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Can (BIS/BISS) Am (BISS) Champion Keesbrook's Believe 'N Magic CHOF. COM. ROMX. KCA BISS

Always My Girl...


Your love is in my heart every day. With every breath, with every glance, with every thought, with every effort, I want to honor you for all that you have given me. You are my Precious Angel Girl.

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Front Cover Story Can (BIS/BISS) / AM(BISS) Ch Keesbrook's Believe 'N Magic CHOF, ROMX, COM Smokee and I explored the exciting world of “campaigning a special". Traveling together brought us closer together and he very rarely let me down. He had a wonderful sense of himself; cocky would be the word, but kind and self confident. His ring presence was second to none. He was the Top Keeshond in Canada in 1998, garnering 6 Canadian BIS and 40 Group 1. To date he is the only Canadian bred/owned/handled Keeshond to win BISS at the KCA National Specialty. He proved to be a predominant stud and his descendents are found in breeding programs all over the world.


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Smokee was magic. He made me believe. There will never be another. Brenda Brookes


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Can (BIS/BISS) Am (BISS) Champion Keesbrook's Believe 'N Magic CHOF. COM. ROMX












Canine Ununited Anconeal Process (UAP) Edited by Katie Fayth

Written by Sharon May-Davis B.App.Sc., Cert. Hon. (USA), M. App. Sc A published scientific author.

KeeshondWorld is honored to have Sharon May-Davis B.App.Sc., Cert. Hon. (USA), M. App. Sc, agree to write a series of articles especially for us. Who is Sharon May-Davis? In addition to being our friend and a fabulous person, Sharon is world renown in the Horse world. QUALIFICATIONS Master Applied Science Bachelor Applied Science Advanced Certification Management Body Work Myofascial Release CranioSacral Techniques (Upledger USA) Advanced Sports Massage Stretching / Joint Mobilisation Certificate of Honor (Honorary) – Midway College Kentucky USA EXPERIENCE 15 years therapy practice – clients include past and present State/National Champions in 6 disciplines. Olympic and WEG representatives from Australia, Japan and Malaysia. Group 1 winners. 12 years competition up to Royal and National level. 11 years part-time work Roseville Stud and Spelling Farm. 15 years part-time teaching subjects government and private educational facilities. 12 years extensive research into the musculo-skeletal system. 14 years articulating skeletons for Universities, Colleges & Racing Clubs.

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11 years guest speaker at various seminars, expo’s, clubs, schools and associations. 10 years conducting clinics, short courses and workshops associated with therapies. Therapist - National Reining Team Sydney 2000 Olympics. Anatomical Consultant for Edu-Corp Inc., USA. Guest speaker World Expo 2005 Achii Japan – skeletal anatomy, skeletal evolution and therapies. Travelled America investigating various Massage educational facilities and techniques.

RESEARCH  Pelvic and Femural changes in Thoroughbred horses training and racing clockwise.  Congenital Cervical Vertebrae anomalies in C6 and C7  Biomechanical effects of 5 Lumbar Vertebrae in Performance Animals as opposed to 6.  Fusion of Caudal Vertebra 1 to Sacral Vertebra 5 in Performance Animals  The Prevalence of Upward Fixation of the Patella (Locking Patella)  The Influence of Nuchal Ligament entrapment lateral to C2 in Performance Animals. December 2012

This condition is found in the dog’s elbow and falls into the category of Elbow Dysplasia. The elbow joint comprises of three bones; Humerus, Radius and Ulna. The anconeal process is located in the front of the Ulna and like most other bones in the canine body, is reliant upon growth plate closure to form the bone.

The role of the anconeal process is to interlock into the olecranon fossa of the humerus. This action aids limb stabilization whilst standing and also, when gaited in the extended position (meaning when the leg is drawn back underneath the dog’s barrel). However, if the anconeal process does not fuse to the main body of the Ulna during growth plate closure, or is disrupted through trauma prior to closure, then the dog’s action appears compromised and is often presented with a lameness seen from as early as 4 months of age. Hence, this condition was termed Ununited Anconeal Process (UAP). Causes of UAP are known to be; genetic, trauma induced, biomechanical imbalance, uneven growth spurts and some authors have even discussed Osteochrondrosis * (*note article in September 2012 KeeshondWorld). One study suggested that the disrupted growth plate of the anconeal process was due to excessive forelimb loading associated with Hip Dysplasia…… hmm. Anyway, the upshot is that the bones don’t fuse together and an irritation occurs in the elbow joint creating a myriad of complaints, i.e. joint effusion (looks swollen), abnormal wear, osteoarthritis, degenerative changes in the articulating cartilage plus a lot more nasty’s that we as humans often feel in our own joints. So what to look for? Aside from your cute puppy showing a lameness in the forelimb, or in some cases NOT, we are privy to a number of variations in gait and stance, namely; • • • • • •

Dogs may appear stiff in the morning and or after rest. Lameness appears worse after exercise. It can appear in one or both forelimbs and may come and go. The dog may swing the affected leg outward when gaited. The dog may rotate its leg outward slightly whilst standing. The dog may show mild to moderate discomfort when the forelimb is hyperflexed and or hyperextended.

But no matter what you see or feel, in all suspicious forelimb abnormalities, you need to have a correct veterinarian diagnosis and this will lead you to the best course of action. It’s in your paws!

[Type text] December 2012



is a small home kennel located in Czech Republic. We breed keeshonden of the best Scandinavian and American lines in the center of Europe. All our dogs and puppies born in the kennel meet the standards of AKC. Some of them are successful at the dog shows in Europe and the USA. Our goal is a purebred, healthy, beautiful keeshond with a good temperament.

There are 2 females in the kennel: C.I.B./CZ CH/RUS CH Eswood Lavender Leaf ''Laksi'', 4 years old. (Pictured Lower right) Alpine Snowbell from Lavendermist Meadow ''Coozie'', 11 months old. (Pictured Center) 2 co-owned males live in Sweden and the USA.

Member of Keeshond Club of Finland, Klub Chovatelu Spicu CMKU (Czech Republic). Olga Kirshina December 2012

Our dogs are ideal as companions, for shows and for all dog activities. We travel a lot with them by land and by sea. The dogs and puppies live inside the house within a family environment, play in the vast garden and are well socialized. We offer full support for the lifetime of each puppy.

By Dr. Marion (Meg) Smart DVM PhD Department of Small Animal Clinical Studies Clinical Nutritionist, Saskatoon SK Canada

Feeding Your Puppy "Nutrition is never black or white, but many changing shades of grey"

Part B: Home Made Puppy Diets Protein Studies with large breed puppies found that a protein % of 14 to 35on a dry matter basis was adequate a protein above 35% and below 14% was detrimental to development .Animal protein stimulates the appropriate acid levels in the stomach and small intestines for optimal digestion. The most common source would be muscle tissue with attached tendons, cartilage and soft (immature bone).By including the cartilage and immature bone, you are providing Calcium Phosphorous, glucosamine and chondroitin sulphate. Another natural source is raw chicken breasts, necks and backs, with the bone left in. Whole eggs plus the shell are another good protein and calcium source. Cheese particularity cottage cheese and plain yogurt are other protein sources. Wheat germ is the embryo of the wheat plant it has no gluten or starch and but is high in protein, minerals, Vitamin E, B vitamins and antioxidants. I recommend always adding it because of the nutrients it contains. Minerals The Purina research Center has done numerous studies evaluating diets for many breeds of puppies. These were 10 week growth studies involving Labrador Retrievers, German Shepherds, English Springer Spaniels, English Setters and Siberian Huskies. The energy level of the diets was approximately 3300Kcal/1000g and the Ca: P =1.2:1. Breed differences were noticed in the puppy’s response to low Calcium and excess Ca intakes. Their conclusion was that 1 to 1.5% DM or3.0g/1000Kcal to 4.5g/1000Kcl was safe and adequate for all breeds

As a Small Animal Nutrition professor at the Western College of Veterinary Medicine, I have witnessed many changes within the pet food industry over the past 14 years. These changes have not always been related to the improved nutritional value of pet foods. To increase their market share, the multinationals that manufacture pet foods are buying smaller profitable companies and have developed sophisticated marketing strategies that are centralized around the humanization of our pets.

The most common mineral to be deficient in a homemade puppy diet is calcium, especially if the puppy is fed only meat with no ground bone. Too much calcium in the form of supplements in the diet can be a problem. The excess calcium in fresh ground small bones found in raw food does not seem to be a problem, but it has not been closely investigated Feeding Raw diets to Puppies BARF biologically appropriate raw foods have been successfully feed to zoo animals and puppies, with no detrimental effects, so long as variety is offered and the diet approaches that of the natural prey: bone, partially digested gastro intestinal content, and muscle tissue. (Unlocking the Canine Ancestral Diet. 2010. Steve Brown. Dog Wise Publishing ISBN 978-1-929242-67-2) commercially prepared raw diets have potentially less harmful bacteria than the meat and chicken you buy in the supermarket. December 2012


I still like to add fruit and vegetable to help balance out the minerals and vitamins. Not all raw foods are created equally; some companies like some kibble manufacturers are strong on marketing and weak in actual nutrition knowledge.

Equipment needed for a Homemade Diet: • • • •

An accurate kitchen scale, measuring spoons and cups a meat grinder and or a food processor, a coffee grinder can be used to grind up whole flax seed, dry egg shell A large rubber maid tub with lid, or a large portable camping cooler.

All ingredients can be fed raw except the rice, grains and eggs. Whether you grind, or mince the ingredients in a food processor or leave in chunks will be an individual choice. **Note raw meat especially from the supermarket can be contaminated with microorganisms that may be harmful to humans. Handle using suitable sanitary precautions including cleaning feed bowls. Avoid grapes, beet tops, onions, rhubarb, very fat meats and fat poultry If meat is cooked, lightly sauté, do not overcook. Do not cook the liver as this will destroy some important nutrients

Once processed, mix all ingredients together in a large rubber-made container by hand but wear rubber gloves once mixed freeze in smaller meal sized portions. Introduce the new diet gradually to allow the flora of the gastro intestinal tract to adapt from a kibble to a wet whole food diet. Puppy Diet Basic Apples, raw, with skin Beans, snap, green, raw Beef, liver, raw Blueberries, raw Grapefruit Carrots, raw Egg shell ground Egg, whole, cooked, hard-boiled Flax Forward** Garlic, raw Parsley, raw

Ground Turkey Rice, brown, long-grain, cooked Squash, winter, all varieties, raw Wheat germ, crude Nutrition yeast (Health Food Store)

1 kg 1 kg 550 g 500 g 1 (246 g) 1 kg 75 g 30 (1.5 kg) 65 g 1 cup chopped (60g) 1.5 kg 1.5 kg 1 kg 1 kg 200 g

**Flax Forward is from Juka organics and is an essential fatty acid supplement, which I believe to be superior to fish oils. But Fish oil, virgin olive oil can be added ½ cup directly to the food when mixing, or feed the fish oil on a daily basis

All fruits vegetables and meats should be coarsely ground in a food processor. The vegetables and fruit do not need to be peeled or the seeds removed.* Note pits from peaches apricots plums must be removed. December 2012


This diet contains 32% vegetables, 20% fruit, and 30% meat or other protein sources and 20% grain. The calculated nutrient break down on an “As Fed” basis: 1260 Kcal/1000; 9% Protein; Fat 4.1%; Fibre 2.8%; Ash1.03%; Moisture 70% ; Calcium. .3; P .2 % These proportions for the ingredients in a homemade diet are not etched in stone and recipes which are balanced recommend a much higher proportion of meat and animal based protein sources, others advocate no grain while others state no carbohydrates at all. To add variety you can substitute within the vegetable, fruit, and meat groups but keep the proportions close to the same. Amount to feed: Calculate the caloric requirement of the puppy, based on age and body weight: Let’s take our Eore our 16 week old 16 Kg puppy INSERT OR caloric LOGOrequirement HERE. whose TEXT calculated is 1280 Kcal This diet ha s 1200Kcal/1000g as fed or 1.2 Kcal /g. Therefore Eore needs 1280/1.26=1.0kg/day. Which may seem like a lot but the diet is 70 % Moisture .If cut to 10% Moisture he will require 400 g of diet.

Conclusion: The whole issue of a balanced homemade diet can be confusing to the new puppy owner. If you are reluctant to feed a homemade diet, freeze dried, dehydrated and raw whole food diets are available commercially, but you must research the manufacturer thoroughly or quiz the owners of the store you are buying the diet from to determine if they have investigated the diets completely. You should introduce variety into your puppy’s diet as well, whether it is a kibble, canned or whole food diet... December 2012

Book Review

by Elizabeth Gilmer

The Blue Diamond Jeweler's Granddaughter Mystery #1 Author: Lynn Franklin ASIN: B007Y4XBWY Published April 2012

Professor Kimberley West is delighted to be returning home to Maryland from the Pacific Northwest. She and her Standard Poodle Rorschash drive cross-country, arriving home just in time to interrupt her grandfather’s near murder. From then on, it’s a race to find out who tried to kill him, who killed his friend Jim and is out to get Kim herself, and Rory, too, if he gets in the way. And why? It’s all linked to a rare blue diamond! From encounters with bad boys to a handsome detective to a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist turned professor, Kim sets her sites on finding the answers she needs. With the help of Jim’s nephew Scott she digs into the shady side of the jewellery business and natural versus lab-created diamonds. If someone can create a diamond no one can tell hasn’t been mined, he or she will be wealthy beyond all dreams. And it appears murder could be the price paid to keep that secret. Along the way we meet plenty of Kim’s family – all named for various gems – who make up a sprawling family with lots of drama. There’s also a cast of villains and good guys. The trick for Kim to stay alive and keep her Grandpa alive is to figure out which is which. A typical dog person, Kim has treats in her purse or her pockets, no matter where she is and she knows how to use them! Rory is a great secondary character with a terrific relationship with Kim and lots of energy. The author is obviously very well acquainted with Standard Poodles. Rory even gets to have a canine friend – a longhaired miniature Dachshund named Al, who Scott inherited when Jim was murdered.

This cozy mystery is the beginning of a series centered around dogs and jewellery, so the next story is something to look forward to, that’s for sure. We just need to convince the author Rory needs a Keesie friend! I rate this book : 4 Jumping Keesies

Kees To Agility by Sunny (as dictated to biped secretary, Jocelyn Tipple)

About the time this article gets published, my brother Ray with my secretary, Jocelyn Tipple, and mama Tuffie with Great Mama, Tawn Sinclair - along with Beth Godwin and Tazz, Emily Taggart and Lydia, Shirley Kilpatrick and Jigger, Kimberly Smith and Selah - will be competing in the AKC Agility Invitational in Orlando, Florida. The top 5 competitors of each breed in the July-June cycle each year are invited to compete. This Invitational competition takes place on both coasts; 5 years in Orlando, Florida, then 5 years in Long Beach, California. Ray told me he watched and cheered from the bleachers when he was “under age” and was even “blessed” by the ever-amazing Maureen Waldren - teammate to Keeshond agility superstars, MACH 17 Molly and MACH 10 Meg. He even got to watch his mama Tuffie run at the Invitational. Ray assures me he will post back news of the 2012 Orlando Invitational to me from the east coast when he is there. Agility is gaining popularity all over the world. Europe seems to be the trend setter in new and reworked handling techniques as well as ever challenging technical course design. I got to watch the FCI Agility Championships from Czechslovakia online this October with Ray and Jocelyn. The world’s top handlers compete at this competition both as individuals and as country team members. The wonderful thing about new technology is that the competition was live streamed so that Jocelyn, Ray and I watched it live online. The nine hour time difference had us watching morning competition in the middle of the night! I think Jocelyn’s neighbor wasn’t so happy about Ray barking salutations to the European competitors online, but he is not shy about belonging to the “Loud ‘n Proud” agility club of Santa Barbara. Speaking of world competition, we have a junior Keeshond handler from Northern California who recently competed in Vienna with the AKC Junior World Team. Ama (Ch. Windrift's Right On The Money)and her teammate, Claire Oneil, will also be competing at the AKC Junior Agility Invitational in Orlando in December. This is very exciting because, on the world level, the overwhelmingly common agility dogs are Border Collies and Shelties. To have a Keeshond make it to that level of world competition is fantastic! I am very interested in this team because as a puppy, I had two girls. I loved them a lot and we played all the time. Unfortunately, their lives got too complicated and, even though I was a very good dog, they had to find me a new home. I love my new home and new life very much because I have a herd of my very own wild bunnies in my new palace and I get to play agility all the time with my brother Ray. Still, I often wonder what it would have been like to run agility with my little girls. I’m so happy to report and learn about this wonderful team; a young Kees and her girl, Ama and Claire. Sigh. December 2012

Sunny - When did you start doing agility? Ama - I started competing October 2011, but I started taking pre-agility lessons when I was four months old. The very first time we did agility together was when I was 5 weeks old in our backyard. I got to run through a tunnel and across a plank. I also had fun to tipping and spinning in a pan lid!

Sunny - Fun! Besides playing agility in the backyard, I like taking lessons at our agility club. We get to learn new things and watch the incredible big dogs show us how its done. Where do you train? Ama - We take regular classes with Kathy Leggett, competitor, judge and World Team Small Dog Coach, Susan Cochran current World Team large dog competitor, and Susan King who has been in this sport since the early 80's.

Sunny - Whoa, impressive big dogs to work with! Tell me about your first trial.

Ama - I started trialing last October in Open. We have been to 4 trials and we obtained 5 first places, 1 second place, and two new titles. We are in Excellent A in both Standard and JWW. We have legs in each. Another achievement we have is the honor of representing the USA in Pinkafeld, Austria, in this years European Open Juniors of course!

Sunny - Talk about “0 to 60� in no time, Ama. Wow. What is your favorite venue. Ama - My favorite venue is AKC, because we haven't competed in any other venue yet.

Sunny - I love to train. Learning something new is about the best thing in the world... er, next to food and chasing bunnies. Tell me about your training. Ama - Karen, Claire's mom, did most of my training, and taught me the basic moves, but then Claire and I became a team. At first I went a little slow to give Claire the chance to practice and get a Q , but as she got better, I began to go faster. Everyday I get faster and faster as Claire gets better and better. I am still refining her skills, but she is doing very well, a quick learner she is! And, she finally got down her front spinny thingy! December 2012

Sunny - “Spinny thingy”? Front cross? You sound like a good trainer Ama. I wish I could have taught my little girls how to play agility. At least I have a two-legged team mate who likes to play. Even though she is old, her maturity rivals my little girls! So what is your favorite part of agility? Ama - My favorite part of the agility game is when Claire and I are in competition and I am jumping over the jumps while the wind blows through my hair. I especially like serpentines!

Sunny - Glamor queen! Wind in your hair, eh? Me too. I know you are just starting out but what is your best unsanctioned agility move? Ama - I love to torture Claire at the start line by refusing to put my fuzzy bottom down on the grass. I fail to see the point in it when I am just going to get back up again! I mean, I just wanna run the course already!

Sunny - Yep. Don’t see those two-leggeds sitting their posteriors down on the grass, do we? Not on purpose anyway. Ha. How do you stay motivated?

Ama - My favorite motivator is tugging with my buffalo fur tug toy. I like it because it is brown and stinky. My second favorite motivator is definitely treats. Sometimes, my humans cook up some liver and steak mixed with some Charlie Bears. Mmmmmm...

Sunny - Oh yeah. “YOM!” (to quote a good friend of mine). I’m still shy about tugging in public but sometimes I forget I’m not at home and tug like a fiend. My brother Ray loves tugging. He could do it all day. Well, that and play ball. You and I are young and have so much to learn, so many new moves to learn. Have you ever done anything on course that you are embarrassed about? Ama - Once Claire watched many people do an off-course, and there were so many of them, that when we ran, I went the right way and she thought for sure that we were going the wrong way so she called me off the correct obstacle. December 2012

My mistake isn't that bad because I’m a pretty good girl and was doing what my team mate asked - even if it was wrong. However, on the other hand, my mommy, Sami, stopped midcourse and saw a tent with shade and happy dogs, so she just ran over there and sat! She also pooped in the ring during Nationals in Wisconsin! I obviously have a lot of time to learn new unsanctioned stuff.

Sunny - Yes, my aunt Martle ran off course once to the pastry tent and helped herself to as many cakes as she could at one trial. I haven’t had the opportunity to do that yet. So what’s in your future Ama? Ama - I think that the world should watch out for me and get used to my furry tail, because that's all they're going to be seeing from me!

Sunny - You know it. Especially if you keep refusing to sit on the start line. He-he-he...

Ama - I know that might've seemed a bit arrogant, but trust me, I'm lovable! Literally, my name, Ama, means lovable in Dutch!

Sunny - Thank you for sharing your insights into running with a junior biped. You seem pretty mature for a young thing. Good luck to you! Hope to see you at a trial soon.

(2 year old Sunny, Shoreline’s Hangin’ Tuff, lives in Santa Barbara, California and is apprenticing her big brother, Ray - MACH Shoreline’s Ruff n Tuff, RE, NF - with the help of their personal secretary and agility team mate, Jocelyn Tipple. If you know anyone competing in agility in any country or venue that you would like interviewed, please drop Jocelyn a line at We would love to interview agility adventurers through out the world.) December 2012


By Alecia Novak

Adonis "Donnie" Murphy Miller This is the story of Adonis Murphy Miller, a.k.a. Donnie, as told by Marlene Miller, his “foster failure” Mom. I originally started writing Donnie’s story myself based on all the emails and updates that Marlene has provided to the KRO group over the last two years.

Alecia and her Keepurrs

We all know them, those selfless people who open their homes, their hands and their hearts to foster Kees in need.

When I contacted Marlene to get the answers to a few questions, she sent me her version of Donnie’s story. It’s a story that comes straight from the heart of the person who rescued this dear soul and made him a part of her family. How could I possibly do a better job of writing when this came right from Marlene’s heart? And a sweet and loving heart it is. Alecia Novak Finders Keepurrs

They walk among us, without fanfare, without glory and without the thanks they deserve.

I lost my beautiful Zeus, my first KRO (Keeshond Rescue Ontario) rescue on March 19, 2010 to liver cancer. God works in mysterious ways & I believe that Zeus left because he knew that Donnie was waiting in the wings.

They give a piece of their heart every time a foster leaves their care for their forever home and they often get more than they bargained for....

On June 10, 2010, the Windsor Humane Society took in a bedraggled woe-begone male Keeshond with no top coat and a patchy undercoat (maybe he had been shaved?). His back was severely humped yet he was in relatively good health other than appearing dirty and timid. The general consensus was that he was a puppy mill stud dog and about 4 years old. The vet who examined him said he was spiritless and his expression said “Do what you will, I don’t care anymore”. It was obvious to all that he had been severely abused but it would take a while to piece together his story. December 2012

On June 15, I drove 4 ½ hrs to pick up this homely, half-naked little guy with big feet and coal black eyes. Windsor Humane Society had contacted KRO about this stray as soon as he arrived on their doorstep. Not a pretty picture, he stole their hearts with his acceptance of whatever fate would hand him. Fate handed him me – I was his foster mom (little did I know that Donnie had other ideas about that!) I named him Adonis after the Greek god, a favourite of Aphrodite, who was breathtakingly handsome. At the time he was anything but. But I had faith. All the way home, I sang along with Rod Stewart and his American Songbook CDs. By the time we got home, Donnie knew his name and that Rod and I both have unique singing voices!

This is what Donnie looked like the first time I saw him

Donnie received his middle name – Murphy-- when he became a permanent member of my family (two fabulously gorgeous and talented Keeshonds and my adult son). To me it is for Alex Murphy the hero of Robocop (one of my favourite movies) who overcame humungous obstacles to regain his humanity and was a Good Guy. To my son, it is for “*^&%#@@ Murphy, what’s that dog doing now?”. Either way it fit and suits him. December 2012

Donnie was badly abused – kicked in the back, yanked by his legs, crated a lot in too small a cage so that his back was hunched. He was also kicked in the face which broke a tooth above the gum line where it could not be seen, cracked his orbital bone and damaged the vision in one eye. For a long time he would not allow anybody to touch his back legs. And he would not go into a room where he could not see a way out. It took almost six months to get him to walk willingly from room to room at the vet’s office, and God forbid we took him to a strange place by car!!! He would refuse to leave me. He would wrap those huge paws around my waist while standing on his hind legs and hug me. I would look into those beautiful eyes of his and my heart would melt. Even though, there were applications to adopt him, it soon became clear that he is not the type of dog who would fare well being sent away. After all, to him I was his saviour – I wonder now who rescued who.... That was then and this is now. Donnie is a happy welladjusted dog with a straight back who talks his Keesie grumble constantly about anything from politics to the bad behaviour of Clyde, the dog next door. He still walks “tilted” because he has no peripheral vision in one eye. He is very sociable (except with Clyde). A year ago, his coat started falling out again – in great huge clumps. He was diagnosed with Alopecia X. There is nothing we can do. At the moment, he is over half-naked again. But he has a wonderful wardrobe – a hoodie, a teeshirt, a rockin’ black winter coat and a raincoat. Best dressed dog in the neighbourhood! His favourite outfit is his blue hoodie. His beauty is in his soul and the depth of his love for us. We don’t even notice his baldness anymore.

Donnie loves to be with me. From the very beginning, wherever I went, there he was. He sits proudly in the front seat of my car as Chief Navigator. He is quite opinionated about anybody else sitting in his “spot”. He never climbs on furniture but he does get on my bed now when invited. Sometimes he goes downstairs to my son’s room and sleeps with him. Donnie is very protective of his family. One night, four young men jumped the back fence into my yard. They were less than five feet from my bedroom window when I looked out! Donnie took great offence to these unwelcome intruders and when I opened the back door he chased them back over the fence and out of our (excuse me – his) yard. I guess a jet black face, coal black eyes and big white fangs will have that affect on an intruder at 3AM. I gave him TWO cookies for his heroics and promised never to yell at him for barking at night again. Guess it was payback. Whatever... There is a reason that Donnie arrived in our lives and he is welcome here until the end of his. This is his home, we are his family.

Donnie -- King of the yard in his blue hoodie December 2012

Canine Massage By Edna Corney Canine massage is not meant to replace your veterinarian but be an adjunct to it. Have you ever had a massage? I imagine you think canine massage is the same – it can be but many times it is not. I personally have had back problems for years due to a few fractures, spinal stenosis, and some herniated discs. I used to get my husband to rub my back and had even gone to a practitioner to have some work done on my back. I knew it always felt better when she was finished; however, I never had a deep massage as I, at the time, didn’t know the difference. My first foray into canine massage was a course I took on sports massage for dogs. I worked diligently on my boy Beemer (Ch Twin Trees Never Done Dreamn) who at the time was about 5 years of age and in very good shape. I worked on Beemer doing all the instructors told me to do but never found the bulging knots I thought I was supposed to find and work out. I dutifully learned all the pressure points and studied the musculature of the dog to no avail. I still didn’t find any knots in Beemer. I let someone else work on Beemer and it turned out he had no knots – he was in great shape and exercised in the yard daily. He ran after squirrels, jumped on the kid’s toys, went down their slide, and just plain got a lot of exercise. I finished that course and was not satisfied – I knew there was more to learn. That weekend I got my first full massage (keep in mind not just my back problems but fibromyalgia) and that evening I wound up in the hospital emergency room thinking I was having a heart attack. It was not a heart attack but the massage was just too much pressure for my body. It was then my quest really started as I thought that all dogs are not in great physical shape – all dogs are not ready to run a marathon – all dogs are not young and some dogs have physical problems of their own. December 2012

I went to an intensive course and have taken many classes since learning to work with older dogs, dogs with hip dysplasia, dogs that are afraid, dogs that are shy, dogs that have everyday problems including aging. I work with some dogs in the water but most of my work is on a grooming table and sometimes in my lap. I tell you all of this because you may see me at a show and think I am just petting a dog or sitting there talking to the owner with my hand resting on the dog. There is a reason for everything I do with a dog and not every dog should have a complete massage right off. Sometimes they don’t feel well enough or may be afraid and they just need to chill for a while. In other parts of this series I will give you some ideas of what you can do to help your dog and some of the experiences and successes I have had with different dogs. My advice to you, in many instances, is to put yourself in your dogs place. What are you asking of your dog? Are you in a new venue? Has he or she been here before or done this before? Did your dog have a physical injury? Did something happen that you were not aware? Have you had your dog to the vet and the vet can find nothing wrong? Massage can be a very rewarding experience for both you and your dog. Dogs are very intelligent and if something is bothering them they will try to let you know – you just have to learn to read your own dog. It doesn’t even have to be your own dog – I have been showing my apprentice things to do with her dog and if I just go to her house to visit her dog will, if something is bothering it, let me know and present that part of the body to me as if to say “well you are here anyway you may as well fix this”.

©Jenn’s Doodle World Thanks Jenn! December 2012

Just this side of heaven is a place called Rainbow Bridge. When an animal dies that has been especially close to someone here, that pet goes to Rainbow Bridge. There are meadows and hills for all of our special friends so they can run and play together. There is plenty of food, water and sunshine, and our friends are warm and comfortable. All the animals who had been ill and old are restored to health and vigor; those who were hurt or maimed are made whole and strong again, just as we remember them in our dreams of days and times gone by. The animals are happy and content, except for one small thing; they each miss someone very special to them, who had to be left behind. They all run and play together, but the day comes when one suddenly stops and looks into the distance. His bright eyes are intent; His eager body quivers. Suddenly he begins to run from the group, flying over the green grass, his legs carrying him faster and faster. You have been spotted, and when you and your special friend finally meet, you cling together in joyous reunion, never to be parted again. The happy kisses rain upon your face; your hands again caress the beloved head, and you look once more into the trusting eyes of your pet, so long gone from your life but never absent from your heart. Then you cross Rainbow Bridge together.... Author unknown...

A JOY TO OWN – A JOY TO LIVE WITH. A GREAT SHOW DOG AND SIRE who thrilled the spectators with his brilliance.


My showoff, clown and my precious first Australian Grand Ch. Sire of Aust Grand Ch Keez Tayla Made (Pictured above) Grand Sire of BISS [o] Ch Keez Kause For Koncern & Aust Ch Keez Karbon Kopy

BIS, RUBIS, BISS Australian Grand Ch. Childerkeez AnZak Parade aka (Tobi Tobias Bullswool or Spinning Jimmy) 2/2/1999 – 5/4/2011 Sire RUBIS Aust Ch Rymiska Top Notch Dam BISSw Am & Aust Ch. Childerick’s Flame Fatalle (imp USA) Owned & Loved by Shirley Mewett Brilhond Keeshond Horsham Australia

Bred by Trevor Rogers & Candice Harris ChilderKeez Keeshond December 2012 December 2012


Ronphlora Alexander 12/1985 – 7/1994

Ch Ronphlora Petronella 4/1990 – 7/2000

Ch Ronphlora Fiona 10/1987 – 7/1996

BIS Ch Jellkees Tai-Pan 9/1992 – 11/2005

BIS Ch Jellkees Star Affair 7/1997 – 12/2006 Website

Ch Ronphlora Mitchell 4/1989 – 6/2001

Jellkees Winter Mist 1/1995 – 11/2006

Jellkees Argus 7/1997 – 1/2010 Email –

Loved & Owned by Lila Dann

Whisper lost her battle with stomach cancer on April 23, 2012, just a few months past her twelfth birthday. That day, a little piece of my heart went with her to the Rainbow Bridge. My husband and I made the very difficult decision to donate tissue samples to the stomach cancer study and we are hopeful that this will help lead to a cure to this terrible disease. Not only was Whisper beautiful, but she was smart and athletic. She earned her MX and MXJ very quickly and later in life earned some preferred titles as well. She loved agility. The highlight of her obedience career was the day she finished her UDX. Whisper lived to please me, and through our many years of training she never once stopped trying her hardest to be correct. Whisper never met a person or dog who she did not consider her best friend. I miss my beautiful social butterfly more than words can say. I picture Whisper up in heaven planning all the dog parties, making sure all the guests are having a great time, and making a grand entrance at each one, as all the other dogs turn around in excitement because Whisper has arrived at the party! December 2012

,____ 1998 BOB KCA Ncdionaf Speeiaftg 1999 O&fa1oma Citg KeesLond Speeiaftg tLe dag ~eJore tLe Nationaf KCC BOB Nationaf Speeiaftg 1996 and 1999 6 Canadian Aff Breed BIS 40Group 1 .)6 pfaeements

Top Keesftond in 1998 Onf~ Canadian (,red.

owned. and handfed Keeshond to win the American Nationaf.

Breeder/Omner/liandfer: Brenda BrooLes

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No cup of coffee was EVER safe!

What can one say about Sophie? * She never produced a puppy (she had severe endometriosis) * She hated the show ring. BUT, she stole our hearts and filled our world with her love! She either lived with us, or with Shirley & Clarry Mewett. She knew her job in each of her homes!

Loved and terribly missed by Shirley Mewett Cheri & Trevor Rogers Australia December 2012

Bred by Trevor Rogers Keez Keeshonden Australia

The foundation & second dog to grace Keez Keeshonden 1992 – Royal Adelaide Show – Res Challenge – 1st Place SACA Guineas Final 1993 Royal Adelaide Show - Best of Breed & Group 2nd 1995 Royal Adelaide Show – Best of Breed

The foundation of Keez Keeshonden Nik’s most notable win was Trevor’s heart

The first step towards Trevor & Cheri joining forces 1998 Horsham Kennel Club - Best in Show 1998 Dareton Kennel Club – RU Best in Show 1999 Kamloops Kennel Club – Best in Show 2000 Keeshond Club of America – 4th Open Dog Class

Loved, Missed and Remembered Cheri & Trevor Rogers December 2012

Keez Keeshonden Melbourne Australia

Multi BIG (GR 1st) Aust Ch. Keez Send Me An Angel aka Kaysee Feral Beryl 26/1/1997 – 3/5/2009 Sire Ch Rymiska Top Notch Dam Ch Ryfrost Angel An Angel you were not but you sure were a “special” introduction to the dog show world. Grand Dam of Aust & Am Ch Keez Kant Touch This (exp USA)

Owned and loved by Shirley Mewett Brilhond Keeshond Australia Bred by Trevor Rogers Keez Keeshonden Australia December 2012

Disco came to live with me when she was three, not long after I suddenly lost a dog way too soon. Disco was just what I needed at the time. She came with a loving, willing attitude, and quickly developed a love for the work we did together in obedience. She was a wonderful companion and obedience partner, and I was so very fortunate to have her in my life.

Bonnie Davis Nashville, TN USA December 2012

6/6/1997 - 8/26/2009 Dam CH Windrift's Dreams Of Paragon Sire CH AStarz Special Effect

Breeder, owner: Tami Williams Paragon Keeshond December 2012 December 2012

Multi BIS CH. KENDOL’S CHINOOK OF GATES, C.D., CHOF February 12, 1977 ~ November 30, 1990 TOP DOG ~Halifax Kennel Club 1982 ~ “Chinook” was a member of the “HKC Drill Team” Sire of some of Canada’s Top Winning Conformation and Obedience Keeshonden Multi BIS and HIT CH SEAWIND’S LIT’L BIT O’WROCK, C.D., CHOF September 7, 1981 ~ August 14, 1993 # 2 Keeshond in Canada 1984 and 1985 ~ 15 BPIG, 2 BPIS, 9 BIS ~ Member of the “HKC Drill Team” “Ruffin’s” winning offspring included 2 American BIS winners and he is behind some of the Top winning Keeshonden in Canada, USA, England, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and New Zealand

Multi BIS CH. SEAWIND’S PIRATES REFLECTION, CHOF November 2, 1996 ~ April 14, 2008 Group winner at the age of 7 Months ~ Top Puppy Award ~HKC 1997 “Joey” was Master of his Humans ~ a Producer of Champions and a BIS winning Daughter

Multi BIS CH. ALPINE’S SEAWIND SERENADE, CHOF March 5, 1994 ~July 8 , 2008 “Sophie” received her first BIS on the day she turned 6 months of age and her Second BIS a year later Top Show Bitch ~ Keeshond Club of Canada 1994 and 1995 ~ #5 Keeshond in Canada 1995

Glady Gates Seawind Keeshonden Nova Scotia, Canada December 2012

Multi HIT CH. KRISTLKEE’S KELAINA OF SEAWIND, C.D.X. November 25, 1979 ~ August 14, 1993 BOS Keeshond Club of Canada National Specialty 1983 Producer of Best In Show and High In Trial Winning Keeshonden; a member of the “HKC Drill Team” #2 Obedience Keeshond in Canada 1983 ~ known as “Dad’s Super Kelli”

Multi HIT CH. KENDOL’S DUTCH COURAGE BUDDY, C.D.X. July 16, 1978 ~ June 24, 1992 Top Obedience Dog ~ Halifax Kennel Club 1980 #2 Obedience Keeshond in Canada 1980 ~ #1 Obedience Keeshond in Canada 1991 “Buddy” was a member of the “ HKC Drill Team”

Multi BIS CH. GREENKEES HI TIDE AT SEAWIND, CHOF May 5, 1988 ~ September 28, 1999 “Schipper” placed in the Top 5 Keeshonden in Canada in 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993 Top Show Male ~ Keeshond Club of Canada 1992 ~ Top Dog HKC 1992 Winners Dog and Best of Winners ~ Keeshond Club of America National 1992

CH. and OTCH CAR-RON’S BARONESS OF SEAWIND, CHOF June 9, 1983 ~ May 16, 1994 The “Rambunctious Rascal” excelled in Obedience Before the age of three, she received 12 High in Class and 7 High in Trials “Becki” was a member of the “HKC Drill Team” and made an appearance with Superdogs December 2012

Smitty was a “ONCE IN A LIFETIME KEESHOND” who has left behind a legacy that will not be forgotten or repeated for many years to come! He stamped every litter he sired with the SPECIAL look!

In limited showing, “Smitty” had many wins & was the #2 Keeshond for two years. As his breeder, my proudest moment was when he was awarded the ROMX by the KCA Pictured is a composite of him & some of his winning progeny. The sire of 2 BEST IN SHOW dogs, many SPECIALITY winners, Several with their HALL OF FAME and one of his daughters is a super AGILITY CHAMPION

Sherwood Kennels

Phyllis Noonan December 2012

He started out as a youngster, winning his first Group with Judge Anne Rogers Clark. Anne loved this breed and always tried to recognize a really good one. She was a great Judge and to win the group under her with such a youngster was a huge honor Smitty continued to mature and become a “real� show dog and went on to win several Specialities.

Sherwood Kennels

Phyllis Noonan December 2012

He was VERY special. It is still very hard to talk about him. He had my heart! He simply “lit” up the room with his never ending silly smile His show career was awesome, as was his Specialty career. He was a multiple group winner and a multiple Specialty winner. But most of all, he was just

Sherwood Kennels

Phyllis Noonan December 2012

Harley was the most wonderful pet as well as show dog anyone could wish for. He was very affectionate, loved people, was a joy to own and we loved and cherished him dearly. His memory will always be with us - never to be forgotten. Multi Best in Group Multi R/Up in Group Multi Class in Group Multi Class in Show Whelped 28th August 1997 Sire: Aust Ch Suitkees Beerenburgh Dam: Aust Ch Suitkees Trudewytska Bred by: Clarissa & Matt Starrenburg Owned by: Tony & Doreen Groves Keezansur Keeshonden Australia December 2012

Bensson was born on 10 December 1987. Peter's special pet who was always a pleasure to show and just a big teddy bear. Bensson won his final points for his Grand Championship title on 21 March 1998 giving Peter a very special last dog show as Peter was to lose his life on 23 March 1998. Special show highlights: Best in Group Melbourne Royal 1991 Best of Breed Melbourne Royal 1993 Best of Breed Canberra Royal 1990, 1991, 1992

Dad to Grand Champion Tiburon Cochise, Champion Tiburon Geronimo, Tiburon Hiawatha, Champion Tiburon Fagin, Champion Tiburon Artful Dodger. Bred, exhibited and loved by Peter and Lynda Churchward Tiburon Keeshond Australia December 2012

Special show highlights: Best in Show NSW Keeshond Club 2001 Best of Breed Melbourne Royal 2000, 2001 Best of Breed Sydney Royal 1996 Best of Breed Canberra Royal 1997, 2001 Cochise was born 29 October 1993 to Mum (Portia) and Dad (Bensson) who also gained their Grand Championship title. Cochise had a long successful show career winning his first Royal BOB at Sydney when he was only two years old. Cochise followed in his Dad's footsteps in many ways but a more gentle soul and always needed to be close by us, his favourite spot was sleeping in the shower Bred, exhibited and loved by Peter and Lynda Churchward Tiburon Keeshond Australia December 2012

Special show highlights include: Challenge NSW Keeshond Club 1996, 2001 Challenge Melbourne Royal 1994 Challenge Sydney Royal 1996 Challenge Canberra Royal 1992, 1996

Mum to Grand Champion Tiburon Cochise, Champion Tiburon Geronimo, Tiburon Hiawatha, Champion Tiburon Petrina, Champion Tiburon Petula, Champion Tiburon Pierrette, Tiburon Pierce.

Portia was a singleton pup born 23 February 1991 and spent her whole life raising hell at home and in the show ring but loved a cuddle and sleeping on our bed. Headstrong in the ring as a youngster but a joy to show as she aged Portia topped off her show career by winning Challenge at NSW Keeshond Club show at 10 years of age. Peter had the joy of showing Portia to win Best in Group and Runner up Best in Show All Breeds Echuca Show on his birthday 9 November 1997. Bred, exhibited and loved by Peter and Lynda Churchward Tiburon Keeshond Australia December 2012

Pepe was born on 20 January 1992. My introduction to the breed. He was to fuel what I am now doing 20 years later. He was still showing 6 months before he finally closed his eyes. RIP SWEET MAN.

Photo of Pepe at 11 years of age.

Over the 12 years of his life, he has to his credit: 10 BEST EXHIBIT IN SHOWS (All Breeds) 6 Runner Up to Best Exhibit In Show 39 Best Exhibit in the Non Sporting Group Best of Breed Sydney Royal Show 1997 Keeshond Club of NSW 1998 Mrs P Carpenter – RUNNER UP IN SHOW Keeshond Club of NSW 1998 Mrs D Banfield – BEST EXHIBIT IN SHOW Canberra Royal Show 1999 – Best of Breed Canberra Royal 2003 – Best of Breed Canberra Royal 2004 – Best of Breed Expertly bred by Tiburon Keeshonds, Peter (dec) & Lynda Churchward. December 2012

Owned & Loved by Val Hughes Mijke Keeshonds

Trace lived quite the life. He had a a001011s show career, but spent the majority of his life raising Sutter. He wat her constant rompanion and took her to a Best Junior in Show win at the 2004 KCA National. She was also KCA Top Junior two years in a row.

All have crossed the bridge. Porter being the last in June 2009. This picture was taken in my back yard in early summer 2008. Gena and Porter were rescue failures who ended up staying at my house. The other keeshonds were from reputable breeders but just didn’t quite have the criteria for championship. They excelled in their other activities that most champions never even get to sample, much less achieve! I made the afghan and donated it to a Keeshond raffle. No apologies for the sheltie – Penny belonged to my mentor Kiki Cullum who had shelties most of her life. I owe Kiki a lot. Unfortunately there were no final services for her, so this is my closure to her and Penny. Vikki Youngmeyer Houston, TX December 2012

*Multiple Group Winner *Multiple Group Placements *Specialty Winner *Multiple Awards of Merit *Best In SweepstakesIn Puppy & Veteran class *Ranked in top 20 --All-Breed & Breed -4 consecutive years *Sired 30 puppies - accomplishing: -16 Champions of Record to date -5 Grand Champions -Best In Show -Hall Of Fames -Multiple Group Wins -Specialty Wins -Agility/Obedience titles Frozen Semen available to approved bitches

Kim Wallace-Schall KiMar Keeshonden Duncansville, PA-USA 814-696-6309

“ LLEWELLYN “ 11/2000 – 4/2011

In 2002 Llewellyn was chosen to represent the breed on the front cover of Britta Schwekel’s book showcasing over 390 Keeshonds from around the world

Many wonderful and treasured memories of our last Keeshond

Grand Champion Zilvervos Llewellyn His title is one of Grand Champion – and he was Grand in so many ways. A once in a lifetime Keeshond, one that did it all in his show career, he achieved what no other Keeshond in Western Australia had ever achieved before as he became the most prolific winner of his breed seen in this state. A full record of his wins is on our website. He was one of those dogs that everyone knew by name and still even today is remembered with affection. He had an illustrious show career but most of all he was loved so very dearly by us here at Jellkees. Our thanks to Gill and Debra Parry for allowing us to have him in our lives.

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AustKees Keeshond in Australia

If anyone has any results and photos that they would like to submit for each edition of KeeshondWorld, Please send them to Trevor Rogers - 1st Critiquing Challenge: (Written by Mrs Kathy Stewart) To describe the animal as it REALLY is. My 1st place winner was an exceptionally well-presented dog. While some may have found the handler’s propensity for dancing on one foot or the other to be a bit distracting, as an experienced exhibitor, I recognized it as a sign of a person who had time to exercise his dog but not himself. No penalty there, since the handler was capable of maintaining continence in the ring. HEAD – Most handlers do not take enough time to ensure that they point out to the judge the important breed attributes of their dog. In this case, the sticker attached to the dog’s forehead stating, “Note the almond shaped eyes ,” was helpful in differentiating this dog from his competitors. This handler went one step further by choosing to bait the dog with almonds and taking the opportunity to hold one up next to the dog’s eye as I was examining the face. The ear set was enhanced by glue that connected the hairs on the inside base of the ears, thereby pulling the ears together. This dog also benefited from the spectacles treatment which was mistakenly extended to include a patch like treatment on the left side thereby adding a jaunty, nautical look as would be expected from a barge dog. I saw the mascara lines running upwards from the corners of the dog’s mouth creating the smiling Dutchman look, if you ever saw one. His tusks were well aligned (although a bit forward reaching) but not overly large for his mouth. Black dye had clearly moved from his muzzle to his teeth but the blackness of his teeth did help to accentuate the required darkness of his muzzle and flews. While trying to count teeth I noticed the black spotted tongue. It helped to avoid that bright pink colour which I find so distracting in many members of this breed. COAT/COLOUR - His guard hairs were consistently and correctly positioned, orthogonal to his skin. The owner told me that coffee that had been spilt on the dog’s back thereby creating a somewhat tawny undercoat tone but this was more than offset by the harshness that was added to the guard hairs. It smelt more like beer than coffee to me, but who am I to argue with a breed expert. STRUCTURE - I was able to detect shoulders and the presence of ribs which I seem to recall as being attributes mentioned in the standard. The Plaster of Paris used on this dog’s pasterns and hocks definitely added to his appearance of bone and gave him the appearance of ultra clean legs. Unfortunately, nowhere in the classes could I find a good peg leg example which would have truly given the nautical look. Upon inspection, I was able to find pads on all four feet. Sadly, this dog’s nails were not visible in the tall grass and my vision is not good enough to tell if they were black (or not) as the dog gaited around the ring. We could have done without the cricket bat wrapped on the dog’s back although it did add to the dog’s topline. The combination of the skate board under its belly to keep it tracking straight and the cricket bat on its back, detracted from my ability to go over the dog but definitely aided in firming up the topline. This dog had a tail and a nice one at that, which swept over his back, correctly pointing out his direction of travel. The handler had cleverly found a way to make this dog appear exceptionally short in back by firmly tying the hair on the tip of the tail to the dog’s collar. I would not have even noticed it had I not tried to lift the tail to look for a bird’s nest. Once I separated it from the collar the tail length was correct with the tip reaching, as it did, well past his hock

joint. I had to give the dog credit for having correctly positioned and located orifices. When moving away the tidied up, winking anus almost made it possible to look directly through his body out his nostrils. Perhaps he would have benefited from more breakfast that morning. This dog was able to stand well up on his toes and obtain a lovely arch of neck when the handler shoved a finger up the dog’s anus. I was a little reluctant to shake his hand when awarding ribbons. Fortunately, I remembered which hand had been used for that purpose. MOVEMENT - This dog’s movement was accentuated and made to appear exceptional by the rolling and ambling gait of the handler – albeit not always clean moving. With profuse mane and pants this dog could have been gaited forwards or backwards. Side gait was more difficult to evaluate because at that time an airbus A380 flew overhead and I was distracted by its beauty. The dog’s excessive flatulence seemed to help its reach and drive without creating undue propulsion around the ring – no match was needed here.

Perpetual Trophies (at back) Championship Trophies (at front)

45th Anniversary Show - Judge Mrs Kathy Stewart (Klompen Keeshonden Canada) Minor Puppy Dog (1/1) 1st (Kennedy's) Kerkay My Little Runaway Puppy Dog (1/1) 1st (Kennedy's) Keez Show Me The Money Junior Dog (2/2) 1st (Lambe's) Venardu The Maestro 2nd (Rogers') Keez Sleeping With The Enemy Intermediate Dog (6/5) 1st (Whincup's) Aust Ch Leifhond I Am Super Xavier 2nd (Mewett's) Aust Ch Keez Karbon Kopy 3rd (Holland's) Austr Ch Leifhond All Eyes On Excelsior Australian Bred Dog (8/8) 1st (Wyhoon's) Aust Ch Leifhond Focus On Bjourn 2nd (Rogers') Aust Ch Keez Kause For Koncern 3rd (Davis') Aust Gr Ch Kabander Dare Devil Open Dog (4/4) 1st (Rogers') Aust Supr & Nz Ch Keeswey The Marksmen At Keez (Imp NZ) 2nd (Santas') Aust Supr Ch Calivale Katch Me If U Kan 3rd (Pink's) Aust Ch Calivale That's My Boy Baby Puppy Bitch (2/2) 1st (Santas') Hunkeedori Kan U Katch Me 2nd (Hughes') Karenda Fields Of France Minor Puppy Bitch (1/1) 1st (Kennedy's) Kerkay Moment For Life Puppy Bitch (1/1) 1st (Rogers') Keez Gift O The Gab Junior Bitch (1/1) 1st (Davis') Aust Ch Kabander Fyre Fly Intermediate Bitch (5/4) 1st (Rogers') Aust Ch Keez Me Myself N I 2nd (Emary's) Aust Ch Vendorfe Whatever You Want 3rd (Wall's) Aust Ch Keez Que Sera Sera

Australian Bred Bitch (6/4) 1st (Wyhoon's) Leifhond Focus On Sheyna 2nd (Pink's) Rymvale Gorgeous Nightmare 3rd (Stewart's) Aust Ch Calivale Ready To Run Open Bitch (4/2) 1st (Emary's) Calivale What Now 2nd (Yu's) Aust Ch Venlo Far From An Angel Challenge Dog (Rogers') Aust Supr & Nz Ch Keeswey The Marksmen At Keez (Imp NZ) Reserve Challenge Dog (Santas') Aust Supr Ch Calivale Katch Me If U Kan ~~~ Challenge Dog Line Up ~~~

Challenge Bitch (Rogers') Aust Ch Keez Me Myself N I Reserve Challenge Bitch (Kennedy's) Kerkay Moment For Life ~~~ Challenge Bitch Lineup ~~~

Veteran (8/8) 1st (Pink's) Aust Ch Rymvale Belthezar

Best In Show Runner Up Best In Show Opposite Sex In Show

(Rogers') Aust Supr & Nz Ch Keeswey The Marksmen At Keez (Imp NZ) (Santas') Aust Supr Ch Calivale Katch Me If U Kan (Rogers') Aust Ch Keez Me Myself N I

Baby Puppy In Show Opposite Sex Baby Puppy In Show Best Minor Puppy In Show Opposite Sex Minor Puppy In Show Best Puppy In Show Opposite Sex Puppy In Show Best Junior In Show Opposite Sex Junior In Show Best Intermediate In Show Opposite Sex Intermediate In Shw Best Australian Bred In Show Opposite Sex Australian Bred In Show Best Open In Show Opposite Sex Open In Show Best Veteran In Show

(Santas') Hunkeedori Kan U Katch Me No Entry (Kennedy's) Kerkay Moment For Life (Kennedy's) Kerkay My Little Runaway (Kennedy's) Keez Show Me The Money (Rogers') Keez Gift O The Gab (Lambe's) Venardu The Maestro (Davis') Aust Ch Kabander Fyre Fly (Rogers') Aust Ch Keez Me Myself N I (Whincup's) Aust Ch Leifhond I Am Super Xavier (Wyhoon's) Aust Ch Leifhond Focus On Bjourn (Wyhoon's) Leifhond Focus On Sheyna (Rogers') Aust Supr & Nz Ch Keeswey The Marksmen At Keez (Imp NZ) (Emary's) Calivale What Now (Pink's) Aust Ch Rymvale Belthezar Aust Supr & Nz Ch Keeswey The Marksmen At Keez (Imp NZ)

Aust Supr Ch Calivale Katch Me If U Kan

Aust Ch Keez Me Myself N I

Aust Supr Ch Klompen’s Gone Walkabout At Calivale (Imp USA)

PM Championship Show - Judge Mr Graham Cruse (Monterrez Schipperkees NSW) Minor Puppy Dog (1/1) 1st (Kennedy's) Kerkay My Little Runaway Puppy Dog (1/1) 1st (Kennedy's) Keez Show Me The Money Junior Dog (2/2) 1st (Lambe's) Venardu The Maestro 2nd (Rogers') Keez Sleeping With The Enemy Intermediate Dog (6/5) 1st (Whincup's) Aust Ch Leifhond I Am Super Xavier 2nd (Holland's) Austr Ch Leifhond All Eyes On Excelsior 3rd (Mewett's) Aust Ch Keez Karbon Kopy Australian Bred Dog (7/7) 1st (Rogers') Aust Ch Keez Kause For Koncern 2nd (Santas') Aust Supr Ch Calivale Calln Th Shots 3rd (Davis') Aust Gr Ch Kabander Dare Devil Open Dog (5/5) 1st (Rogers') Aust Supr & Nz Ch Keeswey The Marksmen At Keez (Imp NZ) 2nd (Santas') Aust Supr Ch Calivale Katch Me If U Kan 3rd (Wall's) Aust Ch Calivale True Spirit Baby Puppy Bitch (2/2) 1st (Santas') Hunkeedori Kan U Katch Me 2nd (Hughes') Karenda Fields Of France Minor Puppy Bitch (1/1) 1st (Kennedy's) Kerkay Moment For Life Puppy Bitch (1/1) 1st (Rogers') Keez Gift O The Gab Junior Bitch (1/1) 1st (Davis') Aust Ch Kabander Fyre Fly Intermediate Bitch (5/4) 1st (Rogers') Aust Ch Keez Me Myself N I 2nd (Wall's) Aust Ch Keez Que Sera Sera 3rd (Emary's) Aust Ch Vendorfe Whatever You Want

Australian Bred Bitch (6/4) 1st (Pink's) Rymvale Gorgeous Nightmare 2nd (Stewart's) Aust Ch Calivale Ready To Run 3rd (Mewett's) Aust Ch Keez Knitts Inya Nikkers Open Bitch (4/3) 1st Aust Supr Ch Klompen's Gone Walkabout At Calivale (Imp USA) 2nd (Emary's) Calivale What Now 3rd (Yu's) Aust Ch Venlo Far From An Angel Challenge Dog (Rogers') Aust Supr & Nz Ch Keeswey The Marksmen At Keez (Imp NZ) Reserve Challenge Dog (Santas') Aust Supr Ch Calivale Katch Me If U Kan Challenge Bitch Aust Supr Ch Klompen's Gone Walkabout At Calivale (Imp USA) Reserve Challenge Bitch (Rogers') Aust Ch Keez Me Myself N I

Veteran (8/8) 1st (Rogers') Aust Supr Ch Keez Have U Heard

Best In Show Runner Up Best In Show Opposite Sex In Show

Aust Supr Ch Klompen's Gone Walkabout At Calivale (Imp USA) (Rogers') Aust Supr & Nz Ch Keeswey The Marksmen At Keez (Imp NZ) (Rogers') Aust Supr & Nz Ch Keeswey The Marksmen At Keez (Imp NZ)

Baby Puppy In Show Opposite Sex Baby Puppy In Show Best Minor Puppy In Show Opposite Sex Minor Puppy In Show Best Puppy In Show Opposite Sex Puppy In Show Best Junior In Show Opposite Sex Junior In Show Best Intermediate In Show Opposite Sex Intermediate In Shw Best Australian Bred In Show Opposite Sex Australian Bred In Show Best Open In Show Opposite Sex Open In Show Best Veteran In Show

(Santas') Hunkeedori Kan U Katch Me No Entry (Kennedy's) Kerkay My Little Runaway (Kennedy's) Kerkay Moment For Life (Rogers') Keez Gift O The Gab (Kennedy's) Keez Show Me The Money (Lambe's) Venardu The Maestro (Davis') Aust Ch Kabander Fyre Fly (Rogers') Aust Ch Keez Me Myself N I (Whincup's) Aust Ch Leifhond I Am Super Xavier (Rogers') Aust Ch Keez Kause For Koncern (Pink's) Rymvale Gorgeous Nightmare Aust Supr Ch Klompen's Gone Walkabout At Calivale (Imp USA) (Rogers') Aust Supr & Nz Ch Keeswey The Marksmen At Keez (Imp NZ) (Rogers') Aust Supr Ch Keez Have U Heard

Keeshond Club of Victoria – 45


Championship show September 22, 2012 at the Bulla Exhibition Centre, Melbourne, VIC. Judged by Mrs. Kathy Stewart – Klompen Keeshonden (Canada) It was my delight and pleasure to have been asked to judge your 45th Anniversary Championship show. I judged this same show in 1999 and it was interesting to me to see the changes in type that have occurred over the past 13 years. Overall, the dogs that were shown to me continue to have lovely head type; full, dramatically marked coats with true black tips on their guard hairs. These things have not changed over the years. Almost all of the dogs I judged in 1999 had harsh, luxurious feeling coats. This year I saw many softer coats that were not off-standing. I saw more of the light grey (silver) undercoat colour in 1999. Now there are more of the cream undercoats – some verging on tawny. In 1999, there were many dogs that were short on leg. That has improved, although I feel you still need to work on this. Please do not confuse shorter legs with longer backs. They are not the same. In my opinion, the length of leg of a Keeshond should be about ½ its total height. That is, (withers) highest point of shoulder to the elbow should be equal to elbow to ground. Spectacles were not as pronounced as before. Not only do you want the lighter shadings around the eyes, with the darker marking, and short little eye brows, but try to create the “Smiling Dutchman” look by having spectacle lines that are slanting up “from outer corner of eye to lower corner of ear.” Obliquely set, darkly pigmented eyes also help to create this look. Without all of these elements you are lacking the look that the Keeshond is recognized for. I had some difficult decisions to make. In some of the classes several dogs could have been honored with a 1st place. I would have liked more ribbons to hand out because the quality overall was so good. You are to be commended as breeders. Keep up the good work. In my critiques that follow, I have tried to point out the good and the bad. You are fortunate to live in a country where critiques are encouraged. It gives you the ability to look at your dogs in the eyes of others. You may or may not agree with what is said. However, it may help you to decide what qualities you should be looking for in the mates chosen for future breedings. Thank you for the lovely gifts which I received. I will cherish them. In particular I loved the engraved wine glass. At the North of England Keeshond Club’s 75th anniversary show which I judged in 2011, I was given a bottle of blended Scotch Whisky with a special label just for me. Now the question is, “Do I, or do I not, break in the glass with this “Famous Grouse” whisky?”

Minor Puppy Dog: entry of 1 – Kerkay My Little Runaway (Kennedy) – This 6 month old had a very pretty head; pleasing expression; wellmarked spectacles; very dark eyes; parallel head planes; dark muzzle similar in length to skull; moderate length of neck on a compact body; full coated with soft, plush, cream coloured undercoat; few guard hairs showing due to age; tail set could be higher; would prefer more width in front; overall pretty type. Puppy Dog: entry of 1 – Keez Show Me the Money (Kennedy) – This 9 month old overall was very full coated with correct colour definition; His undercoat was cream in colour and soft; pleasing expression, but could use a darker eye and smaller ears, which he was not using to advantage; clean, cream colour on legs and feet; tail set could be a little higher; could use stronger front and rear construction. Junior Dog: entry of 2 – 1) Venardu the Maestro (Lambe) – This 12 month old had a very correct head framed by full, light coloured ruff; His pretty expression included dark eyes, dark pigment, dark muzzle, parallel head planes, good muzzle to skull proportions, good depth of underjaw, nicely set ears, correct bite and dentition. He had good definition of colour; light cream undercoat, full coat which could be harsher; high set tail with double curl. Stands with all 4 feet placed correctly. His beautiful silhouette was enhanced by his moderately long neck and the fact that he carries himself nicely with head held high. I would have liked more layback of shoulder. 2) Keez Sleeping With the Enemy (Rogers) – This 13 month old had pretty expression with correctly marked spectacles; good eye brows; dark muzzle; parallel head planes; definite stop. His ears were a little large and could be carried a bit higher. He was full coated, although lacking lower pantaloons. Overall, he has a silver colour which could use more colour contrast, likely to come with age. He had a double curled tail, the set could be higher. He appeared a little short on leg, and in his excitement was standing a little east/west in front. Intermediate Dog: entry of 6 – 1) Leifhond I am Super Xavier (Whincup) – This 3 year old was a nice example of the breed. He has a pretty head framed by a full, light coloured ruff. His beautiful expression included: nice head proportions, med-dark eyes surrounded by well-defined spectacles; small, dark ears. His muzzle had some milk mouth and could be longer. His abundant coat shows beautiful colour definition. He had clean, cream coloured legs and feet; high tail set with a double curl; moves nicely with balanced side gait. He was groomed and shown to perfection. At times, he was standing east/west. To create a perfect silhouette he could use a little more length of leg. 2) Ch Keez Karbon Kopy (Mewett) – This 2 year old was another nice example of the breed. He was intent on looking at me rather than his handler, showing off his gorgeous head which was surrounded by a full ruff. He had very dark, almond shaped eyes, surrounded by well-defined spectacles. He had little, well-placed ears, parallel head planes and correct muzzle/skull proportions. He has very good colour definition; coat texture could be a bit harsher; silver undercoat except for cream on head; high tail set with double curl; and cream legs and feet. He was moving a bit close in front with pasterns that were a bit weak and standing cowhocked at times. He was longer bodied than first place winner. 3) Leifhond All Eyes on Excelsior (Holland) – This 21 month old was again a nice example of the breed; stunning because of correct colour, length and thickness of coat. He had a pleasing expression; well defined spectacles, ears a little large, muzzle a little faded with a little bit of milk mouth. His head was surrounded by a full ruff. He had a good topline; tail was high set and lying flat. He had good bone. His front and rear could have been stronger, coming and going. He had clean front legs with a darker V running down towards the pastern. In a natural stance his rear legs were set behind him which made him appear longer than his is.

Australian Bred Dog: entry of 8 – Very nice class. 1) Leifhond Focus on Bjourn (Wyhoon) – This 3 year old was a striking boy with exceptional colour definition. His pretty expression included well-defined spectacles; small, dark, almond shaped eyes; wellplaced ears with slightly rounded tips. He had good bone. Pasterns could be stronger. His spectacular coat length and thickness helped to create a lovely silhouette, including a high set tail, with double curl. He had a cream undercoat colour, with clean legs and feet. His movement was pleasing. Groomed and shown to perfection. 2) Keez Kause for Koncern (Rogers) – This 23 month old had a pretty expression with almond shaped eyes; silver undercoat colour; very good colour definition; cream legs and feet; strong pasterns; cat-like feet; sturdy, compact body; pretty silhouette; good tail set with a double curl although not carried as closely as first place winner; standing nicely; moving nicely; acting up at times for his handler. On any given day he could have changed places with 1st place winner. 3) Kabander Dare Devil (Davidson) – This 3 year’s good length of coat was lying flatter than the 1st and 2nd place winners. He had very good colour definition. The colouration of his head and muzzle were fading a little bit; pleasing dark, almond-shaped eyes; well-defined spectacles; parallel head planes; good bone and strong pasterns; stands a little east/west in front; overall a very nice dog. I would shorten his body a little. He appeared somewhat bored with it all and was lifting his tail at times, which put him in 3rd place. Open Dog: entry of 4 – by far, my favourite class. If you could combine the best qualities of the first 3 place winners, you would have the perfect Keeshond. 1) Keeswey the Marksman at Keez (Rogers) – This lovely 5 year old eventually became my Challenge and Best of Breed winner. First, I noticed his striking colour with light grey undercoat and dark saddle, giving him pleasing definition of colour, coupled with an off standing dense coat. He had a beautiful expression with dark, almond-shaped, obliquely set eyes; parallel head planes; scissors bite; good depth of under jaw; little bit of white on muzzle; high set, small, well placed ears. His overall correct head was framed by an abundant, light coloured ruff. He had a good front assembly; good bone, a cobby body and very high set tail, with double curl, which lays flat on his back. As per the standard, his hocks were showing slight angulation. He had clean coloured legs and feet, was standing and moving very nicely. He was very well-presented and groomed. No dog is perfect, so if I could change him I would give him more length of neck, and more layback of shoulder. Also, his pasterns could be stronger. 2) Calivale Katch Me If U Kan (Santas/Thompson) – This impressive 2 year old became my Runner-up to Best in Show. His masculine head included well-defined spectacles, expressive eyebrows, definite stop, and correct scissors bite. He has a little bit of white on chin, and ears that are a little larger than 1st place winner. On that day he unfortunately had one eye that appeared to be bothering him. His colour definition was not as strong as the 1st place winner but then that is to be expected for a younger dog. He had a cream undercoat colour; cream legs and feet. His correct silhouette was made better by his self-fitting coat, his moderately long neck length; and his very high set tail, laying very flat and sitting well up on his back. He had good bone and was well up on strong pasterns. His movement was good and balanced from all angles. He was groomed and presented beautifully. He was a bit more upright in shoulder than 1st place winner. On any given day the placement of 1st and 2nd could be reversed.

3) Calivale That’s My Boy (Pink) This 4 year stood out due to his beautiful colouring and colour definition. He had an abundant ruff framing his head; well-defined spectacles; ears a little large, eye colour that could have been darker. He had a pleasing silhouette; nice full pantaloons and very good set and lay of tail. He was standing square, and nicely groomed and presented. He stood slightly cowhocked at times and in my estimation, was over standard height. Challenge lineup: Truly a lovely lineup of dogs. Most of the dogs were somewhat rectangular in length, which is what the wording in your standard calls for when measuring. It is not necessarily “short” and “compact” which is also called for in your standard. Baby Puppy Bitch: entry of 2 – 1) Hundkeedori Kan U Katch Me (Santas/Thompson) –This 4 month old, had pleasing expression for her age with dark eye and dark pigment. Her undercoat was plush with light cream colour. She had cream legs and feet. She was well angled and laid back in front which was evident as she moved nicely: coming, going and sideways. Her tail is nicely curled but could be set a little flatter on her back. She was well groomed and showed very nicely for a baby. 2) Karenda Fields of France (Hughes) –This pretty, 4 month old baby girl had good expression with dark eyes which could be more almond in shape; correct head planes and dark muzzle. Her undercoat is a darker cream than 1st place winner. Her tail was high set. Her bone was finer than 1st place winner. Her movement was good. Her bite was off but might correct itself with age. Minor Puppy Bitch: entry of 1 – Kerkay Moment for Life (Kennedy) – This 6 month old had a darling face with well-defined spectacles; dark, almond shaped, obliquely set eyes; dark muzzle; good stop and pleasing head planes. Her abundant undercoat was light cream in colour. Her silhouette was pleasing. Her tail could be set a bit higher. She was standing and moving very well - front and rear; was groomed and shown very well by handler. Although a bit anxious, on that day, I suspect that she is going to be dynamite when she is all grown up. Puppy Bitch: entry of 1 – Keez Gift O the Gab (Rogers) – This 11 month old was a very pretty bitch with dark muzzle, good head planes, medium brown, almond shaped eyes, good spectacles with line going to base of ear and dark ears which could be a tad smaller - okay for her age. While her silhouette was pleasing it would appear more balanced with more length of leg. She has very pretty colouring except for the dark cream on her topline which should improve with age. Her legs and feet were cream in colour. She was acting a bit timid on this day. Junior Bitch: entry of 1 – Kabander Fyer Fly (Davison) – This 20 month old had small, dark, almond shaped eyes surrounded by good spectacles; dark muzzle; ears that could be a tad smaller and better set. Her pleasing head was surrounded by an abundant ruff. Her compact body was covered in an abundant coat with correct, harsh texture which many of the dogs were lacking. Her undercoat was cream in colour. She was well up on leg. She could use more colour definition, which will come with age. She has excellent bone; strong pasterns, clean legs and small, catlike feet. In a stance all four legs and feet were standing square. Her tail was set and carried correctly. While she stood a bit close in the front, she moved and showed very nicely for her handler.

Intermediate Bitch: entry of 3/ 4 – 1) Aust. Ch. Keez Me Myself N I (Rogers) – The overall presence of this 23 month old was lovely. She went on to become my Challenge Bitch. Her very pleasing head was framed by a full, light coloured ruff. She had almond-shaped eyes; well-marked spectacles, with line going to the base of the ear; muzzle a little faded in colour; parallel head planes, showing good proportions; good stop; small, dark, well-set, ivy-leafed ears, and a correct scissors bite. She had cream coloured undercoat with cream legs and feet. Her tail is set high with a double curl. She is structurally well put together, with balanced movement, and standing correctly at all times. Groomed beautifully and showing very nicely for her handler. After the show I offered to take her home with me, but her handler turned me down. 2) Vendorfe Whatever You Want (Emary) – This 23 month old was full of piss n vinegar and giving her handler a hard time. Her expression included: good eye shape, good spectacle lines, dark muzzle except for a little milk mouth, ears that could be a tad smaller, and she could use a more pronounced stop and more depth of underjaw. Her compact body was covered in a fitted coat with very correct texture and good colour definition, although her legs could be a little cleaner. Her tail was high set with a double curl. She had very nice structure, as evidenced by her correct, balanced movement. 3) Aust Ch Keez Que Sera Sera (Wall) – This larger, 3 year old has a soft expression with good stop; almond shaped, medium-dark eyes surrounded by correct spectacles. Her face was browning off, muzzle was faded, and her ears could be a tad smaller. She carried a pleasing coat thickness and length but could be more off standing; good colour definition due to dark saddle and light flashing. She had a pleasing, light grey undercoat colour; except for the darker cream on her topline and head. Cream legs and feet. Her tail was set nicely but she was not used to advantage. She was beautifully groomed and presented. Australian Bred Bitch: entry of 4/ 6 – 1) Leifhond Focus on Sheyna (Wyhoon) –This beautifully groomed and presented 4 year old was showing like a dream for her handler. Her feminine head included dark almond shaped eyes surrounded by good markings and shadings, a definite stop, dark muzzle with a little milk mouth, nice head proportions, and dark ears which could be set a bit higher, all surrounded by a full, light coloured ruff. Her abundant coat showed very striking colour contrast, with dark saddle, well defined flashing and cream undercoat colour. She had good bone on her cream legs and feet. She had pleasing neck carriage and a high set tail with double curl. If I could change her I would give her more length of leg, tighten up her pasterns a little and lighten the cream colour on her head. 2) Rymvale Gorgeous Nightmare (Pink) – This 19 month old had a gorgeous head with dark, almond shaped, obliquely set eyes; surrounded by correct spectacles which included the short, expressive eyebrows, good markings and shadings, spectacle line going to base of ear; dark muzzle; nice stop; nice head planes; correct wedge-shaped head, and small, upright ears. She had stunning coat length and thickness - all with welldefined colour of black and light silver. She had nice bone on her very clean legs and feet. Her tail was nicely set. She was very striking while standing. I would have preferred more length of leg and more soundness. 3) Calivale Ready to Run (Stewart) –This 3 year old was well shown by a junior handler. Unfortunately she was lacking in enthusiasm which was apparent by her lifting her tail away from her back. She had a very pretty head with dark, almond shaped eyes; well-defined spectacles; nice head planes; ivy-shaped ears which were well set on head. Her muzzle was faded and browning off. She had a harsh coat with good colour definition. Her legs and feet were a light cream colour. She could be more compact.

Open Bitch: entry of 2/ 4 – 1) Calivale What Now (Emary) - This 6 year old has an attractive silhouette, with her compact body, high set tail and was standing square with legs and feet place correctly at all times. She had a pretty expression with dark pigment around dark coloured eyes; good spectacles; high set ears which could be a little smaller and a bit of milk mouth on her muzzle, possibly due to age. She was acting up for handler and did not want me to check her bite. She moved well - coming, going and sideways. She was in very good coat – sporting a darker cream undercoat colour. 2) Venlo Far From An Angel (Yu) – This 8 year old appeared to be glad to be back in the ring and was showing well for her handler. Her somewhat faded facial colouring gave away her age. She has good head planes; a definite stop; small, well-placed ears; some staining around her eyes, and milk mouth. Her colour definition was better than the 1st place winner with a darker saddle and light coloured furnishings. Her full coat had a cream undercoat colour. She had a high tail set but was not using it to advantage. I would have liked to have seen more length of leg. Challenge bitch lineup: A very nice lineup of girls to choose from. My winner had caught my eye the moment she walked into the ring. Veteran class - Males and females entered in class of 7/ 8 . This is always my favourite class to judge. By this age, the dogs know all about life and are generally content and well adjusted. They get in the ring and strut their stuff. They generally have so much enthusiasm because they are so happy to be back in the show ring. I was disappointed that I could only choose one as my winner. My choice of winner might have been different if the dog’s coats had been in better condition. Many of the dogs had guard hair tips that were browning off. Unfortunately that hot Australian sun does play havoc with your dog’s coats. 1) Ch. Rymvale Belthezar –This 11 year old showed like a trooper; face was pleasing; correct coat texture; groomed handled and shown very nicely; lovely grand old gentleman.

2012 Melbourne Royal Show - Judge Mr Luis Pinto Teixeita (Portugal) Baby Puppy Dog No Entry Puppy Dog 1st (Kennedy's) Kerkay Moment For Life Junior Dog No Entry Intermediate Dog 1st (Whincup's) Aust Ch Leifhond I Am Super Xavier 2nd (Mewett's) Aust Ch Keez Karbon Kopy 3rd (Wyhoon's) Leifhond All Eyes on Tristen Australian Bred Dog 1st (Santas') Aust Supr Ch Calivale Calln The Shots 2nd (Davison's) Aust Gr Ch Kabander Dare Devil 3rd (Kennedy's) Ausst Ch Rymist Clever Dick Open Dog 1st (Santas') Aust Supr Ch Calivale Katch Me If U Kan 2nd (Rogers') Aust Ch Keez Kause For Koncern Baby Puppy Bitch 1st (Santas') Hunkeedori Kan U Katch Me 2nd (Hughes') Karenda Fields Of France Minor Puppy Bitch 1st (Kennedy's) Kerkay Moment For Life Puppy Bitch 1st (Rogers') Keez Gift O The Gab Junior Bitch 1st (Davison's) Aust Ch Kabander Fyre Fly Intermediate Bitch 1st (Wall's) Aust Ch Keez Que Sera Sera 2nd (Stewart's) Aust Ch Kabander Eternal Flame Australian Bred Bitch 1st (Wyhoon's) Leifhond Focus On Sheyna

Open Bitch 1st (Santas') Aust Supr Ch Klompen's Gone Walkabout At Calivale (Imp USA) 2nd (Mewett's) Aust Ch Keez Knitts Inya Nikkers 3rd (Stewart's) Aust Ch Calivale Ready To Run Challenge Dog (Santas') Aust Supr Ch Calivale Katch Me If U Kan Reserve Challenge Dog (Santas') Aust Supr Ch Calivale Calln The Shots Challenge Bitch (Santas') Aust Supr Ch Klompen's Gone Walkabout At Calivale (Imp USA) Reserve Challenge Bitch (Kennedy's) Kerkay Moment For Life Best of Breed (and Group 2nd) (Santas') Aust Supr Ch Calivale Katch Me If U Kan Runner Up Best of Breed (Santas') Aust Supr Ch Klompen's Gone Walkabout At Calivale (Imp USA) Best Baby Puppy of Breed (Santas') Hunkeedori Kan U Katch Me Best Puppy of Breed (Kennedy's) Kerkay Moment For Life

Photos in this article, contributed by Bruce & Kathy Stewart, Rob Stewart, Trevor & Cheri Rogers.

After being in retirement for the past 18 months, Luca returned to the ring for the 2 Keeshond Club of Victoria’s 45th anniversary shows. Show #1 saw Luca with a A Best in Show under Mrs Kathy Stewart – Klompen Keeshond, Canada

And show #2 was a Runner Up Best in Show under Mr Graham Cruse – Monterrez Schipperke NSW In 3 short years Luca has been in 6 specialty shows. This was his 4th Best in Specialty Show win and 1st Runner Up Best in Speciality show win. Melbourne Australia

Always Owner Handled Trevor & Cheri Rogers December 2012

Kees in canada Atlantic Canada Send results & Photos to: Maria Forman: DARTMOUTH KENNEL CLUB May 12 & 13 Sat May 12, Show 2 Gr 4 Seawinds Rocky Shore, Breeder Glady Gates, Co-Breeder/Owner/Handler Lynn Patterson Sun May 13, Show 1 Gr 4 Seawinds Rocky Shore Sun May 13, Show 2 Gr 4 Seawinds Rocky Shore TANTRAMAR KENNEL CLUB May 19 & 20 Sat May 19, Show 1 Gr 3 Ch Whiskees Silver Wedding Belle Breeder/Owner/Handler Maria Forman Sun May 20, Show 2 Gr 4 Ch Foxfair Berkshire of Wessex Breeder Deborah Lynch & Jeanne Buonte Owner/Handler Mary McVicar SOUTH SHORE KENNEL CLUB June 2 & 3 Sat Jun 2 Gr 2 Ch Draakring’s Close to the Wind Breeder/Owner/Handler Jane Ring EVANGELINE KENNEL CLUB June 23 & 24 Sat June 23, Show 2 Gr 4 Ch Seawinds Rocky Shore Sun June 24, Show 1 Gr 1 Ch Seawinds Rocky Shore Sun June 24, Show 2 Gr 2 Ch Foxfair Berkshire of Wessex CHALEUR KENNEL CLUB July 14 & 15 Sat July 14, Show 1 Gr 2 Ch Whiskees Silver Wedding Belle FREDERICTON KENNEL CLUB July 28 & 29 Sat July 28 Gr 3 Ch Seawinds Rocky Shore Sun July 29 Gr 3 Bijzondere’s Sailaway to Seawind, Breeder Jennifer Bates Owner/Handler Glady Gates AVALON KENNEL CLUB Aug 4 & 5 Sun Aug 5, Show 1 December 2012

Gr 3 Bijzondere’s Sint Nicolaas Breeder Jennifer Bates NEW BRUNSWICK KENNEL CLUB Aug 18 & 19 Sun Aug 19 Gr 3 Ch Seawinds Rocky Shore CAPE BRETON KENNEL CLUB Aug 25 & 26 Sat Aug 25, Show 1 Gr 4 Ch Foxfair Berkshire of Wessex Sun Aug 26, Show 2 Gr 4 Ch Foxfair Berkshire of Wessex HALIFAX KENNEL CLUB Sept 1, 2 & 3 Sat, Sept 1 BPIG Bijzondere’s Peace on Earth Breeder/Owner/Handler Jennifer Bates PICTOU KENNEL CLUB Sept 8 & 9 Sat Sept 8, Show 1 Gr 2 Ch Bijzondere’s Sailaway to Seawind BPIG Ch Bijzondere’s Sailaway to Seawind Sat Sept 8, Show 2 Gr 3 Bijzondere’s Peace on Earth BPIG Bijzondere’s Peace on Earth Sun Sept 9, Show 1 Gr 4 Ch Draakring’s Close to the Wind BPIG Ch Bijzondere’s Sailaway to Seawind Sun Sept 9, Show 2 Gr 4 Ch Draakring’s Close to the Wind BPIG Bijzondere’s Peace on Earth MIRAMICHI KENNEL CLUB Sept 22 & 23 Sun Sept 23 Gr 4 Bijzondere’s Peace on Earth BPIG Bijzondere’s Peace on Earth COBEQUID DOG CLUB Oct 6 & 7 Sat Oct 6 Gr 3 Ch Foxfair Berkshire of Wessex New Champion Ch Bijzondere’s Peace on Earth

Ch Bijzondere’s Peace on Earth

CFC SHOW, TRURO Oct 13 & 14 Best of the Best Junior Ch Bijzondere’s Peace on Earth 3-Gr 1 & 1-Gr 3 Ch Foxfair Berkshire of Wessex Also completed his CFC Elite Championship December 2012

Whelped: July 7, 2012 Sire: BISS[o] Aust Ch Keez Kause For Koncern Dam: Aust Ch Keez Miss Demeanour December 2012

Breeder / owner / handlers Katie & Michael Fayth Myschafis Keeshonden December 2012

Kiwi kees Kees in new zealand By Jeannette Wingels – Starkenburgh Keeshonden

The show circuit pretty much winds down here in New Zealand during winter as there are not many venues which have indoor facilities. (Nobody wants to stand in the pouring rain!)

It very much looks like Kees are still only being shown in the North Island. Please can we have some show results from the South Island… if any Kees are indeed being shown?

Hauraki Champ Show – 30 June 2012 Judge: Teena Sloan (Tasmania) NZ Ch Starkenburgh Sole Survivor (D)(Wingels) of Breed,

: CC, Best

BEST NZ BRED OF GROUP NZ Ch Starkenburgh Shimmer N Shine (D)(Wingels) : RCC, Reserve Best of Breed NZ Ch Starkenburgh Stole A Kiss (B)(Wingels) NZ Ch Starkenburgh Stole A Kiss (B) Hauraki Champ Show – 1 July 2012 Judge: David Weil (Queensland) NZ Ch Starkenburgh Sole Survivor (D)(Wingels)

: CC, Best of Breed,

BEST NZ BRED OF GROUP, BEST OF GROUP NZ Ch Starkenburgh Shimmer N Shine (D)(Wingels) : RCC, Reserve Best of Breed December 2012

: CC

Huntly Champ Show – 8 Sept 2012 Judge: Mrs Stephanie Smith (NSW) NZ Ch Starkenburgh Sole Survivor (D)(Wingels) of Breed

: RCC, Reserve Best

NZ Ch Starkenburgh Shimmer N Shine (D)(Wingels) : CC, Best of Breed NZ Ch Starkenburgh Stole A Kiss (B)(Wingels) NZ Ch Starkenburgh Sole Survivor (D) Huntly Champ Show – 9 Sept 2012 Judge: Mrs Sue Packer (S Aust) Clandara Ice Man (D)(Frew)


NZ Ch Starkenburgh Shimmer N Shine (D)(Wingels) : CC, Reserve Best of Breed NZ Ch Starkenburgh Stole A Kiss (B)(Wingels)

: CC, Best of Breed

Tauranga Champ Show – 22 Sept 2012 Judge: Mrs Caroline Suchy-Byrnes (NSW) NZ Ch Starkenburgh Sole Survivor (D)(Wingels)

: CC, Best of Breed,

NZ Ch Starkenburgh Shimmer N Shine (D)(Wingels) : RCC, NZ Ch Starkenburgh Stole A Kiss (B)(Wingels)

: CC , Reserve Best of Breed

Tauranga Champ Show – 23 Sept 2012 Judge: Mr Steve Yiannou (Queesland) NZ Ch Starkenburgh Sole Survivor (D)(Wingels)

: RCC, Reserve Best of Breed,


NZ Ch Starkenburgh Shimmer N Shine (D)(Wingels) : CC ,Best of Breed

BEST OPEN OF GROUP, BEST OF GROUP Clandara Kinkie Kiwi (B)(Frew)


NZ Ch Starkenburgh Stole A Kiss (B)(Wingels)

: CC

Bay of Islands Champ Show – 29 Sept 2012 Judge: Mrs Spanswick (NSW) Clandara Ice Man (D)(Frew)

: CC, Reserve Best of Breed

NZ Ch Starkenburgh Sole Survivor (D)(Wingels)


NZ Ch Starkenburgh Stole A Kiss (B)(Wingels)

: CC , Best of Breed December 2012

: CC

Bay of Islands Champ Show – 30 Sept 2012 Judge: Mrs Julie Gotch (NSW) NZ Ch Starkenburgh Sole Survivor (D)(Wingels)

: CC , Best of Breed,


NZ Ch Starkenburgh Shimmer N Shine (D)(Wingels) : RCC, Reserve Best of Breed NZ Ch Starkenburgh Stole A Kiss (B)(Wingels)

: CC

NZKC Nationals Champ Show – 5 Oct 2012 Judge: Mrs Margaret Jones (Can/UK) NZ Ch Starkenburgh Sole Survivor (D)(Wingels)

: RCC, Reserve Best of Breed,

NZ Ch Starkenburgh Shimmer N Shine (D)(Wingels) : CC , Best of Breed (eligible for entry to Crufts) NZ Ch Starkenburgh Stole A Kiss (B)(Wingels)

: CC

ANSUDA Champ Show – 20 Oct 2012 Judge: Joe Daidone (NSW) NZ Ch Starkenburgh Sole Survivor (D)(Wingels)

: CC, Reserve Best of Breed,

NZ Ch Starkenburgh Shimmer N Shine (D)(Wingels) : RCC NZ Ch Starkenburgh Stole A Kiss (B)(Wingels)

: CC , Best of Breed

Ladies Kennel Club Champ Show – 21 Oct 2012 Judge: Wendy Parquette (USA) NZ Ch Starkenburgh Shimmer N Shine (D)(Wingels) : CC , Best of Breed Starkenburgh Summer Gold (D)(Wingels)


NZ Ch Starkenburgh Stole A Kiss (B)(Wingels) Breed

: CC , Reserve Best of

Starkenburgh Summer Gold (D)

Ladies Kennel Club Champ Show – 22 Oct 2012 Judge: Nicon Chin (Singapore) NZ Ch Starkenburgh Sole Survivor (D)(Wingels)


NZ Ch Starkenburgh Shimmer N Shine (D)(Wingels) : CC , Reserve Best of Breed NZ Ch Starkenburgh Stole A Kiss (B)(Wingels)

: CC , Best of Breed

That’s all from the Island with the Long White Cloud December 2012

Sire: MBIS / MBISS Australian Supreme & NZ Champion Keeswey The Marksman At Keez (imp NZ) Dam: Aust Grand Champion Keez Tayla Maid

This cheeky girl did us proud by winning the Bitch Challenge at the Keeshond Club of Victoria 45th Anniversary show, under Mrs Kathy Stewart – Klompen Keeshond, Canada

Dharma, is currently in Sydney NSW being shown by Michael and Katie Fayth

Bred and owned by Cheri & Trevor Rogers Melbourne Australia December 2012

“yankees” Kees in the usa

We are in need of a couple of people to report on the show scene from all States in the USA. Come on folks, the Keeshond Fanciers worldwide look to the USA for show results and photos of winners! I also urge ALL Keeshond Clubs across the United States to please send a copy of your Specialty show results and photos for inclusion into each issue.

Keeshond Club of Delaware Valley Specialty #1 - Sept 15, 2012 Judge: Mr. R E Herner Breed Winners Best of Breed or Variety GCH CH Shainakees Abundant Asset Is Mercy (D), R Seibert/S Lefebvre Best of Opposite Sex GCH CH Trumpet's Love For Sale (B), B Blankenship/C Boettcher Select Dog GCH CH Trumpet's Winner Takes It All V Louie/C Waddell/B Blankenship Select Bitch GCH CH Keenorth All About U Haiti RN E Fortino Best of Winners Ikon's Lamborghini Reventon (B), T Siegers/K Fleischer Winners Dog Trumpet's Gimme Back My Bullets B Blankenship Reserve Winner Dog Trumpet's Good Times Roll B Wudel/L Wudel/B Blankenship Winners Bitch Ikon's Lamborghini Reventon T Siegers/K Fleischer Reserve Winner Bitch Kj's Play Date L Waddell

Trumpet's Good Times Roll B Wudel/L Wundel/Blankenship KJ's Play Date L Waddell/ D Waddell and K Dowd Best In Veteran Sweeps CH KJ's Father Knows Best, RN T Wasser Best Opposite Veteran Sweeps CH Sherwood's Blacksmith, CD R Su / J Nye/ P Noonan

Best in Sweeps Best Opposite in Sweeps

Keeshond Club of Delaware Valley Specialty #2 - Sept 16, 2012 Judge: CA Herbel Breed Winners Best of Breed or GCH CH Ruttkay Chance (D), M Mcloughlin Variety Best of Opposite Sex GCH CH Keenorth All About U Haiti RN (B), E Fortino GCH CH Shainakees Abundant Asset Is Mercy R Seibert/S Select Dog Lefebvre Select Bitch GCH CH Trumpet's Love For Sale B Blankenship/C Boettcher Best of Winners Sherwood's Geatland Promise CD (B), R Su/J Nye Winners Dog Kj's Opportunity Knocks P Harrigan/C Harrigan/K Dowd Reserve Winners Dog Athena the Magic Man J Sturgeon Winners Bitch Sherwood's Geatland Promise CD R Su/J Nye Reserve Winner Bitch Trumpet's You Might Think B Blankenship December 2012

Athena The Magic Man J Sturgeon Nightwind E-Z Ruttkay D Hodges / L. M Evans Best In Veteran Sweeps CH Sherwood's Blacksmith, CD R Su / J Nye/ P Noonan Best Opposite Veteran Sweeps CH/OTCH/MACH2 Keepsake Giving Me Chills, UDX7, OM9 Margaret Bissell

Best in Sweeps Best Opposite in Sweeps

KCDV Sept 15, 2012 Judge: Mr Herner, Handler Joanne Reed and KCDV President Rick Su MBISS MBISSw BGCH Shainakees Abundant Asset is Mercy.

Capital Keeshond Club Specialty Show - 10/13/2013 Held in conjunction with the Catonsville Kennel Club All Breed Dog show, Howard County Fairgrounds, W. Friendship Maryland KEESHONDEN- Sweepstakes JUDGE: Mr. Chad Howard

KEESHONDEN. Sweepstakes, Puppy, 6 & Under 9 Months Dogs. 1 25 KJ'S OPPORTUNITY KNOCKS. NP 31389602. 02-06-12 By Ch Athena Kj Knockout - Ch Kj's Purrogative. Owner: Patrick & Carol Harrigan, Frederick, MD 217022845. Breeder: Kristen Dowd.

KEESHONDEN. Sweepstakes, Puppy, 9 & Under 12 Months Dogs. 2 9 A*STARZ LORD OF THE RINGS. NP 31015406. 12-30-11 By Ch Ashbrook's Medicine Man - Ch A*starz Once Upon A Time NAP. Owner: Denise Sharp, Laurel, MD 207242048. Breeder: Donna Stekli & Kathryn Ann Barker. 3 11 ALPINE POPPY OF LAVENDER MIST MEADOW. NP31722201. 12-26-11 By Ch Volfgang D' Arlande - Eswood Lavender Leaf. Owner: Kathryn Tanguay & Cyndi Clingerman, Franklinville, NJ 08322. Breeder: Olga Kirshina. 1 19 TRUMPET'S KICKSTART MY HEART V CLIFFHOUSE. NP 31223501. 12-05-11 By Ch Cliffhouse's The Rifleman - Ch Trumpet's American Girl. Owner: Beth Blankenship & Kathleen M Trieschmann, Lake City, SC 295604950. Breeder: Kathleen M Trieschmann & Beth Blankenship.

KEESHONDEN. Sweepstakes, Junior, 12 & Under 15 Months Dogs. 2 23 KIMAR'S COCKTAIL DREAMS. NP 29707201. 07-31-11 By GCH Sprookje Lunar Appellation - KiMar's Edge Of Desire. Owner: Kimberly Wallace-Schall & Mark Schall, Duncasville, PA 16635. Breeder: Kimberly Wallce-Schall & Mark Schall. 1/BSW 51 TRUMPET'S GOOD TIMES ROLL. NP 30084003. 09-04-11 By Masada Sound Off At Trumpet - Trumpet's Power Flower. Owner: Barry Wudel & Lori Wudel & Beth Blankenship, Greenville, SC 29609. Breeder: Beth Blankenship.

KEESHONDEN. Sweepstakes, Puppy, 9 & Under 12 Months Bitches. 2 18 CLINGMEYS UNDENIABLE EYE KANDY. NP 31592701. 12-30-11 By Ch Jet's Admiraal Guy Fawkes - Admiraal's Shining Star. Owner: Cyndi Clingerman, Monroeville, NJ 083434649. Breeder: Shannon De Bruin. 1 34 PANDORA THE MATRIX. NP 31059501. 01-10-12 By GCH Karolina Bonnyvale Wants To Be - Ch Trumpet's Hollaback Girl. Owner: Michelle Roybal, Boston, VA 227134334. Breeder: Michelle Roybal.

KEESHONDEN. Sweepstakes, Junior, 12 & Under 15 Months Bitches. 2 26 KJ'S PLAY DATE. NP 30026204. 09-01-11 December 2012

By Ch KJ's Billy The Kid - Ch KJ's Dream Date. Owner: Lois & David Waddell & Kristen Dowd, Williamstown, NJ 080943393. Breeder: Kristen Dowd. 1/BOSSW 28 TRUMPET'S YOU MIGHT THINK. NP 30084002. 09-04-11 By Ch Masada Sound Off At Trumpet - Ch Trumpet's Power Flower. Owner: Beth Blankenship, Lake City, SC 295604950. Breeder: Beth Blankenship.

KEESHONDEN. Sweepstakes, Junior, 15 & Under 18 Months Bitches. 1 8 TROUBLEKEES GIFT FROM ABOVE. NP 30867901. 06-08-11 By Ch Cornerstones The Gift Was Given - Ch Keesbrook's Protege. Owner: Cathy Sicard & Edward Sicard, Murphy, NC 28906. Breeder: Magen Kuntze & Brenda Brookes. 2 42 NEVASTAR DAZZLING KAMIO OF CLINGMEY. NP 29543101. 05-19-11 By Russkoe Serebro Persivall For Nevastar - Russkoe Serebro Olivia For Nevastar. Owner: Cyndi Clingerman, Monroeville, NJ 083434649. Breeder: Yulia Shklyeava.

KEESHONDEN. Sweepstakes, Veteran Sweepstakes, 9 Years & Under 11 Years Dogs. 1 15 CH SHERWOOD'S BLACKSMITH CD. NP 04509903. 09-05-03 By Ch Sherwood's Silversmith - Ch B Mi Captivating Casey CD. Owner: Richard Su & Judith Nye & Phyllis Noonan, Long Branch, NJ 077405019. Breeder: Terri Van Schyndel & Irene Munson.

KEESHONDEN. Sweepstakes, Veteran Sweepstakes, 11 Years & Over Dogs. 1/BVSW 29 CH O'DELYN LONESHARK. NM--8422401. 09-08-99 By Ch O'Delyn Lonestar - Ch O'Delyn Fiesta. Owner: Traci Wasser & Ellen Dowd, King Of Prussia, PA 19406. Breeder: Peter & Ellen Dowd & Mike & Cindy Grabowski.

KEESHONDEN. Sweepstakes, Veteran Sweepstakes, 9 Years & Under 11 Years Bitches. 1/BOSSW 36 CH ASHBROOK'S AFTER HOURS. NM 94309604. 10-08-02 By Ch Cherry Valley Count On Me - Ch Ashbrook's All Sass. Owner: Susan E Cline, Pitman, NJ 08071. Breeder: Linda & Si Moss & Jeri Spalding.

REGULAR CLASSES JUDGE: Mrs. Carol Kniebusch Noe

KEESHONDEN. Puppy, 6 & Under 9 Months Dogs. 1 25 KJ'S OPPORTUNITY KNOCKS. NP 31389602. 02-06-12 By Ch Athena Kj Knockout - Ch Kj's Purrogative. Owner: Patrick & Carol Harrigan, Frederick, MD 217022845. Breeder: Kristen Dowd. A 47 ATHENA THE MAGIC MAN. NP 31189801. 02-18-12 By Ch Skyline's Unit Of Measure - GCH Athena Glitter Girl. Owner: Jennifer Sturgeon & Danielle Sturgeon & Gabrielle Sturgeon, East Granby, CT 06026. Breeder: Jennifer Sturgeon & Gabrielle Sturgeon.

KEESHONDEN. Puppy, 9 & Under 12 Months Dogs. 2 7 DARKENWALD THE CUTTING EDGE V. ASHBROOK. NP 31136802. 01-04-12 By Ch Darkenwald Cut To The Chase - Ch Ashbrook Simply Stunning. Owner: Ron & Suzette Lefebvre, Charlottesvle, VA 229037621. Breeder: Linda Moss. 1/R 9 A*STARZ LORD OF THE RINGS. NP 31015406. 12-30-11 By Ch Ashbrook's Medicine Man - Ch A*starz Once Upon A Time NAP. Owner: Denise Sharp, Laurel, MD 207242048. Breeder: Donna Stekli & Kathryn Ann Barker. 4 11 ALPINE POPPY OF LAVENDER MIST MEADOW. NP31722201. 12-26-11 By Ch Volfgang D' Arlande - Eswood Lavender Leaf. Owner: Kathryn Tanguay & Cyndi Clingerman, Franklinville, NJ 08322. Breeder: Olga Kirshina. 3 19 TRUMPET'S KICKSTART MY HEART V CLIFFHOUSE. NP 31223501. 12-05-11 By Ch Cliffhouse's The Rifleman - Ch Trumpet's American Girl. Owner: Beth Blankenship & Kathleen M Trieschmann, Lake City, SC 295604950. Breeder: Kathleen M Trieschmann & Beth Blankenship.

KEESHONDEN. Bred by Exhibitor Dogs. 2 21 PANDORA FOX AND THE HOUND. NP 26277802. 06-23-10 By Ch Derby's Fear Factor - Trumpet's Hollaback Girl. Owner: Michelle Roybal, Boston, VA 227134334. Breeder: Michelle Roybal. 4 23 KIMAR'S COCKTAIL DREAMS. NP 29707201. 07-31-11 By GCH Sprookje Lunar Appellation - KiMar's Edge Of Desire. Owner: Kimberly Wallace-Schall & Mark Schall, Duncasville, PA 16635. Breeder: Kimberly Wallce-Schall & Mark Schall. 3 31 KEE-ROYALE'S QUIET PLEASE. NP 24181305. 07-08-09 By Ch Blueridge-Kings Cross-Markwright - Ch Thistledown Olivia. Owner: Suzanne A Vessella, Ellwood City, PA 161172518. Breeder: Irene Maxwell & Suzanne A Vessella. A 43 DOGWOOD DEVIOUS DANTE. NP 12016101. 11-05-05 By Ch Candray Comet - Aurora's Fable. Owner: Marlene Earley, Warrenton, VA 201877929. Breeder: Marlene S Earley & Brenda L McElhaney. 1/W (4 Points) 51 TRUMPET'S GOOD TIMES ROLL. NP 30084003. 09-04-11 By Masada Sound Off At Trumpet - Trumpet's Power Flower. Owner: Barry Wudel & Lori Wudel & Beth Blankenship, Greenville, SC 29609. Breeder: Beth Blankenship.

KEESHONDEN. Open Dogs. December 2012

2 35 SMOKEE RIDGES SHREDDING MACHINE. NP 25518702. 02-23-10 By Ch Windrift's Samba Smokey Bear - Ch Vosdal's Wild Sprite Racer. Owner: Betty Ann Lyons, New Castle, DE 197204355. Breeder: Cathy E Sicard & Ed Sicard. 1 49 DARKENWALD ICE BEAR. NP 26330403. 05-21-10 By Ch Darkenwald Aragorn - Ch Darkenwald Black Ice. Owner: Sam & April Horton & Suzette Lefebvre, Zionsville, PA 180922061. Breeder: Suzette Lefebvre.

KEESHONDEN. Puppy, 6 & Under 9 Months Bitches. A 16 ATHENA OLIVE YOU. NP 31189802. 02-18-12 By Ch Skyline's Unit Of Measure - GCH Athena Glitter Girl. Owner: Jennifer Sturgeon & Gabrielle Sturgeon, East Granby, CT 06026. Breeder: Jennifer Sturgeon & Gabrielle Sturgeon.

KEESHONDEN. Puppy, 9 & Under 12 Months Bitches. 2 18 CLINGMEYS UNDENIABLE EYE KANDY. NP 31592701. 12-30-11 By Ch Jet's Admiraal Guy Fawkes - Admiraal's Shining Star. Owner: Cyndi Clingerman, Monroeville, NJ 083434649. Breeder: Shannon De Bruin. 1/R 34 PANDORA THE MATRIX. NP 31059501. 01-10-12 By GCH Karolina Bonnyvale Wants To Be - Ch Trumpet's Hollaback Girl. Owner: Michelle Roybal, Boston, VA 227134334. Breeder: Michelle Roybal.

KEESHONDEN. 12 & Under 18 Months Bitches. 1 8 TROUBLEKEES GIFT FROM ABOVE. NP 30867901. 06-08-11 By Ch Cornerstones The Gift Was Given - Ch Keesbrook's Protege. Owner: Cathy Sicard & Edward Sicard, Murphy, NC 28906. Breeder: Magen Kuntze & Brenda Brookes. 3 26 KJ'S PLAY DATE. NP 30026204. 09-01-11 By Ch KJ's Billy The Kid - Ch KJ's Dream Date. Owner: Lois & David Waddell & Kristen Dowd, Williamstown, NJ 080943393. Breeder: Kristen Dowd. 2 42 NEVASTAR DAZZLING KAMIO OF CLINGMEY. NP 29543101. 05-19-11 By Russkoe Serebro Persivall For Nevastar - Russkoe Serebro Olivia For Nevastar. Owner: Cyndi Clingerman, Monroeville, NJ 083434649. Breeder: Yulia Shklyeava.

KEESHONDEN. Bred by Exhibitor Bitches. 1/W/BBE/BW (5 Points) 40 DARKENWALD INSPIRATION FOR SHAINAKEES. NP 26330402. 05-21-10 By Ch Darkenwald Aragorn - Ch Darkenwald Black Ice. Owner: Ron & Suzette Lefebvre, Charlottesville, VA 229037621. Breeder: Suzette Lefebvre.

KEESHONDEN. American-Bred Bitches. 1 14 VISTA'S GAME PLAN. NP 23646801. 06-15-09 By Ch Kemont's Skyline's Game Boy - Keestorpets Tithonia. Owner: Carolyn Donovan, Harpers Ferry, WV 254255042. Breeder: Caroyn Donovan.

KEESHONDEN. Open Bitches. 3 10 KEESBROOK WINDRIFT N CHANTMENT. NP 26245502. 10-26-09 By Ch Keesbrook's Marquis Diamond - Ch Windrift's Private Dancer LL. Owner: Marlene Earley, Warrenton, VA 201877929. Breeder: Brenda Brooks & Joanne Reed. 1 22 MARKWRIGHT'S IT'S GETTING BETTER AT CHALLENGER. NP 25413003. 11-29-09 By Ch KJ's Billy The Kid - Ch Markwright's As Good As It Gets. Owner: Patrick & Carol Harrigan, Frederick, MD 21702. Breeder: Mary Ellen Meyer. 4 28 TRUMPET'S YOU MIGHT THINK. NP 30084002. 09-04-11 By Ch Masada Sound Off At Trumpet - Ch Trumpet's Power Flower. Owner: Beth Blankenship, Lake City, SC 295604950. Breeder: Beth Blankenship. 2 38 TRUMPET'S CRACKLIN' ROSE. NP 27741303. 11-04-10 By Ch Trumpet's It's Good To Be King - Ch Derby's Girl Next Door. Owner: Michelle Roybal & Beth Blankenship, Boston, VA 22713. Breeder: Beth Blankenship.

KEESHONDEN. Veteran, 7 Years & Over Bitches. 1 36 CH ASHBROOK'S AFTER HOURS. NM 94309604. 10-08-02 By Ch Cherry Valley Count On Me - Ch Ashbrook's All Sass. Owner: Susan E Cline, Pitman, NJ 08071. Breeder: Linda & Si Moss & Jeri Spalding.

KEESHONDEN. Best of Breed Competition. A 12 GCH ATHENA GLITTER GIRL. NP 20695901. 07-24-08 By Ch Quest Stand By Me - Ch Athena Amara. Bitch. Owner: Gabrielle Sturgeon & Jennifer Sturgeon, East Granby, CT 060260747. Breeder: Jennifer Sturgeon & Jeffrey A Sturgeon. 17 GCH TRALEIGH'S STAND AND DELIVER. NP 18995801. 02-04-08 By GCH Quest Stand By Me - Ch KJ's Father Knows Best RN. Dog. Owner: Traci Wasser, King Of Prussia, PA 194063047. Breeder: Traci Wasser. SEL BITCH 20 CH BONNYVALE'S PAPERBACK WRITER BY WOLFERS FOR TRUMPET. NP 24682601. 10-04-09 By Ch Shakota's Shot In The Dark - Ch Bonnyvale's Picture Of Wolfers. Bitch. Owner: Beth Blankenship, Lake City, SC 295604950. Breeder: Darlene Bosch & Rob & Bonnie Fowler. (Carissa Boettcher, Agent). 24 CH SHERWOOD'S GEATLAND PROMISE CD. NP 28431801. 01-23-11 By Ch Wund-R Y's All Around Town - Ch Athena April Mist By Sherwood. Bitch. Owner: Richard Su & Judith Nye, Elberon, NJ 077405019. Breeder: Phyllis Noonan. SEL DOG 27 CH SHERWOOD'S LASTING IMPRESSION. NP 28431804. 01-23-11 December 2012

By Ch Wund R Y's All Around Town - Ch Athena April Mist By Sherwood. Dog. Owner: Phyllis Noonan, Pottstown, PA 194657682. Breeder: Phyllis Noonan. OS 30 CH A*STARZ THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS. NP 27045002. 08-12-10 By Ch Keesbrook's Deja Vu - Ch A*starz Once Upon A Time NAP. Bitch. Owner: Donna Stekli & K Barker & L Burnett & D Dermer, Myersville, MD 217738621. Breeder: Donna Stekli & Kathryn Barker. A 32 GCH KJ'S PURRSONAL OPINION. NP 24100502. 08-28-09 By Ch BMI KJ Head Honcho - Ch KJ's Purrogative. Bitch. Owner: Traci Wasser, King Of Prussia, PA 194063047. Breeder: Kristen Dowd. AOM 33 GCH SHAINAKEES ABUNDANT ASSET IS MERCY. NP 24813701. 10-02-09 By GCH Windrifts Non-Negotiable Asset - GCH Darkenwald Chase Away Th'Blues. Dog. Owner: Ruthann Seibert & Suzette Lefebvre, Dover, PA 173153865. Breeder: Ruthann Seibert & Suzette Lefebvre. 37 GCH SKYLINE'S UNIT OF MEASURE. NP 24958101. 11-15-09 By Ch Kemonts Skyline's Game Boy - Ch Skyline's Fishing For Compliments. Dog. Owner: Kristen Cullen DVM & Susan Cullen, King Of Prussia, PA 19406. Breeder: Kristen Cullen DVM & Susan Cullen. 39 CH VISTA'S GOOD VIBRATIONS. NP 23646802. 06-15-09 By Ch Kemonts Skyline's Game Boy - Keestorpets Tithonia. Dog. Owner: Carolyn Donovan, Harpers Ferry, WV 254255042. Breeder: Carolyn Donovan. 41 CH SKYLINE'S PATH OF LEAST RESISTANCE. NP 24958103. 11-15-09 By Ch Kemonts Skyline's Game Boy - Ch Skyline's Fishing For Compliments. Dog. Owner: Stacey Cromer Berman PhD & Gregg Berman, Columbia, MD 210445407. Breeder: Kristen Cullen DVM & Susan Cullen. B/G2 129 dogs defeated 45 GCH TRUMPET'S WINNER TAKES IT ALL. NP 22787802. 03-27-09 By Ch Masada Sound Off At Trumpet - Ch Trumpet's In The Mood. Dog. Owner: Beth Blankenship & Vickie Louie & Chase Waddell, Lake City, SC 295604950. Breeder: Beth Blankenship. December 2012

Compiled by Anne Jellett Jellkees Keeshonds - Western Australia Mrs. Constance Bourne is credited with being the first person to bring the Keeshond to Australia. Having emigrated here in 1929 Mrs. Bourne returned to England following the death of her mother just before the outbreak of World War 11. She did not return to Australia until 1949, her return no doubt delayed by the outbreak of war. Whilst living in England she was interested in buying a dog, and, one evening her husband came home from work and told her he had seen the breed of dog she would want. This was a Keeshond, and his reason was that the baby puppies (in his opinion) resembled the Australia Koala. The puppy they purchased was VALIES OF VORDEN, and as she was the pick of the litter the breeder insisted that the bitch was shown. This was the start of Mrs. Bourne's interest in showing and breeding Keeshonds. She also purchased another bitch BABETTE OF WILLOWDEN. She showed and bred some of her English Keeshonds under her English Suffix OF ARNHEM breeding at least one litter from Valies of Vorden and one from Babette of Willowden. Mrs Bourne, her husband and the 4 Keeshonds arrived in Australia in May 1949. The 4 Keeshonds were ENG CH VALIES OF VORDEN w 21/9/1945 bred by Mr N.S. Conn (UK) (Interestingly enough I can find no record of an Australian litter for this bitch although Mrs Bourne continued to show her here in Australia) AIRKING OF ARNHEM her son w 12/3/1947 by Viking of Vorden bred in England by Mrs Bourne. BABETTE OF WILLOWDEN w 4/4/1946 bred by Mrs. Astle Fletcher (UK) AIRAMBER OF ARNHEM her daughter w 21/5/1947 by Vandyke of Vorden bred in England by Mrs. Bourne. These dogs became the foundation of the Australian Keeshond as Mrs Bourne continued breeding here under the ARNHEM prefix. Mrs Bourne became a foundation member of the Keeshond Club of NSW and patron from 1967 to 1976. She passed away in November 1988 in Sydney. December 2012

The dogs created a lot of interest when they arrived, here is an article & picture from a Sydney newspaper regarding the arrival of these 4 dogs in 1949. An English migrant yesterday brought to Sydney four dogs, which, like cats, lick themselves clean. The dogs are Keeshonden or Dutch Barge Dogs. Their owner Mrs. C.S. Bourne formerly of Sheffield England arrived with the dogs on the Moreton Bay. The Keeshonden are valued at more than £2000. They resemble huskies. Mrs. Bourne said yesterday she thought they were the first Keeshonden to come to Australia. Keeshonden had been used as watchdogs on Dutch barges for centuries, and their history could be traced back for about 2000 years. Mrs. Bourne said a Keeshond rarely needed washing or carried vermin because he licked himself clean. Shown with the dogs here in this picture is Mr. W. Bilsborough, the butcher on the ship, who looked after the dogs on the trip.

Mrs Bourne apparently bred her first Australian litter in October 1949 the Sire being AIRKING OF ARNHEM and the Dam AIR AMBER OF ARNHEM. At least 2 of these puppies went on to become Champions - Aust Ch ARNHEM AIRLEADER owned by Mrs M O’Neill in Victoria. This pup was mentioned in a Melbourne newspaper reporting new breeds there for the Royal Show in August 1950 where it was said “Probably no dog will attract greater attention than Mrs M O’Neill’s young Keeshond Arnhem Airleader. This is Victoria’s first representative of the Dutch National Dog. Like the Chow Chow, the Keeshond has a natural distrust of strangers and for that reason makes a wonderful watchdog.” The 2nd pup became New Zealand Ch ARNHEM AIRMAJOR. December 2012

Contrary to information that has been written in Club Books and magazine histories in Australia and also in Keeshond books overseas which mention the history of the Keeshond in Australia it is said that they were first shown in Australia in 1952, I have found information that shows they were actually first shown at the Sydney Royal in 1950 as per newspaper article 9/4/1950 stating that “more than 2000 dogs were entered, Two new types of dogs at the show this year are the Boston Terriers from American and the friendly Keeshonds imported from Europe. The Keeshond, comparatively new to Australia, is famous for it’s services in guarding the barges on the canals of Holland. Results Sydney Royal 1950 - Judge was Mr Percy Roberts of Connecticut, USA Open Dog

Open Bitch

Mrs C Bourne’s Airking of Arnhem 1st

Mrs C Bourne’s Arnhem Airmischief 1st

Mrs C Bourne’s Arnhem Airleader 2nd

Mrs C Bourne’s Airamber of Arnhem 2nd Mrs C Bourne’s Arnhem Airstar 3rd

In 1950 Keeshonds were also shown at Melbourne Royal Show that year although only the one Keeshond seems to have been in Victoria at that stage and he was from the first litter bred by Mrs Bourne. Under the heading “More New Breeds coming here” in a Melbourne Newspaper in April 1950 it says “Each year brings new breeds to our shores. It is probable that visitors to the 1950 Royal Melbourne Show will see Keeshonds. The Keeshonds were entered for the Sydney Royal Show. It goes on to give a description of some recently imported breeds and had this to say about Keeshonds From Holland. “The Keeshond is a product of Holland. In appearance it is something like a silver/grey Samoyed. One authority describes the Keeshond as a mixture of the Pomeranian, Samoyed, Chow Chow and Norwegian Elkhound. In the same way that the lion is regarded as the symbol of British strength and the eagle typifies American supremacy, so the Keeshond was chosen as a living emblem for the people of the Netherlands in the days of civil strife. The dog’s picture appeared on the flags of the Patriot Party. The Keeshond is one of the hardiest of breeds. It has a short sturdy body with short pointed ears and a bushy tail curled well over its back. It is indeed and handsome and attractive dog. The hair is short on its foxlike face and on the feet but a profuse growth of silver/grey feathering covers the chest, shoulders, rump and hind legs.” December 2012

In June 1950 It was reported that the KCC Victoria would hold a dog competition in aid of the Royal Victorian Institute for the Blind. Mrs. M O’Neill of Mordialloc has promised to bring along her newly acquired Keeshond Arnhem Airleader. This beautiful young dog is the only representative of its breed in Victoria and will doubtless receive much admiration. The Keeshond a native of Holland is something like a large wolf-grey Pomeranian with a most charming disposition. Results Melbourne Royal 1950 - Judge Mr F Warner Hill (England) Open Dog Mrs M O’Neill’s KCC Ch Arnhem Airleader1st and Ch (only entry) Also reported at the time was the Judge Mr F. Warner Hill highly praised this puppy. In 1951 Keeshonds were shown at 3 Royal Shows in Australia – Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane. Results Sydney Royal 1951 - Judge Mr L.C. Wilson, Surrey, England Puppy Dog

Puppy Bitch

Miss M.E. Ollife’s Arnhem Bear 1st

Mrs R Buist’s Arnhem Gretel 1st

Mrs C Bourne’s Arnhem Yan 2nd

Mrs C Bourne’s Arnhem Dharkie 2nd Mrs C Bourne’s Arnhem Janet 3rd

Open Dog

Open Bitch

Mrs C Bourne’s Arnhem Airmajor 1st

Mrs C Bourne’s Ch Valies of Vorden 1st and Ch

Mrs M O’Neill’s Arnhem Airleader 2nd

Mrs C Bourne’s Ch Arnhem Airmischief 2nd and Res Ch December 2012


This picture with its caption appeared in a magazine in 1951 in an article on dogs competing at the Sydney Royal that year. The article said Champion of the Keeshonds is Judy (or Eng Ch Valies of Vorden) who is smoky-grey, five years old, and has many championship ribbons from England.

JUDY, big, smoky-grey keeshond, sits on her favourite cushion. Her owner Mrs Bourne, says Judy has taken over her house. She holds three British Challenge Ribbons.

"Judy runs our house." Mrs Bourne said "All the other dogs live in their special kennels, but Judy is my best friend, so she lives with me inside.

Results Melbourne Royal 1951 - Judge Mr Fred David, President of the CCC of Queensland. Mrs. M O’Neill’s Open Dog KCC Ch Arnhem Airleader 1st and Ch (only one) Results Brisbane Royal 1951 Mrs. R Buist’s Arnhem Gretel, puppy bitch first and challenge (only one) December 2012

The first Keeshond puppies born in Victoria appeared with their picture in a Melbourne newspaper in 1951. These 6 Keeshond puppies, whose forbears were introduced into Europe by Nordic tribes long before the Christian era, are the first of their kind born in Victoria. Valued at 30 guineas each, there's 180 guineas worth looking at you from a window at Mrs M O'Neill's Vandyke Kennels at Carrum. Keeshonds are popular in Holland and Germany, where they are used to guard barges on the canals. Fully grown they are about 18in tall, wolf grey in color and Pomeranian like, their tails curl right over their back. Intelligent and faithful, too.

Results Sydney Royal 1952 - Judge Mr T.C. Harvie Homebush, Sydney

Puppy Dog

Open Bitch

J Condon’s Vandyke Viceroy

Mrs. C Bourne’s Ch Arnhem Airmischief 1st and Ch

Open Dog

Mrs. M O’Neill’s Arnhem Valies 2nd and Res Ch

Mrs. C Bournes Arnhem AirMajor 1st and Ch

Mrs. R Buist’s Arnhem Gretle 3rd

Mrs. C Bournes Arnhem Yan 2nd and Res Ch Mrs. M O’Neill’s Ch (Vic) Arnhem Airleader Special Prizes Puppy - Vandyke Viceroy and RES Medallion dog or bitch - Arnhem AirMajor December 2012

Results Melbourne Royal 1952 - Judge Mr H Hildebrand Wilson (England) Open Dog

Open Bitch

Mrs. M O’Neill’s KCC Ch Arnhem Airleader 1st and Ch

Mrs. M O’Neill’s Arnhem Valies 1st and Ch

J Condon’s Vandyke Viceroy 2nd and Res Ch J Snark’s Vandyke Vanguard 3rd Results Tasmania Royal Hobart Show 1952 - Judge Hobart Show 1952 Mr D. Newman, Victoria Mrs. A.N. Osborne Open Dog/ Open Bitch/ Brace 1st Challenges awarded) (Unfortunately none of the newspaper reports on dog shows in Tasmania mentioned the names or if male or female of the dogs in any of their articles, which is unfortunate) The following was reported in the Mercury Newspaper, Hobart Tasmania on Monday 24th March 1952, could this be the first Best Exhibit in Group at a Championship Show for a Keeshond in Australia?? Kennel Club of Tasmania's Autumn Show at Elwick Sat 22nd March 1952 Judge Mr W.A. Wheatland of Victoria. Keeshond Results Bitch: Special Puppy - Mrs L Osborne. Junior - Mrs L Osborne Maiden - Mrs L Osborne Novice - Mrs L Osborne Intermediate - Mrs L Osborne Open - Mrs L Osborne - 1st Ch and Best and Best in Group. Mrs Osborne also exhibited Samoyeds at this show. December 2012

Seeker was in retirement for a year and in July 2012, I decided to take him back out to show again. In the 3 months he's been back in the show world, he has amassed one Group 2, three Group 3's and an Owner Handler Best in Show! In October 2012 at 9 years of age, Seeker won the Saturday Keeshond Fanciers of the Central States - Best in Specialty Show under Judge Darryl Vice! Darryl Vice had previously given Seeker BISS at the KFCS show in 2006!!!! At the Sunday show under Judge Dawn Hansen, Seeker took the 1st AOM! Pretty good for an old guy just taken out of retirement! I am having so much fun again with my boy and hope to continue as long as he is enjoying himself!

Seeker is totally breeder/owner handled. Is at stud to approved bitches. Terri VanSchyndel Wund-R Y Keeshonden Abrams, WI USA 920/217-9551 December 2012

STRESS IN THE KEESHOND BY DONNA STEKLI A*STARZ KEESHONDEN & POMERANIAN We know about how stress can affect humans. But, our kees can also suffer stress.... especially those in overcrowded conditions, misunderstood, stuck in crates, stuck on the show circuit, not optimally fed, etc. This article will touch on just some of the areas to be considered. When dealing with stress in a kees, the holistic approach makes sense so all aspects of the dog's life are considered. Stress in the kees can result in coat & skin problems, behavioral problems, digestive disorders, hormonal disorders and breeding disorders. How can you tell if your kees is stressed? If it is not able to settle down, constantly on edge, has other dogs in the household picking on it regularly, has coat problems, hormonal issues or digestive upsets more often than should be normal, your kees might be stressed. If your kees is neurotic, in that it acts more like a Border Collie, constantly in motion, constantly watchful, then perhaps your kees is stressed.

Stress from Dog Management issues I have always preached to new folks coming in to our breed, that it is easy to acquire dogs. First you have one, then three, five and onwards & upwards. More is not less, it's a zoo. It's not healthy for the dogs or for you. Unless you have time to train, exercise, groom, properly feed and manage the pack, you should try to space your dogs out. That said, I also agree that having more than one dog is advantageous. I think critters need to have other critters, like themselves, in their life to make them whole and happy. I don't like having more than one kees under one year of age. There is much socialization to do and having more than one doesn't allow time for that, especially for folks working full time jobs. Puppy Socialization class, Tricks Class, Puppy Sports classes all take time and money. Conformation training and proper introduction to the show ring can take time. Jumping into it quickly without the dog being ready may result in a dog that doesn't like to show, a dog that cannot focus on the task at hand because they are too busy worrying about an environment they are not comfortable in. I like to space my kees out by at least 2-3 years between them. That way, as they age or don't pan out as show/performance dogs, they can be placed into proper companion homes leaving room for the next prospect. I know some folks say they can't part with their kees, but if you are truly going to improve the breed on a serious level, you need to let the ones that are not stellar go to companion homes. Otherwise, you will find yourself with a backyard full of kees you cannot breed or continue to show. They will stagnate and not have the quality of life that is best for them.

Socialization is another important aspect in dog stress. Mixing various ages and personalities is good. There is a pack instinct that is a natural part of the interaction. It is important to allow dogs to find their rung in the pack. It is good for their overall mental attitude and "doggy relationships". Little or no interaction is usually needed from humans for everyone to find their own spot. That is, unless a dog or two is under stress. Then, the game plan changes. You must step in and adjust as needed so the stressed dog can be assimilated into the pack. Sometimes this means removing the stressed dog or the dog(s) that apply stress to the one, perhaps maintaining a split in the pack for a time until issues are worked out. If the stress the dog is under cannot be addressed, it may be that it is best to place the stressed dog into a less stressful situation (outside a pack environment in a single dog home). Kees that are not properly cared for can go through problems regarding breeding. Bitches can stop cycling or cycle sporadically. Males can end up with lower sperm counts. Hormonal imbalance can be a result of stress. If you are a keeshond breeder, you really need to be aware of stress as it relates to a brood bitch. She must be stable and comfortable during her pregnancy and for the two months following the whelping. If she is to produce adequate milk, if she is to impart her wisdom and instincts to her puppies. Otherwise, you could have a mother who aborts, has small litters or can't conceive. It can affect her hormones. She may become disagreeable as well, actually turning nasty towards the puppies she is supposed to nurture and teach. Having her in balance and in harmony is paramount to raising healthy, welladjusted puppies. If you keep intact dogs and bitches, you have another level of stress for the dogs and yourself. It is very hard to manage bitches in heat and intact males together. To keep the scents from wafting, you would need to separate the dogs and bitches by at least a half acre or more and not allow them to come close to each other's potty areas. That said, there are some kees breeders who have smaller numbers of kees who have successfully mingled the two sexes and they have a way of managing their pack that is hard to achieve. December 2012

If your dog is an only kees, it could suffer from stress of not being able to relate properly to humans or to other dogs. I have always been of the mind that animals need others like themselves in their lives, so having two, in my opinion, is better than having just one. That said, I do not recommend purchasing two littermates or puppies very close in age to each other. A substitute for a dog buddy is not a cat or a gerbil either. Dogs have basic needs and skills that they can only share with other canines. I am not a fan of dog parks. I believe that dogs, as pack animals, can only learn a pack instinct from being with the same members. Dog parks tend to attract a variety of canine personalities and the mix varies from day to day, hour to hour. Thus, I do not think it is healthy for dogs to be taken to dog parks for socialization. It is better to get with a person or group that can allow the same dogs to hang out together at regular intervals.

Stress from boredom While our breed is considered a "non-sporting" breed, our kees were not meant to spend the majority of their time in crates. If you have a number of kees, it is best to provide kennel runs with adequate space for them to exercise. Leash walking is a great way to establish a correct relationship and bond (with you as the master & the dog as the subordinate) with any dog. Many of us train our kees to do agility, rally, flyball, nosework, herding and obedience. Kees love this kind of interaction with their owners. They get good exercise of the mind and body as well as spending time with their favorite person. I believe it is important for kees to get one on one time for both affection and training.

Š N Boyd

Some kees get into the "lick sore" syndrome where they pick on their paw or itch at other parts of their body. If there is no pest, fungal, irritant or other issue, it could be stress. This is a dog who is so bored or neurotic, that it is inflicting pain on itself. Not a good situation. At our house, we have "dog parties" several times a month. These are usually held in the afternoons where my pack of 2 poms and 3 kees have either chews or hard bones. Everyone gets one and sometimes the sorting out of bones and having everyone settle on their own bone is a task in itself. I let them figure it out unless someone is being very bad. Eventually, everyone settles into a nice calm state and chews their bone. This takes at least an hour or more. Chewing is a basic instinct dogs have and it is healthy that they have this kind of basal exercise (which is calming to them). Teaching your kees some basic commands such as: sit, down, shake a paw, high five, (tricks), etc can help alleviate stress. Have an activity session with your stressed kees once a day where they do some of these tasks (using a clicker to train really helps too) can take their focus off of what is occupying their mind, so they do more "mundane" things, always with treats involved. Something like these small sessions can make a big, positive difference.

Š N Boyd December 2012

Stress from showing Some show kees suffer from the stress of being campaigned for months on end. This usually happens when they are with a professional handler, part of a string of dogs being shown. I have seen coat issues appear in dogs like this (looks like alopecia) because they are not happy. They are not getting enough attention and enough of the right attention because pro handlers usually don't have the time to devote to them. What the owner has to consider is what is the goal? If it is to achieve a top ranked kees, a Hall of Fame... what is the cost? (in terms of the cost to the dog's health and well-being.) Other considerations are, for dogs, sometimes the dog's sperm count can go down in stressful situations like this. Bitches being campaigned can have their heat cycles be affected by stress in that they don't cycle or their cycles are not regular. The bitch may also be rendered "infertile" when it is a matter of stress.

Nutrition Proper nutrition and good quality food is needed for a kees to mature to be all that it can be. Proper nutrition is not cheap and if you cannot afford to feed a good quality kibble and/or raw diet, then perhaps shrinking the number of dogs you have should be considered. I am not a believer that most kees are sensitive to quality dog food ingredients. I've heard many stories in my time in dogs that this owner & that thinks their dog is allergic to this & that ingredient. I say, poppy cock. If your dog develops an intestinal problem or deemed to have irritable bowel syndrome or any of the popular dog maladies de jour, then perhaps its stress contributing to your dog's upset tummy. I have been feeding probiotics to my dogs before they were called that. Yogurt, a great probiotic, is a staple in my dogs' diets. Every morning they get a plop on top their food. Keep in mind that kees do not do well on lamb protein and they are not vegetarians either. There are many enzymes on the market and some of those may do your stressed dog some good. They need a good quality meat protein as well as variety in their diets. I currently feed a kibble, raw foods & some raw veggies as well as some cooked items for variety. The dry I feed is: Acana Wild Prairie, Acana Chicken & Burbank Potato, Merrick Chicken/brown rice/green pea and Merrick Pork and sweet potato. Raw: K-9 Kraving and Northwest Naturals. I continue to cook some items such as Chipper Cupcakes and A*starz Dog Stews all of which can be made in batch and frozen.

I let my dogs eat dirt and grass at their leisure. If the dogs are overeating such things, then that is a sign that something is out of balance in their diet & needs attention. I grow wheatgrass throughout the year for the dogs (and cats). It is simple to grow, you can grow small batches at a time & the benefits to the pets are high. (You can find it online or at most nurseries). It provides chlorophyll, amino acids, minerals, vitamins, and enzymes. Since I have had poms, my dogs started eating baby carrots, one per day. Carrots are rich in dietary fiber, antioxidants, and minerals. The roots are used to treat digestive problems, intestinal parasites, and tonsillitis or constipation. With that said about carrots, mine seem to enjoy their crunch, and it is another way of addressing basic needs... fun food!

CLOSING In writing this article, I realize there are many issues touched on above and some seem to be unrelated. The possible stressed dog can have issues all over the map and I have tried to cover just the top layer topics that could be involved. There is much more to each of the categories. Much more that could be going wrong for a particular kees. The best owners are those who are close to their dogs, those that have the common sense to know when there is something amiss with their dog. For them, knowing when their dog is "out of whack" is easy. Trying to fix it might not be. Since I have always been about the "whole" dog, it is important to know as much as you can about your dog. When your dog changes its habits or behaviors, be aware and be wary. Where to start: If you are not sure what's wrong with your dog, I suggest having a thyroid panel and a full blood panel drawn. That will tell you if there is a medical issue that is causing problems If you have a stressed kees or one with a hormonal or other imbalance, do not give vaccines until at least 6 months after the dog is stable. As always, you can feel free to email me regarding anything in this article or if you have suggestions, please drop me a line. December 2012

Simpkees Keeshonden

Cambridge Ontario

By Cheryl Ballantyne

On Sunday August 26, Keeshond Rescue Ontario held their annual picnic at Couchiching Park in Orillia, ON. We rented a pavilion so the weather couldn’t interfere too much and it ended up being a spectacular day with a beautiful breeze off the lake.

There were a number of rescue dogs in attendance and it was wonderful to see how well they’re doing in their forever homes: Brody, the Paws R Us stud male, has bonded to his adoptive parents and is one very happy, and spoiled, boy.

KeeshondWorld .com December 2012

Kaylie, the Paws R Us brood bitch, is still with her foster Momma and she is coming along very well. She’s also an incredibly beautiful Kees.

Jazz, one of three Paws R Us young females, placed in a loving home outside Belleville with wonderful guardians and her fursister, Lacey.

Donnie, a rescue from Windsor Humane Society, is living the good life with his forever Mom, Marlene, and his Kees sister, Lucy. December 2012

KRO’s latest rescue, Theodore, aka Theodorable, attended and showed everyone that sweet Keeshond disposition.

There was lots of delicious food, a dog beach nearby for those Keesies and their owners brave enough to dip a paw. We held a notso-silent auction where donated items were sold to help raise money so that KRO can continue rescue Keeshonden in need. And our vet tech, Magen, clipped dog nails for a KRO donation, too. We, the volunteers with KRO, thank everyone who attended! We also thank those who donated items for the auction and those who bid so enthusiastically. We look forward to seeing even more people at KRO’s 2013 picnic!! December 2012

DOB: 6/9/2009 Sire: CH KJ's Billy the Kid Dam: CH Wund-R Y's Leading Lady

George has been in the capable hands of Sherri-Anne Kovach, PHA since December 2011, showing in the southern US. As of this date, George is ranked #8 Keeshond in the USA! Sherri along with assistant Billy Rodriguez, Jr. are having a great time with this fun, young male. George (or Jorge as he is also known) is at stud to approved bitches. He has lovely color, coat texture, size, structure and the attitude that makes him so fun to be around!

Terri VanSchyndel Wund-R Y Keeshonden Abrams, WI

920/217-9551 December 2012

Canine Genetics Research Progress Report Idiopathic Epilepsy in Keeshonds October 2012 Why do we need this research? For many years, Keeshond owners and breeders across the world have been working with scientists and clinicians towards the goal of uncovering the genetic basis of idiopathic epilepsy in the breed. Dogs are diagnosed with idiopathic epilepsy if they have recurrent seizures for which no cause can be identified. As in several other breeds, this primary form of epilepsy appears to have an inherited, or familial, basis in the Keeshond. Previous research has suggested that the mode of inheritance in the Keeshond might be autosomal recessive, but the pattern remains unclear. Familial epilepsies in the dog have so far proved difficult to characterise at DNA level; the main reason being that multiple genes are likely to be involved. Geneticists usually need to analyse large numbers of DNA samples before they can begin to unravel the mechanisms underlying these complex polygenic conditions. A further complication of idiopathic epilepsy studies is that a diagnosis is not always reached as easily as you might think; seizures in an individual dog can result from a number of underlying causes and, ideally, all possible causes are excluded before a dog can receive a robust diagnosis of idiopathic epilepsy. Despite these and other challenges, Keeshond owners have helped us to build up a sufficiently large collection of DNA samples from epilepsy affected and unaffected dogs that we are at last ready to take the next step in this research. What does the research involve? The Animal Health Trust (AHT) is working with Dr Barbara Skelly, a veterinary surgeon at the University of Cambridge in the UK, to investigate idiopathic epilepsy in the Keeshond. Our ultimate

aim is to develop a robust DNA test that Keeshond breeders can use as a tool to inform future breeding decisions. We still have a long way to go, but we are pleased to report that we are ready to go ahead with an in-depth genetic analysis known as a "genome-wide association study". DNA samples will be sent to a specialist laboratory which uses state-of-the-art genetic marker arrays to generate data that we will examine closely here at the AHT. We will compare thousands of DNA markers from dogs affected by epilepsy ("cases") with those from unaffected dogs ("controls"), looking for one or more regions of the genome that are consistently shared between cases, but not with the controls. Should we find evidence of one or more promising regions, the second stage of our project, known as "fine-mapping", will seek to identify candidate genes within these target regions that we can explore for DNA sequence errors that might be responsible for epilepsy. Do we have enough samples? The enthusiastic participation of Keeshond breeders and owners worldwide means that we are ready to submit samples from around 24 cases, alongside a similar number of controls, to the specialist laboratory for genome-wide scanning. The exact number of samples we send to the laboratory rests on a final quality control step. We have already carried out stringent quality checks on all our samples, as the microarray technology requires exacting levels of DNA quality and quantity. The majority of our samples reach these high standards, but some drop below the threshold for suitability. These samples will not be wasted; they can be used in further experiments in our own laboratory at the AHT should we identify one or more regions of DNA that can be looked at more closely. When will we get the results? The genome-wide scan, and analysis of the large volume of data it will generate, is likely to take several weeks to complete. We hope to make preliminary results available to the Keeshond community by the end of January 2013. Our ideal scenario is that the scan yields compelling results that are robust enough for us to proceed to fine-mapping. However, as mentioned earlier, previous attempts to characterise the genetic basis of epilepsy in dogs suggest that this condition is complex.

We should be prepared to acknowledge that the number of samples in this set might to be too small at this stage to pinpoint regions of interest that we can follow up with any confidence. Should this be the case, our only option will be to collect more samples and carry out another genome-wide scan in the future to add to our data. Can more be done to help this research? Whether or not we meet with success in this first stage of our study, we encourage you to continue to send us DNA from any Keeshond unfortunate enough to receive a diagnosis of idiopathic epilepsy. It helps us considerably if you can include as much clinical information as possible with your submission. We also welcome samples from older Keeshonds, aged eight years or over, who have never shown any signs of epilepsy - to use as controls in our study. Keeping us updated on changes in the health of any dog we already hold a DNA sample from also helps us tremendously in our continued research. For further information on how to submit a sample, or to send us updated health information, please email Bryan McLaughlin at We would not be entering this exciting phase of our study without your continued support. Our grateful thanks go to all those owners and their Keeshonds who have contributed to this project over the years. Particular mention must be made of both Anji Marfleet and Jane Saunders for their invaluable help; their impressive knowledge of the breed worldwide has been a real asset to our research. We wish to thank Dr Barbara Skelly and the Kennel Club Charitable Trust for arranging funding for this study - without them this work could not proceed.

The Animal Health Trust fights disease and injury in animals (Registered Charity No: 209642) You can find out more about our work at

Pedigree Database Did You Know! That the KeeshondWorld Pedigree Database also contains a Health Database of ALL records that are available to be viewed on the OFA website? This includes a complete extract of data (purchased from OFA) dating back to 1974. (**Note that I usually update the OFA records once per quarter that is once the reports are available for download from OFA)

That the KeeshondWorld Pedigree Database is able to record and display any health information that breeders / owners would like recorded in it. We are happy to record your data (health, microchip, tattoo or any identification records, registration number), however to be able to record the data and to keep it accurate, we do need to see a copy of the results. This is a free service that KeeshondWorld offers to the Kees community.

That you are able to search / sort on a variety of fields? Name, Pretitle (Championship Title), PostTitle (Obedience Titles), Registration Number, Colour, Date of Birth & Microchip Number. In the Health database you can ALSO search / sort by ANY of the OFA Health Tests, (OFA PHPT Result, OFA Cardiac, OFA Elbow Score, OFA Hip Score, OFA Patella’s, OFA Shoulder, OFA Thyroid) that is you can select to search on OFA Hip Score for ALL dogs that have a result of Excellent, or Good, etc.

The Kennel Club "Breed Watch" Initiative Promoting Pedigree Dog Health Sept 2009

Submitted by Anji Marfleet

As part of its work to ensure that pedigree dogs lead

Judges should never award prizes to dogs which

happy, healthy lives, the Kennel Club launched a new

are visibly suffering from any condition

initiative called Breed Watch in September 2009. This

which would adversely affect their health or

is a development in the Kennel Club’s ongoing Fit For

welfare. For example:

Function: Fit For Life campaign to ensure that

Obvious breathing difficulty

pedigree dogs are free from any exaggerations which

Significantly over or under weight dogs

might cause them to have difficulty in walking, seeing

Lameness, including hopping

or breathing freely.

A discharge from one or both eyes or any signs of discomfort in either eye

Breed Watch is an area of the Kennel Club’s website

Obvious skin or ear irritation

which will serve as a constantly updated alert to all

Inappropriate temperament – refusal to be

interested parties, but with dog show judges in mind in

handled, timidity or aggression

particular, to any undesirable trends or exaggerations

Exaggerations that would make the dog unsuited

that may be emerging in particular breeds. The Kennel Club has emailed all of the Breed Health Co-ordinators who were asked to consult with all of the breed clubs within their specific breed via the Secretaries of those clubs and then collate all comments to be fed back to the Kennel Club. The introduction on the Kennel Club’s website for Breed Watch is that: •

The decisions made by judges in the show ring Judges must take conformation related health problems and temperament into account when making their decisions as well as breed type

All show dogs should be Fit for Function: Fit for Life

A judge is expected to make such decisions based on their extensive experience of dogs as owners and breeders – they are not expected to display the knowledge of a veterinary surgeon and should not undertake any extra examination of a dog other than that which they would normally perform in assessing general fitness and breed type.

Particular points of concern for individual breeds may

strongly influence future breeding plans •

to the breed's original purpose

include features not specifically highlighted in the breed standard. There will then follow a description of any breed-specific points of concern which have been received by the Kennel Club. This information will be frequently updated, ensuring that the Breed Watch pages serve as a record of any concerns which judges should be aware of when judging a breed at a dog show. December 2012

During several committee meetings held in 2011, both The Keeshond Club and the North of England Keeshond Club discussed and unanimously agreed upon the following point to be included for a Breed Watch submission; as decisions made by judges in the show ring strongly influence future breeding plans and both clubs are concerned that incorrect Keeshonden are being bred from. Whilst it might not be considered to be a health issue at the present moment, both clubs’ are very concerned that it could very easily become one if not checked in time. The following point has now been approved by The Kennel Club General Committee and appears under Keeshond Breed Watch: Excessively long coats. Rationale The breed standard states: “Harsh, off-standing, straight. Dense ruff, well feathered on forelegs and profuse trousers, not feathered below hock. Soft, thick, light-coloured (not tawny) undercoat. Never silky, wavy or woolly, nor forming a parting on back.” A correct coat can be all of these essentials without being long; nowhere in the standard does it mention length of coat or glamour. An incorrect, long coat is capable of hiding serious constructional faults and both clubs are concerned that dogs’ are sometimes being judged on appearance only. Attention should be paid to the anatomical outline of the dog, exclusive of coat.

Keeshonds were originally bred to be watch dogs on barges; their harsh outer guard hairs’ repelling dirt and the thick double coat is an insulator, keeping them warm in winter and cool in summer. Excessively long coats, which are often silky or woolly in texture, are not only incorrect; they have poor insulating properties to stop the dog from over-heating in hot weather. These types of coats are also a liability in wet weather and in water. Incorrect coats are time consuming and difficult to groom and if not done regularly and properly, can result in the coat becoming thickly matted with resultant skin problems. Keeshonds should possess an all-weather, almost water proof coat.

This is not a new problem as the following extract demonstrates.

Dog World Breed Notes June 1959 - Fred Greenwood (Wistonia) As a more or less lone crusader for many years I have repeatedly pointed out that a long flowing coat was out of place in the breed. Apparently this type of coat was so prevalent amongst the exhibits at a recent show that at last something may be done about it. Some time ago a joint committee of the two breed clubs got out a list of suggestions to judges on various points they thought needed clarification. Suggestions on what lines the breed need improvement and the question of coats was dealt with. These suggestions have gone out to judges and will no doubt help bring the ‘fashion’ a little more closely allied to the breed standard. Judges worthy of the name will give the suggestions their close attention and work accordingly; in this way will the breed be improved along the lines laid down in the Standard. December 2012



PARRKEES KEESHONDEN AKC Breeders of Merit Jim and Eileen Parr • 760-946-9048 MULTI-BREED WINNER; CHIC NO. 57185




PARRKEES KEESHONDEN AKC Breeders of Merit Jim and Eileen Parr • 760-946-9048 BISS, GRP WINNER, MULTI-GRP PLACER and BRONZE GCH; CHIC NO. 57186


The Making Of A "Special" When I think about what it takes to “make a special”, it is quite overwhelming. So many things come into play. Some things that come immediately to mind are: Honesty, respect, dedication, heart, training, timing and conditioning. These things apply not only to the dog, but the owner as well. I will try to address each of these things separately, although they all have to be thrown in the same pot, stirred well and become a unit. First, and probably the most important is honesty about your dog and honesty with yourself. Let’s talk about honesty about the dog first. It takes much more than a pretty face for a top winning “special”. Almost everyone, when they finish a dog, starts thinking “special”. I would say that in over 70% of the cases, that nice, finishable dog is just that, not a “special”. If the dog finished quickly, say 15 shows or less, it probably has some quality, and you have taken the first step in the right direction. However, be honest with yourself about how much quality the dog does have. Is the dog’s conformation really good enough to beat the other top non-sporting dogs in your area, or is he/she just a nice, finishable dog? Once it is established that the dog has no glaring conformation defects and correct movement, I like to evaluate the dog loose in the yard. Sit and just watch him/her free. You can really pick up on things that you can’t see on lead, such as natural carriage and the ability to move. Disengage yourself as the breeder/owner and assess the dog as if he/she belonged to someone else. Not easy to do! If you question your own judgment, or even if you don’t, it is always prudent to get the opinions of other respected and knowledgeable breeders, even if you have been breeding for a number of years. Also, take into account how the dog finished and the competition that he beat.

Did he place at specialties? quality or “just other dogs”?

By Heather Myers Cara Keeshond - USA

Was his competition

Now you have to take into consideration the dog’s “heart”. I truly believe that “specials” are born with the heart to be top show dogs. You can help them along and cultivate it, but they are born with a desire to go over and above the daily requirements for being just a companion. They love the show ring from day one. Once again, we can cultivate this love by making dog shows fun. When I have a young “special” that is just starting out and it is pouring rain at an outside show, or blistering heat, I pull the dog. This is not going to be fun for said dog. Pick and choose where you are going to start this young dog and be sure to make it fun. At the same time, this will all be a learning experience for the dog. They finished relatively quickly and are barely ring savvy. They don’t know where to put their feet yet and, when stacked, they have to learn that they can’t fool around. Jumping around with a puppy is kinda cute. A “special” must learn to stand stock still for examination, from stem to stern. Judges forgive a little silliness with class dogs but not so with a “special”. They expect the dog at this level to be trained! Judges are not forgiving and this is often the decision maker. Use the first ½ dozen to dozen shows as a fun training experience and don’t even think about winning. Just have fun and train, train, train, all the while making it a fun experience for the dog. Now you are started on the right path to making a dog who already has heart, love his job and give you and the judge that extra ‘WOW’ factor that will set you apart from your competition. It is important to stress that you not “over show” a young dog. Watch carefully that they are really continuing to enjoy showing. It is easy to burn out a dog, especially a young dog who is new to this regime. I can tell you from a personal standpoint that I did exactly this to BIS, BISS Ch. Cara Ashbrook Casey Jones, HOF, aka “Thomas”. December 2012

Thomas finished his CH at 10 months and 3 weeks, in 5 shows. He was already entered two weeks later so we decided to move him up. At 11 months, Thomas went Best In Show. At this point, I should have put him away to let him grow up, but instead I kept him out. He received his HOF at 20 months and was sick and tired of showing. He was learning to really hate it. I brought him home and rested him. I showed him a couple of more times, winning a couple of groups, but he was not the show dog he was as a puppy. He just didn’t care. He had lost the desire! As my good friend Debbie Lynch said: It is easier to take the show out of a dog than put it back in. You have to be very sure in your mind and heart that you are not being kennel blind, a disease that many of us have on occasion. If at this point, if you are NOT honest with yourself about the dog, you will waste a lot of money and face a lot of disappointment. You must also be honest with yourself, as well, about what goals you expect to achieve with this dog and is it going to be fun. Do you want to show in the cold, rain, heat and can you handle losing? You ARE going to lose. Specialing a dog is hard…..very, very hard. And EXPENSIVE…….very, very expensive, even if you do it yourself. If you have a professional handler, which has become the norm and necessity for a top winner, at least here in the U.S., it is twice as expensive and, depending on the group placements you get (and that is what we are after with a “special”), it can cost well over $3,000 per month. So, part of being honest with yourself is the answer to the question: Can I afford to do this without mortgaging my house or going into my retirement? If the answer is “no”, forget about specialing the dog. Getting a backer these days is very, very hard and they are few and far between. Realize that in most instances, if you get a backer you will have to sign off your dog and all those lovely ribbons and trophies will go to the backer and your wall will still be bare.

The dog will no longer live with you and you will lose control over the dog, in most cases. The handler and the backer will call the shots, from picking the shows to what the dog eats, and your input will probably not be welcome. We have talked about honesty, heart and training, so let’s move on to timing. This is extremely important. You have a young dog. If there are several more mature “specials” in your area winning consistently, there is no harm in waiting. These other dogs already have established reputations and it will be a hard nut to crack. A title or caption about the photograph. Some dogs mature more slowly than others (and IMHO last longer), so take this into consideration and think about waiting until next year. Spot show the dog, if you like, to enhance his/her training, but if you really do have a top dog, wait for a clearer field. Judges are often slow to dump the known dog to a newcomer. You will definitely have to pay your dues. Conditioning starts the day the dog is conceived. Once the dam “gives” you her puppies and walks away from the whelping box, conditioning is all in your hands, from doing nails to brushing to quality food and clean quarters. Condition comes from the inside. Coat comes from the inside. Parasite control is extremely important. Parasite infestation will always prevent good coat health. I don’t feed a lot of supplements, but I do feed quality food. All Keeshonden should be brushed once a week and bathed before a show or when needed, but “specials” are a different ball game. Since they are shown weekly, they must be bathed weekly. Between shows, they should be spritzed two or three times a day with a light conditioner. Obviously this has to be washed out before the show and the dog thoroughly blown and brushed dry. Do the nails at the same time. This routine will help prevent the dog from blowing coat and he/she will roll coat instead. Muscle tone is an important part of conditioning. A “special” has to be fit, not just for the judge, but for the grueling schedule he is keeping. With luck, the dog will be in the ring three times at a show and has to be physically fit, as well as mentally fit. I used to road work my specials daily when I was able. December 2012

Now that old age has set in, I put them on a trotter. All handlers have trotters and the dogs actually enjoy it. Again, physical condition is often the difference between winning and losing. It is also important in conditioning that since they are crated so much of the time, the dog must have some “free time”. Loose in the hotel room or xpen, or on a lunge line (used for horses). I teach all my dogs to lunge to both the right and left. This accomplishes two purposes: First, they get that free time I spoke about, and secondly it teaches them to go in a circle (which is what they do in the ring). Respect………For your dog, for the other competitors and for the other exhibitors. Win or lose, your dog is the same dog that you took to the show and the same one that you will be taking home. He/she has given his/her all for you and even if the dog was beaten on this particular day, he deserves your total respect for what he/she gave you. Remember this was YOUR idea and they were doing what YOU asked of them. Respect this and never let your dog know that he/she has been a disappointment to you. Every dog has the ability to go just so far. When the dog has reached his/her maximum potential have enough respect for the dog and what he has done for you to put him away and wait until he can win veterans classes. Don’t wait for the day when a judge, who has always done for the dog, dumps him to a younger dog. Judges know when it is time for the younger generation, even if you don’t. Respect for your competition should always be at the forefront. In most cases, the other dogs are worthy competitors. Show them respect by not deliberately trying to screw them up or by telling judges what a “piece of crap” the other dogs are. Judges do not, I repeat, do not take kindly to this. In all my years of showing, I can only remember twice that I ever questioned a judge about the decision.

It is over and done with and there is another show tomorrow. You probably won’t get a straight answer anyway. The judge doesn’t want to hurt your feelings or alienate you showing to them in the future and they definitely don’t like their decisions questioned. If you berate the judge after the judging, or for that matter, kiss his butt, they will see ‘NOVICE’ stamped all over your forehead. If you feel compelled to speak to the judge, perhaps thinking they will remember you next time, don’t bother because they won’t! It takes years of showing before any of them remember that they “have seen you somewhere before”. Respect for the other exhibitors: Each exhibitor has put a lot of time and money into this event. Their dog may not be your cup of tea, but be gracious with your congratulations. If you can, stay for the group and actually applaud for the other dog. It is, after all, YOUR breed any maybe, just maybe, they will stay and applaud for your dog next time. You might wonder why, when I am talking about the “making of a special” I bring up respect for your competition and respect for other exhibitors. Now that you, hopefully, own the “special” of your dreams, it is important to act like the owner of a “special”. How can anyone expect others to respect your dog if you don’t show respect to the competition and the other exhibitors? It all plays into the ambiance of presenting the “special” Finally, dedication. At the start, I emphasized the word “hard”. This is NOT for the faint of heart. To truly special a dog, is a life style and a 24/7 dedication. Be prepared for this. It will take time from your family, friends and job. It can obsess you and make you crazy! If you don’t have the broad shoulders to face the slings and arrows that will be directed towards you, your dog and your handler, forget about specialing. Remember, they are only talking about you because you are winning. You will laugh, cry, rant and rave. BUT, if you are dedicated and REALLY, REALLY love the SPORT, you will survive and in the end, it will have all been worth it. Happy “specialing” everyone! December 2012



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