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continuous approach



Keihly Moore

2010 Portfolio

Via Carlo Emanuele I, Rome, Italy

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Ginkgo Leaf Alley Installation Composition: Postcards Solar Decathlon: Interlock House Metals Studio Sketchbook: Europe Castel Romano Postcards Aqua Felice Edge Walk Italian bicycle study Conversation Map Experiential Map: Boston New York Housing Visualizing Consumption Sound Map Winery Motion map Pattern Project

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Ginkgo Leaf Alley Installation Fall 2009/Urbana, IL Collaboration with artist Lori Caterini

Dynamics of Social Spaces Transformed in one November day. An alley, usually used as a short cut, became a gathering and play space for all ages. The alley’s character was brought into full light with the installation of thousands of handpicked ginkgo leaves. For one day, the alley glowed with the softness of the bright yellow, and paper-thin waxy leaves. Adults and children alike couldn’t resist the urge to toss leaves at each other.


Composition: Postcards Fall 2009/Urbana, IL

Using repurposed photography books and an old sewing machine, these postcards are an exercise in composition, decision making, problem solving, and resourcefulness. (R)

Postcard to Paula sent to Ames, IA found photography, thread (L)

Postcard to Fred sent to Tel Aviv, Israel found photography, thread


Postcard to Mitchell sent to Ames, IA found photography, thread


Surreal Sea of NYC sent to Portland, OR found photography, thread

Fashion Statement sent to Chicago, IL found photography, thread


Solar Decathlon: Interlock House Fall 08-09/Ames, IA/Washington, DC

Interlock: space/environment/systems My role : team leader, assistant project manager, and student organizer. Conducted studies with four elderly couples to research and test design concepts and applicability to an actively retired target market. Societal Scale Goal: Re-densify urban neighborhoods with a “granny flat� concept, encouraging the development of small, energy producing dwellings in the big back yards of our urban landscapes. This approach allows multiple generations to live on the same land, bringing families together and connecting them to the existing transportation and social infrastructures that already exist. Dwelling Scale Goal: Develop a house that can take advantage of all seasons with flexible interior spaces that enable easy indoor/ outdoor living. Emphasize the importance of ADA accessibility and Universal design principles. Furniture and interior details reflect the Iowan culture with furniture made by students and local woods, ceramics made with imprinting prairie grasses, and local community colleges crafting the Universal design kitchen elements. Environmental Scale Goal: Use a combination of active and passive energy systems. With appropriate soy-based insulation, an optimized ERV and desiccant system for dehumidification, and high quality windows, the house can perform well within the climate and when the weather is less than ideal.


Focus: - natural daylighting - combining livability with flexibility - accessibility and universal design principles - the only universally designed kitchen and bathroom of the 20 entries

- indoor/outdoor living - sun porch on the south side transitions from a space to absorb solar energy in the winter, a covered porch in the summer, or completely open with the rest of the house in the moderate seasons - the use of local plants and elements of the Iowan landscape into the design. - the north doors (pictured on facing page), are made from a corn waste product (zine) with a prairie grass pattern etched into it

Top Results:


Market Viability Communications Engineering Net-Energy Production Overall

2nd (tied) 4th 5th 6th 12th


Metals Studio Fall 2008/Ames, IA

Wind Rose Ring Interested in the structure and formation of thunderstorms and the role of wind. Project explores updrafts and the way wind is mapped. Challenges were working with sterling silver and precise cutting and soldering. (Ring size 9)


Rome Compass A compass based on the Nolli map captures the ideas of wayfinding in the dense urban fabric and the wild overgrown pockets of Rome. Etched and soldered, the compass depicts personally familiar sections of the Nolli map that exist on the edge of rural and urban. (1.25� diameter, brass)

Sketchbook Spring 2008/Europe

(L) Baths of Caracalla Rome, Italy graphite (R) Frame and Shadow Rome, Italy graphite

(L) Sculpture, Capitol Museum Rome, Italy graphite (R) Sculpture, Capitol Museum Rome, Italy graphite


Pyramide Cemetery Rome, Italy graphite


Antonio Gaudi house Barcelona, Spain graphite

S. Ivo Rome, Italy graphite

Tor Fiscale Rome, Italy graphite

Alleyway Chur, Switzerland ink, graphite

S. Maria della Pace Rome, Italy watercolor, ink, graphite


Castel Romano Postcards Spring 2008/Rome, Italy

These postcards were constructed and hand printed in a limited edition run to spread the story of the Roma (often called “gypsies”). Combining a grim story with the striking image mocks the typical cheery travel postcard we are familiar with.. Caught between political and social challenges, the Roma people’s story needs to be heard. The personal impact was profound. Trained in school to respond as a designer - “what can we build? how can we analyze this?” - we realized that we needed to act with more than our “architect” selves, indeed our whole selves, to fully understand the depth and complexity of the Roma’s situation. I’ve taken advantage of the medium of the postcard and have used it as a vehicle to spread their unknown story. These postcards have traveled coast to coast in the US, London, Romania, Germany and Rome.



Acqua Felice Edge Walk Spring 2008/Rome, IT

Acqua Felice Edge Walk Inspired by walking the Great Wall of China, this study calls for the renovation and recognition of a medieval tower acting as the physical and visual bridge between fragmented parks.




1 3 3 4


Establishing connections along an edge

1.2 km

Disconnected from: Hadrianic reconstruction park


Tor Fiscale vertical movemen

Parco Dell’Appia Antica: entrance

No access : private property

No access : no visible connection busy street train tracks private property

Aqueduct Park : entrance/exit disconnected disjointed unresolved

Cistern : end of aqueduct access

Bicyle Study Spring 2008/Rome, IT

An Italian bicycle found in an apartment building was first measured for all its angles and lengths, then rescaled for this drawing.


Conversation Map Spring 2008/Rome, IT

This project was to study the tradition of food and eating through an Italian culture. I met Adrian Rodriguez, a travel and time piece shop owner and craftsman and learned that it was not the food or the room that mattered most in his eating experiences. It was instead the time of day and the conversations surrounding the meals. Five sundials are constructed from the mathematics of the cities of his various travels, and used to represent the density of conversation in correlation with the time of day. Adrian is a dreamer, and mornings are his favorite. He creates his own monologue as the rest of his family sleepily agrees. Evenings are more engaging for everyone, as the conversation densifies. The handwritten text filling the time is the transcript of my interviews.


Experiential Map time

Fall 2007/Boston, MA


and d etail

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le of sca

This map documents the way time and attention to observations and details changes depending on the mode of transportation. Walking is documented on the left axis, allowing for greater detail and capturing moments in time. On the right, the faster mode of subways, cycling, and running is represented. Interpersonal spaces change, depth of perceptions change, and motions blur. Running captures the textures of the ground, the unevenness, the shadows. Flying disrupts all previous notions of time and our relationship to our built environment.








a moment in time


fac sur


movement surroun ds

walkride run



longer exposures


continuous approach




New York Housing Spring 2007/NYC

Site: New York City located on the edges of Little Italy, Chinatown and SoHo This project required thought about the building as its own system and as a community within the larger context of its surrounding environment. It was important to think about the overlapping relationships: -front porches become sunshades for units below -natural cross ventilation through operable windows on the north and south sides, reducing cooling loads -green roof reflects surrounding street patterns -roof space allows a place for a community to develop a community garden -shade from plantings lessen the urban heat island effect -captured rainwater reduces the impact on storm drains -a water collection system allows residents to water their own small gardens -a farmer’s market on the lowest two levels allows the interaction between the public and the resident community as well as encouraging local food resources.


Lower left : A 2nd story plan of the 1200sf apartment. Every apartment has at least one porch, and the shallow depth allows for ample daylight.

Right : The roof top garden design is an abstraction of the streets in the surrounding urban fabric, and intended as a place for residents to cultivate small plots of edible gardens.

Below : Schematic showing how the units fit together, with entries on every other floor, the opposite floor has a northern porch, perfect for sultry summer days. The diversity of unit arrangements allows for a more diverse community.

Below : Schematic section showing the depth of daylight, and a natural ventilation scheme.


x no ui Eq

Modular Unit Composition south

air temperature


mer sols

hot | cold


win ter sols tice

ventilation louvers with operating arms fan to pull hot air up and cool air down

400 sf

800 sf

1200 sf

green roof collects water, provides space for residents + public, improves air quality, provides food source

[roof top garden shallow intensive system with rain water collection [scale 1/8”=1’-0”

operable windows circulate air through the apartment, pulling cool air through the cooler northern side



garden space for cultivation, pleasure, shade

deck acts as sun screen for lower apartments


airspace improves ventilation

enclosed hallway entrance to each apartment.

8 open floor plan with few barriers perpendicular to the flow of air to allow for circulation


shallow room depth allows for deep light penetration and maximum use of daylighting


5 structural concrete wall for thermal mass heat storage


operable windows allow for ventilation decks act as sun shades

wood sun/privacy shades sunken space thermally efficient, with natural daylighting

metal mesh for ventilation


glass block floor to allow light penetration *porch on north side to provide cool relief in summer months

2 Sunlight | ventilation analysis

1200 sf Apartment Floor 2 0







Visualizing Consumption Fall 2006/Ames, IA

In 2006, there was little recycling of bottles and cans in the blue bins of the Design building. A newly formed Architecture for HumanityIowa group took on the task of making the consumption more visible. A three foot diameter and 60 foot long tube of wire was constructed as a “recycling sock”. Its curious shape enticed students to interact playfully when they disposed of their bottles and cans. Behaviors were changed and recycling increased. In just over 6 weeks over 4,000 bottles and cans were collected. This activity permanently changed the recycling program and was featured on NPR’s SoundClip series. Today it is installed in its 4th generation.


Sound Mapping Sections (roughly 80’ deep by 250’ long) of a park in Ames, Iowa represent a mapping process of sound found throughout the park at dusk in September. It is an exercise in turning an audible experience into a visual one. The soil section is a representation of the soils found in this region. The qualities of the soil values are graphically represented through the text, which is the hue, value, and chroma of that specific soil type.

Fall 2006/Ames, IA


Sustainable Winery Fall 2006/Boone, IA

Integrated Systems Approach: Water/Energy Site Water is collected: - on site in rainwater barrels - in rain gardens - through catch ponds strategically located throughout the acreage to provide the most efficient crop management with the least amount of soil disturbance - through a greywater collection system within the production operations to recycle and reuse water Energy is collected and conserved : - though the geothermal system installed in a pond. The constant temperature generates cooling in the summer and heat in the winter. - through the ground’s constant temperatures, the barrel storage’s climate control is eased, conserving energy - through the east facing glass, providing natural daylighting, which makes a more enjoyable environment, while reducing energy needs. - through the thermal mass wall on the south and west sides of the building. Storing energy throughout the day, the wall slowly releases heat at night - with the gravity flow operations of the grape to wine production process N Scale: 1”=125’-0” 0 62.5 125



The model was made completely of found materials from other studio projects. Project emphasis was to further concepts of economically and environmentally reuse in a search for sustainability.

A view of the site, looking west up the hill. Conference center / banquet room / tasting

Bottling / storage

Cel la

e rag sto nt me uip Eq l Mechanica



<V iew



< Vi

This parti diagram was the starting point for developing a series of spaces that fit the contour of the land while allowing for the â&#x20AC;&#x153;negative spacesâ&#x20AC;? (the non-production oriented spaces) to become the tasting and viewing areas for the winery. This created a blend of functions that overlapped and complimented each other.


Crush Pad

Tan ion nta er me filt Fer nd / ble

Grapes >

flow d


ing Ba +T ast fer rrel ing me nt a < tio Vi n ew in g

People >

gra v it y

< Viewing

r st ora ge

own hill > >>

Precedent study of regional materiality.


Motion Map Spring 2006/Ames, IA

This mapping represents a battle between the environmental, mental, and physical forces present in the progression of a run. At the start, thoughts are cluttered on the past and future, while the body fights physical elements of the wind and changing elevation. Slowly, as the lactic acids build, the glucose burns, and the glycogen dissipates, thoughts of simply the present become clearer. Muscles settle into a rhythm, and the physical forces balance with environmental forces, producing rhythm, speed, and power.


Pattern Project Spring 2005/Ames, IA

Using no glue or tape, a paper model of a garden trowel was created using small strips of paper intricately woven together. From the model a pattern was created, which developed into a â&#x20AC;&#x153;space containerâ&#x20AC;? using only the pattern pieces and a variety of weaving methods. Ten sections of the space container were drawn in detail.


2010 Portfolio  

An assemblage of projects, thoughts, and ideas both academic and not!