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Judge Joe Brown In Hot Water....In Court


Photo submitted by Crystal Richerson

St. Louis is known around the world for its collection of free attractions, fine cuisine, blues music and nightlife. Once the nation's fourth-largest city, it has hosted the 1904 World's Fair and Olympics, was home to ragtime composer Scott Joplin, and was the city where Dred Scott filed his landmark lawsuit for freedom. Indeed, St. Louis once stood as the gateway to the vast, unsettled American West. Today, it continues to be a city of cultural crossroads, mixing food, music and shopping for a personality all its own.

St. Louis A great place to live

Looking for great St. Louis or Missouri destinations? Explore St. Louis: A complete guide to shopping, dining,

entertainment and sports in the St. Louis area sponsored by the St. Louis Convention & Visitors Commission.

Forest Park Forever: In 1986, Forest Park Forever, a private, not-

for-profit organization, was founded to work in partnership with the Department of Parks, Recreation & Forestry to make Forest Park the finest urban park in the country.

Missouri History Museum: Here you will find all the information you need to become acquainted, or reacquainted, with the Missouri History Museum, its facilities, programs, exhibitions, and community involvement.

St. Louis Science Center: Explore more than 700 free, hands-on

exhibits on environment, aviation, technology and more. Nominal fee for the James S. McDonnell Planetarium's Space Station experience, OMNIMAX速 Theater and special traveling exhibitions.

Saint Louis Art Museum: The Fine Arts Palace of the 1904

World's Fair is among the leading art museums in the country. Collections range from ancient to contemporary. Special exhibitions are held throughout the year.

The Muny: Find fabulous Broadway-style entertainment under the stars at America's oldest and largest outdoor musical theater. From mid-June through mid-Aug. Nightly, in beautiful Forest Park.

Missouri Botanical Garden: Founded in 1859, the Missouri

Botanical Garden is one of the oldest botanical institutions in the country and a National Historic Landmark. The Garden is a center for botanical research and science education, as well as an oasis in the city of St. Louis.

Missouri Department of Tourism: Whether you are planning a

family getaway or a solo adventure, Missouri has great vacation opportunities just waiting for you. View the official guide to activities in Missouri for vacation, fun and tourism.

Meet the staff.

Owner Keith baker is a Actor, husband, father, YouTuber and the owner of Play Channel Magazine. His vision to give people a entertainement magazine that shows not only the stars but the soon to be stars of tomorrow.

Photographer Lesley Joubert is the owner at LMJ Photography and prints. Her work can be seen around St. louis both in film and print.

Social Media Manager A dynamic and out going lady. She is all about social interactions and inperson meetings. This lady energy is second to none.

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Writer Neil Mcdonald is a family man, school teacher and actor in the Festus R-6 school district.

Entertainment mananger LaLa knows her way around St. Louis. Clubs and the nightlife is her ground to play in.

Videography, Film Making, Editing, Web Design, Book Trailers,

Music Promotions,

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19 Judge Joe Brown Ironically Goes to Jail

22-23 Aerial Hawkeye on the road to fitness

The KandiGirlz.........Tak writen by Benita Arceneaux Edited by Keith Baker

St. Louis can claim its fame for being the birthplace and home of many flourishing, long lived performing artists, athletes, and philanthropists/civil rights leaders. Some of the names originating from St Louis include: Nelly, Maya Angelo, Redd Foxx, Josephine Baker, Ozzie Smith, and many, many, others. Soon, the new household name that will resonate as St Louis-born, hall of famers, is that of two sensationally charismatic, dynamically entertaining, naturally comedic, and infinitely beautiful, Hip Hop Artists with a Pop Flare, fondly known as the “The Kandi Girlz”. The beautiful young ladies that comprise the “Kandi Girlz” happens to be St Louis born sisters, Diamond Thompson (Doll Face), 18 years old, and Sade Thompson (Nakahara), 17 yearsSade old. Thompson happens to(Nakahara), be St Louis17 born years old.

pictures curtousey of KandiGirlz website and The Nita Productions LLC

Diamond, at the age of 10, captured her mother’s attention with her love of performing by being a part of a group called “Bebe’s Kids.” This short-lived stent was the catalyst that leads to their mother’s (Valerie Clark) brainchild idea of adding Diamond’s two sisters (Sade & Brittany) as Diamond’s backup singers and dancers. As this venture began to grow, it lead to the entire sister group wanting to write their own songs and sing as well. Later, what originated as a 3-member group decreased in size to what you see before you now, a sister duo. The oldest of the group, Brittany, decid ed to leave the entertainment world

king the world by storm decided to leave the entertainment world to pursue her personal goals. i

Kandi Girlz Known As A Quadruple Threat Now attending High School in Houston, Tx, these musically talented young ladies are becoming well known all over the Mid-West for being a quadruple threat. From “walking the runway” as models, to writing music, to giving a flawless live stage performance, to their spontaneous comedic timing, The Kandi Girlz are trailblazing their way to stardom, catching the eyes of some of the music industries’ toughest leaders. Their beauty was the first thing noticed, but as more information was revealed about these jewels, it was discovered that no only are they beautiful and talented, but they are smart, ingenious, and have the ability to operate any studio equipment placed in front of them. They are the risk takers of today.

The Birth of The Kandi Girlz As their passion for music and entertaining continued to grow, Valerie, their mother and manager, was even more inclined to take the career of her daughters seriously and they officially became a group in 2008, “The Kandi Girlz.”

They released their first song, Step Up In Da Club, in 2009 and it received a lot of attention via YouTube both with comments and views. The song was such a hit that it caught the attention of DJ Sno who validated the talent these young ladies have by producing their second single Make Em Clap, released in 2010. Make Em Clap has been receiving heavy radio play in the mid-West, and allowed the girls to do an interview on the p1 radio station 104.1

In The Press As we fast-forward, to the year 2012, 2 years later, with two hit songs becoming internet sensations under their belt, The Kandi Girlz have been featured with major artists on Coast-2-Coast mixtapes hosted by Short Dawg, Eric Sermon, and followed by one of the biggest names in the Hip Hop arena, Kendrick Lamar. Going strong in 2013, The Kandi Girlz were featured on Kendrick Lamar's Various Artist Mixtape at #14 along with Ti, Andre 3000, Big Boi, Kendrick Lamar, and Ludacris being in the top 10. The Kandi Girlz keep good company and their talent goes well beyond them. Destined for Fame, with beauty, charisma, charm, and voices, “The Top” is their only stop. From New York, to Miami, to California, to Atlanta, to Houston, The Kandi Girlz have been featured in many music magazines such as NME Music Magazine, Vocab Magazine, Blended Entertainment, Six Twelve Magazine, and The HipHop Diaries, just to name a few.

They have been featured in St Louis’ local newspapers such as St.Louis Metro Sentinel, the St.Louis Post Dispatch, and The Saint Louis Argus. Also spotlighted in several both online and television type interviews such as In The Lights TV, Great Day Houston TV, Spot On Long Island, Urban Heaven Interview, and on the Houston Urban

Urban Network with Lonnie B.

Philanthropists, Performers, & Award Winners The Kandi Girlz have been performing shows from St. Louis, MO, to Houston, TX. They have performed for the half time show at one of St. Louis’s largest events, the All City High School Basketball Tournament, as well as The Black Expo that is held annually in Downtown St. Louis. They can also be found performing at Schools in Houston, TX such as Madison High School and Hastings High School, and a variety of different concert arenas. As we fast-forward again to 2014, only a quarter into the year, The Kandi Girlz, have already opened for a Roy Jones Jr. Event in Lake Charles, LA; performed for several high schools, and at one of the top event planning centers in Houston, TOC’s. They have made 2 Television appearances, and several radio shows, and the feature of several magazines and newsletters, like Soon the Kandi Girlz will be adding the title of philanthropists to their repertoire as they have been requested to help raise funds at many charity concerts for children in need, cancer victims, as well as cleaning up some of the violent, crime riddled urban neighborhoods. ~~They helped to raise funds for cancer patients and elevate cancer awareness as they performed for the “Fashion for Hope, 2013” sponsored by Tiffany’s-Touch out of Houston, TX. ~~They were later requested to return to their home, St Louis, MO, and performed at the mayor-indorsed event “Put Down The Guns and Pick Up Your Sons” held in July 2013. ~~They helped feed over 2,000 children, and pass out toys for the Demetrius Johnson Foundation, Christmas 2012. The Kandi Girlz not only have beauty on the outside, but their beauty radiates from their inner core, and this is evident as they continue to give

continue to give back to communities in need. The Kandi Girlz have received awards such as "Diva's of the Lou" and "Best Hip Hop Group Of the Year" which was featured in the NME Music Magazine.

Where Can You Find Their Music Their music can be found on CD Baby, Reverbnation, Coast-2-Coast Mix Tapes, and several other music sites as they currently work on pushing their new CD singles "Party Time" produced by Bc Necronam, and “Rap For Me� produced by DJ Sno to further heights. The Kandi Girlz are well on their way with nothing but a trail blazing past behind them, and the brightest of future ahead of them.

pictures curtousey of KandiGirlz website and The Nita Productions LLC

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Coming to a theater near you The Expendables 3 So its almost time for another action flick staring those old guys again. They are back and bigger than life with a host of new baddies and goodies to fight. We still have the usual Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, Dolph Lundgren, Randy Couture, Jet Li, Terry Crews and Arnold Schwarzenegger but they have added some new people like Mel Gibson, Harrison Ford, Antonio Banderas, Wesley Snipes and Kesley Grammer. Did I forget to mention former Olympian Ronda Rousey, stunt performer and actor Glen Powell and boxer Victor Ortiz. Well there are many more surprise in this action flick but you will have to wait till August to see the full cast. So how many expendabales do it take to kill a bad guy...just wait and see.

Ok so to set this up...a beautiful girl is out, gets druged and ends up with a gut full of experimental drugs. That's what this action filled movie is starring Scarlett Johansson and Morgan Freeman. After Lucy(Played by Johansson) has a rough altercation with her captors, the contents of the drugs in her stomach gets ruptured causing her to gain extrodinary powers. Freeman, being the authority on such matters of the mind has to help her understand whats going on with her. This has all the makings of a good movie and I can't wait to see it.


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SuperModel Carmen Rose

Photo by Rashied Matthews Designer Bobbi Fisher

So how long have you been modeling? ~Two years

What made you know you wanted to be a model? ~Because I wanted to be an inspiration to other females and I Think through modeling I can do it.

If a person wanted to get into modeling what would they have to do? ~ They would have to take headshots with a good professional photographer get a agent and live a healthy life so your skin will look good.

What standards do you feel today's model should have? ~Respect, consistency, and loyalty

Is there a line that you will not cross? ~I wouldn't do nudity. Not that there is anything wrong with it, just not my thing.

What are your best traits and what would you like to work on?

~My best traits are my eyes and I would like to work on my poses and working with different people in the industry i.e. designers, photographers, etc

With reality shows on the rise like America's Next Top Model, do you think it can can help people realize their dream's of being a model or do you think the show pushes a certain look for models that may be unrealistic for people. ~I do believe that the producers search for a look that is outside the box. These shows do help people with their dreams but I feel that it should be different nationalities on the show

How do you stay in shape? ~I eat healthy and exercise several times a week.

Dress Size: 11 Chest: 38 D Waist: 34 Inseam: 34 Sleeve: 33 Medium or Regular Shoe: 8 Weight: 125 pounds Height: 5' 9" Photo by Rashied Matthews Designer Bobbi Fisher

Bookings for Carmen for photoshoots, fashion shows, spokesmodel, radio, and commercials. Serious inquiries only please e-mail:

Photo by Rashied Matthews Designer Bobbi Fisher

Judge Joe Brown Ironically Goes to Jail Rant Lifestyle | By Joelle Marie Posted: March 25, 2014

Growing up I loved watching the court shows. Judge Judy is great, and there were many others including Judge Joe Brown. I was also great at arguing so in my head I won every case. But Judge Joe Brown has been arrested. Yes, JUDGE Joe Brown. Ironic, yes. Surprised? Nah. n Memphis , Tenn., Judge Brown created a lot of noise in a court and was sentenced to five days in jail. This isn’t the first outburst by the judge, just the first I’ve heard of that was not in his own courtroom. This is not what he wants on

Y T I R B E L E C S W NE source- Shelby County Sheriff Office

in his own courtroom. This is not what he wants on his record while he running for the District Attorney’s Office. Oh boy.

The Judge’s Facebook was turned to a Martin Luther King Jr. picture, and he was compared to MLK as fighting for rights. TMZ obtained a recording where Judge Brown calls the court a “sorry operation” and there is also a “Free Judge Joe Brown” Facebook page. Already?! Man these guys are quick!

All of this happened during a child support hearing. I wonder exactly what was going on that outraged the judge so. KOMONEWS.COM reported that the Chief Magistrate, Dan Michael, said Brown was yelling and repeatedly, challenging Horne’s authority and even addressing his comments to a crowd of people inside the courtroom.

66- year-old Brown’s TV show was cancelled just last year after running over 10 years. The judge had a great run on television and is one of the many celebrities you would never have expected to be arrested, especially in his own workplace!

Images are from pix m

Aerial Hawkey....pushing acting and exercise to the limits.

Aerial Hawkey is a young, energetic fitness instructor who is taking the Metro East Illinois area by storm. Known for her ability to rock out large group fitness classes she often finds herself teaching multiples classes a day. Recently, the buzz around her name has come from the masses who have flocked to workout with her. She is also certified also teach of both INSANITY and Zumba (r) as well. Aerial brings variety to the table, but more importantly she has a true knack for being able to push you while giving you the best time of your life.

Aerial is creating a buzz for herself in the St. Louis marketing, has been doing print work for several years and has recently been walking the fasion runways and nabbing up movie roles. You can catch her in the up and coming film "Belleville" next month which is premiering at several Wherenberg theaters and AMC theaters. She is also one of the stars of the up and coming web series "The SINISTER Truth", which is in post production right now. She is versatile on so many levels, her unique look is catching the attention of many in the film and print world. "I just like to have fun, I have worked hard to perfect my craft and I am still growing and learning. I have been blessed to work with some amazingly talented people who have mentored me. I am always on the grind looking for gigs, networking, auditioning. I believe anything is possible if you believe in yourself and work hard." It hasn't been easy but it has been so worth it. I don't plan on stopping either, I am going after my dreams and goals at full speed." Cli



So how does she stay in shape for the movies, the auditions, and the modeling jobs? Well, thats where the health and fitness comes in. Aerial is a young, energetic fitness instructor who is taking the Metro East Illinois area by storm. Known for her ability to rock out large group fitness classes she often finds herself teaching multiples classes a day. Recently, the buzz around her name has come from the masses who have flocked to workout with her. She is also certified also teach of bot INSANITY and Zumba(r) as well. Aerial brings variety to the table, but more importantly she has a true knack for being able to push you while giving you the best time of your life. Her classes are often described as "a fun, challenging workout that leaves you feeling completely exhausted, but smiling because you didn't realize you could do half of the things she had you do". STAY CONNECTED, STAY INFORMED Email: Number: 217-663-7515 Facebook: AerialHawkey

Instagram: @aer_ial


I just won my second Florida Golden Glove title in two years. I am also the number one fighter in the state at m weight class (Heavyweight) for the second year in a row! M next fight is in Las Vega May-7-11, 2014 in the National Golden Gloves Only the best fighter from each weight class in each state is invited. Last year I won two fights at nationals in the SuperHeavyweight class.........I won't give up.

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Play channel magazine vol 2  

We Got the Hottest Sister Duo on the Planet, The KandiGirlz!!! Judge Joe brown was arrested...IN COURT!!! Aerial Hawkey is sexy and in shape...

Play channel magazine vol 2  

We Got the Hottest Sister Duo on the Planet, The KandiGirlz!!! Judge Joe brown was arrested...IN COURT!!! Aerial Hawkey is sexy and in shape...