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A Guide For New Web Designers by Keith Russell

Becoming a web designer is something that anybody can do. However, Not just anyone can create an attractive webpage. This takes knowledge of colors and other spacing and alignment factors that you don't realize but certainly will appreciate in a properly made website.

Proximity proximity is the spacing of similar items together to label them as a group. Items that are not similar or have nothing to do with each other certainly should not be placed in the same area.

Alignment alignment is lining the content up with the page in an orderly, easy to read manner. There are three kinds of alignment: center, right, and left. Never use more than one kind of alignment in a single web page.

Repetition Use the same fonts and colors over and over on a single page. All titles should be the same size and weight and all paragraphs should be the same font. It creates a pattern that increases the attractiveness of the page.

Contrast Contrast is the blend of two completely different elements combined into a web page. This can be color, size or font contrasts that give the page enough to make it attractive, but not so much that it distracts you.


just follow my guide to learn how to create a basic and stylish web page.