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Lucia INTRODUCTION The 7 years of exposure to a variety of trainings, from alternative to very science-based, has certainly played an important role. I decided to combine credentials from IVP - the Finishing School in Switzerland, with a degree in International Relations and Diplomacy in Spain and Neurolinguistics, Psychology in the UK. I also continued to read avidly on subjects like nutrition, mental wellbeing, femininity and body language.10 years ago, I started running workshops with internationally re-known psychologist and soon was able to be working in the field of behavioural training for some of the most esteemed luxury brands, international CEOs and business owners, VIPs and ultra-high-net-worth-individuals. Combining elements of developmental psychology, behavioural science, interpersonal & intercultural communication techniques, body language and soft skills training – the Labuzik Institute curriculum improved.

How do you differ from other institutes? What I have noticed, however, is that either they focused on motivation but leaving them with no practical tools to use in the real world, or they would offer something practical but go so deep down the rabbit hole that once the attendees left the 4-walls of the training space, they couldn’t really apply what they learnt in the long run, because in the real world all the areas of life are interconnected. That lack of something truly all-encompassing and practical; and the strong desire to see good (happy) is what led to the desire.

Labuzik Institute is a distinguished, contemporary consultancy focusing on behavioral science, social dynamics and rules of engagement.  Simply put it is about 3 things One’s relationship with herself (mental, emotion and physical), Relationship with our partner and Relationship with others. Courses/Your training are/is structured around real-life situations, practiced and implemented in real-life scenarios. to obtain real life results. Because …  “Knowledge is of no value unless you put it into practice.” (Anton Chekkov)) The curriculum is truly all-encompassing and the transformative learning experiences allow you to get real and tangible results in all 3 sectors of your life - Personal - Social - Professional

Clients can choose from individual training sessions or transformative educational retreats. You decide whether you would like to learn one-to-one or opt for an interactive small-group experience.  You can choose your preferred dynamic – from a 2h session to a 3-day or 7-day intensive retreat experience.

You can choose the intensity level and the curriculum breadth.  Designed so that You can / Some of the topics you can focus on are: 

Build strong and lasting relationships (Build deep, long-lasting rapport in business and social settings)

 Read and decode body language of both men and women  Banish awkwardness in social and business situations  Bring out your natural charisma and banish awkwardness.  Exude confident professionalism  Dress to impress while expressing your individuality.  Leave positive/perfect and lasting first impressions (by making a real statement and using the first 7 seconds of any meeting wisely)  Manage your emotions when under pressure during key events  Handle emotional and manage mental states with ease  Tackle low self-esteem and boost your confidence (science-based)  Master your table manners – such as what to do with your 6 course-meal Silverware, Crockery, and Glassware and Handle tricky and exotic foods with assurance.  Discover the secrets of graceful deportment.  Perfect body language of femininity and express yourself fully as a woman  Walk, sit and stand like a truly feminine and elegant woman.  Develop a healthy relationship with your body / promote well-being  Build a sense of positive self-worth  Make an impressive entrance during any important social or business encounter.  Master the art of impactful introductions 

Acquire excellent body language skills in negotiations (practical, science-based strategies and tips that work)

 Navigate the most demanding VIP dining experience with elegance  Learn how to dress to express yourself, impress others and still be your authentic self  Understand cross-cultural sensitivities and better your intercultural communication - Master cross-cultural sensitivities and leave a positive and memorable impact when doing business or travelling abroad.

Our office is situated on Park Lane in Mayfair, London, just a short walking distance from Knightsbridge, St James’ and the Royal Palaces and Gardens. But rarely you will find us there. We believe that offering you a really luxurious way of learning – requires --- is learning where and when best works for you. / We believe that the ultimate luxury is when something is perfect just for you. We have delivered life-changing training experiences in offices, the comfort of ones’ homes, private member clubs as well as a yacht. The luxurious group experiences are delivered in a pre-selected location (we hand-pick hot summery/ sunny places/locations). They are open to a small-select group/number of clients from all over the world

Tell us more about these the Labuzik Institute Retreats The LI Retreats are luxurious transformative (3, 7 and/or 10 day) experiences. They combine (contemporary) bespoke training, and genuine holiday relaxation in a private luxury 5* residence/hotel. It is a very immersive and interactive experience. The seven day experience comprises of approx. 36h of carefully selected sessions. All areas – social, private and business – get covered. Expect 21 bite-sized, upbeat, dynamic, interactive sessions. Your learning is science-based, practical and immediately applicable. You can be assured of great results from day one. Only 7-10 women are selected at any one time to attend. It is a dynamic, interactive and immersive experience. So be prepared. However, we look into all the organisational details to ensure that your experience is seamless. That you leave with maximum knowledge, but have also had experienced real luxury. We have a dedicated concierge to take care of you during the Retreat. You can experience anything from pampering experiences, golf, polo, tennis … The private chef is there to ensure that, all throughout the experience your taste buds are treated regally and that you get to indulge in delicious, organic food. Mornings and evenings are dedicated to your (personal) growth / own goals. We do wake up fairly/very early and immerse ourselves into … to achieve our pre-set educational goals. Know that outside of sessions, you can spend around 6h daily as you choose. It’s Your time, so it’s to be spent on your terms. You can choose from a range of optional trips and explore the beautiful surroundings. On the other hand, you might prefer to sunbathe, read, or simply take time to reflect by the pool or at the nearby beach. You can also enjoy fitness sessions, as well as play golf, or go horse-riding. You might opt to get pampered and enjoy beauty treatments, therapies and massages. The choice is yours. Your time, your terms. After a delicious, shared lunch prepared by a private chef, the rains are in your hands and you get to design your afternoon. This unique combination of education with relaxation ensures you return confident and ready to handle any kind of interaction – personal, business or social – as well as sun-kissed and reinvigorated!

Personal facts Lucia now resides in London, UK. In her free time, she revels in reading bestsellers at the inspirational V&A and dancing salsa and belly dance, which is just a continuation of her 25 years of passion for dancing. She thrives on self-development and periodically finds time to be mentored by some of the top in their fields. She also relishes the elegance of International Polo Matches and the excitement of the tennis finals. To stay fit and surrounded by nature at the heart of the city, she ensures that she regularly works out in Kensington Gardens. To improve her languages skills and broaden her cultural acquaintance, she makes it a point to travel internationally as often as possible.

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