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Campaign Milestones  &  Highlights     Founded   in   May   2010,   the   Be   Positive   Campaign   has   been  very  ambitious  about  spreading  its  message  and  gath-­ ering   support.   Below   are   some   highlights   from   the   past   eight  months:     x Traveled  to   Fessenden  School  in  Boston,  MA  to  speak   with  7th  grade  boys  about  how  to  be  successful  and  fol-­ low  their  dreams   x Taught  a  class  at  Madison  Square  Boys  and  Girls  Club   retreat   in   Kingston,   NY   about   importance   of   college   preparedness   x Speaking   engagement   at   Caribbean   Fashion   Show   at   SUNY  New  Paltz  about  how  to  be  involved  in  BPC  and   the  importance  of  education.   x Spoke  at  College  of  New  Rochelle  about  self  doubt,  low   self  esteem,  goals,  and  being  successful  in  life.   x Be  Positive  Campaign  Judged  Mr.  and  Mrs.  Caribbean   Pageant  2010  at  Suny  NewPaltz     x Be   Positive   Campaign   spoke   at   the   Grant   Associates   Inc  Holi-­Grad-­Retent  Award  Ceremony  Event   x Keishorne   Scott   was   presented   the   prestig-­ ious  ,QWHUQDWLRQDO0HQ¶V'D\$ZDUG  on  November  19  at   the  Black  Spectrum  theatre  in  Queens,  New  York.  



The  Be  Positive  Campaign  ,  Inc.  promotes  education,   community  involvement,  and  everything  positive!      

The  Be  Positive  Campaign,  Inc.   is  a  non  profit  youth    or-­ ganization  established  to  empower  the  lives  of  young  men   and   women   through   education,   leadership,   and   arts.   Spreading  our  message  is  central  to  our  mission  and  we  be-­ lieve  your  youth  would  greatly  benefit  from  our  knowledge   and  experiences.    

³We  have  lives  to  touch,  lives  to  change;͞  lives  to  re-­ structure  and  lives  to  save;͞  lives  to  empower  and  lives   WRFUHDWHIRUWKRVHZKRZDQWWROLYH´    

¹Keishorne  Scott,    Founder  &  Executive  Director   ³*LYH FKLOGUHQ VRPH VXSSRUW DQG \RXU HDUV DQG WKH\ will   become   successful.   Every   child   needs   an   opportu-­ QLW\´   -­Cheryl  Meredith,  Co  Founder  &  President         Education   and   positive   thinking   are   two   pillars   of   the   Be   Positive  Campaign,  Inc.  Both  are  essential  to  the  success-­ ful  member  of  society.  While  education  gives  them  access   to   places   they   could   not   have   ordinarily   gone,   positive   thinking   allows  them  to  influence  their  actions.  We  teach   that  actions  are  the  tangible  result  of  our  thinking.  Focus-­ ing   on   positive   things   and   giving   no   place   to   hatred   or   negativity  is  the  core  principle  at  the  heart  of  the  Be  Posi-­ tive  Campaign,  Inc.      

The  Be   Positive   Campaign   enriches  the  lives  of  the  young   people  through  education,  leadership,  and  arts,  while  expos-­ ing   them   to   positive   role   models,   diverse   career   opportuni-­ ties,  and  access  to  better  programs.       We  also  encourage    young  people  to  set  and  reach  goals    in   order  to  achieve  their  dreams.  We  strongly  believe  this  proc-­ ess   will   produce   better   men,   women,   educators,   fathers,   mothers,  and  overall  positive  contributors  to  society,  who  are   mentally   tough,   astute,   and   make   economically   sound   deci-­ sions.    


Founder and  Executive  Director,  Keishorne  Scott  of  the  Be   Positive  Campaign  is  a  Writer,  Community  Activist,  Edu-­ cationist,  Entrepreneur,  and    very  positive  individual,  with   ambitions  to  change  the  world.  This  business  management   graduate  reigns  from  Brooklyn,  New  York  with  a  vision.      Cheryl   Meredith   is  a  young  Brooklyn,  NY,  native,    born   and  raised  as  well  as  Co-­Founder  and  President  of  the  Be   Positive   Campaign.   She   has   goals   of   becoming   a   teacher   DQGDGUHDPRIRZQLQJKHUYHU\RZQFKDUWHUVFKRRO6KH¶V very   creative   and   has   her   mind   set   on   nothing   but   the   positive  things  in  life.  Work-­ ing   with   the   Be   Positive   Campaign   she   will   encour-­ age   all   young   people   to   be   the   best   they   can   and   to   work  hard,    never  giving  up   on  their  dreams.         *********************   Join   us   in   our   crusade   to   positively  impact  the  lives  of   youths  all  across  the  country.   Invite  us  to  your  community   center,   church,   or   school   to   show  your  support  as  we  encourage  young  people  &  make   them  aware  of  their  ability  to  overcome.     EDUCATION  IS  KEY!  

Vice President  of  the   Be   Posi-­ tive   Campaign,   Inc.   Frantz   'HEURVVH-UKDVQ¶WDOZD\VEHHQ a   positive   role   model.   It   was   during   college   that   he   met   the   founders   Keishorne   Scott   and   Cheryl   Meredith,   and   decided   to  pursue  his  dreams  instead  of   a  traditional  nine  to  five.    There   he   decided   it   was   time   for   a   change.   After   graduating   col-­ lege  it  was  the  beginning  of  the   road  to  success  for  him.  To  mo-­ tivate  others,  and  provide  a  bet-­ ter  opportunity  for  students  and  the  community.  Frantz  men-­ WLRQVWKDW³7KHZD\WRVXFFHVVLVZKHQ\RXNQRZZKDW\RXU SDVVLRQDQGVWUHQJWKVDUH´$OVRLQWKHZD\\RXKHOS\RXUVHOI and  helping  out  others  for  a  good  purpose.  Believe  in  yourself   the   way   God   believes   in   us.   Together   we   stand,   divided   we   fall.      

"What  others  think  of  you   does  not  matter,  what  you   think  of  yourself  does.   Think  positive."       -­  Frantz  Debrosse    

Kimberly  Hudson  is  Director  of  Events  of  the  Be  Positive   Campaign,   Inc.     She   is   a   young   woman     from   Brooklyn,   NY,  who  enjoys  modeling  as  a  hobby  but  strongly  believes   WKDW ORRNV DUHQœW HYHU\WKLQJ 6KH FXUUHQWO\ DWWHQGV FROOHJH where   she   will   earn   a   degree   to   further   her   success.   She   WHDPHGXSZLWKWKH³%H3RVLWLYH&DPSDLJQ´WRKHOSSODFHD positive   influence   and   image   in   other   peoples   lives.   Kim-­ berly   strives   for   excellence   by   doing   the   right   thing   and   helping  those  around  her  to  do  the  same.  One  of  her  favorite   VD\LQJV LV ³*LYH ORYH *HW ORYH´ ZKLFK LV VRPHWKLQJ VKH practices   everyday.   She   wishes  to  inspire  and  mo-­ tivate;͞   not   only   herself,   but   the   youth   and   her   peers.   Kimberly   uses   her   creative   ideas   to   help   the   campaign   obtain   the   funds   needed   to   provide   for  a  thriving  community.     She  is  keenly  aware  of  the   importance   of   team   work   and   consults   with   her   team.   "Don't   shrink   in   fear   be-­ cause   of   criticism.   The   biggest   critics   only   cri-­ tique   what   they   couldn't   create,   and   if   you   listen   to   your   fears,   you   will   die   never   knowing  what  a  great  person  you  might  have  been."    

The  Be  Positive  Campaign,  Inc.  is  here  to  build  self-­esteem   while   providing   a   unique   and   safe   place   where   young   men   and  women  can  interact  with  committed  positive  role  models,   and  encourage  them  to  be  men  and  women  of  honor.     We   encourage   them   to   set   and   reach   goals   to   achieve   their   dreams.  We  are  personally  invested  in  helping  these  kids  de-­ velop   their   own   unique   strengths,   talents,   and   gifts.   We   are   here  to  praise  them  with  greatness  and  most  importantly,  give   them   hope,   confidence,   and   encouragement   for   a   better   to-­ morrow.                                       We  are  more  than  a  organization,  we  are  a  family.    


Be Positive Campaign Brochure  

The Be Positive Campaign, Inc is a Not-for-Profit youth empowerment organization established to empower the lives of the youths through educ...

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