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Eureka 313A Enviro Hard Surface Floor Steamer

Steam Mop Reviews – Eureka 313A Enviro Hard-Surface Floor Steamer is The Best Stream Mop (Floor Steamer) for Hard Surface Floor I enjoy cooking and cook often. I am not a very careful cook and like to experience with different ingredient and metho d of cooking. Thus, my kitchen floor is always oily (I like to fry things) and it collects whatever I used to cook. I always mop with conventional mops but buckets of water and detergent does not make my kitchen any cleaner and oil-free. I have 2 male dogs and you know male dogs like to mark their territory even though they are potty trained. When they eat, they mass up the area around their bowls and worse, they like to take their food to their cozy corner to eat. They l eave their trace everywhere in the house. They are allergic to strong detergent, if I mop the floor with strong detergen t, they get rashes all over their bellies. It pains me to see them suffer. I did my research and discover that there is such a thing called Steam Mop or Floor Steamer. I read through thousan ds of Steam Mop Reviews and Floor Steamer Reviews, and found Eureka 313A Enviro Hard-Surface Floor Steamer seems to be the Best Stream Mop/Floor Steamer for Hard-Surface Floor. Still before I decide to order the Eureka 313a Floor Steamer, I visited friends and neighbors who are using steam mo ps too. I tried out their steam mop, like the Shark by Europro, the Haan Steamer, The Monster, The Bissell Green Te a, The SteamFast SF-140 and The SteamBoy T1. And finally, I bought Eureka 313A from Amazon (cheapest price online) and really pleased with it with no regret. Here is info on What To Look For When Buying a Floor Steamer extracted from Consumer Search (www.ConsumerS

Buying Guide for Steam Mop Steam Mop Advantages and Disadvantages

Steam mops are designed to clean vinyl, tile, sealed wooden and laminate flooring, but not cork flo oring, unsealed wood or unglazed tile. If you use a steam mop on a waxed floor, it can melt the wax and spread it aro und, leaving a haze. It’s a little disturbing, too, to find reports from a few owners about damage to laminate floors, esp ecially since the problem took some time to develop. Experts advise caution when using a steam mop on a wood or l aminate floor, though many owners report great results. For a small vinyl floor, just about any steam mop will do the trick, though a pivoting mop head adds convenience. For a larger area, reviewers recommend looking for a steam mop with a long cord and large water reservoir (for long work ing time between refills). If you think you’ll need to refill the reservoir, look for a continuous-refill steam mop that does n’t need to cool down between refills, plus a short warm-up time. (Warm-up time ranges from 30 seconds to five minu tes, and some steam mops have to cool down for several minutes between refills.) Owners say it can take some time to get the hang of using a steam mop. It’s a matter of timing to use enough steam t o loosen dirt but not get the floor too wet. Some steam mops are more apt to leave a floor sopping wet than other mo dels, though, so this is a factor to consider — especially if you need to mop wooden floors. Steam mops with just one hole in the head seem to be more apt to leave a floor very wet, compared with steam mops with many steam outlets. If you care about sanitizing a floor — killing germs with high heat — be aware that most steam mops don’t get hot en ough to do this without keeping the mop in one place for eight to 15 seconds, which can make mopping a whole floor take a long time. This is partly a matter of wattage, which varies from 800 to 1,500 watts. It’s also a matter of design — how many steam holes the mop head has and how close to the floor the water is heated. Only a few steam mop m odels get hot enough at floor level to sanitize effectively. Another big design difference among steam mops is the way the amount of steam is controlled.

Some steam mops, such as those by Eureka and Haan are simply either on or off (with a foot switch on the base), so the main control you have is the pace at which you move the mop across the floor.

At the opposite extreme are steam mops by Bissell, Kalorik and Steamboy, on which steam comes out only when you hold a trigger down. This gives you more control but can be very tiring if you have to hold down the trigger for a long time.

Shark steam mops require you to pump the handle up and down to get the steam going, with the idea that you’ll naturally push down when moving the mop forward — but then you don’t have steam when pulling the mop back, and many reviewers say this design is tiring to use.

The higher-end SteamFast models use a dial so you can adjust the steam output for different floorings. No trigger pulling or pumping is needed.

Steam mops that provide continuous steam (with a basic on-off switch rather than a trigger or pump) come with floor pads or stands for the warm-up period. You can also place the steam mop on the stand while you take a break. Some stands also serve as carpet gliders or carpet stands, which let you use the steam mop to freshen up a carpet or even a mattress. Carpet gliders are standard on some steam mops, optional on others. Experts recommend the following when shopping for a steam mop:

Decide whether sanitizing is important. If killing germs is one of your goals, pick a mop that provides steam that’s hot enough to do so with reasonable speed. Unless you’re mopping a very small area, you’re not going to want to hold the steam mop in one place for 12 to 15 seconds without moving it.

Be sure the handle design and length are comfortable. The handles of some steam mops are adjustable, but others are a fixed length, which may be too short or long for you. Handles also vary in design, and some are more ergonomic than others.

Weight and working time are tradeoffs. A lightweight steam mop is less tiring to push around, but light weight usually means a small reservoir and short working time between refills.

A larger water reservoir is best for large floor areas. Too short a working time between refills is another major complaint from owners. It doesn’t matter for steam mopping one very small room, but for large areas, reviews recommend a big reservoir.

Quick warm-up saves time on large areas. The difference between waiting 30 seconds and three minutes may not matter much if you only wait once each time you mop — but if you have to refill the reservoir during each mopping session, the extra time will be inconvenient.

Is there a cool-down required between refills? This is another factor that can increase cleaning time if you need to refill the reservoir; some steam mops require several minutes to cool down.

The reservoir should be easy to fill. Some reviewers like a removable reservoir that you can take to the sink, while others find this a nuisance.

A long cord makes a big difference in convenience. Owners report that having to switch outlets within the same room is a big pain, especially if they have to step on the freshly mopped floor to reach the outlet.

Cord management helps keep the cord out of your way. Some steam mops have a built-in holder to keep the cord off the floor and make it easier to manage.

Decide which type of switch you prefer. Steam mops with triggers give you more control but can be tiring to use. An on-off button is simple but can leave floors too wet. Pumping the handle can be tiring if you’re cleaning a big floor. Floor pedal on-off switches are relatively easy to use.

Look for a swiveling head. Pivoting heads are easier to maneuver around toilets and under appliances.

Be sure the mop head isn’t too deep to fit under furnishings. If the floors you want to clean extend under cabinet fronts, appliances or furniture, be sure the mop head will fit underneath them.

Look for covers that are easy to attach. A cover that attaches with Velcro can save a lot of time and frustration.

Indicator lights add convenience. It helps to have one light that tells you when the steam mop is ready to use, and another light to let you know when you need to refill the reservoir.

Buy from a retailer with a good return policy. We found reports of faulty mops across brands and models, so you’ll want to be able to exchange a steam mop easily if you’re unlucky enough to get a mop that doesn’t work well.

Budget for extra microfiber covers. Unless you mop a very small area at a time, you’ll probably want more than the two covers that come with most steam mops.

Steam mops with filters add to the cost. A filter usually needs replacing about every six months, and prices vary among brands (*Est. $10 to $15).

Eureka 313A Enviro Hard-Surface Floor Steamer: A Must Have Steam Mop for Family Who Wishes To Stay In A Clean House with Young Children, Pets and Not Suffer Back Pain from Mopping The Floor Let’s take a look at features and the function of Eureka 313A Steam Mop: Hard-surface floor steamer cleans and sanitizes without the use of chemicals 6-1/2 amps of power; indicator light for water levels; pre-heating/cool-down tray for safety Adjustable-height handle; 12-1/2-inch cleaning head; lightweight design; cloth clip Measuring cup, funnel, and 2 steam pads included Measures 7 by 12-1/2 by 49 inches; 5.5 pounds empty; 1-year limited warranty Designed for use on wood, granite, laminate, marble, and other hard, sealed surfaces, this sleek steamer quickly a nd effectively sanitizes floors to gleaming perfection. The compact unit’s ingenious steaming technology requires no harsh chemicals, instead harnessing the power of p ure steam to loosen and remove even the toughest dirt and grime. Eureka 313A Steam Mop generous 12-1/2-inch cleaning head maneuvers easily into corners and reduces the time it takes to cover even large floor surfaces, while its 25-foot cord allows for hassle-free access all over a home, condo, or apartment. View Eureka 313A Enviro Hard-Surface Floor Steamer on Amazon here

How To Use A Eureka 313A Steam Mop? The steamer comes with two pads, a measuring cup, a funnel and a Styrofoam tray to rest the steamer in while it is h eating up/cooling down or when it is hot and not in use. The steamer was easy to assemble with only the handle to sc rew into the base. Pull out the handle to your desired height, clip a pad onto the bottom, pour two measures of water i nto the tank, plug in, turn on and you’re in business! I placed the steamer on the tray provided and it began to steam i n about three minutes.

So Why People Are Raving About This Eureka 313A Enviro HardSurface Floor Steamer to be The Best Stream Mop (Floor Steamer) for Hard Surface Floor? What I like about this Eureka 313A Enviro Hard-Surface Floor Steamer is it’s sturdy product design, easy to use and very high product efficiency. Let’s get into the Good and the Bad about this Eureka 313A Steam Mop from the feedback I gathered from other user s as well as my personal experience.

The Good (Pros) The Assembly & Set-up for Eureka 313A is quick and easy, It takes around 10 minutes. It is completely silent. Eureka 313A cleans with only water. No more chemical detergents and, no clean-up or rinsing afterwards as there isn’t any type of residue left on the floors, this is particularly important to families with young children and pets. Environmentally friendly since nothing going into the landfills. The results are amazing. Nice shiny tile with no streaks even in direct sunlight. One can definitely feel the differenc e between regular mopping and using the Eureka floor steamer. The “clean” feel lasted for several days where a mop ped floor was lucky to feel clean for 24 hours. The head is neatly sized and fits around most toilet and under the front of most cabinets. Steam mopping with Eureka 313A is easier, no more back breaking scrubbing. Eureka 3131A has a larger water tank to hold 12oz of water, only needed to refill every 15-20 minutes of cleaning. This Eureka floor steamer produces really hot steam (220F), where a lot of other brands only heat up to 100 degre es and importantly it produces constant steam output (no trigger to hold to get steam like other brand). The hot steam comes from more directions than just one. It heats up quickly (about 3 minutes). It comes with an adjustable length telescoping handle that can be made quite long or short to fit your requirements. The head of the steamer swivels so you can go through intricate alcoves and corners and gather any dirt deposits t hat form under the steam. It has a green light to tell you the power is on and one that turns amber when you’re out of water.

The water tank is on the base, not on the stick so the weight does the work for you. You don’t have to exert any do wnward pressure. And thus, scrubbing is kept to a minimum. Eureka 313A Enviro is relatively inexpensive, priced below $70. It is easy to use. When fully filled with water, it is a bit heavy, but is still easy to push it around. Eureka 313A Enviro is light weight when the tank is empty, easy to lift and store. After mopping, the floors take the relatively short time (the most 10 minutes) to dry completely. The mopping pad is durable and attaches easily, and they are machine washable. The magic pads (it comes with 2) are very thick, and really effective in trapping the grime. The size of the mop is big enough to cover more areas than the other steam mop, which is a time saver. Doesn’t have to cool down between refills, as with some of the other machines. It is sturdy, made of solid metal with a screw top metal lid designed to generate pressure. The cloth attaches with clips to the sides of the base, which means you can use any cloth you want to, not just the special one they make. Eureka 313A can be used to sterilize the counters by taking the handle off and steam over your counters.

The Bad (Cons) The entire cord length is 20 feet, not 25 as stated in the owner’s manual. If you clip it up at the top of the handle to keep it off the ground, you just lost about 3.5 feet, so total usable cord length is down to 16.5 feet. It is too short for pu lling the steam mop around the whole room unless you have a rather small room. Eureka 313A’s water tank is 12oz and it comes with a funnel and a cup with a line on it, that line is at 6oz. and they say fill the steamer with the cup twice. Why don’t they give a bigger cup? It is difficult to push the head from side to side. The steam comes out only in the center, the steam doesn’t get into the corners and the cleaning effect is only from the wet cloth. Thus, it does not clean corners and edges well. The Eureka 313A Enviro replacement pads are expensive ($19) (see below for Tips) The “magic pads” shrank a little when wash them in the washing machine The clip on the pad are not as secure and it seems to fall off anytime Have to refill with water every 10-15 minutes if you have a big floor area.

Steam Mop Comparison How does Eureka 313A Enviro Hard-Surface Floor Steamer fair against other Steam Mops? Let’s do a comparison with other popular steam mop brands.

Comparison of Steam Mop Steam Mop Ratings and Comparison: Which of the following is the Best Steam Mop? Eureka 313A Enviro Hard Surface Floor Steamer, The Shark by Europro, the Haan Steamer, The Monster, The Bissell Green Tea, The SteamFast SF-140 or The SteamBoy T1?


CORD LENGTH Eureka 313A The Shark Haan Steamer The Monster Bissell Green Tea SteamFast SF-140 SteamBoy T1



20′ 19’8″ 25’ 17’ 18.7’ 16’


The hotter the steam, the more dirt picked up and hot steam will also kill parasites, mold and mildew and loosen more dirt.

Eureka 313A The Shark Haan Steamer

220F 110F 212F 266F

The Monster Bissell Green Tea SteamFast SF-140 SteamBoy T1 3.

With longer cord, you don’t have to stop and unplug and replug when mopping bigger room Stated as 25 feet but the actual length is 20 feet.


125F 137F 120F How it was made corresponds with issues with the steamer. Using plastic material will certainly make the mop lighter but more likely to break, particularly the handle. 5.5 lbs .Strong and sturdy.

Eureka 313A The Shark Haan Steamer The Monster Bissell Green Tea SteamFast SF-140 SteamBoy T1

Quite flimsy. Handle breaking happens quite often. A bit flimsy and you need to press down on it more to clean at 3.15 lbs. Handles on the mops are all plastic and people are having breakage issues. 8.4 ibs. that includes a water filter. 7 lbs. very flimsy plastic all over. 9 lbs. very flimsy plastic all over.


Very important because having to stop and add more water just adds on to the time you have to spend cleaning, especially if you are cleaning an area that has no sink. On the other hand, the bigger the water tank the heavier the steam mop

Eureka 313A The Shark Haan Steamer The Monster Bissell Green Tea SteamFast SF-140 SteamBoy T1 5.

SIZE Eureka 313A The Shark Haan Steamer The Monster Bissell Green Tea SteamFast SF-140 SteamBoy T1

will be. Holds up to 20 oz. of water. Lasted for over 20 minutes of cleaning. Holds up to 10 oz of water. Lasted for 10 minutes of cleaning. Holds up to 11.83 oz of water. Lasted for 13 minutes of cleaning. Holds up to 17 oz. of water. Lasted for 15 minutes of cleaning. Holds up to 13 oz of water. Lasted for 12.5 minutes of cleaning. Holds up to 8 oz of water. Lasted for 7 minutes of cleaning Holds up to 24 oz of water. Lasted for 12 minutes of cleaning The taller it is the less stooping, the wider the mop head, the more it covers but more difficult to move around corners and in room with more furniture. 50″Hx13.25″Wx6.75″D - It’s depth is smaller made it reach under furniture better. 40″Hx12″Wx7″D 50.5×11.5×7.5 48×12.7.5 45.25H x11 x8.4 49×11.8×7 28.2×6.9×7.9

Conclusion of Steam Mop Comparison

Based on the above comparison, Eureka 313a Enviro Hard-Surface Floor Steamer stand s out among the rest of the steam mops in almost all of the categories. Indeed Eureka 313a Enviro Hard-Surface Floor Steamer is the ultimate Best Steam Mop. Click to View Eureka 313a Enviro Hard-Surface Floor Steamer on Amazon. Source of information: A. Chandler posted @ Amazon.

What Some Users Are Saying About the Eureka 313A Enviro Hard-Surface Floor Steamer I told my husband I actually felt like dancing I was so happy to be steam mopping with my Enviro Steamer. In fact, it’s cleaning the spots up that the others couldn’t get! The pads are thick and easily tossed in the wash. The floor is cl

ean, not wet which is great since I have two dogs. My white tile floor just sparkles and I know its clean because of the steam. I also like that fact that there are no chemicals. ….R. Miles This is a well-built product. It’s structure and tank are similar to my professional garment steamer. I have no doubt that this product will last a long time due to the simplicity of construction. I have 1800 sq. ft. of hardwood, tile and lami nate. It does great on all 3. My floors haven’t been this clean since they were installed. ….. Tammy L. Robinson I’ve thought about getting a steam mop for a while but whenever I read up on them, there were more complaints t han raves. Read about this one on several sites and it seemed universally loved. I can see why: it does a great job an d does it quickly. The floors get really clean; you can see it on the pad. This is prob. the best feature: large, heavy dut y, thick, waffle weave pads. …..M. L. MacInerney

Tips on Using Eureka 313A Enviro Hard-Surface Floor Steamer For marks or real sticky stuff, just let the center of the Steam Mop rest over the spot for about 10-15 seconds and with 2 strokes and it will be gone. If after moping left a lot of water on the floor, do not despair. I discovered some batches of Eureka 313A Enviro nee d ‘break-in”, usually the subsequent use improve the condition till very little water left behind. One suggestion is to fill t he water tank with just 1cup (6oz) of water instead of 2 cups (12oz) for the first few attempts. Another thing you could do is to let the Eureka floor steamer warm up for 5 minutes instead of the 3-4 recommended minutes & to use distille d water. Eureka and Pergo do NOT recommend using a floor steamer on Pergo floors. Always empty whatever water left in the tank after use. Also, Do NOT leave the screw cap screwed to the machine after use/during storage, for it will rust shut. To have a super-clean floor, vacuum your floors pre-mopping; lightly dampen the cleaning pad prior to installation, and use distilled water. Eureka 313A Floor Steamer does not clean the grout. What you can do is to hit the grout with steam and then with a tile scrubber, it will come right up. The cord length is only 20′ but you can use an extension cord to avoid the inconvenience of unplug and replug. The Eureka 313A floor steamer comes with two pads. Flip your pad over when the one side is dirty to extend the cl eaning usage. Now you have FOUR pads. You don’t have to buy new pads, just use kitchen towels. Pick something that is similar to the one that comes with t he Eureka 313A

If you really want to use the Eureka pads, it is not sold at any supermarket, you must get from Eureka at a price of 19.00 for two pads plus 7.00 shipping. The product name is Eureka 60978 EnviroSteamer Magic Cloth. I would sugge st ordering 2 sets because the shipping is the same either way. Here is the contact info: Customer Service Department at 1-800-282-2886 (8 a.m. – 7:30 CST Monday-Friday, 10 a.m.- 6:30 p.m. CST Saturd ay-Sunday). You can also purchase the Eureka 60978 EnviroSteamer Magic Cloth from Amazon. Or you may like to order extra pads when you purchase the Eureka 313A Enviro Floor Steamer. Eureka 313A Enviro steam mop cleans much better the slower you go. Take note to fill the tank with 12oz and NOT 2 cups. There is a marking on the cup, 6oz is about 3/4 of the cup. If y ou fill the tank with 2 full cups, the water will leak out of the steam mop. The steam lasts longest if you don’t hold the mop above the floor to walk to another area since the steam pours out as it will with any steam mop if you do. When finished steam mopping, just rinse out or gently wash the high quality cleaning pad in cool water. Don’t use h ot water when washing. Do NOT bleach. It can ruin the pad. Hang it length-ways to dry. Do NOT place it in dryer, it wi ll shrink the pad. Using distilled water will prolong the life of the steamer by eliminating mineral deposits in the steam jets. Do NOT ever add any chemicals (or perfume) to the water. Chemicals can damage the machine and the cleaning pad. Water is all you need! Fill machine only when empty or not making any more steam. Otherwise, you may soak your floor. Be sure to use the warming and cool down tray to keep the steam from building up on the floor. Especially with wo od floors so as not to warp them. Really deep textured linoleum or tiles will need a follow up scrubbing. Do NOT use Eureka 313A Enviro on waxed floor. If you use a it on a waxed floor, it can melt the wax and spread it around, leaving a haze.

Side Notes Even though it is not made to be used on carpets, I used it on my carpets and it gives my carpets a really soft feeli ng. But since dirt and dust are easily trapped in the carpet, use a vacuum cleaner to clean up the carpet prior to stea m mopping it. I wanted to find out how clean the floor was after being steam mopped by the Eureka 313A, so I used my hands w earing a pair of white gloves to wipe over the mopped floor. Wow, it was so clean that the pair of glove remained sno w white, but it was not so at the corners of the walls, but what could I ask for as they had never been so clean before.

Product Suggestions The head is rectangular with a single line of steam openings across about 90% of the width of the head. However – there is only that single line of openings. A second short row of steam openings – running perpendicular to the main row would increase the cleaning capability of the mop especially when you have the mop head pivoted 90 degrees to get into a tight space. Water level in the tank be visible. Would have been nice if the manufacturer had thought of a nice place to store the funnel and cup on the unit, so th at for each refill of water, we just need to take out the cup from the steam mop storage apartment. It will be great if the manufacturer would enlarge the water tank for a longer steam time. Of course, then they woul d probably need to use lighter materials to make the floor steamer else it might be too heavy to push it around. If there is a foot operated on off switch will be wonderful. Definitely a longer cord is a MUST. At least 25′. A rubber wheeled warming tray that can be pushed around will be helpful.

The Verdict

– Eureka 313A Enviro Hard-Surface Floor Steamer is Indeed The Best Stream Mop (Floor Steamer) for Hard Surface Floor



Ease of Use


Final Verdict

Final Score: 93%

Where Can I Buy The Eureka 313A Enviro Hard-Surface Floor Steamer You can buy this Eureka 313A Enviro Hard-Surface Floor Steamer from Amazon. At the moment Amazon is offeri ng a 14% discount with FREE Super Saver Shipping. If you are buying it as a gift, Gift-wrap is available. From what I research when comparing prices with other online merchants, Amazon do currently have the best deal especially with the free shipping option. Click HERE to view Eureka 313A Enviro Hard-Surface Floor Steamer on Amazon. With the Final Verdict, I conclude my Steam Mop Reviews of Eureka 313A Enviro Hard-Surface Floor Steamer .

Reviews done by Vicky Kidds

Eureka 313A - Best Steam Mop Reviews  

Eureka 313A is raved as the Best Steamp Mop. Check out the Good and Bads of this Steam Mop Eureka 313a.

Eureka 313A - Best Steam Mop Reviews  

Eureka 313A is raved as the Best Steamp Mop. Check out the Good and Bads of this Steam Mop Eureka 313a.