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Contact: Eva Tel: 655 855 893 For more information Twelve Reasons to work with Marsol to buy or sell your property 1. WE BUY YOUR PROPERTY OUTRIGHT. WE ARE CASH BUYERS. 2. THE BEST LEGAL & ECONOMIC PERFORMANCE GUARANTEED. We assure that payment fulfilment will be met as previously agreed. Marsol takes responsibility on the purchase of your property.

3. EVALUATION REPORTS FOR FREE WITHOUT OBLIGATION. An expert will assess a value for your property and will advise you with no cost and no obligation.

4. COMPREHENSIVE FULFILMENT OF THE SALE PROCEEDINGS. We take care of everything: Title deeds arrangements, Land Register, Mortgage cancellation process, change names on utility bills and council tax bill, furniture storage, etc.

5. FOR YOUR OWN PIECE OF MIND. We guarantee security in any unexpected event.

6. OUR “IMPROVEMENT” PROPOSA:. We will carry out any improvements in your property, just like decorating and furnishing, if necessary, wihthout extra costs for you, in order to make it easier to stimulate interest in the sale of your property.

7. NO EXCLUSIVITY CLAUSES. We don't need this, as we are sure we are your best option to sell your property.. 8. MORE THAN 1000 PROFESSIONALS INVOLVED. The best real estate agents in Spain and Europa are at your service.

9. WE DO HAVE YOUR BUYER. It is just your property what we are looking for.

10.“CHANGE IT FOR A BETTER ONE” SYSTEM. Exchanging properties: we can change your property for another you like better. 11. NO COMMISIONS. We will not charge you for our services

12. MARKETING BEST PRACTICES. We promote your property for sale using the most advanced marketing practices.

Torrevieja Today september rough version  

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Torrevieja Today september rough version  

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