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Keep Australia Beautiful National Association ANNUAL REPORT 2011/2012

To lead, challenge and inspire all Australians to strive for a sustainable and litter free environment

From Our Patron Her Excellency, Ms Quentin Bryce AC

Keep Australia Beautiful plays a pivotal role in promoting the responsibility of all Australians to sustain and preserve our magnificent natural landscapes. From the sunburnt outback to lush rainforests spilling onto our iconic beaches, the Keep Australia Beautiful team is dedicated to advocating environmental sustainability in suburbs, towns and communities. I am pleased to note over the past year you have contributed to a five per cent decrease in the national litter average and expansion of beverage recycling grants. I had the privilege of presenting the 2012 Tidy Town Award to Caloundra, Queensland early this year. This program and others like Sustainable Cities inform, encourage and support members of our communities to keep our national beautiful. As Patron, I acknowledge the commitment and efforts of your staff, supporters and volunteers and extend my best wishes for the year ahead.

From the National Executive Officer Peter McLean

Keep Australia Beautiful has experienced another busy year in 2011/12. It’s been business as usual with our long term programs like Tidy Towns Sustainable Communities, and Sustainable Cities continuing successfully. Our award winners this year were Caloundra in Queensland, and Kogarah in NSW. We launched of some new and exciting litter prevention campaigns including Litterers Anonymous and The LITTLE Committee, as well as of course Keep Australia Beautiful Week’s Marine Litter messages in August of 2011. Together these campaigns collectively reduced Australia’s average litter count by around 5%, which was monitored in our annual National Litter Index. In 2011/12, Keep Australia Beautiful network showed considerable community and grassroots engagement with 25 national programs, 695 applicants for our awards programs, 1500 category submissions, and the involvement of 410 community groups, 1000 school, 90 business and over 210 councils. I’d like to also thank the long term efforts and commitment by the previous National Executive Officer, Scott Lyall. Having worked for the NSW office for almost 8 years, it was an exciting opportunity to move over and act in the National Executive Officer role. Keep Australia Beautiful is an amazing organisation and I look forward to leading it through the coming years and achieving a more sustainable and litter free Australia. There are many opportunities we want to explore with all of our supportive and enthusiastic stakeholders across community, government and industry.


From the Chairman Don Chambers

Over the last twelve months, Keep Australia Beautiful National has represented our communities to governments, industry and other stakeholders and stressed the importance of true partnerships to improve packaging recycling recovery and reduce the incidence of all litter. Through our National Litter Index research, Keep Australia Beautiful has taken a lead role in focusing governments and industry on tackling this problem, and generating the downward trend in litter rates that is emerging today.

In addition, our Award programs, Keep Australia Beautiful Week and the launch of The LITTLE Committee during the year all helped to build engagement, further reduce litter in the environment, and improve packaging recycling around Australia. Keep Australia Beautiful continues to strongly support the partnership model embodied in the Australian Packaging Council and its many initiatives, which have resulted in significant environmental advances around packaging over the last few years. Our belief in partnerships, and our grassroots community links, continues to be Keep Australia Beautiful’s main point of difference compared to many environment groups in this debate. Keep Australia Beautiful will keep the faith with our founding principles, which encourage government, industry and the community to work together, as we believe this is the best way to achieve efficient, effective change and forge the anti-litter culture required to sustain these improvements over the long term.

However what has been achieved is still far short of what is required. Keep Australia Beautiful continues its representations on behalf of the community that all material that can be recycled and is in the litter stream needs to be tackled in a holistic and energetic way. Keep Australia Beautiful advocates against piecemeal and heavy handed regulations that take away the opportunity for partnerships, positive engagement and the individual responsibility that is ultimately required to drive an antilitter culture in Australia. To this end, and as part of the current COAG review of recycling and litter policies, Keep Australia Beautiful has presented and prepared a holistic, practical and partnership-based National Litter Plan. With the financial support of the packaging industry, and the engagement of local and state governments, businesses and communities, we have begun trials of the Plan in Tasmania, the Northern Territory and Victoria. We continue to urge governments and industry to provide the necessary policy framework and funding to make effective, efficient and positive initiatives like the National Litter Plan a reality.


Our Vision For the Australian community to protect and conserve the natural and built environment through individual actions.

Our mission To lead, challenge and inspire all Australians to strive for a sustainable and litter free environment.

Our Objectives • • • •

to lead, influence and advocate for environmental sustainability to honour achievement in environmental endeavour to provide support through education, innovation, engagement and research to deliver effective partnerships and programs ensuring mutually beneficial environmental outcomes

Our Volunteers Keep Australia Beautiful awards programs identify, acknowledge and promote the efforts of hundreds of thousands of community, business and government volunteers around the country each year. Our volunteers contribute an estimated $100,000,000 dollars worth of volunteer labour to the Australian community each year.

Keep Australia Beautiful runs over Over the last year, we’ve had over There have been We work with over


25 programs nationally

695 applicants for our awards programs

1500 category submissions

410 community groups, almost 1000 schools, more than 90 businesses and exceed 210 councils.

Who we are Keep Australia Beautiful’s mission is ‘to lead, challenge and inspire all Australians to strive for a sustainable and litter free environment’. It does this through its own operations, that can act as an example to others, and through its programs, that have the potential to reach all Australians. Keep Australia Beautiful National Association (KABNA) is a federated body with programs operating in every state and territory through member offices. Each of these programs encourages people all around Australia to care for their local environment. Keep Australia Beautiful National Association was established in 1968 and is a not for profit association registered in the ACT with deductible gift recipient status. Keep Australia Beautiful National Association has a proud history in working in partnership with community, government and industry to achieve positive environmental outcomes. KABNA is very well known for promoting litter prevention and reduction activities in the 1970’s and early 1980’s. This was achieved through numerous television advertising campaigns and community activities and resulted in a cultural shift as to how all Australians viewed litter and the environment. Its awards programs such as Tidy Towns, Sustainable Cities and Clean Beaches all target litter, recycling, packaging waste and graffiti.

Bianca Bateman, Programs and Administration Manager with Scott Lyall, National Executive Officer in 2011.


Do The Right Thing This program has been running since the 80’s with a successful ad campaign on littering. Sponsored by the Packaging Stewardship Forum, it incorporates The LITTLE Committee, Litterers Anonymous, as well as the National Bin Network aimed at the Northern Territory, Victoria and Tasmania. The Forum’s highly successful Do The Right Thing anti-litter campaign has proven to be the strongest litter prevention message since it was implemented, leading to a 70% reduction in litter in NSW between 1979 and 1990. Today Do The Right Thing is stronger than ever, with more than 80% of people recognising that Do The Right Thing means put your waste in the bin. Throughout Australia more than 180 towns and cities are taking the Do The Right Thing message to their communities. The Forum is also a major sponsor of Keep Australia Beautiful nationally, sponsoring Tidy Towns and Sustainable Communities Awards. The Packaging Stewardship Forum was established in May 2006 as a forum of the Australian Food and Grocery Council. The Forum aims to significantly increase government, industry and community understanding of resource recovery and litter management through the delivery of projects throughout Australia, either directly or in partnership with others. Its focus is on providing cost-effective resource recovery and litter reduction solutions that deliver real and measurable outcomes.

Litterers Anonymous God grant me the serenity to bin the things I cannot recycle Courage to recycle the things I can Wisdom to know the difference This is the prayer of the Litterers Anonymous group – which Keep Australia Beautiful has brought together. They make up an unlikely group of Australian celebrities to form this fictitious group. The comedic new anti-littering campaign aims to lift the profile of littering problems in Australia and will see Keep Australia Beautiful promoting the Litterers Anonymous ‘One Step Program’ which is simply to ‘use the bin’. Derryn Hinch, Lara Bingle, John Jarratt, Nick Giannopolous, Russell Gilbert and Tania Zaetta are all taking part to help highlight the issue of littering and how easy it is to avoid. Although their stories are fictitious they aim to highlight the real life habits of litterers, as research shows that many people don’t own up to littering and that there are a range of littering ‘types’. Studies have found that there are large differences between the way people reported and described their behaviour, and their actual behaviour. In one study, nearly half of the people observed littering only minutes earlier denied they had done so. The Litterers Anonymous campaign hopes to make people more accountable for their actions and remind people to use the bin – and the right bin - given the growing number of recycling bins now also available in public places. Derryn Hinch plays the role of a group moderator who is consistently frustrated by the hapless littering antics of his co-stars. Lara Bingle is “outed” as a littering addict by the paparazzi, while Nick Giannopolous is relapsing from his litter addiction for the second time. John Jarratt is a serial litterer at movie theatres; Russell Gilbert is trying his hardest to use the right bin, whilst Tania Zaetta can’t work out if she is illiterate or a litterer. This campaign is supported by some of the leading companies in the beverage industry.

Success • • • • • •


12 articles in the press 20 online articles Equivalent of over 2.5 million readership/ circulation 12 mentions on the radio 7 mentions on television Equivalent of over 580,900 viewers

National Bin Network The National Bin Network is focused on providing important infrastructure to increase recycling in Australia. Industry has partnered with Keep Australia Beautiful, an acknowledged expert on litter, and other groups to help establish this new behaviour change program. The three key pillars of the plan are: 1. Education & awareness 2. Infrastructure 3. Enforcement

Northern Territory The NBN pilot project commenced with a project launch at Liberty Square in Darwin on 13th May 2012, which announced the allocation of $230,000 in regional NBN funding support (through the AFGC’s Packaging Stewardship Forum) for East Arnhem Shire Council (EASC) Communities Litter Control and Resource Recovery.

Beverage Container Recycling Grants Keep Australia Beautiful is able to offer financial assistance for local communities wishing to improve beverage container recycling. This financial assistance is made possible thanks to a Coca-Cola Foundation Community Recycling Grant. In larger communities this may mean infrastructure for events or for special venues such as large retail centres or education centres. In smaller communities, it may mean assistance with transport or processing to overcome remote location or dispersed population. The focus is on: • • • •

recycling away from home practical projects that leave a legacy projects that don’t duplicate existing recycling activities projects that result in measurable volumes of recycled materials

In 2011 grant funding was distributed to community projects across Australia. These projects were undertaken by council, schools and community groups like surf clubs, for example.

Tasmania The pilot project has seen significant interaction with Tasmanian stakeholders and good press coverage during the month of August. Entries for the Keep Australia Beautiful Sustainable Community Awards have been received during August and have resulted in excellent responses covering most councils and numerous community groups in Tasmania. Keep Australia Beautiful’s presence in Tasmania is a very strong one and has been enhanced with its association to the pilot litter plan project.

Victoria The NBN pilot project commenced in late April with a project launch in Rutherglen on 16th May 2012 which announced the allocation of $200,000 in funding through the AFGC’s Packaging Stewardship Forum for the installation of up to 160 new away from home recycling bins throughout the region.


Launched in October 2011, The LITTLE Committee is made up of 10 children under the age of fifteen. The LITTLE Committee stands for the Leading Integrated Taskforce Tackling Litter Everywhere and is an initiative developed through a partnership between the Australian Food and Grocery Council’s Packaging Stewardship Forum and Keep Australia Beautiful to reduce littering by 10% over 5 years. The Committee is made up of ten young adults under fifteen from all across Australia. This age group is statistically the least likely to litter of all Australians. Each member was put through a rigorous recruitment and training process to become the new face of litter in Australia. This is being achieved through advertising campaigns, in the media, speaking and stakeholder engagements as well as working alongside Keep Australia Beautiful to formulate ideas and plans which prevent littering. The ten member committee includes a Chairperson, ViceChair person and a representative from each State and Territory. Each member has unique qualities and backgrounds but they have one thing in common; they’re determined to put an end to adults littering.


The LITTLE Committee’s vision is to be Australia’s most valuable program for ideas, information and communication aimed at stopping adults from littering, both now and in the future.

Key Objectives

Amongst the many important objectives of The LITTLE Committee, members will: • Work as part of a like-minded team of experts to make decisions on campaign and advertising ideas to stop litter in Australia. • Advise & assist Keep Australia Beautiful in the ongoing fight against litter. • Have a positive influence on the behaviour of adults to help change Australians’ littering habits. • Represent kids under the age of 15 throughout Australia highlighting how good they are at not littering.


The LITTLE Committee was launched by mentor Natasha Stott Despoja and enjoys the highest profile presence in relation to environmental and litter committees nationally. On day one of The LITTLE Committees debit, they achieved: • 50 media interviews • 39 newspaper stories nationally • Media coverage in every State and Territory of Australia • Communications to 25% of all Australians • In addition to a successful debut, The LITTLE Committee has recently been granted public relations royalty when it was awarded a Gold Cleo Award and short listed for the Cannes Awards. The LITTLE Committee has become an important part of Keep Australia Beautiful’s community communication, awareness, grass roots and education programs.


National Litter Index


Keep Australia Beautiful provides the only national, annual benchmark of litter. The purpose of the National Litter Index is to provide insight regarding: • • • •

The presence of litter items at sites within broadly comparable regions. Estimated volumes of litter objects within the litter stream, based upon a volume-per-item model. The contribution of objects recognised within established main material types to the overall litter stream. The most significant contributors to the litter stream - the ‘Dirty Dozen’.

NLI counts are conducted in November and May each year, and following expansion to the ACT and Northern Territory now cover 983 sites. These sites are divided into eight site types: Beaches

Car Parks



Recreational Parks



Shopping Centres

The most littered sites were retail sites which contributed large numbers of litter items per 1,000m2, but they were associated with only moderate volumes of litter per 1,000m2. Industrial locations were associated with the largest litter volume per 1,000m2 and the second largest number of litter items per 1,000m2. While highway sites had a moderate number of litter items per 1,000m2, they contributed a significant proportion of the overall volume total. Cigarette butts were the most frequently identified item with 28 butts per 1,000m2 recorded in annual figures for 2011/12 (down from 29 butts in 2010/11 and also below all other previous litter counts). Only a very small proportion of the overall litter volume (0.003 litres per 1,000m2) however, was associated with cigarette butts.

The overall average number of items per 1,000m2 across all 983 sites surveyed in the 2011/12 National Litter Index was 58, while the overall average estimated volume per 1,000m2 was 6.24 litres. These figures represent a decrease to the number of items per 1,000m2 (61 items per 1,000m2) and to the volume of litter per 1,000m2 (6.49 litres per 1,000m2) in comparison to the findings for the year 2010/11. 8.

Keep Australia Beautiful Week 2011 Oceans and Waterways Keep Australia Beautiful Week is held during the last week of August, and is a time for all Australians to think about how they can contribute to the Keep Australia Beautiful mission of positive environmental change through individual actions. It is a chance to remind all Australians of the need to care for our local communities with an environmental spring clean. The week of activity has been strongly supported by celebrities, sports people and the media.


Keep Australia Beautiful Week ran from Monday 22 – Sunday 28 August in 2011 and focused on the effects litter has on our oceans and waterways, and the direct impact it has on the health and safety of marine wildlife. The results of the annual Keep Australia Beautiful National Litter Index were also launched as part of Keep Australia Beautiful Week. Hungry Jack’s is the Principal Sponsor of Keep Australia Beautiful Week. As part of their activities in 2011, marine themed tray liners were featured in restaurants nationally throughout August, whilst poster artwork and a template media release to generate some local media coverage, were also provided as part of the local restaurant information kits.

An engaging animated crab called Kevin with a powerful message about marine litter has helped his creator, Robbie Reid, pick up $1000 in Keep Australia Beautiful’s Trash My Ad 2011. The competition, which was open to people 25 years or under, challenges entrants to create either a 30-second anti-litter TV commercial or radio advertisement with an anti-littering message targeting their age group.

Success • • • •

80 percent said as a consequence of viewing and rating the ads they were more aware of litter issues 51 percent said they had changed their attitudes towards the effects littering has on the environment 72 percent said they were more inclined to dispose of their litter responsibly 74 percent said they had talked about litter issues to others 95 percent said that creating anti-litter ads was a good way to engage youth in discussing litter issues.

There were more than 50 creative entries in the competition this year, which is now in its third year.

The category winners of this year’s Trash My Ad competition are:

TrashMyAd 2011 was presented across Australia by Keep Australia Beautiful thanks to Keep Australia Beautiful WA, funded by the WA Department of Environment and Conservation and the Do the Right Thing program of the Packaging Stewardship Forum.

TV – 18-25yrs ($1000 prize) This is Kevin - Robbie Reid, Carine, WA TV – Secondary school ($1000 prize) Littering ‘Aint Cool - Alexie Ymer-Welsby, Greta Giovinazzo, David Meaney and Mairead O’Connor, Northcote, Victoria Radio – Secondary school ($500 prize) Reduce Rubbish - Sarah Hogan and Emily Rozic, Kellyville, NSW People’s Choice TV($250 prize) Feel It - Aaron Dowson, Floreat, WA People’s Choice Radio ($250 prize) Gill the Garbage Can- Jeremy Gorniak, Sandy Bay, Tasmania.



Awards Programs The Keep Australia Beautiful Sustainable Communities Awards consist of: • • •

Sustainable Cities which became a national program in 2007 Tidy Towns awards which has been running for 45 years in Australia Clean Beaches which included the west coast for the first time in 2008, but has been on hold since 2010, and will continue next financial year.

Sustainable Cities The City of Kogarah in NSW won the Keep Australia Beautiful Australian Sustainable Cities Awards for 2011. The announcement was made at the national awards ceremony hosted by the 2010 national winner, The City of Stirling in WA. The Award recognised Kogarah for its proactive and innovative approach to sustainability and successfully engaging individuals, community groups, businesses and schools in a wide range of environmental projects and initiatives. In addition to winning the overall title, Kogarah also picked up national awards for the Dame Phyllis Frost Litter Prevention and Heritage & Culture categories. Category



Overall Winner

Kogarah, NSW

Community Action & Partnerships

Winner - Ipswich, QLD Highly commended – Kogarah, NSW

‘Dame Phyllis Frost’ Litter Prevention

Winner - Kogarah, NSW Highly commended – Subiaco, WA

Do the Right Thing Program of the Packaging Stewardship Forum, Australian Food and Grocery Council

Resource Recovery & Waste Management

Winner - Charles Sturt, SA Highly commended - Ipswich, QLD

Visy Industries

Environmental Innovation & Protection

Winner - Yarra, VIC Highly commended – Charles Sturt, SA

Water Conservation

Winner - Subiaco, WA Highly commended – Kogarah, NSW

Heritage & Culture

Winner – Kogarah, NSW Highly commended – Yarra, VIC

Young Legends

Winner - Burnie, TAS Highly commended – Yarra, VIC

Energy Innovation

Winner - Sustainable Skills Training Hub, ACT Highly commended – Charles Sturt, SA


The Keep Australia Beautiful Australian Sustainable Cities Awards are sponsored by the Do The Right Thing program of the Australian Food and Grocery Council’s Packaging Stewardship Forum, Visy, and ToysRUs.


Tidy Towns The Queensland town of Caloundra on the Sunshine Coast was the Overall Winner of the Keep Australia Beautiful, Australian Tidy Towns Awards 2012. The announcement was made at the national awards ceremony and Vice Regal Reception hosted by the Governor-General Ms Quentin Bryce AC CVO at her Yarralumla residence in Canberra. As well as winning the overall Australian title, Caloundra won the Community Action & Partnerships and the ‘Dame Phyllis Frost’ Litter Prevention category awards. Category




Caloundra, QLD

Community Action & Partnerships

Caloundra, QLD

‘Dame Phyllis Frost’ Litter Prevention

Caloundra, QLD

‘Do the Right Thing’ Program of the Packaging Stewardship Forum, Australian Food and Grocery Council

Resource Recovery & Waste Management

Wynyard, TAS

‘Do the Right Thing’ Program of the Packaging Stewardship Forum, Australian Food and Grocery Council

Environmental Innovation & Protection

Mornington, VIC

Water Conservation

West Arthur, WA

Energy Innovation

Mount Gambier, SA

Heritage & Culture

Wugularr/Beswick, NT

Young Legends

Kyogle, NSW

The Australian Tidy Towns Awards are sponsored by the Do the Right Thing Program of the Australian Food and Grocery Council’s Packaging Stewardship Forum, and “in kind” Replas Pty Ltd.


Our Supporters Premier

Program Sponsors


How you can help Everyone in Australia can take part in Keep Australia Beautiful activities. We also appreciate help in fundraising for our cause and our programs. Keep Australia Beautiful National Association is a community based not for profit association able to enter into cause marketing partnerships with industry and with government. It is a deductible gift recipient able to issue tax deductible receipts for donations.

Volunteer Get involved in a community group and make a difference at a local level. Contact Keep Australia Beautiful National or a State Keep Australia Beautiful office to learn about local opportunities.

Donations Individuals and organisations can donate a lot or a little to Keep Australia Beautiful or to its projects. Donations can be made on line at kab.org.au/donate/ or by contacting the Keep Australia Beautiful National office.

Grants Keep Australia Beautiful and its member offices have expertise in litter prevention, community participation, environmental education and a range of other activities. Through its long running programs the Keep Australia Beautiful network has extensive local networks across Australia that includes community, school and local government participants. The Keep Australia Beautiful network is an ideal delivery network for grants that address local sustainability issues. So keep an eye on our website to apply for a grant, or contact us to run one.

Sponsorships and Promotions Keep Australia Beautiful has high profile and high participation programs that involve key issues such as litter, recycling, water conservation, energy conservation and the sustainability of local communities. Our programs offer year round activities for customers and staff our awards events attract a national audience of government ministers, mayors and community volunteers. Keep Australia Beautiful is an ideal partner for government or corporate entities seeking to take their environmental message to a broad audience for example Hungry Jack’s is a long-time partner with its ‘Bag it and Bin it’ litter reduction message. Most importantly Keep Australia Beautiful can tailor a partnership to your needs to ensure your business sees rewards.


Cause Marketing Relevant products or services can harness the power of the Keep Australia Beautiful logo by displaying the ‘green ribbon’ logo and donating a percentage of each sale. Contact Keep Australia Beautiful to enquire how.

Keep Australia Beautiful National Association Board at end 2011/2012 Name


Role with KABNA

Don Chambers

Construction, Retail, Local Government


Val Southam

Waste Management Industry

Senior Vice Chair (NSW)

Kirsty Richards

KABV Inc Board Member

Junior Vice Chair (VIC)

Carol Lymbery

Management Consultant to the Not for Profit sector


Ashley Watson

Partner, Piper Alderman Lawyers

Board Member (SA)

Ken Stewart

Retired banker. Board Member of aged care facility

Board Member (TAS)

Gary Swanson

Northern Territory Public Service, Not for Profit sector

Board Member (NT)

Mel Hay APM

Retired Assistant Commissioner of WA Police

Board Member (WA)

Brian Cohalan

Transport and logistics industry

Board Member (QLD)

The LITTLE Committee at end 2011/2012 Name

Role with The LITTLE Committee

Mia Vissenjoux, age 12

Chairperson (VIC)

Timothy Whelan, age 12

Vice Chairperson (NSW)

Serena Barton, age 10

Representative NT

Holly Drake-Brockman, age 12

Representative SA

Lachlan Moir, age 9

Representative WA

Charlie Roache, age 10

Representative VIC

Georgia Taylor, age 11

Representative QLD

Elliot Thorp, age 12

Representative TAS

Patrick Walker, 12

Representative ACT

Amelia Warde, age 10

Representative for NSW

Keep Australia Beautiful Network State and Territory CEO's National - Peter McLean NSW - Bernie Murphy VIC- Leigh Bernoth QLD - Rick Burnett WA - Jennie Anderton SA - John Phillips OAM TAS - Geoff Marsh NT - Heimo Schober

National Office staff National Executive Officer - Scott Lyall (July 2011- Feb 2012) National Executive Officer - Peter McLean (Feb 2012 - Jun 2012) Programs and Administration Manager - Bianca Bateman National Publicist - Lara Shannon National Judge - Dick Olesinski Support Officer - Charlotte White







Contact Keep Australia Beautiful National Association 1/83 Marion Street, Harris Park 2150 NSW 02 9633 1943 kab.org.au Keep Australia Beautiful New South Wales 1/83 Marion Street, Harris Park, NSW 2150 02 9633 3380 kabnsw.org.au Keep Australia Beautiful Victoria, a part of Sustainability Victoria Level 28, 50 Lonsdale St, Melbourne VIC 3000 03 8626 8700 sustainability.vic.gov.au Keep Australia Beautiful Queensland 11 Buchanan Street, West End, South Brisbane, Queensland 4101 07 3252 2886 keepaustraliabeautifulqueensland.org.au Keep Australia Beautiful Council 104 Bentley DC WA 6983 08 6467 5130 kabc.wa.gov.au KESAB environmental solutions (Keep South Australia Beautiful) 214 Grange Road, Flinders Park SA 5025 08 8234 7255 kesab.asn.au Keep Australia Beautiful Tasmania 51 Salamanca Place, Hobart, TAS 7000 0407 243 693, 0418 314 080 kabtas.com Keep Australia Beautiful Australian Capital Territory 1/83 Marion Street, Harris Park 2150 NSW 02 9633 1943 kab.org.au Keep Australia Beautiful Council Northern Territory 7&11/5 Westralia Street, Stuart Park NT 0820 08 8981 5535 kabcnt.org.au

Keep Australia Beautiful National Association A not for profit association registered in the ACT. ABN 35743600611 A deductible gift recipient able to receive tax deductible donations. Coordinator of the KAB Network of independent state and territory offices.

Profile for Keep Australia Beautiful

Keep Australia Beautiful Annual Report 1112  

The 2011-2012 Annual Report for Keep Australia Beautiful National Association.

Keep Australia Beautiful Annual Report 1112  

The 2011-2012 Annual Report for Keep Australia Beautiful National Association.