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PROFESSIONAL LIFE Kees Bijlsma Student Industrial Product Design S1050105

CHAPTER BLUE ASSIGMENT 1A & 1B 1A 1B Four places I would like to work Choose one, and write to them Studio Floris Schoonderbeek

Letter for job offer at philips

Goliath CV



Who is this company? Studio Floris Schoonderbeek B.V. is a small design studio based in Arnhem. They design artistic products mainly for Weltevree. This small studio is consisting of 3 designers in total. The studio focuses mostly on outdoor products. Products like outdoor ovens, benches, chairs, lamps and the most famous ones: The groundfridge and the Dutchtub. The studio focuses mainly on the experience of a product. Their products are always somehow connected with nature. They design good quality products. Their solutions are always straighforward. The designs are very simple and functional, but always surprisingly creative. Some key words of the identity of the studio are: Simple, creative, straightforward, functional, experience, sustainable, warm and focussed on outdoor. They mostly design products for Weltevree, Schipperbosch, Hoogvuur en ‘t Raboes.





What are they doing? The most famous designs of this studio is the Dutchtub and the Groundfridge: Dutch Tub: The Dutchtub had a design award in 2003. This is when Floris Schoonderbeek got his notoriety. It’s a bath for outdoor. It’s actually a Jacuzzi, but the experience of this product gives the Jacuzzi something extra. The experience is that people can warm the bath up by their own fire, and enjoy the fire while sitting in the bath. This product is not as functional as a Jacuzzi. But because of this experience, the product is not comparable with Jacuzzi’s anymore. The Dutchtub itself is very functional and sustainable. It fits in the collection of Weltevree’s outdoor products.

1A Ground Fridge The Groundfridge The groundfridge is nominated in the dutch design award in 2015. A lot of people don’t have a basement. The studio designed a basement as a product. The basement can be used as a storage for wine, fruit and vegetables. This product can be buried in the ground without needing any licence. Because it has a layer of at least 1 meter soil around the product, it can isolate very well. It has a constant temperature of around 11 degrees. This temperature is the same as a regular fridge.




- Chop your own wood, and it will warm you twice. This fits to the Weltevree style. It refers to the experience of a product. To use the product you need to do something extra, but it will give you a nice and warm experience. - We focus on experience, sustainability and functionality This is a quote from Floris Schoonderbeek. These are his keywords of design.

Why would I like to work here? I had an internship at studio Floris Schoonderbeek B.V. and I am familiar with their way of working. What I liked about the studio is that they are fast in making decisions. That’s why they do a lot of different projects and design many different products. They are never hesitating and they are very focused on finding solutions. During my internship I did a lot of designing and also practical work, like building models or prototypes. This makes the job very variously. I really like their product portfolio. The products are very creative. It’s very typical that the products bring the users closer to nature.



Goliath Goliath is a company who produces games for children. This company is focused on the interaction of children and the product. This company is located in Hattem. Some keywords of their identity: Playful, interactive, safe and fun.



Products they make “Holle Bolle Big� Holle Bolle Big is a dice game where children need to feed the pig with hamburgers. The dice is telling how many hamburgers you need to feed this pig. I like the design because the pig interacts with the user when he gets feeded by hamburgers. Childeren see the tummy growing. When the tummy is swollen, the player knows it gets more exiting. In the end the tummy explodes and the hands are folding open. This means you lost the game. It’s a really simple game for kids, which is necessary for this target group of players from 4-11 years. The design of this game is playfull and funny.


“Klabats� Klabats is a more family focused game. You need to spin the arrow to get the right question. One of the players is aksing the question up loudly. Everyone is writing down the answer as quickly as possible on their whiteboard. After writing down the answer, the boards are folding in automatically. The board on the bottom, is the quickest. He or she won this round (if the answer is right). The interaction part of this game is that people can actually notice who is winning, cause the whiteboards are folding in at a high speed. Also asking questions makes the game very interactive.



GOLIATH GAMES Citations of designers

“Great games have a way of succeeding. If you can get consumers playing them, word of mouth will do the rest and make them a success,” said Adi.

Why would I like to work here I heard from other classmates that the working environment has a very good atmosphere. That’s why I would choose specific to work at Goliath. I like to work in a game design company because the design process is very creative and not that serious. In most design processes crazy input is welcome, but most of the time unfeasible. In game design everything is possible, which offers a lot of freedom in your design process. Games are mostly developed by testing, to improve the interactive aspects. It is a really fun way to develop a product. Next to that I really like to do Graphic work as well. Working in Game development is a great way to mix graphic and product design.




Blofield Blofield is a design studio which focus on one product line, which is inflatable products. Products as benches, picknick tables and peddle boards. They are located in Amsterdam. It’s a very small design studio, consisting of 3-4 people. The experience of this product is very important. Also functionality, creativity and sustainability are keywords of their design.


Some products: “Stand up paddle boards” The standup paddle board is an inflatable product which is very easy to carry with you, because it can be fold into a bag.


BLOFIELD “DoNut” The DoNut is an inflatable picnic table. The table is not inflatable and can be removed from the sitting part. It can now be used for swimming.


Citations of designers


No citations found.

Why I would like to work here I would like to work here because I think it’s a very interesting that the company works from only one product line: Inflatable products. New products are created which fits in this product line. For example the peddle boards. Designing a new peddle board which is inflatable, gives extra values compared with regular peddle boards. This is because it’s easy to easier to transport. Also the inflatable furniture gives extra value because the experience is different than regular furniture, because it is furniture which you can take with you everywhere. The design process of Blofield is very creative. You need to think of new products which fits in their product line and gives extra value by making a product inflatable. I think this a unique aspect of Blofield, which I think is interesting. I like their design, which is very stylish, retro, and looks very decent and comfortable. I am very impressed about the way they present/promote their product portfolio. You can see they took much care about it.


Who is this company Philips is a big technology company who focus on improvement of health, consumer lifestyle and lightning. They are leader of the following markets: Cardiologic care, acute care, home care, durable lightning solutions, and durable solutions on shaving products, hair trimmers and oral care. Philips is a big, strong and reliable brand. They have a lot of depth in the design process. The ambition of Philips is that they strive for healthier and more durable innovations to help people.





Some products Philips face shaver I like this design because it looks very futuristic. The design shows a lot of technology in the rotating part of the shaving system. This gives the user a decent and powerful feeling. Also it communicates very well what the product does. The combination of the black color, metal and the sharp edges makes the product look manly. Also very round shapes can be found in the product, which communicates comfort and user-friendliness.

A clear interface is telling you the speed, which the user can increase and decrease by pressing plus or minus. This way you can personalize the shaving system. Next to that the interface is clearly telling about the state of the battery and the on/off button.

I like the design of this vacuum cleaner. The design exudes very powerful. The filter of the vacuum cleaner visualises the power and functionality of the product. The user sees the dust particles rotating in the filter, when cleaning. the simplicity of the design and the red color makes the product look friendly and easy to use. Also a clear interface indicates the remaining battery life and when the filter needs to be replaced.





Citations of designers

“Not slavishly bowing to conventional thinking... reframe the question you’re asking again and again.” - Abby Godee, Head Of Design & Personal Health Solutions “Creativity is the magic that gives something life.” - Adam Murphy, Art-Director “We all have ideas - creativity is bringing them to life...” - Ally Crane, Creative Director “Creativity is what turns the ordinary into the extraordinary” - Andrew Benson, Art director


PHILIPS Why I would like to work here When working at Philips, you are part of big projects. The work you are doing is specialized on a certain part of the design process. I think it’s interesting to work on a detailed level. What interests me as well is working with different departments. Which means you will work with different professionals with different backgrounds. I would like to improve my communication skills and learn how to present ideas or improvements to different to people with different backgrounds. Working at a large company like Philips also takes a lot of growing opportunities within the company. What interests me is the design of Philips, which is very experience-oriented and always functional and reliable. Philips does a lot in Health care, which I think is very interesting and an important branch to work on. Philips improves people’s lives by useful innovations



Kees Bijlsma Berkenburg 4 8702BE, Bolsward 06-39067063 August 12, 2018 Subject: Application bachelor degree internship, Packaging Design at Philips

A vacancy was placed at to work on innovative and smart packaging solutions at Philips in Drachten. Yacht asked for people who would work at Philips, for industrial product desingers. Philips needs new packaging for electronic products. Yacht offers trainings and courses to help improve my presentation skills. I have written a job offer to Yacht.

Dear sir or madam, In response to the vacancy, I would like to apply for “Packaging Design” at Phillips. I just graduated as Industrial Product Designer at university Windesheim in Zwolle and I am looking for a new challenge in surroundings of Drachten. What interests me about this work is that I can specialize my knowledge in packaging design. I like to dive in the newest information for materials and production methods to create innovative packaging solutions. Functionality of the packaging in a cost efficient and durable way is paramount. I think the most interesting aspect of this work is the experience of the packaging. How does the packaging gives the user the right feeling about the product when seeing or opening it? I am very solution-oriented and have a good eye for detail. I like simple, straightforward design which is durable and easy to understand for the user. I am creative and a team worker. I am very competent with software, SolidWorks and Illustrator. Other programs which I am less familiar with, like ARTIOS-CAD and CAPE, I will be able to learn rapidly. I see this project as a big challenge to dive in something new. I would be very happy if I’d be given the opportunity to follow training and courses by Yacht Academy. To get an impression of my workstyle, please have a look at my online portfolio; My CV can be found in the attachment. I am looking forward to hear from you. Yours faithfully, Kees Bijlsma 


naam: nationaliteit: geb. datum BSN


Kees Bijlsma Nederlands 7/8/1993 213516482


adres: Berkenburg 4 8702BE, Bolsward tel. nummer: 0639067063 e-mail ACADEMIE

HAVO 2005-2010 (middelbare school) Afgestudeerd: richting “Natuur & Techniek” en “Natuur & Gezondheid” (2010) Marne College, Bolsward


Verkoop, promotie & flyeren (jan. 2014 - mei 2014) Team International, Edinburgh, Schotland

HBO studie “Industrieel Product Ontwerpen” 2011-now Afgestudeerd: 2016 (verwacht) Christelijke Hogeschool Windesheim, Zwolle, Nederland

Fietstaxichauffeur (april 2014 - juli 2014) B-Spoke, Edinburgh, Scotland

Minors: - “Allround Design” sept. 2013 - feb. 2014, Zwolle - “Product Design” feb 2014 - juni 2014, Edinburgh

Productie assistent bakkerij (juni 2014 - jan. 2015) HEMA Bakkerij B.V., Sneek, Nederland

Stage: - Ontwerper (feb. 2015 - juni 2015) “Studio Floris Schoonderbeek B.V.”, Arnhem, Nederland - Afstudeerder (feb. 2016 - mei 2016) “Hakvoort Professional”, Emmeloord, Nederland

Bediening restaurant (aug. 2015 - okt. 2015) De Baai van Lemmer, Lemmer, Nederland VAARDIGHEDEN

- SolidWorks (goed) - Stress analysis (goed) - Illustrator (basiskennis)


Fries/Nederlands: Engels: Duits:

Grafisch ontwerp posters & flyers (aug. 2015 - nov 2015) Restaurant de Baai van Lemmer, Lemmer, Nederland


In bezit van rijbewijs B sinds 2013

Interieur & huisstijl Ontwerper “Vossenhol Hulst”, Hulst, Nederland


Op aanvraag

- Afstudeerder (feb. 2018 - juni 2018) “DOB-Academy”, Delft, Nederland WERK

Verkoper & adviseur (juni 2010 - aug. 2011) Karwei, Bolsward, Nederland

Productontwerper trofee (jan. 2014 - okt 2015) Gysbert Japicxhûs, Bolsward, Nederland

- Photoshop (goed) - InDesign (goed) - Arduino (basiskennis)

Moedertaal Vloeiend Basis


2A 2B 2C

LinkedIn page

Elevator pitch

Product Portfolio






Have you ever thought about why one product is selling better than the other? My name is Kees Bijlsma and I’m an industrial product designer. I can bring in new creative proposals for company’s who need improvements in their product assortment. Innovation is always needed. The world around us is changing, and so are the users’ needs as well. Actually it’s not that obvious what a consumer wants. As a designer it’s my job to find out and to meet the requirements of the consumer. As a designer I focus on innovation and consumer experience. Innovation would be improvement in functionality, cost efficiency, reliability and very important nowadays; durability. I have a lot of technical knowledge and I can communicate well with people who make my design achievable. Besides innovation I focus on Consumer experiences. First of all I need to know the consumer and figure out who they are. When I know this, I can design a product which fits in their lifestyle and make the consumer feel happy when using the product. If the new product is for example focussed on durability, the consumer will experience this as well when using it. I am a very solution-oriented person. I always come up with new creative ideas. Next to creative thinking, my other greatest quality is my knowledge of technique. This is why my solutions are new and surprising, but also very achievable.


PRODUCT PORTFOLIO I designed my own website for my porftolio. I made a range of several projects which I’m the most proud of. The nicest projecst are on the top. In the header of my website is my contact information, something about who I am, and my CV is shown.

please have a look at my online website:





Legal form

Year Budget




Kees Bijlsma Design

Legal form:

This company has its legal form of a proprietorship. I am looking for a part-time job and starting my own business next to it. This part-time job gives me a save back-up, so I can explore how to set up my own company, and gain enough money for living and to start this company. To start my own company it gives me my notoriety as product designer, If I do this right. It can help me finding great other jobs in the design world. I design products where I can put my own name on so I can distinguish myself from other designers and build up my own product portfolio. Next to that having a proprietorship is the best option for me, since I have no income, or partners which could help me running a company.





Total earnings – clean Taxes + insurances + pension fund Total pre tax income:

Fixed costs

Administration Rent Electricity/water Phone Living necessaries Total fixed costs

30.000,00 25.000,00 55.000,00

1.000,00 4.000,00 1.500,00 500 3.000,00 10,000,00


Workshop New machinery Materials (models) equipment Fuel Total Expenses


1.500,00 800,00 400,00 2.080,00 4.780,00

Computers Machinery Yearly upgrade software Car furniture Phone Total amortizations

500 1.000,00 650,00 1.200,00 300,00 200 3.850,00

Total annual turnover




HOURLY COST Hourly Cost for my bureau Assuming I have a part-time job as technical drawer for 3 days in a week. Next to that I work 2-3 days at my own company. I found the Gross income on which has a minimum of 12.900,00 euro if I work for 3 full days.

Year budget 2019 Total pre tax income: Total fixed costs: total expenses Total amortizations Gross income per year:

55.000,00 15.500,00 11.000,00 6.300,00 12.900,00

total annual turnover


Total number of annual working days: Total effective working days: Costs per working day: Costs per working hour:

Number of working days: (365 days * 2,5 days) / 7days = 130 days

130 days 2,5 effective days/week 467,15 58,39 Euro/hour


Link to official website of the client:


Link to my porfolio:

Short description of this offer:

The design for a trophy is something I did project-based next to my study. I really liked this project and I would like to do similar projects in the future. Up than I haven’t made an official offer for my client. The manufacturer was a online laser company named cutcompany. My client was the supervisor of the “Gysbert Japixcshûs” in Bolsward. More information of this project can be found on their website: lytse-gysbert-japicxpriis/



The new trophy will replace the older one. Two trophy’s will be awarded in 2014, 2016 and 2018. In total there will be made 6 trophy’s. Components Trophy The trophy itself can be made out of one component, or can be made out of several combined components.

Idea Phase

Following our meeting 20 sept. 2019 we hereby present our proposal for a new trophy for the “Lytse Gysbert” poetry award. For more information pleas look at my portfolio:

Winning poem. The winning poem can be taken of the trophy whenever the user wants to. The winning poem will be shown on A5 format.


The propose will be divided in several phases: The first phase will be Idea Phase. The second phase will be the Concept phase. The third will be the materialization phase. The last phase will be the definition and documentation phase.


- analysis of the older trophy - analysis of style and materials - analyze other trophy’s or comparable products for inspiration - analyze for all requirements for the trophy - Generate idea’s

Deliverables: - mood board of style, materials and form - 10 selected best idea’s

The design of the trophy is suitable for kids of age around 9-12 year. Keywords of its design are: unique, stylish, old-looking, playful. It should be fun for kids and it should make their parents proud. Stakeholders of this product are: Parents, the funding municipality, the Gysbert Japicxshûs and the client (you).

Meetings: 9 of October: award ceremony of 2013 of the older trophy end of October: presentation idea’s

The trophy refers to the philosopher Gysbert Japicx from 17th century. Which makes the product old-fashioned. The logo of the design competition is integrated in the trophy. Also the initials of the designer will be integrated in the trophy.


The winning poet is a very important object of the trophy. The poet will be presented on the trophy in a nice way. Whenever people want, the poet can be taken of the trophy and placed back, so people can read the poet. The trophy is a stable product and can stand on itself. It has a minimum size of 100x30x30 (mm) and a maximum size of 250x80x80 (mm). The trophy will be made out of durable materials, so the lifetime is longer than 20 years. Each trophy should cost less than 30,- EUR.

Conceptualization phase - development of the 10 selected idea’s - analyze materials and production methods - define best idea’s to three concepts - Model making

deliverables - three concepts - three models Meetings Beginning of November: presentation of three concepts and models

Materialization tasks:

- optimize aesthetics values - optimize of the form of the model - request for offers to production company’s - define concept ready for production

deliverables: - final model - 3d renderings, different proposals for graphics, colors or materials Meeting end of November: presentation of final model

Definition and documentation

tasks - define all details - creation of assembly drawings - creation of all technical drawings Deliverables - final aesthetic product (model) - Technical drawings for production - production specification Meeting beginning of December: presentation of

Cost and payments

Phase 1, Idea phase 2000,- EUR Phase 2, Conceptualization phase 2000,- EUR Phase 3, Materialization 1000,- EUR Pahse 4, definition and documentation 300,- EUR Billing of each stage after the presentation, payment within 30 days of invoice-date

Terms and conditions

Costs will be in charge if you request another offer and decide after not to work with this company. We will charge the normal hourly rate for this. signature Vera Brink-Stilma Gysbert Japicxhûs Bolsward

Kees Bijlsma Industrial product designer

…………………………………… (signature)

…………………………………… (signature)

…………………………………… (date)






Product Category

Three Industries

Next Client



When I start my own company, it is necessary to specify the category of products I would like to design in. I am always inspired by form and materials of nature. Next to that I like the practical aspect of designing, which is working with my own hands in the workshop on my products. The product line I would like to work on, is following the form and materials of nature. More specific: products are based on the form of tree trunks. The tree will be analyzed and translated to a product. The form of this natural product will be kept, and converted to a functional application for human.


The style I would like to express in my products are natural, handicraft, elegant, modern, functional and durable.


All products we can think of are made out of nature. Most people don’t know, or realize where materials of our products is made of, and what the impact is to the environment. I would like to create a better connection between products, users and nature, by getting materials direct from nature. The design will be durable, because the design of nature’s beauty is timeless. Also there will be wasted less materials compared with regular designs. I would like to make products out of wood from the dutch wood supplier: staatsbosbeheer. The wood of staatsbosbeheer is very durable, because they don’t suply more wood than nature can offer. Designing smart smart solutions for this beatufiull material increases its lifetime. It would be a waste to use wood directly for fire. Increasing the life-time means more durable.



Some examples of products I like, to clearify my product interest:

Hilla Shamia

Product Designer Hilla Shamia made furniture combining cast aluminium and wood. It fits really well in my product category interest, because the general squared form of this bench makes the product look modern, while the natural form of the tree trunk is kept. Source:


Uriel Schwartz

Industrial designer Uriel Schwartz unveiled “Undercut,� a set of handmade furniture created from mahogany wood and cast aluminum. Inspired by organic forms found in nature, Schwartz incorporates imperfect and asymmetric lines in each of his pieces. After shaping the mahogany wood into the desired seat form, Schwartz adds in the aluminum by pouring hot liquid metal into molds. Sources:



KASPER HAMACHER Two products Kasper Hamacher made is this chair (called: Ausgebrannt) and bench (called: Die Baumbank). Production Ausgebrannt: With chain saw the tree trunk is cut into segments varying in lengts. The following step is to make four cuts in the middle of the trunk to make the basic shape of chair legs. Kaspar Hamacher uses fire to create the legs of this furniture. The bark is stripped from the exterior and fire is then used to hollow out parts of the trunk to create legs. Working in Brussels, Kaspar moved back to the forest where he now runs his atelier. The product brought him back to his roots.

4A Kasper’s studio is located in an old factory in Eupen, close to the woods. Kaspar Hamacher produced his first serie of Ausgebrannt for the soloexhibition in Paris at Design Pool, sept. 13, 2014. This product is available in Oak, Beech, Cherry and Birch. Dimensions are available between 30cm and 3meter. Price is variable. A version of 50cm costs around 1950,- euro. Another project what Kasper Hamacher designs is a bench called Die Baumbank. This bench is made out of a tree trunk and shaped by a chain saw. To define the form, the product is sanded and finished with waxe. Sources:



One of the industries I could work for is Weltevree:

Weltevree Weltevree, the company I did an internship, designed a stainless steel system to hold the wood in place. The Forestry table is made from the Dutch woods. This product would fit in my category, because there is a clear connection between product and nature. The natural shape of the wood is kept in this product.

Product Examples





Binthout is a woodworking company based in Zwolle. They make beatifull handmade designs from wood.

Contact persons: Cor Wobma +31643243062

Karst Klein +31630032520



Binthout sells many products from wood like boxes, ligtnings, cutting boards and tables. The consumer can choose from different wood types and different sizes.



Service: Binthout has their own lasercut to engrave and cut shapes from the wood.


Besides they do a lot of projects for public spaces.


Durability: With Stadshout Zwolle they cut and process the trees; due to illness or otherwise disappear from our streets into useful wood for projects and products.




Extremis Extremis designs tools to get people together to stimulate communication. The headquarter of the company is based in Belgium.


Sales Extremis mostly sells outdoor furniture. Design, durability and interaction are there key-words.


THREE INDUSTRIES company/extremis/

Contact EXTREMIS HEADQUARTERS Couthoflaan 20b B-8972 Poperinge, Belgium T + 32 57 346020 Open from 8:30 till 12:30 and 13:00 till 17:00



Market position



This graph visualizes the market position of the three companies.

Extremis Weltevree





Binthout appeals to me the most because they are very specialized in working with wood. They have the most knowledge and skills and work-experience to process sustainable wood into a product. As a designer it is interesting to approach a company that can offer you a lot of creative freedom in your own design. Binthout gives this freedom because they offer many possibilities in the processing of wood. Besides their manual skills with wood, they also use laser-cut machines to do deliver quick and precise work. Binthout also processes a various types of wood, which gives me freedom in the choice of materials that I can use for my design. As Binthout is very focused on durability, my vision might be interesting for them. I would approach binthout by sending them an e-mail asking whether they need a new design to renew and expand their product range. In this email I would refer to my product portfolio in which my design vision and interests can be clearly read. I would explain to Binthout that it seems interesting to me to develop a product in which the natural shape of wood is reflected in the design, in order to save residual waste. It would be interesting for Binthout that my design allows the user to experience that the product is sustainable. I want to strengthen the relationship of the user and nature by giving the design a clear link where the product comes from. In a way that, as it emerges in the examples of my product portfolio, the natural shape of wood recurs in my design. I would tell them that I am open to their vision and product ideas and that I am prepared to adjust accordingly. After sending it, I would call it a day later to make sure that the contact person at Binthout has a picture of who I am. In this way you can make the request more personal, and by doing so strengthen your vision, qualities, interests and the significance for Binthout by telephone. Next to contacting Binthout, the most accessible way to get clients is visiting design fairs and talk to designers who appeal to me.

Professional Life  
Professional Life