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Hi there! My name is Keisya Arya Nareswari, or better known as Keisya. I majored in Mass Communication at Queensland University of Technology and have learnt alot on the ever-growing media industry. I am deeply passionate about creativity, new concepts, technology and continued learning. My studies have further taught me the importance of adaptability and innovative thinking and hence, these are the two qualities I carry throughout my work. A little bit more about me - I enjoy exploring new music (alot!) and also understanding my own and new cultures.

Here are some of my past work!


about me.


Full Name Birthday Nationality Hobbies Languages

Keisya Arya Nareswari 12 December 1995 Indonesian Exploring new music, travelling Bahasa Indonesia, English

081908006189 Apt, Taman Rasuna, Unit 1004C Jl. HR Rasuna Said, Kuningan @keisyaarya

2013 - 2016 Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane Mass Communication (Advertising and Media) GPA: 6.00 out of 7


2007 - 2013 BINUS International School Simprug SMA & SMP 2003 - 2007 SD Victory Plus, Bekasi 2001 - 2003 Moreland Primary School


Adobe Photoshop Adobe Illustrator Adobe InDesign Adobe After Eects Adobe Muse Adobe Premiere

work experience.

Creative Designer June 2017 - March 2018 1) Developed creative designs and solutions that comply with CIMB Niaga’s brand considerations. 2) Designed internal and external communication materials which includes billboards, social media banners, monthly newsletters, and website content. 3) Contributed to the brainstorm and concept development for ongoing and seasonal campaigns where I learnt the eectiveness of varied marketing strategies and cohesive branding. 4) Notable projects: Xtra Xpo 2017, The Color Run, Kejar Mimpi, Trade Expo, Namaste Festival, Christmas and New Years and Chinese New Year.

1.1 Thematic Campaign

1. Chinese New Year (2018) Tools: Adobe Photoshop The visual for this seasonal campaign aims to portray the festivities of the Chinese New Year celebration. Iconic landscapes - like klenteng and barongsai are used to emphasize the old memory of Chinese traditions. Tone of design is warm as to create a cinematic eect and dramatic are. In conjuction with this, the Chinese New Year Promo took inspiration, using barongsai as an icon with clean background and red Chinese lanterns where promos can be clearly visible. A simple design that lets the text speak.

1.2 Promotional Campaign - Live Billboard

1.3 Promotional Campaign

2.1 Thematic Campaign

2. Christmas and New Year (2017/18) Tools: Adobe Photoshop We focused on the festivities of both celebration. This alings with our brand message: Festive Season

Visual centralises itself around ďŹ reworks against a midnight sky to show contrast, amplifying the brightness of the sparks.

2.3 Promotional Campaign -CIMB Clicks

2.2 Promotional Campaign

2.4 WhatsApp ProďŹ le Picture

3. Namaste Festival 2017 Tools: Adobe Photoshop This design is made with free-spirit, light-hearted and balance in mind. Qualities of yoga and spirituality is shown through the use of the yoga and hand movements. Color is faded - pastel to create an airy and owy mood to the whole feel of poster.

3.2 ATM Mockup

3.1 Thematic Campaign 3.3 Promotional Billboard - Live @ JPO Tol Tomang

3.4 Promotional Billboard - Live @ Juanda Dago

Headquarted in Chiang Mai, Thailand, Mycos is a technology consulting company serving clients world-wide with a focus on web, mobile, and rich application technologies.

Freelancer October – November 2016 1) Evaluated the company’s current brand positioning against its competitor through analysing data and research to attest recommendations. 2) Participate in brainstorms and provide innovative ideas relative to digital landscape and trends. 3) Developed a brand proposal with marketing strategies in order to increase brand image and awareness. 4) Designs includes: logo, website rebranding, posters and Copywriting included.

Logo Designs. Our idea is to keep the logo – simple, creative and clever. Clean lines and strong typology is prominent within our design to exude a sleek and modern attitude for the company, eliminating that “web 2.0” look.

We would propose Mycos to focus on a sea-green/teal color as a base as this color signifies stability, integrity and trust. Tools: Adobe Illustrator

4.1 Website Mockup

4.2 Mycos Branding

Volunteer - Communications Dept. March – May 2016 1) Part of a project called the Friendship Initiative and our main goal was to break down barriers and normalising the concept between people with disabilities and the community. 2) Defining our target market – social conscience – targeting the people who want to make a difference and conducting a process plan for information sessions/inductions and meet ups. 3) Creating visuals (flyers, banners and brochures) that grab the attention of the community more than words.

university projects.

Your Personal Assistant

Pitch for Tools: Adobe Photoshop & Copywriting Design with color palette in mind, going off of our campaign “Your Personal Assistant”.

Copywriting and Design Tools: Adobe Photoshop & Copywriting Through this unit, I was able to learn how to convey my message both through image and text. My three favorite projects were the PrettyGreat (Pg) campaign, Punk Monk and Health Direct ad, as I was able to grasp and convey my message well.

thank you for your time!

feel free to reach me through 081908006189 @keisyaarya