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Color Displays & Printing Portfolio Flip through this booklet using the arrows to the sides to see recent projects.

Sports Arena Signage

CAA Men’s Basketball Tournament 2012 & 2013 Tournament Banners Keith- Fabry was contracted to print over 450’ linear feet of banner and install in the Richmond Colosseum. This involved initial site visits to develop the proper sizing and installation methods of the the project. After the event Keith-Fabry was responsible for the deinstallation and storage of the banners for future use.

Banner Installation

Collegiate School Gymnasium Banner Keith-Fabry worked with the production of a 20’x30’ outdoor banner. This banner was installed on the outside of the school gymnasium and required the use of an extended lift and onsite cutting of the banner to match the contours of the gym’s roofline.

Clear and Frosted Images

SCECON / US Army Custom exhibit graphics Keith-Fabry utilizes specialized printing equipment to create the look of frosted glass. In this exhibit large clear sheets of vinyl where printed with various shades of white ink to develop the look of etched glass. These large panels were installed on site by our expert installers.

CNC cutting

Desktop Gremlins Multi-piece display Along with printing Keith-Fabry also houses a large number of specialized finishing and cutting machines. The use of a large CNC cutting machine for this project insured that all cuts were precise and clean to allow for the easy assembly of these oversized Desktop Gremlins.

Counter Top Displays

Sattler Creative / VDST Counter Top Displays Keith-Fabry worked with our client to develop a custom countertop that was functional and economical. The use of standard materials and heat bent plastics allowed for the creation of this countertop display.

Custom Display Fixtures

AT&T/Beats Audio Headphone display AT&T contacted Keith-Fabry to develop a custom headphone holder for a new product line. This new display had to have a similar look and feel to an existing display but utilize a much smaller footprint to work on their existing shelves and counters. Various thicknesses of acrylics and aluminum materials were CNC cut to achieve the desired look

Dimensional Lettering

Eagle Construction Showroom signage Keith-Fabry provided these custom cut letters by color match printing onto plastics and laminating brushed aluminum panels to plastic and then CNC cutting them to shape. These letters were then installed about our experienced installation team.

Drive-Thru Menu Panels

Arby’s / The Restaurant Company Drive Thru Polycarbonate Prints Keith-Fabry provides polycarbonate back-lit panels for outdoor drive-tru menus. Special equipment is used to print directly to the polycarbonate so that the panels can have an extremely long life and exceptional resistance to heat related warping.

Exterior Banners

VMFA Parking Deck Banners These banners were produced for VMFA for a promotion on a new downtown parking deck. KeithFabry worked with the building contractors to insure that all sizing and hardware compatibility issues were worked out before the banners arrived on site.

Fabric Frame Prints

The Rockport Company In-store Wall Graphics Keith-Fabry offers many cutting edge display solutions including the graphic panels seen here for The Rockport Company. By providing permanent aluminum wallmounted frames, the client is able to switch out there graphics affordably without sacrificing the look of a premium product.


Eagle Construction Showroom Graphics Package Keith-Fabry provided a large list of solutions for Eagle Constructions award winning showroom in Richmond. This included the printing, fabrication, and installation of window graphics, hanging ceiling signs, wall displays, and cut lettering.


Virginia Union University Custom lightboxes Virginia Union University reached out to Keith-Fabry to have custom eight foot tall light boxes created. KeithFabry sourced the custom fabrication of the boxes and performed the printing of the graphics and the installation of the boxes onsite.

Magnetic Graphics

Arby’s / The Restaurant Company Magnetic cash register menus Keith-Fabry worked with this The Restaurant Company to create an easy to switch out menu system that was based on a magnetic backer board. Menus are printed on a special metal backed paper that quickie and easy stick to the magnetic backer allowing for quick and easy graphic changes.

Interior Signage

Arby’s / The Restaurant Company Menu board panels With the ability to print very large rigid materials, Keith-Fabry successfully supplied these large multiple panel graphics for our client. These graphics are printed on a rigid plastic that resists warping from kitchen related heat sources and can be switched out regularly.

Museum Graphics

Ringling Brothers Museum Canvas Tapestries Keith-Fabry provided these complex double sided hanging graphics for the Ringling Brother’s Museum. They involved printing onto a special canvas that was then cut and sewn with custom fringed edges and channeled for piping and suspension wires.

Outdoor Posters

VMFA Parking Deck Posters Keith-Fabry can provide oversized water proof signage and posters for virtually any need. This project required a thin paper like material that could with stand summer humidity and moisture while remaining flat and not fading.

Outdoor Signage

American Civil War Center Exterior Signage Sometimes you don’t need to start from scratch, you can simply cover your old signage. Keith-Fabry was contracted to place new signage over existing signs using the same posts and hardware to provide an updated look while keeping within the clients budget.

Perforated Window Vinyl

VMFA Museum Front Window Graphics Sometimes you just have to go big. VMFA required very large roughly 15’ x 75’ window graphic to be printed and installed on their windows to advertise up coming exhibits. The use of a perforated window vinyl allows the message to be see from the outside but still allow occupants to see out of the massive windows.

Product Portfolio  

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