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2012 Annual Report “A Dream fulfilled is a tree of life.” - Proverbs 13:12

Dream Center Uganda 2012 Annual report

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A WORD FROM THE COUNTRY DIRECTOR Each year brings new challenges and successes as we move forward, pressing into God’s mission to ‘reconcile all things back to him’. Excitement brews when there is a long-standing commitment to a vision that is divine and we celebrate that journey once again. Our desire to see spiritual transformation occur within a community is being realized one step at a time...and you who have partnered with us are an indispensable participant in seeing the beauty of the Kingdom of God unfold before us.

Country Director, Jesse Kroeze and his family

Our staff have worked tirelessly to achieve the vision and I extend deep gratitude to them. We have not moved forward without our failures but we believe that as we learn along the way, wisdom pushes forth to yield more success. And we take time this year to report to you the marvelous ways in which God has manifested himself and made his glory known through the ministry of Dream Center Uganda. Your partnership has made these stories possible and for that I extend my sincere appreciation! Grace & Peace, Jesse Kroeze Country Director, DCU A WORD FROM THE EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR

Asaasira Gracious Robert, Executive Director, along with his family

It brings joy and gratification to witness the ways people of Adak make Dream Center their own with a sense of ownership and pride. Our support to the poor and the marginalized people of this community focuses on being changed through different interventions and strengthening the capacity of Adak village to identify and meet their own needs, a capacity that will be vital as they seek to rebuild Northern Uganda.

We are continually refreshed and inspired by the enthusiasm of the people of Adak in this work, as they are able to see their intangible dreams be translated into immense tangible results!! This is the ministry the staffs, donor and the partners of Dream Center Uganda have committed to do. We want to thank each of you, our employees, volunteers, friends and donors, from the bottom of our hearts for making this vision a reality. You have knit your hearts, dreams, talents, gifts, and resources together to build and restore Adak village. ‘We can do together what we could never do alone.’ We also believe that in the African Proverb that in the strength of united vision and effort, ‘To go fast, go alone, but to go far, go together.’ And truly we have gone far, as a result of going together!! DCU serves as a reminder that we are all part of something bigger than ourselves and together we can make a difference. Sincerely, Asaasira Gracious Robert Executive Director, DCU

Dream Center Uganda 2012 Annual report

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who we are

Dream Center Uganda (DCU) is an international ministry branch of Touch The World seeking to restore lives by transforming communities. We are committed to long-term development in the community of Adak, Gulu through partnership with the local people. Our goal is to establish belonging, competence and worth that will move people from apathy to energy. We believe that effecting change in the physical and spiritual aspects an an individual is paramount to see true transformation take root on a community level where sustainability, interdependency and spiritual transformation ring true. But our responsibility extends beyond Africa. It reaches beyond borders to bridge the gap between individuals and communities that would otherwise be disconnected in order to embrace each others stories and evoke action that will become a grassroots effort to ignite a movement for change.

vision statement

To equip the people of Adak, Uganda to live in communities of sustainability, interdependency and spiritual transformation.

mission statement

To introduce people to Jesus Christ through project-based initiatives, disciple them into the local body of assembled believers and equip them to reach others with the Gospel.

target beneficiaries & value proposition

DCU is targeting to serve the community of Adak and the surrounding areas under Lalogi Sub County. Priority will be on women and youth who are most vulnerable. DCU staff will work with members of local communities to identify and develop programs where the communities themselves own the vision in an interdependent relationship with DCU.

what we do

DCU focuses on the following intervention areas in an integrated development approach that enables communities to realize better standards of living: 1. Healthcare 2. Education 3. Discipleship 4. Agricultural Initiative 5. Teams/Volunteers DCU has the opportunity to partner with the Adak community to develop their God-given potential and be released from the poverty that has trapped their families for more than 22 years.

philosophy of ministry

DCU understands the value of partnership. Its core philosophy stands for transformational development where all ministry participants are reached holistically, meeting both physical and spiritual needs. When we meet a physical need, we can’t help but to share the love of Christ with that person; when we share salvation with someone, the only answer is to be Jesus to them by meeting their physical needs. In this process of transformation, God is reconciling all things back to him through us, his people (2 Cor 5:17-21).

Dream Center Uganda 2012 Annual report

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Healthcare MEDICAL CENTER Since the very beginning of Dream Center, healthcare has been a main focal point. Community members of Adak village advised us early on that their family and friends were dying due to lack of access to medical facilities. So we set out the build a medical center that would provide health care to the “least of these” and we now celebrate jubilantly the opening of the medical center in September of 2012. Although only enough resources have been raised to open the out-patient section, our vision is to open a full service center in 2013 including maternal pre/post-natal care, labor and delivery delivery, and child immunizations. We report that in the first month of operations alone, there were 206 patients seen and that simply having access to health care is saving lives and bringing healing to the people of Adak and the surrounding communities. The presence of the Medical Center has relieved the community from the burden of traveling long distances in search of health services. Emergency cases are handled as they come and most importantly, children’s lives have especially been saved by the availability of health care in Adak.

“I was admitted and diagnosed with malaria and Glaucoma which had kept me in and out of bed through two months. When I received my treatment at the health center in Adak I was fully back on my feet after I finished my treatment in a weeks time.” - Akena Walter, Adak Resident

Fully stocked pharmacy and Clinic staff including visiting radiologist assisting in the set-up of our x-Ray machine.

Dream Center Uganda 2012 Annual report

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patients poured in for services on the opening day of the medical center, sept 2012 CHALLENGES TO OVERCOME IN 2013 One of our biggest challenges with the operation of the Medical Center has been complaints from the community that the cost of services is still too much for them to afford and therefore they request the management of the health center if subsidies could be made. Costs are already being subsidized significantly and are comparable to neighboring health centers. Given the fact that Dream Center does not believe in handing out free services and wants to focus on building community responsibility and sustainability, more discussion has to be given to meeting the needs of the community in regards to their complaints. Most of all, we recognize that this type of development, especially after years and year of war and free-aid, it will take a long time, thorough education and relationship building to establish deep trust between DCU and the community. We are exploring options of starting a Village Health Team (VHT) which could be involved in the provision of health services to the community as they could help bridge the gap between the community and the service provider. Other obstacles to overcome in the coming year is providing more solar power to the Medical Center so that it can be functioning in night hours for emergencies.

September 2012 September 2012 Summer 2013

Medical Center Officially Opens! X-Ray Machine installed and operating Expand to Maternal/Child Health and inpatient services

Dream Center Uganda 2012 Annual report

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Education VOCATIONAL TRAINING One of Dream Center’s first programs in Adak after the 20-year war was empowering youth through competence building. This included our graduated classes of 58 tailors and 23 builders, most of whom have started their own businesses and are now standing on their own. In 2012 we installed an oven in Adak with a full kitchen in order to train a group of community members in the art of baking. Twelve students were trained on how to make sweet rolls and cakes in order to empower them with a specialized skill to operate a sustainable business that would increase their disposable income.

“The art of making bread is a wonderful process and there’s just something about everyone joining together in a kitchen in order to create food that will bring smiles to so many.” Monica’s Story

Monica is one of the most caring, loving and intelligent women in our village. She serves as a council member in the local government, specifically handling women affairs within the surrounding community. Despite the fact that she is a women’s representative holding a rather big position in the local government that should be paying a decent salary, she finds that at the end of the month she cannot meet the needs of her family. Her husband, working as a security guard in another area of the country, passed away this year leaving her with even less income to live on. Monica has been frustrated, left without any hope and without a relationship with Jesus Christ. Having grown up as an orphan, the only child in her late parent’s home- the only thing she knew was problems. Talking to those who have endured such difficulity is often hard but thankfully she has found some counsel and comfort through the Dream Center staff. Monica was enrolled this year in our current vocational training class and has been particularly encouraged in her faith to be learning a skill in baking breads that can provide something small for her family. She carefully managed the log book to record the days’ sales and inventory of supplies and she took it upon herself to rise up as a leader among the other me and women in the class. Her life is an example of empowerment than can be achieved through vocational skill training.

Dream Center Uganda 2012 Annual report

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Education LIFEBRIDGE Our LifeBridge Child Sponsorship program through St. Mary Kevin Motherhood Orphanage in Kajjansi (Kampala/Wakiso District) continues to move forward with children advancing in their academics, being assisted with their school requirements and fed the life-giving Word of God. With the graduation of 13 pupils from Primary levels last year, 37 continued to receive sponsorship through faithful donors abroad that provide for their school fees, academic and personal requirements in the 2012 school year.

Sponsored Students receive their list of academic and personal requirements to begin each school term including items such as uniforms, notebooks, pencils, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, and other items for daily hygiene. “I am thinking of you tonight... I have your picture in my kitchen. Your picture is there among pictures of my grandchildren. I talk about you so much that the children think you are one of their cousins! They often ask about you and pray for you.” - a LifeBridge Sponsor writes to their Sponsored child

Though Dream Center’s work is primarily conducted in Adak, Gulu District, the children at SMK continue to receive visitations from our staff and can be assured they are provided for within the scope of their sponsorship. With assistance from an on-the-ground liaison, we are confident that the sponsors’ giving is enabling these young children to have a bright and promising future. The LifeBridge program at SMK will phase out as each child graduates from Primary Seven. TTW’s sponsorship of students from SMK will conclude at the end of the 2015 school year. However, in effort to assist children transition from primary to secondary education, TTW is working in conjunction with another supporting organization to St. Mary Kevin. This organization focuses primarily on secondary sponsorship and many of the TTW supporters who have developed a relationship with their sponsor child in primary levels have continued on alongside this other organization to provide for their sponsor child into secondary levels.

Dream Center Uganda 2012 Annual report

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Discipleship “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come! All this is from God, who reconciled us to himself through Christ and gave us the ministry of reconciliation...” 2 Corinthians 5:17-18 Dream Center has been called to be a light to the community of Adak and to ultimately see lives of community members transformed. The discipleship program allows us to mentor, teach and train spiritual principles that sink deep into people’s hearts and minds so that they understand their faith and their God intimately. We have engaged many avenues in order reach the community including a community fellowship once per week, one-on-one mentoring, boys and girls small groups, and teaching a the local nursery and primary schools. Although the process of transformation is long, our commitment to reach the community of Adak will remain steady through the years. We celebrate many stories this year and lives that God has radically changed and is using to make his glory known.

“We thank God for DCU...they have helped bring peace to our home and guidance to our family.” - Joyce Okiring & Family

“My husband and I got married before we met Jesus. Life was good in the beginning and my husband was supportive and loving but as time passed he began to change. We lost peace in our family as he showed much anger and even beat me and our seven children without regard. I had nowhere to go since my father was killed and my mother was staying very far. So I stayed and persevered the pain for the sake of our children. We have lived in Adak for three years and have recently moved next door to Dream Center. At times the staff of DCU have come to visit, pray with us and just spend time in fellowship. My husband became good friends to Edwin Mutai (DCU staff), who has since been mentoring and teaching him the ways of God. I praise God now because his character has changed and he has been taking our whole family to a local church. He is now a deacon and our family loves and worships God. My husband is now a blessing to me.” - Joyce Okiring

Dream Center Uganda 2012 Annual report

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Rice after harvest and before Milling and the Dream Center Rice Mill functioning to assist Adak farmers. This past year has initiated the vital program of agriculture for the community of Adak. Almost 100% of our community farms their land to put food on their tables but has no access to services that will allow them to maximize their profits. Due to this Dream Center has established a vision of milling and storage in order to come alongside community members and also work towards ministry sustainability. We have established a rice mill that has the capacity to mill up to 300 tons of rice that our community yields annually. This will provide a local mill in order to increase efficiency and decrease travel costs for community members. In addition to this, we have begun construction on a warehouse that will have the capabilities of storing many hundred tons of crops. This service will allow the community to store their crops so that they can sell them at a high price instead of being forced to sell everything at harvest, when prices are bottomed out. “A warehouse will provide a place we can store our crops without worrying that they will be stolen or burned as is normal right now when we store them in our huts.� - An Adak Farmer

Community Benefits of a Rice Mill 1. Accessibility: We are providing the only mill within walking distance. 2. Safety: The proximity and solid structure of a concrete warehouse (rather than a hut which can burn). 3. Storage: A warehouse allows more storage capacity instead of selling everything at a low harvest price. 4. Income: Storing crops until prices rise help farmers increase their disposable income.

Dream Center Uganda 2012 Annual report

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Venture Program - Volunteers & Teams

Volunteers and visiting mission teams are also an integral part of our ministry at Dream Center. Short-term mission teams are exposed to the stark realities found in Uganda that are not present or visible from their homes in America. They are challenged through intentional discussion and hands-on experiences to put their faith into action, both within the community of Adak and in their own neighborhoods upon their return home. Longer-term Interns participate in Touch The World’s Venture Program where they focus on holistic ministry, utliizing their gifts in an international setting, and preparing for a career in full-time ministry. Our interns read and learn, both in a classroom setting and also through practical application. Aside from our deliberate desire to teach and train volunteers and interns for mission service, visitors provide an added hand to assist with ongoing projects and ministry programs. Though we had a smaller group of visiting teams than in previous years, the two groups at the beginning of the year were a huge blessing to the ministry long after they returned home from Uganda. A team from Cornerstone Christian Church, a major supporting church of Dream Center projects and DCU staff members, was able to come and visibly see the benefit of their fundraising efforts towards the Medical Center. Many of the team members have remained in faithful contact with DCU staff even after their departure and have been a major network of emotional, spiritual and financial support. DCU Staff were also able to assist another Gulu-based ministry with their own internship program by conducting several training sessions using TTW’s Venture Program curriculum. We were blessed to be able to use our expertise and experience to equip and empower other short-term missionaries to build the Kingdom of God and extend his love in Gulu.

Visitors welcomed to Dream Center in 2012 February 2012 March 2012 July 2012 August 2012

Team from Cornerstone Christian Church, NJ Team from Eastern Christian High School, NJ Assisted with Training for ‘Abaana’s Hope’ Interns Team from Code Purple, NYC

Dream Center Uganda 2012 Annual report

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Financial Reports 2012 Support Hundreds have joined us to support the work of Dream Center. This breakdown shows where our total support came from.

2012 Expenses

Below demonstrates a breakdown of how we used donor dollars to support our ministry.

Program Operation 94%



Facilities & Equipment

Individual Donors





15% Churches



Community Development




analysis of total resources expended FY 2012 FY2011 FY2010 ADMINISTRATION

Accounting Bank Fees Insurance Conferences/Meetings Travel & Lodging Other Administrative Expenses

$ 893 $ 201 $ 2,878 $ 143 $ 83 $ 168 $ 4,366 (4%)

$ 1,000 $ 390 $ 3,304 $ 1,741 $ 1,884 $ 90 $ 8,409 (6%) $ 11,623(9%)

$ 69 $ 945 $ -- $ 843 $ 1,857 (2%)

$ $ $ $ $

$ 10,574 $ 10,714 $ -- $ 11,956 $ 33,244 (29%)

$ 14,276 $ 13,886 $ 2,097 $ 3,670 $ 33,929 (26%) $ 36,268(27%)

Postage, Printing, Supplies Communications (Internet/Phone) Payroll Expenses Ministry Programs

$ 1,811 $ 229 $ 32,553 $ 40,319 $ 74,912 (65%)

$ 1,108 $ 2,097 $ 46,767 $ 30,914 $ 80,886 (61%) $ 67,343(50%)





Business Registration Fees & Gov’t Expenses Permit Fees Visa Fees Legal & Other Professional Services


Vehicles Rent Utilities Depreciation


2,604 2,030 4,354 944 9,932 (7%) $ 19,205(14%)


Financial Summary FY2012 INCOME Unrestricted Income $117,224 Restricted Income $ 29,950 Other Income $ 47 _________ $147,221

FY2011 $144.971 $ 13,854 $ 16 _________ $158,841

EXPENSES Administration Governance Facilities/Equipment Operations Payroll

$ 4,366 $ 1,857 $ 33,244 $ 40,319 $ 32,553 _________ $114,274

$ 8,408 $ 9,932 $ 33,929 $ 34,119 $ 46,767 _________ $133,155

Net Income

$ 32,842

$ 25,686



Financial Position ASSETS

FIXED ASSETS $173,751 CURRENT ASSETS ` Cash in bank/on-hand $ 13,738 Prepaid Expenses $ 4,588 $ 18,326 Creditors: Due w/in 1 year $ (893) TOTAL CURRENT ASSETS $ 17,433 TOTAL ASSETS $191,184

$139,625 $ $ $ $ $

18,669 4,463 23,132 (4,417) 18,715



$176,807 $ (3,056)

$139,450 $ 174

$ 17,433 $191,184

$ 18,715 $158,340



Dream Center Uganda 2012 Annual report

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Ministry Leadership TTW Board of Directors Jeff Boucher John Stanley Sr. Pete Franco Tom Greico Pam Abma DCU Board of Directors Robert Gracious Asaasira (Founding Member & DCU Executive Director) Jesse Kroeze (Founding Member & DCU Country Director) Jeff Boucher (Founding Member & TTW President) Noel Owuor (Africa Funding Coach, Navigators) Micah Rwothumio (Pastor, University Community Fellowship) Edward Sekabanja (President, Sekabanja & Co. Advocates) DCU STAFF Jesse Kroeze (Country Director) Robert Gracious Asaasira (Executive Director) Jeff Gunther (Director of Business Enterprise) Edwin Mutai (Director of Community Development) Jane Aol (Bookkeeper) Charles Dickens Kilama (Project Foreman) Moses Lapir Okello (Project Supervisor) Benjamin Okello (Clinical Officer)

“Restoring Lives By Empowering Communities” Dream Center Uganda // P.O. Box 1109, Gulu // Uganda // Touch The World // 1 Maple Street, Allendale, NJ 07401 //

2012 Dream Center Uganda Annual Report  

Annual Report from Dream Center Uganda - a ministry of Touch The World.