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Keep America Beautiful, Inc. 2010 Annual Review





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Reclaim: Recycling and Waste Management. .................................................................................................................... p.2 Restore: Beautification and Community Greening. ................................................................................................... p.16 Respect: Litter Prevention and Community Blight.................................................................................................. p.28 Reach: Affiliate Development and Education. ................................................................................................................ p.42 Resonate: Commitment and Support. ................................................................................................................................... p.52 Our Mission

Our Guiding Principles

To engage individuals to take greater responsibility for improving their community environments.

As a recognized leader in community improvement, Keep America Beautiful is guided by these principles:

Our Focus


Keep America Beautiful changes behaviors and improves communities through a focus on: Litter Prevention

Defining litter, identifying the cause, reducing it, organizing cleanups, and properly handling discarded waste in our communities. Waste Reduction and Recycling

Reducing the impact of solid waste in our communities through integrated programs including source reduction and reuse, recycling, and education about landfills, composting and waste-to-energy. Beautification and Community Greening

Improving the visual aspects of our communities through programs that beautify and naturally clean our environment including community gardens, restoring vacant lots, highway and shoreline beautification, urban forests, native and wildflower plantings, and graffiti prevention and abatement.

This is the key to encouraging positive behaviors toward community improvement. Individual Responsibility

Improving communities, their environment, and quality of life all begins with personal responsibility—individuals becoming more engaged as citizens and stewards of the environment. Public-Private-Civic Partnerships

Broad-based community alliances are essential to achieving sustainable community improvement. Volunteer Action

By engaging volunteers we extend the reach of our education initiatives and multiply the impact of our actions.

Dear Friends and Supporters The past year has seen challenges to the cost of helping make our communities beautiful and clean. While sometimes harrowing and chaotic, it has truly been an invigorating and rewarding time to work with our affiliates and, through them, to play an important role in the evolution of America’s communities. This annual review provides an opportunity to look back at the past, and also to look forward into what we believe is a bright and hopeful future. Change is nothing new—over KAB’s 58 years, our organization has seen quite a bit of it. Thus, while we consider the many ways that KAB is adapting and changing to stay current with our times, to provide relevant programs and meaningful ways to continue our ongoing evolution, it’s also important for us to remember the things that don’t waver. Our guiding principles of education, individual empowerment, volunteer service, and strong civic alliances among the public and private sectors will continue to be the foundation upon which this organization is built. Renewal, restoration and responsibility in our communities have all been longstanding central themes to Keep America Beautiful. So as you join us in reviewing the previous year through these pages, we invite you to also think about the role that you play in your own communities. How might you transform them to be more livable, more sustainable, or more beautiful? What can you do to reimagine and reinvent both the built environment and the natural environment around you? What people and what institutions will you rally to support your goals? When do you reflect on your accomplishments, and where do you go boldly forward? This is how KAB approaches all of our initiatives, thoughtfully and strategically. We think the results speak for themselves. Sincerely,


President and CEO



Keep America Beautiful, Inc.

2010 Annual Review

Recycling and Waste Reduction Keep America Beautiful marked 2010 with a reinvigorated public space recycling initiative, which was established to bring greater awareness to the opportunities for public space recycling and to develop greater community capacity to implement recycling “away from home.� When fully implemented, the initiative will combine identification and dissemination of best management and education practices, through case studies and other approaches, with incentives for community action, largely in the form of distribution of a variety of recycling bins appropriately matched to the public venue.

In this Section Public Space Recycling.......................................................................................p.4 Recycling Symposium.......................................................................................... p.7 Keep Orlando Beautiful Profile................................................................. p.8 America Recycles Day. ..................................................................................... p.10 RecycleMania/CURC..........................................................................................p.12 Together We Can................................................................................................... p.13 Howard University Interns Promote Recycling...................... p.14 Curbside Value Partnership......................................................................... p.15


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Keep America Beautiful, Inc.

2010 Annual Review

Quick Facts


During KAB’s 2010 Great American Cleanup, volunteers recovered and recycled 266 million PET (plastic) bottles that littered highways, waterfronts and parks.


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Photo by Patrick Trombly.

Public Space Recycling

The Coca-Cola Company/ Keep America Beautiful Bin Grant program provided approximately 4,000 bins in more than 80 communities around the country.

Keep America Beautiful began the process of distributing tens of thousands of recycling bins in 2010 to schools/campuses, public parks and community open spaces, special events of varying types and sizes, beaches, street corners, and other public venues. For different categories of venues, KAB is developing Web-based resources to assist communities in expanding their local recycling efforts. In 2010, several national sponsors teamed up with KAB to provide public space recycling bins to scores of communities across the country. For example, The Coca-Cola Company/Keep America Beautiful Bin Grant program provided approximately 4,000 bins in more than 80 communities around the country. Chosen from more than 1,700 applications, the grant recipients represented a cross-section of community groups, local governments, colleges and nonprofit organizations. Recipients were chosen based on criteria such as which locations would allow for the greatest impact in recovering beverage containers from the waste stream, the ability of recipients to sustain their program in the future, and the intention to support collection programs with recycling education and promotion.

Keep Austin Beautiful’s “Event Recycling, Play as you Throw” initiative provides an easy recycling bin lending system to collect event recyclables. Photo courtesy of Keep Austin Beautiful.

Moreover, in conjunction with Coca-Cola and the Trust for the National Mall, KAB conducted a study of best practices for the introduction of recycling to the National Mall in Washington, D.C. The study led to Coca-Cola’s donation and placement of more than 300 recycling bins stretching from the Capitol Reflecting Pool to the Lincoln and Jefferson Memorials. The donation was made during a Trust for the National Mall event where Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar signed the National Mall Plan. Keep America Beautiful also entered into a multi-year collaborative partnership with PepsiCo, Waste Management and Greenopolis for the Dream Machine recycling initiative, which will make thousands of recycling bins and interactive kiosks available in popular public venues. In November, the Dream Machine team announced the first deployment of bins to three affiliate communities, placing approximately 1,000 recycling bins in a variety of public space venues.

Keep America Beautiful, Inc.

2010 Annual Review

PepsiCo has declared a goal of increasing the U.S. beverage container recycling rate from 34 percent to 50 percent by 2018; the Dream Machine is but one initiative that will help to build critical recycling infrastructure at the grassroots level. Keep America Beautiful is providing support for the placement of the Dream Machine bins into service stations, and will provide technical support to college and university campuses that may receive Dream Machine bins. Keep America Beautiful also worked with Pepsi to develop public street bin program with the Downtown Business Improvement District in Washington, D.C. When implemented in January 2011, the project will place over 300 recycling bins on all major thoroughfares of this major business district.

The Dream Machine recycling initiative was created by PepsiCo in collaboration with Waste Management, Keep America Beautiful and Greenopolis. Go to dreammachine for more information.

In addition to the Coca-Cola/KAB Bin Grant Program and the Dream Machine initiative, KAB partnered with the Alcoa Foundation to pilot a bin placement program for college residence dormitories. The program led to the distribution of approximately 50,000 right-sized bins at 13 campuses across the country before the end of the 2010. The Anheuser-Busch Foundation awarded a significant grant to KAB in 2010 to develop a “Lend-a-Bin” public space recycling grant program for special event recycling to launch in 2011. Beverage container recycling isn’t the only area of concern for Keep America Beautiful. With nearly one-third of KAB affiliate directors serving their communities in a recycling capacity, there are many opportunities to enhance recycling efforts across materials. Along with the American Forest & Paper Association (AF&PA), KAB made available mini-grants aimed at empowering KAB affiliates and participating organizations, such as Boys & Girls Clubs of America and members of the International Downtown Association, to engage in paper recycling efforts during 2010 with three specific audiences: K-12 schools, K-12 students in community organizations, and local businesses. Successful grant applicants introduced new paper recycling programs or improved and expanded upon existing paper recycling programs.


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The “Overall Challenges and Opportunities for Public Space Recycling” panel session featured representatives from the U.S. EPA, California Product Stewardship Council, AEG Worldwide, The Coca-Cola Company and The Corps Network.

Public Space Recycling Symposium Keep America Beautiful’s second annual Recycling Symposium focused on “Recycling on the Go” and took place November 4-5, 2010, at the Brower Center in Berkeley, Calif. In conjunction with the Symposium, KAB hosted a meeting of its State Affiliate leaders and representatives from State Recycling Organizations (SROs). The program brought together leaders from all facets of the recycling world, focusing on the challenges and opportunities in the public space recycling arena. Panel sessions addressed “Lessons Learned Across Different Public Space Venues” and “Education, Awareness, and Behavioral Change for Public Space Recycling,” among other topics.

The connections and best practices I learned have fueled a lot of my work...and our America Recycles Day event was a huge success. Jennifer Regan, AEg Worldwide

Many thought leaders presented at the Symposium, including representatives from federal agencies, local government, academia, consumer products companies, materials manufacturing, nonprofit organizations and recycling trade publications.

Keep America Beautiful, Inc.

2010 Annual Review

feature Profile

Keep Orlando Beautiful / Recycle Orlando

Keep Orlando Beautiful: Event Recycling Made Easy Keep Orlando Beautiful (KOB) was awarded a $10,000 Waste Management Think Green Community Improvement Grant in 2009, which was used to launch its 2010 Recycle Orlando recycling program at public events. Through the Recycle Orlando program, KOB has made a recycling kit available for use at events. ClearStream recycling racks, rack transporters, educational pieces, bags, gloves and aprons are all contained in a pull-behind trailer to make recycling easy for event coordinators. “This is the only program of its kind here in Orlando,” said Keep Orlando Beautiful Coordinator Jody Buyas. “If we did not have this program, we would not have event recycling. And, with our weather, we have events all year round! Waste Management made this all possible for us.” Orlando event-goers started requesting that recycling opportunities become more available with all of the plastic bottle and aluminum material generated at events. Now, with the program in place, KOB makes it easy for the event promoters to make on-the-go recycling available and successful. In 2010 alone, KOB recycled 12 tons of material at 17 events through Recycle Orlando.


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24,000 lbs.

In 2010 alone, KOB recycled 12 tons of material at 17 events through Recycle Orlando.

If we did not have this program, we would not have event recycling. Waste Management made this all possible for us. Jody Buyas, Coordinator, Keep Orlando Beautiful

The trailer and supplies are available at no cost, but KOB does suggest a modest donation depending on the size of the event and potential hauling fees. The only recurring costs are for recycling bags. The City of Orlando’s Solid Waste Department assists with hauling the recyclables and the City’s Parks and Streets Department helps with maintaining the racks when staff is available and at citysponsored events. The event organizer takes responsibility for handling the recycling. Keep Orlando Beautiful offers training and guidelines to staff or volunteers to make the program viable. Buyas notes that Orlando might soon get 12 permanent bins at Lake Eola Park, where most of the major events take place, and in downtown Orlando thanks to the Recycle Orlando program.

The Recycle Orlando trailer (left) is a traveling recycling kit that makes event recycling easy and convenient. ClearStream recycling racks are just one component of the event recycling kit. Photos courtesy of Keep Orlando Beautiful.

rmation For more info Visit us online americarecyclesd itter Follow us on Tw ycle11_15 ook Like us on Faceb ericarecyclesday


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America Recycles Day Encourages Action More than a celebration, America Recycles Day (ARD) is the only nationally-recognized day dedicated to the promotion of recycling programs in the United States. One day to educate and motivate. One day to get our neighbors, friends and community leaders excited about what can be accomplished when they dedicate themselves to recycling more at home, at work, and on the go. And the results for the 2010 ARD, which took place on and surrounding November 15, were tremendous. In our organization’s second year of producing ARD, KAB engaged more than 1,800 event organizers and nearly 13,800 groups, registered more than 2,000 events and involved 2 million participants, increasing the reach and participation by 20 percent with the “I Recycle” campaign theme.

Clockwise from top: University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Va.; Agnes Scott College, Decatur, Ga.; Keep West Baton Rouge Beautiful, Port Allen, La.; Keep Bartow Beautiful/Cartersville Middle School, Cartersville, Ga.

This is no small feat and it couldn’t have been done without the support of significant media partners— and Disney’s Friends for Change—as well as national sponsors Alcoa Foundation, American Chemistry Council, Anheuser-Busch, Naked Juice, Nestlé Waters North America, PepsiCo and Waste Management. Some highlights from the 2,000 events that were held across the country: WASHINGTON, D.C.

President Barack Obama issued a proclamation lauding the efforts of America Recycles Day, and committing the Federal Government to greater recycling and waste reduction efforts.

participate in Anchorage’s ARD activities and events. LAS VEGAS, NEVADA

bragging rights, pizza parties and cash prizes were at stake. Thirty-five tons of paper and cardboard were collect in November.

The University of Nevada celebrated its Homecoming football game with over 16,000 TEXAS attendees. During the pre-game Over 30 communities festivities, volunteers educated united to collect and recycle fans and collected recyclables. nearly 375 tons of electronic ANCHORAGE, ALASKA waste. In addition to keeping Over 150 recyclers orgathe waste out of landfills, nized a flash mob at a local festiAKRON, OHIO val and, donning green recycling Twenty-five public schools the organizers ensured that shirts and posters, encouraged held a month-long mixed paper the electronics were recycled in Texas. 2,000 festival attendees to competition. In addition to

Keep America Beautiful, Inc.

2010 Annual Review

RecycleMania: Colleges and Universities Compete to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle Every spring, students across the country become RecycleManiacs competing for national supremacy to determine which school can reduce, reuse and recycle the most campus waste. Over a 10-week period, from January through March, schools report recycling and trash data and are ranked by the largest amount of recyclables per capita, largest amount of total recyclables, least amount of trash per capita, and highest recycling rate. During the RecycleMania competition in 2010, 607 participating campuses representing more than 5 million students and 1.3 million faculty/staff collectively recycled or composted over 84.5 million pounds. “With the whole campus in the game, the competitive spirit spreads and recycling increases” noted Bill Rudy, recycling coordinator at Brigham Young University and chair of the RecycleMania Steering Committee. The competition is a program of the RecycleMania Steering Committee with program management provided by KAB. Additional support is provided by the U.S. EPA’s WasteWise program and the College and University Recycling Coalition (CURC). The 2010 sponsors were The Coca-Cola Company, American Forest & Paper Association and KAB.

College & University Recycling Coalition KAB and the College & University Recycling Coalition (CURC) solidified their partnership in 2010 with KAB providing administrative support to the nation’s premier membership-based, nonprofit organization of campus-based recycling professionals. CURC provides a combination of technical knowledge, resources and best practices about recycling and waste reduction through a free webinar series, annual workshops, and the development of best- practices manuals and toolkits. In 2010, CURC launched a webinar series, sponsored by Alcoa, covering topics ranging from composting to advancing zero-waste practices, and coordinated a bin grant program, again with Alcoa, to help build recycling infrastructure in college dormitories.


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For more informat io


Visit us onlin e recyclemaniac Follow us on Twitter recyclemaniac s Like us on Fa cebook / recyclemaniac s View us on Yo uTube / recyclemania

Top: Santa Clara University students participating in RecycleMania. Photo courtesy of Santa Clara University.

Together We Can Friskies and Fancy Feast joined forces with Keep America Beautiful in 2010 to educate cat owners about the recyclability of cat food cans—and increase the total number of cans recycled each year—by creating the “Together We Can” campaign. A Purina survey reported little over half of cat owners recycle their aluminum cat food cans all the time, despite the fact they are recyclable. In fact, more cat owners recycle newspapers, soda cans, canned food items and direct mail than do their cat food cans. The campaign brought together 100 artists who created original pieces of art out of parts and components of cat food cans, diverting the cans from the landfill by giving them a new use. Cat lovers nationwide were invited to turn trash into treasures by creating their own “cat can art” out of Friskies and Fancy Feast cans. Up to 100 pieces of art were put on display at The RePURRposed Gallery Event in New York. Following the gallery showing, select pieces of work were made available for purchase on an eBay auction site. All proceeds from purchased artwork were donated to Keep America Beautiful.

Below: Decorator Kahi Lee at the RePURRposed Gallery event in New York City, which showed off the work of 100 artists who created original pieces of art out of parts of recycled cat food cans. Photo by Jason DeCrow, AP Images.

In addition to the art project, cat owners visited during the spring months to pledge to recycle their aluminum pet food cans. For every pledge received during this period, Nestlé Purina Pet Care Company donated $1 to KAB.

Keep America Beautiful, Inc.

2010 Annual Review

Howard University Interns Promote Recycling in D.C. Schools The District of Columbia Department of Public Works, in partnership with Howard University, Keep America Beautiful, and other local organizations, completed its second year of training young adults to be solid waste management professionals in 2010. Team members worked in two Washington, D.C., public schools to guide school staff members in organizing a Green Team, which served to develop collection systems, create staff and student educational materials and workshops, and establish program performance measurements.

Six Howard University students participated in the Material Resources Sustainability Internship (MRSI). Once the interns completed a seven-week training program over the summer, they developed an independent project through KAB’s sponsorship and coordination. Team members worked in two Washington, D.C., public schools to guide school staff members in organizing a Green Team, which served to develop collection systems, create staff and student educational materials and workshops, and establish program performance measurements. Milestones included kickoff events, celebration of America Recycles Day, and a presentation at KAB’s 2010 National Conference in Orlando, Fla. As a result of the relationship, Howard’s Brian Menifee and Domenio Smith worked as interns in KAB’s Washington, D.C. office in 2011. A byproduct of the relationship was the collaboration between KAB and Howard on several recycling projects. Howard received a donation of 6,800 dorm recycling bins from the Alcoa Foundation, in collaboration with KAB. The bin donation was an initiative to increase participation in the RecycleMania competition.

From left: Keep America Beautiful President and CEO Matt McKenna meets with Howard University students (from left) Illai-Akia Scherezade Kenney, Domenio Smith and Brian Menefee at KAB’s National Conference in Orlando, Fla. Photo by Cable Risdon, Risdon Photography.


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Curbside Value Partnership Added Three Communities to Partner Roster Over 500,000 households were the beneficiaries of Curbside Value Partnership (CVP) recycling education campaigns in 2010 with Frederick County, Md., Norfolk, Va., and Phoenix, Ariz., signing on as partner communities. Each campaign was designed to increase awareness, grow participation and boost volume. These communities joined more than 25 others, as well as four states, that have benefited from CVP’s resources since 2003, when CVP was established by The Aluminum Association and the Can Manufacturers Institute. Frederick County, with over 73,000 participating households, focused its campaign on what can and cannot be recycled and promoted the range of recycling carts available. Norfolk focused its efforts on reaching new residents and encouraging existing residents to set out their 95-gallon recycling carts on a regular basis. Phoenix, the largest CVP partner to date with over 400,000 households, targeted the “sometimes recyclers” to encourage greater participation, and provided information about how to minimize contamination. At the beginning of 2011, CVP became an independent nonprofit organization with long-time leader Steve Thompson being named executive director. The board of directors includes representatives from Novelis, Alcoa, ARCO Aluminum Inc., Ball Corporation, Coca-Cola Recycling and Keep America Beautiful. Curbside Value Partnership joined forces with KAB in 2009, prior to establishing itself as an independent nonprofit.

Photo courtesy of Keep Norfolk Beautiful.

Photo by Jennifer Dillon.

With over 55 years experience in creating and sustaining beautiful public spaces, Keep America Beautiful knows the restorative power of community greening. Throughout KAB’s history, the most visible evidence of its work is the beautification and community greening efforts of its affiliates.

In th is Se ctio Green n ing To Penn sylvan ols and Re s ia Ho rticult ources fro DeKa ural S lb Me m m ociety from “Give orial Park .......... .......... Back B .. p.2 To Gr enefits The P 0 o”......... eople .......... ’s Gar .. .. .......... g.r.o. : den..... .......... A Kee .......... ...... p.2 .......... p Am 2 .......... erica The P .......... .. .. B .. ........ p ower eautif .2 ul Init of Gr 5 iative... een..... .......... ........ p .......... .2 5 ........ ..........


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Keep America Beautiful, Inc.

2010 Annual Review

Q uic k Fac ts

R esto re

ee within Planting a tr residence a 50 feet of its value can increase mation by 9%. Recla of vacant and greening shown en be lots has adjacent to increase . lues by 30% property va


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Greening Initiatives Help Communities Thrive Whether it is the gateway “welcome” sign surrounded by flowers; the newly planted trees in a downtown; the highway interchange abloom with wildflowers; the local community park that remains clean and vibrant; or the school vegetable garden, our affiliates’ greening initiatives have a lasting and positive impact on the local environment. In turn, government and business leaders are beginning to recognize that investments in parks, gardens and other green spaces pay big economic dividends and are viewing them as an essential component of urban revitalization. It is known, through accumulated research, that a “greener” neighborhood is both a safer and more economically stable neighborhood. Natural beauty goes far beyond cosmetics. In 2010, Keep America Beautiful affiliates and participating organizations beautified 37,091 sites and planted 160,000 trees.

In 2010, KAB renewed its effort to provide even greater resources, tools and training that demonstrate how volunteers, community organizations and government—working together— can create the thriving green spaces that help build stronger communities and more livable towns and cities.

Left: Photo by David Fisher, JandDImages. Right: Photo courtesy of Keep Palm Beach County Beautiful.

Keep America Beautiful has forged relationships with three national organizations to help provide these greening resources: the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society (PHS), the Arbor Day Foundation and the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).

Keep America Beautiful, Inc.

2010 Annual Review

Greening Tools and Resources from Pennsylvania Horticultural Society Keep America Beautiful and Pennsylvania Horticultural Society (PHS) established a partnership in 2008 to develop the horticultural and community organizing expertise of KAB affiliates so that they, in turn, can create more green spaces, pocket parks and community gardens, and revitalize more vacant lots. It is a shared goal of KAB and PHS to increase the number of gardens and trees planted by 5 percent take back over three years.

I definitely will some of these different approaches to improve these lots back in Indianapolis.

During 2010, three training webinars were produced featuring PHS and KAB experts, covering “Using Gardens for Storm Water Management,” “Tree Planting” and “Planning Streetscapes.” R eginald Walton, Director of PHS has developed a host of resources abandoned housing, Indianapolis that have been made available to KAB affiliates online as well, including fact sheets and other } resources covering “Community Gardening,” “How to Organize a Community Tree Planting,” “Storm Water Management,” and “Vacant Lot Management,” among others. In an effort to foster high-level community partnerships and participation that will help sustain community greening efforts over time, the organizations hosted a two-day intensive training session in Philadelphia about vacant land management practices. Representatives from three KAB affiliates—Keep Cincinnati Beautiful, Keep Indianapolis Beautiful and Keep Kansas City Beautiful—and 20 city and community leaders from their respective cities participated. Experts from the City of Philadelphia and PHS conducted the two-day program, which resulted in Cincinnati and Indianapolis deciding to pursue vacant land management programs in their cities.

A trolley tour began a few blocks from the Temple University train station, where PHS installed a wooden fence around a lot that was cleaned up and planted with grass and trees, to a garden center in New Kensington where residents can buy flowers and vegetable plants as part of the Sustainable 19125 program. Greensgrow Farm, an urban farm, was the next stop on the tour, with the last stop being a park at a former tannery in the Northern Liberties neighborhood. Those who attended the two-day session in Philadelphia are now expected to teach what they learned to others, said Susanne Woods, KAB senior vice president/environmental programming. But perhaps the most valuable element of the program, she said, was having city leaders from elsewhere hear about Philadelphia’s ongoing financial support of greening and beautification efforts, and how these efforts can help change communities. In addition to the immersion program, the PHS partnership yielded a creative grants program—the KAB/PHS Technical Services Grant—in which selected affiliates receive a monetary award in addition to $2,500 worth of in-kind technical services assistance from PHS specialists (see pages 26-27). During 2010, PHS consultants provided technical support and other advice to at least 10 affiliate communities, including Keep Houston Beautiful, Shreveport Green and Keep Charleston Beautiful. In 2011, KAB and PHS are again offering three webinars on various aspects of community gardening; planning another intensive two-day immersion session for selected affiliates; and offering technical assistance grants to select affiliates. In addition to its work with PHS, Keep America Beautiful has distributed 22 “mini-grants” to affiliates to assist them with their gardening and beautification plans. Tree-scaped business districts average 12% higher revenue than treeless areas. “Views of green” have been shown to improve employee satisfaction and business productivity.

The Pennsylvania Horticultural Society (PHS) is a nonprofit membership organization founded in 1827. Under the leadership of Drew Becher, PHS provides numerous events, activities and publications for novice gardeners, experienced horticulturists, and flower lovers of all ages.

feature Profile

Keep DeKalb Beautiful / Great American Cleanup

DeKalb Memorial Park Benefits from “Give Back To Gro”

The Scotts Miracle-Gro Company’s 2010 edible community garden program, “Give Back To Gro,” served to unite people from all walks of life around the benefits of gardening in the realm of sustainability, healthy eating, and environmental education. The gardens also foster a deeper sense of pride for participating communities, a greater appreciation for the role that volunteerism plays within neighborhoods, and a lasting acknowledgment of just how little it takes to give back. Edible community gardens were created in seven cities across the country during the Great American Cleanup with partners Keep America Beautiful, Plant A Row for the Hungry, the National Gardening Association, Franklin Park Conservatory and the Garden Writers Association, impressing upon individuals the need to harvest local produce and foster opportunities for youth involvement in green activities.

DeKalb Memorial Park provides another example of successful urban gardening for aspiring volunteers. Amber Greer Weaver, Director Keep DeKalb Beautiful

The DeKalb Memorial Park Community Garden in DeKalb, Ga., is one example of how a garden can bring a community closer together. This garden, in one of Metro-Atlanta’s largest counties, received financial and in-kind support from ScottsMiracle-Gro, Keep DeKalb Beautiful, DeKalb County Government and the


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Parkview Civic Association. In addition, the garden project received volunteer support from a local Boys & Girls Club and the Martin Luther King Jr. High School Eco Force Club. Keep DeKalb Beautiful selected a space, (once the community pool within DeKalb Memorial Park), to convert into an area with 16 raised garden beds and planters filled with pollinatorattracting plants. Site selection is important because the edible gardens are educating inner city youth about cultivation methods as well as providing the local community access to fresh produce. Additionally, the community garden is a teaching tool to establish appreciation for natural resources and the importance of a balanced diet.

With the financial and in-kind support of ScottsMiracle-Gro, volunteers created the DeKalb Memorial Park Community Garden. Photos by David Fisher, JandDImages.

More than 50 families have benefited from the DeKalb Memorial Park Community Garden. The first summer crop produced 200 pounds of produce with more than 35 pounds donated to the Parkview Civic volunteers, The Piney Grove Baptist Church and Plant a Row for the Hungry. In addition the garden has engaged students from East Lake YMCA in environmental education activities centered around gardening. For more information about other 2010 “Give Back to Gro� edible garden projects, go to

Keep America Beautiful, Inc.

2010 Annual Review

Young people from the nonprofit Jubilee Housing organization’s afterschool youth services program help USDA employees plant vegetables and herbs in the People’s Garden. Photo by Alice Welch, Photo-USDA.


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The People’s Garden The People’s Garden program was launched by United States Department of Agriculture Secretary Thomas Vilsack in 2009 to commemorate the birthday of President Abraham Lincoln, founder of the USDA, then known as the People’s Department. The initiative is an effort by the USDA to challenge its employees to establish People’s Gardens at USDA facilities or help communities create gardens through collaborative efforts. Secretary Vilsack and People’s Garden Director Livia Marques invited Keep America Beautiful to join this sustainable garden movement at KAB’s 2009 National Conference in Washington, D.C. KAB affiliate organizations responded to the Secretary Vilsack’s call to action by sustaining 670 community gardens in 2010 as partners in the program. These gardens are in addition to the nearly 600 People’s Gardens created by USDA employees.

People’s Gardens can vary in size and type, but they must include the following three components.

“Real and effective change starts small and it starts in our communities,” said USDA Secretary Vilsack. “With the help of Keep America Beautiful we can ensure that the ideas behind the People’s Garden are adopted and improved upon in communities across the country.”

g.r.o.: A Keep America Beautiful Initiative At the 2010 National Conference, KAB President and CEO Matt McKenna announced a new beautification and community greening initiative that would be rolled out over the course of 2011. Beginning in 2011, Keep America Beautiful’s greening programs and initiatives are being packaged as the g.r.o. (Greening Restores Our...) initiative. The new branding captures the essence of KAB’s community beautification mission, as gardens and greening restore our cherished places—neighborhoods, schools and communities. Along with physical spaces, greening and gardens restore our health, families, economy and more. In 2010 alone, KAB affiliates planted more than 160,000 trees, establishing roots that will flourish as benefits to their communities for years to come. The g.r.o. initiative will leverage KAB’s activities with partners such as PHS, the USDA and the Sustainable Urban Forest Coalition to increase tree planting and other community greening activities.

Keep America Beautiful, Inc.

2010 Annual Review

feature Profile

PHS Technical Services Grants

The Power of Green Pennsylvania Horticultural Society (PHS) is one of the nation’s oldest horticultural societies with a vast library of resources and tools at its disposal. Tapping into this wealth of information is one of the many benefits for recipients of the KAB/PHS Power of Green Technical Services Grants program. Keep Genesee County Beautiful (KGCB), based in Flint, Mich., used its Power of Green grant to launch a targeted, tree replanting education program—A New Leaf: Growing a Greener Flint— using a new tree palette developed by KGCB. The educational process provides long-term benefits by engaging the community in replacing thousands of trees lost to Dutch Elm disease, Emerald Ash borer, and other diseases and pests.

Power of Green Technical Services Grants

$2,500 of in-kind technical expertise from PHS staff to include expert consultation, plan review, and development or on-site consultation, or a $2,500 monetary grant for gardening supplies.

Karen West, executive director of KGCB, lined up trainers to teach the PHS Tree Tender program, who become certified once they pass a post-training program test. PHS provided KGCB with presentations for each of the nine classes, Tree Tenders handbooks, and sample forms. “They volunteer their time to plant and care for trees, make presentations in the community about the Tree Tender program and, hopefully, enroll people into our next class,” said West.

They volunteer their time to plant and care for trees, and hopefully, enroll people into our next class.

Keep Greenwood County Beautiful (KGCB), in Greenwood, S.C., used its grant to help sustain a Karen West, executive director, community gardening/produce program launched Keep Genesee County Beautiful by Healthy Greenwood Neighborhoods, Inc. (HGN). Because of budget cuts, HGN could no longer fund five gardens it started up; KGCB was able to use the grant funding to keep the program alive, while adding five new gardens The Power of Green Technical Services Grants helped Keep Genesee County (another seven to 10 acres) with additional community support. Beautiful coordinate its Tree Tenders The program is designed to promote multigenerational and program (bottom left and bottom right) multicultural participation with produce from the edible gardens as well as Keep Greenwood County donated to various emergency food agencies. Produce donations (S.C.) Beautiful assist with county-wide at the end of July 2011 totaled approximately 1,700 pounds. Convened by Keep Greenwood County Beautiful Coordinator Toni Able, people representing 10 different community gardens participated in PHS Garden Tenders Training sessions, which focused on both horticultural and community-building issues. A second training session covered building community capacity around community gardening.


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gardens, such as the Friends of 96 Mill Village, Seaboard Jardin Maravilloso, Little River Multicultural Center Community Garden and Mathews Park Community Garden, among others. Photos courtesy of Keep Greenwood County Beautiful and Keep Genesee County Beautiful.

Keep America Beautiful, Inc.

2010 Annual Review

Litter Prevention and Community Blight

More than 4 million volunteers across America respond every year to KAB’s call to action—to improve the quality of life in their communities through volunteer action. Whether it’s working with friends and neighbors during the Great American Cleanup or our many other community revitalization programs, KAB volunteers are catalysts for positive change.

In this Section Great American Clean up.


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Quick Facts


In 2010, 76 million pounds of litter and debris were collected by volunteers during the Great American Cleanup.


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Great American CleanupTM “Green Starts Here” was again the event theme, rallying civic leaders and volunteer groups to action in creating cleaner, greener communities. More than 1,200 local organizations coordinated more than 30,000 community-building events that improved the quality of life everywhere from city blocks to the vast open spaces of our public lands. Great American Cleanup events are often the first eco-volunteerism exposure that children and their families experience together. Seeing volunteers working together is overwhelming, igniting a passion to continue volunteering when the Great American Cleanup is long over.

The Great American Cleanup provides a wonderful opportunity to inspire civic engagement that addresses the very real challenges of our times. Matt McKenna, president and CEO, Keep America Beautiful

“Volunteers are essential to strengthening our communities, boosting our local economies, and protecting our shared environment,” said Matt McKenna, president and CEO of Keep America Beautiful. “The Great American Cleanup provides a wonderful opportunity to inspire civic engagement that addresses the very real challenges of our times.” Thanks to KAB affiliates and Great American Cleanup participating organizations, supported by National Sponsors and Partners, our volunteers were again able to accomplish significant results.

Community cleanups remain at the heart of the Great American Cleanup. In 2010 alone, 76 million pounds of litter and debris were collected by volunteers. Keep Cincinnati Beautiful participates in the annual Ohio State Roadway Cleanup with the Ohio Department of Transportation; in 2010, volunteers collected nearly 45,000 pounds of litter and debris. The GAC also serves as an opportunity for volunteers to protect and preserve public lands, including more than 71,000 acres of national, state and county parklands. In just one example, Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful’s aggressive statewide illegal dump site program remediated a total of 67 sites. (continued on page 34)

Volunteers bring a boatload of debris to shore during the Boone Lake Cleanup in Johnson City, Tenn. Photo courtesy of Keep Johnson City Beautiful.

Keep America Beautiful, Inc.

2010 Annual Review

Left: Evansville, Ind. Right: clockwise from top: New York City, Tampa, Fla., Gloucester, Va., Beatrice, Neb., Cocoa, Fla., Vero Beach, Fla., Rome, Ga.

Keep America Beautiful, Inc.

2010 Annual Review

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The 2010 Great American Cleanup also produced significant recycling totals. A record 266 million plastic (PET) bottles were recycled, many through school-based programs, and the 7.2 million pounds of electronics collected represented a 5 percent increase over 2009. Moreover, volunteers kept 15.3 million pounds of aluminum and steel out of landfills, a 12 percent increase from 2009. Recognizing the economic and quality-of-life benefits of greener communities, volunteers rolled up their sleeves and planted 5,600 gardens, xeriscapes and green spaces; 160,000 trees; and 2 million flowers and bulbs. Houston, Pass Christian, Miss., and New York City hosted national kickoff events in 2010. Keep Houston Beautiful, in partnership with Keep Texas Beautiful and other state and local partners, held citywide cleanup and beautification activities involving an estimated 1,000 volunteers. In Pass Christian, Miss., an estimated 500 volunteers joined Miss America 2010 Caressa Cameron, Keep Mississippi Beautiful/PAL and other local KAB affiliates. In New York City’s Times Square, celebrants honored the 40th anniversary of Earth Day, and Keep New York City Beautiful Coalition showcased its commitment to creating a cleaner and greener Big Apple. Miss America 2010 Caressa Cameron, Broadway stars and other celebrities, as well as numerous dignitaries joined Keep America Beautiful and Earth Day New York to mark the event, with interactive displays and activities throughout the Times Square district.


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recycling totals reached new heights in 2010 266 million plastic bottles were recycled, many through school-based programs 7.2 million pounds of electronics collected represented a 5 percent increase over 2009 Volunteers kept 15.3 million pounds of aluminum and steel out of landfills, a 12 percent increase from 2009.

The National Sponsors of the 2010 Great American Cleanup were: The Dow Chemical Company; The Glad Products Company; Nestlé® Pure Life® Purified Water; o.b.® tampons; Pepsi-Cola Company; The Scotts Miracle-Gro Company; Solo Cup Company; Troy-Bilt® Lawn and Garden Equipment; Waste Management; and Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company. Keep America Beautiful would also like to thank its Great American Cleanup Promotional Partner, Crescent Art and Framing Products, and Educational Partner, the Rubber Manufacturers Association.

A young volunteer tosses one more Glad ForceFlex® bag into a Waste Management roll off at a Keep Charlotte (Fla.) Beautiful Great American Cleanup event. Photo courtesy of Keep Charlotte Beautiful.

Keep America Beautiful, Inc.

2010 Annual Review

Left and top right: Topeka, Kan., Bottom right: Puunene, Hawaii

Graffiti Hurts® Expands its Offerings The Graffiti Hurts® program continues to expand its reach as the nation’s premier source for graffiti prevention education and community resources. The Graffiti Hurts® Grant Program, initiated in 2007, helped support grassroots efforts to combat graffiti vandalism. In hopes of receiving one of three $2,500 grants, 123 communities, representing 30 states and Puerto Rico and including nonprofit and youth organizations as well as law enforcement, completed the 2010 application process. Final applications were judged by members of the Graffiti Hurts® Advisory Panel, and representatives from The Sherwin-Williams Company, the program sponsor. Grants were awarded to the City of San Rafael (Calif.) Volunteer Program (less than 75,000 population); United Neighborhood Centers of NEPA in Scranton, Penn. (between 75,000 and 250,000 population); and Volunteer Center of Santa Cruz, Calif. (more than 250,000 population) The Graffiti Hurts® Advisory Panel was created in 2010 to act as a resource to Keep America Beautiful leadership and its Graffiti Hurts® program. This group includes community leaders with experience and knowledge in graffiti prevention, education, and abatement. Also new in 2010, Graffiti Hurts® hosted its first webinar, “Graffiti Removal Best Practices.” The panelists represented the City of Minneapolis Clean City Program; the City of Riverside, Calif.; and the Graffiti Hurts® Program Manager.


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Graffiti Hurts ® Advisory Panel members Randy Campbell, No Graffiti Network Ray Carerro, Mayor’s Community Affairs Unit, City of New York, N.Y. Marcia Dennis, City of Portland, Ore. Henry Ehrhardt, Sanitation Department, City of New York, N.Y. Eric Gustafson, Corcoran Neighborhood Organization, Minneapolis, Minn. Bob Hills, National Council to Prevent Delinquency Linda Holterhoff, Keep Cincinnati (Ohio) Beautiful Todd Huston, The Sherwin-Williams Company Alison Letnes, City of Fort Worth, Texas Patricia Macho, The Sherwin-Williams Company Michelle Neuhauser, The Sherwin-Williams Company Paul Racs, Director Office of Community Beautification, City of Los Angeles, Calif. Sgt. Dwight Waldo, San Bernardino (Calif.) Police Department

Littering is Wrong, Too! Littering is wrong…but how wrong?

Results from Cincinnati

Cincinnati residents were the first in the country to experience Keep America Beautiful’s new litter prevention public service advertising campaign, “Littering is Wrong, Too.” This new KAB campaign was piloted with Keep Cincinnati Beautiful in 2010 from July through October, garnering incredible notoriety and results. The “Littering is Wrong, Too” campaign was developed by the highly-respected agency Hill & Knowlton. It includes both traditional and non-traditional social marketing approaches and executions that promise to generate buzz as the campaign rolls out nationally. Research has shown that to truly have an impact on behavior, a campaign must be creative and attention-getting, the right audience must be targeted, and there must be opportunities for engagement. Using fun, humor and social sharing, the campaign engages young adults in a dialogue about littering behavior. It calls attention to the inappropriate act of littering and is targeted to the 18- to 34-year-old age cohort, which KAB research pinpointed as those most likely to litter, as well as those most likely to be motivated by a public education campaign. It links littering with other undeniable—and often humorous—wrongdoings, such as eating “gas station sushi,” “texting during surgery” or giving a kid “sugar at bedtime.” The campaign also encourages the audience to share their own thoughts with the world and their friends via a dedicated Web site (, and on Facebook (facebook. com/litteringiswrongtoo) and Twitter ( With every interaction, the audience is reminded that, yes, littering is wrong, too.

Pilot Campaign One in three 18- to 34-yearolds recognize the slogan “Littering is Wrong, Too” Four in 10 consumers who claim awareness of the campaign say it caused them to be more aware of others’ littering A similar proportion say it made them more aware of their own littering The percentage of young adults who consider reducing litter to be extremely important increased from 19% to 32% after the campaign.

Below: Attendees of Cincinnati’s outdoor Party in the Park concerts hold up “Littering is Wrong Too” t-shirts. Below Left: A Cincinnatian shows off her “wrong” at the John Mayer concert at Riverbend. Photos courtesy of Keep Cincinnati Beautiful.

Keep America Beautiful, Inc.

2010 Annual Review

Community Revitalization Metrics Keep America Beautiful strives to provide metrics to determine the impact of community appearance on local quality of life. Measurement tools assist affiliates in achieving the KAB behavior change model to get the facts, involve people, create a plan, focus on results and provide positive reinforcement. Metrics then help to establish plans, focus efforts, and quantify the impact of KAB affiliate programs and projects. In 2010, the “Community Appearance Index: State of the Community” guide was introduced to help affiliates visually assess and determine the state of the community appearance as it pertains to litter and other appearance indicators. The new Community Appearance Index includes KAB’s Litter Index, along with Optional Indices for illegal signs, graffiti, abandoned/ junk vehicles and outside storage. It also includes the “Focus Area Survey” an inventory of existing education, ordinances, enforcement, resources, and tools. In 2010, the “Community Appearance Index: State of the Community” was introduced as affiliates visually assess and determine their community appearance as it pertains to litter and other appearance indicators.

The Community Appearance Index represents an expansion of the Litter Index, which was introduced in 2000. The Litter Index provides a baseline when first conducted, which affiliates may use to judge the success of their local educational efforts and determine if littering behavior is changing over time. Support for the development of the Community Appearance Index was provided by Philip Morris USA, an Altria company, as well as Waste Management, Inc. Because of KAB’s expertise in measuring community appearance indicators, the Pennsylvania Downtown Center partnered with KAB to create a neighborhood version of the Community Appearance Index. The Neighborhood Litter Survey and Neighborhood Appearance Survey will assist neighborhood leaders, businesses and civic groups in determining the overall state of their neighborhood. While the Neighborhood Litter Survey focuses on a walkable evaluation of littering conditions in the neighborhood, the Neighborhood Appearance Survey provides a tool to measure the physical condition of both public and private property with review criteria for public infrastructure, such as streets and sidewalks, private structures including building exteriors and signs, along with litter and graffiti in the neighborhood.

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Cigarette Litter Prevention Program Keep America Beautiful’s Cigarette Litter Prevention Program (CLPP) continues to expand its reach as the only litter prevention program in the nation to focus on cigarette butt litter. The program reported an average 42 percent reduction of cigarette litter in the communities implementing the CLPP during 2010. Since the CLPP’s launch in 2003, over 800 programs have been implemented, in 49 states and Washington, D.C. In 2010, there were 240 grant-funded implementations across the country taking place in downtowns, beaches, parks, marinas, colleges/ universities, tourist locations, roadways, special event locations, recreation areas, and highway welcome centers and rest areas. In addition, the program conducted a second year of testing to evaluate program sustainability. The “sustainability survey” of 21 communities implementing the program demonstrated that these communities are, in fact, sustaining and even increasing their program impact over time, with an average reduction in cigarette butt litter of 63 percent. Data validates the long-term value of strategically-placed ash receptacles and ongoing public education. Over time, the program has expanded to include other partnering organizations, including Boat US Foundation, the International Downtown Association and the International City/County Management Association. The CLPP also utilized a National Advisory Team to provide a peer resource for new program implementations. Tobacco products, including cigarette butts, are the most littered item in America, representing nearly 38 percent of all items littered, according to “Litter in America,” KAB’s landmark study of litter and littering behavior. In response to this issue, KAB developed the CLPP with funding from Philip Morris USA, an Altria company. In 2010, the program received additional support from RAI Services Company.


Tobacco products, including cigarette butts, are the most littered item in America, representing nearly 38 percent of all items littered, according to “Litter in America,” KAB’s landmark study of litter and littering behavior.

2010 National Advisory Team members

Andrea Rose, Keep CorinthAlcorn (Miss.) Beautiful Adam Roberts, Hot Springs Garland County (Ark.) Beautification Commission Carol Doss, Keep Southwest Virginia Beautiful Carolyn Tomlinson, Keep Dorchester County (S.C.) Beautiful Lourdes Ferris, Keep Palm Beach County (Fla.) Beautiful

Keep America Beautiful, Inc.

2010 Annual Review

feature Profile

Keep Mesquite Beautiful / Nature Explore Classroom

Keep Mesquite Beautiful Collaborates on Nature Explore Classroom

Keep Mesquite (Texas) Beautiful and Historic Mesquite, Inc. collaborated during 2010 to create a Nature Explore Classroom at the Lawrence Family Homestead historic site. The Lawrence Homestead Outdoor Classroom earned the national designation of a certified Nature Explore Classroom from the Arbor Day Foundation and Dimensions Educational Research Foundation in January 2011. The national certification places the Lawrence Homestead Outdoor Classroom in a select circle. It is the first certified Nature Explore Classroom located in Mesquite; the first Keep Texas Beautiful affiliate to be certified in the state of Texas; and the first to be constructed at a historical park in the United States. Nature Explore Classrooms, which are being developed across the country with support from Keep America Beautiful affiliates, offer interactive elements that give children important and inspiring experiences in nature. While connecting children with nature, such unstructured play and activities are shown to enhance concentration, develop creativity and problem-solving, relieve stress, and improve skills in many areas.

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Our Nature Explore Outdoor Classroom connects children to nature and allows them to see, hands-on, that their connection to the earth is one that exists throughout history ... past, present and future.” Paige Swiney, Executive Director, Keep Mesquite Beautiful

Outdoor classrooms that are designed according to principles described in the Dimensions Foundation’s Learning With Nature Idea Book are eligible to become certified Nature Explore Classrooms, where children can create visual masterpieces in a nature art area, build with natural materials, climb on natural structures, and practice their balance, agility, and creativity in areas designed for music and movement. The Mesquite Rotary Club donated nearly $25,000 to underwrite the cost of restoring and reconstructing the Webb-Crownover log cabin for the Lawrence Homestead Outdoor Classroom project. The cabin is being used as a classroom and trailhead to allow visitors to step back in time to the 1840s, and to allow them to imagine what life was like on the prairie in the 1800s as they travel down a nature trail. The cabin is one of the oldest buildings in the area, and was used in the 1840s by Captain A.W. Webb of the Texas Volunteer Army, and his wife Lucinda Crownover. Since the trail’s opening in late 2010, hundreds of area students have visited the Lawrence Homestead Outdoor Classroom to compare and contrast recycling and conservation efforts from the 1800’s to today. Future plans to expand the outdoor classroom include the relocation of historic buildings to the site as well as the construction of an earthen amphitheater for outdoor classroom instruction.

Top: Students from local elementary schools examine pods and botanicals to connect classroom knowledge to the outdoors. Bottom: A magnifying glass offers a different view of foliage for students.

“Keep Mesquite Beautiful, Inc. and Historic Mesquite, Inc. have taken an important leadership role in a profoundly needed initiative to connect young children with nature, setting a wonderful example for education centers across the country,” said Susie Wirth, Nature Explore outreach director for the Arbor Day Foundation. “Everyone at the Arbor Day Foundation and Dimensions Educational Research Foundation appreciates the commitment these two organizations have made to the Nature Explore program and to providing nature education opportunities for young children.”

Keep America Beautiful, Inc.

2010 Annual Review

Affiliate Development Nearly 600 cities, towns, counties and states and international communities are implementing the Keep America Beautiful System as certified affiliates of KAB. And KAB’s depth of service in different regions of the country was strengthened during 2010 with the addition of 18 new affiliates. In this Section New Affiliates............................................ p.45 Nature Explore Classrooms......... p.46 Columbus Junction Profile......... p.47 “From the Ground Up” KAB National Conference............ p.48 State Leaders Council. .................... p.48 Waste in Place. ........................................ p.49 Partnership Grant Opportunities............................................ p.50

Keep America Beautiful, Inc.

2010 Annual Review

Quick Facts


On average, each dollar invested in KAB affiliates’ community improvement efforts results in nearly $24 in measurable benefits in services provided, according to the 2010 KAB Affiliate Cost/Benefit Analysis.


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Affiliates Catalyze Communities Keep America Beautiful added its first certified affiliate in Alaska as it welcomed Keep Alaska Beautiful Southeast to the fold; and its second affiliate in Wisconsin, Montana and Nevada with Keep Kenosha Beautiful, Keep Miles City Beautiful and Keep Las Vegas Beautiful, respectively. The Keep Las Vegas Beautiful (KLVB) consortium, including representatives from the City of Las Vegas and a variety of Las Vegas-area businesses and nonprofit agencies, has opened the door to grants and resources that are helping Las Vegas become a more sustainable city. Keep Las Vegas Beautiful started its certification process by involving more than 50 volunteers who observed 17 sites throughout the city in conducting its first-ever Litter Index survey to measure the needs of how much litter, graffiti and outside storage is impacting the community. The affiliate also conducted the Great Las Vegas Cleanup as part of the national Great American Cleanup campaign. In support of America Recycles Day, KLVB partnered with the Clark County School District Partnership Office, Republic Services, Going Green Girl, Going Green LV and the University of Nevada-Las Vegas Rebel Recycling program to educate students about the importance of recycling, repurposing and composting. Students also participated in a waste audit, which measured the amount of trash generated as well as partially eaten and uneaten food during a lunch hour at their school. The results were shared during a recycling presentation at various elementary schools; each school was also presented with a banner that the students signed pledging to recycle. Over 1,200 students took part in the school assembly presentations. Keep Las Vegas Beautiful has also partnered with several community organizations and agencies to provide educational opportunities about topics ranging from graffiti awareness to classroom education. KLVB partners with local law enforcement, city of Las Vegas Code Enforcement Officers and the Clark County School District to teach youth about the importance of keeping their neighborhoods free of graffiti tagging. All participating students signed a large banner that can be displayed at the school or community centers at the end of each interactive presentation pledging to not commit the crime of graffiti tagging.

New affiliates Keep Alaska Beautiful Southeast (AK) Keep Bay St. Louis Beautiful (MS) Keep Columbia & Marion County Beautiful (MS) Keep Columbus Junction Beautiful (IA) Keep Corpus Christi Beautiful (TX) Keep Covington Beautiful (KY) Keep Evangeline Parish Beautiful (LA) Keep Fayetteville Beautiful (NC) Keep Kenosha Beautiful (WI) Keep Lafayette Beautiful (LA) Keep Las Vegas Beautiful (NV) Keep Lexington-Fayette Co. Beautiful (KY) Keep Mansfield Beautiful (MA) Keep Miles City Beautiful (MT) Keep Ozark Beautiful (AR) Keep Thomas County Beautiful (GA) Keep Victoria Beautiful (TX) Keep Waveland Beautiful (MS)

Sprint volunteers complete routine maintenance as well as adding native grasses at the Brush Creek Community Rain Garden during Kansas City’s Earth Fest. Photo courtesy of Keep Kansas City Beautiful.

Keep America Beautiful, Inc.

2010 Annual Review

Another educational program takes place through a partnership with the Public Lands Institute. KLVB provides an environmental education program tailored to fit most school-based and after-school groups and clubs including Youth Councils through the city of Las Vegas. This program—Hector’s Helpers’ Green Educational Curriculum—includes a litter cleanup field trip. Other educational programs are facilitated by KLVB as well as student groups. As an example, 25 students at Roy Martin Middle School decided to become mentors to a class of first graders at the elementary school across the street. The students split into committees and created a short classroom lesson about the effects of littering and dumping, organized active outdoor games to teach the students about recycling, and conducted a school yard cleanup. In addition, a committee of students decorated t-shirts for each of the 30 first graders, a project the students took on independently with no assistance from teachers. The Las Vegas affiliate is benefitting from the established KAB framework for community education and hands-on stewardship that reduces litter and waste and promotes grassroots volunteerism.

Nature Explore Classrooms The Nature Explore Classroom program, researched and developed by Dimensions Educational Research Foundation and Arbor Day Foundation, provides educators and families with comprehensive resources to connect children with the natural world on a daily basis. KAB is working with Arbor Day Foundation to encourage the development of Nature Explore Classrooms in communities across the country. (See pages 40-41.) A Nature Explore Classroom is being developed at the Bartlett Arboretum in KAB’s headquarters city of Stamford, Conn., with funding from PepsiCo. It will be the first Nature Explore Classroom in Connecticut and one of 60 across the country.


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feature Profile

Columbus Junction / Keep Iowa Beautiful

Columbus Junction Overcomes Long Odds Flooding has become an all-too-common occurrence in the Midwest in recent years. In 2008, when Iowa’s Cedar River crested at nearly 32 feet, then Iowa Gov. Chet Culver declared a state disaster in 83 out of 99 counties. And the small town of Columbus Junction was among the hardest hit, with a railroad bridge collapsing and nearly all of its residents seeking higher ground. “We’re in uncharted territory,” Mayor Dan Wilson told USA Today at the time of the flood. “We’ve done everything we can.” The despair caused by the massive flooding led to years of rebuilding and recovery, with the city getting back on its feet and becoming a KAB affiliate in October 2010 thanks to the success of the public/private/civic partnership established by Keep Iowa Beautiful (KIB), Columbus Junction, KAB and local businesses and citizen volunteers. Immediately following the flood, vol- We’re in uncharted territory, unteers began rebuilding the levee we’ve done everything we can. along the Iowa River. Keep America Beautiful approached Gerry Schnepf, Columbus Junction Mayor Dan Wilson executive director of KIB, and the Columbus Junction City Council with an offer to help bring BEFORE resources to the town. RDG, an Iowa-based engineering and design company, provided assistance in taking ideas generated from a community-wide series of meetings and turning them into reality. And KAB, along with KIB, helped the town realize its new vision with a $10,000 gift to assist with the town’s entryway plan. Mike Bell of RDG, Schnepf and Cecile Carson, KAB’s senior director of affiliate development, helped coordinate a three-day community workshop and facilitated the meetings. The drawings and concepts that emanated from this visioning process revolved around the principles of: Connection, Vision, Education, and Environmental Sustainability/Diversity. By focusing on these four pillars, the city set forth to improve walkways and pathways for pedestrians, street-scaping around the historic downtown area, and entryways into the town.


Columbus Junction is now conducting business as usual, while also working on daily- and long-term improvements. Columbus Junction is a culturally diverse community, with a unique and historically significant downtown, which is located at the confluence of two great rivers. The ability to connect these significant characteristics to a greater vision will help guide community leaders into the future.

Keep America Beautiful, Inc.

2010 Annual Review

“From the Ground Up” KAB National Conference More than 300 executives from Keep America Beautiful affiliate organizations and other community leaders attended “From the Ground Up,” KAB’s 57th annual National Conference, which was conducted in Orlando, Fla. The conference featured a variety of presentations and workshops, including “Littering is Wrong, Too: How the New KAB PSAs Can Work for Your Community;” building and sustaining school gardens as outdoor classrooms; the hidden costs of litter and illegal dumping; and building relationships with elected officials, among many other topics. Roger Brooks, CEO of Destination Development, presented a keynote address—“The Reinvention of the American Community”— where he shared the seven rules of “branding a community.” And Mark Sanborn opened the conference with the “The Fred Factor,” a lively presentation that shares insights into how one can reinvent his or her business. KAB unveiled its platform for its 2011 beautification and greening programs and an overview of its recycling programs. On the closing day of the conference, Columbus Junction, Iowa, Mayor Dan Wilson and Keep Iowa Beautiful Executive Director Gerry Schepf shared Columbus Junction’s remarkable story of rebuilding a community after a natural disaster. (See page 47.)

State Leaders Council The State Leaders Council (SLC) provides a forum for KAB to share in policy development and decisions of mutual benefit at the national, state, and local levels. The Council, comprised of the lead staff person from each state affiliate, also provides an opportunity for networking and professional development and leadership. Keep America Beautiful conducts periodic conference calls, an Annual SLC Meeting, and it meets during the KAB National Conference to discuss national initiatives and activities. The 2010 SLC Annual Meeting took place at the Lied Lodge in Nebraska City, Neb. During the meeting state leaders shared their insights on KAB’s focus areas, specifically about the inclusion of community greening to KAB’s beautification platform, and received professional training about managing change, especially in the current economic climate.


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Randy Frazier of Wye Mountain, Ark., top, the 2010 Iron Eyes Cody Award recipient. KAB’s Matt McKenna, bottom, presents a Professional Leadership Award to Keep Louisiana Beautiful Executive Director Leigh Harris. Photos by Cable Risdon, Risdon Photography.

“Insight Team” Provides Affiliate Focus Keep America Beautiful strives to be a learning organization, constantly seeking guidance from its State Leaders Council and local affiliate directors. Early in 2010, KAB surveyed its affiliate network on a variety of topics; a byproduct of the survey was the formation of an “Insight Team” of affiliate leaders as a way for KAB to receive additional input from the network. The goals of the Insight Team are to establish a mechanism for an ongoing conversation with affiliates; gain broad feedback; and identify ways that the national organization can learn from its affiliates’ experiences. In short, the Insight Team is serving as an internal KAB “focus group,” helping KAB provide well-designed, peer-reviewed programs.

The Insight Team facilitators Esther Anderson, Keep Terre Haute Beautiful (IN) Betty Barnhardt, Keep Sherwood Beautiful (AR) Lesa Bellin, Keep Guntersville Beautiful, Inc. (AL) Sherrie Cochran, Keep Tupelo Beautiful (MS) Lori Gummow, Keep Northern Illinois Beautiful (IL) Debbie Homer, Farmington Clean & Beautiful (NM) Connie Librenjak, Keep Riverside Clean & Beautiful (CA) Carol Morton, Keep Athens Beautiful (TX)

Waste in Place To make educational materials more relevant for a present-day audience, KAB formed a “Next Generation” team consisting of experts in academia as well as representatives from youth organizations, federal agencies and KAB affiliates. The Next Generation team began a process to update the “Waste in Place” environmental activities for pre-K to 6th graders, and to modify other materials relating to youth programs and education. Waste in Place features interactive lessons and activities designed to develop awareness and knowledge about litter prevention, beautification and community greening, waste reduction and recycling. In addition to a new look, all of the newly-developed content will include more background information for each learning activity as well as how much time each activity takes to complete. All activities now feature technology-related supplements, and enrichment activities have been expanded to include relevant topics such as sustainable packaging and wetlands.

Jane Polson, Keep Nebraska Beautiful (NE) Elizabeth Reed, Keep Sevier Beautiful (TN) Susan Russell, Keep Mandeville Beautiful (LA) Bill Sanders, Keep Pinellas Beautiful, Inc. (FL) Sara Ann Swida, Keep Liberty Beautiful (GA) Karen West, Keep Genesee County Beautiful (MI) Michael Woodruff, Keep Milliken Beautiful (CO)

In addition, a Parent Guide with “Big Idea” sheets is being designed that provides activities and reminders that can reinforce key concepts. New books, games, posters, songs and story cards are also in development with underwriting from The Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company Foundation.

Keep America Beautiful, Inc.

2010 Annual Review

Partnership Grant Opportunities Keep America Beautiful’s Grassroots Grants programs offer merit-based grants from participating organizations to affiliates that present innovative and ambitious proposals for projects designed to improve their community environments. The grant recipients’ programs are highly creative, reflecting the diverse interests and needs of the communities involved. Waste Management Think Green® Community Improvement Grants Waste Management partnered with KAB in 2010 for the fourth year of the Think Green grants program. Fifteen Keep America Beautiful affiliates from across the country were awarded $10,000 each to bring their ambitious projects, representing a wide array of stewardship, community outreach and educational projects, to fruition during 2010/2011. Support of these initiatives marks WM’s continuing commitment to local community quality of life, and to building awareness about sustainable resources for effective management of waste. Waste Management partners with KAB on additional programs, which include com-

munity beautification grants (target/showcase) and as a National Sponsor for Keep America Beautiful’s Great American Cleanup. Programs ranged from Keep Denton (Texas) Beautiful’s “De-Funk Fry Street” project, aimed at revitalizing the historic area of Denton’s Fry Street, to the development of Keep Phoenix Beautiful’s highly successful Corporate Challenge, which focuses on getting corporate employee groups involved with KPB through a major spring cleanup competition. Keep Brevard (Fla.) Beautiful used the funding to replenish its Adopt-AShore program signs, while Pensacola-Escambia (Fla.) Clean & Green initiated an event recycling program for all festivals in city parks. These are just a few of the many creative implementations of Think Green grant funds.

An impressive volunteer group from Henkel worked at three different park sites as part of Keep Phoenix Beautiful’s Corporate Challenge. Photo courtesy of Keep Phoenix Beautiful.


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KAB/Anheuser-Busch Environmental Grants Six Keep America Beautiful affiliates were selected from a nationwide field for the Keep America Beautiful/Anheuser-Busch Environmental Grant Program, which awarded grants in 2009 for programs to be completed in 2010. The grant applicants were matched up with their local Anheuser-Busch wholesalers to support a variety of environmental programs, including increasing awareness of the need to recycle beverage containers and providing infrastructure to do so. The grants will help support the following programs: Platte River Revival Volunteer Day,

Keep Casper (Wyo.) Beautiful; Fernandina Beach Park Recycling Program, Keep Nassau (Fla.) Beautiful; Don’t Crawfish Backward, Recycle Forward Program, Keep West Baton Rouge (La.) Beautiful; Boaters Recycling Program, Keep Palm Beach County (Fla.) Beautiful; Illegal Dump Cleanups in Washington County, Pa., Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful—Southwest; and Special Event Recycling Program, Keep Phoenix Beautiful. Other grant programs that were promoted to KAB affiliates and participating organizations in 2010 included the Cigarette Litter Prevention Program Grants for affiliates and members of the International Downtown Association and the Graffiti Hurts National Grants.

The UPS Foundation Community Improvement Grants The UPS Foundation awarded 16 KAB affiliates with merit-based grants of $10,000 each to support programs that address all elements of KAB’s focus areas. The projects will take place during 2010 and into early 2011 with UPS employee volunteers actively supporting many of them. The UPS Foundation-supported projects were wide-ranging and included programs such as Keep Austin Beautiful’s “Event Recycling, Play as you Throw” initiative, which provides an easy recycling bin lending system to collect recyclables that would otherwise end up in a landfill. Keep Charleston (S.C.) Beautiful’s Green Spaces Recycling Program (photo above right) installed permanent trash and recycling receptacles in every city park. Keep Greater Milwaukee Beautiful (KGMB) developed an education and awareness campaign—“Put It Here”—that addresses littering behavior in over 140 parks and parkways totaling nearly 15,000 acres in the metroMilwaukee area. The project adds litter-free

and recycling messaging to the picnic reservation process; KGMB also created a PSA featuring community leaders and familiar park locations. Keep The Midlands (S.C.) Beautiful’s new Lose the Baggage program seeks to significantly increase the use of reusable shopping bags by residents of the City of Columbia, Lexington County and Richland County. The primary objective is to reduce the amount of plastic bags used by Midlands residents by at least 7 million bags a year. Other programs focused on increasing recycling collection services; developing community gardens; establishing litter prevention outreach programs; creating a Liberty Garden; and establishing a “Planet Earth Cart” of environmentally-themed books, games and media that can be used in classrooms.

Keep America Beautiful, Inc.

2010 Annual Review

Commitment and Support Through volunteer commitment, and with support from our network of affiliates, local civic organizations, government officials, and the corporations and individuals listed on the following pages, KAB continues to build on its legacy of education and collective action in sustaining a better quality of life.

Alliances Vision for America Award






Partnerships Keep America Beautiful gratefully acknowledges the following companies and organizations whose special grants and sponsorships significantly advanced our mission in 2010. Keep America Beautiful’s Great American Cleanup™ The Great American Cleanup, the nation’s largest community improvement program, mobilized nearly 4 million volunteers/ attendees in 33,700 communities participating in more than 30,000 events from March 1 through May 31. The 2010 campaign, again themed “Green Starts Here,” encouraged communities to be “green” through volunteer action in recycling drives, litter cleanups, graffiti paint-outs, tree and flower planting, and other quality of life initiatives. National Sponsors • The Dow Chemical Company • The Glad Products Company • Nestlé Pure Life® Purified Water • o.b.® tampons • Pepsi-Cola Company • The Scotts Miracle-Gro Company • Solo Cup Company • Troy-Bilt® Lawn and Garden Equipment • Waste Management, Inc. • Wm. Wrigley Jr. Co. Promotional Partner • Crescent Art and Framing Products Educational Partner • Rubber Manufacturers Association America Recycles Day On November 15, 2010, 2 million people gathered at more than 2,000 events across the country to celebrate recycling and mark America Recycles Day (ARD), which is dedicated to encouraging people to recycle more at home, at work and on the go. United by the theme, “I Recycle,” more than 1,800 grassroots organizers held recycling events in their communities that ranged from electronics-recycling drives and paper-recycling competitions to recycled-art fashion shows and flash mobs. Local events involved 13,771 organizations.

National Sponsors • Alcoa Foundation • American Chemistry Council • Anheuser-Busch • Naked Juice • Nestlé Waters North America • PepsiCo, Inc • Waste Management, Inc Media Partners • • Disney’s Friends for Change Cigarette Litter Prevention Program: Philip Morris USA, an Altria company, RAI Services Company

With continuing support from Philip Morris USA, an Altria company, and new supporter RAI Services Company, Keep America Beautiful was able to offer ongoing grant funding to communities implementing the Cigarette Litter Prevention Program (CLPP). In 2010, there were 240 grant-funded implementations across the country taking place in downtowns, beaches, parks, marinas, colleges/universities, tourist locations, roadways, special event locations, recreation areas, and highway welcome centers and rest areas. The program reported an average 42 percent reduction of cigarette litter in the communities implementing the CLPP during 2010. For more information about the program and how to prevent cigarette butt litter, please visit Graffiti Hurts®: Krylon Products Group of The Sherwin-Williams Company The Graffiti Hurts® National Grant Program was initiated in 2007 to help communities enhance local graffiti prevention activities. There were three winners in 2010, each receiving $2,500 awards. (See list of winners on page 36.)

“Think Green” Community Improvement Grants: Waste Management, Inc. Waste Management provided 15 “Think Green” community improvement grants totaling $150,000 to Keep America Beautiful affiliates in 2010. It was the fourth year of helping affiliates from across the country to bring their ambitious programs, representing a wide array of stewardship, community outreach and educational projects, to fruition during 2010/2011. The UPS Community Improvement Grants: The UPS Foundation The UPS Foundation awarded 16 Keep America Beautiful affiliates with $10,000 grants for their efforts to support community improvement and environmental stewardship activities. The grants funded various endeavors including litter prevention and recycling education, event recycling and lend-a-bin programs, eliminating visual blight for neighborhoods in need, creating community gardens, among other projects. UPS employee volunteers actively support many of these merit-based award programs. KAB/Anheuser-Busch Environmental Grants: Anheuser-Busch Companies, Inc. Six Keep America Beautiful affiliates were selected to receive KAB/Anheuser-Busch Environmental Grants. The grant recipients were matched up with their local Anheuser-Busch wholesalers to support a variety of environmental programs, including increasing awareness of the need to recycle beverage containers and providing infrastructure to do so.

Keep America Beautiful, Inc.

2010 Annual Review

The Coca-Cola Company/KAB Bin Grant Program: The Coca-Cola Foundation The Coca-Cola Company/Keep America Beautiful Bin Grant program provided approximately 4,000 bins in more than 80 communities around the country. Chosen from more than 1,700 applications, the grant recipients represented a crosssection of community groups, local governments, colleges and nonprofit organizations. The Dream Machine: PepsiCo, Waste Management, Greenopolis Keep America Beautiful entered into a multi-year collaborative partnership among PepsiCo, Waste Management and Greenopolis for the Dream Machine recycling initiative, which will make thousands of recycling bins and interactive kiosks available in popular public venues. In 2010, the Dream Machine team announced its first KAB affiliate bin grants to three communities, which will place approximately 1,000 recycling bins in a variety of public space venues. “Cans for Cash: City Recycling Challenge”: Novelis, Inc., U.S. Conference of Mayors, KAB Cans for Cash, a national program sponsored by the U.S. Conference of Mayors, Novelis Inc. and Keep America Beautiful, inspired people from 36 cities across the country to recover 107 million aluminum cans during the 2010 program. Keep America Beautiful affiliates were awarded $2,500 each for collecting the most aluminum in partnership with their respective city governments. Winners: Keep Sidney (Neb.) Beautiful, first place; Keep Mobile (Ala.) Beautiful, second place; and Keep Brownwood (Texas) Beautiful, third place.


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Telephone Book Recycling: AT&T Real Yellow Pages Recycling old phone books is a positive way to keep unnecessary paper out of landfills. The partnership between AT&T Real Yellow Pages and KAB provides new opportunities for businesses and consumers to recycle telephone directories during recycling events in affiliate communities, and builds awareness through prominent recycling messages in the directories themselves. KAB Education Initiatives: Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company Foundation The Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company Foundation provided funding for the redesign of KAB’s affiliate pre-certification and certification books and revision of KAB’s “Waste in Place” activity guide and new pre-K educational kit materials. Siemens Smart Chopper: Siemens Siemens teamed up with renowned custom motorcycle manufacturer Orange County Choppers to build its first custom electric motorcycle. The “Siemens Smart Chopper” was featured on the hit TV show American Chopper and was showcased at tradeshows and conferences to demonstrate its unique environmental benefits. The motorcycle was eventually auctioned off with the proceeds going to KAB, which was selected as the charity of choice through an online voting contest. JetBlue Airways JetBlue employees in eight KAB affiliate communities participated in the airline’s “One Thing That’s Green” campaign, in addition to providing in-kind support to KAB and a number of its affiliates.

2010 National Conference Hundreds of participants gathered in Orlando, Fla., in December 2010 for the 57th National Conference themed “From the Ground Up.” The conference featured presentations and workshops, including “Littering is Wrong, Too: How the New KAB PSAs Can Work for Your Community”; building and sustaining school gardens as outdoor classrooms; the hidden costs of litter and illegal dumping; and building relationships with elected officials, among many other topics. Leadership Sponsors • Altria Group • Waste Management, Inc. Educational Sponsors • Anheuser-Busch Companies, Inc. • Mrs. Louise Godwin and Family Environmental Sponsor • ITW Strategic Sponsors • American Chemistry Council • American Forest & Paper Association • Hill & Knowlton • PepsiCo, inc. • SeaWorld Orlando • Steel Recycling Institute Supporting Sponsor • BASF In-Kind Sponsors • Eco Bags • Mars, Incorporated • Nestlé Waters North America, Inc.

Vision for America Award Keep America Beautiful awarded Nestlé Waters North America, Inc. (NWNA) with its 2010 Vision for America Award at a gala dinner in Stamford, Conn., the corporate headquarters of NWNA and KAB. Keep America Beautiful honored NWNA for the corporation’s leadership in source reduction, innovative recycling practices, resource stewardship, and community engagement.

2010 Vision for America

“I’m honored to accept the Vision for America Award on behalf of all the company’s 7,500 employees,” said Kim Jeffery, president and CEO, upon receiving the 25th annual award. “Responsibility to the communities where we operate, and to the environment, is at the core of our business. And while we’re thrilled with this award, I’m certain that we can continue to do even more—particularly in the area of recycling.”

Nestlé Waters North America

Among NWNA’s many environmental stewardship achievements that were cited were a 60 percent reduction in the amount of PET plastic used in packaging over the last 15 years through package design and “lightweighting” of materials; the use of 50 percent recycled PET plastic in re-source natural spring water packaging; a 30 percent reduction in CO2 emissions per liter of water in the past five years; and support of recycling through KAB’s Great American Cleanup, America Recycles Day and grassroots grants programs.

Award Leadership Circle

Waste Management, Inc. Benefactors PepsiCo, Inc. Philip Morris USA, an Altria company UPS Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company

Additionally, Nestlé Waters donated 400 fleece jackets made from recycled PET plastic to the Boys & Girls Club of Stamford as part of the event. From left to right: Tim Gardner, Illinois Tool Works, chairman of KAB; Kim Jeffery, Nestlé Waters North America; Matt McKenna, Keep America Beautiful. Photo by Kristen Jensen, Kristen Jensen Photography.

Keep America Beautiful, Inc.

2010 Annual Review

Nonprofit and Government Alliances Arbor Day Foundation

HandsOn Network

Pennsylvania Horticultural Society

Expanding KAB’s experiential learning programs for children through outdoor classrooms and nature-based curricula (Nature Explore classrooms).

Involving KAB affiliates in nationally recognized service days and offering volunteer leadership to KAB and its affiliates.

Working to promote beautification and community greening initiatives by providing resources, training, technical assistance grants and tools for KAB affiliates.

American Forest & Paper Association

International Downtown Association

AF&PA has been providing small, school-based recycling grants to improve the rate of paper recycling.

Creating healthy and vital urban centers by International Downtown Association promoting the Cigarette Litter Prevention Program and Paper Recycling Programs for business-member organizations.

BoatUS Foundation

National Wildlife Federation

The BoatUS Foundation, the foundation for the Boat Owners Association of the United States, engaged marina partners in KAB’s Cigarette Litter Prevention Program in an effort to lessen cigarette butt litter in our waterways. Boys & Girls Clubs of America Growing the Paper Recycling Program and educating younger generations about KAB’s many programs.

Identifying opportunities to engage students in grades K-12 students as environmental stewards. Ocean Conservancy Working to cross-promote KAB’s signature programs and engage stakeholders in the Great American Cleanup and International Coastal Cleanup.

State Recycling Organizations KAB has developed recycling partnership agreements with more than 20 State and Regional Recycling Organizations. U.S. Conference of Mayors Partnering with KAB and Novelis to present the “Cans for Cash: City Recycling Challenge,” bringing the benefits of recycling to the forefront of communities of all sizes. United States Department of Agriculture Working to promote the creation of People’s Gardens, which incorporates sustainable practices such as capturing rainwater, composting and planting native species.

Retail, Online & Consumer Partnerships Baking for Good

Unifi Manufacturing, Inc. (Repreve)

This bakery is tying its business strategy to nonprofits that do good works. Proceeds from its online sales go to purchasers’ designated charities.

You can shop online at more than 900 of your favorite stores through A portion of your payment will go to KAB if you choose KAB as your charity of choice.

Repreve, which is yarn made with 100 percent recycled content, pledged to donate 1 percent of annual sales to selected environmental causes, including Keep America Beautiful, as a member of “1% for the Planet.” Consumers voted to determine how to divide Repreve’s pledge.

Organic Bouquet Organic Bouquet is among the market leaders in organic flowers and provides 10 percent of designated purchases to KAB.


56 / 57 When you order from, KAB receives a donation of 10 percent of your total purchase if you select KAB as your charity choice.

Disney’s Friends for Change Disney’s Worldwide Services, through Disney’s Friends for Change, supported America Recycles Day, by encouraging kids to recycle and participate in ARD. An ARD promotion took place in Disney Stores across the country as well as through messaging on various Disney media platforms. Phoenix Open – Waste Management A donation in the name of professional golfer Rickie Fowler was made to KAB as Fowler won the inaugural

“Going for the Green” closest-tothe-pin contest at the Phoenix Open, a PGA tournament sponsored by Waste Management. Joico Hair Products Joico Hair Products donated a portion of the proceeds from an Earth Day promotion, its Joico Earth Day Care Duos, to Keep America Beautiful. Nestle Purina PetCare Company Two of the largest wet cat food brands, Friskies and Fancy Feast, teamed up with Keep America

Beautiful to create the “Together We Can” campaign, which raises awareness among cat owners about the recyclability of pet food cans. Purina made a donation to KAB for every pledge received by pet owners to recycle their aluminum pet food cans during the program period. Ted’s Montana Grill On the occasion of its fifth anniversary, each of 10 Ted’s Montana Grill restaurants celebrated with an Anniversary Deal of the Day and made gifts to Keep America Beautiful.

Corporate and Foundation Partners and Individual Donors Community Leadership Partners ($1 million and above)

Guiding Partners ($50,000 - $99,999)

The Aluminum Association PepsiCo, Inc. Waste Management, Inc.

American Forest & Paper Association Anheuser-Busch Companies Illinois Tool Works The Sherwin-Williams Company Sweet People Apparel, Inc., DBA Miss Me Jeans

Visionary Partners ($500,000 - $999,999) Anheuser-Busch Foundation Philip Morris USA, an Altria company Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company Stewardship Partners ($200,000 - $499,999) Alcoa Foundation American Chemistry Council The Coca-Cola Company The Dow Chemical Company Johnson & Johnson The Scotts Miracle-Gro Company Solo Cup Company The UPS Foundation Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company Foundation Sustaining Partners ($100,000- $199,999) Crescent Art and Framing Products The Glad Products Company Nestlé Purina Petcare Company Nestlé Waters North America, Inc. RAI Services Company Troy-Bilt® Lawn and Garden Equipment

Innovators ($25,000 - $49,999) The Clorox Company Disney Worldwide Services McDonald’s Corporation Owens-Illinois, Inc. Pilot Corporation of America Steel Recycling Institute Trust For the National Mall Unifi, Inc. Champions ($10,000 - $24,999) AT&T Ball Corporation Boston Red Sox Closure Systems International Coca-Cola Bottling Company FKM Hogan Lovells US LLP HUGE Kettler Int’l., Inc. Lord & Taylor Mika Meyers Beckett & Jones PLC Naked Juice Polymer Solutions International, Inc. Rumpke Consolidated Companies, Inc.

Ryan Partnership Siemens Corporation Sprint Foundation Tomra - Helping the world recycle Zotos International, Inc. Associates ($5,000 - $9,999) Best Buy Co., Inc. EarthShare Farella Braun + Martel LLP McCann-Erickson USA, Inc. New York Yankees Pactiv Corporation Publicis Dallas SeaWorld Orlando Ted’s Montana Grill Texas Rangers Baseball Club Friends (Up to $4,999) Amcor Rigid Packaging Baking For Good BASF Corporation BERICAP North America Beta Research Corporation Brownstein Hyatt Farber Schreck Cass Information Systems Church & Dwight Co., Inc. Collective Wellbeing Cone, LLC Corinth Coca-Cola Bottling Works, Inc. Cornerstone Strategic Branding CorporateRenew Creative Images Institute of Cosmetology CSW, Inc.

Keep America Beautiful, Inc.

2010 Annual Review

Dolco Packaging EVTV Extreme Recycling Fuel Creative, Inc. G2 USA Gay and Erskine Love Foundation, Inc. Hammer Packaging IMS Health Inc. The J.M. Smucker Company The Kennedy Group Kilpatrick Stockton LLP KPMG LLP Liz Claiborne, Inc. M Group Consulting LLC Marcus Thomas LLC Media Horizons Merchants Distributors, Inc. Mintz, Levin, Cohn, Ferris, Glovsky, and Popeo, P.C. Network for Good Norampac Ogilvy Organic Bouquet, Inc. Packaging 2.0 Inc. Parsons Brinckerhoff Newark Office Green Team Pierce Atwood LLP Pierson & Smith RR Donnelley Salt Communications Savvy Avenue, Inc. Seyfarth Shaw LLP St. Louis Cardinals L.L.C. StarPak, Ltd. Union City Coca-Cola Bottling Co., LLC United Way of New York City YKK Corporation of America Zumbiel Packaging In-Kind Contributions Clear Channel Spectacolor JetBlue Airways Miss America Organization Mr. and Mrs. Matthew McKenna Pennsylvania Horticultural Society The Sherwin-Williams Company Take Pride in America Waste Management Wells-Lamont Wiggin & Dana, LLP Matching Gift Companies Altria Group, Inc. The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. H & R Block Halliburton Company Illinois Tool Works Foundation Morgan Stanley PepsiCo Foundation The Sherwin-Williams Foundation


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Individual Donors David Aardsma Lonnie and Mabel Acton James Addison Anonymous AT&T United Way Employee Giving Campaign Barbara Baker Mr. and Mrs. John F. Bard Margaret Bolen The Bowling Family Foundation Thomas C. Brasco Lynne Brooks Amelia Bunzey John Byrne - The Nell Lilly Charitable Gift Fund Barry H. Caldwell William C. Caruthers Jr. Maureen Carnevale Cecile Carson Cartersville Woman’s Club City of Newnan Patricia Clark Alec Cooley Gregory L. Crawford Carolyn Crayton Croix Bouquot Gail Cunningham Toni Cunningham Jan Dapitan Paula Porter Davis Paul DeBenedittis Donna DeVito Jennifer Dillon David Drake Don and Mary Dufek Bronwen Evans EarthShare Timothy Farrell Pascal A. Fernandez Timothy J. Gardner Carl Garner GFWC St. Petersburg Junior Woman’s Club Louise Godwin Stephanie Greene Edith and Bob Heller Carey Hamilton Leigh M. Harris Brad Hart Robert Hasty Richard N. Hevener Richard D. Hofmann Jennifer Ingersoll Kim and Mary Jeffery Robert S. Jersak Bill Johnson Lawrence Kaufman and Mary McNeel Dennis and Sherri Kaufman Keep Jacksonville Beautiful Keep Lake Jackson Beautiful Keep Mesquite Beautiful Keep Prince George’s County Beautiful Keep Santa Fe Beautiful Keep Schuyler Beautiful

Heidi Kellerman Katelyn Kiernan Jim King Eric Kohnert Brianne Lanphear Las Noches Womens Club Marvin M. Lebovitz and Judy Edmondson Hilary Lentini Tine Liegerot Ronald Linfesty Jennifer Long Meredith Lynch Becky and Tom Lyons Stephen and Michelle Mansolo Valerie Martorella James and Kelly Mazzarelli Matthew and Nancy McKenna Danielle W. Morris Bill and Kilian Morrissey Joseph Moss for Virginia Moss Christine Ignaszak-Nadolny Andrew Pharoah Stephan Pierce Jane Polson John and Lynda Pope Brenda Pulley Mike Pyle Kathleen Quinn Martha Ruiz Bryan and Shannon Reiter Juan Rodriguez Nita Rose John and Nancy Rosenow Holly Rotman Cori Rotter Thomas Ruikkie Harvey Sass John Savage Jill Scandridge Gerry and Pat Schnepf/Keep Iowa Beautiful Tarun Sethi Audrey Shapiro Jeremiah J. Sheehan Ed Skernolis Jason M. Smith Malia Sperling Erin and Robert Steele G. Marlin Stover Linda Studnicka Thomas H. Tamoney Jr. The Thunderbirds Jim Trevathan Howard Ungerleider United Way of New York City United Way of Westchester and Putnam Howard Urban Jennifer Vedadi Vranos Family Foundation Tom and Nancy Waldeck Carol Goldston Wall Shawn P. Wallace Anthony Webb

April Buther Wennerstrom Williston Jr. Woman’s Club, Inc. Doreen Womack The Woman’s Club of Clayton Susanne and David Woods Carol Woodworth Keith and Lynne Zauner

In Memory of Violet Crowl Judy Rubin

In Memory/Honor

In Honor of Carrie Gallagher Dr. and Mrs. Arthur Miller

In Honor of Mark Prior IMS Health Inc.

In Honor of Peter Green The Vranos Family Foundation

In Honor of Helmut C. Terjung Jennifer Ingersoll

In Memory of Scott Cardwell Terri Cardwell

In Honor of Robin Imbrogno The Human Resource Consulting Group

In Memory of Mickie Dobbs Lynn Cobb

In Memory of Dr. Zandra Dorr Klein Barbara and Lee Dorr

In Honor of Barbara Dorr and Edith Heller Bob and Deede Phelps

In Honor of Virginia Moss Joseph and Elizabeth Moss

The KAB Affiliate Network, 2010 ALABAMA Keep Alabama Beautiful Hartselle Beautification Association Keep Athens-Limestone Beautiful Keep Auburn Beautiful Keep Birmingham Beautiful Commission Keep Center Point Beautiful Keep Citronelle Beautiful Keep Etowah Beautiful Keep Guntersville Beautiful, Inc. Keep Mobile Beautiful Keep Opelika Beautiful, Inc. Keep Saraland Beautiful Keep The Shoals Beautiful Keep The Wiregrass Beautiful Montgomery Clean City Commission Operation Green Team/ Keeping Huntsville Beautiful ALASKA Keep Alaska Beautiful Southeast

Keep Van Buren Beautiful Pine Bluff /Jefferson Co Clean & Beautiful CALIFORNIA Keep California Beautiful I Love A Clean San Diego, Inc. Keep Bakersfield Beautiful Keep Carson Beautiful Keep Downey Beautiful Keep Glendale Beautiful Keep Los Angeles Beautiful Keep North Richmond Beautiful Keep Oakland Beautiful Keep Riverside Clean & Beautiful Keep San Jose Beautiful Looking Good Santa Barbara Seaside Neighborhood Improvement Commission COLORADO

Keep Arizona Beautiful Keep Casa Grande Beautiful Keep Phoenix Beautiful Scottsdale Pride

Keep Colorado Springs Beautiful, Inc. Keep Denver Beautiful Keep Englewood Beautiful Keep Milliken Beautiful Keep Pueblo Beautiful Assoc. Keep Thornton Beautiful Keep Woodland Park Beautiful



Keep Arkansas Beautiful Hot Springs/Garland County Beautification Commission Keep Benton County Beautiful Keep Faulkner County Beautiful Keep Jacksonville Beautiful Keep Little Rock Beautiful Keep Newport Beautiful Keep Ozark Beautiful Keep Sherwood Beautiful

Keep New Milford Beautiful Knox Parks Foundation (Hartford)


DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA Keep Washington D.C. Beautiful

FLORIDA Keep Florida Beautiful, Inc. Keep Alachua County Beautiful Keep Brevard Beautiful, Inc. Keep Broward Beautiful Keep Calhoun County Beautiful, Inc. Keep Charlotte Beautiful, Inc. Keep Citrus County Beautiful, Inc. Keep Clay Beautiful, Inc. Keep Collier Beautiful, Inc. Keep Ft. Pierce Beautiful Keep Highlands County Beautiful Keep Hillsborough County Beautiful, Inc. Keep Indian River Beautiful Keep Jacksonville Beautiful Keep Lake Placid Beautiful Keep Lee County Beautiful, Inc. Keep Manatee Beautiful, Inc. Keep Marion Beautiful, Inc. Keep Martin Beautiful Keep Miami Gardens Beautiful Keep Nassau Beautiful, Inc. Keep North Miami Beautiful Keep Orlando Beautiful Keep Palm Beach County Beautiful Keep Pasco Beautiful Keep Pinellas Beautiful, Inc. Keep Polk County Beautiful, Inc. Keep Port St. Lucie Beautiful Keep Putnam Beautiful, Inc. Keep Sarasota County Beautiful Keep St. Johns County Beautiful Keep Tallahassee - Leon County Beautiful Keep Taylor County Beautiful Keep Volusia County Beautiful Keep Wakulla County Beautiful Keep Winter Haven Clean and Beautiful Keep Winter Park Beautiful Lakeland Clean & Beautiful

Keep America Beautiful, Inc.

2010 Annual Review

Pensacola-Escambia Clean Community Commission Santa Rosa Clean Community System, Inc. GEORGIA Keep Georgia Beautiful Gwinnett Clean & Beautiful, Inc. Keep Albany-Dougherty Beautiful Keep Alpharetta Beautiful Keep Athens-Clarke County Beautiful Keep Atlanta Beautiful Keep Barrow Beautiful Keep Bartow Beautiful Keep Brunswick Golden Isles Beautiful Keep Bulloch Beautiful Keep Camden County Beautiful Keep Carroll Beautiful Keep Centerville Beautiful Keep Charlton Beautiful Keep Chatsworth-Murray Beautiful Keep Cobb Beautiful Keep Columbia County Beautiful Keep Columbus Beautiful Commission Keep Conyers-Rockdale Beautiful Keep Covington/Newton Beautiful Keep Crisp Beautiful Keep Dade Beautiful Keep Dalton-Whitfield Beautiful, Inc. Keep Dawson County Beautiful Keep Decatur County Beautiful Keep DeKalb Beautiful, Inc. Keep Douglasville Beautiful Keep Dublin/Laurens Beautiful, Inc. Keep East Point Beautiful Keep Effingham County Beautiful, Inc. Keep Forest Park Beautiful Keep Forsyth County Beautiful Keep Fort Stewart/Hunter Army Airfield Beautiful Keep Grady County Beautiful Keep Habersham Beautiful Keep Hall Beautiful Keep Henry County Beautiful Keep Jackson County Beautiful Keep Jones Beautiful Commission Keep Liberty County Beautiful Keep Lowndes/Valdosta Beautiful Keep Macon-Bibb Beautiful Commission Keep Madison County Beautiful Keep Marietta Beautiful Keep McIntosh Beautiful Keep Milledgeville and Baldwin County Beautiful Keep Morgan County Beautiful Keep Newnan Beautiful Keep North Fulton Beautiful, Inc. Keep Oconee County Beautiful Commission Keep Our Mountains Beautiful Keep Paulding County Beautiful


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Keep Peach County Beautiful Keep Peachtree City Beautiful, Inc. Keep Perry Beautiful Keep Pickens Beautiful Keep Polk Beautiful Keep Randolph County Beautiful Keep Roberta/Crawford Beautiful Keep Rome/Floyd Beautiful Keep Roswell Beautiful Keep Savannah Beautiful Keep Screven Beautiful Keep Smyrna Beautiful Keep South Fulton Beautiful, Inc. Keep Sumter Beautiful Keep Thomas County Beautiful Keep Tift Beautiful Keep Toccoa-Stephens County Beautiful Keep Troup Beautiful Keep Vienna Beautiful Keep Walton Beautiful Keep Ware County Beautiful Keep Warner Robins Beautiful HAWAII Keep the Hawaiian Islands Beautiful Community Work Day Program Keep Hawaii Beautiful Keep Honolulu Beautiful Keep Kalaupapa Beautiful Nani ‘O Wai anae KAB Program ILLINOIS Keep Illinois Beautiful, Inc. Keep Carbondale Beautiful, Inc. Keep Centralia Beautiful, Clean And Green Keep Chicago Beautiful, Inc. Keep Evanston Beautiful, Inc. Keep Moline Beautiful Keep Northern Illinois Beautiful Keep Oak Park Beautiful Keep Peoria Beautiful Keep Rock Island Beautiful Keep Salem Beautiful Keep Vermilion County Beautiful Keep West Cook Beautiful INDIANA Keep Evansville Beautiful Keep Indianapolis Beautiful Keep Stockwell Beautiful Keep Terre Haute Beautiful IOWA Keep Iowa Beautiful Keep Columbus Beautiful Keep Council Bluffs Beautiful Keep Linn County Beautiful

Keep Northeast Nebraska Beautiful Keep Scott County Beautiful KANSAS Keep America Beautiful – Topeka/Shawnee County Keep Dodge City Beautiful Operation Brightside, Inc. (Kansas City) KENTUCKY Kentucky Clean Community Program Brightside (Louisville) Keep Covington Kenton County Beautiful Keep Lexington-Fayette County Beautiful Madison County Clean Community Pride, Inc. (Hopkinsville) LOUISIANA Keep Louisiana Beautiful, Inc. Keep Abbeville Beautiful Keep Ascension Beautiful Advisory Committee Keep Baton Rouge Beautiful, Inc. Keep Bossier Beautiful Keep Cenla Beautiful Keep Covington Beautiful Keep DeRidder Beautiful Keep Evangeline Beautiful Keep Grambling Beautiful Keep Hammond Beautiful Keep Iberville Parish Beautiful Keep Lafayette Beautiful Keep Leesville Beautiful Keep Lincoln Parish Beautiful Keep Livingston Parish Beautiful Keep Mandeville Beautiful Keep Monroe Beautiful Keep Morehouse Beautiful Keep Natchitoches Beautiful Keep New Iberia Beautiful Keep New Orleans Beautiful / Imagine It Clean Keep Ouachita Parish Beautiful Keep Slidell Beautiful Keep St. John Beautiful Keep St. Martin Beautiful Keep St. Mary Parish Beautiful Keep Terrebonne Beautiful Keep Vinton Beautiful Keep Washington Parish Beautiful Keep West Baton Rouge Beautiful Keep West Monroe Beautiful Shreveport Green TEAM GREEN of Southwest Louisiana



Keep Frederick County Beautiful Keep Prince George’s County Beautiful

Keep Hannibal Beautiful Keep Kansas City Beautiful Keep Southeast Missouri Beautiful

MASSACHUSETTS Keep Chelsea Beautiful Keep Lowell Beautiful Keep Mansfield Beautiful Keep Springfield Beautiful MICHIGAN Keep Genesee County Beautiful MINNESOTA Keep Minneapolis Beautiful MISSISSIPPI Keep Mississippi Beautiful/PAL Keep Bay Saint Louis Beautiful Keep Cleveland Beautiful Keep Clinton Beautiful Keep Columbia and Marion County Beautiful Keep Columbus/Lowndes Beautiful Keep Copiah County Beautiful, Inc. Keep Corinth-Alcorn Beautiful Keep Greenville Beautiful Keep Hattiesburg Beautiful, Inc. Keep Horn Lake Beautiful Keep Indianola Beautiful Keep Jackson Beautiful, Inc. Keep Laurel/Jones County Beautiful Keep Leake County Beautiful, Inc. Keep Lincoln County Beautiful Keep Madison Beautiful Keep Meridian/Lauderdale County Beautiful Keep Monroe County Beautiful Keep Morton Beautiful Keep Natchez/Adams County Beautiful Keep New Albany/Union County Beautiful Keep Oxford/Lafayette County Beautiful Keep Pascagoula Beautiful Keep Pearl Beautiful Keep Pike County Beautiful Keep Simpson County Beautiful, Inc. Keep The Coast Beautiful Keep Tupelo Beautiful Keep Waveland Beautiful

MONTANA Bright & Beautiful (Billings) Keep Miles City Beautiful NEBRASKA Keep Nebraska Beautiful Grand Island Area Clean Community System Keep Alliance Beautiful Keep Beatrice Beautiful Keep Broken Bow Beautiful, Inc. Keep Chadron Beautiful Keep Columbus Beautiful Keep Creighton Beautiful Keep Fremont Beautiful Keep Keith County Beautiful Keep Kimball Beautiful Keep Lexington Beautiful Keep Lincoln & Lancaster County Beautiful Keep Loup Basin Beautiful Keep Norfolk Beautiful Keep North Platte/Lincoln County Beautiful Keep Omaha Beautiful, Inc. Keep Rushville Beautiful Keep Schuyler Beautiful Keep Scottsbluff-Gering Beautiful Keep Sidney Beautiful Plattsmouth Community Improvement Council NEVADA Keep Las Vegas Beautiful Keep Truckee Meadows Beautiful NEW JERSEY Keep Irvington Beautiful NEW MEXICO New Mexico Clean & Beautiful Artesia Clean and Beautiful Bloomfield Pride Commission Farmington Clean & Beautiful Hobbs Beautiful Keep Alamogordo Beautiful Keep Albuquerque Beautiful Keep Bosque Farms Beautiful Keep Carlsbad Beautiful Keep Clovis Beautiful Keep Doña Ana County Beautiful Keep Hatch Beautiful, Inc.

Keep Las Cruces Beautiful Keep Las Vegas Beautiful Keep Luna County Beautiful Keep Rio Rancho Beautiful Keep Roswell Beautiful Keep Ruidoso Beautiful Keep Ruidoso Downs Beautiful Keep Santa Fe Beautiful Keep Tucumcari Beautiful Keep Tularosa Beautiful Tierra Bonita Of Valencia County NEW YORK Glen Cove Beautification Commission Keep Albany Beautiful Keep America Beautiful of Rome, NY Keep Brookhaven Beautiful Keep Islip Clean, Inc. Keep New York City Beautiful Keep Rockland Beautiful, Inc. Keep Western New York Beautiful NORTH CAROLINA Keep NC Beautiful Asheville GreenWorks Craven County Clean Sweep Duplin County Keep America Beautiful Greensboro Beautiful, Inc. High Point Keep America Beautiful Keep America Beautiful of Nash/Edgecombe Co. Keep America Beautiful of New Hanover County Keep Belmont Beautiful Keep Bladen Beautiful Keep Brunswick County Beautiful Keep Catawba County Beautiful Keep Charlotte Beautiful Keep Durham Beautiful Keep Fayetteville Beautiful Keep Franklin County Beautiful Keep Gastonia Beautiful Keep Greenville Beautiful Keep Iredell Clean/KAB Keep Laurinburg/Scotland County Beautiful Keep McDowell Beautiful, Inc. Keep Mecklenburg Beautiful Keep Moore County Beautiful, Inc. Keep Onslow Beautiful Keep Pasquotank Beautiful Committee Keep Richmond County Beautiful Keep Shelby Beautiful Keep Wilkes Beautiful Keep Wilson County Beautiful Keep Winston-Salem Beautiful, Inc. Wake County Keep America Beautiful

Keep America Beautiful, Inc.

2010 Annual Review

OHIO Keep Ohio Beautiful City of Cuyahoga Falls, Litter Prevention & Recycling City of Newark Litter Prevention & Recycling Defiance County Environmental Services/KAB Erie County Solid Waste Management District Fulton County Keep America Beautiful Program Geneva Clean & Green Hancock County SWMD Environmental Services Keep Akron Beautiful Keep Allen County Beautiful Keep Alliance Beautiful Keep Belmont County Beautiful Keep Cincinnati Beautiful, Inc. Keep Clark County Beautiful Keep Columbus Beautiful Keep Delaware County Beautiful Keep Grove City Beautiful Keep Hardin County Beautiful Keep Jefferson CountyBeautiful Keep Lake Milton Clean & Beautiful, Inc. Keep Lakewood Beautiful Keep Logan County Beautiful Keep Mentor Beautiful Keep Middletown Beautiful, Inc Keep Perrysburg Beautiful Keep Summit County Beautiful Keep The Mahoning Valley Beautiful, Inc. Keep Toledo/Lucas County Beautiful, Inc. Keep Wickliffe Beautiful Lorain County Beautiful Montgomery County Solid Waste Services Youngstown Litter Control & Recycling

RHODE ISLAND Keep Blackstone Valley Beautiful SOUTH CAROLINA Keep South Carolina Beautiful Keep America Beautiful of Anderson County Keep Beaufort County Beautiful Keep Charleston Beautiful Keep Colleton County Beautiful Keep Darlington County Beautiful Keep Dillon County Beautiful Keep Dorchester County Beautiful Keep Edisto Beautiful Keep Fairfield Beautiful Keep Florence Beautiful Keep Georgetown Beautiful Keep Greenville County Beautiful Keep Greenwood County Beautiful Keep Hampton Beautiful Keep Jasper Beautiful Keep North Charleston Beautiful Keep North Myrtle Beach Beautiful Keep Oconee Beautiful Association Keep Orangeburg County Beautiful Keep the Midlands Beautiful Keep Williamsburg Beautiful Keep York Beautiful Kershaw County Clean Community Commission Rock Hill Clean and Green Sumter County Keep America Beautiful SOUTH DAKOTA Keep Hot Springs Beautiful Keep Yankton Beautiful, Inc. TENNESSEE

OKLAHOMA Keep Oklahoma Beautiful Ardmore Beautification Council, Inc. Oklahoma City Beautiful, Inc. PENNSYLVANIA Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful Keep Allentown Beautiful Keep Harrisburg Beautiful Keep Lancaster County Beautiful Keep Philadelphia Beautiful Keep York Beautiful Reading Beautification, Inc.


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Keep Tennessee Beautiful Cleveland/Bradley KAB SYSTEM, Inc. Keep Anderson County Beautiful Keep Blount Beautiful Keep Bristol Beautiful Keep Cocke County Beautiful Keep Coffee County Beautiful Keep Fayetteville/Lincoln County Beautiful Keep Greene Beautiful Keep Jackson Beautiful Keep Johnson City Beautiful Keep Kingsport Beautiful Keep Knoxville Beautiful, Inc. Keep Maury Beautiful Keep McMinn Beautiful Keep Monroe County Beautiful, Inc. Keep Morristown Hamblen

Beautiful, Inc. Keep Roane Litter Free Keep Sevier Beautiful Keep Tipton County Beautiful Keep Union County Beautiful Keep Williamson Beautiful Memphis City Beautiful Commission Metro Beautification & Environmental Commission Scenic Cities Beautiful Cmsn./ Chattanooga KAB TEXAS Keep Texas Beautiful Angelina Beautiful/Clean, Inc. Clean Galveston, Inc. Harlingen Proud, Inc. Keep Abilene Beautiful Keep Allen Beautiful Keep Alvin Beautiful Keep Angleton Beautiful Keep Athens Beautiful Keep Austin Beautiful, Inc. Keep Beaumont Beautiful Keep Big Lake Beautiful Keep Big Spring Beautiful Keep Brazos Beautiful, Inc. Keep Brownsville Beautiful Keep Brownwood Beautiful Keep Burleson Beautiful Keep Cedar Hill Beautiful Keep Colleyville Beautiful Keep Coppell Beautiful Keep Copperas Cove Beautiful Keep Corpus Christi Beautiful Keep Dallas Beautiful, Inc Keep Denison Beautiful Keep Denton Beautiful, Inc. Keep Dickinson Beautiful Keep El Paso Beautiful, Inc. Keep Fort Worth Beautiful Keep Garland Beautiful Keep Grand Prairie Beautiful Keep Grapevine Beautiful Keep Greenville Beautiful Keep Haltom City Beautiful Keep Houston Beautiful Keep Irving Beautiful Keep Katy Beautiful Keep Killeen Beautiful Keep Lake Jackson Beautiful Keep Laredo Beautiful Keep Lewisville Beautiful Keep Longview Beautiful Keep Lubbock Beautiful, Inc. Keep McAllen Beautiful, Inc. Keep McLennan County Beautiful, Inc. Keep Mesquite Beautiful, Inc. Keep Midland Beautiful Keep Muenster Beautiful Keep Nacogdoches Beautiful Keep Odessa Beautiful Keep Pearland Beautiful

Keep Plano Beautiful Keep Port Aransas Beautiful, Inc. Keep Richland Hills Beautiful Keep Richwood Beautiful Keep Rowlett Beautiful Keep San Antonio Beautiful Keep Sanger Beautiful Keep Sherman Beautiful Keep Southlake Beautiful Keep Sugar Land Beautiful Keep Temple Beautiful Keep Tyler Beautiful Keep Van Alstyne Beautiful Keep Victoria Beautiful Keep Waco Beautiful, Inc. Keep White Deer Beautiful Keep Whitehouse Beautiful Texarkana Clean Community Commission, Inc. Wichita Falls Clean County VIRGINIA Keep Virginia Beautiful, Inc. City of Chesapeake

Hampton Clean City Commission Hopewell Clean City Commission Keep Buchanan County Beautiful Keep Norfolk Beautiful Keep Petersburg Beautiful Committee Keep Southwest Virginia Beautiful Keep Suffolk Beautiful Keep Wise County Beautiful Newport News Public Works Recycling Portsmouth Clean Community Commission Prince William Clean Community Council Richmond Clean City Commission WEST VIRGINIA Keep WV Beautiful Keep Fayetteville Beautiful Keep New Cumberland Beautiful - Make It Shine

WISCONSIN Keep Greater Milwaukee Beautiful, Inc. Keep Kenosha Beautiful WYOMING Keep Casper Beautiful INTERNATIONAL and PUERTO RICO Bahamas National Pride Association Conserva el Encanto Keep Abaco Beautiful Keep Bermuda Beautiful Keep Grand Bahama Island Beautiful Keep Hamilton Beautiful Take Pride Winnipeg! The Keep Durban Beautiful Association

2010 Board of Directors and Officers Thomas C. Brasco* Chief Operating Officer U.S. Private Wealth Management Goldman Sachs & Co. John W. Burgess* President and Chief Executive Officer Coca-Cola Recycling, LLC Barry H. Caldwell* Senior Vice President, Public Affairs and Communications Waste Management, Inc. Terri Cardwell Volunteer Coordinator, City of Lake Jackson Keep Lake Jackson Beautiful

Timothy J. Gardner* Executive Vice President Illinois Tool Works, Inc.

Jane Polson President Keep Nebraska Beautiful

Carey Hamilton Executive Director Indiana Recycling Coalition

John Rosenow Chief Executive Arbor Day Foundation

Kim Jeffery* President and Chief Executive Officer Nestlé Waters North America, Inc.

Harvey P. Sass President & General Manager, Diversified Brands Division The Sherwin-Williams Company

Anne Johnson Director, Sustainable Packaging Coalition GreenBlue

Jill Scandridge Director, U. S. Public Affairs McDonald’s USA, LLC

Gregory Crawford President Steel Recycling Institute

Jim King Senior Vice President, Investor Relations and Corporate Communications The Scotts Miracle-Gro Company

L. Richard Crawford President, Global Glass Operations Owens-Illinois, Inc.

Matthew M. McKenna* President and CEO Keep America Beautiful, Inc.

Carolyn Crayton

Bill Morrissey Vice President, Environmental Sustainability The Clorox Company

Paula Davis* President & CEO Keep Akron Beautiful Pascal A. Fernandez Vice President, Market Information and Consumer Research Altria Client Services Inc.

Andy Pharoah Vice President Corporate Affairs Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company

Thomas H. Tamoney, Jr.* Vice President, Deputy General Counsel and Assistant Secretary PepsiCo, Inc. Howard Ungerleider Vice President, Investor Relations The Dow Chemical Company DIRECTORS EMERITUS Richard D. Hofmann* Stephen K. Lambright A. Maurice Myers * Members of the Executive Committee

Keep America Beautiful, Inc.

2010 Annual Review

OFFICERS Barry H. Caldwell 2010 Chairman Thomas C. Brasco Treasurer Thomas H. Tamoney, Jr. Secretary

Matthew M. McKenna President and CEO Rebecca Lyons Chief Operating Officer Gail Cunningham Senior Vice President, Keep America Beautiful Managing Director, Great American Cleanup

Ed Skernolis Senior Vice President, Recycling Susanne Woods Senior Vice President, Environmental Programming Robert Wallace Vice President, Communications

Staff Directory OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT AND CEO Matthew M. McKenna President and CEO Alexandra Donovan Associate to the President and CEO Kathleen Quinn Director, Finance Donna DeVito Office Manager AFFILIATE SERVICES Rebecca Lyons Chief Operating Officer Susanne Woods Senior Vice President, Environmental Programming Susan Burkhardt Senior Director, Affiliate Marketing and Training Cecile Carson Senior Director, Affiliate Development April Buther Wennerstrom Director, Affiliate Services Grace Keegan Massinello Director, Affiliate Communications

Cori Rotter Manager, Beautification and Community Greening Jude Austin Mailroom Supervisor NATIONAL TRAINERS Laura Martin National Trainer Jennie Stultz National Trainer DEVELOPMENT AND CORPORATE PROGRAMS Susan K. Foster Senior Vice President, Development Mary Elizabeth Simpson Director, Development Bronwen Evans Director, Litter Programs Meredith Lynch Associate Director, Development Theresa Miller Associate, Development and CLPP RECYCLING PROGRAMS Ed Skernolis Senior Vice President, Recycling


64 / 65

Brenda Pulley Vice President, Recycling Initiatives Alec Cooley Director, Recycling Programs Kelley Dennings Director, Recycling Programs and Services GREAT AMERICAN CLEANUP Gail Cunningham Senior Vice President, Keep America Beautiful Managing Director, Great American Cleanup Jason Smith Director, Program Development Peter O’Keefe Associate, Program Coordinator COMMUNICATIONS AND MEDIA Robert Wallace Vice President, Communications Larry Kaufman Director, Communications Susan Parsons Design & Production Specialist Abigail Sprague Associate, Communications

Giving to Keep America Beautiful Keep America Beautiful is a catalyst for making a real difference in communities throughout the country. By connecting with individuals who feel a personal responsibility to improve our community environments, Keep America Beautiful has been able to care for and enhance significant portions of our country’s landscape from rural countryside and the suburbs to urban centers. Contributions are the

sole source of funding for Keep America Beautiful. Programs and services are made possible through the generosity of individuals, corporations and foundations.

Keep America Beautiful’s Development Office

If you would like to help us continue to tackle graffiti and litter, revitalize parks and waterways, and beautify more and more public spaces, please make a contribution today. You can go to our Web site at or you can contact us at:

We welcome inquiries regarding corporate sponsorships, planned giving, matching gift programs, gifts of stock, and more. In addition to making a contribution, you can find out more about Keep America Beautiful at


Keep America Beautiful, Inc. 1010 Washington Boulevard Stamford, CT 06901 Telephone: 203.659.3040


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Keep America Beautiful, Inc. 1010 Washington Blvd., Stamford, CT 06901 P: (203) 659-3000 F: (203) 659-3001 Email: Web:

Keep America Beautiful 2010 Annual Review  
Keep America Beautiful 2010 Annual Review  

Keep America Beautiful is the nation’s leading nonprofit that brings people together to build and sustain vibrant communities. With a networ...