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Keith Klouda Passionate About Wood Keith Klouda of Pristine Construction & Contracting has found his ideal job, working in a field where his intrinsic physical and intellectual skills are utilized every day. Carpenters like Klouda have been making useful and even artistic pieces of furniture, buildings, bridges, public structures and even tools and eating utensils for thousands of years. The pathway to being a carpenter starts with skill, and discovering one’s propensities with craft begins with practice. The proof is in the doing, with carpentry. Keith Klouda is passionate about wood, about things made from wood, about fixing things with wood. Klouda like all good carpenters has skilled hands, and has turned the talent of his hands into a profession, fixing stairways and door frames and installing cabinets and drywall, even building and repairing furniture. The integrity and facility of the carpenter’s hands enable him to pick and choose the venue where he will bring their skills to bear. Keith Klouda came to carpentry through his father; through observation, through practice and through trial and error. Keith Klouda benefited from his mentor, who was always there to monitor and guide and instruct him in the use of woodworking tools and techniques. From those earliest days learning to work with wood, Klouda was set on a path of physical fitness, a bare minimum for those who will work in the field. From acquiring the strength and agility to lift heavy objects, to developing the hand-eye coordination necessary to use precision tools and create detail wooden art, carpenters must have excellent balance and a healthy core to spend each day in extended activity.

Keith Klouda Passionate About Wood