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Welcome A brand guideline is a written and visually illustrative document that helps anchor all company communications in tone of voice and visual style so that many parties can all behave and create on behalf of the company. This guideline’s primary focus is on marketing and customer-facing communications.

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Our vision.

We seek to fill the gaps in the pet care industry, and work with pet parents to help animals all across the country live their best lives. Join us to: Empower pet owners to better love, care, and protect their pets. •C reate straightforward, reliable pet health care that is accessible from anywhere. • I ncrease the quality of life for both pets and owners with positive, proactive help and resources. •R educe the number of pet abandonments and overall euthanization rates in the United States. We hope our members will save money on expensive pet care, save time, reduce stress, and gain peace of mind.

Our values




Confidence, assurance, dependability It’s the foundation of every relationship Petlines establishes with our members. We want Pet Parents to always feel sure what’s best for them and their pet is our first concern.


Quality and virtue in every interaction Petline approaches each engagement with our members – big or small – with the same dedicated professionalism, thoughtfulness and care.


We take ownership of our actions Petline fosters a can-do culture of support. Every day, we strive to be our very best. And when things don’t go as planned, we don’t make excuses – we make corrections.

We believe working with more people can do the most good for pets Petline combines resources with our members’ primary vets and local animal welfare organizations to help make the lives of pets everywhere better. Helping pets find their forever homes With our Pet Abandonment Hotline, free Find-A-Pet adoption research and free 60-day membership for all newly adopted pets, Petline is providing resources to help pets stay with loving Pet Parents – and out of shelters.


We’re always working towards what’s next Petline is the first professional pet care service available 24/7, in any way you want to connect. And we’re not stopping there. We’re developing better ways to help you be an amazing Pet Parent.


It’s a pleasure to do all we do We’re so thankful for the opportunity to make life better for Pet Parents and their pets. We understand their journey and are happily committed to improving it in any way we can. After all, we’re Pet Parents, too.

How we got started

Petline was idealized by our founder, Mark Spiegelman in the mid 2000’s. With a history in the tele-medicine industry and medical instrument sales, Mark has been a lifelong entrepreneur, possessing an insatiable desire to help others. Becoming the owner of two dogs, Mark fully realized the identity of a Pet Parent, driving him to think of ways he could help all pets throughout the United States.

His knowledge of streamlined operations coupled with his business acumen, Petline was morphed from an idea to a fully realized company in early 2018. Combining advanced operations platforms, multi-channel communication tools, and a driven pet-loving staff, Petline is positioning itself to be a ground-breaking, industry interrupter.


Every pet owner knows the, “what did I get myself into” feeling, is a near constant drumbeat to remind us that Pets are more than just the fun part. Truth is, Pets take a lot of work, and no matter your bar for success or whom you share responsibilities with, those fuzzy beautifuls always take just a little more work than you actually have energy for. That’s why at Petline we think that “owning” a pet is the wrong way to think about your cat or dog – we believe this is really more about parenting – pet parenting.This is knock down, slug it out, give it your all (and then some) lovely struggle you’ve gotten yourself involved in, and is to be cherished. We believe you’ll get what you put in and we can help make it the best Pet parenting experience you’ve ever had.

Our brand archetype Petline is a Caregiver brand. We exist to further our goal of helping and taking care of people. We are built on a backbone of service, and help provide structure to those that live in world’s that are chaotic around Petcare.

Our brand’s focus is other people rather than ourselves. We are compassionate, and altruistic to both people and animals. We stand against confusion, ignorance, and impulsiveness in Petcare.

Our tone We’re trusted, but not traditional.

We’re fun, but not silly.

Petline is sincere, professional and caring. Our members turn to us to

Petline is positive, upbeat and easygoing. We love a play on words, but

help them care for members of their own families. We don’t take this

avoid cliché. While we’ll encourage our members to “achieve petfection”,

responsibility lightly – and we don’t meet it with the industry’s usual

we won’t suggest the “purrfect gift” for your cat. We use exclamation

response. We’re pioneering new ways to help Pet Parents better love and

points sparingly to increase their impact when they do appear.

care for their pets, and we’re using fresh, friendly and modern phrasing to speak about what we do.

We’re experts, but not clinical.

And we’re always, always, always speaking about improving the pet parenting experience. Everything we do and say is to support the journey of our heroes –

Petline is our members’ go-to for all things pet – they trust our guidance

Pet Parents. Our language needs to reflect our understanding of their

and we speak from a place of deep knowledge. We also speak as hu-

experience and the relationship they have with their pets. That’s why

mans talking to other humans. So even when the subject matter is techni-

they’re “pet parents”, not “owners”, and pets can also be referred to

cal or sensitive, we are warm, approachable and reassuring.

as “best friends.”

Our logo

The Petline logo has been constructed to represent the service’s core offerings: chat, email, and texting. The speech bubble has also been crafted to be close to a “P”, further extending the brand recognition of Petline. The typography has a whip and a whirl to it, signifying tails and fur and connecting the logo tightly to our fuzzy friends.

Clearance The preferred amount of clearance around the Petline logo is determined by the speech bubble’s height. Using that as a base, create a healthy amount of breathing room so it doesn’t feel crowded.


Knockout versions

When the main Petline logo isn’t going to be successful in a certain communication, use any of the appropriate alternates shown here.

Secondary Color Versions

Horizontal Versions

Wordmark only versions

All black versions

Small space versions

Speech bubble only

Secondary elements “The conversation bubble” To further demonstrate the Petline product and it’s basis in communication, a speech bubble shape is used to frame the brand photography. Give three of the four edges a rounded corner, leaving the one holding the Petline logo normal.

Secondary elements Patterns Occasionally there will be a time where it may be necessary to add a little more to a layout for a give it a light flourish. In those instances, use one of Petline’s four patterns sparingly.


Our colors Primary Color Palette

Secondary Color Palette

Ochre Pantone: 1235C #edb506

Black Pantone: Black 6 #003abb

Blue Pantone: 2201C #00B2E2

Pink Pantone: 213C #F9475D

Purple Pantone: 266C #7E56C6

Coral Pantone: 2345C #FB675C

C: 0% M: 16% Y: 60% K: 11%

C: 0% M: 0% Y: 0% K: 100%

C: 89% M: 19% Y: 0% K: 11%

C: 0% M: 70% Y: 61% K: 2%

C: 28% M: 44% Y: 0% K: 22%

C: 0% M: 58% Y: 62% K: 2%

R: 226% G: 186% B: 72%

R: 0% G: 0% B: 0%

R: 0% G: 178% B: 226%

R: 251% G: 103% B: 92%

R: 126% G: 86% B: 198%

R: 251% G: 103% B: 92%

Typography Petline’s fonts are Big John Pro and Proxima

Big John Pro Bold

ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz1234567890 Proxima Soft Bold

ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz1234567890 Proxima Soft Regular

ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz1234567890



Type hierarchy When constructing a layout (whether it be print or web or any other channel) be sure to employ a good sense of typographic hierarchy. There should be a clear differentiation between the headline, a subhead, and

BARK Bark meow bark yipe barkety bark.

the subsequent body copy. Oluptate esendus esto voluptibusci renditatatur sendiae volorernam, suntio modit,

Put consideration into length of each part as well. Headlines should be

volut quatus nis ilignam, non perspidere natur rest am est ut qui omnis a que sequiatquam nim aut aut verum rent.

short and punchy. Subheads should act as a lead in to the broader idea which should be communicated with crisp sentences and thoughts within the body copy.

Esto voluptibusci renditatatur sendiae volorernam, suntio modit, volut quatus nis ilignam, non perspidere natur rest am est ut qui omnis a que sequiatquam nim aut aut verum rent. Esto voluptibusci renditatatur sendiae volorernam, sunti. Mnis a que sequiatquam nim aut aut verum rent. Esto voluptibusci renditatatur sendiae volo rernam, sunibusci renditatti.

Layout fundamentals When laying out a communication from Petline, use a standard grid system to create a successful layout. Make sure there is a significant amount of breathing room between elements to focus messaging. Let all the elements sit harmoniously. Avoid the temptation to put in extraneous elements within open spaces.

A framing device can be used to further the Petline brand by rounding one edge. This will echo the logo and unify the overall brand design.


Photography Petline’s photography is shot simply and showcases the connection and love a pet parent feels with their pet, as well as showing the product’s benefits put to use. The colors are vivid, fun, and positive.

The subjects should not be posed in real environments like veterinary clinics or houses. Petline’s photos should exhibit the idea of a house or vet’s office, rather than a literal interpretation.




Photo Library 01

















Compositing Occasionally within advertising and marketing, it may be necessary to composite in some secondary imagery to add visual interest. When adding anything to the shot, do so with care and make sure it isn’t too busy or fussy.

The addition should add a thought or concept to the photo that wasn’t there before. The composite below relates the idea of “growth”.



Layout Examples Perferis ea eiunt inusandiaepe volupta dia venda sum iderspe rspiet ventem. Tiis doles et est, essum fuga

Logo don’ts

Don’t introduce new colors.

Don’t move parts of the logo.

Don’t recolor the logo.

Don’t let the logo be illegible.

Don’t put a color logo on a color field.

Don’t put a color logo on a black background.

Don’t change the line weights.

Don’t remove the face.

Don’t add to the logo.

Don’t let the logo get too close to an edge.

Don’t crop the logo.

Don’t use use the logo for a graphic.

Don’t skew the logo.

Don’t encase the logo.

Don’t put patterns behind the logo.

Don’t re-kern the wordmark.

And don’t ever be cruel to animals.

PETS ARE GREAT! Don’t crowd the logo.




For any assistance or questions with how to use the Petline brand, make sure to contact:

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Brand Manager


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