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MAY 2013


Advance Stress Survey Dear Member, You may remember that Advance sent a Stress Survey to our members at the end of last year as we were keen to establish the main causes of workplace stress so that we could discuss this important issue with the Bank and agree possible solutions. At the time of publication of our last magazine, Linda Rolph was in the process of giving feedback on the results of our survey to Simon Lloyd (HR Director) and senior members of management. At this meeting, Linda secured a commitment from the Bank to work jointly to address the findings of our survey. We welcome this outcome and are also supportive of the decision by the Bank to undertake its own wellbeing survey. Advance will be attending a meeting in September to be briefed on the results and we will be interested to see if the feedback from the Bank’s survey is consistent with the views that we have received from you. We would like to say a big “Thank you” to everyone who responded to our survey – over 80% of our members took part, one of the highest response rates that Advance has ever had. This showed how important this subject was to our members. Your responses were essential in giving us a clear picture of the main causes of work-related stress. The responses to our survey showed that this issue impacted both genders and all age groups across the Bank. The key findings are summarised on the reverse of this letter.

Linda Rolph, General Secretary

Advance, 2nd Floor, 16/17 High Street, Tring, Herts HP23 5AH Telephone: 01442 891122


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The demands of the job Amongst the factors that were included in this area were: l a long working hours culture, l insufficient

time to do what is expected and

l a lack of rest


Advance has been fully briefed by Dave Moore, Santander’s Head of Health, Safety and Wellbeing on the details of next month’s survey which we would ask you to support as we have assurances that it is anonymous. The higher the response rate, the better position the Bank will be in to agree actions to improve its approach to wellbeing and Advance will play a key role.

Lack of control This area included such issues as: l unrealistic expectations by some managers l Micro-management

(where an unreasonable level of attention was paid to what members were doing during the day) and

l a lack of tolerance of minor mistakes by some

The Santander 2013 Wellbeing survey starts on the 4th June and everyone is encouraged to take part. The survey is hosted by Robertson Cooper, an industry leading consultancy specialising in organisational psychology, and colleagues can access it through the Santander is You website. It takes about 15 minutes to complete.


Work/life balance The main factors included in this area were: l inflexible working hours, l inadequate recognition of the goodwill that

staff give, particularly in relation to the flexibility that they apply to their roles and

l the amount

of effort that they put into to their

daily work.

Other causes of stress included:

The survey is completely confidential and Santander won’t receive information about any individual or small group. You don’t even have to provide your employee number of name to take part. “The survey is unique in that it involves a broad range of questions seeking to identify both work and non-work related potential stressors. Santander’s results can then be objectively compared to the database Robertson Cooper have complied across an all-industry and a financial sector group”, explains Dave.

l a failure to adhere to existing agreed practices

(particularly in the Branch Network) in relation to lunch breaks being given in mid-morning, l regularly changing working hours and moving

staff to different locations without due consideration being given to the impact that this has on individuals’ personal lives (for example, with childcare and elder care), l a lack of respect l a management


from some managers and

style of “telling rather than

This represents the first, ever comprehensive wellbeing survey to be carried out across all divisions of a national bank in the UK and it’s everyone’s opportunity to have their say. The survey has the support of Ana Botín, Chief Executive Officer at Santander, and we want to encourage all our members to get involved and take the opportunity to provide this essential business feedback. Advance will be writing to members again in the autumn with a full update on its discussions with the Bank and the actions that have been agreed in response to both ours and the Bank’s survey.

Wellbeing 2013  

Advance Stress Survey and wellbeing survey