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Keep Browser Safe

Is your operating safe while you are surfing the web!!!!! Now stop for a while and tell me...What is the most used application that you find in your operating system? You answer may vary depending on your role but if you watch it with the increasingly social , online, cloud based world your answer will be Web browser. From a business point of view, websites, web apps it has become a main gateway for completing any work. This reality is not hidden from the cyber criminals attackers generally targets low hanging fruits and starts there attacks. Destroying vulnerabilities in web browser and browser plug-ins offers a large number of targets, and make your browser weak for both consumers and business.

Web browser is a software application that allows you to access internet and enables you the view web pages of different sites containing texts, charts, tables etc. When surf web we allow several companies to insert a tracking device that keeps the record of your browsing habit. The common web browsers are Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Saferi, Google chrome, Internet Explorer etc. Why to secure Web browser?

Security should be the top consideration for your browser your browser should be designed to protect you operating system from virus, pop-ups, adware, viruses and phishing frauds. Web browser is installed in your computer so it’s very important to manage them securely. Browser that are already installed in your computer but they are not secured properly. If your browser is not properly secured then it will lead to variety of problems like entry of malware and without your knowledge the cybercrooks will be operating your computer sitting in the remote server.

Your computer remains unsecure due to many reasons such as: •

Many users have the habit of clicking on an unknown links which can make your browser unsafe.

Some of the users are unaware how to configure their web browsers securely.

Computer system and softwares could be bundled with additional infected software that can severely infect your operating system.

Many sites force the user to install additional software, which pushes their computer in any additional risk.

Web addresses that are disguised can redirect you to malicious website.

Best tips to secure your browser: Several habits that should be expected to secure your Web Browser. The following best tips will definitely help you to handle the security of your browser and some will support you regarding your browser security.

Keep your software up-to-date: This not suggested only for operating system software it is equally important to keep browser software and other software up-to date to fix the weakness of your computer.

Scan the files before downloading them: Escape downloading the files until you are sure and for the security scan the file with anti-virus software.

Turn on Pop-up blocker: It is now a standard feature of browser which should be enabled while surfing the web but you must disable that for a specific program.

Observe your official document: frequently monitor your online statement that will help you to take immediate action if you are bank account is compromise.

Avoid using public or free Wi-Fi: The hackers regularly take the help of these networks to steal the user’s information so it is better to avoid using these networks.

Stop storing passwords: We often see that many sites offer to remember password for future use and that password is stored in one location of your computer that helps the hacker to steal your confidential data. So disable it and empty your stored password.

Stop reusing passwords: Using similar passwords for different sites is also not a fine choice it can help the hackers to gather your sensitive information. So prefer a unique password that you can only know or it is recommended to change your passwords in 90 days.

Install and Run anti-virus software: Anti-virus software provides protection to your computer and removes malicious files from it. Spy Hunter is powerful antispyware software that starts scanning each time you boot your system. It scans and removes malicious element. So if you desire to defend your computer from Trojan, rootkit and others viruses then download Spy Hunter software in your computer as soon as possible.

These tips will definitely help you and your operating system to stay from malwares and attackers and many other threats which will disturb your online behavior. While using the internet it’s important to protect your operating system and yourself. Use safe browsing habit and update your antivirus software will keep your computer virus free and your confidential data secure. For more information visit:

Keep Browser Safe  
Keep Browser Safe  

Web browser is a software application that allows you to access internet and enables you the view web pages of different sites containing te...