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Course GPA Gradings Honors *** Intermediate ** Standard *


Current events


Students will select a topic in the news to discuss, analyze, reason, and try to come up with reasonable solutions, if applicable, respecting all points of view

A History of Film


A history of film by explaining classic and contemporary movies from around the world.

Programming and Robotics


This course cultivates student's creativity and computational thinking by bringing computer science and engineering design into any classroom.

Science of Color *** How do we see? How do we describe colors in science? How do we respond to colors? What is the history of color? In science? In art? At the end of this course you will explain it all (or some of it) in two essays of 850 words each.

Introduction to Filmmaking * This course will teach the rudiments of short film making, from concept to editing. Topics include script writing, basic concepts of photography and cinematography, creating digital graphics in film, and film editing. We will explore these concepts using tools that are easily available to all—cameras on smartphones, Adobe Photoshop, and Windows Moviemaker or iMovie.

Business and Entrepreneurship ** Students will learn the fundamentals of starting their own business from idea to execution and how to write a business plan. Using examples of real small shop and how their owners opened their business and my own experience running a small business in Japan and New York. Also, We will learn how to manage our time and create our lives better.

Environmental Science * What makes us do what we do? How are my personal beliefs and actions related to what I ate this morning? Does nature have more influence over nurture? Is it up to us to create our own ideal environment? Do we have the power to shape our future? Find out how humans are deeply connected to the environment using hands on activities.

Makerspace Challenge ** Build the fastest wind powered car! Build the strongest bridge! Build a launcher that is the most accurate or can launch a ball the furthest! In this class, you will work in groups to build machines to meet a variety of challenges given to you. This course will teach a variety of engineering skills, but your success in each challenge depends completely on your teamwork, imagination, and the ability to learn from your failures. Plan, build, test, fail, plan, build, and test again, developing problem solving skills and having fun along the way!

Understanding the Stock Market


The course will delve into topics involving investing and savings, and familiarize students with key investment terminology. The intent of the course is to help students demystify the investing process, understand the basic tools of investing, and give practical experience in establishing and monitoring a portfolio.

Symbiotic Sociology


Focusing on the symbiotic relationship between humans and dogs, students will watch and discuss a number of videos in English including “ Dog’s Purposes”, “Hachi”, “Marley & Me”, “Through a Dog’s Eyes”, etc. At the end of this course, students will explore research about dogs that contribute to society including guide dogs, service dogs and therapy dogs. And we might have an opportunity to see a guide dog from the training facility of the Guiding Eyes for the Blind in Patterson NY.

Italian Culture, Cuisine and Conversation


This course will introduce students to la vita bella (the good life). We will explore basic expressions of Italian language handy for travel, practicing basic communication skills and acquiring an ear through singing a variety of Italian songs. The course will highlight various regions, explore the fundamentals of cuisine, and survey culture through the arts.

The History of Popular Music


This course is designed to increase the students’ knowledge of popular culture through music. The course will start with the arrival of the Beatles and the transformative 1960’s. The 1970’s and 1980’s will also be examined through the lens of popular music. The class will conclude with the changing music industry heading into the 1990’s with an analysis of new artists and the future trends.

Publishing and Media in Japan * Based on my experiences of working in a publishing company, I will introduce the actual process of publishing books in Japan and talk about issues related to freedom of expression, such as censorship of textbooks [Kyokasho Kentei Seido] and Aichi Triennale in 2019. Also, we will discuss types of media in which knowledge is conveyed and how communication is carried out [verbally, written and digital] from a historical perspective.

Chinese Culture * It is a conversation based discussion on travel, food, culture, and culture comparison.

Introduction to Sound, Music & Recording


"Students will learn the basics of sound, music and recording to find connections between science, technology and art. Students will use their own favorite music, various examples of international music, and ‘found sounds’ to learn about the science of sound. Students will also be introduced to simple synthesizers and sound recording and production software and techniques to record their own sounds and music. The goal of this class is to understand the basics of sound to the point where they can make their own sound/music recordings using the most modern methods and technology and discover the science of art, and the art of science."

Birds and Literature * Let's enjoy bird watching in Keio Academy Campus. If it rains, we will talk about the birds in Japanese literature. This course is limited to 10 students.

Kendo * Maximum of four (4) students In this “Introduction to Kendo” class, basic footwork, body alignment and swordsmanship will be taught. The classes will be instructed by the Kendo Master Shozo Kato who holds an Eight Dan.

The History of War


War and its consequences have shaped history to the present day. This course will survey military history across cultures and across several millennia. Main course outcomes include the ability to make connections between wars through history, and to assess what wars of the past have to teach us about steps to take - or to avoid taking - to prevent war. Readings will come from Eastern and Western works, including John Keegan’s The Face of Battle, Rafflaub & Rosenstein’s War and Society in the Ancient and Medieval Worlds, as well as The Hagakure by Yamamoto Tsunetomo, Sun Tzu's The Art of War and Chanakya's Arthashastra.

Introduction to American Law


This goal of this course is to provide students with an overview of American Law, including Constitutional Law, Contract Law, Criminal Law, and Tort Law. Students will study the law through audio-visual media, class discussions and assigned readings.

Math for High Flyers *** "This course focuses on developing students’ problem solving skills to the extent that they are comfortable participating in the American Mathematics Competition 12 (AMC12) and in the higher level mathematics competitions. The contents of the course is driven by the teacher’s preferences."

Archaeology: Methods and Finds *** This course offers an introduction to archaeology. Students will participate in hands-on activities to learn archaeological practices and methods, like stratigraphy and archaeological drawing. Students will also learn about some of the most fascinating archaeological finds from around the world.

Art and Science of Lego * This course will introduce students to the history, science, terminology and creative potential of Lego. Students will learn what Lego is and how it can be used as an art medium and as a tool in science and design. Students will create a 16x16 bit map design using different types of Lego as the design medium. Many aspects of contemporary Lego themes will be investigated and students will work to design and create a culminating build for display. Problem solving skills will be developed along the way. Student will need to purchase some of their materials."

Translation 101 ** This course is designed for students who are curious about translation. We will analyze and translate work from various genres - fiction, non fiction, journalism, songs and movies. How are movie subtitles written? How do you translate something that is specific to a culture? Can a joke be translated and be just as funny? We will explore all these topics together. This course will require a solid knowledge of English AND Japanese.

Religions of the World ** As Confucius once said, “By nature, men are nearly alike; by practice, they get to be wide apart. But when you learn to understand the practice of another, you start to close that gap.” We will try to bring ourselves a little closer to those around us by learning about the most important aspect of a majority of people’s lives: their religion. We will examine their scriptures, folklore, culture, style of worship, etc., as well as the similarities and differences among them to better understand the various religions, and people, of history and the world.

Astronomy ** This course is designed to discuss and explore the ideas that humans have formulated to explain the origin and evolution of the universe and understand its components such as stars, galaxies, constellations and planets. Students will explore the early history of the astronomy leading up to the current understanding of modern astronomy and the scientific terminology used by astronomers. We will be using visual aids such as television to visualize different concepts and possibly arrange a trip to a nearby planetarium or watch the skies using a telescope or a powerful binocular.

SAT Preparation ** "The SAT is a college entrance exam. There are three SAT sections. One of them is math. This course will give an introduction of SAT first, then concentrate on preparing students for the math section. The math section will cover algebra, geometry, coordinate geometry, trigonometry, problem solving and data analysis."

Introduction to G Suite ** Do you want to know useful skills to improve your life? Learn how to use G Suite, including Gmail, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Keep, Forms, and Calendar. Help yourself to create, collaborate, share feedback, work together with others anytime and anywhere, and build digital skills for the future.