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A note from Keith Fowlkes, new Centre College ITS Director & CIO I want to say thank you to everyone here at Centre College for such an amazing welcome! You all have made my first weeks here a great experience… no hazing rituals… yet. I want to especially thank Art Moore and the wonderful ITS staff for their great welcome and openness. Following a person like Art with his long history and deep commitment to Centre is pretty daunting but I hope that I can at least fill his position with a small portion of his commitment, integrity and attention to detail. I will do my very best to carry on the good work that Art started here. I have tried to pack my first days here with meeting as many faculty and staff members as possible before the summer takes many people away to vacations and research work. If I've missed you so far, please forgive me. I promise to get around and meet everyone in his or her own spaces around campus. I have already enjoyed hearing about life at Centre from many of you and I am very excited about the future here. Before I was with UVa-Wise, I spent many years in technology administration and teaching at Hanover College and later Saint Mary’s College, both in Indiana. I have a deep love for private liberal arts education and I am honored to serve with you here at Centre College. One of my goals here at Centre is to be a good communicator and translator to you. This newsletter is meant to be one way to keep you informed on what ITS is doing for the campus community and how you can give us your fresh ideas, thoughts and dreams for technology development here. This is just a preview mini-issue of what we plan to share in the fall but it is an example of how we want to start communicating more and better with the campus community. You will see our new Centrenet e~newsletters from ITS on a regular basis during the academic year and I hope that you with spend just a few minutes to read

This Summer 2013 Edition ITS Summer Projects Schedule




Document Imaging Project UPDATE


Administrative System Review group to be formed


“Fortune favors the brave.” --Virgil “Curiosity will conquer fear even more than bravery will.” -- James Stephens

them to keep up on how we are serving the Centre College campus community. “Service" is going to be a theme of this newsletter and we plan to keep you informed on the ways that we are serving you as part of our campus community. As always, if you have any concerns or issues, please call us, email us or visit the Centre College Technology Helpdesk site at Also, my door, email and phone are always open to your thoughts and ideas! I’d love to hear from you! Thank you for the opportunity to serve Centre College with you and I hope that you have a wonderful summer!

Keith Fowlkes, M.A., M.B.A. Director of ITS & CIO Centre College | x5572 direct

Art Moore Retires after 31 years of service to Centre College After 31 years at Centre College as a mathematics faculty member and later, Director of Information Technology Services, Art Moore has decided to retire. All of us who know Art realize that he will never truly retire but revert his energy and enthusiasm into family, friends, church and yard work as well as the more than occasional golf game. His last official day will be May 30, 2013 but he will always be a member of our Centre family. Please join us in thanking Art for his long service to Centre College and building Information Technology Services from the ground up. Art, you will truly be missed!

2013 ITS Scheduled Summer Projects As usual, there are many projects on the list for ITS during the summer weeks. Here are just a few projects that are on our lists for Summer 2013: ü Annual Student Lab and Faculty/ Staff computer replacements ü Annual projection systems installations and replacements ü ImageNow Document Imaging System Implementation in Development/ Alumni & Admissions Offices ü Annual network server & switch replacements and updates ü Review of the Jenzabar CX administrative software options ü Annual external Information Technology audit process and reporting ü First report on campus technology from our new Director & CIO

FACULTY! WE NEED YOUR INPUT!!! Before commencement, a list of the software slated to be installed in the labs this summer was circulated by email. Please review this list and if there is anything that needs to be added please notify us before August 1st or we cannot guarantee the software will be available at the start of the term. Please let us know as soon as possible so we can make sure all is set and ready for your courses in the fall! Email us at or call x5575. 2

Document Imaging Project UPDATE As some of you know, ITS and Alumni Relations and Development and Admissions have partnered to implement the Perceptive ImageNow document imaging solution this summer as a pilot project for the College. This project is to evaluate the software for possible future projects at Centre College. Document imaging is the process of moving from storing the thousands of paper documents in offices to digitally scanned images of these documents. This process is very time intensive and requires not only the scanning of thousands of documents but also the organization and categorization of these documents stored electronically. The process will make archival and retrieval of College documents more efficient and make digital backups possible to insure the longterm survival of these documents for the next 100 years at Centre College.

Centre College Campus Portal Enhancements Did you know that technologyrelated announcements such as planned outages, unplanned outage updates and advisories as well as latest IT news are available now on Facebook? We plan to begin doing update and training videos soon!

Visit us on Facebook at /CentreCollegeITS and LIKE US!

During the last week of May, a number of our users clicked on an email message that looked official but in fact was a very personalized fake message appearing to be from ITS. These caused a serious email mess in their inboxes. In an attempt to avoid this happening again, ITS is putting in place a new SUBJECT LINE TAG to give you one more indication that email is, in fact, from Centre College ITS. In the subject line of ITS campuswide messages (not messages to individuals), there will be one of the following tag lines from these ITS staff members to verify the message is a valid mass message: [CentreITS:CIO] [CentreITS:SYSADMIN] [CentreITS:HELPDESK] [CentreITS:ADMINCOMP]

Over the coming months, ITS will be working to enhance the CentreNet campus portal with new links, helpful information and easier navigation. We would like your ideas!! How could we make the website better for YOU? What would YOU like to see? Email Keith Fowlkes at with your thoughts, dreams, ideas and wishes, only for the campus portal please.

Where’s Tyler Chelf? Our Tyler Chelf has decided to leave Centre College for the call of the corporate world of technology. We will miss Tyler greatly as a colleague and a friend but we still hold him close in our hearts… and, of course, in Facebook and email. ITS has an active search ongoing now and hope to find a replacement for Tyler’s position as ITS User Support Coordinator soon. We miss you Tyler!

If you receive a mass message to campus users that does NOT have one of these tag lines in the subject line, please delete it. If you have questions about a message that looks suspicious, call us!


2013-2014 Information Technology Services Staff Directory

David Abney Web Developer /Programmer

Daniel Clark Technology Support Specialist

Keith Fowlkes Director of ITS & CIO

859-238-5761 david.abney

859-238-5537 daniel.clark

859-238-5572 keith.fowlkes

Susan Kirkpatrick Technology Support Coordinator 859-238-5575 susan.kirkpatrick

Patrick Lowe Academic Systems Coordinator

Bill Phillips Enterprise Systems Analyst

Stacie Yates Database Technologist

859-238-5289 patrick.lowe

859-238-5771 bill.phillips

859-238-5576 stacie.yates

Dave Frey Associate Director of Information Technical Services 859-238-5543 dave.frey

Shane Wilson Network & Systems Coordinator 859-238-5546 shane.wilson

You will always get the best and fastest response for your technology support calls by calling our Centre HelpDesk at

x5575 or email us at We are here to help you!

Print this poster and hang it up for quick reference!


CENTRENET UPDATE for Summer 2013  

Preview issue of the Information Technology Services electronic newsletter for Centre College - Danville, KY.

CENTRENET UPDATE for Summer 2013  

Preview issue of the Information Technology Services electronic newsletter for Centre College - Danville, KY.