2020 Annual Report

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Providing Education & Resources for Sustained Community Improvement in Escambia County, FL


The year 2020 will stand out in our collective memory for generations. It felt never-ending, but somehow time flew by. There were endless challenges and I think it is safe to say that this year we got a lesson in all that we take for granted. Here at Keep Pensacola Beautiful, Inc, it was no exception. We canceled, rescheduled and adapted and tried our best to continue to provide valuable programs, services, and resources to Escambia County. Each and every member of the KPB staff works here because they are passionate about a beautiful community and about helping others, and many times it was saddening that we could not offer our community the level of service it deserves. We are fortunate to live in such a naturally beautiful place as Escambia County. However, out of everything that gets taken for granted, our environment and a clean community is often at the top of the list. A beautiful community does not become beautiful by accident or all by itself. It is sometimes difficult to remember that there is a tremendous amount of work that goes into keeping a clean community. Communities are clean and beautiful when people put just as much love and care into maintaining them as they do their own homes or their own families. During COVID-19, this was not possible for many as there were so many pressing concerns on all our minds. We want you to know that here at KPB, we aren’t taking it for granted. The benefits of a clean community are innumerable. A beautiful community eases mental stressors, clean air and water are vital to human health, and individual responsibility saves local governments (and therefore taxpayers) money. So, when you have a moment, spare a thought for your immediate surroundings. What wasteful practices can you reduce or eliminate? Which small action will you take towards a cleaner environment and a healthier community? There is so much we take for granted, but let’s not let the health of our community, our neighbors, and ourselves be one of them. Like most things that are worth it, it just takes putting in a little effort. Let’s continue to keep Pensacola beautiful in 2021.

Sigrid Solgard Executive Director, Keep Pensacola Beautiful

KPB Annual Report


"Keep Pensacola Beautiful has encouraged and motivated me to continue to strive for our environment. I ran across the organization when I was feeling alone and frankly hopeless for like-minded individuals. The organization has brought a little more sunshine to my life and I’m grateful for that." Abby Schmitt Local Artist

ABOUT KPB KPB is a registered 501c(3) nonprofit organization that was founded in 1979. As an affiliate of Keep America Beautiful, we are part of a network of over 600 affiliates nation-wide. We provide original programming and bring national initiatives to the local area that focus on volunteerism, awareness, and education for all ages! Currently, in addition to our nonprofit programming, we hold contracts with both Escambia County and the City of Pensacola, providing cost-efficient, valuable services for our community. In all, our programs provide environmental, social, and economic benefits to our community!




The mission of Keep Pensacola Beautiful is to provide education and resources for sustained community improvement.

The vision of Keep Pensacola Beautiful is to create a norm within Escambia County where every community is a beautiful place to live, work, and play.

Stewardship: Responsibility, SafeKeeping, Ownership Collective Action: Engagement, Initiative, Collaboration Integrity: Honesty, Reliability, Fairness

KPB Annual Report


"I met the staff at Keep Pensacola Beautiful when I started with the City just over two years ago. I was impressed by their organizational skills and commitment to educating community members on the effects pollution and litter have on our precious environment." Paul Pipes Outdoor Pursuits and Volunteer Coordinator City of Pensacola, Parks and Recreation Department

2020 RESULTS $7.29




Return on Investment

Volunteer Value

Students Served

Pounds of Litter Removed


186,242 lbs



275 lbs


According to Independent Sector, the value per hour of volunteer work is $27.20.

2,157 lbs





For every dollar KPB brings in, we put out $7.29 worth of work.


"Our organization was able to further our community outreach through the Adopt-A-Spot program. Coordinating equipment pick-up and drop-offs is always a breeze. Keep Pensacola Beautiful provides all the tools and equipment you could possibly need. If your organization or business would like to get involved with a KPB program, I highly recommend Adopt-A-Spot." Rachel Edison

PROGRAMS Each year we organize hundreds of volunteers who contribute thousands of hours of community service to beautify community streets, parks and neighborhoods through programs like Adopt-A-Spot, the Great American Cleanup, and the International Coastal Cleanup. You can get involved by joining us at one of our many events or programs that we host each year!

ADOPT-A-SPOT When your group adopts a spot, you are working towards a beautiful community and taking pride in your county with just a couple hours of hard work. You’re showing others in your the area that someone cares. In 2020, 465 pounds were removed from adopted spots by 22 AAS groups .

KPB Annual Report


CLEAN-UPS From private cleanups to our scheduled events, like the International Coastal Cleanup, our volunteers logged 270 hours of service and removed over 160 pounds of litter from our community in 2020.

ECO-TO-GO Since its launch in August 2020, Eco-ToGo has welcomed four restaurants , Perfect Plain Brewing Co., The Daily Squeeze, Café Single Fin, and the East Hill Market, into the program. These restaurants practice sustainable habits and offer Styrofoam-free to-go products.


Education is offered for grades K-8th with our Waste-In-Place curriculum, focusing on the importance of proper waste management through hands-on learning. Last year, we got this vital message to over 100 students . For high schoolers, KPB hosts the Youth Advisory Council, which began its inaugural year in 2020. By May, they will have completed a service project for their community. KPB Annual Report


GREAT AMERICAN CLEANUP While the GAC took on a different form in 2020, KPB still recycled over 1,200 plastic bags with Bag Swap and began rehabilitation work on the Carver Community Center with Paint Your Heart Out. Overall, we had 40 volunteers that helped with another successful Great American Cleanup.

KEEPING UP CARVER Keeping Up Carver was a Paint Your Heart Out recipient turned long-term rehabilitation project. With 6 workday's complete, KPB's goal from day one has been to preserve the historical beauty of the Carver Community Center to reflect its necessity in Century, FL.

RECYCLING @ WORK With 19 businesses pledging to adopt more sustainable office practices, KPB recycled 883 ink cartridges , gave 3 recycling presentations , and picked up over 300lbs of litter with our 30 on the 30th program in 2020.

KPB Annual Report


"Incredible staff! You can tell they are trying to make the area a better place. I would highly recommend volunteering here and getting to know these beautiful and kindhearted people!" Katie Hendrickson

SERVICES Keeping Pensacola beautiful is more than a full time job! We are directly serving Escambia's roadways, parks, graveyards and boat ramps everyday of the week. Our public spaces are clean because our services crew does the dirty work!

ESCAMBIA COUNTY PARKS AND RECREATION LITTER BARREL CONTRACT KPB continued to serve Escambia County through the contract with Escambia County parks and Recreation. KPB services trash barrels at 77 parks and boat ramps throughout the county and is responsible for litter pick up 30 feet around each trash barrel.

KPB Annual Report


“The KPB Clean Team has been instrumental in the success of many Fiesta events, including the Grand Fiesta Parade, Pensacola Crawfish Festival, and Pensacola Seafood Festival. Thanks to the team’s tireless hard work, these events are kept clean and tidy, making it a great experience for our vendors and festival-goers. We are grateful for Fiesta’s partnership with Keep Pensacola Beautiful!” Bridget Middleton Fiesta of Five Flags, Seafood Festival, Grand Fiesta Parade, Crawfish Festival

ESCAMBIA COUNTY ALLOCATION KPB received funding this year from the Escambia County Miscellaneous Appropriations Fund to provide a wide variety of services to the county and its residents. Host a court-ordered community service program Provide residents with a free Adopt-A-Spot program Perform roadside litter services for Escambia County Assist with the county's Community Redevelopment Agency's monthly cleanups Provide assistance to Escambia county residents at the request of Code Enforcement Provide local businesses with an Ink Cartridge Recycling porgram Host ECUA oil and grease disposal and yard debris bag station

CITY OF PENSACOLA DEPARTMENT OF SANITATION With funds from the City of Pensacola, KPB maintains Mt Zion Historical Cemetery and assists community members with moving heavy items to the curb for pickup during the Mayor's Neighborhood Cleanup each month.

FLORIDA DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION The FDOT provided KPB with funds to support Pieces Adrift, Great American Cleanup projects, Adopt-A-Spot program support, as well as additional programs. In addition, funds were used to staff Waste-In-Place educational events for students K-12!

THE CLEAN TEAM The Clean Team is a program of Keep Pensacola Beautiful, whose mission is to be the premier festival and event clean up service in Escambia County by providing first-rate service to all customers and delivering a wide range of trash and recycling removal services and leaving the area cleaner than we found it. By providing high quality service, we know we can prevent event-based litter from occurring.

KPB Annual Report


"We formed two teams out of coworkers and employees and had a ball! (Pun intended) The evening turned into a fun team-building opportunity which brought giggles, competition, and stronger bonds. We are already choosing our team names and looking forward to this year's event! Martha Holden Regal Construction

COMMUNI-TEE CUP Every spring, we team up with the First Tee of Northwest Florida to host our annual Communi-Tee Cup, a mini golf tournament and fundraiser. This 18-hole event benefits KPB’s education programs, like classroom visits and demonstration materials, for the upcoming year. In 2020, our education efforts reached over 100 students! Help us "tee"-ch more students by having some fun at an event filled with goofy golf, food, beer, drawing prizes, and more!

In 2020, there were over 60 participants , making up 18 teams that took to the course to compete for the coveted golf ball bobble head trophy. By the end of this exciting event and we raised approximately $2,000 !

KPB Annual Report


"I had the wonderful privilege of attending the second annual Pieces Adrift charity art auction. This event was very well organized and was extremely enjoyable. I hope the event continues to grow each year!" Rachel Eidson Bare Hand Collective, Market Manager/Event Coordinator

PIECES ADRIFT ART SHOW & AUCTION Pieces Adrift is an annual award-winning art show and auction that challenges community members to rethink their waste. Artists from all over Escambia County create pieces made from at least 50% waste material to be auctioned off. Proceeds benefit KPB's programming initiatives. With food trucks like Jordan Valley and Le Dough, a mobile bar brought by Tap the Coast, live music from Scott, Paul, and Marie, and lots of beautiful artwork, 2020 Pieces Adrift was a huge success.

With 33 artists, 10 volunteers, and 100 guests , this 2nd annual fundraiser raised over $3,000 for KPB. Not bad for an event in the middle of a pandemic!

KPB Annual Report


"I have participated in a number of Keep Pensacola Beautiful activities, including the Bruce Beach cleanup, 40 Trees for 40 Years, and the fundraising gala for the former Coca-Cola Building. This dedicated group’s events are always well programmed and well attended...And they always leave our community brighter than before. I look forward to more happy occasions." Ann Hill City Council Woman District 6




Your tax deductible donation supports our eco-initiatives, environmental programs, and allows us to empower community members to improve their environment.

We have SO many year-round opportunities for you, your family, friends and businesses to get involved in like beach cleanups, tree planting events and more.

We seek energetic, diverse, and passionate businesses, corporations, or individuals that are interested in sponsoring programs and events or who want to provide an Annual Sponsorship. This sponsorship program will provide your business with many opportunities for community involvement.


Show your commitment to the environment by becoming a member of Keep Pensacola Beautiful! You can have a greater impact by assisting with KPB programming, networking with like-minded community members, sitting on a committee, and MORE! Vist our website, KeepPensacolaBeautiful.org, for more details. KPB Annual Report


"The people that run KPB are amazing. Very professional and organized team. I especially like the activities they do with students to help educate and raise awareness about protecting our environment." Kelli Alicia Green

ACCOLADES CELEBRATING 25 YEARS WITH KEEP AMERICA BEAUTIFUL Keep Pensacola Beautiful has been a Keep Florida Beautiful affiliate for 25 years! Having started as primarily a litter prevention and awareness organization 1979, we’ve come a long way to get here!

OUTSTANDING COMMUNICATION / SOCIAL MEDIA OUTREACH 2020 AWARD Keep Pensacola Beautiful received the Outstanding Communication / Social Media Outreach 2020 award from Keep Florida Beautiful for our #GreenQuarantine campaign. This social media campaign featured useful and sustainable tips during the first COVID-19 lockdown. KPB posted educational videos for at-home teaching and are still available on our website.

2019 INNOVATION AWARD In 2020, Keep America Beautiful presented KPB with the Innovation Award for Pieces Adrift Art Show & Auction. "KPB organized and implemented Pensacola's first-of-its-kind trash art show and silent auction, Pieces Adrift. The art show was formed as an education and outreach event focusing on marine debris, waste and single-use products. KPB challenged local artists to use trash to create original art pieces. Pieces Adrift provided people the opportunity to give single-use items a second life and encouraged the community to think differently about waste. It also showcased the impact of marine debris and the litter issues that face the community. The September 2019 event featured 51 pieces by 30 artists." KPB Annual Report


"I appreciate KPB's collaborative workspace, openness to new ideas and dedication to serving the Escambia County community through thoughtful, innovative initiatives. I strongly believe that KPB has and will continue to play a big role in shifting Pensacola towards a greener future." Madelyn Newton Marketing & Communications VISTA, Keep Pensacola Beautiful

STAFF & BOARD STAFF Sigrid Solgard Executive Director Director@KeepPensacolaBeautiful.org

David Cochran Sanitation Supervisor Services@KeepPensacolaBeautiful.org

Patrick Stewart Director of Services Services@KeepPensacolaBeautiful.org

Madelyn Newton Marketing Coordinator, AmeriCorps VISTA Marketing@KeepPensacolaBeautiful.org

Lauren Doubek Education & Outreach Coordinator Lauren@KeepPensacolaBeautiful.org

Adam Gilliam Services Crew Member

Megan Washington Development Coordinator Development@KeepPensacolaBeautiful.org

Colin Meyer Services Crew Member Cameron Baguio Services Crew Member

Joseph Porter Ayannia Cole Daniel Brister Clean Team Members

BOARD Lauren Glass President Navy Federal

Carla Rutley Secretary Rutley Remote Solutions, LLC

Angel Allen Member Network Nonprofits

Caia Bridgeford Vice President Navy Federal

Michelle Olliff Legal Counsel Emmanuel, Sheppard & Condon

Al Brown Member WKRG-TV

Carol Duke Treasurer Global Connections to Employment

Ashlee Kirkland Past President Anchor Title

September Dye Member YourTEK Professionals

KPB Annual Report

Marcina Rogers Member International Paper


Fundraising 20.1%

INCOME: $353,991 Programs 79.9%

Beginning Net Assets: $90,665


Income: $353,991 Expense: $328,283 Net Income: $25,708 Ending Net Assets: $116,373

*KPB received $45,000 in funding from the Paycheck Protection Program that helped offset payroll expenses.

Fundrasing 4.5%

Management & General 37.1%

EXPENSES: $328,283 Programming 58.5%

KPB Annual Report


The printing of this material has been made possible through funds provided by the Florida Department of Transportation.

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