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The Summer for every Season BY



hristian music often reminds us how blessed we are. I’ve heard countless stories in the form of melodies that describe how God made a way. Despite the things we have said or done, the gift of His love brings us to tears as we listen to music that describes our life. We fail. We succeed. We fall and get back up. Every trial I have faced is captured in a body of work that will remind me I am not alone. Each season may have a unique forecast, but the warmth of Summer can be found in the midst of a storm. Who is Summer? Summer is a gifted contemporary Christian singer-songwriter from the United States, who has the unique ability to connect with diverse audiences, bringing hope and joy everywhere she goes. Summer’s debut project, Love Letters, is a fresh and intimate recording of her journey through intense personal hardship, while clinging to the true love of her life – God. Summer has been an advocate for women from all walks of life. She is a woman who has experienced the manipulation of emotional abuse. This allows her to detect warning signs from the women around her, as she leaps into action to provide support. Summer’s music documents the pain and discomfort that can be administered from others, but also points to the rainbow after the storm. At CD signings or concerts, you could find Summer praying or exchanging information with women who had their own set of adversities. Summer is an ambassador for the empowerment of women everywhere. Summer has lived an amazing story of faith that shines brightly through her children and her music. Before Summer’s call to music, she was a lawyer with a six-figure income. Summer walked away from her job in a leap of faith to embark on a journey of her true mission. At the time of this transition, she was also removing herself from a toxic

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and volatile relationship. Can you imagine having to deal with two major life changes at the same time? Wondering how you would pay your bills, while rebuilding the confidence that was once stripped away by someone who claimed to love you? Summer looked into the eyes of her sons and the situation she then faced and said, “But God.” She decided to document the pain and her love for God in letters. The pages of her life would be recorded into music designed to glorify God and share a testimony - a testimony that would resonate with every woman, regardless of her background. ‘Love Letters’ There was a clear September blue sky on the day of Summer’s album release concert. The sound check had been completed, concertgoers had begun to fill the seats, and the anticipation of the evening ahead was enough to create goosebumps. The stage was set. A dressing room served as the preparation area but, more importantly, became a place where Summer humbled herself before God. Out came Summer to greet her guests. She knew that while the audience erupted in applause, the focus needed to return to God. A night to recognise Summer became a moment to worship, as each song served as a love letter to God. She stood tall, glowing with strength, emanating the faith that had carried her through her challenges. She opened her heart to share her story. Summer’s love for God pulls you in from the moment you witness her smile, and the lyrics in her music challenge you to remember that God is still in control. The concert ends but the Gospel never stops being shared. Summer shares her gifts at retirement homes, churches, weddings, private events and stages all across the United States. These gifts do more than just build upon the faith of believers; they also capture the attention of people who do not have a relationship with God.

Each letter in her album speaks to the seasons many of us experience in life. Clouds and storms may come, yet Summer’s voice is like a comforting hand, leading us out of the darkness and into the light of Jesus. Pain may be present, but the process of healing can be ushered in through her vocals. ‘The Real Thing’ Summer’s message in this letter is simple: “You are life, you are love.” We are all faced with challenges, yet God always shows up on time. ‘Love You Like Crazy’ This letter reminds us why we put God first in our life. “You’re the inner strength that pushes me gracefully to dreams that light up the sky.” His touch and His presence are enough to change our lives. ‘Promised (Never Alone)’ “You promised, promised never to leave me. You promised never to leave me alone.” We are unworthy of His love, yet He still makes time for us. This letter documents the discovery of His love, and thanks Him for loving us as His own.

‘You Are Good’ A letter that recognises how a tornado of challenges can ravage our lives, while reminding us that God is good. “It doesn’t matter what I see, it doesn’t matter what I feel. I stand on Your promise, Lord.” ‘One Thing’ “Your love, it’s the one thing I need.” This letter chronicles God’s perfect love. How often do we crave something that we can get freely? ‘I Need You’ “Even if everyone walks away, I can make it if You stay.” A powerful letter that acknowledges the fact that we need God. Without Him, we would be lost. ‘Key to My Heart’ You may be in pain. You may not know how you got into your situation. This letter encourages you to hold on. ‘Release’ Sometimes we have to let go of people. This letter encourages you to choose forgiveness and peace when you have been broken by another. “I refuse to drink the poison, I release.” Summer is dedicated to serving God. Her desire is to become a beacon of light, bringing people closer to God one song at a time.

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