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Kegel Exercises : GyneFlex with VTP (r) vs Kegel Master review and video “ My husband noticed (and LOVED) the difference after about 1 month, and the stress incontinence got under control around week 2. Orgasms feel like they used to before kids. I think doing the Kegels on my own failed because I wasn’t doing them as often as I thought or as long, and I wasn’t really isolating the muscles as much as using them along w/ my abdomen.” Click here to read rest of this review.

So you know how important it is to exercise your kegel muscles especially for those women who have had children using the natural method. Kegel muscles exercise helps in returning the vaginal muscles to their tightness they had before child birth. If you don’t correctly isolate the right muscles you will be wasting your time and effort. The next question is – for those who need objective information before committing to a purchase is which one is the best kegel exerciser in the market today. The two most popular kegel muscles exercisers are the Kegelmaster 2000 ( Click here to read a review)

and the GyneFlex. In this article we discuss the props and cons of the GyneFlex. Pros What we found out is that those who have used one , but not the other, claim that it is best. For example GyneFlex users say that is is easier to use and clean and that it has better results. The booklet comes with easy instructions. Using it is also a breeze. It is very important to use the device CORRECTLY as some people use it the wrong way and they say it does not work. If you are using it the right way you should start feeling the differences within a week or so. You will be able to hold it for higher and higher counts. Some people have said that they experienced longer organism! So if you notice them then you should know that the GyneFlex is working. “Longer orgasms- Thats right, ladies! After a few weeks of use, orgasms now last a long time, at least three times as long as before- to the point of having to stop them. This probably should be the first Pro….” Click here to read rest of this review. “Orgasms have definitely intensified and my partner is ecstatic! “ Click here to read rest of this review. Your partner should also be able to tell there is a difference. This will be a positive experience as the vagina will be more tighter thus proving a better grip and increasing his pleasure. You should also be able to have better vaginal control and you should be able to tell . So if your husband or partner mentions this, or goes for a longer period than normal – then the Gyne Flex is working the right way.

Kegel Exercises GyneFlex with VTP vs Kegel Master review and video