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Keitaro Cloward Photography

About Keitaro Cloward was born in Matsuyama, Japan. Ever since he was very young, his father use to take him and his siblings on long walks, along the beaches, rivers, and through the mountains. His mother was the artist in the family , she showed him how shadows could create personality and life to an image. From water paints to magazine cutouts, there was never a shortage of crafts for the Cloward children to indulge in. But it wasn`t till later on that his passion for art was ignited.

After moving to Hungary, seeing all the different sites and surroundings. His whole life`s artistic background flooded him. So he took up a camera and the journey began.......

Spring in the air , the warm sun on your skin. Lets take a walk , a walk in the Garden...

A Garden Walk

Where the Farmers Grow Hay

Fields of bearded barley moving softly with the gentle breeze. The smell of sundry hay in the air....

Freedom , to feel the elements around us Freedom, of mind , body and soul Freedom, to enjoy all nature has to offer us

Apple Blossom Breathe in ....

Little Squaws

On the banks.. Hot sun , waves washing up the sides of the riverbank. Sitting, watching, as branches and leaves drift down on their journey...

As the sun shone through your hair ..

Waiting for the rain

Looking for Daisies

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Keitaro Cloward Photography Issue001  
Keitaro Cloward Photography Issue001  

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