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Brainwave Entrainment CD - Listen and Be Transformed Brainwave entrainment CD helps to train the mind to produce coherent brainwave patterns best suited for optimal mental functioning during particular activities. People with trained minds can easily shift between different states merely by intending it.

Human Brain Our brain is made up of billions of brain cells called neurons, which use electricity to communicate with each other.

It is an established fact that we have electrical activity (brainwaves) going on in our brains. For example, Alpha brainwaves have been linked to states of relaxation and have been found to be present during most meditational states.

Alpha brain waves allow us to experience higher levels of cognitive learning.

Brains have two hemispheres, left and right. The left hemisphere is sequential, linear, logical, practical, mathematical, and time orientated. The right hemisphere is creative, musical, artistic and imaginative. Brain function can be enhanced through the increase of cross-colossal communication between the left and right hemispheres of the brain.

Brainwaves Brainwaves have been divided into four predominant speed ranges, or types. Brainwave types are connected to different mind states, or states of consciousness. Brainwaves vary in their rhythm depending on what we are doing.

Alpha waves are one type of brain waves detected either by electro-encephalography (EEG) or magnetoencephalography (MEG) and predominantly originate from the occipital lobe during wakeful relaxation with closed eyes. Alpha waves are reduced with open eyes and drowsiness and sleep.

Alpha and theta are both healing states and are the states that experienced meditators evoke. It has been long recognized that healing occurs more easily when these states are established; that the body/mind's natural capacity for healing is activated.

Alpha/Theta Neuro-feedback results in some 80% of those addicts properly trained becoming noncraving, healthy people with well-adjusted neurochemistry (Peninston; Kulkosky, 1990).

Brainwave entrainment Brainwave Entrainment is not a new technology. It is an effective, unobtrusive, inexpensive, and mostly unknown technology with a history of 70 years of clinical use. Brainwave entrainment is using the power of the brain, with all its own internal mechanisms to your own advantage.

Let me explain further. Brainwave entrainment uses the technology to make the wave patterns in the brain fall into step with the specific wave patterns that helps to induce a desired state of mind of a person. Different states of mind such as sleep, relaxation, euphoria and meditation are created through the brain's production and maintenance of frequencies within the mind, or brainwaves.

This is really dependent on the frequency following effect that is done in the cortical of the mind. Brain entrainment alters brainwave frequencies to retrain the brain through sound waves or tones. Entrainment methods are diverse and range from the incorporation of classical music, to methods of lowering frequency levels for purposes of subliminal programming, to retraining the brain with sound frequencies.

Benefits of Brain Entrainment Technology Brainwave entrainment technology can help in all respects, creating bliss and delight, a positive outlook and even trigger frequencies that will promote healing that is also physical. The power of this type of self-healing is no longer limited - now freely available all over the world, especially in cyberspace in the form of mp3 download.

Brainwave Entrainment CD Brainwave entrainment recording, is the process whereby sound is used to elicit specific frequencies and states of mind in the human brain.

Brainwave entrainment CD recordings are available to aid in a range of areas. Some are designed specifically to lower blood pressure, overcome sleep disorders or to balance the brain in order to address certain mental dysfunctions.

Simply by listening to these CDs for 30 minutes to an hour, help the listener to easily enter states of increased intelligence, creativity, relaxation, energy, with no side effects. These CDs are designed to address the specific frequencies associated with issues such as sleep, pain, stress, etc.

Benefits of listening to Brainwave Entrainment CD Brain entrainment can free a person from insomnia by entraining the brain to the theta level whereas people with ADD find their condition improves when their brain is entrained to the theta level. On the other hand, People are most susceptible to learning and behavioral change when they are in the alpha state.

Another benefit of Brainwave Entrainment recording is it helps to improve clarity of thought, easier to relax, allows time for hormones and neurotransmitters to 'level out'. Listening to Brainwave Entrainment CD has many other benefits besides improving your focus and concentration and slashes the stress in your life.

Meditation Meditation is good for our body and soul. Though nobody know exactly when meditation started, researchers speculate that primitive hunter-gatherer societies may have discovered meditation and its altered states of consciousness while staring at the flames of their fires. Meditation practiced regularly has been shown to reduce symptoms of stress such as high blood pressure, racing heart and sleep problems.

Alpha brainwaves have been linked to states of relaxation and have been found to be present during most meditational states. By using this powerful Brainwave Entrainment CD, one can add a brainwave boost to his/her meditations or simply summon an Alpha state for any activity that requires inner relaxation, silencing of the mind, or simply a sense of stillness.

Brainwave entrainment recordings make meditation easy - just put on the headphones and listen.

Conclusion Brainwave Entrainment CD recordings are actually designed in a way to influence the brain waves. Just by listening to a simple audio program can help you improve your concentration, reduce stress, enhance your IQ, creativity and boost performance.

Today with the diffusion of the internet, this brainwave entrainment technology can be massively distributed to the masses via the form of a mp3 download.

To learn more about Brainwave Entrainment and to download a free entrainment CD, visit

Brainwave CD - Listen and Be Transformed  

Brainwave CD helps to train the mind to produce coherent brainwave patterns best suited for optimal mental functioning during particular act...

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