman of Goldman Sachs Asset Management (GSAM). As chairman, he is involved in helping guide all aspects of GSAM’s business around the world. Prior to assuming this role in September 2010, Jim was head of Global Economics, Commodities and Strategy Research. He serves on the European Management Committee. Jim joined Goldman Sachs in 1995 as a partner, co-head of Global Economics Research and chief currency economist. Jim is the creator of the acronym BRICs. Together with his colleagues, he has published much research about BRICs, which has become synonymous with the emergence of Brazil, Russia, India and China as the growth opportunities of the future. Jim is a member of the board of the Itinera, and has been on the board of Bruegel since its creation. He is a member of the UK-India Round Table and the UKIBC. Jim is chairman and one of the founding trustees of the London-based education charity SHINE. Jim previously served as a non-executive director of Manchester United before it returned to private ownership in 2005. In 2009 he received an honorary doctorate from the Institute of Education, University of London, for his educational philanthropy. His bestselling book “The Growth Map” is currently in stores now.

Leaders of Innovation Roundtable:

UK meets US January 21st 2013 Dr Hamadoun I Touré Secretary-General, UN International Communication Union “I look forward very much to the DNA Summit which will be taking place on Jan 21st. This falls conveniently between the Digital Life Design Conference in Germany and the World Economic Forum in Davos – and will bring together some of the best minds in the world to converse and collaborate to bring about positive change. So January 2013 will be clearly be all about the 3 D’s: DLD; DNA and Davos – three events, back-to-back, that will help build a better future. This is a goal we can all subscribe to, and let me add my vote of support to this tremendous initiative.“

UK Innovators Ben Saunders Ben Saunders is the third in history to ski solo to the North Pole and holds the record for the longest solo Arctic journey by a Briton. In October 2013 he leads a three-man team setting out to make the first return journey to the South Pole on foot. At 1,800 miles and four months, the Scott Expedition will be the longest unsupported polar journey in history and the first completion of Captain Scott’s ill-fated Terra Nova expedition.

Carole Stone Carole Stone was for many years the producer of BBC Radio 4’s flagship discussion programme ‘Any Questions?’, every week inviting the country’s leading figures to answer the public’s questions about the topics of the day. Since leaving the BBC Carole has developed a unique business based on her wide circle of friends and business contacts. Her database now includes details of 30,000 people, and she is the author of two books on what she calls ‘good’ networking. Working with chairmen and chief executives of large companies and charities Carole brings together politicians, journalists and business people – today’s opinion formers – to discuss issues of mutual interest. She also holds regular ‘salons’ at her home in London’s Covent Garden both to introduce people to each other and to focus on particular topics. Now, as Chairman of YouGovStone, Carole has developed these activities inviting opinion formers to consider and provide feedback on the most important issues facing the country today.

Rt Hon Chuka Umunna MP Chuka Umunna was elected as Member of Parliament for Streatham in May 2010, becoming the first MP for the constituency to have grown up in the area. In May 2011, Chuka was appointed by Ed Miliband as Shadow Minister for Small Business and Enterprise in Labour’s Shadow Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) team, led by John Denham. In this role, he leads on small business issues, business support and access to finance, corporate governance, deregulation and economic growth. In October 2011, Chuka was appointed to the Shadow Cabinet as Shadow Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills, replacing the Rt Hon John Denham MP who announced his resignation from Shadow Cabinet. In this role, Mr Umunna leads the Opposition Shadow Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) team, leading for the opposition on a wide range of issues including business, enterprise, science and universities.

Uk Innovators Joanna Shields Joanna Shields is the Tech City Investment Organisation Chief Executive Officer. Joanna was previously Vice President and Managing Director of Europe, the Middle East and Africa at Facebook. For over a decade, Shields has been a driving force in Europe’s Internet landscape. Since moving to the UK in 2000 to run RealNetworks International, she has held key positions at leading companies such as Google, where she served as Managing Director and built the Syndication and Partnerships network, and Bebo, where she served as President and then Chief Executive. Joanna is also the UK Government’s Business Ambassador for the Digital Industries.

richard reed Richard Reed is the co-founder of innocent, the No.1 smoothie brand in Europe. The business was started in May 1999 by Richard and two friends and has grown in just over 13 years to a turnover of £200 million. Innocent now has over 75% market share in the UK and sells in 15 different countries across Europe, with its products available in every major chain, from Sainsbury’s to Boots to Starbucks. “This is a serious business...Reed has proved that you can create a successful brand without breaking the bank. Innocent has shaken up the branding rules” Financial Times About Richard As well as co-leading Innocent, Richard sits on the Development Board of Oxfam, is a patron for Peace One Day and is a director of the human rights charity Videre. Richard is also a government advisor on entrepreneurship and has sat on the Small Business Council and on the board of the Department of Energy and Climate Change. Richard and Innocent’s awards include winning E&Y’s Young Entrepreneur of the Year; Britain’s Greatest Business at ITV’s Great Britons Awards; Most Admired Business Leader by Marketing magazine; National Business Awards’ Small/Medium Business of the Year, and Orange Innovative Company of the Year. About innocent Launched in 1999, innocent has taken on the biggest food and drinks companies in Europe to become the fastest growing food and drinks company in the UK and the number one smoothie brand in the EU, selling over two million pure fruit smoothies each week through over 15,000 outlets. Innocent’s range has expanded to include natural healthy snacks for kids, a refreshing range of premium juices and Veg Pots, a range of quick and tasty fresh vegetable meals. The team has grown from three to 250 people, with offices in London, Paris, Dublin, Copenhagen and Salzburg. As a business, innocent aims to make it easy for people to do themselves some good. And to leave things a little bit better than it finds them. This is reflected in everything innocent does from donating 10% of its profits to charity to the use of green electricity at Fruit Towers, to developing the world’s most environmentally friendly packaging to sourcing fruit from places with the highest standards of environmental and worker protection.

Ozwald boateng Ozwald Boateng OBE is a British fashion designer of Ghanaian descent, known for his trademark twist on classic British tailoring style. Inspired by his father’s suits, Boateng opened his first shop on Savile Row at the age of 28. Boateng’s contemporary approach to menswear design helped to forge a new appreciation for Savile Row, and draw in a younger demographic. Boateng’s moved fully into Savile Row in June 2002, with London Mayor Ken Livingstone crediting Boateng with making a vital contribution to the promotion of creative talents in the capital. In 2005, Boateng was honored with a major 20 year retrospective event at the Victoria and Albert Museum. The exhibition recognized that Boateng had by combining the highest standards of execution with a fresh, vibrant design philosophy, successfully captured the imagination of both the media and the public. In 2008 Ozwald Boateng’s new flagship store and headquarters are launched at No. 30 Savile Row, on the corner of Savile Row and Clifford Street.

Eben Upton – Founder of Raspberry Pi & Director of Studies in Computer Science at the University of Cambridge. Eben Upton has had an interesting trajectory both as an entrepreneur and academic, founding a couple of startups over the last decade and a half, as well as acting as the Director of Studies in Computer Science at the University of Cambridge. Now employed at Broadcom as an SoC architect, his latest “on-the-side” venture combines a little bit of each facet and is perhaps its most ambitious yet: reignite programming in schools with a cheap ($25-$35), compact computing platform that kids could buy themselves. But despite targeting students, his foundation’s tiny computer has already captured the imaginations of tinkers worldwide.

Uk Innovators DR CARSTEN SORENSEN Dr Carsten Sørensen is a leading authority on mobile information technology innovation and has the past decade studied; enterprise mobility, mobile platforms, organisational information services, and digital infrastructure innovation Carsten lectures Information Systems and Innovation in Department of Management at The London School of Economics and Political Science, United Kingdom. He holds a BSc. in mathematics, an MSc in computer science and a Ph.D. in information systems from Aalborg University, Denmark. Carsten has since 1986 studied how ICT shapes and is shaped by emerging working practices and organizational forms. In 2001 he founded the mobility@lse ( research unit, which aims at drawing together academics with an interest in the profound changes to society, organisations and individuals from mobile, pervasive and ubiquitous information technology. Carsten has international project experience from 1990 and extensive EU research project experience from 1992. He is a Senior Editor for The Information Systems Journal, and Associate Editor of Journal of the AIS and The e-Service Journal. Carsten is on the editorial board for Information and Organization and a member of the Advisory Board for Scandinavian Journal of Information Systems. He was an Academic Advisor for The Institute for Innovation & Information Productivity and is a member of Future Foundation Global Network of Experts. Carsten also served as a member of the Advisory Board for the iSociety project at The Work Foundation. Carsten is actively engaged with executive education and has consulted for a range of organisations, for example; Microsoft, Google, Telenor, Orange, PA Consulting Group, IMF, Steria, CSC, The Mobile Virtual Centre of Excellence, 3 UK, Skype, AXA, Carphone Warehouse, TechMahindra, CA, and The Danish Ministry of Science. He can be contacted on and his homepage is located at

Sacha Havlicek Sasha Havlicek is a social entrepreneur and founding CEO of the Institute for Strategic Dialogue (ISD), a London-based ‘think and action’ tank working with governments and captains of industry to develop innovative responses to some of the world’s critical divides and challenges. In this capacity, Sasha has developed ISD’s research, educational and policy programmes in fields ranging from counter-extremism and counter-terrorism to integration, intercultural relations and Europe’s strategic engagement with Turkey, Russia and China. Her partners in these programmes include the European Commission, Google Ideas, the US State Department, the UK Home Office, the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge and the German Chancellery. Sasha previously served as Senior Programme Director at the US think-tank, the EastWest Institute (EWI) and advised the Stability Pact for Southeastern Europe on cross-border conflict mitigation in the aftermath of the Balkan wars She sits on the Women Without Borders SAVE board and is Chairman of the charity Next Generation Nepal (NGN). She also serves on the Advisory Boards of the European Forum for Mediation and Dialogue and the Weidenfeld Scholarships and Leadership scheme run at Oxford University.

Rt Hon Lord Reid of Cardowan PhD

Before leaving Parliament in 2010 after after 23 years as an MP, Dr John Reid had served at the highest levels of government, including as Home Secretary, Secretary of State for Defence, Health, Northern Ireland, and Scotland, and as Leader of the House of Commons. He is a leading thinker on security and resilience and regularly publishes articles and comments on these issues in media throughout the world. He established the ISRS in 2008.

Dr J P MacIntosh

After a decade’s service with the British Army, Dr MacIntosh left to become a research scientist at the Ministry of Defence. His research focuses on the capacity for decisive action and learning beset by the uncertain flow of events, particularly in evolving networks. This research has also enabled him to fulfil several advisory roles for Cabinet Ministers and senior decision-takers, in the UK and abroad. Commissioned by the then Cabinet Secretary – now Lord Wilson of Dinton – Dr MacIntosh co-authored the concept of “Resilience to Crises” for the UK Government in spring 2001. Before joining the Institute, he was the Chief of Research and Assessment at the Defence Academy of the UK (where he also served on the Board for three years). In addition to working with defence departments, Dr MacIntosh has also worked with foreign, finance, interior and justice ministries and national crisis management centres in many countries. He has built teams that have worked in operational theatres and with many organisations facing the challenge of deep transformation – in and out of conflict. How strategies gain traction through innovation remains core to his work as ISRS Director.

jamie drummond

Jamie Drummond co-founded the advocacy organization DATA (Debt, AIDS, Trade, Africa) with Bono, Bobby Shriver, and others in 2002 and ONE in 2004. The two entities merged in 2008 under the name ONE. DATA, ONE, and its partners have helped persuade the Bush Administration and bipartisan leadership in the US Congress to launch a series of initiatives for Africa including the Millennium Challenge Account, the President’s Emergency AIDS initiative, the Malaria Initiative, Multilateral Debt Relief, and the African Growth and Opportunity Act.

US Innovators Todd Lutwak Todd is a partner at Andreessen Horowitz. Todd focuses on market and business development and he is responsible for helping portfolio companies define, build, and implement go-tomarket programs. Prior to joining Andreessen Horowitz, Todd was the Vice-President of Selling at eBay, where he was responsible for the selling experience including strategy, pricing, seller marketing, daily deals, and other seller acquisition, development, and retention programs. Prior to eBay, Todd worked in management consulting at Arthur D. Little in the Telecommunications, Internet, Media, and Entertainment practice in the United States and Portugal. Before consulting, Todd held various sales and sales management positions at AT&T/Lucent Technologies & Ameritech. In addition to his MBA degree from The Kellogg Graduate School of Management at Northwestern University, Todd has a Bachelor of Business Administration from The University of Texas at Austin.

LEOR STERN Leor Stern is the head of business development for NianticLabs at Google, a uniquely managed startup group within the company. In this role, he has been instrumental in the launch of Field Trip and Ingress, mobile products focused on the intersection of location and social interaction. Leor was previously a member of Google’s New Business Development team focused on incubating and launching new products and strategic initiatives through partnerships and technology deals for products such as Google Maps, Google Voice, and Google Places. Leor joined Google in 2003, when the company had about 1,000 employees and was focused on its international presence. He launched Google’s field operations in Israel. Leor also managed Google’s online sales and operations for Russia, the Middle East, South Africa, Croatia, and Israel.

celEstine johnson Celestine Johnson is the Creative Director of Innovation Endeavors, an early stage venture capital firm founded by Dror Berman and Eric Schmidt. She is passionate about redesigning the experience an entrepreneur has with venture capital and creating innovation environments for interesting people, to solve interesting problems. Fun, quirky, colorful, inspiring and accessible are the boom of the beat that Celestine creates. She is the creator of Super Happy Block Party that is becoming National Hack Day in 2013 in partnership with The White House, and collaborated with NASA on the International Space Apps Challenge. Before Innovation Endeavors, Celestine worked at Apple in Corporate Social Responsibility to develop and scale the environmental and human rights program. Prior to Apple, Celestine worked with various organizations focused on social entrepreneurship. Celestine has walked from France across Spain and is forming ideas around an entrepreneurship program for people with special needs. She graduated from American University with a BS in Business Administration and International Studies.

Gerald brady Gerald Brady is a managing director within SVB’s Venture Capital Group, hired to lead two important initiatives for the company. He is responsible for leading SVB’s Entrepreneur Services Group as well as the company’s work with corporate venture and corporate development groups. Brady oversees a team dedicated to supporting emerging technology and life science companies, by engaging founders and CEOs with relevant, high-impact programming and networking events to add significant value during their development stages. Brady also maintains and develops relationships with corporate venture and corporate development groups, which the company believes will play an increasingly important role in the venture ecosystem in the future. Prior to joining SVB, Brady served as the director of investor relations for Siemens AG, where he was responsible for all aspects of investor communications in North America. Before that, Brady was an acquisition director in the Strategic Planning Group at Siemens Corporation, and served as a managing director of Siemens Acceleration USA, which is the early stage venture capital arm of Siemens. Brady has also worked at 3i in London and Palo Alto, where he was a director, investing in a number of technology businesses, including ActiveCard (ACTI), Bitfone (acquired by HP), Raw Communications (acquired by Thomson Financial) and Winery Exchange. Prior to his work in finance, Brady worked in the Internet and media industry, was part of the UK launch team for ZDNet in 1995, a sales manager for Yahoo! UK when it launched in 1996 and an executive at Ziff-Davis and EMAP Plc. Brady holds an honors degree from Kingston University, an MBA from Cranfield University and he is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. Brady served as chairman of the NVCA’s Corporate Venture Group from 2006-2007.

Duncan logan Duncan Logan is the founder of RocketSpace Inc, a technology accelerator in San Francisco. From a Scottish farming background Duncan started his career working in derivatives at Swiss Bank Corporation, London. At 24 he started his first company CITYPRO which over three years he built to $8m revenue before selling in 2000 . Duncan then joined a tech startup MessageLabs, one of the early SAAS Security Companies which later sold to Symantec in 2008 for $700m. Arriving in San Francisco, Duncan founded NationalBLS Inc a money burning concept which he hastily extinguished to start RocketSpace. Duncan is a good skier, an average runner and at weekends can be found renewing his frustration with golf.

US Innovators MARGUERITE GONG HANCOCK Stanford Program on Regions of Innovation and Entrepreneurship (SPRIE) Stanford Graduate School of Business An expert on strategies for advancing the understanding and practice of innovation and entrepreneurship in leading high technology regions, Marguerite Hancock is the Associate Director of the Stanford Program on Regions of Innovation and Entrepreneurship (SPRIE), an interdisciplinary and international research program at the Stanford Graduate School of Business. Educated at Harvard University, Brigham Young University, and the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, Hancock joined Stanford where she has helped build and lead three innovative programs at the intersection of technology, business, and policy. Currently Marguerite directs SPRIE research initiatives, conferences, and publications on topics ranging from “China 2.0: The Rise of a Digital Superpower” to “Smart Green Cities: New Technologies, New Models, New Strategies” to “The Next Silicon Valley.” Hancock has served as an advisor to policy makers and executives across the US, Europe, and Asia, from Beijing to Barcelona, Silicon Valley to Singapore. She has lectured at Harvard, IESE, Tsinghua and other universities. She has led sessions for executives from BMW, Cisco, HP and other firms. Interviewed and quoted by media from Bloomberg to the New York Times, Marguerite has delivered conference talks in more than a dozen countries. Hancock is co-editor of three books published by Stanford: The Silicon Valley Edge (2000), Making IT: Asia’s Rise in High Tech (2006), and Greater China’s Quest for Innovation (2008). She has served as advisor for the annual Index of Silicon Valley. Currently, she is coauthoring a book on the drivers and global implications of the rise of China’s internet industry. Passionate about education, Hancock mentors students and serves as a member of the Stanford Entrepreneurship Network that connects entrepreneurship expertise and activities across the university and spearheads Stanford’s annual Entrepreneurship Week. She also teaches in Stanford executive education courses and co-directs an education program for international policy makers, “Leading Innovative and Entrepreneurial Regions in the Global Economy.” A Silicon Valley native, Hancock is active in the life of the community. As a volunteer, Marguerite has directed a summer adventure and leadership camp for teenage girls in the Sierra mountains as well as an annual international art exhibit now in its 25th year which attracts more than 10,000 people in 5 days. For her role as a leader, Hancock is featured in the book, Multipliers: How the Best Leaders Make Everyone Smarter (Harper Business, 2010). Marguerite and her husband, Dr. Russell Hancock, President and CEO of Joint Venture Silicon Valley, are parents of three children.

rhona abrams Nationally-syndicated columnist, best-selling author, and successful entrepreneur, Rhonda Abrams is widely regarded as one of America’s most respected and knowledgeable advocates for small business. She has written over 15 books on entrepreneurship. Her first book, Successful Business Plan: Secrets & Strategies is America’s best-selling business plan guide. Rhonda writes the weekly small business/entrepreneurship column in USA Today. Rhonda’s books are used in over 700 business schools, have been translated into more than 30 languages, and have been adopted by 22 of the top 25 graduate entrepreneurship programs. She is asked to speak to entrepreneurial audiences world-wide, An experienced entrepreneur, Rhonda has started four successful companies herself, and, living in Silicon Valley, she embraces the advantages technology offers to small and medium businesses. She launched an Internet company as early as 1995. Currently, she is President and Chief Entrepreneur of PlanningShop, America’s leading publisher of content on entrepreneurship. Rhonda lives in Palo Alto, California. She attended UCLA, where she was named Outstanding Senior, and Harvard University.

michael smolens Michael Smolens - Dotsub - Founder & Chairman, Collector of Puzzle Pieces Dotsub is his 9th start-up. His first eight were all outside the US, in high risk emerging economies employing thousands of people. From Haiti to Mexico, Hungary, Romania, Russia and Azerbaijan - it was there that he developed a deep and profound understanding of non American culture and language. Dotsub was first to launch an open, collaborative browser based, human powered tool to language enable web video, and having it discovered, distributed and monetized on all video enabled devices and platforms, including mobile. This technology enables the 6 billion non native English speakers in the world to better understand and engage with video, which Cisco says will consume 86% of all bandwidth by 2016. If a picture is worth a thousand words, how many words is a video worth? Dotsub works with Fortune 1000 companies, as well as scores of NGOs. Michael has dedicated his life to removing language as a barrier to cross cultural communication using video.

farah pandith US Special Representative TO MUSLIM COMMUNITIES Farah Pandith was appointed Special Representative to Muslim Communities in June 2009. Her office is responsible for executing Secretary Clinton’s vision for engagement with Muslims around the world on a people-to-people and organizational level. She reports directly to the Secretary of State.

Jack D. Hidary Jack D. Hidary built his career as an entrepreneur in the finance and technology sectors and is currently focused on clean energy technologyand policy. Hidary co-founded Vista Research in 2001 as an independent financialresearch company serving institutional investors. Hidary sold Vista tothe Standard & Poor’s division of McGraw-Hill in April of 2005. In 1995, Hidary co-founded and served as President and CEO of EarthWeb/Dice. He raised three private rounds of equity and completed a record breaking IPO. Under Hidary’s leadership, EarthWeb/Dice earned the prestigious Business Week Info Tech 100 award as the third fastest growing IT Company. is currently traded on the NYSE under ticker DHX.

DNA Summit Team June Sarpong MBE Executive producer June has enjoyed a 15-year career which has already seen her become one of the most recognizable faces of British television, as well as being one of the UK’s most intelligent and dynamic young hosts. June is a media phenomenon and is the only host of her generation that is equally comfortable interviewing politicians, celebrities and members of the public. For eight years June was the female face of T4, one of UK Channel 4’s most successful and long-standing homegrown series. Her interviewees include some of the world’s biggest names such as: Sir Elton John, 50 Cent, George Clooney, Halle Berry, Britney Spears, Will Smith and Nicole Kidman as well as dignitaries and politicians including Bill Clinton, Al Gore, Tony Blair, Nelson Mandela and Gordon Brown. June has also taken on the world’s most challenging live audiences, hosting 2005’s major Make Poverty History event in London’s Trafalgar Square and presenting at the UK leg of Live Earth in 2007. In 2008 alongside Will Smith she also hosted Nelson Mandela’s 90th Birthday celebrations in front of 30,000 people in London’s Hyde Park. June has worked extensively with HRH Prince Charles for ten years as an ambassador for his charity the Prince’s Trust, she also campaigns for The One and Product (RED). June was awarded an MBE (Member of the British Empire) on the Queens 2007 new years honours list for her services to broadcasting and charity, making her along with Princess Anne’s daughter Zarah Phillips one of the youngest people to receive an MBE. June is also the Co-Founder of The WIE Symposium (Women: Inspiration & Enterprise), a dynamic NYC women’s conference hosted by Arianna Huffington, Donna Karan and former UK First Lady Sarah Brown, past speakers have included: Queen Rania, Melinda Gates, Aerin Lauder, Diane von Furstenberg, Ashley Judd, Baroness Amos and Ambassador Malanne Verveer. June’s latest endeavour is a multiplatform project with the UN that aims to get the world talking through story telling. The project features video and photographic portraits of individuals with compelling life stories from around the globe. The tagline for Row6 is “Six degrees of Integration”, because the world is separate enough, Row6’s mission is to create a platform that enables us to focus on our shared humanity. June is currently based between NYC and London.

Kim Chappell - Producer Kim Chappell previously worked with Simon Fuller at 19 Entertainment for over ten years, running his special projects that included The Prince’s Trust 30th Anniversary concert for ITV, the launch of David Beckham’s Football Academy, The Spice Girls reunion tour after show party, The 19 Anniversary Concert and Live 8. With years of experience of artists, production crews, press and venues, Chappell Productions builds inspiring, intelligent events through open communication and efficient time and people management. Kim’s attention to detail keeps projects on budget and her highly professional but incredibly friendly work ethos makes for successful collaborations. Kim is well respected within the industry and her passion and creativity ensure that each event is a success and that most of her work comes through client recommendations. Recents projects include Annie Lennox (Circle project for Oxfam, Equals Live, Mothers to Mothers), The GREAT Initiative Launch event, Peace One Day (live concerts at the Royal Albert Hall and O2) Ubuntu Education Fund Gala Dinner and The Office of Tibet for His Holiness The Dalai Lama’s talk at the Royal Albert Hall.

CHERYL chicowski

EMma sheldon

Cheryl is Director of Cultivate UK a consultancy specialist in sponsorship and international events management. Her significant experience is in stakeholder management, people leadership, agency management and project management skills and is a dedicated networker. Prior to Cultivate, she was Vice President and Head of Events, EMEA & Asia for Bank of America (Nov 2005–2008) and Vice President, Sponsorship & Hospitality for Deutsche Bank (Dec 2001– Nov 2005) in London.

Emma Sheldon has had over fifteen years experience coordinating Prime Time UK Television shows, the roster of programmes she has worked on range from pop culture to politics. She is also currently head of Talent for the WIE London (Women:Inspiration and Enterprise), a conference aimed at empowering the next generation of female leaders.


Cheryl moved to London from Paris where she was Director, Client Development for Host Communications, now IMG (Jan 1999 – Dec 2001). Prior to living in Paris, she worked for Lehman Brothers in Zurich and Orbit Television Network in Rome. Cheryl is an avid runner having completed 8 marathons and practices Muay Thai boxing.

global community director

Special Thanks to

BRITISH AIRWAYS TEAM Caroline Titmuss Vice President, Americas PR and Sponsorships, British Airways

Caroline joined the British Airways team in January 2012 to lead the external communications and sponsorships activity for the company in the Americas. Her role includes growing brand awareness and engagement in North America, Brazil, Mexico and the Caribbean, as well as issues management across the region. Caroline has 12 years of public relations experience, working with global brands to build integrated communications strategies. Prior to joining the airline business, Caroline was Senior Vice President at Porter Novelli in New York, where she managed client relationships and developed award winning campaigns for the some of the agency’s largest consumer accounts, including Hewlett Packard and Proctor and Gamble. Before moving to the US, Caroline was based in London looking after media relations and events for consumer technology companies. After graduating with a BA Hons degree in Journalism, she spent her early career working on communications projects for organisations involved in the fields of education and the arts.

John mcdonald Vice President, Americas Marketing

John McDonald is Vice President, Americas Marketing for British Airways. He is responsible for all marketing activities in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil and Argentina. John joined British Airways in August 2011. Prior to joining the airline, John was Executive Group Director at Ogilvy New York, working across a portfolio of clients. During his time at Ogilvy John was instrumental in the creation of a new division, the behavior practice. This new discipline focused on leveraging cutting edge insights from the behavioral sciences to help solve client challenges. John joined Ogilvy in London on their Graduate program where he worked across a range of clients including American Express, Cisco and Royal Mail. He graduated from the University of Hull with a degree in British Politics and Legislative Studies. John spent time during his time at University as a researcher with Anne Coffey M.P. the Parliamentary Private Secretary to Tony Blair, PM.

Giving Back Row6C - Non Profit

10% of the net profits of Row6 will go towards its non profit Row6C. Row6C w with local and global partners to bring satellite wireless technology to remote a communities around the world. Our aim is to create a better-connected world global understanding, friendships and compassion. Communication is the bes relationships in general and we believe technology has vital role to play.

We will use the Internet in the spirit it was created - to connect to lives of other humanity. From our own doorsteps to the most distant horizon, together we c eludes the conventional grind of politics and diplomacy. Together we can shar Share imagination. Share vision. Share a movement that unites this world whe making it that much better and fairer for us all.

works together and impoverished d and help foster st tool to improving

rs, to promote our own can create the unity that re. Share information. ere we live and love, and


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