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The main landmarks for KEF during the last six months have been the acquisition of lands for the new KEF schools in Banjosa (Azad Kashmir) and Chakwal (Pakistan). The building plan for Banjosa Valley Public School has been completed and the ground preparation work already started. All funding for this school, located in earthquake area is being donated by Mr Hasan Askari and his friends of UK. The land for Chakwal School, 48.5 kanals (6 acres) donated by Cheema Family Trust has been transferred to KEF and the designing of school is being done by an architect in UK. The Institute of Teacher Education will have the privilege of having experienced teacher trainers Dr. Keith Ross and Ms. Ellen Rugen from September 2007. Their expertise will be supplemented by two VSO volunteers in November 2007. This will greatly help the ITE in raising its standards to international level and enable it to start new initiatives in addition to expanding its services for whole of Pakistan. Pearl Valley Public School deserves special mention for maintaining its high education standards. The school has secured second highest GPA in Secondary School Examination amongst 589 schools affiliated with Federal Examination Board.

Banjosa Valley Public School Site and its present occupants

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Newsletter 2007

KEF Head Office Appointment of New Trustee: Vice Admiral (R) Farooq Rashid, HI (M), S.Bt. has been elected as a Trustee to the Board of KEF in May 2007. He has a distinguished service record spanning over 30 years. Presently he is the Rector of Bahria University.

Visit of Team from University of Gloucestershire (UOG) Dr. Keith Ross, an eminent educationist in UK and former head of Teacher Training Department in UOG accompanied by Ms. Ellen Rugen, an English teacher and KEF trustee M. Akram Khan Cheema, OBE an OFSTED inspector and consultant, visited Institute of Teacher Education and Pearl Valley Public School in April 2007. Dr. Keith Ross and Ellen Rugen during their tenure with KEF will be taking teacher training courses both in ITE and PVPS.

Visit Voluntary Placement Advisor VSO: Ms. Clare Adams, the Voluntary Placement Advisor of VSO visited HO on 28th March 2007 to discuss the requirement of VSO volunteers for KEF and their utilisation in KEF institutions. She later visited Rawalakot to personally assess the impact of VSO volunteers on quality of education. She assured fullest cooperation of VSO in provision of volunteers, specially for ITE.

Establishment of KEF Committees: The Board of Trustees during the meeting on 30th June 2007 approved the establishment of various committees to ensure that affairs of KEF are conducted in a transparent and efficient manner. This includes an Executive Committee, Human Resource Committee, Audit Committee, Quality Assurance Committee and Committee for Resource Mobilisation.

Donation of House 150 Westridge-1, Rawalpindi Mrs. Kamala Rahim Khan (late) had, through her will, donated House 150 Westridge-1 to KEF. After her sad demise on 30th April 2007, the house has been transferred to KEF and named as KEF House that will accommodate KEF Head Office and visiting guests after renovation.

Introduction of Incentives for Teachers: The recommendations of KEF HR (Pay) Committee headed by Mr. M.R. Khan aimed at providing additional incentives to the teachers and staff of KEF school

Kashmir Education Foundation th

were approved by the Board of Trustees during their meeting on 30 June 2007. The salient features are:  Minimum salary of lower staff has been increased.  Bonus up to one to two month salary will be awarded annually to teachers on the basis of their performance.  A gratuity scheme will be introduced for all the teachers of KEF schools.

Appointment of New Accounts and Finance Manager st

Mr. Muhammad Rashad joined KEF HO on 1 May 2007. He replaced Mr. Dost Muhammad who served KEF for over two years and made useful contribution in upgrading the accounting system in the HO and other KEF institutions.

Pearl Valley Public School (PVPS) PVPS Excels Again: PVPS has maintained it reputation for the second consecutive year as one of the best quality institutions in Pakistan after its consistent performance in the secondary and higher secondary level examinations. PVPS secured the highest GPA in the Secondary School Examination in 2006 and the second highest in 2007. PVPS is affiliated with Federal Board of Secondary Education which not only covers schools in Federal Areas and Azad Kashmir but also Pakistani schools overseas.

The Dream Comes True The basic philosophy of KEF in establishing highest quality school for talented children from under-previliged areas is aimed at creating role models who can rekindle the aspirations of others in their respective communities. Sundila Andleeb, the student of our first intake in 1996, competed in the entrance exam for BSc (Hons) in LUMS and made it on merit with full scholarship for 4 years course. She is probably the first girl from the whole of AJ&K who studied in a remote area and made it for the University which remains a forlorn dream even for children from rich and influential backgrounds. Two of our students have secured admission in Bahria University, one with full scholarship and the other would be supported by KEF.

Newsletter 2007

Study Tour Class 9 students went to Lahore and Sargodha on a study/recreational tour. The students visited historical places in Lahore and witnessed the world famous flag lowering ceremony at Wagah. In Sargodha, they were privileged to visit Pakistan Air Force (PAF) Base and were briefed by the Base Commander about the role and capabilities of PAF. The students took keen interest in the display of aircrafts, and were thrilled to see F-16s. They also visited Cadet College Sargodha where they were welcomed by the Principal and shown various facilities.

VSO Volunteer Trains PVPS Faculty Ms. Andrea Flores, a Voluntary Service Organisation volunteer and master trainer from Philippines was in PVPS for 4 weeks to train the science and math teachers of primary and elementary classes. She also helped PVPS in upgrading its science lab.

Extra Curricular Activities Extra curricular activities form an important part of developing the personality of children. Special attention is being paid on this aspect, some of these activities arranged by the school included: o Inter house competitions of badminton, table tennis and cricket. o Annual Sports Day o Social Studies Quiz Competition o English and Urdu Debates

APID Test National Institute of Psychology conducted the Assessment for Potential Intelligence Development (APID) test in November 2006 for selection of pupils for prep class. Out of a total of 77 children who appeared in the test 25 children were selected.

Soan Valley Public School (SVPS) SVPS Moves On The SVPS is now academically only in its third year but it has taken major strides in quality of education and administration. With the new prep class, the School

Kashmir Education Foundation strength now stands at 100. Renovation is currently being done which includes repainting of the interior and exterior, furnishing new class and faculty room and cataloguing the library, both for primary and secondary sections.

Staff Development Program Developing and improving skills is part of human development. The teachers at SVPS are being introduced to different planning and class management strategies. The staff with the guidance of Joan Atkinson and Principal Kaukab has developed long term, medium term and weekly programmes and daily worksheets for each class. In addition sessions are held for training teachers which include topics like discipline during morning assembly, in class, play time, PE and at home. Special workshops are also organized for training the teachers on improving the writing and reading skills of the students.

Curriculum Development SVPS has developed comprehensive curriculum for classes Prep 1 & 2, this is a fine blending of British and National Curriculum recently revised by Ministry of Education.

Teaching Practice SVPS serves the ITE as a venue for its initial teaching practices. The students of ITE did four weeks teaching practice under the supervision of their own and SVPS faculty.

APID Test APID Test for class Prep was held in May 2007. 20 children were selected from amongst 44 who appeared for the test for admission to the prep class.

Institute of Teacher Education Educational Trips Two educational trips were organised for students of ITE. The first visit was in March to Lok Virsa (Pakistan's Heritage Centre) and a truck painting workshop in Rawat. The second trip took the students to Mangla Dam and Lahore. The visit to Mangla was facilitated by the local military authorities who made special

Newsletter 2007 arrangements for reception, visit and briefing at hydroelectric power station and boating in M a n g l a La k e . A t Lahore the students visited historical places, witnessed flag lowering ceremony at Wagah and spent a useful day at Ali Institute of Education.

Visiting Lecturers ITE had a number of visiting lecturers from Pakistan and abroad. Dr. Keith Ross and Ellen Rugen from University of Gloucestershire visited ITE in April and had long and fruitful interaction with the students. Ms. Nargis Hashmi, Executive Director of PTV visited ITE in May and briefed the students on the workings of a TV station. Andrea Flores, the VSO volunteer took math and science classes.

Visit by Air University Students Faculty members and 28 students from Air U n i v e r s i t y ' s Department of Business Administration visited ITE and th PVPS on 4 April 2007. The visit was part of their study on Development Economics (Role of Private Sector in Rural Development). The students were given a comprehensive briefing by CEO followed by detailed discussion with the Chairman KEF.

Faculty ITE bade farewell to Mrs. Jane Seekings, a VSO volunteer, in April. She served as English and Arts teacher for over three years in ITE and was highly regarded as a symbol of commitment and dedication. Joan Atkinson who took over the ITE on its shifting to new campus left in May. KEF owes a debt of gratitude to Joan Atkinson for steering it during its initial days with rare vision and dexterity. Miss Tahira Said, a highly experienced teacher of PVPS has joined ITE as math teacher.

Kashmir Education Foundation

New Initiatives KEF plans to run special short certification courses from January 2007 for the local teachers who do not qualify to attend KEF's Post Graduate Diploma Course. In addition 4 week workshops for local teachers on science, mathematics and English are planned during 2008. Two 8 week basic computer courses will also be run for the male and female students of local area.

KEF UK Congratulations We are delighted to inform our friends and supporters that Shahid Malik MP who has been our staunch supporter is the first Pakistani/Muslim ever to be given ministerial responsibilities within the Government of United Kingdom by Prime Minister, Gordon Brown. We offer our heartiest congratulation to him and hope to continue to benefit from his wise counsel.

Well Done Anna! Anna Finn is a name, which will interest everyone involved in KEF. Her amazing 'Seven Runs on Seven Suns' marathon challenge (details on has projected the image of KEF throughout Europe and her wonderful effort resulted in a significant fund raising campaign. We are delighted that she has agreed to continue her ambassadorial role for KEF. And we wish her every success in her new career at Woodhouse College London as a Senior Mathematics Teacher. SVPS library has been named by Trustees as “Anna Finn Library� to recognise her contribution to KEF.

UK / KEF School Partnerships We are delighted to report that partnerships between Pearl Valley School, Acklam Grange School (AGS) in Middlesborough and Valentines High School (VHS) in London are fast taking shape. Mr. Zahid Hussain from AGS is presently visiting PVPS and ITE to share good practices and discuss future joint projects. VHS has held an end of year whole school assembly, which was entirely dedicated to PVPS and the Kashmir Education Foundation. The hour-long assembly was videoed. The VHS teachers' band sang a song dedicated to KEF. VHS & AGS are working on student / teacher exchanges in the near future. The schools will continue exploring ways of extending and developing new partnership projects for mutual benefit.

Newsletter 2007

Appreciation Abdul Qayyum and Ishtiaq Mir attended a very successful fund raising concert on 23rd June 2007 at St. Mary Church in Bowdon to thank Caroll Carrington and all her friends.

A Timely Review KEF UK Trustees are pleased to announce a radical structural and procedural review led by Zulfiqar Karim and Amjad Pervez. Their recommendations and proposals to expand and improve will take us from where we are as an organisation into a far more efficient and productive direction and will enable us to move more quickly towards achieving our desired goals. We can already see an improvement in the channels of communication, higher level of coherence, more efficient fund raising campaigns and more precise target setting along with clearer processes and procedures.

KEF UK Annual Dinner 2007 Arrangements for the Annual Fund Raising Dinner are going well and we are looking forward yet again to welcome all our friends and supporters including Chairman KEF Pakistan Major General (Rtd.) Rahim th Khan from Pakistan as well as local dignitaries on Saturday 8 of September 2007 at the Hilton Hotel in Bradford. Mr. Shahid Malik, MP and minister will be the Chief Guest.

KEF USA KEF USA has finally taken off with the opening of (much delayed) account in USA. The credit for this goes to the persistent efforts of Mr. Abdul Aziz Khan, the founder of KEF US and Dr. Sajid Khan. We welcome M/s. Abdul Aziz Khan, Dr. Sajid Khan, Nadeem Ashraq Khan, Fahim Ashraq Khan, Saima Habib Khan and Farooq Ahmed who have come on board to assist the KEF USA. We have great expectations from the new team. Chairman KEF plans to visit USA shortly to formally launch KEF operations in various cities.

KEF House, Rawalpindi

Mrs. Kamala Rahim Khan, wife of Chairman KEF passed th away on 30 April '07. She bequeathed all her property including a house worth approx 27 million to KEF Endowment Fund

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Newsletter June 2007  

Newsletter June 2007

Newsletter June 2007  

Newsletter June 2007