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In order to have the opportunity to negotiate with your lender we will need to have the following documentation. Please note, when we get a contract we may need updates on each item so please make certain you set aside statements and paycheck stubs as you get them.

r Two months most recent mortgage statements (all mortgages) r Two months checking account statements (all borrowers if separate) r Two months savings account statements (all borrowers if separate) r Two months other account statements (all borrowers if separate) r Last two paycheck stubs (all borrowers) r Two years tax returns r IRS Form 4506 Request for Copy of Tax Return r Hardship Letter (see samples) r Financial worksheet (provided) r Other_______________________________________________________ r Other_______________________________________________________ r Other_______________________________________________________



Or E-MAIL TO:_ _________________________________________________

FORM E Š2011 Distressed Property Institute, LLC. All rights reserved. Any duplication without express written consent is prohibited. All CDPE forms are provided for informational purposes only. The Distressed Property Institute, LLC assumes no responsibility nor guarantees the accuracy of these forms. It is strongly recommended that agents investigate the specific items necessary to their situation and local and regional laws. 11.12.RS

CDPE Documents Homeowner Check List  

List of documents needed to do a short sale

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