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VIa Carlo Emanuele I, Rome, Italy

Keihly Moore


Collage: Zumthor construction


Design | Build

RAW: Real Architecture Workshop


Urban Design

Philadelphia : Sea Level Rise + Penn’s Landing 4 Uptown Park and Facade design 6 Energy Solar Decathlon : Interlock House 8 Making

Travel drawings 9 Bicycle drawing 10 Metals Studio 11 Te m p o r a r y Ginkgo Alley Installation 12 PARK(ing) Day - Charlotte’s first 13


Placemaking class : collage | making | communicating space through composition | Spring 2011

RAW Real Architecture Workshop Summer 2011 : Design Build workshop with 12 other students | 2 weeks | 2 structures | Custer, SD


Block Flexibility Colonial typology Mixed-use typology Modern typology


Piers: (Simply the extremes)

Piers: (Complex compilation)

1962 + 1862

1962, 1945, 1932, 1910, 1895, 1875, 1862


Historical locations of constant water (Piers not developed here)


Water + Flood :

Piers + Water + Flood :

Figure-ground/ water-ground

Water-ground + Flood elevation datums

1962 + 1862 + Water-ground + Flood elevation datums + Compilation pier ends

Urban Design Studio : Ed Bacon Competition | Penn’s Landing Redesign | Sea Level Rise considerations | Fall 2011

Urban Design Studio : Ed Bacon Competition | Penn’s Landing Redesign | Sea Level Rise considerations | Fall 2011



Site Analysis : Parking lots | context | water flow

_“dangerous� perception _ dark _ no activity, no draw


Scale Urban

Neighbo e pl




w flo


o pe

SWIM buffer, water quality

Current Activity Center

Topography model : urban water features | pond | wetlands

1 | SW/NE Section

2 | SE/NW Section 6

Urban Design Studio : First Ward Park : [Park]colate | Facade Design | Water flow | Charlotte, NC | Spring 2012

Do people walk from the neighborhood into Uptown?

Urban Design Studio : Uptown Park | Facade Design | Water flow | Charlotte, NC | Spring 2012


Interlock: space/environment/systems My role : team leader, assistant project manager, and student organizer. Conducted studies with four elderly couples to research and test design concepts and applicability to an actively retired target market. Societal Scale Goal: Re-densify urban neighborhoods with a “granny flat� concept, encouraging the development of small, energy producing dwellings in the big back yards of our urban landscapes. This approach allows multiple generations to live on the same land, bringing families together and connecting them to the existing transportation and social infrastructures that already exist. Dwelling Scale Goal: Develop a house that can take advantage of all seasons with flexible interior spaces that enable easy indoor/outdoor living. Emphasize the importance of ADA accessibility and Universal design principles. Furniture and interior details reflect the Iowan culture with furniture made by students and local woods, ceramics made with imprinting prairie grasses, and local community colleges crafting the Universal design kitchen elements. Top Results:


Market Viability Communications Engineering Net-Energy Production Overall

2nd (tied) 4th 5th 6th 12th


Solar Decathlon : Iowa State University | Interlock House | Ames, IA / Washington, DC | 2008-2009

Antonio Gaudi house Barcelona, Spain graphite

Alleyway Chur, Switzerland ink, graphite

Travel Drawings : Spring 2008

S. Maria della Pace Rome, Italy watercolor, ink, graphite


An Italian bicycle found in an apartment building was first measured for all its angles and lengths, then rescaled for this drawing.


Bicycle Study : Roma, IT | Spring 2008

Wind Rose Ring Interested in the structure and formation of thunderstorms and the role of wind. Project explores updrafts and the way wind is mapped.

Rome Compass A compass based on the Nolli map captures the ideas of wayfinding in the dense urban fabric and the wild overgrown pockets of Rome. Etched and soldered, the compass depicts personally familiar sections of the Nolli map that exist on the edge of rural and urban. (1.25� diameter, brass)

Challenges were working with sterling silver and precise cutting and soldering. (Ring size 9)

Metals Studio : Ames, IA | Fall 2008


Dynamics of Social Spaces

Transformed in one November day. An alley, usually used as a short cut, became a gathering and play space for all ages. The alley’s character was brought into full light with the installation of thousands of handpicked ginkgo leaves. For one day, the alley glowed with the softness of the bright yellow, and paper-thin waxy leaves. Adults and children alike couldn’t resist the urge to toss leaves at each other.


Ginkgo Leaf Alley Installation : Temporary 1 day installation | Collaboration with Artist Lori Caterini | Urbana, IL | Fall 2009

PARK(ing) for People Charlotte had never had a PARK(ing) Day. Pairing this one-day-per-year event with a popular Food Truck Friday was the key to encouraging strangers to chat, to think differently of how parking spaces can be used, and notice how important small things like shade, surface cover, and a buffer from the street can really shape a different place. All materials were borrowed, nothing was thrown away. Plants were sourced from strangers answering a Twitter ad!

PARK(ng) Day 2012 : Charlotte’s First | Reusing public space, cultivating social engagement | Fall 2012


2013 short porfolio  

Here is a collect of recent works. My thesis works will be in a separate document.

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