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The Science of Solar Pool Heating Gas-powered pool heaters, while very popular in a lot of households, can be replaced by rather environment-friendly alternatives. Keeping a swimming pool warm is every one’s dream especially since relaxing in a warm pool has been proven to be therapeutic. However, in the name of therapy, you need not put the condition of your electricity bill spiking up at stake. With a solar pool heating method as an alternative to your gas-powered pool heater, you are doing yourself and your wallet a lot of favor. The mechanics and the science that goes into a solar pool heating is actually very simple, but one has to appreciate the smarts and the technicalities a solar pool heater has. In essence, what happens in this particular heating alternative is that with the use of your swimming pool pump, water coming from your swimming pool is pushed right up into the solar collectors. These solar collectors are ideally placed on top of your roof since placing the collectors there makes it nearer to the sun. The nearer it is to the sun, the more solar energy it can absorb. When water is pumped through the solar collectors, the water is heated as it moves. Heated water then moves and flows back to the swimming pool. Although solar collectors can only warm up a few amounts of water at a time, the way water passes through the said solar collectors make it possible to concentrate the heat energy so much so that the heat in the entire swimming pool is even. Yards with swimming pools can definitely take advantage of solar pool heating equipments since it is the place in the house where the heat coming from the sun is most circulated and absorbed. Yards, of all places, make it possible for solar pool heating devices to be efficient. Kids can enjoy a warm swimming pool where they can play all day long with their siblings or with their friends. Even grownups can bask in the fun as well. What is great about these pool heating alternatives is that there are more varieties of it today compared before. Aside from installing the solar collectors on the top of your roof, these heating alternatives can now be mounted on the ground or installed on a rack near the actual swimming pool that it heats up. These ground-mounted and rack-installed varieties make it possible for households to have a solar pool heater even if their roofs cannot support the weight of these solar collectors. Some roofs may be not as strong as the others and these varieties can very well work to their advantage. Another notable aspect of solar pool heaters is that you only pay once for your unit but the heat that flows through it is free since the energy comes from the sun and nowhere else. Taking advantage of this free energy only shows that we can maximize what Mother Nature can readily offer to us. The only thing that you should be wary about when purchasing your solar pool heaters is the size; the size of your solar pool heater should match the size of the pool that it is intended to warm up. For more inquiries with regards to solar pool heating visit: In2solar

The Science of Solar Pool Heating