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2017 Keep America Beautiful National Awards Recipients LEADERSHIP AWARD

The Sue Smith Professional Leadership Award Susan F. Carmichael Montgomery Clean City Commission Montgomery, Alabama The Montgomery Clean City Commission (MCCC) has grown from a small community action group into a thriving intergovernmental agency during Susan Carmichael’s four decades of service. Susan, who retired at the end of 2017, will continue serving her community with her appointment to the MCCC board of directors by Montgomery Mayor Todd Strange. Susan’s involvement in improving Montgomery’s recycling infrastructure included designing curbside recycling and e-cycling programs. She was also instrumental in starting the Councilman District Cleanups and the TSTYPEVEXYVHE]8VEWL)VST4Ǻ5VSKVEQ4RXLI FIEYXMǻGEXMSRJVSRXYWERMWVIWTSRWMFPIJSVXLI&ZIRYI of Oaks, a picturesque gateway into the city, and has [SVOIHGPSWIP][MXLXLIGMX]ƶWǻVWXYVFERJSVIWXIVXS develop the Capitol City Legacy Tree Program. Another major achievement is her development of the City Litter Initiative as well as her vital leadership in improving the appearance of neighborhoods along the Voting Rights Trail, prior to the commemoration of its 50th anniversary in 2015. Susan helped establish the City’s North Precinct Service Providers Alliance, formed to address crime and blight. She has also served on the City's Neighborhood Response Team, working alongside TSPMGIERHTYFPMG[SVOWSǽGMEPWXSEHHVIWWGLEPPIRKMRK quality of life issues. Susan has gained the respect of community leaders from all walks of life because of her commitment and passion for providing a clean and beautiful Montgomery.


Great American Cleanup Award Keep Lewisville Beautiful Lewisville, Texas 'IEYXMǻGEXMSRERHGSQQYRMX]MQTVSZIQIRXEVIEXXLI forefront of Keep Lewisville Beautiful’s (KLB) mission. Through a variety of programs focused on litter abatement, behavioral change and environmental 7

education, KLB, the City of Lewisville and hundreds of their volunteers help make Lewisville a wonderful place to live, work and play. KLB has removed over 30 tons of trash annually and, since 2012, it has helped to seed more than 400 pounds of Texas Native ;MPHǼS[IVIIHWXSMRGVIEWITSPPMREXSVLEFMXEXMR XLI1I[MWZMPPIEVIE8LIEǽPMEXILEWTPERXIHTPYW EGVIWSJ[MPHǼS[IVWTEGIWMRZEVMSYWPSGEXMSRWXLEX include: Lewisville Lake Park, Lewisville Independent School District Outdoor Learning Area, Lewisville Lake Environmental Learning Area, and Toyota of Lewisville Railroad Park. In addition to these public spaces, KLB also hands out 500 to 1,000 Texas Bluebonnet and 8I\EW;MPHǼS[IVWIIHTEGOIXWE]IEVEXZSPYRXIIV IZIRXWWSTEVXMGMTERXWGERTPERX[MPHǼS[IVWMRXLIMV own gardens. KLB is currently working with the City to IWXEFPMWLJYVXLIVFIEYXMǻGEXMSRTVSKVEQW

Cigarette Litter Prevention Program Award Keep Golden Isles Beautiful Brunswick, Georgia As coastal communities bordering the Atlantic Ocean, Georgia’s Brunswick and Glynn counties possess a thriving estuarine/beach ecology and marine environment. Realizing both land and sea is EHZIVWIP]EǺIGXIHPSGEPP]F]GMKEVIXXI[EWXI0IIT Golden Isles Beautiful has utilized a fourth Cigarette Litter Prevention Program (CLPP) grant to continue a community-wide comprehensive cigarette litter prevention initiative. The community partners, which include the University of Georgia Marine Extension Service, Georgia Sea Grant, City of Brunswick, Glynn County, Golden Isles Convention & Visitors Bureau and others used funding to place 25 ash receptacles in community public parks. The program also allowed XLIEǽPMEXIXS[SVO[MXLPSGEPVIWXEYVERXERHFEV owners to include CLPP messaging on 7,000 drink coasters to reach a targeted audience of smokers.

America Recycles Day Award Keep Pasco Beautiful Spring Hill, Florida Keep Pasco Beautiful (KPB) was seeking an innovative way to promote waste reduction as well as recycling as part of America Recycles Day (ARD). The end result was the development of a unique, new annual event – the Pasco Upcycle Festival. The purpose of the festival is to change peoples’ perceptions about waste by turning salvageable materials into works of art. Pasco Upcycle Festival vendors created art pieces ranging from roosters made from golf cart tires, drums made from propane tanks, bracelets made from spoons, bird 8

houses made from license plates, and much more. There was a “make-and-take” area where children could create their own upcycled crafts. Yard signs with waste reduction facts, such as how many straws are used in Pasco County every year, were used to educate participants and a clever hashtag – #Love2Upcycle – was used to promote the festival. The Pasco Upcycle Festival, which attracted 3,300 festival-goers and 85 vendors in its initial year, has had a large impact in the New Port Richey and surrounding areas.

YOUTH & EDUCATION AWARDS San Saba Independent School District San Saba, Texas Education Institution – School District In 2016, the San Saba Independent School District (SSISD) created a new local project called “Armadillos Get Involved – We Rise by Lifting Others.” The project [EWEGSPPEFSVEXMZIIǺSVXPIHF]1IMKL&RR,PE^IEQSRK XLIWGLSSPHMWXVMGXWXEǺQIQFIVWWXYHIRXWGMX] employees, and civic group members to improve their community on Columbus Day. Over a year of planning went into ensuring the experience would be valuable for participating youth. Projects included planting and GPIERMRKǼS[IVFIHWVIJYVFMWLMRKTMGRMGXEFPIWERH other park equipment, painting fences and parking lot lines, and cleaning up the community. The inaugural event had 925 volunteers, 745 of which were students. As the “Armadillos Get Involved” project evolved, it impacted the level of civic pride not only with SSISD students, but with the entire San Saba community. Saint Cyprian’s Episcopal School Lufkin, Texas Education Institution - K-8 School As members of the Angelina Beautiful Clean's Green Schools program, St. Cyprian’s Pre-K through 8th grade students served as a pilot school for Keep America Beautiful Youth Initiatives. During this pilot, 2nd and 3rd graders conducted a Waste Audit to take a snapshot of waste within the school and used ǻRHMRKWXSHIZIPSTEVSFYWXVIG]GPMRKTVSKVEQ[MXL weekly audits. The 5th grade students completed the Litter Free Places program to identify sources of litter on campus and use interventions as well as an awareness campaign to reduce it. The students realized a 21 percent reduction in campus litter. In EHHMXMSRXLIXLKVEHIVWGSQTPIXIHXLIǻVWXWIGXMSR of the Trashless Tree Trails program and cataloged the trees on campus. Saint Cyprian’s Episcopal School demonstrates how to put ideas into action and share what they’ve learned with the community.


Keep Tampa Bay Beautiful YAC Tampa, Florida ¼ŇƣƒĚĆ?:ŚŇƣŤĆ?Ä?Ć?kĂ˝Ä?¹ġŤƣŞĆ? For over 25 years, Keep Tampa Bay Beautiful (KTBB) LEWSÇşIVIHXLISTTSVXYRMX]JSVWXYHIRXWXSTEVXMGMTEXI in its Youth Ambassador Program. This youth group allows students to share current environmental issues, opportunities, and practices with its peers in hopes of strengthening its future community stewards. .RXLIEÇ˝PMEXIĆśW=SYXL&HZMWSV](SYRGMPLIPH various events focused on ending littering, improving recycling, and beautifying their community which culminated with an Earth Day event to educate the public on environmental issues and plant trees. The Youth Advisory Council members used each event as an opportunity to raise awareness over social media and engage their peers in understanding the importance of the work they were doing. In total, the EÇ˝PMEXIĆśWQIQFIVWWIGYVIHSZIVZSPYRXIIVW who accumulated nearly 2,100 hours, removed 11,321 pounds of waste, and planted 64 trees. Brenda Townsend Grand Prairie, Texas Educator Brenda Townsend is celebrating her 27th year as ERIHYGEXSV+SVXLITEWXÇťZI]IEVWWLILEWFIIR the Program Coordinator at the Natural Science and Education Center (NSEC), a collaboration with a local park and the Grand Prairie Independent School District. Brenda designs and coordinates lessons for all 14,500 Pre-K through 5th grade students and facilitates training for the teachers throughout the school district. The teachers being trained by Brenda to deliver environmental lessons are learning alongside their students. In addition to instilling positive values for educators and students alike, Brenda has partnered with the local horticulture organization to adopt a large vegetable bed, led trail maintenance with over 50 volunteers, provided career training for older youth within the community, and WGLIHYPIHSZIVWXYHIRXÇťIPHXVMTWXSXLIPSGEP Audubon Centers. Brenda has had a profound impact on her local community and is instrumental in inspiring the next generation of community stewards. Steven D. Sherrill, Sr. Jacksonville, Florida Educator As a Marine and Advanced Placement Environmental Science teacher, Steven D. Sherrill instituted a GreenState Environmental Club at Sandalwood High School in Jacksonville. As a result of Steve's leadership, this organization championed environmental education and stewardship through youth service and outreach. While partnering with 10

local organizations, such as Keep Jacksonville Beautiful, the club engaged more than 200 students, completed 45 service events, and accumulated more than 3,200 hours of community service. The club’s on-campus activities include planting more XLERXVIIWERHǼS[IVFIHKEVHIRW4ǺGEQTYW GPYFQIQFIVWLEZIEWWMWXIH[MXLFIEYXMǻGEXMSR projects at several local schools and conducted trail maintenance at state parks. Steve and the Green State Club are continuously recognized for their work. In 2016, GreenState was named a Florida Green Schools Award recipient. Steve has demonstrated that with the leadership of a passionate individual, future community stewards can be nurtured and sustainable community improvement changes can be made on ERHSǺWGLSSPGEQTYWIW Alex Rosenzweig Gainesville, Florida Youth Leader - Under 25 Alex Rosenzweig has a passion for recycling and FIEYXMǻGEXMSR)IWTMXIFIMRKHMEKRSWIH[MXLGIVIFVEP palsy, Alex is dedicated to keeping Alachua County, Florida, clean, green and beautiful. In his free time, Alex sorts through the recycling receptacles at his apartment complex, separating paper from commingled containers and removing contaminants. By being on the front lines of recycling, he has developed close relationships with many of the workers of local waste and recycling haulers and is knowledgeable about most of the trucks in Gainesville, including their routes and arrival and departure times. As a powerful role model for the neuro-diverse, University of Florida and Alachua County communities, Alex spends about 500 hours a year collecting trash and servicing recycling containers.


Young Professional Award Tim Hair Midland, Texas Landscape architect Tim Hair was looking to get involved in his new community when he and his wife moved to Midland in 2013. A lover of trees and inspired to make Midland a greener, more beautiful community, he joined the Keep Midland Beautiful TreeKeepers. In little time, Tim became chairman of the group and has been chairman ever since. Soon into his tenure, he helped to create a program in which


TreeKeepers volunteers, City of Midland employees ERH0IIT2MHPERH'IEYXMJYP 02'WXEÇşTEVXRIV[MXL a local school to plant trees in a neighborhood park near the school. TreeKeepers has also partnered with local organizations and businesses to identify suitable locations for additional tree plantings while adhering to guidelines (e.g. irrigation, tree-size standards) to ensure the long-term viability of the trees. Tim also spearheaded the “Tree Guide for the Permian Basinâ€? project with the goal of changing the purchasing behavior of consumers to get more appropriate trees JSVXLIVIKMSRTPERXIHEW[IPPEWXSEÇşIGXXLIMRZIRXSV] selections being made by local nurseries. Tim was recently voted unanimously to be the KMB board vice GLEMVQERHYVMRKXLMWGYVVIRXÇťWGEP]IEVERH[MPPFI chairman of the board for the 2018-2019 year.


)ÄšĆ´ÄœĹłĹ…ÄšÄľĂĽÄšĆ‹ÂąÄŹkĂžĂ?ĂĽĹł Todd Ottinger Fayetteville, Pennsylvania Edward Ottinger (Todd) is a Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR) Ranger at the Michaux State Forest District #1. The DCNR Rangers are responsible for interpreting rules, regulations, laws, and policies that cover 2.2 million acres of state maintained forest lands. Todd, working with Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful (KPB), learned how to use DCNR surveillance cameras and, in a few short months, he and other DCNR Rangers garnered more than 40 prosecutions. Todd has been requested by local RSRTVSÇťXJSYRHEXMSR5&5EVOWERH+SVIWXXSEHZMWISR approximate reparations for crimes committed on state forest land to allow for appropriate restitution when community service is not approved. This educational tool is currently in use by PA Parks and Forests as well as KPB. Todd also works alongside volunteers and youth groups to clean up roadside litter and large-scale dumping in state forests as part of the Great American Cleanup. Additionally, Todd worked with local District Justices to use community service as retribution for illegal activities committed against Pennsylvania’s natural resources. As a result of the many prosecutions from Todd’s dedicated work, KPB recognized Todd for an “Enforce It!â€? award in early 2017.


Constable Richard E. Moore St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana Richard (Rick) Moore has been a strong proponent for a clean and litter-free Louisiana for 20 years. After a long GEVIIV[MXLXLIX8EQQER]5EVMWLLIVVMǺƶW4ǽGI7MGO was elected to his constable position and hired by the St. Tammany Parish Department of Environmental Services. In this dual role, he was able to bring local Justices of the Peace and Constables together to organize a parishwide litter court to combat litter and illegal signage, and XSIEWIXLITVSGIWWSJTIREPM^MRKPMXXIVSǺIRHIVW4ZIV the past two years, Rick, Keep Louisiana Beautiful, the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, the Environmental Protection Agency, and the Department of Environmental 6YEPMX]MRENSMRXIǺSVXXSMQTVSZIXLIIRJSVGIQIRXSJ litter laws, conducted seven Litter Law Enforcement Workshops. What Rick created has become a model program for all of Louisiana. He now travels around the state to help other parishes set up litter courts. He also decided that St. Tammany Parish needed to become a 0IIT&QIVMGE'IEYXMJYPEǽPMEXIERHKEVRIVIHXLIPSGEP support needed to achieve this goal. He now serves as XLI)MVIGXSVSJXLIRI[P]JSVQIHEǽPMEXI


Bill Nash Award Keep Canton Beautiful Canton, Mississippi 0IIT(ERXSR'IEYXMJYP 0('GIVXMǻIHEWE0IIT &QIVMGE'IEYXMJYPEǽPMEXIMR)IGWIVZIWEXS[R of 13,750 people and has made great progress in its TVIPMQMREV]]IEVSJ0IIT&QIVMGE'IEYXMJYPEǽPMEXMSR At present, volunteer-driven KCB operates solely JVSQHSREXMSRW[LMGLEVIYWIHJSVMXWFIEYXMǻGEXMSR initiatives. This includes, but is not limited to: organizing citywide trash pickup days, partnering with building owners to complete facade improvements, educating local youth, and working with city and county leaders to monitor the enforcement of local ordinances. While nearly 100 percent of the buildings in Canton’s town square are on The National Registry of Historic Places, there is still community blight that KCB is seeking XSVIQIH];MXLXLEXMRQMRH0('ƶWǻVWXIZIRXEWER EǽPMEXI[EWXLIƸ7MGLIWMRXLI)MXGLIWƹHYVMRK[LMGLXLI community collected over 250 bags of trash from roads and ditches! KCB also helped restore a highly visible historic gas station, which inspired other surrounding FYWMRIWWIWXSǻ\YTXLIMVFYMPHMRKWEW[IPP&WE HIQSRWXVEXMSRSJMXWIǽGEG]0('LEHEGSWXFIRIǻX VEXMSSJMRMXWǻVWX]IEVSJI\MWXIRGI 13


Under 30,000 Keep San Saba Beautiful San Saba, Texas (See description on page 18.)

30,001 - 100,000 Keep Smyrna Beautiful, Inc. Smyrna, Georgia (See description on page 21.)

100,001 - 250,000 Keep Lewisville Beautiful Lewisville, Texas (See description on page 17.)

250,001 & above Keep Fort Worth Beautiful Fort Worth, Texas (See description on page 15.)

Award of Excellence

ŦþĮбƒåžƐžÏŇŹĞĻďƐŁǑƐŇŹƐ±ÆŇƽåƐŇĻƐƒĚåƐƞǑŐƆƐ±ŤŤĮĞϱƒĞŇĻũŧ Keep Albany-Dougherty Beautiful Albany, Georgia Keep Albany-Dougherty Beautiful’s (KADB) mission is to educate and challenge its citizens to take greater responsibility for protecting and enhancing its community environment. KADB is a partner in the city’s new Fight Albany Blight (FAB) Initiative. The program targets blighted areas and focuses on the removal of dilapidated structures, litter, and vegetation overgrowth. Community members have recognized that the visual appearance of a community has a direct impact on community pride and economic development. KADB LEWEPWSFIIREGXMZIP]MRZSPZIHMRFIEYXMǻGEXMSR initiatives, assembling a team for a "Root Ball Roundup" project to remove root balls from properties following natural disasters. At the conclusion of the project, 405 households requested assistance and a total of 611 root balls were brought curbside for proper disposal. The projects that KADB engage in promote responsible waste handling practices through citizen involvement. 14

Keep Charlotte Beautiful, Inc. Port Charlotte, Florida Keep Charlotte Beautiful (KCB) works with the Solid Waste Department to inspire and educate people to take action every day to improve and beautify Charlotte County. To proactively address litter prevention across the county, KCB partners with Charlotte County Public Works Department to expand its successful Adopt-ARoad program as well as Adopt-A-Shore and Adopt-ACemetery programs. KCB also organized an E-Cycling event after observing that there was a spike in calls to pick up e-waste after Black Friday. Nearly 200 residents utilized this event to properly dispose of nearly 13,000 pounds of e-waste. This year, 4,680 KCB volunteers gave 14,730 hours (valued at more than $350,000 in volunteer service time) to improve its community. As KCB continues to grow through an expansion of its volunteer network, the community is becoming a cleaner, greener, and more beautiful place to live. Keep Cobb Beautiful Marietta, Georgia Keep Cobb Beautiful (KCB) promotes stewardship of its GSQQYRMXMIWXLVSYKLPMXXIVTVIZIRXMSRFIEYXMǻGEXMSR recycling and environmental education. KCB serves a population of approximately 750,000 residents in the cities of Acworth, Austell and Powder Springs. Executive Director Kimberly White was asked to join a Litter Patrol Committee that Cobb County government recently MQTPIQIRXIH(SQQYRMX]FIEYXMǻGEXMSRMWZMXEPXS KCB’s mission. Through programs such as Dig'n the Dirt Learning Gardens and Cobb Trees School Program, KCB LEWTVSZMHIHTPERXWJSVFYXXIVǼ]KEVHIRW&HHMXMSREPP] through partnering with the National Park Service and Randstad, KCB has replaced 110 trees lost during a previous dry season. KCB increased its recycling rate by 300 percent over the past year by communicating with MXWVIWMHIRXWERHSǺIVMRKRIGIWWEV]WIVZMGIWERHIZIRXW Keep Fort Worth Beautiful Fort Worth, Texas Keep Fort Worth Beautiful’s (KFWB) mission is to educate and engage Fort Worth residents and businesses to take responsibility for improving its community environment through education, ordinances, and community involvement. Successful litter prevention programs that KFWB implemented included Litter-Free Lots, during which owners/ managers of businesses in chronically littered areas cleaned litter on their property daily. KFWB also works extensively to beautify its community and, in 2016, received a Tree City USA Growth Award. This award honors a recipient for demonstrating environmental improvement and a higher level of tree care. This EǽPMEXILEWEPWSPEYRGLIHWIZIVEPRSXEFPIVIG]GPMRK projects, including the Fort Worth Garbage and Recycle App. Over 30,000 subscribers use the Waste Wizard 15

feature, which can be used to inquire about where any household item can be recycled. KFWB is the HVMZMRKJSVGIFILMRHGSYRXPIWWFIEYXMǻGEXMSRERHPMXXIV EFEXIQIRXIǺSVXWVIWTSRWMFPIJSVQEOMRK+SVX;SVXLE cleaner, greener, and more beautiful community. Keep Indian River Beautiful Vero Beach, Florida Keep Indian River Beautiful (KIRB) is dedicated XSVIHYGMRK[EWXIMRMXWPERHǻPP8LMWSVKERM^EXMSR prioritizes recycling education and waste reduction IǺSVXW.XWQMWWMSRMWXSIQTS[IVMRHMZMHYEPWXSXEOI greater responsibility for community environments by MRZSPZMRKZSPYRXIIVWMRPMXXIVTVIZIRXMSRFIEYXMǻGEXMSR recycling and conservation education. KIRB promoted MXWFIEYXMǻGEXMSRIǺSVXF]VIGIRXP]TPERXMRKREXMZI trees in small community parks and tracking them with i-Tree software. This act opened the door for new partnerships and projects with Coastal Engineering, Stormwater Division and the Parks Department. KIRB was founded with a focus on waste reduction, and TIVLETWXLMWEǽPMEXIƶWQSWXWYGGIWWJYPMRMXMEXMZIMWXLI Reuse Exchange Center. This thrift store at the Indian River Mall sells items that can be reused or remade by Upcycling and sells Upcycled Art on consignment from local artists. This year, KIRB diverted over 7,500 pounds of waste through the Reuse Exchange Center. By leveraging resources, recruiting new volunteers ERHGVIEXMRKRI[TEVXRIVWLMTWXLMWEǽPMEXILEWQEHI a long-lasting impact on the community and built the foundation for sustainable growth in the future. Keep Indianapolis Beautiful, Inc. Indianapolis, Indiana Keep Indianapolis Beautiful, Inc. (KIB) began in 1976 as the Indianapolis Clean City Committee, whose goal was to bring residents together and combat Indy’s image as raw, dirty, and unkempt. KIB now completes nearly 900 community projects annually with tens of thousands of volunteers. KIB’s mission is to engage diverse communities to create vibrant public places, helping people and nature thrive. KIB organizes annual large-scale cleanups in two focus neighborhoods. Altogether, as of August 2017, KIB completed 227 cleanups with 5,338 volunteers, collecting 1.5 million pounds of trash. KIB also participated in a campaign known as “It’s My City,” led by the City of Indianapolis, KIB, and Eli Lilly and Company. This campaign has a three-year timeline, and involves volunteers in picking up litter and creating 36 miles of chalk drawings promoting civic pride and delivering antilitter messages. KIB also involves youth in initiatives such as its Youth Tree Team, a group responsible for watering, pruning, and otherwise caring for thousands of newly planted trees. KIB engages thousands of volunteers, and is a leading partner in initiatives that FVMRKXSKIXLIVRSRTVSǻXWKSZIVRQIRXRIMKLFSVLSSH 16

groups, businesses, churches, and individuals who want to make Indianapolis a great place to live. Keep Lewisville Beautiful Lewisville, Texas Keep Lewisville Beautiful’s (KLB) mission – to engage the citizens of Lewisville through service and education in enhancing its community environment – is carried SYXXLVSYKLMXWIÇşSVXWMRPMXXIVTVIZIRXMSRFIEYXMÇťGEXMSR recycling, and waste reduction. To address pedestrian and motorist litter, KLB works with the City of Lewisville to utilize “no litteringâ€? signs on Adopt-A-Spot medians. Additionally, at KLB’s Texas Waterway Cleanup, more than 500 KLB volunteers spent more than 2,000 hours removing 6.6 tons of trash from local waterways. The City of Lewisville continues to encourage recycling through the installation of recycling containers next to every trash bin in all of Lewisville’s public parks and sports complexes. KLB also hosts a Christmas tree recycling program that helped to recycle 825 trees into free mulch for citizens. Altogether, KLB has helped to engage more than 4,600 volunteers who have given nearly 9,000 volunteer hours. Its various litter abatement and FIEYXMÇťGEXMSRTVSNIGXWLEZILIPTIHVIQSZIXSRWSJ trash and debris from the community. Keep Liberty Beautiful Midway, Georgia Keep Liberty Beautiful (KLB) aims to inspire community leaders, civic and business leaders, and local citizens to create a vibrant community that is attractive, clean and green. As a coastal community, KLB utilizes educational materials to aid in its primary focus on litter prevention. KLB’s annual Earth Day Celebration is its largest educational awareness event with an attendance of over 1,000 people. Eleven of the 63 Earth Day educational games, crafts and displays focus on litter and storm water pollution prevention. KLB continues to encourage and implement FIEYXMÇťGEXMSRMRMXMEXMZIWEGVSWWXLIGSQQYRMX] XLVSYKLJSWXIVMRKTEVXRIVWLMTW[MXLÇťZI]SYXLKVSYTW three agencies/organizations, two schools, two parks, X[SRIMKLFSVLSSHWERHXLVIIHMÇşIVIRXQYRMGMTEPMXMIW Together, this strong network constructed 10 community gardens and 10 fruit tree community orchards, and planted 284 plants and 36 trees. KLB’s partnership and programs are positively impacting the community and overall environment. Keep Norfolk Beautiful cĹ‡ĹšĂźĹ‡ÄŽÄŤĂ˜Ć?šĞŚÄ?Ğĝй The mission of Keep Norfolk Beautiful (KNB) is to lead citizens toward environmental stewardship. This statement is woven into each program and is the guiding principal for all partnerships and outreach IÇşSVXW03'TEVXRIVW[MXLPSGEPGSQQYRMX]PIEHIVW 17

school groups, civic leagues, and other departments to encourage litter prevention and increase recycling education. To aid in the education of coastal resilience ERHFVMRKE[EVIRIWWXSXLIFIRIǻGMEPMQTEGXWSJ REXMZITPERXMRKW03'[SVOWGPSWIP][MXLXLIRSRTVSǻX Lafayette Wetlands Partnership and Norfolk’s Master Gardeners. KNB aids citizens by implementing GSQQYRMX]FIEYXMǻGEXMSRTVSNIGXWXLEXEPWSWIVZIXS VIHYGIǼSSHMRKMQTEGXWERHWXSVQ[EXIVTSPPYXMSR Through a KNB-led marketing and education campaign, and using new GPS technology, Norfolk diverted 11,075 tons of recyclables or nearly 53 tons per day. KNB now coordinates oyster shell recycling from JSYVHMǺIVIRXPSGEXMSRW03'ƶWVSFYWXTVSKVEQQMRKEMQW to reduce and prevent litter, encourage recycling and waste reduction, and beautify its city by planting trees, WLVYFWǼS[IVWERHFYWLIW Keep Pinellas Beautiful, Inc. St. Petersburg, Florida Keep Pinellas Beautiful’s mission is to conserve and beautify the natural environment by means of community engagement and education. This is accomplished through its work in four focal areas; litter prevention (marine and terrestrial), consumerbased waste reduction, environmental conservation, ERHFIEYXMǻGEXMSRMRGI/YP]MXLEW[SVOIH[MXL over 12,000 volunteers during nearly 1,600 events, educating over 58,650 members of its community. 05'ƶWIǺSVXWLEZIVIGSZIVIHERHVIQSZIHRIEVP] 650,000 pounds of trash, 5,100 pounds of recycling, and nearly 73,000 pounds of invasive species. Development of its Garden initiative within the Pinellas County School System has introduced Florida-friendly pollinator landscaping into various school campuses and curricula. Additionally, KPB developed a monthly invasive species removal and habitat restoration program where it engaged 370 volunteers and removed nearly 73,000 pounds during this inaugural ]IEV8LMWEǽPMEXILEWEPWSMRGVIEWIHVIG]GPMRKIǺSVXW through its recent partnership with TerraCycle. Since 2015, KPB has seen an evident increase in adoption TVSKVEQWGSQQYRMX]GPIERYTWFIEYXMǻGEXMSRTVSNIGXW education outreach programs, and its litter hotline, demonstrating that KPB’s message and mission are taking root across Pinellas County communities. Keep San Saba Beautiful San Saba, Texas Keep San Saba Beautiful Commission’s (KSSB) mission – to educate and engage citizens to take responsibility for improving their community environment – is JYPǻPPIHXLVSYKLIRGSYVEKMRKGSQQYRMX]MRZSPZIQIRX and engaging youth from San Saba Independent School District (SSISD). Litter prevention is at the core of KSSB, and is carried out through initiatives, 18

such as “Waste In Place,” and the Great American (PIERYTƸ)SRƶX2IWW;MXL8I\EWƹ8VEWL4ǺIZIRXW To proactively address litter, KSSB focuses on its City Code Enforcement and has seen a 70 percent drop in citations as a result of its ordinance education program. It has also launched several notable VIG]GPMRKTVSNIGXWERHFIGEQIXLIǻVWXGMX]MRXLI (IRXVEP8I\EW(SYRGMPSJ,SZIVRQIRXWXSSǺIV]IEV round electronics recycling. KSSB continues to pursue creating communities that are cleaner, greener, and more beautiful places to live.

Sustained Excellence Award ŠœĜĹĹåųŸŅüƋĘå„ƚŸƋ±ĜĹåÚ)ƻÏåĬĬåĹÏåeƵ±ųÚƵŅűŠeþĬĜ±ƋåeƵ±ųÚĜĹƖLjŎñĹÚƖLjŎƅرĹÚŸÏŅųåÚ±ĿLjŅų ±ÆŅƴåŅĹƋĘĜŸƼå±ųŲŸģƚÚčĜĹčţš Keep Cincinnati Beautiful Cincinnati, Ohio Keep Cincinnati Beautiful has been a resource for neighborhoods in Cincinnati for almost 40 years. The population of Cincinnati is diverse and growing and KCB’s grassroots network of neighbors, sponsors and volunteers put passion to work across all 52 neighborhoods, creating safer, cleaner spaces and a higher quality of life for all Cincinnatians. The majority SJ0('ƶWIǺSVXWJEPP[MXLMRXLVIIQENSVTVSKVEQWXLI Great American Cleanup, Environmental Education, and Urban Revitalization. Outside of these three programs, KCB coordinates many events, initiatives, and special projects in response to the ever-changing needs of the region. The programs address issues of FPMKLXPMXXIVKVEǽXMMPPIKEPHYQTMRKZEGERXPSXW[EWXI reduction, greenspace management, and environmental sustainability. During the 2016-2017 year, KCB hosted or supported over 1,000 cleanup events and coordinated XLIIǺSVXWSJEPQSWXZSPYRXIIVW[LSTYXMRSZIV 40,000 hours of work in their communities, equating to over $1 million in sweat equity. KCB has educated over WXYHIRXW[MXLMXWIHYGEXMSRTVSKVEQWMRERIǺSVX to develop a new generation of environmental stewards who will ensure the sustainability of local cleanup and FIEYXMǻGEXMSRIǺSVXW Keep Irving Beautiful Irving, Texas The City of Irving’s mission is to deliver exceptional services and promote a high quality of life for residents, visitors and businesses – with the goal of making the community a better place to live, work, play or visit. Keep Irving Beautiful helps support this by engaging citizens to take responsibility for their environment in the three focus areas: Litter Prevention – through large- and small-scale cleanups, an active Adopt-a-Spot Program, a litter hotline, and anti-litter 19

PE[W 'IEYXMǻGEXMSRƳXLVSYKLXVIITPERXMRKWERH paint projects that revitalize parks and playgrounds; and Recycling – through the Green Events Program. Education is at the heart of all these activities, as environmental stewardship continues to become an increasingly important part of the daily lives of Irving residents. The City of Irving provides its residents weekly curbside recycling using single-stream blue bags, diverting more than 9,100 tons of recyclable material last year. Keep Kingsport Beautiful Kingsport, Tennessee For 37 years, Keep Kingsport Beautiful (KKB) has continued to build on the program’s mission with enthusiastic participation by volunteers and sponsors. With the energy and dedication demonstrated by these individuals and businesses, KKB events have produced remarkable results. Kingsport has a long history of volunteerism, which is evident through the KKB program. KKB works hard to promote environmental improvements and seeks solid waste solutions achieved through community projects/events. KKB and the City of Kingsport started curbside recycling in 1991. The City continues to provide pickup of the recyclables, going single-stream recycling in 2012. Keep Kingsport Beautiful credits its 37 successful years to the volunteers, sponsors and partners involved in the program’s growth. As industry and environmental issues change, so does the focus of KKB. KKB continues to grow and will continue to provide innovative ways to protect and maintain the environment, involving the community, city government, businesses and industry, along with volunteers. Keep Lake Jackson Beautiful Lake Jackson, Texas Lake Jackson, the “City of Enchantment,” known for its tree-lined, winding streets, was created as a home to employees of Dow Chemical Company almost 75 years ago. Lake Jackson features a natural oasis of Oak trees enhancing the lives of its nearly 27,400 citizens. Keep Lake Jackson Beautiful’s (KLJB) mission is to improve the quality of life by enhancing the local environment. This vision can be seen through the many partnerships that have been formed over the last 37 years beginning with Keep America Beautiful in the early 1980s. The diverse community of citizens take responsibility for their environment by inspiring volunteerism, leading by example and providing education to help make Lake Jackson one of the most beautiful and environmentally responsible places to live in America. One of KLJB’s proudest accomplishments is being named “TREE CITY USA” for 36 years. One of the main goals of KLJB is to continue to preserve, replant and replace trees throughout the City. KLJB coordinates projects like plantings at City facilities, parks, schools and in neighborhoods. 20

Keep Macon-Bibb Beautiful Macon, Georgia Macon-Bibb County, Georgia, is the proud home to more than 350,000 Yoshino cherry trees whose springtime blossoming is celebrated with the annual Cherry Blossom Festival. During a three-year period, Keep Macon-Bibb Beautiful Commission (KMBBC) received a grant to revitalize the historic Yoshino Cherry Blossom Trail. Phase I of the plan involved replanting 51 Yoshino cherry trees to help restore Macon’s tree canopy. The next phase targeted a neighborhood on the Cherry Blossom Trail for removal, planting, and maintenance of the Yoshinos. An additional grant provided 1,000 Yoshino cherry tree saplings for free distribution to the TYFPMG+SVǻZI]IEVW02''(ERH2MHHPI,ISVKMEXEXI University collaboratively plan and host National Planting Day in which a native tree is planted on campus on Earth Day. But KMBBC’s involvement in its community KSIW[IPPFI]SRHXLIWIFIEYXMǻGEXMSRIǺSVXW.XWMQTEGX can be measured through the 75 community cleanups it organized; 30 Adopt-A-Spots it maintained; 3,750 students taught “Waste in Place” curricula; and 7,500 volunteers who totaled more than 85,000 volunteer hours in the past year. Keep Smyrna Beautiful, Inc. Smyrna, Georgia Keep Smyrna Beautiful has worked for 33 years to establish a litter-free lifestyle in the community, which is evident upon entering the City. In 2017, more than 2,600 volunteers dedicated 10,000 hours of service. Through volunteer action and education, Keep Smyrna Beautiful works toward its goal of making a clean and green lifestyle a part of everyday life in Smyrna, with visible results from incredible programs that focus on recycling, education and cleanups. KSB features programs such as its 27-year-old Adopt-A-Mile program, annual Rivers Alive Cleanup, community service program and KSB’s Garden Tour, to name a few. KSB has provided dropSǺVIG]GPMRKFMRWWMRGIERHXLI(MX]LEWTVSZMHIH curbside recycling for single-family homes since 1993. Year over year, recycling weights have increased and in this past year, the recycling center had 23,110 visitors. XEǺIHYGEXIWTEXVSRWSRVIG]GPMRKERH0'PIZIVEKIW social media to promote recycling information. Keep Tampa Bay Beautiful Tampa, Florida Keep Tampa Bay Beautiful’s (KTBB) mission is to promote a culture of environmental stewardship through volunteer and educational opportunities. Since 1989, KTBB has formed partnerships with local governments, corporations, schools and neighborhood organizations to engage individuals and provide opportunities to enhance the community through volunteer participation. Serving a population of over 1.2 million people in Hillsborough 21

County, KTBB believes education is the starting point for encouraging positive attitudes and behaviors toward GSQQYRMX]TVIWIVZEXMSRERHMQTVSZIQIRX8LIEǽPMEXI connects an element of education with each project and promotes opportunities that actively reinforce its messages. The Ambassador Program recruits and trains key volunteers from the community to serve as spokespeople for the organization, showing community members how to demonstrate behavior change. Through this program, the organization has been able to reach more individuals and spread the KTBB message. This year, KTBB implemented the Youth Advisory Council and 15 young men and women ranging in age 11 to 18 took a leadership role among their peers, successfully organizing volunteers, planting trees, attending educational workshops, and much more. OKC Beautiful Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Since 1968, OKC Beautiful has set the standard for FIEYXMǻGEXMSRMRXLIXEXISJ4OPELSQE.XWPERHWGETI and education programs have been shared and adopted by many other organizations. Over its 50-year history, OKC Beautiful has planted more than 61,800 trees and shrubs in Oklahoma City public spaces, WMKRMǻGERXP]IRLERGMRKXLIFIEYX]ERHVIWMPMIRG] of the city. OKC Beautiful has been involved in litter prevention activities since it was established and in the past several years has increased the number of its volunteers to more than 11,000 annually. Working together, they have removed more than 65,000 tons of trash in parks, medians and roadways through the highly successful LitterBlitz program. OKC Beautiful’s Adopt-A-Park program has also been a great citywide achievement with 1,650 volunteers participating to beautify Oklahoma City’s public parks — saving the city $850,000 in annual maintenance costs. Recycling is EPWSEXXLIXSTSJ40('IEYXMJYPƶWIǺSVXW[MXLVIG]GPMRK education programs such as “Mother Earth,” which teaches elementary school children the importance of recycling through a variety of engaging activities.


Innovation Awards - Program XŅϱĬeþĬĜ±Ƌå Rock Hill Clean & Green Rock Hill, South Carolina In July 2017, the City of Rock Hill hosted the Union Cycliste Internationale BMX World Championships with 50,000 people from over 40 countries attending the week-long sporting event. Rock Hill put together 22

a Community Appearance/Sustainability Planning Committee, which included Rock Hill Clean & Green, XLIPSGEP0IIT&QIVMGE'IEYXMJYPEǽPMEXI8SIRWYVIE sustainable event, the committee planned cleanups of roadways and entry points to the community during the weeks leading up to the event; created an Eco Station program to divert recyclables and food waste JVSQPERHǻPPW LSWXIHE[EXIVFSXXPIVIǻPPXVEMPIVJSV the athletes; and implemented the Cigarette Litter Prevention Program to provide the infrastructure for attendees to properly dispose of their cigarettes. The week-long event had more than 50 volunteers provide a total of 546 volunteer hours to help educate spectators about preventing litter and minimizing waste, as well as to monitor the event’s waste containers.

„Ƌ±ƋåeþĬĜ±Ƌå Keep Louisiana Beautiful Covington, Louisiana Leaders Against Litter is Keep Louisiana Beautiful's signature statewide event. The program’s goal is to raise awareness about litter issues, as well as to IHYGEXIERHIRKEKI1SYMWMEREIPIGXIHSǽGMEPWERH community stakeholders to support the state and local EǽPMEXIW.RXLIIZIRXWIVZIHEW1SYMWMERE WOMGOSǺ to the Great American Cleanup. Leaders Against 1MXXIVMRGPYHIHTEVXMGMTEXMRK1SYMWMEREEǽPMEXIW EPSRK[MXLQSVIXLERIPIGXIHSǽGMEPWEW[IPP as state agency and community leaders, Volunteer Louisiana and Waste Management. Participants spent the morning picking up litter and followed up with a pledge-signing event in which they signed a six-foot pledge board to “Pick Up, Stand Up and Speak Up” for a litter-free Louisiana. The event’s participants picked up 555 bags of litter and 13,000 cigarette butts, and accumulated nearly 1,600 volunteer hours.

Innovation Awards - Partnership XŅϱĬeþĬĜ±Ƌå Keep Keith County Beautiful Ogallala, Nebraska The Western Nebraska Regional Recycling Program began in July 2016 through a grant from the Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality to allow greater recycling access to parts of Western Nebraska. Keep Keith County Beautiful and Western Resources Group began generating a coordinated collection process for XLIVYVEPEVIEWSJXLIMVKISKVETLMGVIKMSRXSIǽGMIRXP] and sustainably develop recycling protocol for villages, cities and towns in the area. The partnership included using the “Spoke and Hub” method where Ogallala, Nebraska, served as the hub for the surrounding communities. In addition, the parties involved used the 23

Keep America Beautiful Behavior Change System to ensure success of the program and provide opportunity for further growth. From July 2016 through June 2017, a total of more than 1.74 tons of recycled material were collected as a result of the partnership.

„Ƌ±ƋåeþĬĜ±Ƌå Keep Florida Beautiful Tallahassee, Florida Keep Florida Beautiful (KFB) has long worked with :..8+147.)&XLIWXEXIƶWSǽGMEPXSYVMWQQEVOIXMRK organization, to supply and distribute program FVSGLYVIWEXXLIǻZI4ǽGMEP+PSVMHE;IPGSQI(IRXIVW This year, a new collaborative program was created with VISIT FLORIDA called “I Promise.” The “I Promise” campaign was developed to implement the state EǽPMEXIƶWQMWWMSRXSMRWTMVIIHYGEXIERHIQTS[IV people in Florida to take action every day to improve and beautify their community environments. The campaign’s goal is to reduce litter and improve recycling by promoting personal responsibility for residents and visitors alike. KFB worked with Welcome Center hosts to provide stickers for distribution and scripts to use while engaging the visitors. The project was deemed “complete” after the supply of 20,000 stickers was exhausted in the summer of 2017.


Beautifying Communities Keep Lewisville Beautiful Lewisville, Texas þĮбƒå Lewisville's "Green Centerpiece" gives the community a distinctive identity that sets Lewisville apart, which includes a unique nature preserve that encompasses 2,000 acres of protected prairie, bottomland forest, and the Trinity River. Every October, more than 250 Keep Lewisville Beautiful (KLB) volunteers come together to keep Lewisville green and beautiful by planting trees, weeding educational gardens, working on public trails and greenspaces, and planting ǼS[IVWMRGI01'LEWLIPTIHXSWIIHQSVI XLERTSYRHWSJ8I\EWREXMZI[MPHǼS[IVWIIHWXS help increase pollinator habitat in the Lewisville area. 8LMWIǺSVXLIPTIHXSTPERXTPYWEGVIWSJTYFPMG [MPHǼS[IVWTEGIWMRZEVMSYWPSGEXMSRWXLVSYKLSYX XLIGMX]8LIEǽPMEXIEPWSTYVGLEWIWREXMZITVEMVMI KVEWWIWXSLIPT[MXLVIWXSVEXMSRIǺSVXWMRSYXHSSV learning environments used by the local school 24

district. KLB is making plans with the City to establish future programs that allow for even more seeding in prominent public spaces and education about [MPHǼS[IVWERHKEVHIRMRKJSV[MPHPMJITSPPMREXSVW

End Littering Keep Miami Beautiful/City of Miami Department of Solid Waste Miami, Florida Government Agency In 2015, the City of Miami set up an Environmental Source Reduction & Recycling Division to tackle illegal dumping. This multifaceted, multi-department approach developed policies and strategies to deter illegal dumping through a balanced use of code enforcement, code compliance, operational collections and, most importantly, the use of environmental education, media outreach and VIG]GPMRKIǺSVXWJSVXLIGMX]SJVIWMHIRXW8LI city used 3-1-1 data, code enforcement logs and the Keep America Beautiful Litter Index Survey to locate EVIEWQSWXMRRIIHSJIHYGEXMSREPIǺSVXWERHSYXVIEGL In total, the campaign included 136 community cleanup events and collected 603 tons of litter from the public right of way. The newly formed team also visited 108 locations in the city reaching over 25,000 students. Data captured from organized cleanup IǺSVXWMWXVEGOIHMRSVHIVXSQIEWYVIPSRKXIVQMQTEGX of the surveillance and outreach programs.

Improving Recycling Keep Carroll Beautiful Carrolton, Georgia þĮбƒå For the past 12 years, Keep Carroll Beautiful (KCB) has been engaging the citizens of Carroll County, Georgia, to improve their community with programs that make it accessible, easy and fun to properly recycle. KCB’s multifaceted recycling program has diverted QMPPMSRWSJTSYRHWSJVIG]GPEFPIWJVSQPERHǻPPWERH has played a major role in changing the behavior of residents when it comes to recycling. In the past year, KCB involved nearly 1,300 volunteers who donated over 2,750 hours of service. KCB continues to build programs and resources for the community. With XLILIPTSJKVERXJYRHWXLIEǽPMEXILEWTYVGLEWIH recycling bins for over 120 classrooms at local schools and it continues to work on initiatives to engage students to recycle at an early age. KCB is proud of the shift towards sustainability that it has led in schools XLVSYKLSYXXLIGSQQYRMX]ERHMXƶWGSRǻHIRXMXMWSR the right path to further accomplish its mission.


St. Louis Health Equipment Lending Program, Inc. St. Louis, Missouri cŇĻŤŹŇĀƒ Since its inception in 2007, St. Louis HELP has received donations of new and used medical equipment from individuals and businesses that it then refurbishes and loans at no cost to community members in need. *HYGEXMRKXLITYFPMGEFSYXXLIFIRIǻXWSJVIG]GPMRK unwanted home medical equipment enables St. Louis HELP to annually collect over 10,700 items. St. Louis HELP provides recipients and their caregivers with this refurbished equipment and continues to grow at a strong rate, proving the necessity for the TVSKVEQƶWWIVZMGIW8LIRSRTVSǻXTVSZMHIWWIVZMGI to marginalized, disadvantaged, and underserved populations (including the uninsured, underinsured, disabled, elderly and poor). Its recycle and reuse program allows individuals to live as safely and independently as possible. St. Louis HELP’s current goal is to increase total waste diversion by 3 percent to more than 178 tons in 2017.

Overall Community Improvement Keep Brevard Beautiful Cocoa, Florida þĮбƒå Keep Brevard Beautiful (KBB) serves all of Brevard County, Florida, and its 568,000 residents. KBB WTIEVLIEHIHXLIGPIERYTIǺSVXWSJSRISJXLIPEVKIWX ǻWLOMPPWMRLMWXSV]MRXLI.RHMER7MZIV1EKSSREWE result of brown algae bloom. With the help of over 200 volunteers and donated boats, they were able XSVIQSZITSYRHWSJVSXXMRKǻWLXLVSYKLSYX the county. In 2016, KBB created the Lagoon Friendly Lawn Program, designed to educate and inspire residents to make better choices when gardening to TVIZIRXTSPPYXMRKVYRSǺERHXLITSWWMFMPMX]SJJYXYVI ǻWLOMPPW8LMWMRGVIHMFPIIǺSVXLIPTIHXSVIMKRMXIXLMW thriving ecotourism community. KBB works with volunteers and community partners to educate the citizens of the county to reduce litter, recycle and beautify the local environment. By creating programs such as Lagoon Friendly Lawns, KBB aims to leave a positive impact on the local ecosystem and improve the quality for all residents and wildlife.


STATE AFFILIATE RECOGNITION AWARDS Diamond Level Keep Arkansas Beautiful Keep Florida Beautiful Keep Georgia Beautiful Keep Illinois Beautiful Keep Iowa Beautiful Keep Louisiana Beautiful Keep Mississippi Beautiful Keep Nebraska Beautiful Keep North Carolina Beautiful Keep Ohio Beautiful Keep Oklahoma Beautiful Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful Keep South Carolina Beautiful Keep Tennessee Beautiful Keep Texas Beautiful Keep Virginia Beautiful New Mexico Clean and Beautiful

Gold Level Keep California Beautiful Keep The Hawaiian Islands Beautiful Keep Maryland Beautiful Keep Massachusetts Beautiful

Silver Level UååŞeĬ±Æ±ĵ±å±ƚƋĜüƚĬƤ

Bronze Level Keep Arizona Beautiful Keep Michigan Beautiful

Good Standing Keep Delaware Beautiful


STATE AGENCY PARTNERSHIP AWARDS Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries Keep Louisiana Beautiful Mississippi Department of Transportation Keep Mississippi Beautiful Mississippi State University Extension Service Keep Mississippi Beautiful Ohio Department of Natural Resources Keep Ohio Beautiful Ohio Department of Transportation Keep Ohio Beautiful Ohio Environmental Protection Agency Keep Ohio Beautiful Oklahoma Department of Transportation Keep Oklahoma Beautiful Oklahoma Turnpike Authority Keep Oklahoma Beautiful Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful Pennsylvania Department of Transportation Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful Tennessee Department of Transportation Keep Tennessee Beautiful


Carolyn Crayton Award Waste Management Madison, Mississippi Waste Management, which provides industry leading disposal and recycling solutions across the United States, is the 2017 recipient of the Carolyn Crayton Award. The Carolyn Crayton Award recognizes an individual board member or board member company or organization of a local Keep America Beautiful EǽPMEXIJSVPSRKWXERHMRKWIVZMGIXSXLEXEǽPMEXI&GVSWW the country, Waste Management executives and WXEǺQIQFIVWWIVZISRXLIFSEVHWSJPSGEPEǽPMEXIW


as well as Keep America Beautiful, providing critical guidance and support. Waste Management’s annual sponsorship of America Recycles Day supports the advancement of recycling and its partnership with Keep America Beautiful on the “Think Green” grants TVSKVEQLEWLIPTIHEǽPMEXIWGVIEXIERHI\TERHXLIMV projects and programming. As the largest recycling company in Mississippi, Waste Management has played an important role in the success of Keep Mississippi Beautiful (KMB) and its 40-plus local EǽPMEXIWMRGPYHMRKXLIGSQQYRMXMIWXLIGSQTER] WIVZIWXLEXLEZIPSGEPEǽPMEXIW'YJSVH(PEVOEHMWXVMGX manager with Waste Management, serves on Keep Mississippi Beautiful’s board. From 2012 to 2017, Waste Management has awarded nearly $80,000 in KVERXWXS2MWWMWWMTTMEǽPMEXIWMRGPYHMRK0IIT/EGOWSR Beautiful, which used grant funding to create schoolbased learning and reading gardens, among other projects. This past year, Waste Management was a critical partner of KMB’s Great American Cleanup XEXI0MGOSǺLIPTMRK02'GSPPIGXVIG]GPEFPIWHYVMRK XLIGPIERYT;LIREǽPMEXIWMR2MWWMWWMTTMRIIHLIPT Waste Management is there to make their dream projects possible. .

Lady Bird Johnson Award Sherrie Bossung Indianapolis, Indiana Sherrie Bossung, the director of global corporate branding and volunteer strategy at Eli Lilly and Company, has partnered with Keep Indianapolis Beautiful (KIB) for over a decade. Sherrie’s vision and enthusiasm make her ability to turn ideas into community impact hard to rival. She devotes hundreds of hours of her own time and facilitates the deployment of thousands of volunteers, engaging an entire city in service. Each year, more than 24,000 Lilly employees in 65 countries take part in the Lilly Global Day of Service – an initiative that began as a “small” (8,000-plus person!) partnership with KIB in 2007. Over the past 10 years, Lilly has mobilized volunteers to help KIB plant 15,893 trees and 241,655 other plants; paint 220,123 square feet of murals; and remove 108 acres of invasive species along waterways in Indianapolis. Sherrie was one of the founding members of Reconnecting to Our Waterways (ROW) in Indianapolis. Since 2012, ROW has created 13.5 miles of new trails and bike lanes; planted 14 acres of native plants; removed 106 acres of invasive plants; and led nearly 90 educational events, programs, and installations. In 2010, Sherrie helped KIB organize a project in which KIB, Lilly, and the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) pooled more than $1 million


of corporate and federal grant dollars to beautify six miles along I-70 between the Indianapolis International Airport and downtown. The "It's My City" program was born from a conversation Sherrie had with the Mayor’s 4ǽGIEFSYXPMXXIVVIWMHIRXWƶQSWXGSQQSRGSQTPEMRX after potholes. Sherrie helped lead the formation of XLI.XƶW2](MX]GSEPMXMSRSJTYFPMGTVMZEXIRSRTVSǻXW and community leaders. The three-year “clean, green, beautiful” campaign is designed to engage the entire city in taking pride in and taking care of Indianapolis.

Iron Eyes Cody Award Ron Aldridge Jackson, Mississippi &ǽPMEXIHMVIGXSVWJVSQEGVSWWXLI0IIT&QIVMGE Beautiful network in Mississippi describe Ron Aldridge as the “hardest working volunteer” and “a joy to have around.” Ron, who serves as the executive vice president of the Mississippi Beverage Association, has served on the Keep Mississippi Beautiful (KMB) board of directors since 1992. Over the years, Ron's close relationship with Mississippi legislators has enhanced many of KMB’s projects, including the Leaders Against 1MXXIVTPIHKIERH;MPHǼS[IV8VEMPWSJ2MWWMWWMTTM Last year, he worked with Mississippi lawmakers XSTEWWEFMPPXLEXQEOIWRSRTVSǻXWMRGPYHMRK02' EǽPMEXIWI\IQTXJVSQWXEXIWEPIWXE\IW4ZIVXLITEWX quarter century, KMB estimates Ron has helped it raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for its Great American Cleanup events and is a big supporter in XVEMRMRKEǽPMEXIPIEHIVW-MWGSRXVMFYXMSRWXS02'ERH EǽPMEXIWMR2MWWMWWMTTMWTYVVIH02'XSLSRSVLMQ[MXL the Volunteer of the Year Award in 2016. In fact, KMB renamed the award – the Ron Aldridge Volunteer of the Year Award – to commemorate his contributions. In addition to Ron’s leadership and service to KMB’s board, he was one of three original organizers of the Mississippi Recycling Coalition (MRC) and has served on its board of directors since 1997. Additionally, Ron has served on Keep Jackson Beautiful’s board of directors, former Gov. Haley Barbour’s environmental task force, the Mississippi Scenic Byways Advisory Committee, as a member of the Mississippi Environmental Educators Association, and the State Recycling Task Force. KMB selected Ron in 2003 for its highest honor, the Louise ,SH[MR&[EVHJSVLMWQER]IǺSVXWXSEHZERGI0IIT America Beautiful’s mission in Mississippi.


Professional Certification Program Certified Community Environmental Program Bryan Bobbitt – Keep Brevard Beautiful, FL Patricia A. DePlasco – Keep Pinellas Beautiful, FL 8MǺER])YRRƳ7IG]GPIEPMRI&> Rhonda Harvey – Keep Charlotte Beautiful, Inc., FL Debra S. Homer – Farmington Clean and Beautiful, NM Laura Howard – Keep the Tennessee River Beautiful, TN Anne Hyde – Keep Bermuda Beautiful Karen Scott Klima – Keep Nassau Beautiful, FL Daisy Packer – Keep Indian River Beautiful, FL Kimberly Lea White – Keep Cobb Beautiful, GA

SCHOLARSHIP RECIPIENTS Altria Scholars Cigarette Litter Prevention Program - Altria Scholars Karen Bell – Keep Liberty Beautiful, GA EVEL1E7SGOƳ0IIT/IǺIVWSR5EVMWL'IEYXMJYP1& Elizabeth Morgan – Rock Hill Clean & Green, SC Great American Cleanup - Altria Scholars Donna Baltakis – Keep Eunice Beautiful, LA Brenda Finch – Keep Dallas Beautiful, TX Lindsay Pfau – Keep Carroll Beautiful, GA Amy Wells – Keep Lewisville Beautiful, TX

Dr Pepper Snapple Group Scholars Ashley Chambers – Keep Tuscaloosa Beautiful, AL Sarah Heyer – Keep Carbondale Beautiful, Inc., IL Doris Howdeshell – Keep Utopia Beautiful, TX Cindy Pritchard – Keep Oconee County Beautiful Commission, GA

Southwest Airlines Scholars Julie Murphree – Keep Thomas County Beautiful, GA Kathryn Rhea – Keep Tupelo Beautiful, MS

Youth Advisory Council Scholars Regina Boykins – Keep Belzoni Beautiful, MS Roxanne Flores-Achmad – Keep Killeen Beautiful, TX


1010 Washington Boulevard Stamford, CT 06901

Keep America Beautiful 2017 National Awards Booklet v1  

Keep America Beautiful's National Awards program recognizes the best of the best among our network of community-based affiliates, leading co...

Keep America Beautiful 2017 National Awards Booklet v1  

Keep America Beautiful's National Awards program recognizes the best of the best among our network of community-based affiliates, leading co...