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A truly INTERNATIONAL Keeshond Magazine  December, 2011 

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Can BIS GCH / Am BISS GCH Keesrich Life Is An Open Road, CGN, CHOF  

Vandy Keeshonden started in 1976 with the first BBX bitch, Ch Vandys Argo, CD. All the Vandy Kees trace directly back to Argo in a straight bitch line. No other Kees were added to the Kennel. By out crossing and then line breeding back, Vandy Kees have established a line of Kees bitches where type, health, soundness in body and mind are paramount.

We had the first CHIC, the first dual HOF and the only two Kees to achieve top show KCA show dog AND top KCA obedience Kees. Owner trained and shown with one and breeder owner, shown and trained with the other.

Carole Henry Vandy Keeshonden

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Morgan finished his American Championship by taking back to back 5 point majors. Morgan went WD/BW at the Pacific Crest Keeshond Club Specialty on August 19, 2011 and the Olympic KC show on August 20th. Owner handled to both wins. Cindy Upward – Pawstep Keeshonden

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It’s hard to follow up a wonderful year such as 2010 was after finishing  as  #3  Keeshond  in  Canada,  but  Indy  found  a  way.   2011  has  been  just  about as rewarding while concentrating on American shows.     Indy  finished  his  American  Grand  Championship  in  grand  style  by  winning  the  Pacific  Crest  Keeshond  Club  Specialty  on  August  19th  owner/handled  under  breeder/judge  Mary  Ellen  Meyer.   He  was  also  awarded the Select Dog award at the August 18th Specialty and again at  the  Olympic  KC  show  on  the  20th.   Indy  is  only  the  2nd  Keeshond  to  achieve BOTH Canadian and American Grand Championships!     In September Indy backed up this Specialty win by winning the Keeshond  Club  of  B.C.  Specialty  in  Canada  under  judge  Robert  Dawson  of  the  Philippines.  Handled by his favorite handler Aaron Andriash.     At almost 7 years of age, Indy continues to impress the judges with his  unending enthusiasm and ring presence.  He will continue to be  selectively shown as he just isn’t ready to do the retirement thing yet! 

  Owner:  Cindy Upward  Pawstep 

Breeder Gail Riches  Keesrich Keeshonden 

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I would love to see an article on Grooming the Keeshond in your magazine. Recommendations on products, tools and grooming techniques from the experts. I am a pet owner and like to have my keeshond well presented. For the dogs comfort and health it is also very important. Thank you for the wonderful magazine! Sandra Fisher - Australia

So much more to read, but I am excited to be able to support another area of the Keeshond World! Thank you, Trevor and Cheri, for all of your hard work to deliver a top quality product!" Dee "Keep up the good work. Love to receive the magazine as it is so very interesting" Glady - Canada "Already paged through it and it is GREAT! You guys have outdone yourselves!!! Congratulations!!" Alecia - Canada

"I'm so excited to have Ruffian's title be part of KeeshondWorld" Karen - USA "I know how busy you are right now and appreciate your dedication to this magazine and the breed as a whole. Thank you." Kathy - Canada

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To all our Keeshond fanciers across the World Thank you for your patience & support over the past 12 months! We’ll see you again in 2012! From all the team at KeeshondWorld Magazine & Pedigree Database

Could Your Keeshond “Find It”?

By Patty Sontag

A scattering of cardboard boxes, similar in size, lay on the training room floor. To the casual observer, it looks like a jumbled mess. But to the handler and the Keeshond by her side, nose twitching, it is another chance to play the game: Nose Work! K9 Nose Work, the newest sport for dogs, is sweeping the nation. Started on the West Coast in 2006 by three very experienced professional trainers (Ron Gaunt, Amy Herot and Jill Marie O’Brien) who, themselves, trained and handled dogs to detect narcotics and explosives, this sport is geared toward companion dogs, young and old, mixed breeds and purebred, as well as dogs that are shy or reactive. It is a great confidence builder, while helping to calm energetic dogs. The objective of Nose Work is to have the dog find a particular scent hidden in a location and then indicate (alert) that find to the handler. While not physically demanding for dog or handler, it does provide a high degree of mental stimulation for the dog and lets them really put their superior sense of smell to work. In addition, it allows the dog to turn the tables and teach the handler to observe the dog’s responses and trust the dog’s judgment when it indicates that the odor has been found. Unlike traditional classes, which may be stressful or over-stimulating to some dogs, dogs are worked one at a time in the search area, allowing each dog to focus on the task at hand and permitting the handler to focus on his/her dog. Because they are worked individually, dogs that are reactive to other dogs or people can participate in this sport without fear of further reinforcing their reactivity. Behaviors that are not be looked upon favorably in an obedience class, such as pulling or not focusing on the handler, are actually encouraged and desired in a Nose Work class. Dogs that are eager to hunt and show that eagerness are applauded!

KeeshondWorld December 2011

A typical Intro to Nose Work class begins by teaching the dog what the game is. A few aromatic pieces of food are hidden in one of 6 boxes stretched out in a line, with the cover of the boxes typically open. As the dog travels down the line of boxes, sniffing and checking each one, it is self-rewarded when it finds the targeted box. This is repeated several times, and then the cover is loosely closed. As the weeks progress, the loosely closed boxes are scattered, and the dog is allowed to work off leash in the enclosed area, with the other dogs safely crated away from the search area. This also gives the other handlers an opportunity to observe the other dogs as they conduct their searches. As the dogs become more proficient, the target box containing the food may be hidden behind an overturned table or boxes may be placed on chairs, both to encourage the dog to hunt or to encourage them to pick their noses up off the ground. The next class level, Into to Odor, is when the food is paired with the first scent, sweet birch. Birch, for those who have never smelled it, smells very much like wintergreen – at least to humans! Again, the dog starts off with the box drill (a line of 6 boxes) and gets a good whiff of the scent as it self-rewards with the food. As the dog becomes more proficient at finding the scent, the food is weaned away from the odor. Now the dog is searching for scent alone, and when he finds it, is given a food reward at the odor source by the handler. This food reward reinforces the successful hunt! During this entire process, the handler is keenly watching the dog’s body language to learn the cues given when the dog is “in odor.”

Now the real fun begins! The search area moves to interior rooms, vehicles and exterior areas! Again, a small amount of food may be paired initially, to help the dog understand that the game is continuing, that only the area has changed. As the dog becomes more experienced at finding the scent and the handler becomes better at being able to “read” the dog, they move into more advanced classes, even taking those classes “on the road” to other locations. Dogs are encouraged to be successful in their searches and corrections to the dog are never given.

An actual trial consists of the dog searching all 4 venues: a box drill, an interior search, a vehicle search and an exterior search – successfully complete all 4 and your dog will be awarded her title! In addition, special awards are given to dogs and handlers indicating their proficiency and teamwork in a search venue, and there is also a special award given to a rescue dog, even if it didn’t receive a title!

At some point, the remaining two odors, aniseed and clove, are introduced, first by pairing with the birch, and then working them individually. Costs for this sport are minimal. Dogs are encouraged to wear a harness, which will allow them to pull safely (they also learn that the harness means they are going to play the sniffing game) and a long line, which allows the dog freedom to safely move away from the handler, is also used. If you want to practice on your own, you can buy a small bottle of the essential oils: sweet birch, aniseed (not Star Anise) and clove bud; a few Q-tips which you have cut in half and stored in a small glass jar and scented with a few drops of the essential oil, and a metal tin with a few holes poked in it, and conduct your own searches. There are also complete kits available for purchase online. Nose Work trials have been held on the West Coast since 2008, and the first New England trial was held in Massachusetts this past May, with the second held just a week ago (Oct 22-23, 2011). The dog and handler must both be registered with the National Association of Canine Scent Work ( to compete; it is a one-time registration for the dog, but the handler must renew his/her membership each year. In addition, prior to competing, the dog must have passed an Odor Recognition Test (ORT), which indicates proficiency for that odor. Titles can be achieved in this sport, with an NW1 title for the target odor, birch, an NW2 for the target odors, birch and aniseed, and an NW 3 for the target odors, birch, aniseed, and clove. As expected, each level of competition involves more complex searches, as well as being able to clear a “blank” room.

Karen Squires contacted KeeshondWorld with the news that her Keeshond Ruffian (ARCHEX Keedox High Flyer CD, RE NW1) earned her Nosework Level 1 title this weekend. She is the FIRST KEESHOND in the country, registered with the NACSW [National Association of Canine Scent Work]), to earn a title in Nosework!!! She did an awesome job in all four of her searches. The scent used for NW1 (Nosework Level 1) is Birch (an essential oil). If you haven’t heard about Nosework, it is based on the same principles as Police dogs doing searches for drugs, explosives, etc. Nosework uses essential oils and we train our dogs to search for those scents on Q-Tips. In general, the dogs are given 3 minutes to search an area to find the scent.

KeeshondWorld December 2011

Ruffian started training for this sport in January 2010. She achieved her NW1 title on Sunday, 23 October 2011! She completed all four elements of the trial with the following times (time limit of 3 Minutes per Search): Container Search: 20 boxes set out in rows with one box containing the Birch scent. Dog is required to find the correct box and indicate to the handler that the scent is in the box. Ruffian’s search time was 00:41.97 Seconds! Approx. 93% of the 46 dogs qualified in this search. Interior Search: Wicked hard (that’s a New England expression)! A classroom was selected for the interior search, and had one Q-Tip scented with birch and the dogs were required to find the Q-Tip and indicate the location. We had 3 minutes and she did it in 2:52.49 – WHEW!!! We made it by the hair on her fluffy little tail! Only 40% of the dogs entered qualified in this search. Exterior Search: The search area was a large pavement area with a Front End Loader, a pile of gravel, other heavy equipment, piles of bricks, etc. (100’ x 100’). She nailed that search in 00:42.84 seconds (we were fourth in and she was the first dog to find the scented Q-Tip in the pile of bricks). Approx 88% of the dogs qualified here. Vehicle Search: Three vehicles, and the scented Q-Tip was under the front bumper of the second SUV. She nailed that search in 00:34.82 seconds. Approx 89% of the dogs qualified here. Congratulations on this Fabulous achievement Karen & Ruffian! Karen & Patty will continue to write some articles on this Wonderful New Sport over the coming issues of KeeshondWorld!

KeeshondWorld December 2011

Ruffi doing a car search

Jax gained his Title in style winning Best in Group.  Keeshond Club of Victoria Inc – Champ Show –   Reserve Challenge Dog & Australian Bred in Show  Keeshond Club of NSW – Champ Show –   Australian Bred in Show  Jax will be on holiday in Sydney and handled by Brad Santas. 

___________________________________________________________________   Meryl Davison – Kabander Keeshonds – Brisbane – QLD  email: or ph: 0419 124 761 

Essential Nutrients for Dogs Taken from A developing online nutrition course “Dispelling Myths about Pet Nutrition” by Meg Smart DVM PhD, available online winter 2012. Visit “” The most important ingredients are those that provide the primary nutrients required by a pet. The major nutrients are water, carbohydrates, fibre, protein, fat, vitamins, and both macro and micro minerals. The body uses nutrients in many ways. They are necessary for the maintenance of structural components (bones, ligaments, etc), immune system, metabolism, to maintain body temperature, gestation and lactation. They provide energy for work, prevent or combat disease, are used for tissue repair and the transport of nutrients within the body.

By Dr. Marion (Meg) Smart DVM PhD Department of Small Animal Clinical Studies, Saskatoon SK Canada

As a Small Animal Nutrition professor at the Western College of Veterinary Medicine, I have witnessed many changes within the pet food industry over the past 14 years. These changes have not always been related to the improved nutritional value of pet foods. To increase their market share, the multinationals that manufacture pet foods are buying smaller profitable companies and have developed sophisticated marketing strategies that are centralized around the humanization of our pets.

Water Water is essential for life. The pet receives water from three sources: !



the water produced by the body's metabolism (10-16 ml of water are produced for every 100 Kcal of energy burned), the water derived from the diet (dry diets 10%; semi-moist diets 25 to 30%; canned diets 70 to 82%), and water consumed voluntarily (2 to 3 litres per kg of dry food). Dogs on a natural prey diet consume the water found in their prey. On a dry kibble diet, when the kibble enters the stomach, water from the body must moisten the kibble before normal digestion can occur. Drinking water

Water consumption can increase because of habit (e.g. the pet likes to play in the water), excess salt in the diet, physical or metabolic activity, the environment, or diseases that involve the gastrointestinal tract (vomiting, diarrhea), kidneys, or the endocrine system (diabetes mellitus). Panting dogs lose water but not electrolytes this can result in dehydration and concentration of blood.

KeeshondWorld December 2011

The main source of water should be supplied fresh daily and be available at all times. Though water quality may not be as important to a pet's health as it is to humans, since pets often drink out of potholes and toilet bowls, these are hopefully not primary sources. Water that is safe for you to drink is safe for your pet. Anecdotal information suggests that high nitrates may contribute to gastritis (inflammation of the stomach) and human medicine studies suggest that high sulphates lead to chronic bowel disease. Canned foods have changed over time from the large tin cans containing primarily meat with 60 to 78% moisture to smaller, more convenient packages, with balanced nutrients, less meat and higher moisture (78-82% water).


Carbohydrates Carbohydrates are the most inexpensive source of dietary energy... Most carbohydrates used in pet foods are of plant origin. Most plant sources of carbohydrates (e.g. oats, corn, barley, rice, wheat, and potatoes) require heat treatment to increase their digestibility. For cost reasons, the source of carbohydrates will often depend on the cereal crops grown near the manufacturing plant. Dietary carbohydrates are in two main forms: soluble or insoluble. Soluble carbohydrates include monosaccharide’s which do not require hydrolysis by gastric enzyme, and disaccharides, which are most commonly lactose, maltose and sucrose degraded by enzymes (Lactase, maltase and sucrase)to their monomers, primarily in the jejunum. The enzyme activity in the pet’s intestines varies with age (lactase decreases after weaning), and level of dietary carbohydrates. The starches and sugars that are broken down by digestive enzymes in the intestines and absorbed as glucose (blood sugar). Excesses of absorbed carbohydrates are stored as glycogen or fat in the body. Some carbohydrates are not broken down in the small intestine, but pass into the large intestine and ferment, which can lead to flatulence and/or osmotic diarrhea (where fluid is drawn into the large intestine). Some dairy products and soybeans were notorious for this. Most adult pets have a limited capacity to digest lactose found in some of the milk source ingredients e.g. skim milk powder, dry whey products, diets including these ingredients can result in digestive upsets. New methods of processing dietary ingredients help to eliminate this problem, but may increase the cost of the final product. The primary sources of carbohydrates were corn or rice products for all the diets and these are listed in most diets as the first, second, or third ingredient

Fibre Dietary fibre is composed of complex structural carbohydrate and non-carbohydrates. The ideal level of dietary fibre is not established, as cats and dogs can handle a wide range. What is known is that weight loss, colitis, constipation and diabetes mellitus result from dry matter diets with 13-29% fibre. Fibre sources, from most soluble to insoluble ! plant based diets ! by-products of grain, fruit, and vegetable processing ! beet pulp ! wood cellulose, peanut hulls The categories of fibre include soluble viscous fermentable fibre and insoluble non-viscous nonfermentable fibre. Soluble fibre delays gastric emptying, reduces glucose absorption, and increases GIT weight. Its weight control value is inconclusive. Insoluble carbohydrates (cellulose and lignin present in plant cell walls) are not digested but add bulk to the diet and thus to the stool. These insoluble carbohydrates are commonly referred to as fibre. In human nutrition, the role of fibre in lowering blood cholesterol and preventing colon cancer has received a lot of attention. High fibre is often used in reducing diets for the overweight pet. Since high fibre diets will dilute the nutrients in the diet, care must be taken to balance the nutrients to meet the animal's requirements. To reduce stool size and make a pet socially and environmentally friendly, most pet food manufacturers limit the amount of fibre in the diet. This may lead the consumer to believe that the diet is very digestible. Typical fibre levels in dry pet food are 2.4 to 4.5%. In weight reduction diets, the fibre concentrations are 9 to 10%. Marked variations in fibre content can occur among different batches of by-product feeds, the industry recognizes that to avoid the variation they need to have a homogeneous fibre with a consistent chemical composition.

KeeshondWorld December 2011


Plant fibre, particularly hemicelluloses and viscous carbohydrate components, from by-products vary considerably and is related to the plant source itself. To make a uniform product raw plant fibre is subjected to chemical processing such as hydrogen peroxide treatment. A fibre content of 7.5% of dietary dry matter of oat fibre had no adverse effect on nutrient intake, digestibility or metabolizable energy values when compared to a 7.5% beet pulp diet. (Farley et al). Though powdered cellulose and beet pulp represented 58% of the fibre sources, the actual proportion of fibre in each diet varied.

Fat Fat in animal feeds is used to reduce fines (small fragments found in the bottom of a bag of food) and produce a more even distribution of the mixed ingredients. Fats, especially unsaturated fats, must be stored in a manner that prevents direct exposure to moisture and oxygen to prevent them from becoming rancid. Rancid fats can produce offensive odours and toxins as well as cause the destruction of essential INSERT TEXT OR LOGO HERE. nutrients. Antioxidants are often added to preserve the fats in the diet. The typical pet food today contains more fat than even a few years ago (15%, up from about 8%), and specialty market diets can contain up to 30%. The shift is away from tallow to chicken fat and vegetable oils, which are more difficult to control. Fat is a concentrated source of food energy composed of glycerol and fatty acids. In human nutrition, controversy exists around saturated verses unsaturated fats and their relationship to blood cholesterol and heart disease. As a rule, animal fat and coconut oil are high in saturated fats and oil from plant sources is high in unsaturated fats. Firm fats are more saturated than oils. High levels of unsaturated fats in the diet can increase vitamin E requirements and make the diet prone to spoilage (rancidity), thus shortening the products shelf life.

KeeshondWorld December 2011

Dietary fat not only provides energy in a concentrated form, but also acts as a vehicle for the digestion of fatsoluble vitamins, increases the palatability of the pet food and produces the feeling of satiety (fullness). Metabolically, fat is required to build up adipose (fat) stores, to maintain cell membrane structure, to act as fuel for the heart muscle, maintain nervous tissue and transport fat-soluble substances within the body. Ideal fat levels in the diet vary from 15 to 35% depending on the level of activity, breed and species.

Essential Fatty Acids Essential fatty acids are long chained polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA) that cannot be manufactured by the body and thus must be in the diet. Cis-linoleic, or Omega 6, fatty acids are essential for dogs. These fatty acids are those that must be provided in the diet, as they cannot be manufactured within the body. All essential fatty acids are polyunsaturated. For dogs, the only essential fatty acid is linoleic (omega 3). Cats also require linolenic and arachidonic acid. Essential fatty acid (fish oil; vegetable oil) supplements are advocated for the management of inflammatory skin disease and These fatty acids are used for their reported anti-inflammatory properties. As these supplements can be expensive, long-term dietary management is essential. Excess fat introduced suddenly into the diet can lead to a fatty stool, overwhelm the pancreas; reduce feed intake and delay gastric emptying. Excess fat and a sedentary life style can lead to obesity. If pancreatic problems develop, corn oil as a fat source is useful as there is a minimum need for lipase (an enzyme produced by the pancreas that promotes fat digestion).

Protein Protein provides essential (required in the diet, not manufactured within the body) and non-essential amino acids (manufactured within the body), which along with other nutrients form the building blocks for bone, muscle, brain, skin, blood, internal organs and all metabolic activities of the body.


The nutritive value of a protein depends on its essential amino acid profile. On a free choice basis, an adult dog will select 30% of metabolizable energy from protein. . Protein is the most expensive nutrient. Generally, animal proteins (poultry meal, fishmeal, animal by-products etc.) are more balanced and digestible than plant protein (soybean meal, corn gluten meal etc.). Lower quality proteins used in pet foods should have deficient or limiting amino acids added to them. If you want to check this out look in the ingredient list on the label for lysine, cystine and/or methionine as these are the amino acids that are low in poorer quality proteins. Most commercial diets will have a balance between animal and plant proteins. Canned foods contain more animal protein sources than do dry diets. Proteins used in pet diets should contain all the essential amino acids, have a high biological value (nitrogen retained by the body vs. that excreted), and be digestible. As a rule, dry food is 75% digestible and moist diets are 95 to 100% digestible

Minerals The amount of minerals required in the diet is usually less than 1%. Minerals in the diet have a number of important functions, transporting oxygen to tissue and promoting blood clotting as well as supporting key bodily functions. Minerals maintain the structure of bones and teeth, the responsiveness of nervous tissue, organ function and integrity, endocrine function, and the body’s electrolyte and water balance. Most commercial pet foods are balanced in minerals. Important macro-minerals include calcium, phosphorus, sodium, potassium, chlorine, magnesium and sulphur. Important micro-minerals are iron, copper, zinc, iodine, manganese, and selenium. Problems can arise when the pet owner supplements commercial diets with extra minerals. Genetics can alter the animal's ability to metabolize certain minerals; this is especially true in breeds with a small gene pool.

The impaired copper metabolism in Bedlington Terriers and Chondrodysplastic Alaskan Malamutes are examples.

Vitamins The body requires most vitamins in only small amounts, but their absence from the diet can have a major impact on normal metabolism. Fat-soluble vitamins are A, D, E and K. These are stored in the body but not readily excreted. The water-soluble vitamins are C, thiamin, niacin, biotin, folate, riboflavin, B6, B12 and Pantothenic acid. These vitamins are readily excreted but not stored. Nearly all-commercial diets have a balanced vitamin mixture added to them that allows for losses that can occur during processing and storage of a diet. Organ meats are generally an excellent source of vitamins. The recommended level of vitamins in a dry pet food is vitamin E 330 IU/kg of diet, Vitamin C220 mg/kg, and Beta-carotene17 mg/kg. These values are based on daily consumption of the dry food at 2 % body weight and with an energy level of 3300 Kcal/kg of feed.

An excess of vitamin A in the diets of young dogs causes a loss of body weight, emaciation, joint pain, fat deposition in the liver and skeletal deformities. Vitamin D excess in the diet of dogs causes chronic kidney damage and the deposition of calcium in soft tissues. Experimental vitamin E deficiency causes eye lesions, which include cataracts and degeneration of the retina.

Supplementation may be recommended by a veterinarian to accommodate nutrient losses associated with specific metabolic requirements (pregnancy, trauma, surgery etc.) or diseases (renal disease, gastrointestinal disease, pancreatitis, etc.). For these conditions, I would not recommend unsupervised supplementation. My best advice is to use common sense (not the cereal) and ask for help if questions arise

KeeshondWorld December 2011

Grooming Your Keeshond part one - maintenance Beth Blankenship trumpet keeshonden - usa

As I understand it, this breed is supposed to have a coat that requires much less frequent bathing than many other types of coats due to its self cleaning nature and minimal odor. Over the 24 years I have owned them, I have certainly witnessed this for myself, but my preference is to groom this coat more frequently. I find that a more regular grooming session keeps the undercoat stimulated which gives you the ‘rolling’ effect. This is useful when you are attempting to exhibit your Keeshond year round.

You can determine the frequency with which you want to fully groom your Keeshond, but I will give you my recommendations based on the lifestyle of the Keeshond in residence here. Because of this you will certainly adjust your frequency to adapt to your individual dogs lifestyle. The Keeshond here are exposed to long walks on a large piece of property, they run through woods, fields, ponds and graveled areas. So, there is dust, twigs, soil, pond water, etc that they are exposing their coats to and with proper coat texture the coats are not overly affected. I am always entertained by the fact that after a few hours of drying off naturally, they look good as new. But, I believe a thoroughly cleaned and brushed coat is beneficial to these elements having less effect on the overall condition of the coat.


KeeshondWorld, December 2011

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THE SCHEDULE Each dog under 7 years of age is bathed every three weeks and the seniors are bathed every 4 to 6 weeks, depending on the coat texture.

Note: Neuter/spay coats can become soft and will matt easier so they are done more frequently. The nails and feet are trimmed each time. My reason for frequent nail care is to keep them short so the quick does not get long. I find the dog is less uncomfortable if I keep the nail shorter than attempting to push the nerve back by frequent catch-up nail sessions and in turn, will struggle less because the trust develops that you are not likely to quick them. The tip is first taken off with the nail trimmers. I prefer the scissor-like over the guillotine.


Page 2


KeeshondWorld, December 2011

I will then follow up with the nail grinder. I use the rough stone or rough sandpaper attachment. By using the grinder I can file back the entire casing of the nail around the nerve that is in the center and this will cause the nerve (quick) to recede.

I always trim feet after nails are done, so that I can go back as far as possible on shortening the hair around the toes. I place the foot down on the grooming table and then go around the foot trimming any stray hairs that take away from the neat look. Note: I will get into the art of trimming a foot for the show ring in a future article.

KeeshondWorld, December 2011  

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For maintenance grooming, I use an inexpensive pair of ice-tempered sheers from the local beauty supply store. They are light weight and are easily replaceable as they wear. I find they are also not as sharp, a plus when a beginner or grooming a young puppy.

Both of these tasks are done to maintain the tight cat-like foot necessary to healthy joints for the life of the dog. If the nails are allowed to get long, they cause the foot to flatten. If the hair between the toes gets too abundant, the toes begin to spread. The order of doing nails and trimming feet is up to you. My typical routine is to trim nails, bathe, then trim feet after the coat is dried and in the finishing steps where the leg coat is more fluffed up. THE BATH The bathing process is best accomplished in a raised tub or on a grooming table top using your garden hose. I prefer a spray nozzle on the hose much like you find at a lawn/garden store or large mercantile that has shower and center settings. I use these interchangeably depending on water pressure. All the shampoos we use are highly concentrated, so each are diluted and ready to go before we put the dog into the tub. I use tepid to warm water depending on the season and in cases where you want the coat to turn loose during a shed, it is best to use a warmer (not hot) temperature. When lathering the shampoo, pay special attention to the genitals and in males that includes the sheath. Usually if you lather that first so that it can be soaking while shampooing the other areas it will loosen the green discharge for easier rinsing later.


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KeeshondWorld, December 2011

After the bath, the coat is squeezed, legs included, ridding excess moisture, then a good towel scrubbing to attempt to wick as much moisture as you can from the coat before placing under a fan. I use a high velocity fan and leave the towel under them in their crate or run and let them sit under the fan for 30 to 60 min depending on the density of the coat. This step can really shorten your drying time and I use it to bathe the next dog. We use a force dryer to do the bulk of the work. You can purchase these from $100 to $500 from They have a wide variety to choose from and for the two or three dog household the less costly models will last you many years. The other models are built more sturdy and do have a higher velocity and some include two speed options. We use a variety of models for different uses, travel in the RV or air travel can require us to size-down. Of course, at home, we use a much higher speed model to decrease drying time.

The first order of business is to dry the coat all over without doing any brushing. The goal is to use the dryer to lift the dead undercoat as much to the surface as possible.

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Believe me, there is an art in using a force dryer. If you are too close to the dog, you will knot the coat, if you are too far away, you will lose the benefit of the force of air pushing the loose coat to the end of the guard coat. I also use the nozzle that is the smallest round opening, so I can use it as a directed force of air. I move my wrist quickly in a side-to-side fashion to trick the coat into letting go of the dead undercoat. Unless your Keeshond is going through a major shed, I recommend using the dryer to go through the coat and follow it with a pin brush at the same time. Using the force dryer to part the coat, you will quickly be able to see the areas that have loose coat and be able to more easily grab them.

I use a variety of tools and use a combination of the rake, comb, slicker and pin brush to get the loose coat out. My goal is to grab the coat and at the same time avoid breaking the coat that is not ready to let go.


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After brushing through the entire body, I use a tiny flea comb to comb through the ears. You can also use this for the short hair on the head and muzzle.

Surprisingly there is a fair amount of dead coat in these areas

When the coat is groomed this frequently, there are fewer times that the coat takes hours to brush through. This is because the undercoat is taken out as it is ready and not waiting until the entire coat has dropped. The routine stimulation of the coat and skin is beneficial to coat growth. SHAMPOO There are a range of products to use and I have used many of them. And you can certainly find levels of quality within the shampoo lines. Premium grade shampoos would be the Vellus and Isle of Dogs brands. A more mid-grade quality would include Chris Christensen and Pure Paws.

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Fortunately, Isle of Dogs has come out with a maintenance line which is great for using when the Keeshond you are bathing might be retired from showing or is only showing occasionally allowing you to use these shampoos during the inbetween times. All the brands that I am familiar with require dilution as they are in a very concentrated form. This makes the sticker price less of a shock because you know the product will bathe many dogs. Each brand has a recommended dilution ratio, but I find most of the time I can use less and get great results. Not all shampoos, especially your high end lines are high leather, so it is best to know the product before you start the dilution process. I find most vendors are happy to assist in specific advice for a particular coat texture, breed or age of dog. Feel free to email me with any specific dilution questions.

Isle Of Dogs – Royal Jelly concentrate and Evening Primrose Oil concentrate. Both shampoos are mixed together for one shampooing. I increase the ratio of EPO if I have a dry, brittle coat or if I am bathing a puppy under 6 mo old. This company also has a ‘grey line’ that is for more regular use. Stand Up is the best one for most Keeshond coats. Vellus – This line is a tad confusing. You should use the Clarifying shampoo every other time you bathe the show dog as it lifts away residue and product. Then follow up with the Shampoo Concentrate. However, DO NOT USE the Clarifying shampoo alone. Always follow up with the Shampoo Concentrate. Their conditioner is awesome, however I rarely use it. In cases of a very dry coat or to make the major brush out go easier, use this. Pure Paws – I have not used their shampoo with any regularity, but they do have a great volumizing shampoo. And many other useful products for lifting the coat during show time. Chris Christensen – Another mid grade but overall good quality shampoo line. This company also has many other great products that I will recommend as we get into future articles. This is the first of a four part series on Grooming the Keeshond of Today. For my final article, I am asking for submitted questions related to the grooming of the pet or show Keeshonden. Please submit to Ed Note: We will also run a questionnaire on our Facebook page. Visit us there to ask Beth your specific questions!


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Is there someone out there in the Keeshond World that would like to take care of this column? This column is about the people of the Keeshond community. We would appreciate hearing from anyone that has any big events or changes in their life. Please contact with items of interest so they can be included in future columns.

Our condolences to Carolyn Reindeers (Cedarcrest Keeshonden) on the passing of her husband Our condolences to Ingrid Oliver on the passing of her Father. Our condolences to L Mae Evans on the Passing of her Mother aged 103. We are happy to report that Kris Fancher and Heather Myers are both recovering well from Knee Replacement Surgery. Rick Keefer is recovering from wrist surgery.

KeeshondWorld December 2011

Steve Evasuik is recovering from not ONE but TWO broken feet. Sue Emary was recently in hospital, our best wishes on a full recovery. Congratulations to Matt & Tanya Brady on the birth of their son Lawson.

Simon Akbar Khan, ‘which means the Great Prince in another language because that’s what I am’

Gone but never forgotten Love your friends at The TKE


By Joan Malak Majikees - USA

While I am no expert on herding, I am starting to get a feel for the sport. In watching Denise teaching our Keeshond, Toni, and in reading books and watching videos, I’ve learned that there are different methodologies used to teach dogs to herd. One method starts out by teaching the dog reliable down and stay commands as well as a reliable recall before introducing it to sheep. Then the dog is taken into a small pen with the sheep. The handler positions herself opposite the dog with the sheep in between them. As the dog moves, the sheep react to the movement, and the handler continues to stay opposite the dog. Movements of the handler in relation to the dog and the sheep encourage the dog to move in the appropriate direction. If the dog gets too excited, or gets too close to the sheep, the handler uses the down command. Verbal corrections and/ or running in towards the dog brandishing the shepherd’s crook are often necessary in the beginning to teach the dog to stay the appropriate distance from the sheep. In this way, the dog learns that his movement causes the sheep to move and he eventually starts to make deliberate movements on command thereby herding the sheep. Another method of training herding is to start the dog on a long line when he is introduced to the sheep. The dog is started out with the sheep in a small pen and the handler uses the line to prevent the dog from attempting to chase the sheep. While on the line, the dog is taught to circle the sheep at an appropriate distance in both directions. The line also allows the handler to teach the dog to stop on command, to walk up to the sheep, and to approach the sheep without getting excited and therefore exciting the sheep. As the dog gains experience, the line can be dropped while the dog is working and stepped on or picked up to stop the dog from making a mistake while working. As the dog gains confidence and becomes more experienced, the line can be taken off. Toni’s trainer, Denise Teal, uses the second method for training dogs to herd. This has worked out very well for Toni. By starting out on the line, she never developed any bad habits and is becoming a very dependable and calm worker with the sheep.

In September, we entered Toni in another AHBA herding trial, hoping she would earn the first level of her HRD (Herding Ranch Dog) title. There were actually two trials, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, so she could earn a title by getting qualifying scores in each trial. To qualify, she had to move 10 sheep from one field to another field, to another field, taking them around specific obstacles in the different fields and completing the entire course in twenty minutes or less (see course diagram (above) from the morning trial). This particular course work is set up to simulate actual ranch work. Toni’s herding lessons are at Denise’s house and Denise only keeps five to six sheep. So we took her to the trial site the week before the trial and rented sheep for Toni to work. This gave her the opportunity to work at a different location and also to gain some experience with a larger herd of sheep. She had no trouble with the larger group and did everything that Denise asked of her.

KeeshondWorld December 2011

In the meantime, Voodoo (Trumpet’s A Kind of Majik), our new puppy has had his first herding lesson. It’s very exciting to see a 12 week old Keeshond puppy show that he has herding instinct. Denise put Voodoo on a line and took him into a small field with three sheep. While Toni’s lesson is approximately one hour, since Voodoo is just a baby and has a very short attention span, his lesson was only ten minutes. But, even in that short time, Denise started him learning how to circle the sheep Unfortunately, the sheep that Toni drew for the morning trial were extremely uncooperative. Toni did an excellent job on the beginning of the course, but toward the end of the course, the sheep decided that they were more interested in grazing than in anything else. Toni and Denise were unable to complete the course in the time allowed so we did not get a qualifying score.

A title or caption about the photograph.

But, we did get compliments from the judge and the other competitors.

Trumpet's a A Kind of Majik

Then it was time for the afternoon trial and our bad luck continued. Toni drew the same uncooperative group of sheep. Once again, she did a great job at the beginning of the course but was unable to complete the entire course. Although disappointed that Toni didn’t earn another title that day, we were very pleased with Toni’s runs. It was a great experience and we received a lot of support and compliments from the judges as well as the other exhibitors. We are looking forward to our next opportunity to trial. Currently, Denise is working with Toni to build her confidence so that Toni will be better able to deal with totally uncooperative sheep in the event that it happens again.

Note: If any other clubs would like to schedule an AHBA herding test, I’d be happy to help in any way that I could.

KeeshondWorld December 2011

Ch Calivale At It Again S: Ch Calivale Does It For Me

D: Calivale Play It Again

Now a Champion! Non Sporting Dog Club of NSW Inc – Championship Show – Runner Up in Show Keeshond Club of NSW – Championship Show – Runner Up in Show Striker is expertly handled by Lauren.

Ch Calivale Call Girl Ch Tamaari Totally Awsom x Gr Ch Calivale Tickle My Fancy    We look forward to Tramp puppies later in 2011.     All Calivale breeding stock is PHPT tested. 

Brad Santas ­ PO Box 69 Mulgoa NSW 2745– !""#$%&'(%)*'+,%-

North of England Keeshond Club 75th Anniversary Championship Show By Kathy Stewart Klompen Keeshonden – Canada

It was such a thrill and an honour to be asked to judge at the North of England Keeshond Club 75th Anniversary Championship Show held on the 6th of August, 2011. Or journey began with 10 hour flight: half of it spent traveling across Canada; the other half across the Atlantic. Of course, I brought 2 complete sets of clothing with me just in case of inclement weather. Our bags were full and heavy. Our hotel was just a block from the 1st train station stop from the Manchester airport. Thanks goodness for baggage on wheels. My dear husband, Bruce, did most of the heavy pulling and lifting. We spent the first week traveling the north west of England. While traveling through the Lakes District we were blessed with two sunny days which allowed us to appreciate this gorgeous mountainous region. It was quite like British Columbia and the Yukon Territory, Canada. During this period we saw Belted Galloway and Scottish Highland cattle. The higher you got into the mountains the narrower the roads got. Fortunately, turnouts were available most of the times that we needed them. At one point, while we were waiting for another car to pass, we heard a man shouting and whistling. We were parked at the bottom of a very sheer cliff. This fellow sent 5 dogs down the cliff to round up sheep that were out of their range. It was magnificent to see these dogs herd the sheep so effectively and quickly in an area where no man could have done the same. He would tell them to jump and all five would go straight in the air, which intimidated the sheep and they ran. We visited Hadrian’s Wall, the city of York, old working farms, several churches, castles and monasteries. It truly was magnificent. After a week of tourist activities it was time to get on with the business at hand. On arrival at the show grounds in Wetherby I noticed that half of the ring, plus observer space, was covered by a huge tent to keep us out of the rain. I came prepared with my Keeshond vest and my raincoat over my judging outfit. Fortunately, I was able to take them both off shortly after the judging began. Knowing the years of planning and fund raising that it took to make this a successful show, I congratulate the show committee on such a successful and well-organized event. We were all thrilled to have an excellent entry of 158 individual dogs, making up 181 entries, with 38 absentees. Part of my judging responsibility was to write critiques on the first 3 winners of each class and there were 28 classes, I knew I had a long day ahead of me.

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I would say that the majority of the dogs had good coat texture; although condition, length and clear colour was lacking in a few. This may well have been due to the time of year (August) and many were changing or ready to change coats. It was disappointing to see a few dogs that I believe had been scissored to try to improve their outlines.

Fortunately, I had two excellent ring stewards who helped to make things runs smoothly. Gordon Lister and Irene Howe, you are both wonderful. JUDGE’S OPINION - My overall impression of the dogs presented to me on that day was that there was a large diversity of type. By this I mean there were dogs well over the standard height and a few below. There were dogs with quite long loins, some with short. There were some that were square-appearing and some that were rectangular – lacking length of leg. Coats were of varying texture, length and colour. The wedged heads varied from quite narrow to fairly wide. It made it difficult to judge. I was pleased to see that many of the exhibits had well put together front and rear assemblies. When we had visited England for the Keeshond 2000 shows I loved the beautiful heads and correct coats that were in abundance on the Keeshonden entered. I was expecting to see this again and was somewhat disappointed.

I was hard on dogs with questionable temperaments, poor bites, staining around their eyes, and coats that had burnt colour and/or dry texture. Unfortunately, some of my best dogs and bitches had one or more of these traits and placed lower in their class than would otherwise have been the case. I found a few that I would have loved to take home. Everywhere that I have judged I have found dogs with narrow lower jaws which resulted in the two central incisors being dropped and smaller in size. England was no exception. If I were to offer advice to English breeders it would be to breed for shorter loins, and more consistency of type. More depth of underjaw is required. Remember that we want wedge shaped heads when looking from above, not from the side. In North America judges do not generally critique dogs. It is a wonderful tool for breeders to help get evaluations of their breeding stock, as others see them. That gives you a tremendous advantage, providing you are willing to accept the opinions of others. Because we all love our dogs, we like to think that they are next to perfect. Critiques are a reality check. They help you to see the virtues and faults of your dogs. It should be a useful tool in finding the perfect mate for your dog.

Shown below (from left to right) is the judge, Kathy Stewart, with her choices for BEST PUPPY, BITCH CC, DOG CC & BEST VETERAN (more information below.)

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The dog C.C. and ultimate Best in Show winner was from the Open Dog class. CH ALLFORUS DICE MASTER FOR SPITZCAV JW ShCM, was owned by Shelly and Clive Day, and was bred by Caron Bell. He carried that lovely coat that I was hoping to find; that is, one that is harsh, yet luxuriously healthy, off standing and dense, with well-defined markings on his body and head.

This was the ultimate CC and Best in Show winner – 5 yrs. old and very much enjoying himself. He had all the attributes of a correct Keeshond. First, I noticed his pleasing silhouette and lovely head carriage as he proudly moved around the ring. His masculine head had parallel planes; muzzle equal length to backskull; dark, almond-shaped eyes; good spectacles with lines going up towards base of his high-set ears, which were a tad tall. His head was wedge-shaped and set on a moderately long neck, on well-placed shoulders and solid back. He had good depth and width of brisket, pleasing topline, excellent high tail set and carriage; excellent sound body and balanced movement. He was well-muscled, had excellent bone and cat like feet. Final decision was due to correct, hard textured, luxurious feeling coat and excellent colour and definition. You could tell that he adored his handler who did an excellent job of presentation and handling. No dog is perfect, so I would shorten his loin a tad and give him a bit more depth of underjaw. Several of the dogs had the lovely and correct heads that I was hoping to see. A good example of this was the Bitch C.C. and Best of Opposite Sex winner, ENG CH LADY GODIVA'S GUILTY PLEASURES WITH NERADMIK, who was owned by Jean Sharp-Bale and bred by Annamaija Tuisku.

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This 3 year old had an extremely pretty head including: small ears, good stop, parallel planes, dark pigment, dark oval-shaped eyes, and welldefined spectacles. Her face was framed by a thick, full ruff. She had a moderately long neck, placed on well laid back shoulders. She had lovely front angles in balance with her rear. Her tail was set high, carried tight over her back and had a double curl as described by your Illustrated Standard. She was standing with parallel legs placed well under her body. She was very fully coated, and had excellent colour and definition. She appeared to have a lovely temperament, behaving and showing beautifully for her handler. She did not always stand square and appeared tall. Every now and again you come across a dog that you know will go far and you would like to own. Not only did I feel that way about the 1st place winner in the Open Dog (entry of 13 – 1) but several of the dogs in this class were worthy champions. The order on any given day could have been changed. The 2nd place winner became my Res C.C. and Reserve BIS winner.

IR CH ARCTICKEES BEST KEPT SECRET, owned by Brian and Maureen Carroll and bred by Catherin Fagerheim, was only 2 years of age and had already mastered the art of dog showing. He was very different in type. His head, while correct, was different from all the others in the show in that it had more length of coat on the sides. His pretty expression included: excellent head planes, a very definite stop, almond shaped, obliquely set eyes, wide wedge, very pronounced spectacle markings, would have preferred the spectacle line to go up towards the base of the ear, and I would have liked more depth of underjaw. When standing his feet were always correctly placed. He had a long neck placed on well laid back shoulders, a pleasing back length and very high set tail - all of which added to his pleasing profile. He had good bone to go with his correct height, was fully coated in silver and black and had good colour definition. His balanced movement was very good - coming, going and sideways. His excellent show attitude made it very easy for his handler to show him to his best and he was beautifully groomed. He could have used a harsher coat. I wish I lived closer so that I had access to any or all of the winners in this class for my own breeding program. The other Open Dog class winners also deserve special mention:

POMMARY ELITE N' KLASSIC AT COLPATRON, owned by Mr. and Mrs. R. Watson, bred by Leadbetter, won the Bitch Res. C.C. and Best Puppy in Show - This lovely 7 month old was showing great showmanship for such a young puppy. She had a very pretty expression and correct head with parallel planes, definite stop, ears a tad large, which is not unusual for this age. She had a moderately long and arched neck. Her body was compact. She stood square, was well up on leg and had a very nice tail set. Very good colour definition, cream undercoat colour, with lovely coat texture. This very promising puppy, moved well - coming, going and sideways.

3rd R. & C.M. Wilkin’s CH POMMARY QUICK SILVER AT WHIZZKEES Reserve – K.A. Miles, S & K Cullen’s CAN AM CH KEMONTS SKYLINE ‘S GAME BOY VHC – A.Bennett & G. Savage’s CH THORSDALE TRADE MARK CH STURTMOOR CRAZY FOR NERADMIK, owned by Jean Sharp-Bale, bred by Mrs. Pentland, won Best Veteran/Vintage in Show - This 8 year old was in very full coat, with exceptionally pretty colour and very good definition. I would have loved to have had this bitch in my breeding program. Her beautiful head and expression included: very good spectacles, parallel head planes, definite stop, very good pigment, and small well-placed ears; all framed by a light coloured, full ruff. Her legs and feet were of good bone and cream in colour. She had a level topline which ended in a very high set and flatly-carried tail. She was put together nicely and moved very well. She had excellent attitude and was shown to perfection.

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EASTKEES DON'T SAY A WORD, bred and owned by Mrs. S. Pattison, won Reserve Best Puppy In Show. FFYNIANT SUGARDADDY ALLFORUS ShCM, owned by Mrs. C. Bell, bred by Dr. won Reserve Best Morgan-Finch, Veteran/Vintage In Show. TORRIKEES MISS BEHAVIN', bred and owned by Mr. & Mrs. I. Passmore, was the oldest dog entered at the grand age of 15. She won the Special Vintage Bitch class. You could not tell her age by her appearance and personality. She loved being in the ring and was very eager to get out and strut her stuff. For full results of the show and pictures please go to: In my critiques I tried to point out the things that, if they were my own dogs, I would want to consider when I was looking for a mate. After all, the show ring really is the stage for us to show off our potential breeding stock. As for differences in our standards The UK description of head is defined in more depth than the Canadian one. The UK calls for parallel head planes, which I truly love, and are not commonly seen in North America. Their standard calls for equal lengths of muzzle to back skull. This is not mentioned in the Canadian standard. It is in the FCI standard. We tend to see muzzles that are shorter, possibly 2/3 the length of the backskull. Body description and height are pretty much the same in Canada as the UK. This description was removed in the American standard to allow breeders to breed for shorter loins and a more compact appearance.

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In North American our standards do not call for "a double curl is preferred," although after looking at the UK Illustrated Standard, the description of a double curl is really what most North American breeders are looking for, in my opinion. That is: a tail that is set high over the back, curling freely over the back, coming up close to the ruff, and with a tip that is curled under. There are other subtle differences in our standards, but these are the main ones that come to mind. The biggest difference in how the shows are run is that the champions in North America have their own class and only one class dog and one class bitch get to compete with the champions. I like the UK system of having the champions entered in all classes that they qualify for. I believe that it is much more difficult to become a champion in the UK than in North America. Having said that, I believe it is as difficult in either country to make your dog one of the top winning dogs within the breed. There are many more classes in the UK shows (27-28) than in North America (13-14). In the UK there were several dogs entered in more than one class, which although it is possible here, we do not see it often. I guess the feeling is that you enter your dog in the class that you think it is most likely to win so that you can continue to compete. Only 1st place winners continue to compete in both countries. We do not offer Reserve Best of Breed. Some clubs here do offer Reserve Best In Show (all breeds). The dog show was held on Saturday. On Sunday the DIAMOND JUBILEE FUN DAY was held with lots of doggy games & activities for all to participate in. What a great way to encourage camaraderie between the exhibitors. A good time was had by all.

Critiques courtesy of North of England K eeshond Club DOGS Minor Puppy Dog (1-0) 1st Matthews’ POMMARY RUFF N’ READY AT VALINDALE – This 7 month old puppy was showing a lot of promise. He was in excellent condition and was well-presented. He had a lovely temperament and showed himself off like a veteran. Head: dark expression, dark muzzle, dark ears, dark eyes and dark pigment, good markings, required spectacles and good depth of underjaw. Tail: high set with full curl. Legs: clean. Good substance and bone. Feet: compact. Coat/colour: correct texture, dark saddle, light undercoat colour, good colour definition. Moved very well for his age. Puppy Dog (4-0) 1st Pattison’s EASTKEES DON’T SAY A WORD - In one word – “naughty.” This well put together, nice moving, 9 months old was making his handler work for this win. His pleasing head included an excellent bite, dark eye, small high set ears, definite stop and good depth of underjaw. He carried a thick coat of correct texture; very good colour and definition; full ruff and high set tail. He was well conditioned, groomed and handled. 2nd Hill’s PLYMKEES COOL DUDE - This 10 month old excelled in coat – excellent condition, hard texture and excellent colour definition. He carried a striking silver/gray undercoat. His beautiful expression included dark eyes and small ears. His rectangular body was finished with a high set tail. I would have liked more bone for his size. He was taller than the 1st place winner. 3rd Bennett’s ZANDVOORT DREAM STONE - This 10 month old puppy excels in movement. I loved his expression with his dark eyes, and well-placed, small ears. I would like to have seen a better bite which may be changing due to age, His head was framed with a full, light-coloured ruff. He was finer boned and placed all four feet correctly at a stand. His tail was close fitting and made one complete circle on his back. His coat and colouring were exceptional with very good colour definition. Junior Dog (2-1) 1st Lush’s BUCHKEES LOVE IN THE MIST - This 14 month old was truly a nice representative of the breed. I loved the endearing way he cocked his head to the side to look at his handler. He was a taller boy with a pretty expression: dark, almond-shaped eyes; small ears and well-defined spectacles. He was a bit narrow in the front and stood east/west at times, both of which should improve with age. His fore and hind quarters were nicely balanced. He had a level topline which was finished off with a high-set tail. He carried an adolescent puppy coat, with a very full ruff, which would have been more appealing if his owner had used a tighter fitting collar had been placed under the chin. He had excellent, clean colour with very good colour definition, clean legs and feet, and will likely have exceptional markings when older. He had good bone, was compact; stood and moved nicely. Overall, he is a very promising youngster. Yearling Dog (3-1) 1st Matthews’ LUDDELOS FIGARO WITH VALINDALE - This short-coupled 19 month old male was groomed well, and shown to advantage. His muzzle to back skull proportions were excellent, divided by a definite stop. He had a dark eye. His ears could have been a tad smaller and could have been used to better advantage. He had a lovely reach of neck on well-placed shoulders. He was balanced front to rear and moved very well. He was well up on leg. His head was framed by a large full ruff and his body was abundantly coated. I would have liked more coat on his trousers and lower ruff. 2nd Lindsay’s ENREVEYAR EXCEPTIONAL WITH MEZANDA – This compact, sturdy, 15 month old showed very well for his handler. I would give him a darker eye colour. His front and back assemblies were nicely balanced. His lovely body type was comparable to the first place winner except that he did not carry

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Novice Dog (2-1) 1st Lindsay’s ENREVEYAR EXCEPTIONAL WITH MEZANDA Post Graduate Dog (9-1) I had several different types to choose from. 1st Brunt’s SUEACRES ICED DIAMOND OF ZANDVOORT - This 20 month old stood out due to his gorgeous, expressive head framed by a full light coloured ruff. He had correctly marked spectacles with line going up towards the base of the ear; small dark, well placed ears; very definite stop. Lovely arch of neck. Well boned legs. He had correct, compact structure which was shown by his balanced movement. Very high tail set lying very flat on his back. Very good, clean colour and definition, except for line on his rear legs. Lacking pants somewhat, likely due to age. Showing much promise of things to come. 2nd Well’s ALLFORUS HUBBA BUBBA OF BELANISIYA ShCM – Another youngster with a beautiful head displaying lovely proportions and parallel planes. Overall, very dark for his age of 2 years: dark eye colour, dark pigment, dark muzzle, dark saddle. He had high set ears of small size and correct shape. Compact with good tail set. I felt that he was the best mover and largest boy in this class. I would have preferred cleaner legs. 3rd Ransley’s WUND-RY WORKIN FOR A LIVING SZARYK -This 21 month old was giving his handler a very difficult time due to his naughty behavior. He was stunning with his pretty head; dark eyes, lovely spectacles and small, well placed ears. He had excellent bone; very good colour and definition; very clean legs and feet. I loved his reach of neck on his well-put together shoulders. He moved beautifully when he was behaving. He was dropping his tail. Limit Dog (9-3) Generally needed more soundness in this class, some dogs had watering eyes. 1st Craig’s FLATMEER FLONKERLICHT - This 6½ year old was a nice example of the breed. He had a pleasing darker head framed by a thick, full, light coloured ruff. Head: excellent, small, ivy-shaped ears, set high, almond-shape eyes that had some tearing; surrounded by well-defined spectacles. Nicely bodied, although he was crouching in the rear on occasion. His pleasing silhouette included high-set tail. He stood with his feet placed correctly. He was well-boned. Coat: harsh, off-standing, full coat with very good colour and definition including a dark saddle; sadly tips of the guard hairs that were browning off. Groomed, showed and handled very well. Generally very nice, moving like an old pro – but then I found out he is almost a veteran. He reminded me of a dog in the USA that did a lot of winning in the early 80s. 2nd Cusick’s LEAZEHOND RAFFLES DREAM - This 5 year old had an exceptionally pretty head with good spectacles and line going from the corner of the eye to base of ear and lovely dark eyes of pleasing shape, but watering. He had good bone, good silhouette and lovely tail set. He carried a very full coat that was black with grey undercoat, not silver. I would have liked to have him shorter-coupled and more up on pasterns. Overall he was very nice. 3rd Hopkins’ HELKEESEN REGAL SURFER AMONG SERENAUBACH - This 20 mos. adolescent had a masculine, yet pretty expression, high set small ears, dark eyes and muzzle a bit light; but was slightly down faced. He had good bone, clean legs and feet and placed all four feet squarely at a stand. His tail was very well set. He had excellent colouring and definition and a very silver undercoat. He was shown and moved very well – just needs time to mature. Open Dog (13-1-1 Exc.) Every now and again you come across a dog that you know will go far and you would like to own. Not only did I feel that way about the 1st place winner, but several of the dogs in this class were worthy champions. Order on any given day could have been changed. I wish I lived closer so that I had access to all my winners in this class for my own breeding program.

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1st Day’s CH ALLFORUS DICE MASTER FOR SPITZCAV JW ShCM - This was my ultimate CC and Best in Show winner – 5 yrs. old and very much enjoying himself. He had all the attributes of a correct Keeshond. First, I noticed his pleasing silhouette and lovely head carriage as he proudly moved around the ring. His masculine head had parallel planes; muzzle equal length to backskull; dark, almond-shaped eyes; good spectacles with lines going up towards base of his high-set ears, which were a tad tall. His head was wedgeshaped and set on a moderately long neck, on well-placed shoulders and solid back. He had good depth and width of brisket, pleasing topline, excellent high tail set and carriage; excellent sound body and balanced movement. He was well-muscled, had excellent bone and cat like feet. Final decision was due to correct, hard textured, luxurious feeling coat and excellent colour and definition. You could tell that he adored his handler who did an excellent job of presentation and handling. No dog is perfect, so I would shorten his loin a tad and give him a bit more depth of underjaw. 2nd Carroll’s IR CH ARCTICKEES BEST KEPT SECRET – My Res CC and Reserve BIS winner was only 2 years of age and had already mastered the art of dog showing. He was a very different in type. His head, while correct, was different from all the others in the show in that it had more length of coat on the sides. His pretty expression included: excellent head planes, a very definite stop, almond shaped, obliquely set eyes, wide wedge, very pronounced spectacle markings, would have preferred the spectacle line to go up towards the base of the ear, and I would have liked more depth of underjaw. When standing his feet were always correctly placed. He had a longer neck placed on well laid back shoulders, a pleasing back length and very high set tail - all of which added to his pleasing profile. He had good bone to go with his correct height, was fully coated in silver and black and had good colour definition. His balanced movement was very good coming, going and sideways. His excellent show attitude made it very easy for his handler to show him to his best and he was beautifully groomed. He could have used a harsher coat. 3rd Wilkin’s CH POMMARY QUICK SILVER AT WHIZZKEES - My third place winner was 2½ years old and holds a lot of promise for the future. He, too, on a different day could have won the class. On this day if he had more coat he might have placed higher. He had well-marked spectacles, I would have preferred a darker eye. His moderately long and arched neck was set on well-placed shoulder. He was balanced with nice proportions, including a shorter loin. Well up on leg. His correct tail lay very flat on his back and was carried closely at all times. He had excellent conformation and had the best movement of the winners in this class. He was very balanced, lovely coming and going. He will be a dog to watch in the future. Veteran Dog (4-1) 1st Bell’s FFYNIANT SUGARDADDY ALLFORUS ShCM - This dog was quite a showman. I loved his young attitude/behavior (more like a 3 year old, not 8 year old.) He had a pleasing head with small, well placed ears, well defined spectacles, and a faded muzzle which is quite acceptable for his age. He stood with all 4 feet squarely placed under him and was well up on leg. He had cat-like feet, a nice tail set, was in good coat condition, and had good colour definition. He was nicely put together and with strong pasterns while many of the younger dogs were lacking these. 2nd Luckhurst’s CH GAVAMIR KESTREL - I loved this 10 year old. He had a beautiful head; lovely compact body with correct topline; was well up on leg on strong pasterns with cat-like feet; was square appearing; had a nice cat-like foot and a high set tail. His colour definition was very good. However, his coat condition could have been better and appeared to have his ruff broken off by his collar. He was placed 2nd due to lack of body coat and trousers. His body was sound as evidenced by his correct, balanced movement. To top it all off, he showed like a dream.

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Special Vintage Dog (7-3) I have to admit that I love judging veterans. You can tell that they are so happy to be back in the ring again. 1st Matthews’ VALINDALE WISKY MAK - This 10 year old was very steady in the ring and did all that was expected of him without showing much excitement. He had dark eyes, a little round, surrounded by definite spectacle lines; and lovely, well-set ears that were often pinned back. His muzzle was faded with milk mouth – often seen in our senior citizens. He stood very square, always with his legs and feet correctly placed: had weaker pasterns – which I did not fault at this age. His guard hair tips were a bit burnt in colour. He moved beautifully, was well behaved and presented beautifully – an older gentleman, looking his age but very deserving of 1st. 2nd Passmore’s CH/AM CH TRUMPET’S DISCO INFERNO AT TORRIKEES - This 12 year old had previously had a hematoma removed from his right ear, which detracted from an otherwise lovely expression, almond eye, little light in colour, broader muzzle, somewhat lacking in depth of underjaw, parallel head planes, definite stop, and small, well placed ears. His head was framed by a lovely light ruff. He was squareappearing but standing a bit wide in the front and like the 1st place winner had weaker pasterns. His tail was set and carried very well. His clean legs and feet were well boned. He carried a coat that was in excellent condition with dark saddle, well-defined colour that was the best in this class. He was expertly shown and moved very nicely. On any given day the order between 1st and 2nd could have been switched around. 3rd Bell’s FOXIFAYRE ONCE IN MY LIFE - This 12 year old let us know how happy he was to be back in the ring by barking much of the time. His eyes were stained and he was not really happy with me examining his head. He had small, well-placed ears. His body was compact, covered in a lovely coat with excellent colour and condition; with dark saddle and good colour definition; nice bone; standing crouched in the rear; clean legs and feet; and had a high set tail that was carried well throughout. Breeders Dog (2-0) 1st Luckhurst’s GAVIMIR CHECKMATE - This well behaved 2½ year old was very steady and well trained. His head had parallel planes, pronounced spectacles with the line going towards the base of the ears, moderate stop and slightly Roman nose. He had good bone, full tail - nicely set, and good colour definition. It looked like he was ready to change coats as his guard hair tips were turning brown. While he could have used a shorter loin, overall he was very nice. 2nd Pattison’s CH EASTKEES ONE MORE CHANCE - I truly loved this well-behaved, shorter-coupled 6½ year old and could easily have taken him home with me. He was the correct size and had the silhouette that I like. His beautiful expression included small correctly placed ears, almond shaped eyes, good spectacles and lovely head proportions. He had a good depth of brisket, excellent, balanced structure and movement, with a lovely topline and a full tail that was high set and carried very well. He was well up on leg, with hocks well-let down. His self-fitting coat had good definition. Unfortunately, on this day, his coat and colour condition were not good as evidenced by the browning tips. He would have done well with more length of hair in the pantaloons and no staining around the eyes. Special Not Bred By Exhibitor Dog (4-0) 1st Miles’ ALLFORUS FROSTING OVER LEKKERBEK, JW ShCM - This naughty 6½ year old liked to make his presence known by barking throughout. Overall he is a very nice gentleman with correct eye shape; dark pigment; small, pointed, well-placed ears; parallel head-to-muzzle plains; muzzle faded with milk mouth and eye could be darker. His nicely arched neck was a good length set on well-placed shoulders. His front assembly was very good and he was well up on his pasterns. He was shorter-backed than many and had a high tail set. He had good bone. His dark saddle helped to give him very good colour definition. At times, he crouched in the rear. He was lacking undercoat at withers. He was the smallest of winners in this class. 2nd Lindsay’s ENREVEYAR EXCEPTIONAL WITH MEZANDA - This 15 month old showed a lot of promise. Head: medium dark eye colour, with well-marked spectacles, ears set a bit wide and had lighter colour. He had a moderate length of neck placed on correct front assembly. He was well up on his pasterns. His fully coated tail was set high and carried flatly. He had good bone; lovely colour and definition, with a lighter coloured undercoat. This happy youngster was somewhat lacking pantaloons, likely due to his age.

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3rd Matthew’s CH/AUS.CH. CALIVALE WHAT THE VALINDALE - This was a 6 year old male with a bit of a surprise for me. He had a wedge-shaped head, muzzle shorter than back skull, and well-defined spectacles. He was longer in back than the previous 2 in this class. He was not using his tail set to advantage. His tail hair was profuse. He had good bone. His coat was long, full and a tad soft, with cream undercoat. The part I found interesting was that the guard hairs on his saddle were agouti tipped with a short, light colour. I only recall seeing this once before. He moved and showed very well. Also, he was groomed and handled very well. Good Citizen Dog Scheme Class Dog (5-0) 1st Lush’s BUCHKEES LOVE IN THE MIST. 2nd Battram’s EDNAARON HAWKWEED - This 3 year old, of correct size, was a very good representative of the breed. His pretty expression included a well-defined stop; small, well-placed ears, parallel head planes and spectacles which could have been better pronounced. He had very good colour and colour definition overall. His compact body ended with a high-set tail. His legs and feet were clean. He could easily have placed 1st. The deciding factor was due to a darker cream colour on his head which will likely improve with age. 3rd Craig’s FLATMEER FLONKERLICHT BITCHES Minor Puppy Bitch (2-0) There were two lovely puppy bitches in this class. 1st Watson’s POMMARY ELITE N’ KLASSIC AT COLPATRON - This lovely 7 month old was showing great showmanship for such a young puppy. She had a very pretty expression and correct head with parallel planes, definite stop, ears a tad large, which is not unusual for this age. She had a moderately long and arched neck. Her body was compact. She stood square, was well up on leg and had a very nice tail set. Very good colour definition, cream undercoat colour, with lovely coat texture. This very promising puppy, moved well – coming, going and side. She became my Res CC winner. 2nd Hopkins’ TORRIKEES SHAKIRA AMONG SERENAUBACH - This very feminine, 8 month old had a very pretty head overall, but had ears set a little wide and some staining around eyes. Her compact body with moderately angled front and rear, ended up with a high-set tail, carried closely. She had a correct coat of striking colour with silver undercoat and good markings. Puppy Bitch (6-0) 1st Watson’s POMMARY ELITE N’ KLASSIC AT COLPATRON. 2nd Palmer’s EASTKEES FOXY LADY - This 10 month old had a pretty head, dark eyes, correct spectacle lines going towards base of ears, although her ear colouring could have been darker. She had a good length of neck on well-sloped shoulders; lovely front assembly, with legs well-placed under her body, and had a fully coated, high set tail. She had a light undercoat colour, and dark saddle which gave her very good colour definition. 3rd Austin’s CHOTAHKEES TRULY GORGEOUS Junior Bitch (5-0) 1st Battram’s LEAZEHOND STARSHINE GALAXY – This 1 year old was very attentive to her handler. She had a very alert expression, with parallel planes and definite stop. Her spectacles could be better defined. She had a good front assembly with legs placed well under her body. Her head was framed in a light coloured ruff and she had good colour definition. She moved and behaved well but was acting tired (i.e., tail dropping). I would have liked to see cleaner legs and feet. 2nd Austin’s CHOTAHKEES ENCHANTRESS - This 11 month old did not carry quite as much coat as the first place winner. She had a darker head with dark eye, good spec lines and a moderate stop. She had a rectangular body with level topline; full tail, set and carried high. Her legs and feet could have been cleaner. Her overall colouring was dark and she had a curl in her coat. She showed like a dream, and was handled nicely. 3rd Saunders’ LIEFKEES ANGELIKA

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Yearling Bitch (8-3) 1st Saunders’ LIEFKEES ANNABELL - I was drawn to this 15 mos. old who reminded me of my foundation bitch. Her lovely head had parallel planes, definite stop, lovely dark eyes and spectacles all framed by a light coloured ruff. She was balanced front to rear, could be a tad shorter in loin, stood with all 4 feet straight and square. Her tail was tightly curled over the back and had a double curl as per the description in the Illustrated Standard. She had very good colouring and colour definition. 2nd Williams’ ALLFORUS LUCKY LADY FOR YONTAN - This 20 month old was a darker colour overall. She had a pleasing expression with a darker forehead, good stop, and smaller ears. Her spectacles and mouth pigment could be better. Her sound-moving, rectangular body was ended with a nicely set and carried tail. I would have liked cleaner leg colouring. 3rd Wadmore-Smith’s HUNNIVOLES PEPSI ROCK - This 1 year old had pretty colouring and well-defined markings. She was a great show dog with wonderful attitude. Her owner and she were having a wonderful time. I would have preferred a little more length of leg. Novice Bitch (4-0) 1st Wadmore-Smith’s HUNNIVOLES PEPSI ROCK. 2nd Palmer’s EASKEES FOXY LADY. 3rd Wilkin’s WHIZZKEES ONYX SAPPHIRE Post Graduate Bitch (17-4) large entry with many fine examples of the breed which on any other day could easily have been changed. 1st Barbour’s RUSSKOE SEREBRO POSH TOTTY AT CILLAKEES – This 2½ year old was overall very nice. Her pretty expression included very dark eyes, a nice wedged shape head and muzzle, definite stop, parallel planes and small, well-placed ears. She had a good arch of neck placed on well-placed shoulders. She was well up on leg. Her tail was set and carried very well. Her coat was lovely in colour, length and condition. Her undercoat colour was light, her saddle dark thus giving very good definition. She was well-presented but could have used a bit of tidying up of the hair on her feet. 2nd Pattison’s EASTKEES WHOOP’S A DAISY -This 15 month old was lovely, but unfortunately lacking coat on this day. Other than that she had all of the essentials needed for a correct Keeshond. Her pleasing head included expressive eyes, good spectacles, good stop, good depth of underjaw, and small well-placed ears. She had a strong, level topline ending with very tightly curled tail. I would have liked to have seen better colour definition. 3rd Brewer’s HELKEESEN SURFIN KOKOMO - This 1½ year old showed well for her handler. Her very expressive head included: dark eyes, dark pigment and well set ears - a tad big. Her longer muzzle was accentuated by a narrower wedge shaped head. She had a good length of neck on well-placed shoulders and front assembly. Her correct tail was set high with a full double curl. She had pleasing colour and good colour contrast. I would have liked a shorter loin. Limit Bitch (13-7) 1st Bardsley’s BALEISSA INDIAN SUMMER - This 3½ year old was expertly groomed and shown. I loved how she was put together (balanced front and rear) and she moved beautifully. Her legs were always placed correctly under her at a stand. She had dark, almond shaped eyes, good spectacles, and her ears were a little large. She had a strong, short loin. Her tail was set high and carried correctly as per your Illustrated Standard. She was wearing a shorter self-fitting coat.

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2nd Pattison’s EASTKEES IDLE CHATTER - This 3 year old was in close contention with the 1st place winner. She had a beautifully, expressive head – the best in class - with correct stop, correct planes, correct muzzle to back skull proportions, dark muzzle, dark eyes, correct spectacles, dark pigment, and dark ears. Her head was nicely framed by a long, full ruff. She was carrying a very full coat, with clear colour and definition, plus clean legs and feet. Her tail was more tightly curled and her loin was a little longer than first place bitch. She was also taller than the 1st place winner. 3rd Brewer’s HELKEESEN SURFIN HONEY - This 1½ year old was very different in type from the others in this class, with a longer, narrower, wedged head. She had very dark eyes, very dark pigment, well placed ears and moderate stop. I would have preferred more depth of underjaw. She had a very nice front which was wellbalanced with her rear, with very good tail - well set and carried. She was shorter in height than previous two. She had penciling around her toes. Open Bitch (13-5) 1st Sharp-Bale’s CH LADY GODIVA’S GUILTY PLEASURES WITH NERADMIK This 3 year old was my ultimate Bitch CC winner and Best of Opposite winner. She had an extremely pretty head – what I had been looking for all along. Her lovely expression included: small ears, good stop, parallel planes, dark pigment, dark oval-shaped eyes, and well-defined spectacles. Her face was framed by a thick, full ruff. She had a moderately long neck, placed on well laid back shoulders. She had lovely front angles in balance with her rear. Her tail was set high, carried tight over her back and had a double curl as described by your Illustrated Standard. She was standing with parallel legs placed well under her body. She was very fully coated, and had excellent colour and definition. She appeared to have a lovely temperament, behaving and showing beautifully for her handler. She did not always stand square and I suspect appeared tall. 2nd Carroll’s IR. CH. STRATUS ARMARNI GRANGE - This 3 year old, feminine bitch was very sound and moved like a dream. Smaller and more correct in size than the first place winner. She had almond-shaped eyes surrounded by very well-defined spectacles. She had small, well-placed ears. She had a pretty silhouette, with legs standing true, finished by a high set tail with a complete curl. She was groomed, handled and shown to perfection. I would have preferred a shorter loin and parallel head planes. 3rd Matthews’ POMMARY SOPHIES CHOICE AT VALINDALE - This 2½ year old had many characteristics that I liked. Her lovely expression included dark eyes, dark pigment, and good size ear. The pigment on her gums could have been darker. On this day she was carrying a shorter self-fitting coat, with very good colour definition. She had a level topline and appeared a little long in loin. Her tail was set high and carried well over her back. She was shown and moved very nicely. At a stand she placed all 4 feet correctly under her body. I placed her 3rd because she is taller than preferred. Veteran Bitch (12-4) 1st Sharp-Bale’s CH STURTMOOR CRAZY FOR NERADMIK - This 8 year old was in very full coat, with exceptionally pretty colour and very good definition. I would have loved to have had this bitch in my breeding program. Her beautiful head and expression included: very good spectacles, parallel head planes, definite stop, very good pigment, and small well-placed ears; all framed by a light coloured, full ruff. Her legs and feet were of good bone and cream in colour. She had a level topline which ended in a very high set and flatlycarried tail. She was put together nicely and moved very well. She had excellent attitude and was shown to perfection.

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2nd Eggleston’s MARTELLKEES A LOVE AFFAIR FOR RICARA - This 8 year old was in close contention for 1st. She had a lovely expression, which included: a correct wedged head; dark, almond shaped eyes; welldefined spectacles; dark pigment; small, well-placed ears, and very good head planes. I loved her solid, wellbalanced body with good depth to her brisket and apparent tuck-up. Her tail was set high and carried flat along the length of her back. Her coat was self-fitting coat but sparse. She could have used more hair on her legs to give the appearance of more bone. Her colour was clear and well-defined. She was square appearing, had a lovely length of neck all of which gave her a very pleasing silhouette. If she had been carrying more coat I might have placed her first. 3rd Passmore’s TRUMPET’S HAND OF FATE FOR TORRIKEES - This 7½ year old was showing her age by the greying out of her muzzle. Her nicely wedged head included: small, well-placed ears and well-defined spectacles. Her eyes could have been drier. Her cream legs and feet were placed well under her body. She had a tightly curled tail which could have been used to better advantage. She carried a shorter coat which was thick and plush feeling. She moved and behaved very nicely. Her presentation and grooming was excellent. Special Vintage Bitch - (4-0) 1st Passmore’s TORRIKEES MISS BEHAVIN’ - This 15 year old was the oldest dog in the show. You could not tell it by her appearance and personality. She loved being in the ring and was very eager to get out and strut her stuff. The only thing which gave away her age was the white on her muzzle, and guard hairs that were turning brown. She had a very pleasing head. She had the most compact body in the class. Her body and movement were very sound. She had a moderately long and well set tail. Her young attitude and confident carriage helped to give her first in this class. 2nd Bell’s CH ALLFORUS MAGIC N ICE JW ShCM This 10 year old was in lovely condition and very eager to please her handler. She had a pleasing head; long, proudly carried neck; was in a very full, well-conditioned coat; had nice colour and definition; had good bone; was well up on pasterns, and had a high set tail, carried well over her back at all times. She was expertly groomed, handled and presented. I would have liked her to be more compact appearing. 3rd Brewer’s NERADMIK RISKY RUMOUR AT HELKEESEN -This pretty girl was just under 12 years of age. She had such beautiful, silver and black colour. She carried a coat that felt luxurious, was softer in texture, and overall lighter in colour. She had a high set and well-carried tail. She stood and moved nicely. She was shorter than the two winners of this class. It was unfortunate that the hair around her eyes was stained. Breeders Bitch (9-5) 1st Hickson’s KICHIGAI SPECIAL EDITION - This 21 month old was a very pretty, little bitch with lovely eye shape and colour; had good spectacles; definite stop; wedge-shaped head and muzzle; small, well placed ears; all surrounded by a full, light coloured ruff. She carried a thick coat with a light coloured undercoat and darker saddle which gave her good colour definition. She was compact and stood with her feet correctly placed under her body. Her tail was set and carried high. On this day she was making her handler work for the win as she was being a bad little girl. I would have liked a bit more length of leg under her. 2nd Pattison’s EASTKEES SAY NO MORE - This 2 year old excelled in breed type. Her lovely expression included: dark, almond shaped eyes surrounded by well-defined spectacles; and wedge shaped head with correct head planes. Her neck was placed on nicely laid back shoulders. She had good depth of brisket and stood square on legs of good bone. She was balanced front to rear, as was apparent by her correct movement. Her tightly curled tail was set and carried high. Her lighter coloured coat was full and plush, but showing some browning on the tips. Unfortunately, her eyes were tearing on this day.

"##$%&'()&*+( ,#-#./#* 0122

3rd Lindsay’s MEZANDA TEACHER’S PET - I wondered when this bitch came in the ring if she was older, not because of the way she presented herself, but more by her darker colouring and somewhat faded facial markings. I was right. She is 9 years old and fit well into this class of younger bitches. She was undeniable as she was having a wonderful time and showing like a dream. She had clear colour, good colour definition with clean legs and feet. Her rectangular body ended up with a tail that was well set and carried tightly over the length of her body. She moved soundly around the ring. I would have preferred a more defined stop and harsher coat. Special Not Bred by Exhibitor Bitch (13-5) 1st Bardsley’s BALEISSA CATWALK QUEEN Sh CM - I was attracted to this 4 year old when she walked into the ring in a previous class. She was one that I would have loved to take home. The reason that she has not placed in her class until now is due to her coat colour. The guard hair tips on her head and body were reddish. She had a very pleasing head with pleasing proportions; definite stop; lovely expression; dark, almond shaped eyes; dark pigment; small ivy-shaped ears that were erect and well-set, all framed by a full, light-coloured ruff. Her coat was self-fitting and very full, with very good colour definition. Her high set tail had a correct curl as described in the Illustrated Standard and was carried high throughout. Her silhouette was lovely. She stood and moved correctly. She was groomed and handled professionally. 2nd Jackson’s REESBURG MISTY RAINBOW - This 21 month old had absolutely beautiful coat colour and definition. It is too bad that she was lacking in coat and wearing only her underwear on this day. She had a beautiful, expressive head with dark, almond shaped eyes and well placed ears. Her body was compact and she was balanced front to rear. She had good tuck up. Her tail was set and carried high. She was standing nicely at all times - possibly in season. She was handled nicely and was showing like a dream. 3rd Palmer’s EASTKEES FOXY LADY Good Citizen Dog Scheme Class Bitch (5-1) 1st Bardsley’s BALEISSA CATWALK QUEEN Sh CM. 2nd Saunder’s CH LIEFKEES ALBERTINE -This 6½ year old had very pretty colouring with her light silver undercoat and dark guard hairs that made for definite, well-defined markings. Her nicely wedged head had parallel planes, correct muzzle to backskull proportions, defined stop, very good ear size, carriage and placement. She was light in muzzle and had a pleasing length of neck on correctly placed shoulders. She had good depth to her brisket and well-sprung rib cage - which led to a level topline and high set tail. Her body was solid and she moved well. Her clear colour included clean legs and feet. She showed nicely. I would have liked her to be shorter coupled. 3rd Lush’s ZANDVOORT HEAVEN’S DREAM FOR EDNAARON

"##$%&'()&*+( ,#-#./#* 0122

By Cathy Currea

Cathy is  the  founder  of  Animal  Muse  Communication  and  Reiki.    As  an  Animal  Communicator,  Cathy  interprets  animals’ thoughts, feelings and viewpoints for their humans during private sessions. She also teaches people how  to hear their animals’ voices through her courses and globally available teleclasses.    As an Animal Reiki practitioner, Cathy helps animals feel their best through Animal Reiki treatments. As an Animal  Reiki Teacher, Cathy teaches Animal Reiki and other energy healing modalities to help the animals in your life.    In her role as a Humane Educator, Cathy teaches kindness and respect towards all living beings to people of all  ages. Cathy is a Keeshond Guardian and a longtime lover of the breed.    As  an  author,  Cathy  is  a  contributor  to  the  books,  Penelope  Smith’s  book,  Animals  in  Spirit  and  Awakening  To  Animal Voices by Dawn Baumann Brunke.     Cathy holds a Master’s degree in Counseling and Education. She shares her home with her Keeshond, Kobe Bear  along with her two cats, Mona Marie and Elvis.     To learn more about Cathy and her practice, visit  

Cathy &  Kobe Bear 

© Lori A. Cheung

KeeshondWorld December 2011

It’s never easy when a beloved Keeshond doesn’t feel well, especially when it’s chronic or even life-threatening. It can be an anxious and upsetting time for both the caregiver and dog. Worst of all, it can bring up feelings of hopelessness, fear and stress as we want to make sure our dogs receive every opportunity to feel their best. Hearing your Keeshond’s “voice” through animal communication and offering Reiki (pronounced “raykey”) allows you to work in partnership with your Keeshond as well as bringing hope despite the prognosis. Animal Communication is an intuitive, two-way telepathic connection that allows you to better understand your Keeshond. Telepathy comes from the words, “tele,” which means far or distance; and “pathy” which means feeling or perceiving. It can be translated to mean “feeling another being over a distance through non-verbal communication.” All spiritual beings, including people and animals, are born with the ability to communicate using this universal language. As an Animal Communicator, I interpret your Keeshond’s thoughts, feelings and viewpoints and question them about any and all aspects of their lives. In other words, I become your Keeshond’s “voice,” so you can get a better understanding of your dog from a holistic perspective. Keeshonden are always tuned into you since they naturally receive what you are transmitting telepathically whether it’s a happy feeling or a message of fear or concern. Your dog also sends you telepathic messages and loves it when you understand them at this deep spiritual level. There are many benefits to communicating telepathically with your Keeshond when they are chronically ill. One of the biggest benefits is being able to work in partnership with them instead of second guessing what your dog’s wishes and desires are. Dogs also intuitively recognize and understand the energy healing system of Reiki; know it has the ability to heal them; and love receiving it whether it’s offered with or without the use of hands. Reiki was developed by Mikao Usui in the early 20th century to help people heal and as a spiritual practice. We now know it can help our animals heal as well. Reiki comes from the Japanese words, “rei” which means spirit and “ki” which means “spirit energy” and has been loosely translated to mean “universal life energy.” By definition, Reiki is holistic in nature as it effects a dog’s entire being: mind, body, emotions and spirit. Animal communication works holistically and uses “spiritual energy” as well. Reiki works by bringing about a deep relaxation response which allows the body to release stress. When energy is unblocked and balanced, it leads to increased wellness and happiness. Besides bringing in more relaxation, Reiki can increase healing after surgery, decrease stress, pain and anxiety for both you and your dog. When physical healing is not possible, Reiki helps your dog transition with peace and dignity. One of the wonderful aspects of Reiki is it can do no harm and safely complements all holistic and Western healing modalities you may be using under your veterinarian's supervision. Dr. Dale Olm of Southampton Animal Hospital in Benicia, California explains, "We use Reiki in our veterinary practice to help animals with the many stresses that they might encounter during a visit. As energy beings, we feel that energy is a part of life, and anything that can positively impact a being’s energy is a good thing. While it might be hard to scientifically document the “success” or “failure” of Reiki on a patient, we are confident that it will never harm a pet, and could help in many ways, even if we are unable to appreciate that for ourselves." KeeshondWorld December 2011

A wonderful example of how animal communication and animal Reiki can help was when my sister, Stefani, received the devastating news that her eleven and half year old rescued Keeshond, Mugsy, was terminally ill. Ever since Mugsy bounced into our family’s life with a rubber basketball in his mouth, I frequently communicated telepathically with him even though he lived in New York and I lived in California. When I became a Reiki practitioner, I also offered him regular long distance Reiki treatments for a variety of reasons. After receiving the diagnosis that Mugsy was suffering from irreversible gallbladder disease, Stefani depended on our regular telepathic communication with Mugsy to validate what she was sensing and feeling from him. Plus she found his weekly Reiki treatments were a valuable part of Mugsy overall care.

When Mugsy’s vet suggested Stefani consult with a surgeon about surgically removing Mugsy’s gallbladder, Stefani didn’t know what to think or feel. Her initial sense was surgery wasn’t an option for Mugsy due to his age. Plus she couldn’t shake the vision of Mugsy not making it through the surgery. Stefani felt it was important to know how Mugsy felt about having gallbladder surgery. When I “tuned in” telepathically with Mugsy and asked him what he’d like do, and he sweetly replied, “While I’m not afraid of dying, I am scared I will die while in surgery. I want my beloved Stefani by my side when I do cross. Therefore, I’m willing to forgo surgery and wait it out until my gallbladder fails, if Stefani is on board with me.”

KeeshondWorld December 2011

When I conveyed to Stefani what Mugsy had shared, Mugsy’s words validated Stefani’s strong intuition that surgery wasn’t an option for him. Once Stefani felt she and Mugsy were on the same page about his treatment options and hospice care, a wave of calmness washed over her as she felt a sense of relief. “Communication with Mugsy was paramount as it helped me to feel less anxious and stressed about his deteriorating health,” Stefani explained. “The ongoing communication with Mugsy, helped me to approach his illness and ultimate death in partnership with him instead of feeling like I had to make these hard decisions alone. This brought me solace during a bittersweet time.”

Stefani & Mugsy

For next few months, I offered Mugsy regular Reiki treatments. After each treatment, Stefani found Mugsy to be more calm and relaxed. He would perk up and become more animated and walked with a "spring" in his step that was noticeably absent before his Reiki treatment. He took his daily walks with more enthusiasm and seemingly less pain. He consistently exhibited an increased appetite after each treatment which also added to him feeling better overall. Stefani commented that, “Reiki gave me hope and something positive I could focus on particularly when I felt anxious and hopeless about his future. This was especially true when he was having a bad day. It was clear from Mugsy’s response, that the Reiki was helping him and me!” One of the hardest aspects of Mugsy's illness was that no one knew when his gallbladder would fail, producing tremendous anxiety for Stefani. The vet's diagnosis made it clear Mugsy was living with a ticking time bomb since it was only a matter of time before his gallbladder would rupture and end his life. Mugsy's Reiki treatments, while not a cure, did bring more balance and peace to Stefani and Mugsy during his eight month journey receiving hospice care. My sister credits both the animal communication and animal Reiki for bringing more peace and understanding throughout Mugsy's illness and dying process.

KeeshondWorld December 2011

Lilly’s story is another example of how the combination of animal communication and Reiki can be invaluable when your dog is chronically ill. Lori rescued Lilly, a beautiful six years old silver and black Keeshond, sight unseen after reading an ad about her on Craig’s List. Without a picture and only a description, Lori drove several hours to adopt this adorable puff ball. From the moment they met, Lori and Lilly became instant friends and fell in love with one another. Over the next six years, Lori and Lilly lived an idyllic life together.

A few years later, Lilly was diagnosed with disc disease in her low back and neck. She also suffered with ataxia, which made it seem like she was drunk because she would lose coordination in her extremities and would fall easily like she was drunk. If that wasn’t enough, she had severe arthritis in both her hips and knees. Lilly’s mobility issues made it difficult for her to move without assistance especially when it came to walking and going to the bathroom. Thankfully, Lori was more than happy to support Lilly in whatever way she could including sleeping downstairs to stay close to Lilly at night. Lori faced a lot of criticism from those who didn't understand the nature of Lilly's special needs. To the outsider, Lilly's ataxia made it seem like it was inhumane allowing Lilly to live a “normal life.” Despite Lilly’s obvious physical challenges, her heart and mind were strong, clear and lucid. Through animal communication, Lilly often shared with Lori how grateful she was to have such a caring and loving person who didn’t care that she was different from other dogs and needed extra support. Lilly felt blessed that Lori never forgot that Lilly was more than her illness and saw Lilly as a loving spiritual being who happen to have physical challenges.

KeeshondWorld December 2011

Shortly after Thanksgiving, I received an urgent call from Lori. Lilly’s daycare providers were worried that it might be Lilly's time to transition because she refused to get up and go outside on her own to go to the bathroom at daycare which she never did. Plus she wasn’t eating. When I tuned into Lilly telepathically, Lilly clearly stated that she was not ready to die nor was she ready to be assisted through euthanasia. When I told Lori how Lilly was feeling, I suggested we offer Lilly a Reiki treatment to support her. After explaining what Reiki is and how it works, Lori and Lilly were onboard. I immediately began giving Lilly weekly Reiki treatments. After her initial Reiki treatment, Lori noticed an immediate difference in Lilly. Where Lilly could not walk and was having difficulty going to the bathroom before being offered Reiki, afterwards she was able to move around more freely. Where she was struggling to keep her balance when going to the bathroom, she no longer struggled. Lori also noticed that Lilly’s appetite increased after her treatments as well. The best part was Lilly was able to resume her weekly routine of going to daycare while Lori was at work. Lori was thrilled as Lilly seemed more animated and had a new lease on life. More importantly, the Reiki treatments gave Lori and Lilly the gift of time. Lori wanted to know what Lilly wanted most. Lilly told me with a sense of deep joy, “I want to spend my last Christmas with my beloved Lori. I know it’s going to be the best Christmas of all!” So Lori postponed her holiday trip to France to share Christmas with Lilly. Lori even gave herself permission to buy Lilly Christmas gifts. Lilly’s weekly Reiki treatments coupled with regular communication, provided Lilly and Lori much needed support. Lilly responded so well, that Lori rescheduled her trip to France at the beginning of the year. During a stopover on her return flight, Lori received an urgent message from Lilly’s daycare providers: Lilly had suffered a seizure or stroke and was at the hospital. They proceeded to ask Lori for permission to euthanize her. Despite being a couple of hours away by plane, Lori was determined to be with Lilly, especially if it was truly time to say “goodbye.” I could hear the fear and worry in Lori’s trembling voice when she called me and asked me to communicate with Lilly about her wishes, especially around euthanizing her. When I asked Lilly how she was feeling, I felt her calmly reply, “I’m okay for now. Please reassure Lori that I will wait for her. Ask her to try not to worry. Let her know that I am happy she went to France and that I love her with all my heart and soul.”

KeeshondWorld December 2011

When Lori finally arrived at the animal hospital, it was crystal clear that the only humane and loving choice was to euthanize Lilly. Before Lori made the final decision, she asked me to check in with Lilly one more time to make sure Lilly was okay with it all. Lilly said she was ready to transition out the physical realm now that Lori was by her side. Despite her sadness, Lori knew in her heart that it was Lilly’s time and assisted her beloved companion into the light. When you combine animal communication and Reiki together, it creates a formidable blend that can empower both dog and caregivers. Animal communication allows your Keeshond to participate in all aspects of their lives including end of life decisions. Doing so creates a loving partnership which allows you to support your Keeshond’s wishes. Reiki is also a strong ally in helping your Keeshond to feel more balanced, with less stress therefore creating more peace and harmony despite the prognosis.

Lori & Lilly

Photos throughout the article courtesy of Cathy Currea KeeshondWorld December 2011

Training with Jedi Have you ever wanted to know “How To”? Through a series of articles, Jedi and his Human Nik, will show you HOW!

Weaving Between Your Legs Weaving between your legs is a visually impressive trick that is always entertaining! My dogs absolutely love doing this trick and it is quite easy to teach. There are lots of variations to this trick from weaving while you are standing still and while moving. You can also improvise and for the doggy dancing people out there, teach your dog to weave between you and a stick/cane or even weave in reverse! The method I have outlined in this issue is using luring, however you can use targeting or free shaping to teach this trick.

Who Is Nicola Boyd & Jedi?

“I am a final year medical student and I share my home with Jedi, the 3 year old Keeshond, Ahsoka, the 3 year old Finnish Lapphund and Revan, the 1 year old Australian Kelpie rescue. Training dogs is my passion and I am so lucky to have three amazing dogs who adore training as much as I do. They give everything during our training sessions because they believe that training is the best fun you can have (and so do I)! I started training Jedi in obedience and tricks when he was just a baby and we have never looked back. We now not only compete in obedience, flyball and agility but we will also be making our herding debut in 2011. On top of all this, Jedi and Ahsoka are certified Therapy Dogs and make regular visits to a local aged care facility. In my ‘spare’ time, I am an obedience instructor at a local obedience club, where I am a big advocate for training spitz breeds, particularly Keeshonden after hearing from many people how untrainable they are. I guess someone forgot to tell that to Jedi! All you need is a great bond with your Keeshond, a positive training method, some patience and an understanding of what your dog loves – in Jedi’s case, FOOD!"

Jedi – Neut. Ch Sandstock Littel Jake CD AFCh ET

Photos © S Gurney 2011 KeeshondWorld December 2011

Lesson Five

How to Teach “Weaving Between Your Stationary Legs”

Guest Starring "Manny" a 12 year old rescue that Nik is currently Fostering. Proving that you really CAN teach an old dog new tricks!

Difficulty level: This trick involves your dog weaving around your legs in a figure-8 pattern. The first step is to teach your dog to weave while you are standing still and then we can add some movement!

Step 1: Start by holding a treat in your fingertips close to your dog’s nose. Move the treat slowly away from your dog and click and treat (C&T) for forward movement towards your hand. Slowly increase the criteria so that your dog is taking several steps to follow the treat in your hand. Once your dog is consistently following in a straight line, start adding turns and lure your dog with circular movements. When they are following your hand in all directions, move to step 2. Step 2: Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart with your dog facing you. Hold a treat in one hand and place it between your legs from behind. Encourage your dog to step forward to get the treat and as they approach, slowly move your hand away from the dog. C&T when the dog goes through your legs. Encourage your dog to move around your leg and face you (you may like to do this with another treat). Now do the same with your other hand! Rinse and repeat – remembering to alternate between holding the treat in your right and left hand. Once the dog is consistently following the treat and moving between your legs at a reasonable pace, you are ready to move to Step 3! Step 3: Hold a treat in each hand and lure your dog from behind your legs again and click as they go through your legs, but this time continue to lure them around your legs and treat when they are in front of you. Immediately lure them with your other hand through your legs again and around the alternate leg, C&T in the same manner. You should aim for this to be fairly fluent at this point with only a very brief pause as they enjoy the treat.

If you struggle with coordination, you may have to ditch the clicker for this step and use a verbal marker (e.g. “yes”) if your dog has one conditioned. Alternatively, if you are really talented you could use your foot to press the clicker or get a helper to click for you!

What you will need: a clicker, yummy soft treats, your legs and your dog! Experienced dogs: If your dog has experience with luring, skip straight to step 2!

Trouble Shooting “My dog is too scared to go between my legs!” Use lots of high value treats and don’t expect too much too quickly. Spend a lot of time making luring fun and highly rewarding by luring the dog around the room with a high reward rate (reward every step or every second step the dog makes). You may also like to stand with your feet together and lure your dog around both legs to get them used to moving so close to you. You can also lure them under chairs, tables and other pieces of furniture to build their confidence. Remember to be patient and work slowly within the comfort zone of your dog!

KeeshondWorld December 2011

Step 4: Now you are ready to start raising the criteria. Similar to Step 3, hold a treat in each hand, however this time you are going to lure your dog through a full figure-8 through your legs, only clicking as they go through for the second time. Try to encourage your dog to move at a fairly quick pace. At this point you may like to introduce a verbal cue such as “weave”, making sure that you give the verbal cue before you start to lure the dog between your legs. Step 5: Time to lose the treats! Pretend you have a treat in each hand (you can trick your dog by holding your hand in the same ‘shape’) but this time only reach for your treats once you have clicked. You may have to alternate between step 4 and step 5 until your dog consistently follows your treatless hands. Step 6: Increase your criteria again, by varying how often you C&T. Your goal is to have a dog who continuously weaves between your legs several times before you reward. Step 7: Once your dog is performing the figure-8 without treats in your hands, you are ready to start fading the hand signals. Ultimately you are aiming for a dog who weaves on either a pure verbal cue or with a very small movement from either your hands, legs or with an upper body lean. To do this, you should start to reduce the size of your movements over several training sessions until you are happy with the cue.

KeeshondWorld December 2011

Finished trick by Jedi

Lesson Six

How to Teach “Weaving on the Move”

Step 1: Take a step forward with your right leg while keeping your left leg on the ground (your legs should form an A-shape). Lure your dog between your legs with your right hand (whether you use a treat will be dependent on your dog – most dogs won’t need it). C&T for moving between your legs. Take a step forward with your left leg and repeat, luring your dog through with your left hand. C&T. Slowly continue to take alternating steps forward. Step 2: Increase your criteria and C&T every second step you take. Fade the food lure if you were using one in Step 1. Step 3: Start to take faster steps and fade your hand signal. C&T at varying intervals – one step, three steps, two steps, five steps, etc until your dog is weaving continuously as you walk.

Jedi back in the spotlight to show his adoring fans the advanced trick.

Difficulty level: What you will need: clicker, yummy treats, your legs and your dog! Once your dog is weaving around your stationary legs, it is an easy progression to weaving while you walk.

Next issue – How to teach go to your mat If you would like to request a trick tutorial for a future issue, please contact Nik at

KeeshondWorld December 2011

Book Review

by Elizabeth Gilmer

On Talking Terms with Dogs: Calming Signals    Publisher : Dogwise Publishing  Author: Turid Rugaas  ISBN: 978‐1‐929242‐36‐8   © Turid Rugaas, 1997, 2006 Originally published in Norway under  the title På Talefot Med Hunden, De Dempende Signalene   

Turid Rugaas  has  been  communicating  with  dogs  for  decades.  She  has  deciphered  their  “language”  and  shares  her  knowledge with us in this second edition of On Talking Terms With Dogs: Calming Signals. The book is a short volume,  but packed with plenty of information and examples, including photos showing the calming signals in everyday use by  ordinary dogs. You’ll look at what your Keesie is telling you in a whole new light once you’ve read this gem of a book.     Ms. Rugaas starts with the story of Vesla, an Elkhound who had lost the capacity to communicate with other dogs,  was dog‐aggressive and a huge challenge to live with. As this little stray recovered her ability to communicate calming  signals to other dogs,  Ms.  Rugaas  realized  what was happening and encouraged Vesla’s every attempt.  In  the  end,  Vesla learned the calming signals so well she could calm any out‐of‐control dog she encountered for the rest of her  life.     The author then explains what the calming signals are, how to identify them, how dogs use them, when they learn  and  start  implementing  them,  the  effects  of  fear  and  stress,  and  includes some  real life  examples  and  photos.  Her  writing  style  is  informal  and  easy  to  understand,  so  the  book  reads  quickly,  even  as  she  gives  you  plenty  of  information.    I had to try out her theory. We have a very vocal, easily excitable young male and, once he gets himself cranked up, it  can take some effort to quiet him. He barks, whines, makes a high‐pitched ay‐ay‐ay‐ay sound and generally is noisy.  We’ve tried a number of strategies with varying amounts of success. I figured this was a good test of the effectiveness  of the calming signals in an everyday scenario. One day he was barking and getting very excited, so I chose a signal I  was comfortable using and tried it – bingo! He looked at me and stopped vocalizing, without being worried if he was  being scolded. He just stopped jabbering and sat there, looking at me quietly and peacefully. Was it a fluke, or could it  be that easy? So my husband later tried with the same result.     Because we don’t have aggressive dogs, I wasn’t able to assess how the tools in this training manual would work in  those circumstances, but for our noisy boy, it worked like a charm.    As Ms. Rugaas says at the end of her book, it is our choice how we interact with our dogs, but On Talking Terms With  Dogs:  Calming  Signals,  2nd  edition  gives  you  a  whole  new  language  to  learn  (easily)  and  explore  a  different  communication style with your dog.  I rate this book : 5 Jumping Keesies   

KeeshondWorld December 2011 

Who Are We? Keeshond Rescue Ontario is a volunteer group of Keeshond lovers, dedicated to ensuring that any abandoned or surrendered Keeshond in Ontario will be rescued and cared for in a responsible manner. This will include every effort at locating owners of dogs who have been stolen or lost, and at identifying and contacting breeders of dogs in our care.

What Do We Do? Keeshond Rescue Ontario undertakes to provide transportation, medical treatment appropriate to those dogs who come into KRO rescue, private home fostering for case-by-case assessment, and a careful matching of the needs of each rescue to those of approved adoptive owners.

What Do We Believe In? Keeshond Rescue Ontario is dedicated to the promotion of knowledge about the Keeshond breed, and of education for prospective adoptive owners as to the needs of there-homed rescue dog. we are committed to the coordination of fund-raising efforts to support our rescue activities. We support Canadian animal welfare initiatives.

Successful placements to date (June 2011)

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Zeus- senior male, from a Shelter Shelby- 11.5 years old female, owner surrender Aafke- adult female, owner surrender Donnie - adult male, from a Shelter Indy- 1 year old, transfer from an all breed rescue group Soren · 5 month old male, owner surrender Darby- young adult male, transfer from an all breed rescue group Katie - adult female, owner surrender Misty - adult female, owner surrender

Attempting to Train the Keeshond to be a Sled Dog  By: Colleen (Penny) LaFleche

About me  ‐  A kees owner my whole life, it was not until the last five years that our family actually  started participating in activities with our dogs.   We made up for lost time though, trying out just  about  all  of  it;  conformation,  obedience,  agility,  therapy  dog  training,  and  herding.    Sometimes  I  think we’ve spent as much money on training for the dogs than we did on college for the kid.   I  have always been fascinated with dog sledding, but having a big team of dogs is just not possible.   About three years ago I came across an article on skijoring, and thus began my hell‐bent journey to  turn four spoiled, stubborn Keeshonds into star canine athletes that would swoosh me through my  frozen fantasy land.  Yeah, right!  Ok, ok, I know you’re asking wouldn’t  it have been easier to just  get  a  Husky  or  Chinook,  a  dog  that  is  bred  to  run  and  pull?    Yes!    Yes  it  would,  but  I  love  the  Keeshond, and I’m just as stubborn as they are! 

Looking back  on  it,  there  is  no  way  a  sport  could  be  more WRONG for us!  There were so many obstacles for  me  to  overcome,  so  many  obstacles  for  the  dogs  to  overcome.  Skijoring involves three things; snow, pulling  dogs,  and  skiing.    So  right  off  the  bat  we  had  three  strikes against us.     Snow:   We live near Seattle, USA.  Seattle is known for  two things, the Space Needle and RAIN.   Snow happens  maybe  four  times  a  year,  just  enough  to  mess  up  our  commute,  so  it’s  not  like  we’re  able  to  just  ski  off  the  back porch for six months out of the year.   And living in  Seattle  means  you  have  no  idea  how  to  drive  in  the  snow.  They  tell  us  to  watch  out  for  the  “other  guy”  when  it  snows  here,  we  are  ALL  the    “other  guy!”      To  get to a snow park I have to drive for an hour over the  mountain  pass.    Even  now,  my  palms  still  sweat  just  thinking about The Trip.  Slip sliding away…    Pulling Dogs:   We had a 50/50 chance here.  Two of the  dogs had been trained for obedience, the other two just  want  to  run  like  maniacs  and  will  pull  no  matter  what  you  do  to  try  to  prevent  it.    But  as  Martha  Stewart  would say:  It’s a good thing.   

KeeshondWorld December2011 

Skiing:     The  biggest  obstacle  of  all……  I  had  never  skied before in my life!  Lots to be done here.       But really, how hard could this be?  After all, the dogs  are smart, they’ll catch on right away, and learning to  ski,  all  I  have  to  do  is  just  hang  on  behind  them,  right?    Uh  huh..      So  I  developed  a  “plan”:    Get  a  skijoring book, get the equipment, teach them to pull,  and learn how to ski.    I  roped  a  buddy  of  mine  into  taking  skiing  lessons  with  me.   While  the  saying    “you    can’t teach  an  old  dog  new  tricks”  may  not  really  apply  to  dogs,  it  certainly  does  apply  to  two    50  year  old  women  whose  idea  of  exercise  is  walking  two  blocks  to  Starbucks.      The  lessons  themselves  were  enough  to  write  a  book  about,  everything  that  could  go  wrong  did.    One  terrifying  day,    it  was  nearly  blizzard  conditions, the chair lift kept breaking down trapping  people  high  in  the  air,    and  our  evil  instructor  “Snot  Bubble” (he had a frozen bubble on the tip of his nose  the entire day) insisted we go up.  

And if we thought going up was frightful, coming down was even worse.  I eventually  got  down  the  mountain,  sliding  down  at  top  speed  on  my  back,  head  first.   Traumatized, it was a good excuse to spend the rest of the day doing tequila shots in  the lodge.    I  went  about  reading  everything  I  could  on  mushing  and  skijoring.    Finding  the  equipment was easy.  I thought I would have to send to Alaska or something for it, but  turned out that Nordkyn Outfitters is just minutes from our home.  So I loaded Dutch  up one day on my lunch break and drove out to have him measured.  The Keeshond  has  such  a  short  back  normal  harnesses  will  not  fit  them,  so  she  custom  made  one  right there on the spot!   


Things were going great.  I couldn’t wait to get home and teach him to pull.  So I put  his brand new harness on him, tied a log to the end of it, yelled “Hike,” and he stood  there.  He was so confused that I was behind him.   I tried and tried to get him to pull.   No luck.  He was taught that he was not to pull and he was sticking to it.    Weeks and  weeks  went  by  and  dutiful  Dutch  did  not  pull.    One  day  I  was  watching  him  in  the  yard  and  I  noticed  he  was  always  chasing  our  mini  Eskie  Zorro  around.    It  finally  occurred  to  me  to  maybe  let  little  Zorro  run  along  just  a  little  bit  ahead  of  him.    It  worked!  He PULLED!  Now not a whole lot, but it did give me hope. 

KeeshondWorld December2011 

Though a lot of skate/skijorers will run with only one dog (a 35 pound dog can pull a  150  pound  person,)  I’m  finding  it’s  better  with  two  dogs  as  they  drive  each  other  on.    Finding the right  combination  of personalities  though  I think  is  critical.    Putting  the female with her playmate is not going to work.  Putting her with Mr. Humper, no  way.    But  putting her  with  Mr.  Cranky  who  doesn’t  like  her  and  will  run to  get  away  from  her  –  you  got  a  team!      Pairing  the  right  dogs  together,  finding  dogs  that  will  balance each other is key.      So  meet  Team  Kees:      Dutch.    Fast,  trustworthy,  and  obedient,  it  was  (and  still  is)  a  challenge to get him to pull because he had been trained not to.    Zap.  Strong, sweet,  and  willful,  he  could  pull  a  freight  train,  but  stopping,  turning,  etc,  is  done  on  ZAP’S  terms.     Maui.  Spoiled, playful princess who like Dutch is trained not to pull, but is  strong as an ox.   Last but not least, young Cuba   ‐‐‐‐ GO! – No destination in mind, just  GO like a bat outta hell!   What a welcome addition this wild boy is, I have high hopes  he will be a great lead dog some day.   So we are pairing them up, Dutch with Cuba,  and Maui with Zap.   

Ch Cambry’s Mask of Zorro (Dutch) 

Ch Windrift’s, (Zap) 

Cambry’s Island Paradise (Maui) 

KeeshondWorld December2011 

Because we didn’t have snow for them to practice in, I had to find another method to  teach them to pull, and since I was not about to try to run behind them, it had to be  roller  skates.      Now  I  know  the  Dog  Whisperer  does  it  but  can’t  say  I’d  really  recommend it.  It’s probably a little dangerous, but we had no other way to let them  go.  Both my daughter Mandy and I are pretty good skaters, we wear all the padding,  had back breaks installed on the skates, use a neckline so they can’t separate, and we  hold  on  to  a  leash  instead  of    hooking  up  to  belt  so  we  can  let  go  before  they  kill  us.   We also make sure we run them away from vehicles in case we do have to let go.   

Cuba, Dutch & Mandy Skatejoring 

Maui, Cuba, Zap & Penny 

So we practiced during the summer and were looking forward to winter, when we would be  swooshing through the snow with our dogs.  A week before we planned to go for a refresher  ski  lesson,    I  hurt  my  back,  six  weeks  later  I  had  back  surgery,  and  we  missed  the  whole  darned season.        Now physically healed and tired of trial and error, I decided to do it right, we were going to  Sled Dog class!         Next issue…     Gee!   Haw!  Hike!  We’re off ! 

KeeshondWorld December2011 

Kees To Agility by Martle de la Mar

This is the first of several columns celebrating Keeshond in agility from the dog’s point of view  that will include interviews with many Keeshond competitors.     My  name  is  Martle  de  la  Mar  (Shoreline’s  Sea  Ready  RN,  NJP,  CGC,  blah­blah­blah).    I  am  a  gracefully  aging,  feisty  Keeshond  bitch  in  coastal  California  who  is  14  years  old.    I  have  an  advanced degree in skank­a­philia (rolling in stinky things – no official titling in this yet) and a  long  history  as  a  surfing  safari  dog.    It  took  a  lot  of  prodding  to  finally  get  through  to  my  hardheaded human that agility would be a cool thing to do. I was 8 years old when I started and  10 1/2 when I retired. I barely made it out of Novice and frequently didn’t finish courses but I  still  wish  I  could  run  today.    An  old  creaky  body  combined  with  the  aches  and  pains  of  my  younger adventures (jumping off a 30 foot cliff for one) keep me on the sidelines.   I am now  coaching my little brother Ray, Shoreline’s Ruff n Tuff RE MX MXJ NF CGC, and, as you can see,  he  is  benefiting  from  my  sage  advice  despite  the  handicap  of  having  to  run  with  his  biped  teammate, Jocelyn Tipple.    I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t matter what age you are, how athletic your human is, or how  accomplished your team is to enjoy agility.  It is a sport that is filled with lots of fun, treats, fresh  air,  friends,  running,  a  closer  relationship  with  your  human  and  gives  you  an  opportunity  to  clown for an audience. Be forewarned; the hardest part of agility is teaching your two­legged  teammate to lighten up and communicate clearly.  Hopefully this column will help you discover  valuable  techniques  to  manage  this  challenge,  through  the  insight  of  competing  dogs,  and  inspire you to get out there and have a grand time!  (The following interview is with Circus, MACH 5 Keepsakes Life’s A Circus RN JWOWX, and his  brother  Pistol,  Keepsakes  Hot  As  A  Pistol  AX MXJ  XF,  who  both  run  with  Mary  Kay  Keenan  of  South  Carolina.  Circus  and  Mary  Kay  have  been  in  the  top  5  AKC  Agility  Keeshonden  in  the  United States and have been invited and participated in the prestigious AKC Agility Invitational  four years in a row.  Pistol is an up and coming lightening fast young dog that is quickly rising in  the  ranks  of  the  best  agility  Kees  in  the  states.    A  fitting  first  interview  as  they  embody  the  humor and fun of agility Keeshonden!) 

KeeshondWorld December 2011

Miss Martle: Dear Circus and Pistol, I would like to interview you two for my agility column. Will you answer a few questions for me? I would love it if you would include a few pictures of you and your two­legged.

Well, thank heaven, Pistol: SOMEONE out there wants my opinion! I keep telling Mom what I think of her so­called strategies on course & she keeps trying to "hush" me! I ALWAYS have an opinion! Keepsakes Hot As A Pistol AX MXJ XF  MM: How long ago did you start agility? Circus: We both have been playing this game ever since we came to Mom's house as babies.

MM: Do you belong to a club or take regular classes?

Circus: I don't need lessons any more since I'm semi­retired. Actually, I haven't needed them for a long time, but Mom needs all the help she can get.

Pistol: Mom used to take me to group classes, but now we have a weekly private lesson.

Pistol: I was 18 months old.

Circus: Back in the day the rules were different & I started at 15 months.

MM: What kind of successes have you had?

Circus: Mom & I have done the Victory Lap 5 times ­­ but one time I wouldn't run with her since she was waving that bar around like a club. We have driven to the CA Invitational 4 times. Mom says I can't go this year because I'm retired. I don't care as long as the cookies keep coming.

MM: How old were you when you started competing?

KeeshondWorld December 2011

Pistol: I am REALLY good in JWW. Mom has felt the need to have what she calls "heart足to足heart" talks with me several times. She's truly obsessed with the concept of Q'ing twice in the same day.

MM: What is your favorite venue?

C & P: Mom only takes us to AKC trials.

KeeshondWorld December 2011

MM: How long did it take to train your human?

Circus: Frankly, she's still a work in progress. Pistol has not yet realized how much groundwork I did for him. The little ingrate just assumes that Mom was always this well trained.

MM: What is your favorite part of playing the agility game?

Circus: This is my job and I like working with Mom. Weave poles were my favorites until my ribs started hurting. Now I run a special course called Jumpers With Out Weaves ­­ Mom says I have my JWOWX title.

MM: What is your "unsanctioned" agility move?


Pistol: I like running really fast & taking as many obstacles as I can before we have to leave. Sometimes we walk off together and other times Mom carries me off. I don't like those times. The last time she did that I started screaming & she put me down real fast so nobody would think she was hurting me. I was just SO frustrated ­­ there were obstacles I hadn't done yet!

C & P: Perhaps it's because we're family, but WE CAN FLY! Those big obstacles provide the perfect launching pad, too.

MM: What is your favorite motivator; play, treats, love, glory, rolling in dead stuff...?

MM: Which one of your runs will go down in the annals of Keeshonden agility history (whether your human likes it or not)?

Circus: Many years ago, we were running a JWW course & Mom said "Get out! Go on!" So I ran the entire perimeter of the ring taking all the obstacles in my way. Mom ended up standing beside the judge watching me complete the circle. And I was really fast!

Pistol: Well, I'm young yet & there are so many new things to try ­­ can't narrow it down. Mom brags that every run with me is a great adventure.

MM: Anything else you think the world should know about you?

C & P: We're both very happy that we get to play Agility as much as we do. Until next time, keep it fun, don’t let your human get too serious, and may the jackpots rain from the heavens! Miss Martle

C & P: Mom makes the most fab liver brownies that we get after each run! In practice she has good treats, but nothing like the special trial treats.

KeeshondWorld December 2011

AustKees Keeshond in Australia By Shirley Mewett Brilhond Keeshonden  

Hello again from down under

This has been an exciting period for Keeshond fanciers in Australia with wonderful results for our Breed in both the  Royal Adelaide and Royal Melbourne Shows.    It began in Adelaide with Calivale Katch Me If U Kan and Katrina Santas taking out the coveted award of Best Puppy In  Show at Royal Adelaide Show.    At the Royal Melbourne Show, the largest dog show in the Southern Hemisphere both Best Of Breed and Best Puppy Of  Breed made the final cut for the Non­Sporting Group  Specials  Congratulations Trevor & Cheri Rogers with Keez Me Myself N I on being selected in the final four Puppies and Katrina  Santas with Gr Ch Calivale Calln The Shots on reaching the final eight for the award of Best Exhibit In Group.    The Keeshond was selected as a “meet the breed” participant during the luncheon break on judging day. This allowed  the characteristics of the breed to be presented to the public and enabled them to get up close and personal with the  fuzzies. 

If you would like to see your results here, please email results and photos to me at  Date 




EJ & MR Ryan   

Ryfrost Look At Me 6-May-11 Cootamundra ABKC  7-May-11 Cootamundra ABKC  8-May-11 Cootamundra ABKC  26-Jun-11 Dogs NSW Southern Region Show 

Minor Puppy In Show.    Minor Puppy In Show.  Minor Puppy In Group.  Puppy In Group. 

  Miss B Daines    Mr K Hodge  Miss M Hoy  Mr Watson 

Ryfrost Bold As Bart   25-Jun-11 Dogs NSW Southern Region Show  26-Jun-11 Dogs NSW Southern Region Show  2-Jul-11 Dogs ACT (Canberra) 

Baby Puppy In Group.    Baby Puppy In Group.  Baby Puppy In Group. 

Mrs J Blyth    Mr R Watson  Mt T Tancred 

  A & P West  EJ & RM Ryan &

Grand Champion Ryfrost Eat My Shorts 26-06-11 Dogs NSW Southern Region. 

Best Exhibit in Group. 

    Mr R Watson 

David & Denise Wall KeeshondWorld December 2011 

Ch Keez Que Sera Sera 29-Aug-11 Parkes PA&H Association  29-Aug-11 Parkes PA&H Association  28-Aug-11 Condobolin & District Kennel Club  27-Aug-11 Condobolin & District Kennel Club  24-Aug-11 Peak Hill PA&H Association  22-Aug-11 Condobolin & District Kennel Club  21-Aug-11 Condobolin & District Kennel Club  20-Aug-11 Bedgerabong PA&H Society  17-Aug-11 Trundle P&H Society  16-Aug-11 Tullamore Kennel Club  15-Aug-11 Tullamore Kennel Club  14-Aug-11 Tullamore Kennel Club  13-Aug-11 Tullamore PA&H Association  10-Jul-11 Shepparton & District Kennel Club  9-Jul-11 Junior Kennel Club Of Victoria  2-Jul-11 Victorian Poultry & Kennel Club  

Runner Up Best Of Breed    Runner Up Best Of Breed  Best Of Breed  Best Of Breed  Best Of Breed  Bitch Challenge / Runner Up Best Of Breed  Runner Up Best In Group / Best Junior In Group  Best Of Breed / Best Junior In Group  Bitch Challenge / Runner Up Best Of Breed  Bitch Challenge / Runner Up Best Of Breed / Best Junior In Group   Bitch Challenge / Runner Up Best Of Breed / Best Junior In Group  Best Of Breed  Bitch Challenge / Runner Up Best Of Breed  Best Of Breed / Best Junior In Group  Runner Up Best Exibit In Group / Best Of Breed / Best Junior In Group  Bitch Challenge / Runner Up Best Of Breed 

Mrs. R. Robertson    Mrs. R. Robertson  Mrs A. Lane  Mrs. V. Spence  Mr. W. Burton  Miss M. Davis  Mrs.D.Paterson  Mr.A. Reading  Mrs.L. Brown  Mr.A. Reading  Mr. J. Connell  Mrs D. Jovanovic  Mr. A. Brown  Mrs J. Hocking  Miss A. Alexander  Mr R. Ellis 

Ch Calivale True Spirit    29-Aug-11 Parkes PA&H Association  28-Aug-11 Condobolin & District Kennel Club  27-Aug-11 Condobolin & District Kennel Club  24-Aug-11 Peak Hill PA&H Association  22-Aug-11 Condobolin & District Kennel Club  21-Aug-11 Condobolin & District Kennel Club  17-Aug-11 Trundle P&H Society  16-Aug-11 Tullamore Kennel Club  15-Aug-11 Tullamore Kennel Club  14-Aug-11 Tullamore Kennel Club  13-Aug-11 Tullamore PA&H Association  10-Jul-11 Shepparton & District Kennel Club  9-Jul-11 Junior Kennel Club Of Victoria  3-Jul-11 Canine Amenities Club Of Victoria 

Best Of Breed / Best Puppy In Group / 1st 6 ­ 12 Sweepstakes    Runner Up Best Of Breed / Best Puppy In Show / 1st 6 ­ 12 Sweepstakes  Runner Up Best Of Breed / Best Puppy In Show / 1st 6 ­ 12 Sweepstakes  Runner Up Best Of Breed / Best Puppy In Group  Best Of Breed / Best Puppy In Show / 2nd 6 ­ 12 Sweepstakes  Runner Up Best Of Breed / Best Puppy In Show / 1st 6 ­ 12 Sweepstakes  Best Of Breed / Best Puppy In Group / 1st 6 ­ 12 Sweepstakes  Best Of Breed / 3rd 6 ­ 12 Sweepstakes  Best Of Breed / Best Puppy In Group / 1st 6 ­ 12 Sweepstakes  Runner Up Best Of Breed / Best Puppy In Show / 3rd 6 ­ 12 Sweepstakes  Best Of Breed / 1st 6 ­ 12 Sweepstakes  Dog Challenge / Runner Up Best Of Breed / Best Puppy In Group  Dog Challenge / Runner Up Best Of Breed  Best Of Breed 

 Mrs. R. Robertson  Mrs A. Lane  Mrs. V. Spence  Mr. W. Burton  Miss M. Davis  Mrs.D.Paterson  Mrs.L. Brown  Mr. B. Rainie  Mr. J. Connell  Mrs D. Jovanovic  Mr. A. Brown  Mrs. J. Hocking  Miss A. Alexander  Mr G Treacey 

Neuter Ch & Ch Mijke   Mustang Sally  28-Aug-11 Condobolin & District Kennel Club  27-Aug-11 Condobolin & District Kennel Club  22-Aug-11 Condobolin & District Kennel Club  21-Aug-11 Condobolin & District Kennel Club  16-Aug-11 Tullamore Kennel Club  13-Aug-11 Tullamore PA&H Association  7-Aug-11 Murray Valley Kennel Club  6-Aug-11 Murray Valley Kennel Club 

Best Neuter In Group    Best Neuter In Show  Best Neuter In Group  Best Neuter In Show  Best Neuter In Show  Best Neuter In Show  Best Neuter In Group  Best Neuter In Group  Best Neuter In Show 

Mrs A. Lane    Mrs. V. Spence  Miss M. Davis  Mrs.D.Paterson  Mr.A. Reading  Mr. A. Brown  Mrs W. Slatyer  Mr. F. Leung  Mr. M. P.  Magsaysay 

    Intermediate In Group 

    Mrs. D. Baillie 

Puppy In Group    Best Members Puppy & Best Members Exhibit  Best Members Puppy & Best Members Exhibit 

Ms J Lees    Mr G Kerr  Mrs M Rose 


Murray Valley Kennel Club 

Shirley Mewett   Ch Keez Knitts Inya Knikkers  21-Aug-11 Horsham Wimmera Kennel Club  Keez Karbon Kopy  17-Sep-11 Horsham A & P Society.  27-Aug-11 Hamilton Kennel Club.  28-Aug-11 Hamilton Kennel Club. 

KeeshondWorld December 2011 

Adelaide Royal Show 2011 Puppy Dog  1  K Santas    2  S Mewett    3  M Sawley  Intermediate Dog   1  C Pink  Australian Bred Dog    1  M Sawley  Open Dog   1   V Douglas    2  K Santas    3  C Pink  Challenge Dog   K Santas  Reserve Challenge Dog     V Douglas  Intermediate     Bitch  1  C Pink  Open Bitch    1  K Santas    2  S Mewett    3  C Pink  Challenge Bitch    K Santas  Reserve Challenge Bitch     S Mewett  Best of Breed     K Santas  Runner Up  Best of Breed    V Douglas  Best Puppy     of Breed  K Santas     

Calivale Katch Me If U Kan  Keez Karbon Kopy  Caspakees General Lee   Rymvale Teddy Bear   Ch Calivale Ucnsay Datagain   Vikeyson Miyagi  Ch Calivale Calln Th Shots  Ch Calivale That's My Boy    Calivale Katch Me If U Kan  Vikeyson Miyagi   Rymvale Silver Rose   Ch Klompens Gone Walkabout At Calivale (Imp USA)  Ch Keez Knitts Inya Nikkers  Ch Rymvale Miss Moet  Ch Klompens Gone Walkabout At Calivale (Imp USA)    Ch Keez Knitts Inya Nikkers  Calivale Katch Me If U Kan    Vikeyson Miyagi  Calivale Katch Me If U Kan 

Melbourne Royal Show 2011 Puppy Dog 1  K Santas    2  T & C Rogers    3  S Mewett  Junior Dog    1  F & M Wyhoon    2  V Hughes    3  D & D Wall  Intermediate Dog   1  F & M Wyhoon    2  J Whincup    3  B Santas  Australian Bred Dog    1  K Santas    2  F & M Wyhoon    3  Whincup & Pearson     Open Dog  1  K Santas    2  T & C Rogers  Challenge Dog    K Santas  Reserve Challenge Dog      K Santas  Puppy     Bitch 1  T & C Rogers    2  B Santas  Junior Bitch    1  D & D Wall    2  S Emary  Intemediate Bitch   1  F & M Wyhoon    2  S Mewett    3  Whincup & Pearson    Open Bitch

Calivale Katch Me If U Kan  Keez Kause For Koncern  Keez Karbon Kopy   Leifhond All Eyes On Tristen  Nawtikees OMG  Calivale True Spirit   Leifhond Focus on Bjorn  Leifhond Im Super Xavier  Calivale At It Again   Nz Ch & Gr Ch Nedderhund Katjas Katjim at Calivale ET  Gr Ch Leifhond Silver Lynx  Nynka The Beez Kneez 

Gr Ch Calivale Calln The Shots  Nz Ch & Gr Ch Keeswey The Marksmen at Keez (Imp NZ)  Gr Ch Calivale Calln The Shots    Calivale Katch Me If U Kan     Keez Me Myself N I  Calivale So You Think   Keez Que Sera Sera  Miavig O Can You Ce Me   Leifhond Iam Super Summer  Ch Keez Knitts Inya Knikkers  Nynka Clearly Devine 

KeeshondWorld December 2011 

1 K Santas   Challenge Bitch  K Santas  Reserve Challenge Bitch      T & C Rogers  Best     of Breed K Santas  Runner Up Best of Breed      K Santas  Best     Puppy of Breed T & C Rogers     

Ch Klompens Gone Walkabout At Calivale (Imp USA)  Ch Klompens Gone Walkabout At Calivale (Imp USA)    Keez Me Myself N I    Gr Ch Calivale Calln The Shots    Ch Klompens Gone Walkabout At Calivale (Imp USA)    Keez Me Myself N I   

Keeshond Club of Victoria Open Show Baby Puppy Dog 1  B Santas    2  B Thaens  Minor Puppy Dog   1  T & C Rogers  Puppy Dog    1  S Mewett  Junior Dog    1  K Santas    2  D & D Wall  Intermediate Dog   1  B Santas    2  S Emary    3  J Whincup  Australian Bred Dog   1  T & C Rogers    2  M Davison    3  K Santas  Open Dog   1  K Santas    2  T & C Rogers    3  B Santas  Best Dog   T & C Rogers  Reserve Best Dog      K Santas  Baby     Puppy Bitch  1  B Santas  Minor Puppy Bitch    1  M Davison  Puppy Bitch   1  T & C Rogers    2  B Santas  Junior Bitch   1  S Emary  Intermediate Bitch   1  S Mewett    2  A & P Yu  Australian Bred Bitch   1  D & D Wall    2  H Whincup    3  A & P Yu  Open Bitch   1  K Santas    2  T & C Rogers  Best Bitch   K Santas  Reserve Best Bitch     D & D Wall  Neuter Bitch     1  D & D Wall    2  H Whincup  Veteran   1  T & C Rogers    2  H Whincup    3  H Whincup    Best of Breed T & C Rogers     

Calivale Eye of The Tiger  Dibullic First Impressions   Keez Gimme Th Gossip   Keez Karbon Kopy   Calivale Katch Me If U Kan  Calivale True Spirit   Calivale At It Again  Ch Vendorfe What The Heck  Ch Leifhond Super Xavier   Keez Kause For Koncern  Larrabeau Cracker Jax  Nz Ch & Gr Ch Nedderhund Katjas Katjim at Calivale ET   Gr Ch Calivale Calln The Shots  Nz Ch & Gr Ch Keeswey The Marksmen at Keez (Imp NZ)  Ch Calivale Does It For Me   Keez Kause For Koncern   Calivale Katch Me If U Kan   Calivale Eye Spy   Kabander Fyre Fly   Keez Me Myself N I  Calivale So You Think   Miavig O Can You Ce Me   Ch Keez Knitts Inya Knikkers  Venlo Touched By An Angel   Ch Keez Que Sera Sera  Nynka Clearly Devine  Ch Venlo Far From An Angel   Ch Klompens Gone Walkabout At Calivale (Imp USA)  Ch Keez Everybodyz Talkin    Ch Klompens Gone Walkabout At Calivale (Imp USA)    Ch Keez Que Sera Sera   Ch & Neuter Ch Mijke Mustang Sally  Ch Whinkees Alpine Rose   Ch Greendoss Queen O Hart  Ch Whinkees Alpine Rose  Ch Whinkees Rising Star   

Keez Kause For Koncern 

KeeshondWorld December 2011 

Runner Up Best of Breed K Santas  Ch Klompens Gone Walkabout At Calivale (Imp USA)  Best     Baby Puppy In Show B Santas  Calivale Eye Spy  Best     Opposite Sex Baby Puppy In Show B Santas  Calivale Eye of The Tiger  Best     Minor Puppy In Show M Davison  Kabander Fyre Fly  Best     Opposite Sex Minor Puppy In Show T & C Rogers  Keez Gimme Th Gossip  Best     Puppy In Show T & C Rogers   Keez Me Myself N I  Best     Opposite Sex Puppy In Show S Mewett  Keez Karbon Kopy  Best     Junior In Show K Santas   Calivale Katch Me If U Kan  Best     Opposite Sex Junior In Show S Emary  Miavig O Can You Ce Me  Best     Intermediate In Show B Santas  Calivale At It Again  Best     Opposite Sex Intermediate In Show S Mewett  Ch Keez Knitts Inya Knikkers  Best     Australian Bred In Show T & C Rogers  Keez Kause For Koncern  Best     Opposite Sex Australian Bred In Show D & D Wall  Ch Keez Que Sera Sera  Best     Open In Show K Santas   Ch Klompens Gone Walkabout At Calivale (Imp USA)  Opposite Sex Best Open In Show     K Santas  Gr Ch Calivale Calln The Shots  Best     Neuter In Show D & D Wall    Ch & Neuter Ch Mijke Mustang Sally  Best     Veteran In Show T & C Rogers    Ch Greendoss Queen O Hart        

KeeshondWorld December 2011 

Below is a letter that we received from the judge of the Open Show Mrs Kathy Smith.    Keeshond Club of Victoria Open Show    Firstly I would like to thank the club, committee and its members for the invitation to judge the open show 2nd October  2011.    Thank you to all the exhibitors for their entries and support on the day, without your support for these Open Shows  Trainee judges would not have the privilege of being able to assess and learn about the Keeshond.     My overall impression of the breed was extremely pleasing; all of the dogs/bitches exhibited on the day were quality  specimens of the breed.   I recognize my dog and bitch winners were different in ‘type’ but both were exceptional examples of the breed. My  winner’s dog displayed a bold and confident carriage, of good proportions being well‐balanced, he stood out to me on  the day as being a sturdy, alert young fellow.  Reserve dog was again of exceptional quality displaying all the characteristics desired in the breed.  My winners bitch was slightly smaller however she was all quality and showed to perfection, I later found out she was a  Grand Champion and I can certainly see why as she was absolutely gorgeous and typifies the breed in everyway.  Reserve bitch was also stunning, moved well and showed herself, another outstanding bitch that could not be ignored on  the day.    Overall I was quite impressed with the quality exhibited, the handling and presentation was to be commended and I must  say I was thrilled to see such good sportsmanship displayed. I believe a new exhibitor was showing and it was nice to see  the support and help offered to her. Being mindful I am still a trainee judge I was very grateful and thankful to exhibitors  that also showed me respect and gratitude on the day.    Also I would like to make mention the gorgeous trophy table, the prizes and sashes were divine, also congratulations to  whomever was responsible for preparing the luncheon,  it was delicious!    Again sincere thank you to all involved with Keeshond Club of Victoria, I wish the club all the best in the future and I hope  your big show in 2012 is a great success.  Keep up the great work guys!    Kind regards    Kathy Smith  Darkat Great Danes 


KeeshondWorld December 2011 

Keeshond Club of Victoria Championship Show Baby Puppy Dog 1  B Santas   Calivale Eye of The Tiger  Minor Puppy Dog   1  T & C Rogers  Keez Gimme Th Gossip    Puppy Dog   1  S Mewett   Keez Karbon Kopy  Junior Dog   1  K Santas   Calivale Katch Me If U Kan    2  D & D Wall  Calivale True Spirit    3  F & M Wyhoon  Leifhond All Eyes On Tristen  Intermediate Dog   1  B Santas   Calivale At It Again    2  S Emary  Ch Vendorfe What The Heck    3  J Whincup  Ch Leifhond Super Xavier  Australian Bred Dog   1  M Davison   Larrabeau Cracker Jax    2  K Santas  Nz Ch & Gr Ch Nedderhund Katjas Katjim at Calivale ET    3  T & C Rogers  Keez Kause For Koncern  Open Dog   1  K Santas   Gr Ch Calivale Calln The Shots    2  T & C Rogers  Nz Ch & Gr Ch Keeswey The Marksmen at Keez (Imp NZ)    3  B Santas  Ch Calivale Does It For Me  Challenge Dog   K Santas   Gr Ch Calivale Calln The Shots  Reserve     Challenge Dog M Davison   Larrabeau Cracker Jax  Baby Puppy Bitch     1  B Santas   Calivale Eye Spy  Minor Puppy Bitch   1  M Davison   Kabander Fyre Fly  Puppy Bitch   1  T & C Rogers  Keez Me Myself N I    Junior Bitch   1  S Emary   Miavig O Can You Ce Me  Intermediate Bitch   1  A & P Yu   Venlo Touched By An Angel    2  S Mewett  Ch Keez Knitts Inya Knikkers    3  H Whincup  Nynka Clearly Devine  Australian Bred Bitch   1  D & D Wall   Ch Keez Que Sera Sera    2  A & P Yu  Ch Venlo Far From An Angel  Open Bitch   1  K Santas   Ch Klompens Gone Walkabout At Calivale (Imp USA)    2  T & C Rogers  Ch Keez Everybodyz Talkin  Challenge Bitch   K Santas   Ch Klompens Gone Walkabout At Calivale (Imp USA)  Reserve     Challenge Bitch D & D Wall  Ch Keez Que Sera Sera  Neuter Bitch     1  H Whincup  Ch Whinkees Alpine Rose      2  D & D Wall  Ch & Neuter Ch Mijke Mustang Sally  Veteran   1  H Whincup  Ch Whinkees Alpine Rose      2  H Whincup  Ch Whinkees Rising Star    3  T & C Rogers  Ch Greendoss Queen O Hart  Best of Breed   K Santas   Gr Ch Calivale Calln The Shots  Runner    Up Best of Breed K Santas  Ch Klompens Gone Walkabout At Calivale (Imp USA)  Best Baby     Puppy In Show B Santas  Calivale Eye Spy  Best Opposite Sex Baby Puppy In Show     B Santas  Calivale Eye of The Tiger  Best Minor Puppy In Show     M Davison  Kabander Fyre Fly  Best Opposite Sex Minor Puppy In Show     T & C Rogers  Keez Gimme Th Gossip  Best Puppy In Show     T & C Rogers  Keez Me Myself N I    Best Opposite Sex Puppy In Show     S Mewett  Keez Karbon Kopy  Best Junior In Show      

KeeshondWorld December 2011 

K Santas  Calivale Katch Me If U Kan  Best Opposite Sex Junior In Show     S Emary  Miavig O Can You Ce Me  Best Intermediate In Show     B Santas  Calivale At It Again  Best Opposite Sex Intermediate In Show     A & P Yu  Venlo Touched By An Angel  Best Australian Bred In Show     M Davison  Larrabeau Cracker Jax  Best Opposite Sex Australian Bred In Show     D & D Wall  Ch Keez Que Sera Sera  Best Open     In Show K Santas   Gr Ch Calivale Calln The Shots  Opposite     Sex Best Open In Show K Santas  Ch Klompens Gone Walkabout At Calivale (Imp USA)  Best Neuter In Show     H Whincup  Ch Whinkees Alpine Rose  Best Veteran In Show     H Whincup    Ch Whinkees Alpine Rose             

Keeshond Club of New South Wales Championship Show Baby Puppy Dog 1 P & T Hoffman    2  B Santas    3  K Martin  Minor Puppy Dog   1  E & R Ryan    2  R Millner & T Parker  Puppy Dog   1  P & T Hoffman  Junior Dog   1  K Santas    2  E & R Ryan    3  K Stewart  Intermediate Dog   1  B Santas    2  T Parker    3  T & C Rogers  Australian Bred Dog   1  M Davison    2  T Parker    3  E & R Ryan & P & A West  Open Dog   1  K Santas    2  P & T Hoffman  Challenge Dog   B Santas  Reserve Challenge Dog     K Santas  Baby     Puppy Bitch 1  P & T Hoffman    2  B Santas  Minor Puppy Bitch   1  M Davison  Puppy Bitch   1  R & M Parker  Junior Bitch   1  T Parker  Australian Bred Bitch   1  M & K Fayth    2  P & T Hoffman    3  K Stewart  Open Bitch   1  K Santas    2  T Parker  Challenge Bitch   K Santas  Reserve Challenge Bitch     M Davison      Best of Breed K Santas     

Nawtikees Shape Shifter  Calivale Eye of The Tiger  Sandstock Fair Dinkum  Ryfrost Sniff Ya Later    Rymiska Dirty Harry   Karenda Ka Ching  Calivale Katch Me If U Kan    Ryfrost Funkin Kee  Morioka Jacks My Daddy  Calivale At It Again    Ch Rymiska Solo Man  Ch Keez U Got It Flaunt It   Larrabeau Cracker Jax  Rymiska Maverick  Gr Ch Ryfrost Eat My Shorts  Gr Ch Calivale Calln The Shots    Gr Ch Nawtikees Dontcha Wish  Calivale At It Again    Gr Ch Calivale Calln The Shots     Nawtikees True Blood  Calivale Eye Spy   Kabander Fyre Fly  Rymiska Ring A Ring A Rosie    Ch Ryfrost Here I Am    Ch Keez Miss Demeanour    Ch Calivale Class Narse  Ch Napaj Im A Showoff  Ch Klompens Gone Walkabout At Calivale (Imp USA)  Rymiska Tahkira  Ch Klompens Gone Walkabout At Calivale (Imp USA)     Kabander Fyre Fly   

Ch Klompens Gone Walkabout At Calivale (Imp USA) 

KeeshondWorld December 2011 

Runner Up Best of Breed B Santas  Calivale At It Again    Best     Baby Puppy In Show P & T Hoffman   Nawtikees Shape Shifter  Best     Opposite Sex Baby Puppy In Show P & T Hoffman  Nawtikees True Blood  Best     Minor Puppy In Show M Davison   Kabander Fyre Fly  Best     Opposite Sex Minor Puppy In Show E & R Ryan  Ryfrost Sniff Ya Later  Best     Puppy In Show R & M Parker  Rymiska Ring A Ring A Rosie    Best     Opposite Sex Puppy In Show P & T Hoffman  Karenda Ka Ching  Best     Junior In Show K Santas  Calivale Katch Me If U Kan    Best     Opposite Sex Junior In Show T Parker  Ch Ryfrost Here I Am  Best     Intermediate In Show B Santas  Calivale At It Again  Best     Australian Bred In Show M Davison  Larrabeau Cracker Jax  Best     Opposite Sex Australian Bred In Show M & K Fayth  Ch Keez Miss Demeanour  Best     Open In Show K Santas  Ch Klompens Gone Walkabout At Calivale (Imp USA)    Opposite Sex Best Open In Show     K Santas  Gr Ch Calivale Calln The Shots      

KeeshondWorld December 2011 

Aust Champion Keez Que Sera Sera

Aust Champion & MBNIS Neuter Champion Mijke Mustang Sally

Aust Champion Calivale True Spirit

David & Denise Wall  Melbourne Australia  0434 340 815 


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British Columbia/Yukon/NWT, Prairie  provinces (Alberta, Saskatchewan,  Manitoba), Ontario and Quebec.  Send results and photos to :  Cindy Upward 

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As this  is  my  first  column  for  KeeshondWorld,    let  me  introduce  myself.    My  name  is  Cindy  Upward  and  I  live  in  Surrey,  British  Columbia.  Surrey is a city just outside Vancouver.  My husband Jeff and I have been owned by Keeshonden for over 30 years. We  purchased  our  first  one  from  a  breeder  in  the  province  of  Ontario  and  were  introduced  to  showing  when  we  moved  to  British  Columbia and purchased our first show  Kees from Tina Baldwin in Fruitvale, BC.  We  have since had 5 show Kees  which we have  been able to put Canadian, American and International titles on.  Our most recent successes have been with “Indy” (Can BIS/BISS  GCH / Am BISS GCH Keesrich Life Is An Open Road, CGN, CHOF).  At almost 7 years of age Indy just finished winning back to back  Specialties (the Pacific Crest Keeshond Club Specialty in Enumclaw, Washington and The Keeshond Club Of B.C. Specialty).  He is also  nd only the 2  Keeshond to achieve BOTH Canadian and American GRAND CHAMPIONSHIPS.  Let me give a brief explanation of how a dog obtains it’s Canadian Championship and it’s Canadian Grand Championship.  In order  for a dog to be recognized as a Champion the dog must:  a) earn at least 10 championship points under at least 3 different judges;  and  b)  be  registered  in  the  records  of  the  CKC  (Canadian  Kennel  Club),  have  an  Event  Registration  Number  (ERN),  or  have  a  Miscellaneous Certification Number (MCN); and c) have earned at least one 2 point win either at the breed or group level.  Points  are awarded to Winners by the number of dogs competing ­ 1 dog = 0 points, 2 dogs = 1 point, 3­5 dogs = 2 points, 6­9 dogs = 3  points,  10­12  dogs  =  4  points  and  13  or  more  dogs  =  5  points  (includes  the  dog  awarded  Winners).    In  addition  to championship  points allocated at the breed level, a dog awarded Winners which also places in the regular Group competition (having also earned  Best of Breed) shall be credited with the following additional points provided that a dog was defeated at the Group level ­    st




# dogs competing 

dogs placed 1  

dogs placed 2  

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                                              KeeshondWorld December 2011 

A dog may not be credited with more than 5 Championship points in a single show.  The title of Grand Champion may only be earned after the completion of the CKC Conformation Championship.  Points for this title  are only accumulated after the completion of the Conformation Championship and do not include the points earned in attaining the  Conformation Championship.  A minimum of 100 points which must include one Best In Show or a Best of Breed at a Breed National  Specialty (where a minimum of ten dogs have competed) or a Best in Multiple Breed Specialty with at least five breeds represented;  plus 3 group firsts or 3 Breed Specialty wins must be earned at Conformation shows.  The Grand Champion point system – Best in  Show or Best in National Specialty Show or Best in Multi Breed Specialty Show = 10 points,  Group 1 or Best in Specialty Show = 5  points,  Group 2 or Best Opposite Single Breed Specialty Show = 4 points,  Group 3 = 3 points, Group 4 = 2 points, and Best of Breed  (where at least 5 dogs must be shown at the breed level) = 1 point.   Only the highest points earned at a single show are carried  forward.  For example, a dog that wins Group 1 then wins Best in Show earns only 10 points not 15.   Additional requirements – The  dog  must  have  been  awarded  a  title  from  any  CKC  event,  other  than  Conformation,  (obedience,  rally,  etc),  or  awarded  a  Canine  Good  Neighbour  Certificate  (CGN).    Title  of  Grand  Champion  shall  not  be  awarded  retroactively,  but  a  dog  shall  be  eligible  to  be  awarded this title if the dog gains some points towards the title or completes any additional requirement after January 1, 2007.  My  area  of  reporting  is  comprised  of  British  Columbia/Yukon/NWT,  Prairie  provinces  (Alberta,  Saskatchewan,  Manitoba),  Ontario  and Quebec.  As no shows have as yet been reported in KeeshondWorld for these areas I have gone back to the beginning of 2011  and  recorded  all  the  shows  that  the  Canadian  Kennel  Club  has  so  far  approved  the  results  of.      Let  me  tell  you  that  the  CKC  is  extremely slow in reporting results, so most results are only up to the months of June, July or August.  Hopefully by the next issue I  will be able to give a more up­to­date report.    I would like to ask anyone who is showing in the above areas if they could let me know results of shows which you attend then I  would not have to rely on the CKC.  Also, any photos which you would like to share would be much appreciated!    Until next time,  Cindy  Pawstep Keeshonden 



KeeshondWorld December 2011 

BC REGION SHOWS  LADIES KENNEL CLUB  January 28   Judge – Charles Francis, Surrey, BC  BB/Group 1 – Ch Keesrich Wizard (D)   Owner – Gail Riches  January 29   Judge – Charles Bett, Carrying Place, ON  BB/Group 3 – Ch Keesrich Wizard (D)   Owner – Gail Riches  January 30   Judge – Letitia Bett, Carrying Place, ON  BB – Ch Keesrich Wizard (D)   Owner – Gail Riches    MOUNT CHEAM CANINE ASSOCIATION  February 18   Judge – Brian Taylor, Burlington, ON  BB/Group 3 – Ch Keesrich Wizard (D)   Owner – Gail Riches  February 19   Judge – Ronnie Natividad, Quezon City, PH  BB/Group 3 – Ch Keesrich Wizard (D)   Owner – Gail Riches  February 20   Judge – Wendy Maisey, Calgary, AB  BB – Ch Keesrich Wizard (D)   Owner – Gail Riches    LOWER MAINLAND DOG FANCIERS OF BRITISH COLUMBIA  February 25   Judge – Thomas Alexander, Dugald, MB  BB/Group 2 – Ch Daimlers Krack­R­Jack at Klitsa (D)   Owner – Barbara Wilson  February 26   Judge – Lesley Hiltz, Brush Prairie, WA  BB/Group 4 – Ch Daimlers Krack­R­Jack at Klitsa (D)   Owner – Barbara Wilson  BOS – Keelypso’s Nightingale of Thistledee (B)   Owner – Karen & Brett Kelley  BP – Klitsas Diva on a Dime (B)   Owner – Gloria Jones/Barbara Wilson  February 27   Judge – Marilyn Foulds, Thunder Bay, ON  BB – Ch Daimlers Krack­R­Jack at Klitsa (D)   Owner – Barbara Wilson  BOS – Keelypso’s Nightingale of Thistledee (B)   Owner – Karen & Brett Kelley  BP – Klitsas Diva on a Dime (B)   Owner – Gloria Jones/Barbara Wilson    OCEANSIDE KENNEL CLUB  March 24   Judge – Donna Cole, Langley, BC  BB – Keesrich Gossip Girl (B)   Owner – Gail Riches  BOS/BP – Keesrich Thunder Down Under (D)   Owner – Gail Riches  March 25   Judge – Edna St. Hilaire, New Westminster, BC  BB – Thistledees Echo Blues (D)   Owner – Fawn & Vytas Vaitkus  BOS – Keesrich Gossip Girl (B)   Owner – Gail Riches  BP – Keesrich Thunder Down Under (D)   Owner – Gail Riches  March 26   Judge – Phyllis Wolfish, Toronto, ON  BB – Keelypso’s Nightingale of Thistledee (B)   Owner – Karen & Brett Kelley  BOS/BP – Keesrich Thunder Down Under (D)   Owner – Gail Riches  March 27   Judge – Leslie Belfit, Victoria, BC  BB/Group 3,BPIG – Keesrich Thunder Down Under (D)   Owner – Gail Riches  BOS – Keesrich Gossip Girl (B)   Owner – Gail Riches    RENAISSANCE DOG ASSOCIATION  April 8   Judge – Cecilia Ringstrom, Arrowwood,AB  BB – CH Darkenwald Flashpoint at Southcar (D)   Owner – Lynne Hewitt/Suzette Lefebvre  April 9   Judge – Dorothy Welsh, Neillsville, WI  BB/Group 4 – Ch Daimlers Krack­R­Jack at Klitsa (D)   Owner – Barbara Wilson  April 10   Judge – Butch MacDonald, Arrowwood,AB  BB – Ch Darkenwald Flashpoint at Southcar (D)   Owner – Lynne Hewitt/Suzette Lefebvre  KeeshondWorld December 2011 

April 11   Judge – John B Ross, Puslinch, ON  BB/Group 1 – Ch Darkenwald Flashpoint at Southcar (D)   Owner – Lynne Hewitt/Suzette Lefebvre    Lakes District Kennel Club  May 7   Judge – Thomas Alexander, Dugald, MB  BB/Group 2 – Ch Keesrich Wizard (D)   Owner – Gail Riches  May 7   Judge ‐ Frederick Dewsbury, Oakville, ON  BB/Group1 – Ch Keesrich Wizard (D)   Owner – Gail Riches  May 8   Judge – Bud Haverstock, Fort Saskatchewan, AB  BB/Group 2 – Ch Keesrich Wizard (D)   Owner – Gail Riches  May 8   Judge – Bruce Owen, Acton, ON  BB/Group 1/BIS – Ch Keesrich Wizard (D)   Owner – Gail Riches    Tyee Kennel Club  May 13   Judge – Jacqueline Rusby, Saint‐Bruno, QC  BB – Klitsas Diva on a Dime (B)   Owner – Gloria Jones/Barbara Wilson  May 14   Judge – Glenys Alexander, Victoria, AU  BB/Group 2 – Ch Daimlers Krack­R­Jack at Klitsa (D)   Owner – Barbara Wilson  BOS/BP – Klitsas Diva on a Dime (B)   Owner – Gloria Jones/Barbara Wilson  May 15   Judge – Harold Pybus, Abbotsford, BC  BB/Group 1 – Ch Daimlers Krack­R­Jack at Klitsa (D)   Owner – Barbara Wilson  BOS/BP – Klitsas Diva on a Dime (B)   Owner – Gloria Jones/Barbara Wilson    FORT ST JOHN & DISTRICT KENNEL CLUB  May 21   Judge – Judith A P Shurb, Victoria, BC  BB/Group 1 – Ch Cinnakees Christian Louboutin (D)   Owner – Cathy & Garry Cinnamon  May 21   Judge – Geraldine Taylor, Dugald, MB  BB/Group 1 – Ch Cinnakees Christian Louboutin (D)   Owner – Cathy & Garry Cinnamon  May 22   Judge – Mel Saranchuk, Lethbridge, AB  BB/Group 1 – Ch Cinnakees Christian Louboutin (D)   Owner – Cathy & Garry Cinnamon  May 22   Judge – Barbara Watt, Victoria, BC  BB/Group 2 – Ch Cinnakees Christian Louboutin (D)   Owner – Cathy & Garry Cinnamon  May 23   Judge – Susan Badick, Calgary, AB  BB/Group 1/BIS – Ch Cinnakees Christian Louboutin (D)   Owner – Cathy & Garry Cinnamon  May 23   Judge – F Paul A Odenkirchen, Waterdown, ON  BB/Group 1 – Ch Cinnakees Christian Louboutin (D)   Owner – Cathy & Garry Cinnamon    VANCOUVER ISLAND DOG FANCIERS’ ASSOCIATION  May 28   Judge – Walter Pinsker, Surrey, BC  BB/Group 2 – Ch Daimlers Krack­R­Jack At Klitsa (D)   Owner – Barbara Wilson  May 29   Judge – Lt (Bud) Haverstock, Fort Saskatchewan, AB  BB/Group 2 – Ch Daimlers Krack­R­Jack At Klitsa (D)   Owner – Barbara Wilson      COMOX VALLEY KENNEL CLUB  June 11   Judge – Breed/Group – Dianne Ivey, Vernon, BC / BIS – Brenton Wright, Richmond, BC  BB/Group 1/BIS – Ch Daimlers Krack­R­Jack At Klitsa (D)   Owner – Barbara Wilson  BOS – Klitsas Diva On A Dime (B)   Owner – Gloria Jones/Barbara Wilson  June 11   Judge – Grant Townsend, Edmonton, AB  BB/Group 2 – Ch Daimlers Krack­R­Jack At Klitsa (D)   Owner – Barbara Wilson  BOS – Klitsas Diva On A Dime (B)   Owner – Gloria Jones/Barbara Wilson  June 12   Judge – Olga Gagne, St Davids, ON  KeeshondWorld December 2011 

BB/Group 1 – Ch Daimlers Krack­R­Jack At Klitsa (D)   Owner – Barbara Wilson  BOS – Klitsas Diva On A Dime (B)   Owner – Gloria Jones/Barbara Wilson  June 12   Judge – Vickie Umpleby, Tottenham, ON  BB/Group 1 – Ch Daimlers Krack­R­Jack At Klitsa (D)   Owner – Barbara Wilson  BOS – Klitsas Diva On A Dime (B)   Owner – Gloria Jones/Barbara Wilson    NANAIMO KENNEL CLUB  June 17   Judge – Shirley Limoges, Ottawa, ON  BB/Group 2 – Ch Daimlers Krack­R­Jack At Klitsa (D)   Owner – Barbara Wilson  BOS – Klitsas Diva On A Dime (B)   Owner – Gloria Jones/Barbara Wilson  June 18   Judge – Mel Saranchuk, Lethbridge, AB  BB/Group 1 – Ch Daimlers Krack­R­Jack At Klitsa (D)   Owner – Barbara Wilson  BOS – Klitsas Diva On A Dime (B)   Owner – Gloria Jones/Barbara Wilson  June 19   Judge – Susan Norris‐Jones, Cobble Hill, BC  BB/Group 4 – Ch Daimlers Krack­R­Jack At Klitsa (D)   Owner – Barbara Wilson  BOS – Klitsas Diva On A Dime (B)   Owner – Gloria Jones/Barbara Wilson    VERNON & DISTRICT KENNEL CLUB  July 8   Judge – Dianne Ivey, Vernon, BC  BB/Group 1 – Ch Daimlers Krack­R­Jack At Klitsa (D)   Owner – Barbara Wilson  July 9   Judge – Carol Graham, Balzac, AB  BB/Group 3 – Ch Daimlers Krack­R­Jack At Klitsa (D)   Owner – Barbara Wilson  July 10   Judge – Charles Trotter, Carmel, CA  BB/Group 2 – Ch Daimlers Krack­R­Jack At Klitsa (D)   Owner – Barbara Wilson    PACIFIC KENNEL CLUB  July 22   Judge – Jean Bateman, Saanichton, BC  BB/Group 2 – Ch Keesrich Wizard (D)   Owner – Gail Riches  BP – Klompen’s Baron Of Highgate (D)   Owner – Heather Campbell/Theresa Gallant  July 23   Judge – Breed/Group – Donna Conod, Tillsonburg, ON / Show – Doreen Marsh, Victoria, BC  BB/Group 1/BIS – Ch Keesrich Wizard (D)   Owner – Gail Riches  BP – Klompen’s Baron OF Highgate (D)   Owner – Heather Campbell/Theresa Gallant  July 24   Judge – Judy McVeigh, Edmonton, AB  BB/Group 1 – Ch Keesrich Wizard (D)   Owner – Gail Riches  BP – Klompen’s Baron OF Highgate (D)   Owner – Heather Campbell/Theresa Gallant    PRINCE GEORGE KENNEL CLUB  July 22   Judge – Alan Bennett, Beachville, ON  BB/Group 1 – Ch Daimlers Krack­R­Jack At Klitsa (D)   Owner – Barbara Wilson  July 22   Judge – Donna Cole, Langley, BC  BB/Group 2 – Ch Daimlers Krack­R­Jack At Klitsa (D)   Owner – Barbara Wilson  July 23   Judge – Richard Lopaschuk, Cranbrook, BC  BB/Group 1 – Ch Cinnakees Christian Louboutin (D)   Owner – Cathy & Garry Cinnamon  July 23   Judge – Edward Wild, Chatham, ON  BB/Group 3 – Ch Daimlers Krack­R­Jack At Klitsa (D)   Owner – Barbara Wilson  July 24   Judge – Michael Lanctot, Cornwall, ON  BB/Group 1 – Ch Daimlers Krack­R­Jack At Klitsa (D)   Owner – Barbara Wilson  July 24   Judge – Patricia Lanctot, Cornwall, ON  BB/Group 1 – Ch Daimlers Krack­R­Jack At Klitsa (D)   Owner – Barbara Wilson 

KeeshondWorld December 2011 

PRAIRIE REGION  EVELYN KENNY KENNEL & OBEDIENCE CLUB  February 4    Judge – Edd Bivin, Fort Worth, TX  BB – Ch Aristokees Prince Charming (D)   Owner – Dennis & Dana Miller  BOS – Klompen’s Jazzy Jasmine (B)   Owner – Kathleen & Bruce Stewart  BP – Aristokees Thunderbolt (D)   Owner – Donna Green  February 5   Judge – Ramon Podesta, Santiago, CL  BB – Ch Aristokees Prince Charming (D)   Owner – Dennis & Dana Miller  BOS – Thistledees Violet To Blue (B)   Owner – Gloria Turner  BP – Aristokees Thunderbolt (D)   Owner – Donna Green  February 6   Judge – Donald Fitzsimmons, Nepean, ON  BB/Group 2 – Ch Aristokees Prince Charming (D)   Owner – Dennis & Dana Miller  BOS – Klompen’s Jazzy Jasmine (B)   Owner – Kathleen & Bruce Stewart  BP – Aristokees Thunderbolt (D)   Owner – Donna Green    PRINCE ALBERT KENNEL & OBEDIENCE CLUB  March 4   Judge – David Markus, Niverville, MB  BB/Group 1/ BIS – Ch Cinnakees Christian Louboutin (D)   Owner – Cathy & Garry Cinnamon  March 4   Judge – Guy Jeavons, Moffat, ON  BB/Group 2 – Ch Cinnakees Christian Louboutin (D)   Owner – Cathy & Garry Cinnamon  March 5   Judge – Susan Badick, Calgary, AB  BB/Group 1 – Ch Cinnakees Christian Louboutin (D)   Owner – Cathy & Garry Cinnamon  March 5   Judge – Carol Graham, Balzac, AB  BB/Group 1 – Ch Cinnakees Christian Louboutin (D)   Owner – Cathy & Garry Cinnamon  March 6   Judge – Douglas Gaudin, Woodstock, ON  BB/Group 2 – Ch Cinnakees Christian Louboutin (D)   Owner – Cathy & Garry Cinnamon    CALGARY KENNEL & OBEDIENCE CLUB  March 11   Judge – Walter Pinsker, Surrey, BC  BB – Ch Foxfair Hufflepuff (D)   Owner – Tonya Schmolke  BP – Aristokees Thunderbolt (D)   Owner – Donna Green    March 12   Judge – Lawrence Stanbridge, Troy, ON  BB – Ch Aristokees Prince Charming (D)   Owner – Dennis & Dana Miller  BP – Aristokees Thunderbolt (D)   Owner – Donna Green  March 13   Judge – Thomas Nesbitt, Gananoque, ON  BB/Group 3 – Ch Aristokees Prince Charming (D)   Owner – Dennis & Dana Miller  BP – Aristokees Thunderbolt (D)   Owner – Donna Green    BATTLE RIVER CANINE ASSOCIATION  March 25   Judge – Grant Townsend, Edmonton, AB  BB/Group1/BIS – Ch Cinnakees Christian Louboutin (D)   Owner – Cathy & Garry Cinnamon  BOS – Klompen’s Jazzy Jasmine (B)   Owner – Kathleen & Bruce Stewart  March 26   Judge – Toddie Clark, Decatur, TN  BB – Ch Keesrich Wizard (D)   Owner – Gail Riches  BOS – Thistledees Violet To Blue (B)   Owner – Gloria Turner  March 27   Judge – Joe Tacker, Monterey, CA  BB/Group 3 – Ch Keesrich Wizard (D)   Owner – Gail Riches  BOS – Thistledees Violet To Blue (B)   Owner – Gloria Turner        KeeshondWorld December 2011 

NORTHWINDS DOG CLUB INC  March 25   Judge – Sue‐Ellyn Rempel, Sandy Hook, MB  BB/Group 2 – Ch Darkenwald Flashpoint at Southcar (D)   Owner – Lynne Hewitt/Suzette Lefebvre  BOS/BP – Skyline’s Wintu The Moonspinner (B)   Owner – Rob & Judy Harper/ Susan & Kristen Cullen  March 26   Judge – John Rowton, Corbett, OR  BB/Group 3 – CH Darkenwald Flashpoint at Southcar (D)   Owner – Lynne Hewitt/Suzette Lefebvre  BOS/BP – Skyline’s Wintu The Moonspinner (B)   Owner – Rob & Judy Harper/Susan & Kristen Cullen  March 27   Judge – Jack Ireland, Fingal, ON  BB/Group 4 – Ch Darkenwald Flashpoint at Southcar (D)   Owner – Lynne Hewitt/Suzette Lefebvre  BOS/BP – Skyline’s Wintu The Moonspinner (B)   Owner – Rob & Judy Harper/Susan & Kristen Cullen    RED DEER & DISTRICT KENNEL CLUB  April 1   Judge – Marilynn Mincey, Langley, BC  BB/Group 3 – Ch Darkenwald Flashpoint at Southcar (D)   Owner – Lynne Hewitt/Suzette Lefebvre  BOS – Thistledees Violet To Blue (B)   Owner – Gloria Turner  April 2   Judge – Sharon Derrick, Calgary, AB  BB – Ch Darkenwald Flashpoint at Southcar (D)   Owner – Lynne Hewitt/Suzette Lefebvre  BOS – Thistledees Violet To Blue (B)   Owner – Gloria Turner  April 3   Judge – Richard Fehler, Regina, SK  BB – Ch Darkenwald Flashpoint at Southcar (D)   Owner – Lynne Hewitt/Suzette Lefebvre  BOS – Thistledees Violet To Blue (B)   Owner – Gloria Turner    CHAUTAUQUA CANINE CLUB  April 8   Judge – David Eadie, Oakville, ON  BB/Group 1 – Ch Thistledees Braveheart Keehold (D)   Owner – Tricia Hein/Gloria Turner  April 8   Judge – Thomas Touzel, Vankleek Hill, ON  BB/Group 1 – Ch Thistledees Braveheart Keehold (D)   Owner – Tricia Hein/Gloria Turner  April 9   Judge – Thomas Burke, Charlottetown, PEI  BB/Group 1 – Ch Thistledees Braveheart Keehold (D)   Owner – Tricia Hein/Gloria Turner  April 9   Judge – Richard Meen, Toronto, ON  BB/Group 2 – Ch Thistledees Braveheart Keehold (D)   Owner – Tricia Hein/Gloria Turner  April 10   Judge – Robert Verhulst, Langley, BC  BB/Group 2 – Ch Thistledees Braveheart Keehold (D)   Owner – Tricia Hein/Gloria Turner  April 10   Judge – Sheila Verhulst, Langley, BC  BB – Ch Thistledees Braveheart Keehold (D)   Owner – Tricia Hein/Gloria Turner    ASSINIBOINE KENNEL CLUB  April 15   Judge – Cecilia Ringstrom, Arrowwood, AB  BB/Group 3 – Ch Darkenwald Flashpoint at Southcar (D)   Owner – Lynne Hewitt/Suzette Lefebvre  BOS/BP – Skyline’s Wintu The Moonspinner (B)   Owner – Rob & Judy Harper/Susan & Kristen Cullen  April 16   Judge – Peter Machen, Fort Erie, ON  BB – Ch Darkenwald Flashpoint at Southcar (D)   Owner – Lynne Hewitt/Suzette Lefebvre  BOS/BP – Skyline’s Wintu The Moonspinner (B)   Owner – Rob & Judy Harper/Susan & Kristen Cullen  April 17   Judge – Butch MacDonald, Arrowwood, AB  BB/Group 3 – Ch Darkenwald Flashpoint at Southcar (D)   Owner – Lynne Hewitt/Suzette Lefebvre    MID CANADA DOG ASSOCIATION  May 6   Judge – Jean Bateman, Saanichton, BC  BB/Group 3 – Ch Darkenwald Flashpoint At Southcar (D)   Owner – Lynne Hewitt/Suzette Lefebvre  May 7   Judge – Martin Doherty, Orangeville, ON  BB – Ch Darkenwald Flashpoint At Southcar (D)   Owner – Lynne Hewitt/Suzette Lefebvre  May 8   Judge – Terry Carter, Calgary, AB  KeeshondWorld December 2011 

BB/Group 2 – Ch Darkenwald Flashpoint At Southcar (D)   Owner – Lynne Hewitt/Suzette Lefebvre    HUB CITY KENNEL & OBEDIENCE CLUB  May 6   Judge – Edna Perks, Grande Prairie, AB  BB – Ch Foxfair Hufflepuff (D)   Owner – Tonya Schmolke  May 7   Judge Neil Wm Graves, Calgary, AB  BB – Ch Foxfair Hufflepuff (D)   Owner – Tonya Schmolke  May 8   Judge Leslie B Rogers, Langley, BC  BB – Ch Foxfair Hufflepuff (D)   Owner – Tonya Schmolke    MEDICINE HAT CANINE ASSOCIATION  May 13   Judge – Phyllis Wolfish, Toronto, ON  BB/BP/Group 3 – Klompen’s Crown Royal (D)   Owner – Kathy & Bruce Stewart  May 14   Judge – Virginia L Lyne, Saanichton, BC  BB/Group 1 – Ch Cinnakees Christian Louboutin (D)   Owner – Cathy & Garry Cinnamon  BP – Klompen’s Crown Jewel (D)   Owner – Kathy & Bruce Stewart  May 15   Judge – Stephen Hubbell, Weaverville, CA  BB/Group 4 – Ch Cinnakees Christian Louboutin (D)   Owner – Cathy & Garry Cinnamon  BP – Klompen’s Crown Jewel (D)   Owner – Kathy & Bruce Stewart    REGINA KENNEL & OBEDIENCE CLUB  May 20   Judge – Breed/Group ‐ Edward Wild, Chatham, ON / Show – Walter Pinsker, Surrey, BC  BB/BP/Group 4/BPIG/BPIS – Klompen’s Crown Royal (D)   Owner – Kathy & Bruce Stewart  May 21   Judge Tempest Deptuch, Louis Creek, BC  BB/BP – Klompen’s Crown Jewel (D)   Owner – Kathy & Bruce Stewart  May 22   Judge – Wendy Maisey, Calgary, AB  BB/BP – Klompen’s Crown Royal (D)   Owner – Kathy & Bruce Stewart  May 23   Judge Elaine Whitney, Castleton, ON  BB/BP/Group 2 – Klompen’s Crown Royal (D)   Owner – Kathy & Bruce Stewart    FORT GARRY KENNEL CLUB  May 27   Judge – Alan Bennett, Beachville, ON  BB – Ch Darkenwald Flashpoint At Southcar (D)   Owner – Lynne Hewitt/Suzette Lefebvre  May 28   Judge – Nancy Popovich, Westbank, BC  BB – Ch Darkenwald Flashpoint At Southcar (D)   Owner – Lynne Hewitt/Suzette Lefebvre  May 29   Judge – Linda Kraft, Saskatoon, SK  BB/Group 2 – Ch Darkenwald Flashpoint At Southcar (D)   Owner – Lynne Hewitt/Suzette Lefebvre    NORTHERN ALBERTA CANINE ASSOCIATION  June 3   Judge – Brred ‐ Joy Hodgkinson, Carleton Place, ON / Group – Elaine Mathis, Temple Terrace, FL  BB – Ch Cinnakees Christian Louboutin (D)   Owner – Cathy & Garry Cinnamon  BOS – Klompen’s Jazzy Jasmine (B)   Owner – Dianne Bradley/Kathy & Bruce Stewart  June 4   Judge – Marilyn O’Neill, Ancaster, ON  BB – Ch Cinnakees Christian Louboutin (D)   Owner – Cathy & Garry Cinnamon  BOS – Thistledees Violet To Blue (B)   Owner – Gloria Turner  BP – Klompen’s Princess Kira (B)   Owner – Doreen Macqueen  June 5   Judge – Lamar Mathis, Temple Terrace, FL  BB – Ch Cinnakees Christian Louboutin (D)   Owner – Cathy & Garry Cinnamon  BOS – Thistledees Violet To Blue (B)   Owner – Gloria Turner  BP – Klompen’s Princess Kira (B)   Owner – Doreen Macqueen  June 6   Judge – James Ham, Harrison Township, MI  BB – Ch Darkenwald Flashpoint At Southcar (D)   Owner – Lynne Hewitt/Suzette Lefebvre  KeeshondWorld December 2011 

GRANDE PRAIRIE REGIONAL KENNEL CLUB  June 24   Judge – Donald Emslie, Surrey, BC  BB/Group 2 – Ch Cinnakees Christian Louboutin (D)   Owner – Cathy & Garry Cinnamon  BP/BPIG – Ch Klompen’s Crown Royal (D)   Owner – Kathy & Bruce Stewart  June 24   Judge – Tim Doxtater, Surrey, BC  BB/Group 1 – Ch Cinnakees Christian Louboutin (D)   Owner – Cathy & Garry Cinnamon  BP/BPIG/BPIS – Klompen’s Crown Jewel (D)   Owner – Kathy & Bruce Stewart  June 25   Judge – Mike Macbeth, Stouffville, ON  BB/Group 2 – Ch Cinnakees Christian Louboutin (D)   Owner – Cathy & Garry Cinnamon  BP – Klompen’s Crown Jewel (D)   Owner – Kathy & Bruce Stewart  June 25   Judge – Denise Cornelssen, Sherwood Park, AB  BB/Group 1 – Ch Cinnakees Christian Louboutin (D)   Owner – Cathy & Garry Cinnamon  BP/BPIG – Ch Klompen’s Crown Royal (D)   Owner – Kathy & Bruce Stewart  June 26   Judge – Heather Langfield, Oshawa, ON  BB/Group 2 – Ch Cinnakees Christian Louboutin (D)   Owner – Cathy & Garry Cinnamon  BP – Ch Klompen’s Crown Royal (D)   Owner – Kathy & Bruce Stewart  June 26   Judge – David Eadie, Oakville, ON  BB/Group 2 – Ch Cinnakees Christian Louboutin (D)   Owner – Cathy & Garry Cinnamon  BP/BPIG – Klompen’s Crown Jewel (D)   Owner – Kathy & Bruce Stewart    PORTAGE KENNEL CLUB  July 2   Judge ‐  Johan Juslin, Vantaa,FI  BB/Group 1 – Ch Darkenwald Flashpoint At Southcar (D)   Owner – Lynne Hewitt/Suzette Lefebvre  July 3   Judge – Thomas Nesbitt, Gananoque, ON  BB/Group 1 – Ch Darkenwald Flashpoint At Southcar (D)   Owner – Lynne Hewitt/Suzette Lefebvre    LAKELAND KENNEL & OBEDIENCE CLUB  July 1   Judge – Carol Graham, Balzac, AB  BB/BP/Group 3/BPIG – Klompen’s Crown Jewel (D)   Owner – Kathy & Bruce Stewart  July 1   Judge – Margaret Jones, Shawnigan Lake, BC  BB/BP/Group 3/BPIG – Klompen’s Crown Jewel (D)   Owner – Kathy & Bruce Stewart  July 2   Judge – Donna Cole, Langley, BC  BB/BP/BPIG – Ch Klompen’s Crown Jewel (D)   Owner – Kathy & Bruce Stewart  July 2   Judge – Martin Doherty, Orangeville, ON  BB/BP/BPIG – Ch Klompen’s Crown Jewel (D)   Owner – Kathy & Bruce Stewart  July 3   Judge – Nancy Popovich, Westbank, BC  BB/BP/Group 3/BPIG – Ch Klompen’s Crown Jewel (D)   Owner – Kathy & Bruce Stewart  July 3   Judge – Barbara Watt, Victoria, BC  BB/BP/Group 1/ BPIG/BPIS – Ch Klompen’s Crown Jewel (D)   Owner – Kathy & Bruce Stewart    EVELYN KENNY KENNEL & OBEDIENCE CLUB  July 15   Judge – Nils Molin, Kungsbacka, SE  BB – Ch Darkenwald Flashpoint At Southcar (D)   Owner – Lynne Hewitt/Suzette Lefebvre  July 16   Judge – Jocelyne M Gagne, Welland, ON  BB/Group 4 – Ch Cinnakees Christian Louboutin (D)   Owner – Cathy & Garry Cinnamon  July 17   Judge Shirley Limoges, Ottawa, ON  BB/Group 2 – Ch Cinnakees Christian Louboutin (D)   Owner – Cathy & Garry Cinnamon    NON‐SPORTING FANCIERS OF ALBERTA  July 15   Judge – Kent Delaney, Orland Park, IL  BB – Ch Cinnakees Christian Louboutin (D)   Owner – Cathy & Garry Cinnamon    KeeshondWorld December 2011 

ALBERTA KENNEL CLUB – LIMITED BREEDS SHOW  July 29   Judge – Kenneth Buxton, Kingwood, TX  BB – Ch Darkenwald Flashpoint At Southcar (D)   Owner – Lynne Hewitt/Suzette Lefebvre    ALBERTA KENNEL CLUB  July 30   Judge – Eugene Blake, Tulsa, OK  BB – Ch Darkenwald Flashpoint At Southcar (D)   Owner – Lynne Hewitt/Suzette Lefebvre  BOS – Klompen’s Jazzy Jasmine, CGN (B)   Owner – Dianne Bradley/Kathy & Bruce Stewart   

ONTARIO REGION SHOWS  ELGIN COUNTY KENNEL CLUB   January 21   Judge – Ramon Podesta, Santiago, Chile  BB/BP – Moonshadow’s Phoenix V Ruttkay (D)    Owner – Ellen B Kramer  January 22   Judge – Carmen Haller, Langley, BC  BB/BP – Moonshadow’s Phoenix V Ruttkay (D)   Owner – Ellen B Kramer  January 23   Judge – Arley D Hussin, Arvada, CO  BB/BP – Moonshadow’s Phoenix V Ruttkay (D)   Owner – Ellen B Kramer    WILDWOOD KENNEL CLUB  February 4    Judge – David Markus, Niverville, MB  BB/BP – Moonshadow’s Phoenix V Ruttkay (D)   Owner – Ellen B Kramer  February 5   Judge – Richard Fehler, Regina SK  BB/BP – Moonshadow’s Phoenix V Ruttkay (D)   Owner – Ellen B Kramer  February 6   Judge – Marilyn J O’Neill, Ancaster, ON  BB/BP – Moonshadow’s Phoenix V Ruttkay (D)   Owner – Ellen B Kramer    PURINA NATIONAL/CANADIAN KENNEL CLUB  March 11    Judge – Breed – Cheryl E Myers Egerton, Minto, NB / Group – Alex Yu‐Feng Zee, Taipei City, TW  BB – Cornerstone’s The Gift Was Given (D)   Owner – Jean & Dave Leiker  BP – Keesbrook Perly’s Daily Double (D)   Owner – Lynn Stepka  March 12    Judge – Breed – Yolanda Nagler Magal, Raanana, IL/Group – Cheryl E Meyers Egerton  BB – Cornerstone’s The Gift Was Given (D)   Owner – Jean & Dave Leiker  BP – Keesbrook Perly’s Daily Double (D)   Owner – Lynn Stepka  March 13   Judge – Gloria Geringer, Denham Springs, LA/Group – Yolanda Nagler Magal  BB – Cornerstone’s The Gift Was Given (D)   Owner – Jean & Dave Leiker  BP – Keesbrook Perly’s Daily Double (D)  Owner – Lynn Stepka   

WINDSOR ALL BREED TRAINING & TRACKING CLUB  March 19   Judge – Michael Lanctot, Cornwall, ON  BB – Markwright’s Windswept Taiga  (B)   Owner – Alecia Novak  BOS – Moonshadow’s Phoenix V Ruttkay (D)   Owner – Ellen B Kramer  March 19   Judge – Roger Hartinger, Cincinnati, OH  BB – Moonshadow’s Phoenix V Ruttkay (D)   Owner – Ellen B Kramer  BOS – Markwright’s Windswept Taiga (B)   Owner – Alecia Novak  March 20   Judge – Patricia Lanctot, Cornwall, ON  BB – Markwright’s Windswept Taiga (B)   Owner – Alecia Novak  BOS – Moonshadow’s Phoenix V Ruttkay (D)   Owner – Ellen B Kramer  March 20   Judge – Paula Hartinger, Cincinnati, OH  BB – Moonshadow’s Phoenix V Ruttkay (D)   Owner – Ellen B Kramer  BOS – Markwright’s Windswept Taiga (B)   Owner – Alecia Novak      KeeshondWorld December 2011 

NICKEL DISTRICT KENNEL CLUB  March 25   Judge – Kristen L Francis, Bradford, ON  BB/BP – Wund­R Y Déjà vu (D)   Owner – Gary Vetter  March 25   Judge – Thomas J Touzel, Vankleek Hill, ON  BB/BP/Group 4 – Wund­R Y Déjà vu (D)   Owner – Gary Vetter  March 26   Judge – Christopher S Neilson, Castleton, ON  BB/BP – Wund­R Y Déjà vu (D)   Owner – Gary Vetter  March 26   Judge – Mary B White, Hudson, OH  BB/BP – Wund­R Y Déjà vu (D)   Owner – Gary Vetter    NORFOLK KENNEL & OBEDIENCE CLUB  April 1   Judge – Ted Fahlgren, London, ON  BB – Markwright’s Windswept Taiga (B)   Owner – Alecia Novak  April 1  Judge – Breed – Donna L Conod, Tillsonburg, ON/Group – Dianne Miller, Niagara On The Lake, ON  BB – Markwright’s Windswept Taiga (B)   Owner – Alecia Novak  April 2    Judge – Phyllis Wolfish, Toronto, ON  BB – Markwright’s Windswept Taiga (B)   Owner – Alecia Novak  BP – Keesbrook Perly’s Daily Double (D)   Owner – Lynn Stepka    CHAMPLAIN DOG CLUB  April 8   Judge – Jacqueline Rusby, Saint‐Bruno, QC  BB – Keesbrook Windrift Poise N Ivy (B)   Owner – Brenda Brookes  April 8   Judge – Doug Windsor, Cambridge, ON  BB/ Group 4  ­ Keesbrook Windrift Poise N Ivy (B)   Owner – Brenda Brookes  April 9   Judge – Roger Hartinger, Cincinnati, OH  BB – Keesbrook Windrift Poise N Ivy (B)  Owner – Brenda Brookes  April 10   Judge – Paula Hartinger, Cincinnati, OH  BB/Group 4 – Keesbrook Windrift Poise N Ivy (B)   Owner – Brenda Brookes    KENT KENNEL KLUB  April 15   Judge – Lisa Avery, Brantford, ON  BB – Cornerstone’s The Gift Was Given (D)   Owner – Jean & Dave Leiker  BOS – Markwright’s Windswept Taiga (B)  Owner – Alecia Novak  April 15   Judge – Barbara Dempsey Alderman, Moon Township, PA  BB – Cornerstone’s The Gift Was Given (D)   Owner – Jean & Dave Leiker  BOS – Markwright’s Windswept Taiga (B)   Owner – Alecia Novak  April 16   Judge – Grant Townsend, Edmonton, AB  BB – Cornerstone’s The Gift Was Given (D)   Owner – Jean & Dave Leiker  BOS – Markwright’s Windswept Taiga (B)   Owner – Alecia Novak  April 17   Judge – Dr Johan Becerra‐Hernandez, San Juan, PR  BB – Cornerstone’s The Gift Was Given (D)   Owner – Jean & Dave Leiker  BOS – Markwright’s Windswept Taiga (B)   Owner – Alecia Novak    GUELPH & DISTRICT KENNEL CLUB  April 22   Judge – Juan Alberto Grillo, Bogota, CO  BB/BP – Keesbrook Perly’s Daily Double (D)   Owner – Lynn Stepka  April 23   Judge – Walter Pinsker, Surrey, BC  BB/BP – Keesbrook Perly’s Daily Double (D)   Owner – Lynn Stepka  April 24   Judge – Judith Shurb, Mill Bay, BC  BB/BP – Keesbrook Perly’s Daily Double (D)   Owner – Lynn Stepka     

KeeshondWorld December 2011 

LAKEHEAD KENNEL CLUB  April 29   Judge – Terry Carter, Calgary, AB  BB/Group 1 – Ch Darkenwald Flashpoint at Southcar (D)   Owner – Lynne Hewitt/Suzette Lefebvre  April 30   Judge – Carmen Haller, Langley, BC  BB/Group 2 – Ch Darkenwald Flashpoint at Southcar (D)   Owner – Lynne Hewitt/Suzette Lefebvre  May 1   Judge – Len Harfield, Bobcaygeon, ON  BB – Ch Darkenwald Flashpoint at Southcar (D)   Owner – Lynne Hewitt/Suzette Lefebvre    ARNPRIOR CANINE ASSOCIATION  May 6   Judge – Cathy Cinnamon, New Sarepta, AB  BB/Group 2 – Keesbrook Windrift Poise N Ivy (B)   Owner – Brenda Brookes  May 6   Judge – Nancy Popovich, Westbank, BC  BB/Group 3 – Keesbrook Windrift Poise N Ivy (B)   Owner – Brenda Brookes  May 7   Judge – Glenys Alexander, Victoria, AU  BB – Keesbrook Windrift Poise N Ivy (B)   Owner – Brenda Brookes  May 8   Judge – Edward Wild, Chatham, ON  BB – Keesbrook Windrift Poise N Ivy (B)   Owner – Brenda Brookes    SEAWAY KENNEL CLUB  May 6   Judge – Charles Cyopik, Ridgeway, ON  BB – Amjukees It’s What I Am (D)   Owner – Sandy Kesteven  FOREST CITY KENNEL CLUB  May 13   Judge – Rita Walker, Morewood ON  BB – Markwright’s Windswept Taiga (B)   Owner – Alecia Novak  May 13   Judge – Doris Willis, New Waterford, NS  BB – Markwright’s Windswept Taiga (B)   Owner – Alecia Novak  May 14   Judge – Elizardo Valadez, Mexico  BB – Markwright’s Windswept Taiga (B)   Owner – Alecia Novak  May 15   Judge – Linda Millman, Hamilton, ON  BB –Markwright’s Windswept Taiga (B)   Owner – Alecia Novak    K‐W KENNEL CLUB  May 21   Judge – John B Ross, Puslinch, ON  BB/BP – Darkenwald Jewel For Simpkees (B)   Owner – Diana­Leigh Simpson  May 22   Judge – Robert Ennis, Angola, NY  BB – Daimler’s Viva Las Vegas (D)   Owner – Sheila Taylor  BOS – Daimler’s Justice For Purrkees (B)   Owner – Sheila Taylor  BP – Darkenwald Jewel For Simpkees (B)   Owner – Diana­Leigh Simpson    AURORA & DISTRICT KENNEL CLUB  May 27   Judge – Sue‐Ellyn Rempel, Sandy Hook, MB  BB/BP – Keesbrook Perly’s Daily Double, CGN (D)   Owner – Lynn Stepka  May 28   Judge – Fred Gordon, Sault Ste Marie, ON  BB/BP – Keesbrook Perly’s Daily Double, CGN (D)   Owner – Lynn Stepka  May 29   Judge – Leslie B Rogers, Langley, BC  BB/BP – Keesbrook Perly’s Daily Double, CGN (D)   Owner – Lynn Stepka    ERIE SHORES KENNEL CLUB  June 2   Judge – Rafael Malo Alcrudo, Zaragoza, ES  BB/BP – Keesbrook Perly’s Daily Double, CGN (D)   Owner – Lynn Stepka  June 3   Judge – Carol Graham, Balzac, AB  BB/BP – Keesbrook Perly’s Daily Double, CGN (D)   Owner – Lynn Stepka 

KeeshondWorld December 2011 

ONTARIO COUNTY KENNEL CLUB  June 10   Judge – Vickie Umpleby, Tottenham, ON  BB – Amjukees It’s What I Am (D)   Owner – Sandy Kesteven  BP – Keesbrook Perly’s Daily Double, CGN (D)   Owner – Lynn Stepka    KENORA & DISTRICT DOG CLUB  June 17   Judge – Denise Cornelssen, Sherwood Park, AB  BB – Skyline’s Wintu The Moonspinner (B)   Owner – Rob & Judy Harper/Susan & Kristen Cullen  BOS/BP – Moonspinners Conquistador (D)   Owner – Rob & Judy Harper  June 17   Judge – Donna Cole, Langley, BC  BB – Skyline’s Wintu The Moonspinner (B)   Owner – Rob & Judy Harper/Susan & Kristen Cullen  June 18   Judge – Geraldine Taylor, Dugald, MB  BB – Skyline’s Wintu The Moonspinner (B)   Owner – Rob & Judy Harper/Susan & Kristen Cullen  BOS/BP – Moonspinners Conquistador (D)   Owner – Rob & Judy Harper  June 18   Judge – Bart Miller, Laredo, TX  BB – Skyline’s Wintu The Moonspinner (B)   Owner – Rob & Judy Harper/Susan & Kristen Cullen  BOS – Ch Moonspinners Panda Bear (D)   Owner – Colleen Foster  BP – Moonspinners Conquistador (D)   Owner – Rob & Judy Harper  June 19   Judge – Patricia Lanctot, Cornwall, ON  BB ­ Skyline’s Wintu The Moonspinner (B)   Owner – Rob & Judy Harper/Susan & Kristen Cullen  BOS/BP – Moonspinners Conquistador (D)   Owner – Rob & Judy Harper  June 19   Judge – Michael Lanctot, Cornwall, ON  BB – Skyline’s Wintu The Moonspinner (B)   Owner – Rob & Judy Harper/Susan & Kristen Cullen  BOS/BP – Moonspinners Conquistador (D)   Owner – Rob & Judy Harper    MONARCH KENNEL CLUB  June 17   Judge – Mary B White, Hudson, OH  BB – Owenbriar’s Bewitched (B)   Owner – Cindy Lougheed/Linda Owens  June 18   Judge – Heather Langfeld, Oshawa, ON  BB – Daimler’s Viva Las Vegas (D)   Owner – Sheila Taylor  BOS – Purrkees Girls Want to Hav Fun (B)   Owner – Sheila Taylor  BP – Darkenwald Jewel For Simpkees (B)   Owner – Diana­Leigh Simpson  June 19   Judge – Rosemary Shoreman, Phelpston, ON  BB – Purrkees Girls Want To Hav Fun (B)   Owner – Sheila Taylor  BP – Darkenwald Jewel For Simpkees (B)   Owner – Diana­Leigh Simpson    ALGOMA DOG FANCIERS  June 24   Judge – Honey Glendinning, Delta, BC  BB/Group 2 – Wund­r Y Déjà vu (D)   Owner – Gary Vetter  June 24   Judge – Michel Bouchard, Baie‐st‐paul, QC  BB/Group 1 – Wund­r Y Déjà vu (D)   Owner – Gary Vetter  June 25   Judge – David Mcintyre, Maugerville, NB  BB/Group 2 – Ch Wund­r Y Déjà vu (D)   Owner – Gary Vetter  June 25   Judge – Richard Meen, Toronto, ON  BB/Group 3 – Ch Wund­r Y Déjà vu (D)   Owner – Gary Vetter  June 26   Judge – Marilynn Mincey, Langley, BC  BB – Ch Wund­r Y Déjà vu (D)   Owner – Gary Vetter    ARGUS KENNEL CLUB  June 24   Judge – Cheryl Meyers‐Egerton, Minto, NB  BB/Group 1 – CH Darkenwald Flashpoint At Southcar (D)   Owner – Lynne Hewitt/Suzette Lefebvre  June 24   Judge – Christopher S Neilson, Castleton, ON  KeeshondWorld December 2011 

BB/Group 3 – CH Darkenwald Flashpoint At Southcar (D)   Owner – Lynne Hewitt/Suzette Lefebvre  June 25   Judge – Guy Jeavons, Moffat, ON  BB/Group 2 – Ch Darkenwald Flashpoint At Southcar (D)   Owner – Lynne Hewitt/Suzette Lefebvre  BOS – Skyline’s Wintu The Moonspinner (B)   Owner – Rob & Judy Harper/Susan & Kristen Cullen  BP – Moonspinners Conquistador (D)   Owner – Rob & Judy Harper  June 26   Judge – Mary B white, Hudson, OH  BB/Group 3 – Ch Darkenwald Flashpoint At Southcar (D)   Owner – Lynne Hewitt/Suzette Lefebvre  BOS – Skyline’s Wintu The Moonspinner (B)   Owner – Rob & Judy Harper/Susan & Kristen Cullen  BP – Moonspinners Conquistador (D)   Owner – Rob & Judy Harper  June 26   Judge – Peter Machen, Fort Erie, ON  BB/Group 2 – Ch Darkenwald Flashpoint At Southcar (D)   Owner – Lynne Hewitt/Suzette Lefebvre  BOS – Skyline’s Wintu The Moonspinner (B)   Owner – Rob & Judy Harper/Susan & Kristen Cullen  BP – Moonspinners Conquistador (D)   Owner – Rob & Judy Harper    SARNIA KENNEL CLUB  July 2   Judge – Robert Whitney, Castleton, ON  BB/BP – Purrkees Grand Slam (D)   Owner – Sheila Taylor  BOS – Purrkees Girls Want To Hav Fun (B)   Owner – Sheila Taylor  July 3   Judge – Lt (Bud) Haverstock, Fort Saskatchewan, AB  BB – Purrkees Gabriella At Keehill (B)   Owner – Jim & Nancy Ellis/Sheila Taylor  BOS/BP – Purrkees Grand Slam (D)   Owner – Sheila Taylor    BLUEWATER KENNEL CLUB  July 5   Judge – Todd Jardine, Oil City, ON  BB/BP/Group 4 – Keesridge The Essence Of Zivah (B)   Owner – Amanda Lougheed  July 6   Judge – Kristen Francis, Bradford, ON  BB/Group 3 – Owenbriar’s Bewitched (B)   Owner – Cindy Lougheed/Linda Owens  BP – Darkenwald Jewel For Simpkees (B)   Owner – Diana­Leigh Simpson  July 7   Judge – Ainslie Mills, Surrey, BC  BB/Group 3 – Owenbriar’s Bewitched (B)   Owner – Cindy Lougheed/Linda Owens  BP – Keesridge The Essence Of Zivah (B)   Owner – Amanda Lougheed    WOODSTOCK & DISTRICT CANINE ASSOCIATION  July 12   Judge – Edd Embry Bivin, Fort Worth, TX  BB – Amjukees It’s What I Am (D)   Owner – Sandy Kesteven    KARS COMMUNITY RECREATION ASSOCIATION  July 15   Judge – Honey Glendinning, Delta, BC  BB/Group 1 – Ch Amjukees Fire And Rain (D)   Owner – Janice Graves  July 16   Judge – Thomas Burke, Charlottetown, PEI  BB/Group 2 – Ch Amjukees Fire And Rain (D)   Owner – Janice Graves  July 17   Judge – Richard Lopaschuk, Cranbrook, BC  BB/Group 1 – Ch Amjukees Fire And Rain (D)   Owner – Janice Graves    LIMESTONE CITY OBEDIENCE & KENNEL CLUB  July 22   Judge – Breed – Peter Machen, For Erie, On / Group – Morley Thornton, Orillia, ON  BB – Ch Keeburnie Mysty Morn (B)   Owner – Ardis Shurtleff  BP – Keesridge The Essence Of Zivah (B)   Owner – Amanda Lougheed  July 23   Judge – Breed – Morley Thornton, Orillia, ON / Group – Peter Machen, Fort Erie, ON  BB – Ch Keeburnie Mysty Morn (B)   Owner – Ardis Shurtleff  BP – Darkenwald Jewel For Simpkees (B)   Owner – Diana­Leigh Simpson  July 24   Judge – Linda Millman, Hamilton, ON  KeeshondWorld December 2011 

BB – Ch Keeburnie Mysty Morn (B)   Owner – Ardis Shurtleff  BP = Darkenwald Jewel For Simpkees (B)   Owner – Diana­Leigh Simpson    MUSKOKA DISTRICT KENNEL CLUB  July 27   Judge – Breed – Joy Hodgkinson, Carleton Place, On / Group – Frederick Dewsbury, Oakville, ON  BB – Amjukees It’s What I Am (D)   Owner – Sandy Kesteven    KILBRIDE & DISTRICT KENNEL CLUB  August 6   Judge – Rafael Otalora Robayo, Bogota, Columbia  BB/BP/Group 3/BPIG – Keesbrook Perly’s Daily Double (D)   Owner – Lynn Stepka  August 7   Judge – Diane Adorno‐Legrand, Venezuela  BB/BP – Keesbrook Perly’s Daily Double (D)   Owner – Lynn Stepka    STORMONT, DUNDAS, & GLENGARRY DOG ASSOCIATION  August 26   Judge – Anthony DiNardo, West Hartford, CT  BB – Ch Amjukees Fire and Rain (D)   Owner – Janice Graves  August 27   Judge – Rita Walker, Morewood, ON  BB – Ch Amjukees Fire and Rain (D)   Owner – Janice Graves    ESSEX COUNTY KENNEL CLUB  September 2   Judge – Brian Taylor, Burlington, ON  BB/BP/Group 4/BPIG – Darenwald Jewel For Simpkees (B)   Owner – Diana Simpson  BOS – Amjukees It’s What I Am (D)   Owner – Sandy Kesteven  September 2   Judge – Vicky Umpleby, Tottenham, ON  BB – Amjukees It’s What I Am (D)   Owner – Sandy Kesteven  BOS/BP/BPIG – Darkenwald Jewel For Simpkees (B)   Owner – Diana Simpson  September 3   Judge – Monica Moser, Bogota, Columbia  BB/BP/Group 4/BPIG – Darkenwald Jewel For Simpkees (B)   Owner – Diana Simpson  BOS – Amjukees It’s What I Am (D)   Owner – Sandy Kesteven  September 4   Judge – Linda Millman, Hamilton, ON  BB – Purrkees Girls Want To Hav Fun (B)   Owner – Sheila Taylor  BOS – Amjukees It’s What I Am (D)   Owner – Sandy Kesteven  BP/BPIG – Keesridge The Essence Of Zivah (B)   Owner – Amanda Lougheed  September 5   Judge – Oscar Valverde‐Calvo, Costa Rica  BB/Group 3 – Purrkees Girls Want To Hav Fun (B)   Owner – Sheila Taylor  BP/BPIG – Keesridge The Essence OF Zivah (B)   Owner – Amanda Lougheed  September 5   Judge – Alan Bennett, Beachville, ON  BB/BP – Darkenwald Jewel For Simpkees (B)   Owner – Diana Simpson  BOS – Amjukees It’s What I Am (D)   Owner – Sandy Kesteven    BURLINGTON KENNEL & OBEDIENCE CLUB  September 23   Judge – Donna Conod, Tillsonburg, ON  BB – Keesbrook Perly’s Daily Double, CGN (D)   Owner – Lynn Stepka  September 23   Judge – Jacqueline Rusby, Saint‐Bruno, QC  BB – Keesbrook Perly’s Daily Double, CGN (D)   Owner – Lynn Stepka  September 24   Judge – Joe Walton, Chapel Hill, NC  BB – Keesbrook Perly’s Daily Double, CGN (D)   Owner – Lynn Stepka   

    KeeshondWorld December 2011 

QUEBEC REGION  HOCHELAGA KENNEL CLUB  May 21   Judge – Joe Tacker, Monterey, CA  BB/Group 2 ­  Keesbrook Windrift Poise N Ivy (B)   Owner – Brenda Brookes    CHATEAUGUAY VALLEY KENNEL CLUB  July 2   Judge – Avery Gaudin, Woodstock, ON  BB – Ch Vikeyson Kitamura (B)   Owner – Barbara Kies, Vicki Douglas & Ardis Shurtleff     

KEESHOND CLUB OF B.C. SPECIALTY  RESULTS  SEPTEMBER 24, 2011  Judge: Mr Robert Dawson ‐ Manila  Winners Male  ­  Keesrich Thunder Down Under    Owner – Gail Riches  Reserve Winners Male  ­  Klompens Baron of Highgate    Owner – Theresa Gallant/Heather Campbell  Winners Female  ­  Keesrich Gossip Girl   Owner – Gail Riches  Reserve Winners Female  ­  Dreamkees Cover Girl    Owner – Sharon Berlinguette  BEST OF BREED   ­   Can BIS GCH/ Am BISS GCH Keesrich Life Is An Open Road    Owner – Cindy Upward  BEST OF OPPOSITE SEX  ­  Ch Keelypso’s Nightingale of Thistledee    Owner – Karen Kelley  BEST OF WINNERS   ­   Keesrich Thunder Down Under   Owner – Gail Riches  BEST PUPPY   ­   Southcar’s Power Play   Owner –  Tina Baldwin  BEST CANADIAN BRED   ­   Can BIS  GCH/Am BISS GCH Keesrich Life Is An  Open Road    Owner – Cindy Upward  BEST BRACE   ­   Can BIS GCH/Am BISS  GCH Keesrich Life Is An Open Road  and   Can/Am Ch Keesrich Happy Hour At  Pawstep    Owner – Cindy Upward      Can BIS GCH/ Am BISS GCH Keesrich Life Is  An Open Road     

KeeshondWorld December 2011 

Ch Keelypso’s Nightingale of Thistledee     

(L‐R) Cindy Upward, Gail Riches,  Barb Wilson 

Tina Baldwin &  Southcar’s Power Play    

KeeshondWorld December 2011 

Kees in canada Atlantic Canada.  Send results and photos to :  Maria Forman :

We’ve had a whirlwind summer here…I can’t believe it’s fall already!  The leaves here in Nova Scotia are just starting  to change, in preparation for spectacular fall colors before Old Man Winter settles in!  Show stats for July, Aug & Sept  are as follows:    NEWFOUNDLAND KENNEL CLUB July 2 & 3  July 2  Show #2, Gr 4  Ch Foxfairs Northwinds, owners Alan & Anne­Marie MacKenzie  July 3  Show #1, Gr 1  Ch Foxfairs Northwinds  July 3  Show #2, Gr 2  Ch Foxfairs Northwinds    LADY SLIPPER KENNEL CLUB, KENSINGTON, PEI  July 9 & 10  July 9    Gr 2 & Best Puppy in Group  Ch Whiskees Merlin at Geluk, owner Maureen Clements  July 10  Gr 4  Ch Whiskees Merlin at Geluk    AVALON KENNEL CLUB, NEWFOUNDLAND  Aug 6 & 7  Aug 6, Show #1  Gr 4  Ch Foxfairs Northwinds  Aug 6, Show #2  Gr 4  Ch Foxfairs Northwinds  Aug 7, Show #1  Gr 1  Ch Foxfairs Northwinds  Aug 7, Show #2  Gr 4  Ch Foxfairs Northwinds 

  KEESHOND CLUB OF CANADA NATIONAL SPECIALTY, SEPT 3  HALIFAX KENNEL CLUB  Judges:  Michael & Patricia Lanctot, Ontario    22 Keeshonds were entered in the KCC National Specialty Show, and a lovely lineup it was!  Many thanks to Glady Gates  (Seawind) and her committee (Sharon Gates­Coolen, Mary McVicar, Lynn Patterson, Jennifer Bates and Jane Ring) for a  job well done!  The ring was beautifully decorated, the luncheon was lovely, and the banquet meal was fabulous!   A  wonderful time with old friends (and new) was had by all!    BEST OF BREED  AM/CAN CH Darkenwald Flashpoint At Southcar ­ Owner: Lynne Hewitt & Suzette Lefebvre  Breeder:   Suzette & Ronald Lefebvre  BEST OF OPPOSITE SEX  Seawind’s Sunshine Meisje – Owner: Jennifer L. Bates  Breeder: Gladys H. Gates  BEST OF WINNERS  Draakring’s Close To The Wind – Owner/Breeder:  Jane R. Ring  BEST PUPPY IN BREED  Draakring’s Close To The Wind – Owner/Breeder: Jane R. Ring  WINNERS DOG  Draakring’s Close To The Wind – Owner/Breeder: Jane R. Ring  RESERVE WINNERS DOG  Seawind’s Rocky Shore – Owner: C. Lynn Patterson  Breeder: Gladys H. Gates  WINNERS BITCH  Seawind’s Pirates Desire – Owner: Sharon Coolen  Breeder: Gladys H. Gates 

KeeshondWorld December 2011 

RESERVE WINNERS BITCH  Wund­R Y Keysmark’s Double Dippin – Owner: Marsha & John Kaczmarek & Terri Van  Schyndle  Breeder: Wund­R Y Keeshonden  AWARD OF MERIT  AM/BIS CAN CH Cinnakees Christian Louboutin – Owner/Breeder: Cathy & Garry Cinnamon  VETERAN MALE  CH Klompen’s Bail Me Out Mate – Owner: Maria & Phillip Forman  Breeder: Kathy Stewart  VETERAN FEMALE  Seawind’s Sunshine Meisje – Owner: Jennifer L. Bates  Breeder: Gladys H. Gates  BEST VETERAN  CH Klompen’s Bail Me Out Mate – Owner: Maria & Phillip Forman  Breeder: Kathy Stewart  BEST OF BREED ALTERED  Bijzondere Seawind’s Maggie – Owner: Sharon Coolen  Breeder: Jennifer L. Bates  STUD DOG  CH Seawind’s Stormstayed RN – Owner/Breeder: Gladys H. Gates  BROOD BITCH  Seawind’s Sunshine Meisje – Owner: Jennifer L. Bates  Breeder: Gladys H. Gates  BEST IN JUVENILE SWEEPSTAKES  Seawind’s Rocky Shore – Owner: C. Lynn Patterson  Breeder: Gladys H. Gates  BEST OPPOSITE JUVENILE SWEEPSTAKES CH Whiskee’s Silver Wedding Belle – Owner/Breeder: Maria Forman  BEST VETERAN IN SWEEPSTAKES  CH Klompen’s Bail Me Out Mate – Owner: Maria & Phillip Forman  Breeder: Kathy  Stewart  BEST OPPOSITE IN VETERAN SWEEPSTAKES Seawind’s Sunshine Meisje – Owner: Jennifer L. Bates  Breeder: Gladys H.  Gates                  Can Ch Klompen's Bail    Me Out Mate                                      KeeshondWorld December 2011 

Am/BISS CAN CH   Cinnakees Christian   Louboutin                                                                                  

CAN CH Klompen's Ambriel   

KeeshondWorld December 2011 

HALIFAX KENNEL CLUB Sept 3 (5 Kees), 4 (12 Kees) & 5 (17 Kees)  Sept 3  Best of Breed, Gr 1 and RESERVE BEST IN SHOW!  AM/BIS CAN CH Cinnakees Christian Louboutin               Owner/Breeder : Cathy & Gary Cinnamon               Best Opposite Sex  CH Klompen’s Ambriel – Owner: Maria Forman  Breeder: Kathy & D. Bruce Stewart  Sept 4  Best of Breed, Gr 1  AM/BIS CAN CH Cinnakees Christian Louboutin  Owner/Breeder : Cathy & Gary Cinnamon               Best Opposite Sex  CH Klompen’s Ambriel – Owner: Maria Forman  Breeder: Kathy & D. Bruce Stewart  Sept 5  Best of Breed, Gr 1  AM/BIS CAN CH Cinnakees Christian Louboutin  Owner/Breeder : Cathy & Gary Cinnamon               Best Opposite Sex  CH Klompen’s Ambriel – Owner: Maria Forman  Breeder: Kathy & D. Bruce Stewart    Please remember to email your show wins to  Thanks!!!                       


KeeshondWorld December 2011 

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How to become a French champion?

by Isabelle Barthès-Courtet, kennel "des Loups grisd'Occitanie” - France

Four qualifiers can be attributed: EXC. : Excellent (red card) The term is attributed to a dog which comes very close to the standard of the breed ... presented in excellent condition, the dog makes an harmonious and balanced set. It has the "class" and it has excellent posture. Its superior qualities dominate its little imperfections and it has the characteristics of its sex. TB: « Très bon » meaning Very good (blue card). The dog is perfectly typed, balanced in its proportions, and it’s in good physical condition. Some defects "venial" but not morphological, are tolerated. The qualifier can reward only a quality dog! B: « Bon » Good (green card) This designation is awarded to a dog with characteristics of its breed however showing defaults, only if they are not prohibitive! AB: « Assez Bon » meaning Pretty good (yellow card) The dog is "typed" but without possessing and, or, not in good physical condition. For Puppy class (dogs between 9 and 12 months), the judge can make an assessment - « Trèsprometteur » Very promising - « Prometteur » Promising - « Assezprometteur » Pretty promising Depending on the type of show, some certificates can be also attributed: CACS « Certificatd'Aptitude de Conformité au Standard » or Aptitude Certificate of Compliance with Standards The CACS goes to the best male and the best female after the first confrontation of the two "REVIEWS" Open Classes and Labour. RCACS : « Réserve du Certificatd'Aptitude de Conformité au Standard ». The RCACS goes to the dog/bitch classed second behind the holder of the CACS. CACIB : « Certificatd'Aptitude au Championnat international de Beauté ». The certificate is delivered after the first confrontation EXCELLENT in Champion Class with dogs that have obtained the CACS and RCACS. RCACIB : « Réserve du Certificatd'Aptitude au Championnat international de Beauté » The RCACIB goes to the dog/bitch classed second behind the holder of the CACIB. How to obtain the title of « Champion de France de Conformité au Standard ? It depends on the breed but, for keeshonden in France, you have to obtain: ! The CACS of the « Championn at de France » (only one National exhibition each year) or the CACS of the National show of the breed (only one show organized by each kennel club each year, too) ! The CACS in one of the « Special breed » show organized by the club (about ten each year) ! The CACS in an international show where the CACIB is also attributed. ! The 3 CACS have to be obtained with 3 different judges, including at least a French judge. ! The TAN « Test d’Aptitudes Naturelles » or Test of natural aptitudes (no stressed and aggressive dog, walking in lead and without near the owner and somebody can examine the dog) ! The exam of hip dysplasia with an official advice, necessarily A or B Then, you have 2 months to ask for the approval of the title of France Champion. National show(1130 entries)

NIMES - Sunday 22 May, 2011 Keeshond Male 1st EXCELLENT BEST OF BREED / YOUNG In class YOUNG judged by M. LENEUF Christian : FLY OF BLOOM WHITE (Prop : Mlle ROUFFIE-EPSVIN Annick Prod : Mme LOIZELET Elisabeth) National show(666 entries) L'UNION - Sunday 5 June, 2011 Keeshond Female 1st EXCELLENT CACS BEST OF BREED In class OPEN judged by M. MANSENCAL Guy ELFY D'ARLANDE (Prop : Mlle TRINQUELLE Nathalie Prod : M. GRANGE Claude) National show(1324 entries) DOUAI - CACS - Saturday 11 June, 2011 Keeshond Female REALLY PROMISING In class PUPPY judged by Mme NEKROSIENE Natalja : FIRST-LADY-WOLF DES FEES DU PAYS NOIR (Prop : M. Mme VERAGUE Patrick and Catherine Prod : M. VERAGUE Patrick) Exposition Internationale (1703 entries) DOUAI - CACIB - Sunday 12 June, 2011 Keeshond Male 1st EXCELLENT CACS - CACIB BEST OF BREED In class OPEN judged by M. STEFANESCU Cristian : ELDORADO DON JUAN OF BLOOM WHITE (Prop : M. HUSSON Francis Prod : Mme LOIZELET Elisabeth) Keeshond Female 1st EXCELLENT CACS - CACIB In class OPEN judged by M. STEFANESCU Cristian : DYNAMITE DES LOUPS DU SEPTENTRION (Prop : Mlle PLAZAR Annie Prod : Mlle PLAZAR Annie) REALLY PROMISING In class PUPPY judged by M. STEFANESCU Cristian : FIRST-LADY-WOLF DES FEES DU PAYS NOIR (Prop : M. Mme VERAGUE Patrick and Catherine Prod : M. VERAGUE Patrick) National show(900 entries) DREUX - Saturday 18 and Sunday 19 June, 2011 Keeshond Male 1st EXCELLENT BEST OF BREED / YOUNG In class YOUNG judged by M. KLEIN Jean-Claude : JEDI DE ELBA-RANCH (Prop : Mlle POUCH Mélyssandre Prod : M. DE RUYCK Filip) Keeshond Female REALLY PROMISING In class PUPPY judged by M. KLEIN Jean-Claude : FIRST-LADY-WOLF DES FEES DU PAYS NOIR (Prop : M. Mme VERAGUE Patrick and Catherine Prod : M. VERAGUE Patrick) National show(560 entries) AYTRE - Sunday 26 June, 2011 Keeshond Female 1st EXCELLENT CACS BEST OF BREED In class OPEN judged by M. DELENTE Jean-Luc : HISATIS VAN'T KEZENHOEVEKE (Prop : M. DULAIS Raymond Prod : M. Mme GEERENS Karlo / VANHAELEN MarieJosée) National show(1029 entries) CAMPBON - Sunday 3 July, 2011

Keeshond Male 1st EXCELLENT CACS BEST OF BREED In class OPEN judged by Mme MERY Chantal : DICKENS OF BLOOM WHITE (Prop : M. CELIBERT Stéphane Prod : Mme LOIZELET Elisabeth)

1st EXCELLENT RCACS In class INTERMEDIATE judged by Mme MERY Chantal : FRISCO (Prop : M. MAHE David Prod : M. CELIBERT Stéphane) TRES BON In class INTERMEDIATE judged by Mme MERY Chantal : F MACFLY (Prop : Mme VADIER Eliane Prod : Mme FAUCHEUX Anne-Marie) Keeshond Female REALLY PROMISING In class PUPPY judged by Mme MERY Chantal : FELICIA SCHWEPPES OF BLOOM WHITE (Prop : M. MAHE David Prod : Mme LOIZELET Elisabeth) Exposition Internationale (21719 entries) CHAMPIONNAT DU MONDE - du Jeudi 7 Juillet au Sunday 10 July, 2011 Keeshond Male 1st EXCELLENT CACS In class OPEN judged by Mme KLUCNIECE Vija : HELKEESEN REGAL SURFER AMONG SERENAUBACH (Prop : Mme HOPKINS Debbie Prod : M. Mme BREWER) 2e EXCELLENT RCACS In class OPEN judged by Mme KLUCNIECE Vija : DOLCE VITA DYCK OF BLOOM WHITE (Prop : Mlle QUICRAY Aline Prod : Mme LOIZELET Elisabeth) 3e EXCELLENT In class OPEN judged by Mme KLUCNIECE Vija : MAGGIO CIONDOLO (Prop : Mme FALCINELLI Caterina Prod : Mlle MENICORI Lucia) 4e EXCELLENT In class OPEN judged by Mme KLUCNIECE Vija : GIORGIO VAN HET EARLSKAMP (Prop : M. DENKERS Rene Prod : M. JANSSEN François) EXCELLENT In class OPEN judged by Mme KLUCNIECE Vija : PRELUDE TU A KISS (Prop : Mme MENICORI Lucia Prod : Mme MENICORI Lucia) EXCELLENT In class OPEN judged by Mme KLUCNIECE Vija : RICKEES HUGS AND KEEZES (Prop : M. JANSSEN François Prod : Mme CARR Esther) TRES BON In class OPEN judged by Mme KLUCNIECE Vija : DICKENS OF BLOOM WHITE (Prop : M. CELIBERT Stéphane Prod : Mme LOIZELET Elisabeth) 1st EXCELLENT In class INTERMEDIATE judged by Mme KLUCNIECE Vija : AISTRAUM SHINING TSAAR (Prop : Mme MICHIELS Linda Prod : Mme NYRKOVSKAYA) 2e EXCELLENT In class INTERMEDIATE judged by Mme KLUCNIECE Vija : AISTRAUM SKEGGY SEAN (Prop : Mme KRAFT Ina Prod : Mme MYRKOVSKAYA Olga) 1st EXCELLENT CACIB BEST OF BREED In class CHAMPION judged by Mme KLUCNIECE Vija : TRUMPET'S RUNNIN' DOWN A DREAM (Prop : Mme MENICORI Lucia Prod : Mlle BLANKENSHIP Beth) 2e EXCELLENT RCACIB In class CHAMPION judged by Mme KLUCNIECE Vija : EERONDAALI IVALO (Prop : M. TURUNEN Petri Prod : M. TURUNEN Petri) 3e EXCELLENT In class CHAMPION judged by Mme KLUCNIECE Vija : IKURIN STELLA POLARIS (Prop : Mme MIETTINEN Taina Prod : Mmes VATANEN P.L. / SAARILAHTI K.) 4e EXCELLENT In class CHAMPION judged by Mme KLUCNIECE Vija : CURACAO HANNIBAL OF BLOOM WHITE (Prop : Mme LOIZELET Elisabeth Prod : Mme LOIZELET Elisabeth)



3e EXCELLENT In class CHAMPION judged by Mme KLUCNIECE Vija : EERONDAALI INSPIRATION (Prop : M. TURUNEN Petri Prod : M. TURUNEN Petri) 1st EXCELLENT MEILLEUR YOUNG In class YOUNG judged by Mme KLUCNIECE Vija : PROMENADE A COTE DES NUAGES (Prop : M. VATTIMO Alessandro Prod : Mme MENICORI Lucia) 2e EXCELLENT In class YOUNG judged by Mme KLUCNIECE Vija : EERONDAALI KIRA (Prop : M. TURUNEN Petri Prod : M. TURUNEN Petri) 3e EXCELLENT In class YOUNG judged by Mme KLUCNIECE Vija : HEVIAN GREYS ONLY YOU FOR AISTRAUM (Prop : Mme NYRKOVSKAYA Olga Prod : M. SAZHIN) 4e EXCELLENT In class YOUNG judged by Mme KLUCNIECE Vija : PUSHISTIKOFF EVERLASTING LOVE (Prop : Mme PREOBRAZHENSKAYA I. Prod : Mme MOSKVINA) TRES BON In class YOUNG judged by Mme KLUCNIECE Vija : YLVA VOM ALTEN NIERSTAL (Prop : Mme HOLTMANN Claudia Prod : Mme MEYER U.) TRES BON In class YOUNG judged by Mme KLUCNIECE Vija : ESWOOD ORLA (Prop : Mme KRAFT Ina Prod : Mme ROSKINEN Johanna) REALLY PROMISING In class PUPPY judged by Mme KLUCNIECE Vija : AISTRAUM YANIKA-EBBA (Prop : Mlle LUPACHEVA Marina Prod : Mme NYRKOVSKAYA) REALLY PROMISING In class PUPPY judged by Mme KLUCNIECE Vija : ISKORKA LUBNI IZ MIRASKELA (Prop : Mme KRAFT Ina Prod : M. NIKITINA E.) 1st EXCELLENT In class VETERAN judged by Mme KLUCNIECE Vija : PINA VOM ALTEN NIERSTAL (Prop : Mme HOLTMANN Claudia Prod : Mme HOLZKI B.) EXCELLENT In class VETERAN judged by Mme KLUCNIECE Vija : LADY RICKLESS VOM ALTEN NIERSTAL (Prop : Mme LOIZELET Elisabeth Prod : Mme STEINHILBER Barbara) National show(1134 entries) DIEPPE - Saturday 30 and Sunday 31 July, 2011 Keeshond Female 1st EXCELLENT BEST OF BREED In class CHAMPION judged by M. KLEIN Jean-Claude : DESDEMONA D'ARLANDE (Prop : M. Mme VERAGUE Patrick and Catherine Prod : M. GRANGE Claude) REALLY PROMISING In class PUPPY judged by M. KLEIN Jean-Claude : FIRST-LADY-WOLF DES FEES DU PAYS NOIR (Prop : M. Mme VERAGUE Patrick and Catherine Prod : M. VERAGUE Patrick)

National show(877 entries) LE PUY EN VELAY - Sunday 31 July, 2011 Keeshond Male 1st EXCELLENT CACS BEST OF BREED In class INTERMEDIATE judged by Mme LARIVE Jeannette : FRIPOUILLE OF BLOOM WHITE (Prop : M. Mme GIRAUD Eric and Myriam Prod : Mme LOIZELET Elisabeth) Exposition Internationale (1529 entries) BRIVE - Sunday 14 August, 2011 Keeshond Male 1st EXCELLENT CACS - CACIB BEST OF BREED In class OPEN judged by M. BARENNE Roger : ELDORADO DON JUAN OF BLOOM WHITE (Prop : M. HUSSON Francis Prod : Mme LOIZELET Elisabeth) National show(776 entries) GUISE - Sunday 21 August, 2011 Keeshond Female 1st EXCELLENT BEST OF BREED In class CHAMPION judged by Mlle BIGAUT Evelyne : DESDEMONA D'ARLANDE (Prop : M. Mme VERAGUE Patrick and Catherine Prod : M. GRANGE Claude)

1st EXCELLENT MEILLEUR YOUNG In class YOUNG judged by Mlle BIGAUT Evelyne : FIRST-LADY-WOLF DES FEES DU PAYS NOIR (Prop : M. Mme VERAGUE Patrick and Catherine Prod : M. VERAGUE Patrick) National show(1033 entries) ROMORANTIN - Sunday 28 August, 2011 Keeshond Female 1st EXCELLENT CACS BEST OF BREED In class OPEN judged by Mme MERY Chantal : SCHAMAYRA'S ELODY EDWINE (Prop : Mlle LANIER Hélène Prod : Mme POSCHUNG Leoni) National show(798 entries) L'ISLE ADAM - Saturday 3 and Sunday 4 Septembre 2011 Keeshond Male 1st EXCELLENT CACS BEST OF BREED In class OPEN judged by M. KLEIN Jean-Claude : COCKTAIL CRUFTS OF BLOOM WHITE (Prop : M. BENISTY Elie Prod : Mme LOIZELET Elisabeth) 1st EXCELLENT In class CHAMPION judged by M. KLEIN Jean-Claude : ASPEN OF BLOOM WHITE (Prop : M. BENISTY Elie Prod : Mme LOIZELET Elisabeth) 1st EXCELLENT In class YOUNG judged by M. KLEIN Jean-Claude : FREEZBY OF BLOOM WHITE (Prop : Mme PELTIER Marie-Hélène Prod : Mme LOIZELET Elisabeth) Keeshond Female 1st EXCELLENT MEILLEUR YOUNG In class YOUNG judged by M. KLEIN Jean-Claude : FIRST-LADY-WOLF DES FEES DU PAYS NOIR (Prop : M. Mme VERAGUE Patrick and Catherine Prod : M. VERAGUE Patrick)

Exposition Internationale (1782 entries) MACON - Saturday 10 and Sunday 11 Septembre 2011 Keeshond Male 1st EXCELLENT CACS - CACIB BEST OF BREED In class OPEN judged by Mlle BIGAUT Evelyne :

FRIPOUILLE OF BLOOM WHITE (Prop : M. Mme GIRAUD Eric and Myriam Prod : Mme LOIZELET Elisabeth) Exposition Internationale (1594 entries) BESANCON - Saturday 17 and Sunday 18 Septembre 2011 Keeshond Female PROMETTEUR In class PUPPY judged by M. ESCOFFIER Jean-Louis : GENKA (Prop : Mme RAKOTONDRABE Sylviane Prod : M. CELIBERT Stéphane) National show(1189 entries) LE TOUQUET - Saturday 17 and Sunday 18 Septembre 2011 Keeshond Female 1st EXCELLENT BEST OF BREED / YOUNG In class YOUNG judged by M. DESCHUYMERE Norman : FIRST-LADY-WOLF DES FEES DU PAYS NOIR (Prop : M. Mme VERAGUE Patrick and Catherine Prod : M. VERAGUE Patrick) National show(532 entries) CAPBRETON - Sunday 18 Septembre 2011 Keeshond Male 1st EXCELLENT CACS BEST OF BREED In class OPEN judged by M. SENECAT Jacques : DOMEI DES SEIGNEURS DE LA VALLEE DE L'ISLE (Prop : Mme MAUFRAIS Virginie Prod : M. Mlle DIAS RODRIGUES Manuel / BOITELLE Aurélia) Keeshond Female 1st EXCELLENT CACS In class OPEN judged by M. SENECAT Jacques : BITHIA (Prop : Mme MAUFRAIS Virginie Prod : Mme JEAN Maryline)

KeeshondWorld December 2011 

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Kiwi kees Kees in new zealand  

By Jeannette Wingels – Starkenburgh Keeshonden

Greetings All, New Zealand is currently in the grip of Rugby World Cup fever, with us being the host nation of this big event. We have just exited our winter period, (although here in Auckland we can have 4 seasons in one day!!) which signals the re-start of the dog-show season. Many of the shows listed below were judged in the pouring rain. It appears that Kees are no longer shown in the South Island. Those shown in the North Island are by 4 exhibitors from 2 kennel types. These are the results of the shows we attended.

Please send me your show results and photos for inclusion in each issue!    Huntly Championship Show – 10 Sept 2011 Judge: Elaine Whitney (Canada) NZ Ch Starkenburgh Sole Survivor (Wingels) - Best of Breed, BEST OF GROUP, BEST OPEN OF GROUP, RESERVE BEST IN SHOW, BEST OPEN IN SHOW Clandara Edge (Frew) – Reserve Best of Breed Huntly Championship Show – 11 Sept 2011 Judge: Pat Guild (South Africa) NZ Ch Starkenburgh Sole Survivor (Wingels) - Best of Breed, RESERVE BEST OF GROUP, BEST OPEN OF GROUP NZ Ch Starkenburgh Stole a Kiss (Wingels) - Reserve Best of Breed Taupo Championship Show – 24 Sept 2011 Judge: Nigel Trainor (NZ) NZ Ch Starkenburgh Shimmer N Shine (Wingels) – Best of Breed, BEST OF GROUP, BEST INTERMEDIATE OF GROUP NZ Ch Starkenburgh Sole Survivor (Wingels) – Reserve Best of Breed Taupo Championship Show – 25 Sept 2011 Judge: Ms Everson (Queensland, Australia) NZ Ch Starkenburgh Sole Survivor (Wingels) – Best of Breed, RESERVE BEST OF GROUP, BEST OPEN OF GROUP NZ Ch Starkenburgh Shimmer N Shine (Wingels) – Reserve Best of Breed Tauranga Championship Show (am) – 8 Oct 2011 Judge: Rhonda Lane (Queensland, Australia) NZ Ch Clandara Cairo (Retter) – Best of Breed NZ Ch Starkenburgh Sole Survivor (Wingels) – Reserve Best of Breed Tauranga Championship Show (pm) – 8 Oct 2011 Judge: Viv Hartley (NZ) NZ Ch Starkenburgh Sole Survivor (Wingels) – Best of Breed Clandara Ghost (Retter) – Reserve Best of Breed

Tauranga Championship Show – 9 Oct 2011 Judge: Kerry King (South Australia) Clandara Edge (Frew) – Best of Breed NZ Ch Starkenburgh Shimmer N Shine – Reserve Best of Breed I managed to pop over to Melbourne, Australia for the day to attend the Keeshond Club of Victoria Championship show held on 2 October. It was lovely to catch up with old friends many of whom I hadn’t seen since my last visit there 12 years ago. This show managed around 40 entrants which was a pretty good entry for a local judge. What struck me most was how the Kees type and attributes had changed, and how very different the Kees were from my previous visit. The hospitality was outstanding, as always, as were the prizes on offer to the winners. Thank you to all those involved for making it such an enjoyable day and trip! See you later! Jeannette

NZ Ch Starkenburgh Shimmer N Shine  

NZ Ch Starkenburgh Sole Survivor

Kees in the United kingdom By Lady Karin Hickson - Kichigai Keeshonden

Leeds Champ show   With 32 dogs entered and 22 present   Breed Specialist, Mrs Jean Sharp‐Bale of Neradmik fame took centre stage on a hot sunny day,   Her best of breed and first CC since coming to the UK was  

Miles & Cullen's Am Ch Kemonts Skyline's Game Boy (imp USA)  Best Opposite Sex again was a first CC for Carter's Amikirs Arabella  Reserve Dog CC: Davies' Rossvale Frankly My Dear Kyross  Reserve Bitch CC: Francis & Wilding's Swashway Stage Struck  Best Puppy: Davies' Rossvale Frankly My Dear Kyross    Welsh Kennel Club   Mr Frank Kane  46/39  Mr Kane found his best of breed in the Am import of Ferris as he is known to his owners with a resounding 2nd  Challenge Certificate for both him and the Bitch who is owned  and handled by  Carol Bardsley    Best Of Breed: Miles & Cullen's Am Ch Kemonts Skyline's Game Boy (Imp)  Dog CC: Miles & Cullen's Am Ch Kemonts Skyline's Game Boy (Imp)  Reserve Dog CC: Bennett & Savage's Ch Thorsdale Trademark  Bitch CC: Bardsley's Baleissa Catwalk Queen Shcm  Reserve Bitch CC: Bardsley & Ring's Baleissa Indian Summer  Best Puppy : Pattison's Eastkees Don't Say A Word         

Birmingham City   Mr Mike Morgan of the Baiodora Kennel another breed specialist giving Challenge Certificates for the first  time  39 dogs entered and 22 present his judging was to make to Champions up in the breed  Both  the  dog  CC  winner  and  the  Bitch  CC  winner  gained  their  qualify  3rd  CC  and  subject  to  Kennel  Club  confirmation are now UK Champions  Best Of Breed: Miles & Cullen's Am Ch Kemonts Skyline's Game Boy (Imp)  Dog CC : Miles & Cullen's Am Ch Kemonts Skyline's Game Boy (Imp)  Reserve Dog CC: Bennett & Savage's Ch Thorsdale Trademark  Bitch CC: Bardsley's Baleissa Catwalk Queen ShcM  Reserve Bitch CC: Austin's Chotahkees Truly Gorgeous  Best Puppy : Austin's Chotahkees Truly Gorgeous    Richmond Champ show  Richmond was to see Mrs Pam Luckhurst of the Well‐ known Gavimir Kennel take centre stage with 43 dogs  entered and 26 present she again found her best of breed in the newly crowned Champion  Best Of Breed: Miles & Cullen's Ch Am Ch Kemonts Skyline's Game Boy (Imp)  Dog CC: Miles & Cullen's Ch Am Ch Kemonts Skyline's Game Boy (Imp)  Reserve Dog CC: Day's Ch Allforus Dice Master For Spitzcav JW ShCM  Bitch CC: Austin's Chotahkees Truly Gorgeous  Reserve Bitch CC: Brunt's Zandvoort Whats In A Dream  Best Puppy : Pattison's Eastkees Don't Say A Word   Darlington Champ show  Darlington had a recent change of judge due to the death of breed specialist Mrs Margaret Foster (Thorsdale)  Mr Sigurd Wilberg took her place prior to the close of entries, after a minutes silence in Margaret’s memory he  judged the breed finding his best of breed from 40 dogs entered and 31 present  Best Of Breed: Miles & Cullen's Ch Am Ch Kemonts Skyline's Game Boy (Imp)  Dog CC: Miles & Cullen's Ch Am Ch Kemonts Skyline's Game Boy (Imp)  Reserve Dog CC: Anderson's Kichigai Limited Edition  Bitch CC: Pattison's Eastkees Idle Chatter  Reserve Bitch CC: Austin's Chotahkees Truly Gorgeous  Best Puppy : Matthews' Pommary Ruff N'ready At Valindale 

The Keeshond club open Show 1st October 2011  Mr Peter Jolley  82 entered 47 present    Best Of Breed:  Austin's Chotahkees Truly Gorgeous  Reserve Best Of Breed:Brunt's Sueacres Iced Diamond At Zandvoort  Best Dog: Brunt's Sueacres Iced Diamond At Zandvoort  Reserve Best Dog: Pattison's Eastkees Don't Say A Word  Best Bitch: Austin's Chotahkees Truly Gorgeous  Reserve Best Bitch: Peck's Luddelos Frost Bite With Byquy (Imp Sweden)  Best Veteran: Passmore's Trumpets Hand Of Fate For Torrikees (Imp)  Best Puppy: Pattison's Eastkees Don't Say A Word  

Having arrived in England from the United States at the beginning of June, Ferris has had a very  successful start to his show career here.           He has been awarded the following under both breed judges and all‐rounders:   

  Six Challenge Certificates with Best of Breed      One Reserve CC      Best Dog at three Championship shows without CCs (two with Best of Breed)     Shortlisted in the Group four times 

We are grateful to all the judges who have thought so highly of Ferris.  Owned and loved by:   Dr Kristen Cullen and Mrs Susan Cullen in the United States   and Mrs Joan Miles in the United Kingdom  

Breeder: Mrs Jan Corrington  Sire: Am and Can Ch Keeshee’s Lock Stock ‘N Barrel RoM  Dam: Am Ch Skyline’s Material Girl  Photo by Mr Ian Stubbings

“yankees” Kees in the usa  

We are in need of a couple of people to report on the show scene from all States in the USA. Come on folks, the Keeshond Fanciers worldwide look to the USA for show results and photos of winners! I also urge ALL Keeshond Clubs across the United States to please send a copy of your Specialty show results and photos for inclusion into each issue. Keeshond Club of Delaware Valley supported shows & 2 Specialty shows - Donna Stekli KCDV supports the first two shows with entries for top winners. All shows are outdoors. The first two shows were held in Gilbert Pennsylvania (about 45min north of Allentown). Thursday's show, Pocono Mountain Kennel Club, had us unloading in the pouring rain. By the time kees went into the ring, the rain had let up and it was sprinkling. Breed went to GCh. Ruttkay Chance, so many of us stayed to cheer him on to a Group 2. Since AKC now has Grand Championship points awarded, I included those points in the results. 09/15/2011 Pocono Mountain Kennel Club, 19 entered: 10 dogs & 9 bitches BOB & Group 2/5pts - GCH. RUTTKAY CHANCE: Breeder: S&D Wert & L Mae Evans, Owner: Megan McLaughlin, Shown by Mae Evans. BOS/3pts - GCH. ATHENA GLITTER GIRL: Breeder/Owner/Handler: Jennifer Sturgeon, Owners: J & G Sturgeon WD/3pts - IKON'S ASTON MARTIN SPECIAL EDITION: Breeder: K. Fleischer, Owners: Jodi & Timothy McGee, shown by Jodi. WB/BW/3pts - MOONSHADOW'S PLUM PERFECT V RUTTKAY, Breeder: E. Kramer & L. Mae Evans, Owner: L. Mae Evans, shown by Mae (& friend for BW) Select Dog/4pts: Ch. SHAINAKEES ABUNDANT ASSET IS MERCY, Breeder/Owners: Ruthann Siebert & Suzette Lefebvre, shown by April Guentensperger-Horton Select Bitch/4pts: GCH. TRUMPET'S LOVE FOR SALE, Breeder: B. Blankenship, Owner: Beth Blankenship, shown by Carissa Boettcher




      GCH. TRUMPET'S LOVE FOR SALE            

Friday's show in Gilbert (same location as Thursday) was clear and no rain! The sun was trying to peak out and that made things tropical with the heat. Later in the day, a cold front came through which made the rest of the weekend's temperatures very nice for dogs and people. Again, GCh. Ruttkay Chance was Best of Breed and we just had to stay to cheer him on to a GROUP ONE! 09/16/2011 Pocono Mountain Kennel Club, 18 entered: 10 dogs & 8 bitches BOB & Group ONE /5pts - GCH. RUTTKAY CHANCE: Breeder: S&D Wert & L Mae Evans, Owner: Megan McLaughlin, Shown by Mae Evans. BOS/4pts - GCH. ATHENA GLITTER GIRL: Breeder/Owner/Handler: Jennifer Sturgeon, Owners: J & G Sturgeon WD/3pts - ATHENA SPECIAL EDITION: Breeder/Owner/Handler: Jennifer Sturgeon, Owners: G Kassell & J Sturgeon WB/BW/3pts - MOONSHADOW'S PLUM PERFECT V RUTTKAY, Breeder: E. Kramer & L. Mae Evans, Owner: L. Mae Evans, shown by Mae (& friend for BW) Select Dog/4pts: Ch. SHAINAKEES ABUNDANT ASSET IS MERCY, Breeder/Owners: Ruthann Siebert & Suzette Lefebvre, shown by April Guentensperger-Horton Select Bitch/3pts: Ch. A*STARZ HEART OF GOLD, Breeder: D Stekli & K Barker, Owners: Donelle & Mike Dermer & D Stekli, shown by Donelle.            


Saturday's & Sunday's show location in Macungie is about 20minutes south of Allentown. During the afternoon on Friday, we moved our set up to the show site so we could have a good spot under the grooming tent, being able to see our ring from there. Judging was to start early on Saturday, so getting to the show site first thing to start grooming was in order. The temps on Saturday morning were a bit chilly which made it great for the dogs. The day started with Sweepstakes for ages 6mos18mos, followed by Veteran Sweepstakes. The judge was Jane West of Westcrest Kees in West Virginia. The regular judge was Ms. Beverly Capstick. After judging, KCDV provided hospitality for all kees fanciers in the RV area next to L. Mae Evan's motor home. Hot dogs with sauerkraut, cole slaw, potato salad and home baked cookies were among the yummy foods provided! Thank you to KCDV! With kees having one of the largest entries of the day for any breed, many of us stayed to cheer on Ch. Shainakees Abundant Asset Is Mercy in the group where he garnered a Group 4. Also, Best Bred By Kees, A*starz Through The Looking Glass, attained a Best Bred By Group 3.  

09/17/2011 Keeshond Club of Delaware Valley Specialty #1 (in conjunction with Lehigh Valley Kennel Club) 38 entered: 21 dogs & 17 bitches BOB & Group 4/5pts - Ch. SHAINAKEES ABUNDANT ASSET IS MERCY, Breeder/Owners: Ruthann Siebert & Suzette Lefebvre, shown by April GuentenspergerHorton BOS/5pts - GCH. ATHENA GLITTER GIRL: Breeder/Owner/Handler: Jennifer Sturgeon, Owners: J & G Sturgeon WD/5pts - ATHENA SPECIAL EDITION: Breeder/Owner/Handler: Jennifer Sturgeon, Owners: G Kassell & J Sturgeon WB/BW/5pts/Best Bred By Kees/BBX Group 3 - A*STARZ THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS CGC, Breeder: D. Stekli & K. Barker, Owners: D Stekli, K Barker, L Burnett, D Dermer. Handled by Donna. Select Dog/5pts: Ch. KLASSIC'S KON ARTIST (from Veteran Dog Class), Breeder: M White & M Beeman, Owner/Handler: Kathi Fleischer (finished his Grand Championship with this win) Select Bitch/5pts: GCH. TRUMPET'S LOVE FOR SALE, Breeder: B. Blankenship, Owner: B. Blankenship, shown by Carissa Boettcher Award of Merit: CH. NIGHTWIND'S LITTLE RICKY, Breeder: D & LR Hodges, Owner: Michele Moriarty & Diane Beurmann, shown by Michele Best In Sweeps: TRUMPET'S EVERY LITTLE THING SHE DOES IS MAGIC, Owners: Barry & Lori Wudel/Beth Blankenship. Shown by Carissa Boettcher Best of Opposite in Sweeps: ATHENA SPECIAL EDITION, Breeder/Owner/Handler: Jennifer Sturgeon, Owners: G Kassell & J Sturgeon Best in Veteran Sweeps: Ch. TRUMPET'S TICKET TO RIDE (from Veteran Dog Class), Breeder/Owner/Handler: Beth Blankenship  





CH. NIGHTWIND'S LITTLE RICKY                                                                                  






Sunday's show time was later in the day, so many of us took the first opportunity to sleep in. The Sweeptakes judge was Mr. Rodney Herner. The regular judge was Mrs. Sari Brewster Tietjen (who was on the slate for the Kees National in Mason Ohio in May, but had to have gallbladder surgery so subs were made). After judging, Mrs. Tietjen had more of her assignment to judge and couldn't stop for photos. Most of us wanted to hit the road, therefore, some of photos of the winners were not available. Best of Breed, GCh. Ruttkay Chance, won a Group 2. 09/18/2011 Keeshond Club of Delaware Valley Specialty #2 (in conjunction with Berks County Kennel Club) 35 entered: 21 dogs & 14 bitches BOB & Group 2/5pts - GCH. RUTTKAY CHANCE: Breeder: S&D Wert & L Mae Evans, Owner: Megan McLaughlin, Shown by Mae Evans. BOS/5pts - GCH. ATHENA GLITTER GIRL: Breeder/Owner/Handler: Jennifer Sturgeon, Owners: J & G Sturgeon WD/BW/5pts - TRUMPET'S WE STARTED NOTHING: Breeder/Owner/Handler: Beth Blankenship, Breeders: B Blankenship & J Turnage WB/4pts - BONNYVALE'S PAPERBACK WRITER BY WOLFERS FOR TRUMPET, Breeder: D Bosch, R&B Fowler, Owner: Beth Blankenship, Handler: Carissa Boettcher Select Dog/5pts: Ch. TRUMPET'S TICKET TO RIDE (from Veteran Dog Class), Breeder/Owner/Handler: Beth Blankenship Select Bitch/4pts: Ch. QUEST YOU'RE SO VAIN, Breeder/Owner/Handler: Maureen Winters Best In Sweeps: IKON'S BUGATTI IMPRESSUM, Breeder/Owner/Handler: Kathi Fleischer Best of Opposite in Sweeps: A*STARZ THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS CGC, Breeder: D. Stekli & K. Barker, Owners: D Stekli, K Barker, L Burnett, D Dermer. Handled by Donna. Best in Veteran Sweeps: Ch. TRUMPET'S TICKET TO RIDE (from Veteran Dog Class), Breeder/Owner/Handler: Beth Blankenship                              



Thank you to KCDV and their folks for a wonderful specialty show with great hospitality, nice trophies and good folks. The ringside social time was wonderful too. Many folks in kees who didn't show, still came to watch the specialties. Anyone that is on FaceBook can see more photos from these shows by visiting my page. Next, I hope to cover the Capital Keeshond Club Specialty show to be held October 15 in W. Friendship Maryland. Preliminary numbers show 34 kees are entered. I hope someone will cover the Keeshond Fanciers of Central States Specialties (two of them) coming up October 8 in Illinois. Regards, Donna Stekli Roving reporter      

Links for the results for the Pacific Crest Keeshond Club Specialties were supplied by the Pacific Crest Keeshond Club - Full results can be found through their website No photos were available at the time of press

Pacific Crest Keeshond Club (1) 8/18/2011 JUDGE: Mrs Ellie Carson Winners Dog CAMBRYS PANACHE IN FOUR WHEEL DRIVE. BREEDER: Breanna Long & Camille Bray. OWNER: Camille Bray. Reserve Winners Dog KEESRICH HAPPY HOUR AT PAWSTEP. BREEDER: Gail Riches.. OWNER: Cynthia Upward. Winners Bitch / Best of Winners NOVEL RAMONA THE PEST. BREEDER: Barbara Cobean. OWNER: Barbara Cobean SueAnne Nelson. Reserve Winners Bitch CASCADIA PLAYING CHARADES AT SHAMROCK. BREEDER: Helen Wymore & Alan Leff. OWNER: Teresa Cook & Brian Cook. Bred By ARKLOWS SOUNDS OF WINDRIFT. BREEDER: Elizabeth Winans/Kathy Easter/Joanne Reed. OWNER: Kathy Easter/Patrick Easter. Opposite Sex / Veteran CH WINDRIFT'S LITTLE DARLING. BREEDER: Joanne Reed. OWNER: Sam Winans & Betsy Elizabeth Winans. Best of Breed GCH SHAMROCK'S CAPTAIN STORMALONG. BREEDER: Shannon Kelly & Sue Ritchie. OWNER: Bill & Wanda Milwee. Select CH KEESRICH LIFE IS AN OPEN ROAD. BREEDER: Gail Riches. OWNER: Cynthia Upward. Select GRCH WINDRIFT'S SOUTHERN STAR. BREEDER: Liz McKnight & Ron Spaulding OWNER: Sharon Shipek & Joanne Reed.

SWEEPSTAKES KEESHONDEN JUDGE: Ms Sandra Olsen Best in Sweeps CH SHAMROCK-KEALOHA BUYS ANOTHER ROUND. BREEDER: Laura Lenci & Shannon Kelly. OWNER: Laura Lenci & Shannon Kelly & Bill & Wanda Milwee. Opposite Sex in Sweeps ARKLOWS SOUNDS OF WINDRIFT. BREEDER: Elizabeth Winans/Kathy Easter/Joanne Reed. OWNER: Kathy Easter/Patrick Easter. Best Veteran CH KJ'S PURRSEVERANCE. BREEDER: Kristen Jackson. OWNER: Robin G & Kenneth J Skinner. REGULAR CLASSES

JUDGE: Mrs Mary Ellen Meyer Winners Dog / Best of Winners KEESRICH HAPPY HOUR AT PAWSTEP. BREEDER: Gail Riches. OWNER: Cynthia Upward. Reserve Winners Dog WILD HEART'S PLATINUM ASSET. BREEDER: Liz McKnight & Ronald Spaulding. OWNER: Hannah & Brigitte & Jeff Patrignani. Winners Bitch / Puppy CASCADIA PLAYING CHARADES AT SHAMROCK. BREEDER: Helen Wymore & Alan Leff. OWNER: Teresa Cook & Brian Cook. Reserve Winners Bitch / Bred by ARKLOWS SOUNDS OF WINDRIFT. BREEDER: Elizabeth Winans/Kathy Easter/Joanne Reed. OWNER: Kathy Easter/Patrick Easter. AM & Veteran CH WINDRIFT'S LITTLE DARLING. BREEDER: Joanne Reed. OWNER: Sam Winans & Betsy Elizabeth Winans. AM CH WYNDJAMR'S PRINCE OF TIDES. BREEDER: Owners. OWNER: Robin & Ken Skinner. Best of Breed CH KEESRICH LIFE IS AN OPEN ROAD. BREEDER: Gail Riches OWNER: Cynthia Upward. Best of Opposite Sex GRAND CH ELOQUCENT EDITION. BREEDER: Kristen Cullen & Susan Cullen. OWNER: Stephen Lambright & S Lambright & S & K Cullen. Select GCH WYNDJAMR'S WINWARD ISLE RN BREEDER: Robin G Skinner & Kenneth J Skinner OWNER: Anita/Williams/ & Robin Skinner. Select GRCH WINDRIFT'S SOUTHERN STAR. BREEDER: Liz McKnight & Ron Spaulding. OWNER: Sharon Shipek & Joanne Reed. Brace NOVEL'S NEW TRICKS. BREEDER: Barbara Cobean. OWNER: Linda Hall Barbara Cobean & S Nelson & G Hall. NOVELS FLYING DUTCHMAN. BREEDER: Barbara Cobean. OWNER: Joan & Robert Summers & Linda Hall.

There were lots of Keeshond Specialties held across the United States over the summer, unfortunately no other results were sent to us for inclusion into this issue We have managed to find some links to some results & photos " Rocky Mountain Keeshond Club - Results

" Keeshond Fanciers of The Central States - Photos


Obedience is important too! The Third Quarter Keeshond Obedience Statistics are posted on the KCA website


We would ask all clubs across the United States to please send us the results and photos of your Specialties for inclusion into each issue                                  

A Special KeeshondWorld Supplement

Saga was recently awarded Best In Maturity at the 2011 KCA National specialty and is shown here winning her 2nd Specialty Winners award at the Keeshond Club of Delaware Valley (#2 Specialty) We are truly thankful this bitch was allowed to come here from the Wolfer and Bonnyvale beeding program. While her sire is one of our own, we could not be happier with this bitch. She is darling in every way. A true sweetheart to live with and looking at her is not difficult either.

Bred by Rob and Bonnie Fowler and Darlene Bosch. Owned by Beth Blankenship Assisted by Carissa Boettcher Trumpet Show Dogs Lake City, SC


Calivale Private Eye  Picture at just 3 months    Suzzie is co owned and shown by Robyn McCahon, she has already had a great start,  winning Baby in Groups and being placed in Baby Sweepstakes classes.  We look forward to watching Suzzie mature.    Thanks to Robyn for all her hard work with Suzzie, its greatly appreciated!    Also being shown is Calivale For Your Eyes Only – co owned with Crystal Matwijow  and yet to start her show career. We look forward to watching her results and thank  Crystal and all the Matwijow family for all their work and support!  Calivale Keeshonds – Brad Santas                                                                    + 61 2 4774 1918  Web:                Email:

Calivale Eye Spy Picture at just 3 months

Cessnock All Breeds Dog Club – Baby in Show – Judge Mrs Carol Graham (Canada) Keeshond Club of Victoria – Baby in Show – Judge Ms Kathy Smith (Victoria) Keeshond Club of Victoria – Baby in Show – Judge Mrs Shellie Marshall (Victoria)

We are very pleased with this litter – from 5 puppies, 4 are in show homes!

Calivale Keeshonds – Brad Santas Web:

+ 61 2 4774 1918 Email:


Rymiska Dirty Harry S: Ch Rysup Halcyon Days D: Rymiska Lucie Lou

Owned by Rachel Millner Rysup Keeshonden

PHPT Negative By Descent Bred by Ray & Marilyn Parker Rymiska Keeshonds

Co-owned by Tracey Parker Handled by Rachel & Tracey Pictured at 6 1/2 months

Introducing…. Daimler’s Purple Passion

Ch Purrkees Come by Chance out of Ch Daimler Secret of T’Night We would like to thank Terry and Diane Benz for entrusting this wonderful girl to us! Life just wasn’t the same without a fuzzy...we look forward to seeing friends at the shows, old and new! “Betty” is Owned and Loved by Julie, Jim and Hunter Miller KeeRocka Rottweilers and KEESHOND Toddville, Iowa, USA

Owner bred and handled Trevor & Cheri Rogers Keez Keeshonden – Melbourne Australia

At only 12 months of age, Konner is already Multi Best of Breed winner. Boasting a Best in Specialty at the Non-Sporting Dog Club of Victoria Open Show and a Best in Specialty at The Keeshond Club of Victoria Open Show. Keez Keeshonden Quality Keeshonden for the Discerning Fancier Cheri & Trevor Rogers Melbourne Australia

Owned, Shown & Loved by Shirley Mewett Brilhond Keeshonden Bred by Trevor & Cheri Rogers Keez Keeshonden – Australia

Already a Runner Up Best in Show winner‌ the BEST is yet to come! Owned & Shown by Syd & Shirley Munton Bred by Trevor & Cheri Rogers Keez Keeshonden Powerpoint Templates Page 1

River is pictured winning Best Baby in Show at her 1st Show. Keeshond Club of Victoria Inc – Open Show – Minor in Show Keeshond Club of Victoria Inc – Champ Show – Minor in Show Keeshond Club of NSW – Open Show – Runner Up in Show & Minor In Show Keeshond Club of NSW – Champ Show – Res. Challenge Bitch & Minor In Show Spitz Breeds Club of NSW – Champ Show – Minor in Show River is flowing well - whilst she is on her stay in Sydney she will be handled by Lauren Santas.

Chubbs, already  a Multiple Group Winner and Specialty winner by the age of two, is getting ready to  hit the serious campaign trail in 2012.     He is OFA Hips Good, Elbows Normal, Eyes Normal, Cardiac Normal, Patellas normal, PHPT neg by  descent, Thyroid normal, and available to bitches with the same health clearances.        

Sire: CH. BMI KJ Head Honcho  Dam: CH. KJ's Purrogative  Date of Birth: August 28, 2009     

Breeder/Owner/Handler  Kristen Dowd   KJ's Kees 

Shown winnin( )est o- )reed o0er a bitch s4ecial under 7ud(e 8. :0erett  ;ean -or < 4oints.  =rankie recently -inished her American cham4ionshi4.       She is B=A Ci4s DoodE :lbows FormalE :yes FormalE Gardiac FormalE Hatellas  normalE HCHI ne(ati0e by descent.  =rankie will be bred in <JK<.      

Sire: GC. )MN OP Cead Concho  ;am: GC. OPQs Hurro(ati0e  ;ate o- )irth: Au(ust <RE <JJS    Keeshond)   

)reeder: Oristen ;owdE OPQs Oees   BwnerTCandler: Iraci 8asser  Iralei(h Oeeshonden 

We are especially proud of the lovely conformation, movement, attitude, temperament and intelligence exhibited by the litter. Lexie, Rocky and Ramsey are constantly delighting their owners every day.

Sire: GCh/CH Windrift's Non Negotiable Asset HOF Dam: Ch. Nightwatch Caressed by Astarz

Breeder: Marty Huck Rocklin,Ca. USA

Sire: Rymiska Baggy Jeans Dam: RUBIS CH Sandstock Buffy Handled by: Tracey Parker Rymiska Keeshonds Owner: K Martin Contact:

FLASH Sire: Rymiska Baggy Jeans Dam: RUBIS CH Sandstock Buffy Handled by: Tracey Parker -Rymiska Keeshonds Owner: K Martin Contact:

!ee Sim'son +ambrid0e1 2ntario sim'

Sire: Ch. Spirit’s Fire It Up

Dam: BOSS Ch. Trumpet’s For Your Eyes Only HOF

“Punky” finished with his fourth major at the Keeshond Club of Delaware Valley #2 Specialty this past September under long time Non-Sporting judge Sari Brewster Tietjen. He is just turning two years and his OFA results are in. OFA Hips – Good, OFA Patella, OFA Elbows, OFA Cardiac and CERF (eye exam). He is also PHPT negative by descent. He will be paired with GCh. Trumpet’s Love For Sale “Jade” for a winter 2011 litter. Breeders: Beth Blankenship/Jane Turnage Owner: Beth Blankenship

Shady was 1st in the 6 to 9 class at the 2011 KCA National specialty at just 6 mo old. So far he has three Best In Sweeps and two Best Opposite in Sweeps, a Reserve Winners Dog to his kennel mate, Punky (shown in this issue) at the Keeshond Club of Delaware Valley #2 specialty and then goes Winners Dog at the Central States Keeshond Club specialty #2 for a 5pt major.

Sire: Ch. Masadaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Sound Off At Trumpet Dam: Ch. Trumpetâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Power Flower Breeder/Owner: Beth Blankenship


By Ste'ani M C-hen /CS012

A"#$% '%()A*+ 'te.an1 has 45er 78 years 4. e:;er1en<e w4rk1n? w1th .am1l1es and <h1ldrenC w1th a <4n<entrat14n 4. .am1l1es 4. <h1ldren w1th s;e<1al needsD +n add1t14n t4 <4Ensell1n?C she ;r451des an1mal ass1sted thera;y and hEmane edE<at14n ;r4?rams t4?ether w1th her d4?C )4FF1eD

Growing up  I  was  blessed  to  share  my  life  with  many  different  animals  –  dogs,  cats,  horses  and  guinea  pigs.  My  home  life  was  difficult,  with  my  parents  getting  divorced  when  I  was  eight  and  both  my  parents  subsequently  marrying  people  who  were  not  always  kind. The animals, especially the dogs and horses, gave  me  unconditional  love  and  a  feeling  of  security.  I  ultimately  became  a  social  worker  and  therapist  –  this  was probably in an attempt to make some sense out of  my own childhood and adolescence and out of a desire  to  help  others.  However,  I  always  remembered  the  gift  of joy my animals gave me.    When I fell in love it was to a wonderful man with only  one  shortcoming  –  he  was  not  an  animal  lover.  I  very  much wanted my children to experience the benefits of  sharing their lives with animals so I talked my husband  into guinea pigs. This was his gateway drug, so to speak,  and  after  19  years  of  marriage  he  relented  and  agreed  to get a dog.    I am a big believer in things happening for a reason and  also  in  the  Universe  having  a  Master  Plan.  My  mother  had  passed  away  in  September  of  1996  and  a  month  later her beloved canine companion, Beulie (a lab mix),  crossed  the  Rainbow  Bridge.    My  mother  was  a  true  animal  lover  and  had  always  helped  me  to  see  that  animals  have  feelings  and  deserve  respect  in  the  same  way  as  people  do.  She  didn’t  live  to  see  my  family  get  the  one thing  she  always  thought  we  were  missing  –  a  family  dog.  But  I  know  she  had  a  hand  in  making  sure  we got one.   

KeeshondWorld December 2011 

I am  also  convinced  that  Beulie’s  spirit  entered  a  sweet and gentle Keeshond born on July 14, 1997  in  what  was  most  likely  a  puppy  mill  in  upstate  New York. This furry creature found his way to our  home  through  a  Keeshond  rescue  group  a  year   and a half later. We knew we wanted a Keeshond  because  my  sister,  Cathy,  who  was  living  in  California  had  a  truly  wonderful  Keeshond  whom  she  and  her  husband  had  adopted  some  years  earlier.  As  you  know,  the  Keeshond  is  not  your  typical  dog­dog,  but  rather  an  independent  thinker and very smart.    Mugsy’s birthday is the sign from heaven that my  mother  was  involved.  My  mom  was  terrible  with  dates  and  often  forgot  birthdays  (even  her  grandchildren’s) but always remembered this date  –July  14.It  was  my  first  boyfriend’s  birthday  and  also  Bastille  Day.  Mugsy’s  intellect,  sense  of  humor  and  independent  streak  were  just  like  Beulie’s. I am sure my mother sent Beulie back to  earth in Mugsy’s body to complete our family.     

When Mugsy arrived, as Bootie, he was quickly renamed  during  a  family  meeting  in  which  we  discussed  which  basketball  players  had  good  names  for  dogs.  (Oh,  did  I  mention that when Mugsy got out of the car the first day  we saw him, he had a toy basketball in his mouth?)  Both  my children played on basketball teams and my husband  coached  them.  We  settled  on  Muggsy  Bogues  although  we changed the spelling.     I am preaching to the Keeshond choir when I tell you that  Mugsy was funny and loved being part of the family mix.  In  addition  to  him  having  basic  training  already,  he  also  trained me ­ to give him treats when he went out, when  he  came  in,  when  he  sat  down,  when  he  stood  up  etc.   His  gentle  nature  made  him  a  perfect  candidate  to  become  a  therapy  dog  and  that’s  exactly  what  we  did.  We  trained  and  passed  the  Delta  Society’s  Pet  Partner  Team Evaluation and were thrilled. I began taking him to  nursery  schools  to  teach  dog  bite  prevention  and  to  promote kindness to all living things. We encouraged the  students to participate  in Mugsy’s  Mitzvah  (good deeds)  by bringing in items to donate to the animal shelter. I also  began  using  Mugsy  in  my  private  practice  helping  children  overcome  their  fear  of  dogs,  as  well  as  to  help  children  with  autism  vocalize  and  practice  social  skills  through the dog.    

The Keeshond  has  a  wonderful  smile  and  is  affectionately  known  as  “The  Smiling  Dutchman”.  His  distinct  appearance  and  soft  coat  cry  out  to  be  touched.  One  incident  stands out in my memory. I was working with a  5  year  old  boy  who  had  been  diagnosed  with  ADHD.  I  was  very  clear  with  him  on  how  he  needed to be gentle with Mugsy – and he was.  What  I  didn’t  count  on  was  his  baby  sister  using  Mugsy’s  fur  to  hoist  herself  up  into  a  standing  position!  Mugsy,  true  to  form,  tolerated  this  and  just  looked  to  me  to  end  it  as  quickly  as  possible.  Another  time  we  were  visiting  a  girl  in  the  hospital  who  was  recovering  from  a  stroke  and  was  resistant  to  her physical therapist’s pleas to move her right  arm.                                        When  I  explained  to  her  that  Mugsy  needed  his  fur  brushed  she  was  more  than  happy  to  comply­  using  her  right  hand  and  arm.  Dogs  are magical and are able to motivate us to do  things we don’t want to do or are challenging  for us. Over the years, Mugsy brought love into  my home and smiles to many people. 

Mugsy KeeshondWorld December 2011 

Mugsy graced our lives for 11 years and ultimately  succumbed  to  gall  bladder  disease.  That  was  on  January 26, 2010. Although my heart was broken I  felt a tremendous void without a dog following me  into  the  kitchen  or  magically  appearing  when  he  heard  my  husband  open  the  refrigerator  door  or  nab a cookie from the cookie jar.  As a therapist, I  knew  that  people  grieve  the  loss  of  an  animal  companion  in  their  own  way  and  there  is  no  timeline or right time to get another “furry friend”.  So, 24 hours later on January 27, I was on Facebook  asking  my  keeshond  “friends”  for  leads  to  adopt  another fuzz butt.    Within  about  20  minutes  I  had  no  less  than  12  leads  and  links  to  rescue  organizations  etc.  After  exploring  many  of  the  links  it  became  clear  that  most  of  these  Keeshonden  had  issues  of  one  kind  or  another  that  would  limit  their  suitability  to  become  therapy  dogs  (fear  of  men, not  good  with  children, etc.) While it took me 5 years to figure out  Mugsy’s  path  as  a  therapy  dog  I  knew  this  canine  would  have  to  have  the  necessary  temperament  right  out  of  the  gate.  One  thing  I  knew  for  sure  though was it was going to be a Keeshond.     I did get one message from Diane Benz, a top notch  breeder in Chicago. She said she had a male puppy  that would make a terrific therapy dog. Again, there  were  enough  signs  to  assure  me  that  this  was  the  dog we were supposed to have.  I felt strongly that  Mugsy was involved in the decision from the great  beyond .     Diane  hails  from  Lake  Zurich,  Illinois  and  my  grandparents had spent many years living in Zurich,  Switzerland.  Diane  said  she  had  just  brought  in  a  caterpillar  from  outside  (this  was  in  the  middle  of  winter)  to  keep  it  warm­      my  signature  in  all  my  emails  has  the  following  Bradley  Miller  quote:  “Teaching  a  child  not  to  step  on  a  caterpillar  is  as  useful to the child as it is to the caterpillar.”   

KeeshondWorld December 2011 

Finally, Diane and I actually look quite a bit alike. So, 11  days later Mr. Blue arrived at La Guardia. We tried out  several  names  for  him  including  Riley,  Barkley  and  finally  settled  on  Fozzie  Bear  after  Jim  Henson’s  Muppet who is described as being good natured and a  practical joker – perfect. 

Stay tuned  for  how  we  got  through  Fozzie’s  puppyhood after having nursed an older dog for many  years.  Also,  now  that  The Fozzinator has passed the  Delta Evaluation at the age of 1 ½,   we are trying to  step into Mugsy’s paws  by bringing joy and smiles to  people, especially children.  

Summer 2011 Aiden was HOT! In just a few weekends he won 5 Groups, Reserve Best in Show and this Best in Show ! What a thrill for me , his breeder/owner/handler that so many judges appreciated his qualities. Thanks especially to Shona Prebble, (NZ) left, for the BIS August 5, 2011

Janice Graves Amjukees Registered Keeshonden Oxford Station ON CANADA Š

)==7+50%%%% )*+,"-.%6'-5(2'%6'2% C55#702%:="++%&:&%86!%

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

!"#$%&'(%)*+,"-.%/012%3450%)%67#2%8)9%&:&%%;<"=2-72>% ?7-2$%)# &"0%&'(%!22+"-55#$+%!%&'%<(%;!)>% *'2=42+$%, -. ./-/%


!"##$%&'()*+%,%-(.%/01#(''% 2#%3$14*$#56%7&8%%!"%)((9:"#5@$9'$1;<#('%%%!"%===<$9'$1;<#('%


"The genetic unravelling of epilepsy cannot come quickly enough"

For those of you with epileptic dogs life can be very stressful, particularly if your dog suffers from clusters of fits that are unpredictable and tend to merge together into long periods of abnormal behaviour. For vets too, this is a difficult condition to manage and therefore the genetic unravelling of epilepsy cannot come quickly enough for vets and owners alike. After the disappointment of the collaboration with Cornell we entered into a new agreement to work with Cathryn Mellersh and Sally Ricketts at the Animal Health Trust (AHT) and they have been collecting our samples for us co-ordinated by Bryan McLaughlin. Recently, thanks to the Herculean efforts of keeshond breeders and owners and some unrelenting pressure from the breed Health Secretaries, Jane Saunders and Anji Marfleet, the longed for target was reached. We now have 31 samples from dogs with epilepsy and many more control dogs.

Swab packs can be obtained from Bryan McLaughlin at the AHT. In Australia, swab packs can be obtained from Trevor Rogers KeeshondWorld December 2011

What happens next? Now the interesting bit can begin. The AHT are going to perform genome wide association analysis (GWAS) on our samples to see if they can narrow down the bit of DNA we are interested in. As many of you will know, the genome is the full complement of DNA that we have in our cells that is organised into separate units called genes. Genes, and therefore DNA, are made up of combinations of four separate nucleotides. Our dogs with epilepsy will be compared to normal dogs to see whether they differ from them in certain areas of their genome. To look for these differences the AHT will make use of things called SNPs or single nucleotide polymorphisms. These are the result of natural variation across the genome and represent DNA differences between individuals within separate families or lines. SNPs are used to define the haplotype of an animal where the term haplotype refers to the inheritance of a cluster of SNPs. By examining haplotypes, we can identify patterns of genetic variation that are associated with healthy dogs and those with epilepsy. For instance, if a haplotype is associated with epilepsy, then we can examine stretches of DNA near the SNP cluster to try to identify the gene or genes responsible for for causing thephotos. disease. Write captions the selected As you can imagine, this process is not quick and the analysis of the data that it yields is complex. I guess what I’m trying to say is ‘don’t hold your breath!’ But, and this is a big but, at least we are on the way to trying to unravel the disease in the way that I referred to in my first paragraph and that means that we have made progress. One of the last things I have to say is a massive thank you to all of the people who have contributed their time, energy and enthusiasm to this project. I really hope that we will have some results to share with you soon as I know that many people have been waiting a long time for this to come to fruition. Our samples have been collected from all around the world so this has truly been an international effort. If, by some miracle, there are still some people out there who have an epileptic keeshond that has not been sampled, please do not delay in sending a sample. The AHT are used to working with DNA samples extracted from buccal swabs (cells scraped from the inside of the cheek) so to contribute to this project you do not even have to take your dog to the vet. If you are confident that your dog has a diagnosis of idiopathic epilepsy then we would like to hear from you. If you are not sure then I am happy to discuss your dog’s condition with you. You will be sent a sampling kit from the AHT with instructions how to use it and a short questionnaire about your dog. It is a simple, quick and painless procedure to collect the samples and you could be doing your bit to help future generations of keeshonds. Please act now – we need your epileptic dog! Barbara Skelly MA VetMB PhD CertSAM DipACVIM DipECVIM-CA Department of Veterinary Medicine University of Cambridge Madingley Road Cambridge CB3 0ES

KeeshondWorld December 2011


To obtain a clear picture of a stud dog's infertility, many factors need to be taken into account: 1. Age of the Dog Dr Karen Hedberg BVSc is a veterinarian at North Richmond Veterinary Hospital, Chair of the ANKC Canine Health Committee and is licensed to judge Working Dogs, Utility & Non Sporting Groups. Karen is also the Author of “The Dog Owner’s Manual on Selecting, Raising and Breeding Dogs” She has kindly given KeeshondWorld permission to run a series of informative articles on canine reproduction problems in the Dog & Bitch

Infertility is not as common in the male dog as it is in the female. Few fertile stud dogs ever develop serious infertility unless there is a history of injury or infection. True infertility is generally due to sperm abnormalities: abnormal shaped sperm, too low a production (lack of production of any of the seminal fluids can create a lowered fertility). Lack of production of hormones by the testicles can result in a secondary type of infertility, namely lack of libido or desire to mate. Age can be a limiting factor on sperm production as can the frequency of use to a limited extent.

KeeshondWorld December 2011

(a) Too young when there is insufficient live sperm present, inexperience on the dogs part or lack of developed sex drive. (b) Too old when again, insufficient live sperm is present, particularly if the older dog has not had a mating for six months or longer; lowered libido, prostatic infections, presence of testicular tumours etc. 2. Previous litters sired by the dog (if any). (a) Litter numbers relative to the breed: If the breed average litter is eight, and the dog's past history is of litters of 2-3, then there is probably a problem of lowered fertility, often associated with higher than average percentage of abnormal sperm or a low sperm production. (b) When was a litter last sired? Some dogs may have had heavy usage when younger and then lose fashion for several years. Even if the dog has a rest for several years, the fertility does not drop off markedly. initial ejaculate may show large numbers of dead sperm, but a check after several ejaculates will give a more accurate picture of the dog's fertility. (c) Number of litters sired. This is really relative to the number of bitches mated by the dog, which is further discussed in the following paragraph, so that a realistic assessment of the dog's fertility can be determined in the light of the bitches he has been put to.

3. History of the bitches that have gone to the dog

6. Semen evaluation

(a) Previous litters of any of the bitches, what numbers, and when last conceived. An accurate picture of the bitch(es) put to a stud dog can often clear a maligned stud dog. Some problem bitches have a history of poor conception rates or muddled seasons, which can often damn a new stud dog as 'infertile', or 'a shooter of blanks'. Maiden bitches can present problems as they may or may not be fertile. If two or three difficult bitches who have been mated to the dog in succession miss, it will be enough to have the stud dog owner on Valium* or demanding weekly sperm counts.

Most veterinarians can examine and assess the colour, number of sperm, motility, percentage of live to dead sperm, presence of 'streaming', and can examine the sperm morphology (structure). This would be a generalised estimation as to whether the dog's sperm and ejaculate are normal or abnormal.

(b) Age of the bitch, immediate history - has she travelled a long distance, has she been unwell? How many litters has she had without a break? What is her genetic relationship to the dog? 4. Stud Dog Examination (a) Testicles: size, weight, consistency. Small, soft testicles are usually a sign of diminished fertility. (b) Examination of the penis and prepuce - can it extend fully, is there bruising or any sign of infection or abnormalities? (c) Prostate: history of problems associated with the prostate; for example, is the dog unwilling to mate? (d) History of matings and libido. 5. Collection of ejaculate and examination (a) Sperm: check for colour, motility, sperm shape and number of abnormal sperm as a percentage basis. The whiter the sperm fraction, the denser or higher the sperm count. (b) The other fractions of the ejaculate should also be examined. There are three fractions all together: clearness, presence of blood or inflammatory cells in any fraction is not a good sign.

Low sperm counts/high percentage of dead sperm – If a dog has not been used at stud for several months or more, there is often a high percentage of dead sperm. Low sperm counts can equally be seen when checking some of these inactive stud dogs. Always re check these dogs 1-2 weeks later to get a more accurate idea of the activity of the testicles. Many inactive stud dog’s sperm counts may have a “miraculous” recovery at the next collection. Also, not all dogs will ejaculate fully when manually collected, again this can be misleading and two to three separate collections may be needed to differentiate the “temporary” infertile from the truly infertile. Persistently Low/Poor sperm counts can be as a result of many different causes - hypothyroid conditions, genetic abnormalities as well as a reduced sex hormone production. Routine checking of thyroid levels should be done on any dog with a low sperm count. If this level is low (or on the lower limit of normal), thyroid replacement is necessary and should be commenced as soon as possible. Once the thyroid level is back in the normal range, wait 6-8 weeks before re-checking the sperm count. If the sperm counts are still low, then specific hormone treatment may be required. This would apply to those dogs with low sperm counts and normal thyroid levels. The hormones used to stimulate spermatogenesis are gonadotropins (follicle stimulating hormones FSH), which act indirectly to stimulate sperm production and as a side effect, also produce natural testosterone which stimulates the libido. These hormones are given for 4-6 weeks and then the semen is reevaluated. If this fails to sufficiently increase sperm production, the possibility of other hormone imbalances may need to be further investigated.

KeeshondWorld December 2011

NOTE: Injections of testosterone are contra-indicated in fertility problems in the male. Giving injections of testosterone directly to a dog will not stimulate sperm production and, in excess, can act as a contraceptive by lowering sperm production. Abnormal sperm Large numbers of abnormally shaped sperm, eg. kinked necks, double tails or heads, will cut down the fertility level of a stud dog. Levels of around 10% are considered reasonably normal, but over 40-50% is a real threat to having sufficient numbers to travel in the right direction to enable enough sperm to reach the fallopian tubes and achieve fertilization.

If there are signs that are consistent with hypothyroidism and there is associated infertility, there are blood tests available to determine the thyroid levels. Once diagnosed, there are tablets that can reverse most of these effects. If, however, the condition is difficult to stabilise, then the chances of returning a male dog back to normal fertility are not good. Summary Once you have a comprehensive history for that dog, the veterinarian is in a far better position to make a qualitative diagnosis as to:

If the ejaculate cannot be reasonably well evaluated by your veterinarian, the next possible action would be referral to a specialist or a university clinic.

(a) Whether there is a problem.

Hypothyroidism can equally affect males and females and is very common in certain breeds â&#x20AC;&#x201C; notably Dobermanns, Golden Retrievers, Rhodesian Ridgebacks etc. It is more commonly seen in the slightly older dog, usually over 3 years of age.

(c) Whether it can be treated.

Hypothyroidism, where insufficient thyroid hormone is produced, is the most common endocrine hormone problem seen in the dog. Behavioral abnormalities include lethargy, mental dullness and commonly, obesity. Abnormalities in the coat vary considerably but usually there is a thinning and loss of coat, and later on there may be thickening and scaliness of the skin. Heat regulation abnormalities occur where the animal cannot readily maintain its body heat and tends to become cooler and actively seeks heat. As the thyroid is one of the main regulator glands for the body, any upset in the production of thyroid hormone will have consequences in the reproductive capacity of the dog. In the male, abnormalities include lack of libido, testicular atrophy, and hypospermatogenesis (reduced sperm production).

KeeshondWorld December 2011

(b) Where the trouble is to be found.

As a warning â&#x20AC;&#x201C; not all forms of male infertility can be treated successfully. The percentage of male dogs that have nil to low sperm counts returning to normal fertility despite treatment, are not high. Constant advances in knowledge of the reproduction process in various species may give some of these dogs a better prospect for improved fertility in the future.

Next Issue: Breeding with Older Stud Dogs

BIS/BISS[o] Aust Ch Rymiska Solo Man

« Solo » recently included an all breeds Best in Show to his list of wins. He also has 2 Best in Show wins at the Keeshond Club of New South Wales Open Show

Sire: Rymiska Out In Style - Dam: Rymiska Last Edition DOB: 5/12/2009 Owned by: Tracey Paker Powerpoint Templates Kenthurst- NSW – Australia

Page 1

KEESHOND CLUB OF CANADA NATIONAL SPECIALTY, September 3, 2011 The 2011 Keeshond Club of Canada Specialty is now a thing of the past, BUT we had a blast. Although the entry was low, I can assure you that we had some excellent representatives of our breed. Some were in their summer underwear but it didn’t take away from their excellent showmanship

!"#$%&'"#$&()*#+ ,)&-./' 0))*12/'## 324&#,52(.&#6&/&'&

and conformation.

The day started with Puppy and Veteran Sweepstakes judged by Mr. Michael Lanctot of Cornwall, Ontario. Best in Puppy Sweeps was Seawind’s Rocky Shore owned by Lynn Patterson. Best Opposite in Sweeps was Ch. Whiskees Silver Wedding Belle, owned and bred by Maria Forman. Best Veteran in Breed was Ch. Klompen’s Bail Me Out Mate owned by Maria and Phil Forman and Best Opposite Veteran was Seawind’s Sunshine Meisje Owned by Jennifer Bates. Next was the judging of the regular and unofficial classes by Mrs. Patricia Lanctot. A lovely line-up of Specials including nine males and five females.

KeeshondWorld December 2011

Best of Breed went to Ch. Darkenwald Flashpoint At Southcar, owned by Lynne Hewitt and Suzette Lefebyre. Walking away with Best of Opposite was the veteran girl Ch Seawind’s Sunshine Meisje with proud owner Jennifer Bates. Best Puppy, Winner’s Male and Best of Winners was awarded to Draakring’s Close to the Wind, Breed and Owner-Handled by Jane Ring. Reserve Winner’s Male went to Seawind’s Rocky Shore. For Winners Female, Seawind’s Pirates Delight took the spotlight handled by her owner Sharon Coolen and Reserve Winners Female went to WundRY Keysmarks Double Dippin owned by Marsha and John Kaczmerck. Ch. Bijzondere Seawind’s Maggie was awarded Best in Altered Class owned by Sharon Coolen. Best Stud Dog went to Ch. Seawind’s Storm Stayed bred and owner-handled by Glady Gates and Best Brood Bitch was Ch. Seawind’s Sunshine Meisje.

Lynn Patterson and Maria Forman (Best Puppy In Sweepstakes)

L-R Judge Pat Lanctot, John Kaczmarek, Maureen Clements, Lynne Hewitt, Mary MacVicar, Jennifer Bates, Maria Forman

KeeshondWorld December 2011

KeeshondWorld December 2011

Cathy Cinnamon, Sharon Gates-Coolen, Ann Marie MacKenzie

Maria Forman, Lynn Patterson

After judging a luncheon was held at the trailers of Jane Ring and Jim Jollimore and Don and Glady Gates. Many THANKS goes out to Lynn Patterson for organizing a feast fit for Royalty. Thanks also to Lynn on the fabulous decorations for the ring. You really outdid yourself. So many compliments from the spectators and other dog show exhibitors.

Sharon Gates-Coolen

A beautiful decorated cake depicting a windmill, a Keeshond, wooden shoes and tulips was donated by Jane Ring. Thank you Jane. It was a big hit with everyone. A silent auction was held during the day and a sincere thank-you to all the people who donated items for the tables. A special thank-you to Lynn Patterson, Cathy McConnell and Mary MacVicar who made sure that people had a good look at the items for sale and looked after selling tickets on the lovely needlepoint of a Keeshond puppy in a rose handcrafted and donated by Sharon Coolen.

Lynne Hewitt, son Austin

KeeshondWorld December 2011

KeeshondWorld December 2011

Jane Ring, Bill McConnell, John Patterson Jim Jollimore

Lynn Patterson

What can I say about Mary MacVicar. The girl is amazing! She was instrumental in getting our Website up and running. She was responsible for all the finances; the lovely Goody Bags; all the things in the goody bags; printing of the special armbands, Keeshond note pads and Keeshond book marks, etc. etc. etc. I canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t thank her enough. At 6:30 p.m. 39 people gathered in the Prospect Room for the banquet. Door Prizes were drawn for. Many thanks go out to Cathy McConnell and Sharon Coolen who both made and donated beautiful hand- made afghans. Thanks also to all those who donated prizes that were won by other attendees. Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m not sure who winners were but I know that Austin Hewitt had a hard time getting his suitcase closed to fly back to Saskatchewan with his mom.

Marsha and John Kaczmarek, Maureen Clements, Sharon Gates-Coolen, Allen MacKenzie

KeeshondWorld December 2011

Grace Chessell and daughter Susan

Judges Patricia and Michael Lanctot

KeeshondWorld December 2011

Lynne Hewitt and son Austin

Jane Ring and Jim Jollimore

Maria and Phillip Forman

KeeshondWorld December 2011

Allen and AnnMarie McKenzie

Gary & Cathy Cinnamon

After dinner Dr. Eric Carnegy gave a very interesting mini seminar on Canine Reproduction. I believe some of his slides were a bit of a shock to some of the males in the audience. I think my hubby turned a few shades of green a couple of times through the presentation. All in all, it was a great time that was had by everyone.

KeeshondWorld December 2011

Captain has set sail for a new port!  From Washington State to Florida 

Sire: CH Keesbrook's Firebolt   Dam: CH Shamrock's C'Est Fini O'Marit.    Captain  will be in attendance at  the Eukanuba Show this December  in Orlando Florida  Owned by Bill and Wanda Milwee.   Our new address is 2916 Bethany  Place, Clearwater, Florida 33759 

Breeder: Shannon Kelly and Sue Ritchie   Handlers: Tammie and John Wilcox.  © 


By Ian Stubbings North of England Keeshond Club

Wetherby, West Yorkshire, UK – 5th to 7th August 2011 Six years of planning, intensive fund raising, and sheer blood sweat and tears on the part of the hardworking Committee of the North of England Keeshond Club and a select band of helpers, all came to fruition over the weekend of 5th to 7th August 2011 – the 2011 … Keesie Heaven Weekend. The venue was Grange Park Sports Club which was transformed from a field with rugby pitches to a full Breed Championship Show venue with a huge marquee, a show ring which could be used under the cover of the marquee or outside in the open air, luxury portable toilets, catering vans etc. It was genuinely a Show venue built from scratch from the ground upwards, and returned back to use its use as a Sports venue immediately afterwards. The weekend kicked off on the Friday evening with the Waakzaam Memorial Reception held in the Grange Park Club House. It was funded in part by the bequest of the late Mary Smyth; Mary was always ready for a party, so to hold this event in her memory was entirely appropriate. The weekend was opened officially by Caroline Kisko, the Secretary of the Kennel Club, but she was not there in that capacity. She had been invited as Guest Speaker because of her family background in Keeshonds through her late parents, Mike and Val Stockman of Valsgate Keeshonds. Caroline’s opening speech enthralled and entertained her audience with her reminiscences of the breed. Pam Luckhurst, Chairman of the Keeshond Club, added her best wishes for the success of the weekend before the sumptuous buffet was served by Dawn Payne and the Staff of the Wetherby & District Social Club. The long awaited day of the 75th Anniversary Championship show dawned with heavy cloud and the threat of rain. It was clear from the start that the flexible marquee / ring arrangements would be put to good use. There was a magnificent entry of 158 dogs and after a minute’s silence in memory of Margaret Foster, a former Committee Member who had died shortly before the show, and a brief opening address from Caroline Kisko, judging started just after 9.30am. Kathy Stewart of the renowned Klompen kennels had come over from Canada to judge and was obviously very aware of how fickle the British weather can be, as she started judging in a smart red rain coat and then peeled off to an attractive patterned red sweater and black trousers. Ian Stubbings, Acting Secretary, was on the PA system, and Ring Stewards, Club Chairman Gordon Lister and Committee Member Irene Howe, supported the judge in the ring. It was nice to see the Club President Sheila McIntosh looking very well and in her usual place at the table marking up catalogues and Ruth Burgess too, in good form after her recent operation. She, together with Nicky Potts, was handing out the new special edition hard backed Yearbook to all members and the commemorative gift to all exhibitors present.

KeeshondWorld December 2011

Photos courtesy of the North Of England Keeshond Club

"All placings in each class were awarded a special prize" Kathy sorted out the dogs using a system that is not often seen in the UK. She wanted all her dogs in the ring in numerical order and then in the larger classes she employed a kind of shift system. She split the class in half, sending half the exhibits out of the ring and judged the remaining ones; she then called the other ones back in to be judged, sending the original ones out again. This did take a little getting used to, but by the end of the day the exhibitors had got the hang of things. Elsewhere in the marquee, Richard and Barbara Eggleston had some lovely goods in the Club shop, many sourced specifically to celebrate the event. Sheila Brown had her own hand painted items prominently displayed in her own gazebo in the corner of the marquee, and Jeane Waller had her table of artwork displaying a new limited edition prints of a Keeshond picture drawn especially to celebrate 75th Anniversary. There were two photo displays organized by Pauline Wilson, one from Waakzaam and one from Boreasvale and a competition to try to name some of the exhibitors and exhibits featured! There was also a tombola table, the star prize of which was a bottle of single malt whisky with a specially commissioned Keesie label donated by Ron Shepherd, a raffle table and a silent auction of special books, including several rare copies Alice Gatacre’s and Gwendolen Wingfield-Digby’s and several copies of “Jan, The Story of a Dutch Barge Dog”. Hot drinks and burgers were available all day which was most welcome, and there was a cash bar for those who preferred something a little stronger. The general consensus was that the loos were pretty good too! All the placings in each class were awarded a special prize, first was a pottery show mug specially commissioned and donated by Ian & Elaine Stubbings, second a wooden Keesie painted box donated by Anji Marfleet and decorated by Sheila Brown, third a Keesie plate donated by Ruth Burgess with decals applied by Elaine Stubbings, fourth a hand painted wine glass donated by Steve & Sheila Brown and decorated by Sheila Brown and fifth a hand painted car charm made and donated by Sheila Brown. All of these were administered from the Trophy Table under the supervision of Gill Brunt. Together with the most attractive laminated prize cards designed and produced by Dave Barbour these made a special permanent memento of the day for those who won them.

After careful consideration and examination, together with extensive evaluation of movement, Kathy finally found her DCC in Shelly and Clive Day's Ch. Allforus Dice Master for Spitzcav JW ShCM from OD (Ffyniant Sugardaddy Allforus – Ch. Allforus Magic 'N Ice ShCM) with Maureen and Brian Carroll's Ir. Ch, Arctickees Best Kept Secret taking RCC. There was a half hour lunch break, during which a special cake provided by Jean Davies was cut and distributed and the Child and Junior Handling Classes were held under the watchful eye of Judge Anne Toward. Winner of the 6-11 was Charlotte Craig and of the 12 – 16 Sophie Foster. Overall Junior winner was Charlotte Craig. Kathy then went meticulously through her bitch classes some of which were enormous and found her BCC from OB with Jean Sharp-Bale's Ch. Lady Godiva's Guilty Pleasures for Neradmik (Ch. Neradmik D'Artagnan – Fin. Ch. Lady Godiva's Daydream) and RCC to Pat and Ron Watson's new baby from MPB/PB Pommary Elite N' Klassic at Colpatron at just six and a half months. BIS was awarded to Ch. Allforus Dice Master for Spitzcav JW ShCM with RBIS going to Ir. Ch. Arctickees Best Kept Secret. BOS was Ch. Lady Godiva’s Guilty Pleasures for Neradmik. BPIS was Pommary Elite N’ Klassic at Colpatron and BVIS was won by Jean Sharp-Bale's Ch. Sturtmoor Crazy for Neradmik. All of these top winners went away laden with trophies and prizes. In addition to the normal cups, trophies and rosettes, there were, amongst others, large framed diplomas given by Stewart Irving of the White Rose CS, embroidered towels donated by Pauline Wilson, Schwartz sun catchers donated by Julie Foster in memory of her mother Margaret, painted glass tankards from Sheila and Steve Brown, a pewter prize presented by Inga Britt Johansson and her family and prizes brought over by Kathy Stewart. The Golden Oldie rosette for the oldest Veteran, presented by Sheila McIntosh, was won by Alison Passmore's Torrikees Miss Behavin'. All the classes had been sponsored by Club members, and the whole show was sponsored by Royal Canin. Each catalogue was accompanied by a free commemorative pen and the £75 for the lucky catalogue number was won by Linda Wells. After the final presentations and photos, it was time to clear the ring to make way for a delicious Hog Roast supper served with a wide range of side salads. Supper was preceded by a devilishly difficult quiz devised by Anji Marfleet and with bottles of champagne on offer for the winners! After supper, the lights flashed, the volume increased and disco music filled the marquee for those who wanted to dance the night away!

KeeshondWorld December 2011

"Sunday was dedicated to a Fun Day" Sunday was dedicated to a Fun Day, with lots of goodies for all participants, sponsored by Fish4Dogs, Harringtons and Vet Recommended Diets. There were games such as the Sausage Relay, Musical Chairs, Spud ‘n’ Spoon Race etc, but with added highlights of Heelwork to Music classes, led by Sue and David Lindsay with Lexie, and Have a Go Agility organized by Roger and Tina Wilkin. Another high spot was the Fancy Dress Competition won by Pauline Wilson’s grand daughter Erin with Quinn. Also we can be sure that after the Fancy Dress, Graeme Bell, Clive Day and the dogs of the Allforus team will never be viewed in quite the same light again!

Tombola (With Reg & Ann)

The weekend’s events were brought to a close by the cutting of the official cake which was performed jointly by Kathy Stewart and Meryl Davison, a visitor from Australia. For those who still had the stamina, there was a traditional Yorkshire Fish & Chip Supper to really round things off. Considering its relatively small size, the North of England Keeshond Club have to be congratulated on a magnificent 2011 … Keesie Heaven weekend which was made possible by all the hard work of the Committee and those volunteers who supported them. Its financial success was down to the huge generosity over many years of Club members, underpinned by the bequest from Mary Smyth. There were so many highlights that will live on into the breed’s history, and for those who were lucky enough to be part of it, there will for ever be their own personal memories.

Keeshond Art - Jeane Waller

KeeshondWorld December 2011

A title or caption about the photograph.

Gifts (Sheila Brown)

DANCING WITH DOGS - Sue Lindsay demonstrated with her dog, Lexie, while David Lindsay provided a running commentary. Then the participants got to try to get their dogs to dance, as well. The line dancing was a big hit.

SAUSAGE RELAY/RACE â&#x20AC;&#x201C; There were red squares put on the ground in chalk-marked rows and a piece of sausage precisely placed on each square. The dog that could clean up each sausage along the row and get to the end first was the winner. Bruce Stewart was the judge. Most of the dogs had a great deal of assistance from their owners.

Fancy Dress - Now this competition really shows who the good sports are! Adults & Children alike had a wonderful time

KeeshondWorld December 2011

History of the keeshond in Britain The Dutch Barge Dog â&#x20AC;&#x201C; a Pictorial History Part Four

By Christine Searle Christine Searle is the owner of the website. She follows the history of the Keeshond in Britain with photos and kennel clippings from dog magazines. Christine has kindly agreed to share her knowledge with KeeshondWorld through a series of articles.

Warâ&#x20AC;Ś. And Peace Once the Second World War was over there were very few keeshonds left. Kennels had been forced to disperse their dogs among friends and relatives. Enough food could usually be found to feed one dog but very few were able to feed more on wartime rationing. Many of the dogs that were left at the end were getting on in years too. Miss Barbara Glover had succeeded in bringing five members of the Evenlode clan through to the end, Lucinda, Liebling, Lehrmeister, Pieter and Penelope, on behalf of Miss Hastings, who had worked in the First Aid Nursing Yeomanry during the war. Miss Glover had one of the pups from the first litter to be born after the end of the war, from Pieter and Penelope of Evelode, and started her own breeding programme with the Welford affix from that pup, Truda of Evenlode. Tabitha from the same litter went to Margo Emerson and became the foundation of the Rhinevale line.

Liebling of Evenlode

Tabitha of Evenlode

Mrs.Wingfield Digby had succeeded in placing her dogs with members of the staff of the castle and with relatives, so she was able to regroup straight away, with dogs such as Landfall, and Fingal She still had some of the older dogs such as Brother of Blackie and Fimon. She notes in 1946 that the family are still living at Raleigh Lodge, to where they moved as war broke out to enable the castle to be used by the army. The kennels at the castle needed renovating, the army not having used them kindly, so it would be a while before dogs and family could return to the castle.

KeeshondWorld December 2011

Fimon VanZandaam Fingal VanZandaam Landfall VanZandaam I should also like to record here the contribution that the breed, as well as other breeds, made to the war effort in the UK. Their combings were spun and knitted into a great many garments for the troops. Mrs Wingfield Digby says that the hair from her dogs was used exclusively for mittens for the Home Guard, of which her husband commanded a large force in Dorset Mrs Tucker with Vorden was becoming prominent, with Valerie and her son Vandyke and some promising puppies coming along, including Vuurbloem of Vorden, shown here at just ten months and Vrijmetselaar of Vorden who went on to become a Canadian Champion, siring a Welford litter before he went, and many more litters when he arrived in Canada.

Valerie of Vorden

Vandyke of Vorden

Vuurbloem of Vorden

Vrijmetselaar of Vorden KeeshondWoKrld December 2011 KeeshondWorld December 2011

There had been no championship shows during the war, as people had been too busy with war work to organise large shows, in addition to the difficulty of travelling due to lack of fuel, and the night-time restrictions on driving. Small local shows had been organised as light relief and many of the keeshonds had been doing well when they were present. In her book “Keeshonds of the World” Margo Emerson tells a funny story about how Mrs Newbold, who bred the Ravensknowle affix, came into keeshonds. In the early 1940’s she wanted a chow, so when a friend told her of a litter they knew of she went and bought one, despite them not being the colour she was looking for!! Quite understandable really, as chows are not noted for being all shades of silver, grey and black!

Hendrick of Ravensknowle

Major of Broadcliffe A neighbour persuaded her to show him, and she took him to a terrier breeder for preparation. His undercoat was pulled out, he was clipped, and shaved round the ears and his tail formed into a ball on his back. He won four cards! The show was not very well attended so he won them by default. However, this experience did lead to Mrs Newbold acquiring a very nice bitch called Queen of Tufton, who produced the first champion to be made up after the war, Major of Broadcliffe. Major was a very sound dog in body and temperament, very dignified with great character. He sired three champions in just one litter, one of them being Verschancing of Vorden, who was the sire of Volkrijk of Vorden who in 1957 was the only keeshond ever to have won that coveted accolade of Best in Show at Crufts. And that dog that was so unconventionally prepared for his first show was in fact Hendrick of Ravensknowle, (see photo) who during the war years in spite of the lack of shows won over four hundred cards, mostly firsts.

A few other kennels kept going through the war with just one or two dogs, including Muirville, whose Havoc of Muirville had always received favourable comments at the pre-war shows. Flying the Muirville flag in 1944 are these two pups, Hals and Hedy of Muirville. Hals and Hedy of Muirville KeeshondWorld December 2011

The Summerleaze kennels, founded on Florinda van Zaandam, also kept going. The photo here (see below) from 1943 shows on the left Beryl, and on the right her brother Chrysophase who is the sire of the pups in the centre, the dam being Florinda.

Florinda van Zaandam

Doreen Anderson of Kulz must also be mentioned for it was she who kept the Keeshond Club going, albeit in name only, with Baroness Burton and Mrs Wingfield Digby paying the annual registration fees to The Kennel Club and keeping the paperwork up to date. Here is shown Galdrik of Kulz son of Kendrik van Zaandam and Gallie van Zaandam. Also shown here at nine weeks is Bekoorlijk of Kulz, son of Sterndale Sabreur and Gallie van Zaandam.

Galdrik of Kulz

Bekoorlijk of Kulz KeeshondWorld December 2011

As we near the end of the decade one of the best-known dogs of the breed was born. His sire was a dog of unknown pedigree that had been found abandoned during the war as a puppy in Austria. He had been left behind with his dam and a sibling by the retreating German army, and found himself with Mrs Wingfield Digby at the age of two. She immediately saw his potential, and mated him to her Benita van Zaandam, registering him as Bimbo of Puch. The result was the dog that became Int. Ch. Billo van Zaandam shown here as a two-year-old in 1951. A second litter from Bimbo and Benita produced Bobrie, and these two were Mrs. Digby’s much-loved house dogs for many years, through the 1950’s and well into the 1960’s, together with Birlinn, a grandson of Bimbo and Benita.

KeeshondWorld December 2011

Australia’s No 1 Breeder 2009, 2010 & 2011* Breeder of Australia’s No 1 & No 7 Keeshond* All Breeds Competition Australia’s No 1, No 2 & No 7* Best of Breed Australia’s No 1, No 2 & No 9* Rising Star Congratulations Calivale Katch Me If You Kan “Bolte” & Katrina Santas on PUPPY IN SHOW & Best of Breed – Adelaide Royal 2011 Thank you Katrina Santas for her efforts in showing Calivale Bred dogs during 2011 with so much success, your efforts are greatly appreciated. And of course to Everyone else who as shown and supported Calivale during 2011, we look forward to continued support in 2012. (*Dogzonline pointscore as at 7.10.11)

Calivale Keeshonds – Brad Santas                                                                    + 61 2 4774 1918  Web:                Email: 

!"#$%& ()**)*+ ,$+- $. /0" 1*)/"& 2)*+&$3 !" $%&' ()*+, - .+//+01+/ 2++,3%'4 52 When I was asked to write this article on the record winning dogs of the United Kingdom, the first dog that came to mind was, of course, Ch Volkrijk of Vorden, known as Panda at home and most famously known as the only Keeshond to have won Best in Show at Crufts. This happened in 1957 when there was a world record entry of 6,562 dogs. That day she had won her 24th Challenge Certificate (CC) – a real achievement, particularly for a bitch and with this win she also brought the breed to the notice of the general public.

Twenty four CC wins was a record at the time for both dogs and bitches. However, this was not Volkrijk’s first big win at Crufts. In 1956, when the show was run on two consecutive days she was awarded Best in Show on the first day and was, effectively, Reserve Best in Show for the whole show. Furthermore, she was Best Opposite Sex at Crufts in 1958 and she was also a successful brood bitch. Keeshonden were first shown in the UK in 1923, initially as foreign varieties. The breed was recognised by the Kennel Club in 1925 and the first CCs were awarded in 1928. The dog, Dochfour Hendrik had the honour of becoming the first champion and he was Volkrijk’s paternal grandsire. The first bitch champion was called Ch Tiptoes.

Ch Volkrijk of Vorden

In the same year Volkrijk won Best in Show at Ayr Championship show and in addition she was the Our Dogs ‘Dog of the Year’ in 1957. Volkrijk was bred by Mrs Rene Tucker, sired by Ch Vershancing of Vorden out of Ch Vorden Meg of Meadowrock (who won 9CCs). Ch Dochfour Hendrik

KeeshondWorld December 2011

Pre-World War Two the record was held by the bitch Ch Hagedorn of Evenlode who had 16 CCs, which was not beaten until Volkrijk came onto the scene. Hagedorn’s litter brother Ch Halunke of Evenlode held the record for males until it was beaten by Ch Ledwell Dutchman. These litter mates were sired by Ch Bingo out of CC winner Dorcas of Evenlode.

Ch Hagedorn of Evenlode

Ch Konstanz van Zaandam was very successful in the 1930s, winning 11 CCs.

An Evenlode bred dog, Ch Evenlode Monarch of Merrybelle, was the first male Keeshond to be awarded Best in Show (at the Ladies Kennel Association show in 1963) and was awarded 12 CCs. I believe no bitch since has come close to beating Volkrijk’s record until recently when Ch Rossvale Gone with the Wind equalled and then surpassed this number – but more of her later... Volkrijk’s record stood until Bill and Doris Purdon’s Ch Ledwell Dutchman (Chips) won his 25th CC at Crufts in 1976. Dutchman also won the Group at Crufts that day and was promptly retired by Bill, who decided that Dutchman had reached the pinnacle of his show career and he only made a few select appearances in Veteran classes at Club shows after that. Bred by Mrs Sylvia Scroggs (by Ch Hans Silver Myst ex Ledwell Catastrophe), Dutchman was not only a prolific winner but also sired dogs that have been very significant in the breed.

Ch Konstanz van Zaandam Ch Ledwell Dutchman

KeeshondWorld December 2011

One such son was Jean Sharp-Bale’s Ch Ledwell Lysander (Buster) who beat his father’s record with 26 CCs. Out of Ch Ledwell Heidi, Lysander also won 16 Reserve CCs, 2 Groups, 2 Reserve Groups and Best in Show at 2 General Championship Shows. Lysander was actually retired from open competition when he won his 25th CC, which equalled his sire’s record, such was Jean’s admiration for Dutchman. However, Lysander came out again at a Keeshond Club Championship show in 1985 and won the CC from the Veteran class (and subsequently Best in Show) to beat his sire’s record.

Next to run with the baton was Pam and John Luckhurst’s Ch Gavimir Nighthawk (Nuts). Sired by Kwintex Katterwaad and out of Gavimir Verbena, Nighthawk broke the record at Midland Counties show in 1984, winning his 26th CC. He was retired at the end of 1986 having been awarded 34 CCs all under different judges.

Ch Gavimir Nighthawk

Ch Ledwell Lysander

When the litter was born, Jean could not believe that Mrs Sylvia Scroggs of the famous Ledwell kennel wanted her to have a Ledwell puppy and Sylvia almost had to persuade Jean to take Buster. He won 9 CCs during 1978 and was the top Keeshond in for the year. He was still winning Veteran classes at 13 years of age.

KeeshondWorld December 2011

He was awarded Best of Breed at Crufts three times and won the Group at Crufts in 1983 but by then Jean Sharp-Bale’s home-bred Ch Neradmik Jupiter (Doyle) was hot on his heels. Jupiter’s sire was Neradmik Griffin at Morvania and his dam, Bodarin Bernadette at Neradmik. Nighthawk and Jupiter passed the record between them for a short while. Nighthawk’s total stood at 34, then Jupiter equalled it and then won another CC.

To his credit (and that of his breeders/owners) at ten years of age Nighthawk won another two CCs but Jupiter surpassed him again and reached a grand total of 38 CCs.

Jupiter is still the top-winning British Keeshond of all time to date and he won the Utility Group at Crufts in 1991. Jupiter was awarded Best of Breed with 35 of his CCs and also won 12 Groups (including Crufts), 4 Best in Shows at all breed shows and was a Pedigree Chum Champion Stakes winner. It is a strange coincidence that most of the dogs who have held the record have also won the Group at Crufts!

Ch Neradmik Jupiter

Nighthawk’s roll of honour includes 9 Reserve CCs, 7 Utility Groups, 2 Reserve Best in Show awards and 1 Best in Show award at General championship shows and he was retired after winning Best Veteran at the Keeshond Club show in 1994. He went on to become a ‘Pets as Therapy’ dog, making weekly visits to nursing homes bringing much pleasure to those he visited. He had champion and CC-winning progeny and had great success at Crufts being awarded the CC there 3 times. He also qualified twice for the Champion Stakes finals and once for the Veteran Stakes finals. He retired from the show ring at 14 years of age after winning Best Veteran at the Keeshond Club Championship show in 1994.

Other dogs have won large numbers of CCs without attaining the record, one such being Ch Vanwall Sergeant Pepper (Pepper), bred by Bill and Doris Purdon and born in 1987. Sergeant Pepper was awarded a total of 32 CCs, all but three with Best of Breed. He also had 12 Reserve CCs and was awarded three Groups and one Reserve Group. His owner was the late Mrs Julia Bratley and he was sired by Keesland Jumping Jack Flash of Vandorne out of Ch Kwintex Kelly. More recently Ch Neradmik D’Artagnan, bred and owned by Jean Sharp-Bale won 32 CCs and also 6 Reserve CCs. He won 4 Utility Groups and was top Utility dog in the country one year. Born in 2004, he was by Ch Martellkees Eton Blazer at Helkeesen, out of Ch Neradmik Che Sar’a Sar’a.

KeeshondWorld December 2011

Ch Lady Godiva’s Guilty Pleasures with Neradmik

... and so, to close, we come back to Ch Rossvale Gone with the Wind, sired by Ch Amikirs The Italian Job ex Ch Rossvale Strike a Pose. Tiffany was bred by Sheila and Steve Brown and is currently the topwinning bitch ever. To date she has 28 CCs though she has taken some time off to produce her first litter. Her 28th CC came at the North of England Championship show in 1988 when she was also pronounced Best in Show. I myself awarded her one of her CCs and I can certainly attest to her beauty and quality.

In bitches, Ch Norkees Hot Pursuit of Foxifayre, bred by Brian Curry and owned by the Henman family won 10 CCs and 5 Reserve CCs. Ch Venway Utopia, bred and owned by Bill and Judy Crawford, won 11 CCs. The Henmans bred Ch Foxifayre Solitaire with Valindale, winner of 16 CCs. Sheila and Steve Brown’s Ch Rossvale Scarlett O’Hara won 18 CCs and 13 Reserve CCs. Jean SharpBale’s Ch Neradmik Keepsake won 16 CCs and Ch Lady Godiva’s Guilty Pleasures with Neradmik has just won her 16th CC at the North of England Keeshond Club’s August 2011 anniversary show. Ch Rossvale Gone with the Wind

KeeshondWorld December 2011


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"An 840 km trip to the first show"

"22 shows away from home over a month do have their logistical challenges"

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The Show Team  Hunter ‐ Calivale True Sprit, Kasey ‐ Keez Que  Sera Sera & Sally ‐ Aust Ch Mijke Mustang Sally 

N72 Co4 4e 7.o4 ho4 ?*6h- 4hat 6lasses a.% 4he. it is2 @i?e to %o o*r e.tries2

Tag along for the experience is  Parker ‐ Keez Field O Dreams  Keesho.%Borl% Oe6e?(er F>DD

FF :or H*.ter X2 Co 4ait X he t*r.s D 1ear ol% Y 4a1 thro*/h2 I 6a. 5*t hi? i. the E ZDF ? s4ee5s till the.- ????- (etter ?a7e that [= e.tries :or H*.ter2 Kase1 is eas1- FF sho4s as a S*.ior2 Bhoo5 Bhoo5- 5ri.t the? o::2 It 4as eas12 HNL\] A^;_2 Ha./ o. a ?i.*te- 4hat a(o*t H*.ter2 He 4ill (e a S*.ior :or hal: the sho4s2 I a? a. i%iot I tho*/ht2 `a67 to sho4 a D= a.% rotate the? 4ith ;*stralia. `ree%2 `a67 to the 5ri.ter a/ai.2 3all1 4as .eUt 4ith DE sho4s hol%i./ Ce*ter Alass2 @his 4as eas12 ;:ter 4or7i./ o*t 4hi6h sho4s to /et to hol% o. to o*r .*?(ers- a.% 4hi6h to se.% to o*r Ao.%o Aara0a. _ar7 (ase- it 4as 4rite a.% 4rite so?e ?ore *.til I ha% all e.tries a%%resse% a.% all the ret*r. e.0elo5es %o.e2 @hat 4as a lot o: sta?5s as 4ell bb Co4 4riters 6ra?5 a/ai. :illi./ o*t the 6heQ*es to se.%2 ;ll %o.e a.% it 4as o:: to 5ost the?2 \as1 as thatXX22 @hi.7 a/ai.2 ;lo./ 6o?es _ar7er2 ; (a(1 ?1 4i:e 4ill ha.%le :or a 1ear or so :or @re0or c Aheri ^o/ers2 3tart a/ai.- (*t this ti?e lets a%% i. the sho4s 5rior to lea0i./- a.% /o% .o X I .ee% to %o the sho4s :or 4he. 4e /et (a67 :or all the %o/s2 Bill this e0er e.%2 Bell it %i% tha.7 hea0e.s2 I ha% *se% *5 the i.7 i. ?1 5ri.ter a.% ?1 4i:eRs2

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Keesho.%Borl% Oe6e?(er F>DD


The Rings 

_eo5le :ro? all o0er o*r /reat 6o*.tr1 6a?e o*t to these little 6o*.tr1 to4.s- a.% sta1e% i. 6ara0a. 5ar7 6a(i.s- te.ts- a.% 6ara0a.s2 3o?e 5eo5le e0e. re.te% ho*ses i. the lo6al area :or their sta12

@he ri./s 4ere a.1thi./ :ro? re% %irt ta5e% o*t IBest B1alo./J- N. the si%e o: a stee5 hill IGre.:ellJ- to :*ll1 ?ai.tai.e% la4. 4ith soli% :e.6e% ri./s c o:: lea% :e.6e% %o/ r*. areas IAo.%o(oli.J2

Be 6hose to te.t it- the. :or the last :e4 sho4s 4e 5*t *5 o*r 6a?5i./ Q*ee. side (e% i. the /ade(o- a lar/e =2M e [2>? ;lte/ra2

N*r te.t 4as a = roo? %o?e te.t- 4ith o*r (e% i. o.e roo?- the %o/ 5e. a.% so:t 6rate i. a.other- a T*.7 roo? :or stora/e- a.% the last :or 6oo7i./ a.% eati./2 Be also set *5 a BA te.t 4ith a 5orta 5otti as the a?e.ities (lo67 4as a %ista.6e :ro? *s2 Be 4a.te% to (e a4a1 :ro? the 6ro4% i. 6ase the %o/s (ar7e% too ?*6h2 Bith o*r %o/s (ei./ ho*se %o/s a.% (ei./ :ree to 6o?e a.% /o thro*/h a %o//ie %oor at ho?e- a.% the :a6t that it is ro*ti.e :or *s to (e *5 at (et4ee. [2[> to =2>>a?- this 4as a /oo% i%ea 4ith the? starti./ to (ar7 a.1ti?e :ro? =2>>a? o.4ar% to /et o*t :or 5ee 5ees2 3o ?*6h :or a slee5 i.2

Vendors He.%ors 4ere at al?ost all the sho4s 4ith sho4 s*55lies- %r1 (e%s- a.% o: 6o*rse the :oo% a.% i6e 6rea? V 6o::ee 0a.2 _ri6es 4ere Q*ite /oo%- a.% a ?eal 6o*l% (e or%ere% to ta7e a4a1 or eat i.- 4ith thi./s li7e ^oast 5or7 a.% roast 0e/ 6osti./ T*st gD>2>>2 Bh1 /o ho?e a.% 6oo72 h1 4o.%er:*l 4i:e :e% ?e *5 4ith a %i::ere.t :la0o*r i6e 6rea? .*t 3*.%a1 ea6h %a12 Go% (less her2

Keesho.%Borl% Oe6e?(er F>DD

The Competition 

The Shows 

I. the 5ast- the 6ir6*it ha% a re5*tatio. :or 5eo5le (ri./i./ o*t their i`j tea? i. or%er to title their %o/s2 Bell- it 4as .ot the 6ase this 1ear 4ith so?e :a.tasti6 %o/s thro*/ho*t the li.e *52 N.e S*%/e I s5o7e to e0e. state% that o*r /ro*5 ICo. 35orti./J 4as the stro./est she ha% see. i. so?e ti?e2

;ll the sho4s 4ere r*. 0er1 4ell- 4ith o.l1 o.e eU6e5tio. I 4ill %is6*ss later2 @here 4ere a :e4 late :i.ishes 4ith T*%/es %oi./ ?*lti5le /ro*5s(*t its .ot li7e a.1o.e ha% so?e4here else to (e2 @he 6l*(s sa0e% ?o.e1 o. T*%/es 4hi6h hel5s the? s*r0i0e to %o it a/ai. .eUt 1ear2

`ei./ sho4s i. the ?i%%le o: .o4here- e.tries ra./e% :ro? [>> to E>> %o/s at the sho4s- the :irst DF sho4s 4ere all .earer to E>>- Ho4e0er at Ao.%o(oli. there 4as so?e 6o.tro0ers1 o0er late e.tries- a.% Q*ite a :e4 5eo5le ha% to sit o*t these sho4s %*e to their e.tries (ei./ reTe6te% (1 the 6atalo/*er2

F H1%ro (aths a.% F %riers 4ere a0aila(le :or *se at a s?all 6har/e- 4hi6h 4as :a.tasti6- a.% 4e *tilise% the? o. F o66asio.s2

"Local" Exhibitor Suzanne Ranyard (L) with Keez Maid  Marion and David Wall (R) with Keez Que Sera Sera  Keez Field O Dreams requiring the use of the  bathing & drying facilities on one occasion! 

Keez Maid Marion (L) & Keez Que Sera Sera (R)  waiting to go into the ring 

Keesho.%Borl% Oe6e?(er F>DD

The People  @his is 4here I 4o*l% ha0e ?1 (i//est /ri5e2 @his 5la6e 6o*l% (e (est %es6ri(e% as i@ri(alj2 It ?a1 (e that it 4as o*r :irst 1ear there- or it 6o*l% ha0e (ee. i.terstate 5eo5le 6o?i./ i. a.% %oi./ so?e 4i..i./- (*t- there 4ere a sele6t :e4 4ho 4o*l% /o to eUtraor%i.ar1 le./ths i. 4hat see?s a. atte?5t to %is6o*ra/e 1o* :ro? ret*r.i./ .eUt 1ear2 3o?e %i% 5*sh ?e (e1o.% ?1 (rea7i./ 5oi.t to 4here I retaliate% 4ith a 0er(al s5ra1 that \%%ie h*r5h1 4o*l% (e 5ro*% o:2 @he1 4ere le:t i. .o %o*(t eUa6tl1 4hat I tho*/ht2

I %i% se.% a. e?ail to the Al*( 3e6retar1- (*t this still %i% .ot rate e0e. a ?e.tio. at their ;2G2h2 I s5o7e to .earl1 the 4hole 6o??itteea.% still .othi./2 It a55ears that 5ro:it ta7es 5riorit1 o0er 6o??o. as I 4as tol% i%o/ 5eo5le are lad1 a.% 4ill .ot 4al7 to a 0e.%orj iits (ee. li7e that :or DE 1earsj 2 h1 re5l1 4asa.% still is that there has (ee. .o 6o??o. :or DE 1ears2 My Well Done Award  @his /oes to the Al*( _resi%e.t at `e%/era(o./2

Co4 I hear 1o* sa1 ithat ha55e.s at %o/ sho4sj2 Bell- this 4as 4a1 (e1o.% a.1thi./ I ha% e0e. hear% o:2

He 4e.t aro*.% all the eUhi(iters 5erso.all1 a.% s5e.t ti?e re6ei0i./ :ee%(a67 o. the sho4 a.% e.Q*iri./ o: a.1 i?5ro0e?e.ts that 6o*l% (e a55lie% to the sho4- a?e.ities a.% the /ro*.%s2

I %i% ho4e0er :all i. 4ith a :e4 0er1 .i6e 5eo5le- a.% it 4as :ro? this ti?e o. 4e starte% to so6ialise a.% e.To1 o*r ti?e a4a1 :ro? the ri./2 hore 5eo5le o. ?1 Fa6e `oo72

@4o th*?(s *5 :or hi? a.% his 6l*( :or .ot :or/etti./ the 5eo5le 4ho ?a7e the sho42

I thi.7 it 4o*l% ha0e (ee. so ?*6h (etter i: 4e ha% ha0e ha% so?e o: o*r :rie.%s :ro? ho?e /o *5 4ith *s- a.% this is 4hat I 4o*l% re6o??e.% to a.1o.e atte.%i./ :or the :irst ti?e2 My Biggest Gripe  I %i% ta7e eU6e5tio. to o.e thi./ at Ao.%o(oli.2 He.%ers ta7e 5riorit1 o0er eUhi(iters2 ;t this 0e.*e the 0e.%ors %e?a.% a ri./si%e 5ositio. at the /ro*5 G ri./- 4hi6h i. t*r. :or6es eUhi(iters to set *5 i. 5ositio.s 4here the1 are *.a(le to see the ri./- a.% as i. o*r 6aseal?ost ?issi./ o*r 6all2 Bhat sort o: st*5i%it1 is this2

Keesho.%Borl% Oe6e?(er F>DD

Our Results  3all1 has ta7e. ?*lti5le `est I. 3ho4 Ce*ter c `est I. Gro*5 Ce*ter2 Kase1 4ith a /ro*5 F 4i. I^Vk `IGJ- a :ist :*ll ^Vk c `est o: (ree%s H*.ter 4as the s*r5rise 5a67a/e 4ith h*lti Alass i. 3ho4 c Gro*5- a.% 5le.t1 o: ^Vk c `est N: `ree%s2 3o it is 4ith /reat 5leas*re- a.% a (i/ hea%- that I 6a. a..o*.6e that 4e ha0e title% all o: o*r %o/s (1 o*rsel0es i. o*r :irst DD ?o.ths o: (ei./ i. the sho4 ri./- a.% Kase1- ;*st2 Ah Keed l*e 3era 3era (ei./ the aD Keesho.% (it6h `est N: `ree% a.% aF %o/ c `it6h- as 4ell as H*.ter;*st Ah2 Aali0ale @r*e 35irit (ei./ the a [ `est N: `ree% Keesho.% i. ;*stralia c aF ^isi./ 3tar Keesho.%2 I^e:2 O2N2L2 DM 3e5t2 F>DDJ2

The Story Of Life By Phyllis Noonan â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Sherwood Kennels - USA This is the story of the birth of Ch. Sherwood's Significant Other and one of his three sisters, Sherwood's Serendipity. Early evening on January 16, 2000, Ch. Kalmia The Rose Tattoo, Anna was extremely restless. She was in whelp to Smitty and was due to deliver around January 20. It was winter here and I had the house pretty warm so I put Anna downstairs in my basement in the large pen. It was cooler down there and I felt she would be more comfortable. The next morning at 6:00 A.M., I went down to bring Anna up and let her go out. What I found was a shocking mess. Pushed outside of the pen were two very dead puppies, they were cold and stiff with their little legs stuck straight out, covered with dried blood and scraps of newspaper and afterbirth. I grabbed Anna and brought her upstairs into the whelping box where she settled down. I went back down and wrapped the two very dead puppies in more paper and threw them into a trash bag in my garage. I felt positively awful but hoped that Anna would deliver another puppy or two. At 9:00 A.M. she did deliver a female puppy and at 10:00 A.M., she delivered another and moments after that, another and then settled down obviously finished. So - we had three healthy and alive baby girls. I've given you the times here because they are critical to this story. After I cleaned up some, I decided to go see what the sex was of the two dead pups that were in the trash bag. After rooting around, I finally picked up one puppy that was completely covered in dried up newspaper. I took the pup into my kitchen and started to wash off some of the mess - it was a male puppy, very dead, all four feet straight up in the air and very cold. KeeshondWorld December 2011

I washed off more of the mess under warm water. As I did, one of his back feet moved, I thought it was just some sort of a reaction to the water and I just kept washing him off. Suddenly, a foot moved again and came down from that stiff, straight position . At this point, I was crying and just simply felt so bad that I had allowed this to happen and had lost two puppies. Suddenly, another foot moved and I felt a slight movement in my hands, The next thing was that this very dead puppy, who had been in the trash can for at least four hours was moving some. His head was still very cold so I put my finger over his nose and let the warm water run over his head. By this time, the entire puppy was moving some and then, he let out a little squeal. I nearly dropped him as I was stunned and shaken by all of this. Within another few minutes, he was definitely alive and squirming around in my hand and his Momma was starting to fuss as she wanted her puppy. I took him over to the whelping box, held him up to his Mom who started licking him all over. After another minute or two, I went ahead and put him down with his three sisters. Shortly after that, he started nursing. Remember, by now it was after 11:00 in the morning and I put him in the trash bag at 6:00 in the morning. After I calmed down, I went and pulled the other puppy from the trash and did the same thing with that one.

It was a little bitch and equally stiff and cold when I started washing the paper off her. I won't bore you with the next fifteen or so minutes but, the same thing happened and she started also to move around. By noon, she was in the box doing fine as was the male puppy. I then called my vet, crying and told him what had happened and I wanted to bring them up for him to look at. I knew they would die and I figured he would want to put them down. As it turned out, after he checked them over, listened to their hearts, looked in their mouths, he simply said to me, Phyllis, take them home and let their Mom take over. He said he could only figure that they never took that first breath and were almost in some sort of a hypothermia sort of state. He made up a file for both and wrote across the top WATCH FOR BRAIN DAMAGE. in big letters. These two puppies grew fine, one being Fonze, Ch, Sherwood's Significant Other - a Hall of Fame and multiple specialty winner and the other is Serendipity, the Mother of Sherwood's Selah, who, as I write this is very close to getting her MACH title in agility. Neither ever showed any signs of brain damage or, for that matter, anything different than any other puppy nor did they produce any problems.

They were dead for at least four to five hours and maybe even longer since I don't know the exact time they were whelped. I guess my reason for telling you all this is that we should not give up too soon on, what appears to be a still born puppy. There might be life there after all. The final thing on all of this is that I had leased Anna from Kalmia kennels so I knew I had to call Irene and Maryellen and tell them that we had five puppies. I wasn't going to say a word about what had happened but once Irene Fonseca answered, I starting crying again and told her the entire story. She took it all very well although I think she was somewhat shaken but because I was so upset, she remained pretty calm . This was a really weird situation and one that I would hope I never go through again but I also now know to never give up too soon with a newborn. Even after four or more hours in the trash, these two puppies grew up fine and healthy.

Ch Sherwood Significant Other â&#x20AC;&#x153;Fonzeâ&#x20AC;? winning Best in Specialty Show at the Heritage Trail Keeshond Club Specialty Show April 28, 2007

KeeshondWorld December 2011

Bred & Owned by Phyllis Noonan Sherwood Kennels




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Kennel Lavendermist Meadow – Czech Republic    Sire: Multi BIS Ch Volfgang D'Arlande  Dam: CZ Ch / Rus Ch Eswood Lavender Leaf  Puppies expected December 2011    Litter will be PHPT negative. Inquiries welcome.  Shipping to any Country.    For more information please go to:   

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KeeshondWorld - December 2011 - V2 N4  

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