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Textile Based Ventilation

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laboratories and clean rooms KE Fibertec - we supply quality and sustainable ventilation solutions

KE Fibertec’s textile duct solutions are often chosen for use in laboratories due to their inherent ability to handle large amounts of air with minimal air velocity and noise in the room. This is important since high air velocities and noise compromise the function of the room and the equipment in it. The systems are especially well-suited for laboratories with fume hoods or for rooms with varying demands (VAV systems). KE Fibertec has long-term experience in supplying textile ducts for clean room applications.

We offer many well-documented reference projects:

Benefits of KE Fibertec ventilation ducts: • Efficient and uniform distribution of large quantities of air. • No draught and no dead zones. • Lightweight textile ducts that may be fitted to any type of ceiling. Dental clinic Tilburg, the Netherlands

Bespack, UK

• Easy maintenance - no growth of microorganisms. • 1600 custom colours ensure that the ducts can be tailored to any architectural design. • Silent air distribution - down to 25 dbA. • Clean air as the systems filter out airborne dust particles. • The large surface of the textile duct ensures low air velocities throughout the room.

Southampton University, UK

BAT Millbrook, UK

• No short-circuit around the exhausts. choose SUSTAINABLE ventilation All KE Fibertec textiles are tested and approved acc. to the OekoTex® Standard 100. Our production is certified acc. to the ISO 14001 standard (Environmental Management System). Transportation and disposal of textile duct systems produce less CO2 pollutants than conventional steel ducts.

Uniquema, the Netherlands

Boots Pharmaceuticals, UK

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Application: laboratories  

Textile Based Ventilation in laboratories

Application: laboratories  

Textile Based Ventilation in laboratories